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  1. What? I don't understand what you said.
  2. So I'm hoping someone can do the homework for me but what I'm interested in knowing in regards to this thread is, how do Russians feel about americans? Like could I walk up to one and try to be friends or are they going to hate me for my nationality? How does the average citizen feel about us (as in Americans). I feel like the "attitude" in America or if I were to reference sociology terms then; the expectation in society [the norm/rule] is that we should think of them as practicing a culture with values and morales that is otherwise inferior to ours. I feel like that is a generalized perspective that is not geared toward accepting people for who they are so I want to know how they feel about us. Any Russians care to weigh in? Or can someone reference a russian's opinion on us? I tried talking to people about them (the Russians) and they had this tone that was not very "friendly". I get this vibe every time I see people talking about Russians.
  3. Hmm...so I'd like to state this first before I follow up with my counter argument My perspective of what I'm reading here is this: the industry is corrupt and filled with bad men, so let's remove them and insert females in positions of authority and create and/or support more entertainment industries with female leads so that we get an equal amount (or more female centered work) of art/products so that people who have your perspective can enjoy the same things. So fire emblem games that "respect" women more and doesn't sexually objectify them and more movies, more anime, and etc. So my counter argument is broken into two parts. A portion where I agree and then a portion where my skeptical and pragmatic side speak. Emphasis on that fact that I'm not disagreeing, I'm simply stating there isn't anything that can be done about it. The portion I agree with is supporting up and coming industries or companies where the work grants complete freedom to the artist (in the event that it is more females, doesn't create sexually objectifying art, and etc) or that is run by women in positions of authority. How that support looks in a physical manifestation? They make products and people choose whether or not to buy them and help them grow. I, however, do not agree we should simply replace those corrupt men or otherwise pay any extra help to growing industries with female executives because then that be reverse discrimination. (The part of offering more resources or money to female strong companies). Not to mention if no such company other than the ones someone above me listed exist, it is for a reason. We exist in a time where they simply aren't wanted by the majority. That's why they aren't successful. Handing them the industry will make it tank or go bankrupt and for good reasons. Didn't you mention sex doesn't sell unless it's sex itself. I disagreed with that earlier comment. Sex does sell. Not just to men, women too. You can link all the articles you want and find sources from places that would support your hypothesis all you want but if I decided to go looking, I could probably find an equal amount that support my hypothesis as well. In psych they teach that if you format your hypothesis a certain way, you can always look for evidence that supports your claim but that doesn't make it factual or objective. With that being said, the industry isn't going to change for quite some time. And there isn't anything that can be done about it, even if you went around holding seminars educating people trying to get them to listen to you and learn how current art sexually objectifies women. I only say this lightly since I've never seen any episodes myself, but isn't that why Game of Thrones so popular? All the sex scenes and violence? (Emphasis on sex with the fantasy setting) The entertainment industry (whether it is movies, books, games, anime, and so forth) is going to continue growing and selling what the audience wants. And majority have spoken. Loud and clear. It's sad to say that this is what they want but that is just the blunt truth. I sympathize with you (if you can believe it). I really do. But fanservice and sexually objectifying women in art isn't going to go away no matter how much you want it and no matter how unethical or immoral it is. There are some people who have those desires deep down and can only express them by supporting (purchasing) the art itself. At most, we can simply make sure people don't let it crossd over into their attitude and behavior towards women. But even that is a tall task for the uneducated. On a side note, not very many people are lining up to take on that responsibility. Notice how no politicians are talking about it on their campaign trails over the course of our history with elections? There are some causes that have been abandoned even before people became aware of their existence. It's just not a priority in any part of the world. I don't see people talking about it much (in leadership or politics). It's great for discussion here on this thread but what else can we do?
