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  1. I wonder if you'd be echoing the same statement if we had a mandatory law saying everyone needs to join the military and serve for at least a certain # of years. After all that logic sounds pretty fair. Want to enjoy this country? Then contribute to it, protect it, and show your patriotism. I wonder if you'd be quick to say we should deploy people and be ready to fight. There is a reason why draft dodgers exist. They don't actually care about their country plus are selfish and simply want to take and never give. I get that these days you volunteer to join and should know that is part of the job, but people take for granted how difficult that job is and think it's easy. Not everyone can be a soldier. Thousands don't make it past BCT and another few thousand can't cut it in AIT. The cost and penalty that is inflicted on soldiers is way greater than what we give them in return. Then when they finish and come back, they need to adapt to a civilian life and world. They have to be able to make ends meet out here after spending so much time with only a certain skill set needed to get by but now they need a new one since nobody can just stay in the military till they die. At some point they have to retire. Anyways, I think this is pointless to discuss. It seems they some people just see them as tools to use and are so happy to chunk them at problems like as if it's that simple. I wonder what would happen if soldiers started to go on strike and people started enlisting less how people would treat those who remain in the service. I get what you're saying, I really do, but I find it like an empty statement that isn't meant sincerely. I often enough hear candidates and the entire democratic party talking about slashing the military budget. (Well not all of them, but for sure the majority) So many people want to cut the price and make our soldiers live on the bare minimum while I see people buying and living an extravagant life style. It's like they want to reallocate the resources to themselves. So before anyone can make the statement about it being the practical solution, tactical decision, and/or the more wise investment, I also want to stop hearing people talking about cutting military spending. I get having a team of people in charge to make sure they aren't doing it frivolously and arbitrarily is necessary to prevent corruption as well as a host of other problems, but some of the proposals I seen are so unrealistic. It's crazy they'd even write it up and present it like as if they are seriously gonna put it to vote on the floor.
  2. 1) as for what or why I object is a matter of cost versus benefit. Do the benefits outweigh the cost. Putting aside being moral/ethical I could see us putting another base there if the benefits really do out weigh the cost. Now I'm not sure what all has to be factored in since I have no idea how many of the various angles this can be looked at from, but from a general outlook it seems like as if not only do some people in that part of the world not want us over there and keep telling us to stop making things worse, but aside from a few resources I have no idea why we keep getting ourselves tangled up in that area. I get it's a smart idea to have bases for strategic reasons in the event that fighting breaks out. But touching up on what you said about bases in other places, I'd like to point out that if I became some type of accountant or some person in charge of make my sure resources are being allocated properly and for good reasons, I'd seriously would have to do a massive amount of homework and history reading on why America is all over the place. I sometimes wonder what secret back door deals our country is making. But I feel like this topic is way too deep with a massive amount of implications to take into consideration for discussion. Suffice to say, this new conflict of Turkey and Kurd sound like another reason for us to keep spreading ourselves out in places that maybe we aren't even wanted in, let alone that are beneficial to us. But hey, I don't do know the bookwork looks like, I just know the main points being driven is that it's a ethical and moral issue on why we pulled out and everyone is upset President Trump made another decision not everyone agrees with. 2) I understand how alliances work. I don't need clarity on that or why that group needs our help. But is that relationship really as beneficial as you say? Is the choice we made to pull out as detrimental as it is being presented? I myself am pretty skeptical. If you present info (not that I'm asking for it though since I don't understand all the nuances that go into this type of thing) that