  4. Let me add on this just a tiny bit. (directed to the readers in general who come to this forum) did you know that the porn industry is suffering because of what they call "exhibitionist" and the rise of it. Legitimate porn companies are tanking thanks to the growing community on Pornhub and various other sites popping up amateur porn by making it homemade. And the porn industry isn't the only one. Every day more than 3 doujins on various sites are uploaded with aspiring artists creating fanfics, smut, completely original work, and so forth. I mean i visit hentai2read, fakku, hitomi, and a few others that don't even have porn as an element and i see chapters either in the works being translated or new raw ones being uploaded. Like the fanfic for the ps2 game Radiata Stories. So tying this back in to the thread/topic, i wouldn't be shocked if in about 20 years, the sheer volume and number of games made are all starting to get the rating T for Tenn or E for everyone. As well as if anime goes in a new direction with less fanservice. I'm sure people will say one day, "enough is enough" and then start creating their own and selling that content and advertising it's quality and advantage of not having fanservice. Right now, in games and anime it is a huge trend, but i'm pretty sure it isn't going to stay that way forever and it isn't as bleak as you make it sound @Johann. Everyday that stuff will begin to be looked down on more and more by society and those who enjoy will be forced into the background feeling bad for liking it. I think Johann's argument needs to shift slightly towards looking at this from an artistic POV and be more compassionate towards us. When i go to an anime convention, i don't just visit the booths by the dealers who come with japanese product that's official and has the stamp on it, i even pass by the artist gallery to check out some of their stuff and i gotta say, more than half of them draw just as decent as any artist that produces anime/manga in japan. And with tech for making games becoming more accessible, indie games will continue to grow and improve and make even more sales. The number of people shifting over to playing PC is increasing
  5. Oh yeah. I meant to encompass all people. I just focused on the word woman because in regards and relation to this thread and topic. I get what you mean. I have another interest other than maid and nurse but I almost never mention it unless I've known the person for more than a year and trust them to a certain degree. I get scared of the backlash and it makes me angry I can't share my interest with others because of the negative perception that accompanies it. But I've learned to keep loving it in moderation, to keep it to myself, and to just enjoy life the way it is and the fact that I even have the luxury to see my interest from time to time being created by certain artist in the fan doujin world. Not to stir up anyone's imagination on what it is lol. Like I said, it's just art and people misunderstand where my affection stems from when it comes to this genre. But I got really tired of explaining it to others since sometimes, even after all that talking, they still talk mess. I wish we could discuss stuff like this at a university. I tried making an anime club at mine so we could mingle and make new friends but most people make a friend then never show up again. You'd get an A btw
  6. First off I'd like to give a shout out to a few of the people who posted. Only in serious discussion can I find in-depth, sophisticated, and intellectual opinions and a conversation around a topic that is otherwise as "fun" as can be in any kind of debate. I mean seriously everyone, we are debating fanservice. Not abortion. Yet look at these heavy responses. I love you all. If I was a teacher in social sciences at a university, I'd cried and think "you make me so proud. All grown up and talking with each other like this" followed by giving a few of you A's while some others get B's and C's. @eclipse, @XRay, @Ottservia, @DragonFlames, @Sasori, @Johann, I loved your metaphor XRay. I'm so going to use it in the future. Now my contribution to this topic. I also want people to understand that my position is complex and intricate but overall I'm arguing being practical and pragmatic. You had mention this "straight men selling to other straight men" and that we are the minority yet we own and control most forms of media. And in this quote I removed a section at the bottom briefly mentioning stagnation and no growth in sales. So my argument to this point you nicely brought up for me is that against your claim is the following; you are S.O.L. buddy but don't give up hope. Your kind (not trying to say that provoking you or in an aggressive manner) simply need to compete against straight men and build up businesses that can sell. You claim to have a larger audience to be able to sell to and America, plus Japan if I'm not mistaken, use a capitalist style form of economy so stop whining and get to creating. Before you know it, our market and kind will be out of business. Or more than likely, we will stay in business and only make sales of the audience that cares about this type of product. I'll discuss men, misogyny, and social engineering in a second regarding how to fix "straight men" and their perspective of women (and their treatment) Also I'd like to add this, I totally feel for you if you think for a spilt second and want to bring up the counter argument, "but I want to see the stuff I love in a style that I want" so like for example fire emblem without fanservice. I get ya, because