beyond a shadow of doubt shows it is in our best interest to help, then by all means keep our soldiers there. I just wish our media was in the habit of presenting more info and telling us things in a way that's objective without me having to go dig it all up and come to my own interpretations on if it balances out on the ledger book. Seriously, it always trash talking and not enough info being given. I prefer sources of info that don't even mention party affiliation or say a person's name unless it's relevant to the info. It's pretty difficult to find that these days. 3) no I don't help random strangers. That would be a great disservice to my community if I was like that and to our nation if people were more like that. How do you know you aren't helping enable people and bad habits? Do you not use any discretion what so ever at all in figuring out why people ask for help or what is going on? If your the type to blindly help others, then you are in fact a bad person. For all you know, you could be supporting and helping someone who has a bad habit that hurts others. Also what happens if you keep helping to the point were it isn't help anymore and now that person sees it as expected income or expected free service of some type. Then what happens when you stop helping? What if they demand you continue and claim your obligated since it's the morally right thing to do? What if you made that person dependent on you and they are no longer self sufficient? What happens if you have to leave or stop? Then they'll be screwed. By all means, go messing up other people's lives. I hope you aren't one of those altruistic people. Some experts in the psychology field say that's a mental disorder with serious life debilitating consequences. It spreads and hurts more than just the person who is altruistic. Although I'd prefer diplomacy in any given circumstance, it sounds to me like this problem over there between those people isn't our business and if we keep butting in, we'll end up also getting caught in a conflict. As much as I want to help the Kurds, I'm not willing to spend American soldier lives to accomplish that goal. The impression I got so far is that, we can't stop them from fighting. It seems like they hate each other's guts and I don't want us getting between them and getting our people hurt too. That's my only concern and point in this discussion. If everything is going to be okay with us still trying to mediate between them, then fine. Im just worried about the lives of our soldiers. It seems so many people these days are quick to say "let's stick boots on ground over here, and over there, and in that spot, and in this spot" and not realize these guys face real danger and come back with PTSD and all kinds of other problems. (not implying your one. My bad if I keep making generalized statements that implicate you). I want more people to care about our selfless troops that go pretty far in taking care of our way of life. I just want us to really really really be absolutely 100% sure it's necessary. Our veterans barely get any attention and help back home, and we keep sending more troops to more areas. Troops are treated like tools, not people. And some of the people in this thread make that pretty clear with the way they refer to them. These guys and girls got names plus family and friend back home over here. I swear. It's like two different worlds. Civilians really just don't get it. I'll stop there cause I don't feel like going on and on about soldiers. I can tell when it's falling on deaf ears. If not deaf ones then unsympathetic ones who don't get it.
  3. Let me ask you this. How serious are you about pursing a relationship with her? I mean when you are young, inexperienced, haven't tried out dating to figure out what you want in a future partner, and haven't also included or factored in your career or the direction your life is going in, getting into it now would be pretty half assing it. I mean still date I say, you need the experience. But like I asked, how serious are you? I have just a few tips I could give. But which ones I give you depend on what stage of life your in. Can't off load on you too much mature wisdom when you probably wouldn't even comprehend it. More accurately, you wouldn't embody it and live it. You gotta have that light bulb in your head go off that makes you feel like you get it. Like you are looking at the bigger picture now. (Sorry if I sound condescending. I try pretty hard to fix my words and the way I deliver them but damn does it still come out all wrong lol. I retyped this like twice)