for a long time I wished Nintendo would sell at least a 1/4 of the rights to Pokemon to Sony or Microsoft so that I can see a more advance and adult version of the franchise I love. How cool it'd be to see a dating sim feature added to Pokemon (like back when Sinnnoh let you travel with people. I had the idea back then. What if we were a couple ) or maybe even more graphic brutal fights between Pokemon. I know it sounds radical but I think seeing it just once would satisfy me for life. So I get that you want the stuff you love to be the way/style you want. I really want to back this opinion up strongly because I also think some people are scared of embracing things that are sometimes socially unacceptable such as deviations from the norms. If you don't want to see it, then don't look at it. I want to see it. Kinda like earlier when I mentioned the graphical brutal fights of Pokemon. I'm sure plenty of people would raise hell and say that should be taboo, but artistically it should be created and accepted because it's an expression that some might be able to enjoy and like and those of us who'd like it, aren't bad people just for liking extreme art. Or rather I should say, art that might not suit the taste of many. I said it once and I'll say it again, we rule this platform but we aren't stopping you (people who agree with and sympathize Johann's cause) from entering it. Create the media to rival ours and leave the group who currently likes this stuff to ourselves. Don't try to take it away and then socially engineer us to think and feel bad for liking this. I'll admit some art I partake in sexually objectifies women, but as a whole, I also indulge in art and have learned from people like Johann trying to educate individuals that the art I enjoy should be left at that. Just art. Don't let it cross over into reality and don't treat women in a unethical or immoral way. I watch, read, and collect stuff that could be considered vanilla and not even sexual because I see the beauty in all different forms. Let me be less vague and give examples so you get what I mean. I like nurse and maid hentai. I understand that the community who likes that can border being unethical in it's treatment toward women if they feel or think women are obligated to dress up that way or they are supposed to cater to men. I understand how doujins could reinforce those ideas. I've educated myself on all that. I'm sure I have room to learn more and to be careful of my behavior and attitude towards women. But guess what? There are some girls who like to dress up. Some who based off how they are raised (including culture, values, and roles in a relationship they were taught) might even want to fulfill the fantasies of cosplaying for a guy if they were in a relationship or we're simply looking for a fling. Am I or that girl inherently bad or hurting anyone? Do we match and is it possible for us to build functioning relationship on that similiar interest? Yes it is. In this big world there are different kinds people (our population sits at 8 billion humans) and finding someone who'll be the right match for you isn't that inconceivable. But as an educated person I also learned that, if in the event I never find a match that would be willing to do some of the stuff I've picked up along the way looking at certain art forms, I shouldn't force it on anyone and should simply accept the fact that it was something on my bucket list I never got to do. Regrettable but not the end of the world. I'll move on. I encourage you Johann to keep spreading awareness so that you end up with healthy wholesome people similar to me. (not that I'm petting my own ego or that I think highly of myself but I strive toward being good. I use the phrase or motto "Would my mom be proud of who I've become or what I'm doing"). But don't make people feel bad for enjoying what they like. Regarding the first paragraph, I agree with you that they should not be swatted away for their opinion and that all people should become more open minded and try to compromise on the topic. But I'm going to have to argue your second paragraph. Women and men do it both (in different ways) and while I agree it is bad and both need to stop, only if you mean in regards to treatment outside any type of artistic medium. Everyday conversation at work for example, women and men shouldn't be alienating one another and need to become more aware of how certain attitudes and behavior is bad. At school, in public, and so forth, we need people to stop. But porn and other mediums thru which one expresses art, being sexualized isn't bad. It's simply a form of taste that caters to an audience. I think the key point here is education. Now I'm done with most of my points and I don't think I missed anything. So if anyone would like to counter them, I'm open to discussing it. As far as my answer to the thread itself, I believe fanservice and it's existence isn't inherently bad or unwelcome. I do think it is sad for the fans who love fire emblem that it is going to be prevalent despite their protests. That they are very upset by it's existence to the point where some boycott the game or dont enjoy it because some part of it killed it for them. I grieve for you all. Okay I'm done grieving (I gave y'all a few seconds), I need to go enjoy me some fanservice at your expense Maybe one day you'll have what you want and I'll be the one whining. When that time comes, all I ask if that you feel sorry for me for like 5 seconds (and be genuine about it. I was for you guys. I did seriously feel bad for a bit) then move on. Life goes on ya know?