  4. So just to confirm what your expectations are, I want to ask questions on logistics. For how long do we have to stay there? Plus what if after every attempt to get them to hold peace talks, they refuse adamantly and want us to leave so they can start fighting? What then? We stay? Indefinitely? What about those soldiers and their families? Do we just keep rotating shifts in half a year blocks so everyone can be picked for desk duty? Keep in mind our tax money is going towards keeping them there with all the costs it inflicts. This logic sounds to me of the type where someone says something taking the moral high ground in a arrogant looking down your nose kinda way. Like as if your better. So let me ask, if watching people be slaughtered is bad why don't we stick soldiers everywhere? I mean forget asking what's in it for us. Let's just spend man power, resources, time, and more for no gains what so ever. I get that we have history with both Turkey and the Kurds but it isn't our business to stick up for people all the time. It creates a precedent that anyone can ask us to to protect them simply cause it's the morally right thing to do. But what if we end up protecting the wrong people? What if they end up using us and we end up the short end of the stick? All is well since we did the morally good thing right? What happens when we can't protect someone that actually matters or really needs us? Let me change direction, when do we stop protecting everyone? Who don't we protect, enemies like Russians and Chinese citizens? But what about the Hong Kong group? If you want to exhaust yourself for everyone else's sake, by all means knock yourself out, but don't drag everyone else down with you. By your logic since it is the morally right thing to do, do you just help people in your neighborhood? Regardless of what it costs? Do you do this indefinitely and indiscriminately for everyone? I mean it isn't your business to help everyone but you refuted that logic with this instance of saying we need to keep our troops their to protect them. Regardless if you get anything out of it, you must help everyone right? I so thought this too. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed they kept coming up with stories to tell. It's like almost every question at least 3 to 5 of them came up with stories of their past on how they can relate to us as an average citizen or conjured some story about imagining a struggling person and how they intend to help. I heard broad vague ideas with none of them saying "hey, if you want more info, check out my blue print of a plan on www(dot)something(dot)com so you can see exactly how and in what steps I'll take to fix so and so problem". They all sound like they were making fake promises and empty platitudes. None of them sound like they have a clue on how to fix some issues. These last 4 debates have been pretty disappointing. I'm just glad we got some ex service members up there. I really can't decide between Joe Biden, Tulsi Gabbard, or Pete Buttigieg. If only they could hold a mock debate with some of them against Trump now so we can actually see how they fair. It's a shame we have to wait till more of them get weeded out. I thought this too. Like I thought he had this line of thinking at one point "Since everyone hates me and will harass me after I leave office, let me just put them in a really f**ked up position that way I can get even for all the stress they'll inflict on me later". I have no idea how long it'll take to undo some of the damage done now. I'm also hoping those Supreme Justices are taking those secret life extending potions and take caring of their health. They need to stay on the court. I don't trust the same statistics that told us Hillary would win for sure that are now telling us Trump will for sure lose. It's giving me anxiety waiting for next year.
  5. White magic, swords, and fist users are good at this because their level 5 prowess skills gives +20 avoid. The runner ups are Lance and bow who give +15 with Axe and Reason coming in last only giving +10 (assuming everyone has their level 5 prowess skills) The evasion ring gives 10 The flying skill alert gives 15/30 based off the version you have (+ gives 30) Battalions can give decent mounts of avoid. Some good ones are 15, a very few give 20 or more. Someone mentioned dancer giving +20 sword and some people getting budding talents that add another 20 with white magic or black magic. Support bonuses are a thing to keep in mind Certain classes like Pegasus knight, Falcon Knight, and Wyvern Lord give a base 10 avoid as a class skill. (Pro-tip even though flying classes can't take advantage of terrain bonuses, you could still keep the class skill but have them dismount and become foot units!!!! You still keep their respective +10 avoid even on foot. You just lose access to movement and go back to the default 4 or 5 movement that adv units have plus you also can't trigger canto) so that's another nice little +10 Another skill that adds +30 avoid is "Defiant Avoid" but it requires you have 1/4 hp and you get it from mastering Falcon Knight. It's a bit of a gamble Some people mentioned breaker skills but I feel they are way to nerfed in 3 Houses to be practical when you can equip other abilities that are more complimentary. Back in Awakening days you could have whatever equipped and the bonus was +50 but in this game it's only 20 and you have to have a specific weapon equipped. I think other abilities are more suited to round off a character than breakers. Certain people with high speed stats or personal skills are something to take into consideration but so are people with high str and people who went down that path or ranking up armor skill to A+ since you can equip -5 weight (which gives you back your attack speed which is also your avoid). The reason I mentioned high str is cause you also can carry heavier weapons when you're the correct threshold. People who have like 35+ str can lug around silver weapons and even steel and take no speed penalty provided you also give them the -weight abilities. It's something to look at. I would not recommend though being a Fortress Knight for the -5 weight since that class has a speed penalty of -6. When you do that math you are losing 1 attack speed which is 1 avoid plus you get the awful movement range. Another thing to take into consideration is classes that can move unhindered by terrain. Like theif and assassin. I believe that should also be considered since it means you can position without worrying about crossing thru forest tiles. Those classes and brawler/Grappler can move thru forest tiles with their full 5/6 movement giving you more flexible strategy when it comes to moving around enemies or finding a good spot to stand and hit wait for your turn. Since taking advantage of terrain is something you might wanna consider. Plus those classes I mentioned give you base class speed and as we already discussed, speed is also avoid. Throw in the fact that they can equip swords/fist respectively which are the best when it comes to giving +20 avoid at level 5 prowess and they are more suited to be Dodge tanks. I think that about covers most of the information you can get regarding avoid building. If you want more details I can share but candidates I'd recommend for dodging are Goldeen Deer: Hilda, Marianne, and Rapheal (if you send him down Grappler or War Master class) Blue Lions: Ingrid, Mercedes, and Felix Black Eagles: Petra and Lindhardt Seiros: Manuela, Flayn, and Catherine. All of them are good and have their own niche utility depending on what abilities you give them and how you use them but they fulfill the role the best. Others seem more suited for different roles. Marianne, Mercedes, Lindhardt, Manuela, and Flayn fulfill the role while being supportive. On the other hand, Rapheal, Hilda, Felix, Petra, Ingrid, and Catherine fulfill the role while being front liners vanguard. The first set I recommend based off being supportive with abilities that compliment their utility while the 2nd set I recommend keeping in mind damage countering while dodging so in other words, enemy phase specialists. I kinda believe most Dodge tanks work best as enemy phase if you are using defiant avoid or alert stance. Hope all this helps.
  6. Oh. I thought there was an actual brother and sister (or cousin) thing going on like in Fates. Or something like the twincest from Sacred Stones. Hmm, I haven't seen enough content from all the routes and it never struck me as them being related. Oh well.
  7. I think I'm going to creat a thread to put an emphasis on gathering this info. Im pretty sure plenty of people want to know what the fallen text in the epilogue is for them based off your route. Also which people are the incest pair here? I didn't realize anybody was related that is playable and could have a paired ending with A rank support.
  8. I've been lied too! I thought I was talking to a red head! At least you have glasses (even though they aren't shades) Jokes aside lol, you have a fellow otaku and fire emblem friend in Texas! Your welcome to all our anime cons, game cons, and the community down here in Houston! I remember when i first joined the forums, you were one of the first few who talked to me and welcomed me. Glad you feel comfortable enough to share you experience with us on serenes. I wish you well with working it over with your sister and Mom. Don't ever forget you have people who got your back in the fire emblem community, we are here for you!
  9. Why isn't the house voting to move forward with the impeachment inquiry?
  10. Okay, i like the universal college idea. At one point, i was wondering why i didn't bump into people who audited classes like i did from time to time on the fine arts subjects (like piano, music history, sculpting, etc) but then after asking a few people i learned quickly that not many people know you can take a class purely for the enrichment of it (ie: just for fun, to improve a hobby, or to meet more people with the same interest). By auditing you pay a fraction of the price but the downside is you don't get credit for it on your transcript. Anywho (just wanted to throw that out there for a few people reading), i learned people use college as a means to an end. They go for the degree to be qualified for the job they want. Very few go for miscellaneous reasons. So i can agree with universal college and smashing up the concepts of it being private and funding elite members of our society who own the universities. But the debt forgiveness? I could get into it with plenty of points, but i still think that part is the worse part to try and implement. I think the biggest beef i have with that is that, you send a message to people. Like a profound psychological message but not a good one. Next thing you know, people will vote for candidates talking about forgiving debts for car loans or mortgage loans since people will cry that it's a broken system and its elites taking advantage of the poor. We should veer away from setting that precedent. I think you can become empathetic towards others only after you enter some type of relationship with them (basically not acquaintances). Otherwise, you see others outsiders or people "not like you". Thus creating a barrier between the individual and the less fortunate. How you teach that or get someone to experience that is gonna be a tough one. I came out of a class that taught me a new phrase and had me do a paper on it. Its called "compassion fatigue". You could probably do a good job guessing what that describes just looking at the two words that make up the phrase. People in professions like law enforcement, medical field, legal advice/consultation field, and human resources tend to become vulnerable to this phenomenon. After learning how to combat it and then looking at society, i can say that its an uphill battle. Trying to prevent people from losing the empathetic part of themselves is only going to get more difficult as person ages and goes thru life. I see it as, it just becomes taxing on the mind and exhausting to keep caring about others. Eventually people break and stop caring. Now i'm concerned about the direction of Texas' future if more and more Californians come over here. People who vote on single issues (what you called hot button) tend to not see the far reaching impact of their choices. Metaphorically it's like a boulder being chunked into the center of a lake. Even they only wanted to disrupt a part of the water's surface, those ripples will spread out and inevitably reach other parts. I won't chastise those voters though. It beats the reasons other people use to justify their voting preferences based off a lack of knowledge and understanding. I hope people know what they are doing when they vote and understand our government and how it works. Not just whimsically voting for fun or cause they let other's form their opinions for them. I detest sheepeople.
  11. Is there something going on that the news isn't reporting over there in California? Cause i'm seeing a hell of a lot of license plates from that state over here in Texas. The few times i've talked to some people, i've also come to find out that they moved over here and left that State behind. Is there something i'm missing? Was there one too many fires? An earthquake? Its barely past noon and i've already seen like 24 license plates from that State. Edit: I did a quick google search. I'm not seeing a mass shooting or any natural disaster that happened lately.
  12. No. Sadly you'll still keep picking up the occasional junk stuff or i guess we can refer to it as "less valuable". I still get low quality fish bait, sometimes a torch or healing item that isn't elixir. I also noticed something else. Within a given month, if it is the first time exploring, the amount of green sparkles around the gazebo is way higher. But when i explore on the 2nd or 3rd time, the number of sparkles is less. When i break from exploring and battle and then subsequently return to exploring (all within the same month btw) the number of sparkles is also back to being high again. Like i noticed a few times during back to back explorations, the number of sparkles in the tomb near (Sothis/Byleth) was like around 2 to 4. But on the first exploration of a new month there could be anywhere between 6 to 9 sparkles. So i'm not sure if it is random on how many items get generated or if this is a correlation between how frequently you explore and then break for battle. But don't worry, you for sure will still keep picking up high quality stuff. Like once i remember i got 5 stat boosters in one exploration. It blew my mind. I can honestly say that the spawn rate for hexlock shields is RIDICULOUS. Literally i had like over 20 of them by chapter 7. I just said to hell with it, i'm not giving everyone this buckler looking shield and started selling them. Pretty good money. I don't see the rings too often. I've barely managed to pick up i think 3 or 4 (within the span of 8 chapters). So i'm assuming their spawn rate is low. I've never picked up a weapon from the green sparkles so if someone has before and wants to chime in, let us all know. I'm going to venture a guess and say its strictly non-weapon items. There is a lop-sided proportion of tea leaves being given as well as seeds. If i were to count how many items i pick up and create a percentage for it, i'd have to say that most of the green sparkles tend to be like 60% either tea or seeds. That is at least what i'm observing. I'll try to give more feed back if people request it. I'm not sure if staff is working on compiling a list of the stuff that spawns and giving each of those items %s
  13. At first I only heard it on one site. That was only about a month and a half ago. Now I'm seeing it trending on more than 6 sites and at least 2 social media apps. I think discussions are under way on preparing for civil war. I don't think either fraction is willing to work together or coexist anymore. Since someone else said it I'm this thread already (I didn't want to go first) and I wanted to know ask what other's opinions are on it happening. As in, let's say hypothetically it was set in stone but we don't have a scheduled start date. Im almost pretty sure the majority who own guns are conservative, so I don't think liberals odds of winning are looking too good. Assuming that about 50% of the military won't be able to be mobilized to come back and assist due to them needing to maintain their stations so we don't leave any vulnerable locations open to being seized by enemy countries, that another modest 20% refuse to shoot civilians, about 10% are conservative so they defect to that side, 10% stand down since they don't want to shoot their brother's in arms, that leaves our military more either joining conservatives or not participating. So not only do you have armed civilians (which are in hunting season so they are working on that aim or theirs) but even a small fraction of the military who will support the right, it seems to me like the liberals don't have a chance of winning or living past a civil war. Especially since our current Commander in chief will clearly order most soldiers to assist areas under siege by antifa or any liberal groups. Of course the above percentages are speculation but you can see that the bulk of our military isn't really stationed in America and it's actually on bases scattered all throughout the world. I just don't see any tactical or strategic advantage the liberals have up there sleeves. Are they hiding the fact that they have weapons or something? I mean why else would they be poking a hornet's nest (metaphor for the more extreme right side people). Are they gonna use biological warefare? I mean, I'm trying to see what good comes out of (metaphorically speaking) the little guy trying to step up to Hulk Jr thinking they are gonna win. And then looking more forward into the future at the bigger picture, what happens during or after our civil war (under the assumption it's pending). Other countries might try to seize this chance fight us.
  14. I only scanned the amiibo on my first play through but i'm getting green sparkles around the gazebo even on my 2nd play thru (NG+) If you scan a NON fire emblem character amiibo you'll get pretty cheap items. I only scanned my Mario, Bowser, and Peach and i was getting pretty generic stuff like tea supplies, some healing items, resources like fish, food, and bait, other miscellaneous items like a leather shield, torch, and spirit water. I did notice the on-screen prompt told me after i scanned Bowser and Peach (2nd and 3rd respectively) it said "items will already appear near the gazebo" as if it was implying all you need to do is scan one amiibo (non-fire emblem) and you get the items to start spawning Near the end of my 1st play thru and starting on my NG+ when i scanned my Lucina, Ike, and Marth then i noticed even better items. I started getting stat boosters, rings, hexlock shields (all at the beginning of the game too =D) and even more rare resources like certain meats, certain 4 and 5 star food items like angelica, certain 4 and 5 star teas, and what not. The prompt said to me when i scanned one fire emblem amiibo that "even better rewards will now be available" (I think it said something along those lines). But when i scanned my 2nd and 3rd (Ike and Marth) amiibo(s) it was giving me the same prompt as before. Something like "items are already appearing". So in conclusion, i think you need to scan 2 types of amiibo. One character who isn't from fire emblem, and one who is. I don't scan weekly/monthly. It was a one time thing. I tried on my NG+ but it gave me the same prompt from before saying i already did this. So i'm like 99% sure that once you scan it, the game will forever remember you own one and it linked it to your logged in profile on the switch that you are using to play fire emblem. I didn't test out starting a new separate file to see if items were spawning but maybe someone else has. Edit: OH YEAH, i forgot. When i scanned the fire emblem ones, it was two prompts that were spit out at me. The first one was talking about items and the 2nd one was telling me that i unlocked a new song that i can play during auxiliary/free battles. The Ike gave me the sound track from that plays during part 3 of Radiant Dawn when a battle starts. Its the one with an upbeat note when viewing the map. Not one of the battle songs. The Lucina, gave me a song from Awakening which was one of the Blaze verisons of the songs that play when you are battling. The Marth gave me a song i don't remember hearing.
  15. If you scanned one of your amiibo then every time you explore new green sparkles will appear each week you choose to explore. But only around and next to the gazebo. If you are on new game+ and can optionally go to the Holy Tombs, then new items will also respawn there as well each time you choose to explore.
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