  7. We are now a month away from it starting up
  8. Whoa....so being apathetic is being mentally ill? Or at least some type of equivalent? Lacking empathy or compassion for those who are different can't be as easy as saying they are sick mentally. There are people all over this world that have cultures and values embedded in them that some in our society would think are barbaric or inhumane. Such as in parts of Africa where they practice female circumcisions (cutting off the clitoris). It serves no good either from a medical point of view, biological, or quality of life yet it is done in the name of culture. How about in other cultures where is it normal for 40+ year old men to get 14 year old girls pregnant. Educate them? Rehabilitate them? Have them learn the error of their ways and join us since we take a supposed higher moral ground and are advance? That sounds like social engineering and the destruction of other cultures plus their way of lives. How can we do that? Oh yeah...we got the bigger stick. Our military is stronger. But does that make us right? Does that make us good and just in our cause? Only historians can tell after everything is done and behind us. I agree with you in the sense that it is simply how life will be as far as when you said people will die inevitably, but trying stop violence is impossible. There will always be violence. No mental health care advancements will change that unless we create only one race, one culture, one religion, one pretty much everything. Being accepting of others and open minded isn't exclusive to also being aware of the fact the violence is in human nature. You can't get rid of it. We are born to be violent. Some of us more than others. The people who kill in the name of hate and prejudice are only bad because we label them that after they've been defeated by stronger forces such as our law enforcement. From the perspective of man who has a child as his wife, are we good or bad when we come to his country and put an end to him for his way of life or incarcerate him? I don't condone these acts by the "Nazis" who attack minorities, but writing it off as mentally ill isn't productive. I'll continue after I quote Johann. My answer or solution to the idea of how to handle these groups of people as well as creating something that would pacify most groups for a long period of time (so not indefinitely) would be segregation. Separating them from the general population and letting them have their own community so they can embrace their own cultures and values and feel free/safe from immigrating people is best idea I got. Anyone is welcome to pick it apart and challenge it but I don't know what else we are going to do. My idea stems from the fact that, at the end of the day everyone wants to live and be happy. People can't be happy if they are fearful of the unknown or others they don't understand. They respond with violence and the slogan "maga". So why don't create new countries or territories where people can live their own way? Create a force that can keep peace between all the fractions but that also would be impartial. Then we simply let Darwinism takes it course. Groups that can't survive on their own will either die out or need to cooperate with other groups in order to live. Isn't that why people come to America anyways? Because we've clearly built something really good that other small weak groups realize if they want to be happy or safe it is better to be on our side? Inevitably these racists will realize that without working together with others, they aren't as superior as they think they are. They feel like they own this land or that everything belongs to them. So why not just leave them? They'll realize without us they aren't shit. What makes America the greatest and the best was the fact that it was a land of the different groups of people coming together, our philosophy of laws ruling man, capitalism in economics, and I'd name some other stuff but you get the picture. One race doesn't make America. I get it'd cost a huge amount of resources, money, and we'd need alot of land to start over, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't even be 20 years before the Nazis beg us to come back. Either that or they'll try to come start a war and seize what we've built but their numbers would be lacking. There are plenty of minorities with education in engineering, medicine, and other fields that we'd be able to make another country, regardless of it's name, powerful and great. I'd keep going but it's taking a vague look at an overall big picture. How do others think about this idea? Again this is my solution to the fact that Johann thinks we should take away their platform or somehow get rid of these groups by making them not hate as well as to eclipse comments on violence and how to at least reduce it plus the fact that we are currently flirting with Fascism
  9. Whoa that sounds pretty bad. Are you using a CFW ? Cause outside of using up to date firmware I dunno what could be triggering that. Luma is touted as being superior to Homebrew + Hans but I've never heard someone having that problem. I'm gonna post this on another site to see what others bounce back. Give me till Wednesday morning to collect more info.
  10. So you're saying that when combat is initiated your character sprties don't show up? Like as if there is delay between when you can see the model? Or do you mean like in the gift shop where you can view them by trying out the different props?
  11. @Azure in a Roundabout I don't know about momo-con since I never attended that one. It is in a state I'm not from. I only know about Matsuri, Oni, San-Japan, and Comkit since those are the only ones I've ever attended. The other poster comes from that state so I think you meant to @ him and not me. Although I think you shouldn't pay much attention to this kind of stuff. Just go. You shouldn't strip yourself of a chance to go have fun and meet people and show your financial support for anime companies. Just take safety precautions so you aren't in any danger and that should be adequate enough to have a good time.
  12. You don't hate being that guy. Otherwise your hatred would have compelled you to not act. So saying that doesn't mean i'm fix to go easy on you or that group called Boycott Anime Matsuri. I hope you are ready for a serious debate. If you can't refute my points i'll demand you remove your own post with an edit saying you apologize for your actions and how you spread awareness in the most ignorant way possible. You want results? Let me show you how to think and actually understand something before you open your mouth. Now....where to start. Let us begin with John Legih's job and position. He is only is a event organizer! In other words, all he does is take phone calls and set up appointments with vendors and various other people while signing paperwork to rent out the space he occupies. He is nothing more than a glorified clerk who makes good bank money.For an organization bent on advocating better conditions they sure are going about it in a very wrong way. It isn't that hard to simply oust him. It isn't as if he is protected by a board that has to vote him out. His position isn't elected. He literally just took it upon himself to do a job nobody else wants to do. That position is a leadership position that requires multi tasking, being organized, and being committed (by filling out that paperwork, meeting individuals back to back going over paperwork and doing follow up phone calls). Not to mention neither article says anyone filed charges or did a report so i do question the authenticity. I saw in the 2nd article screen shots were posted but that seems more to me like he is simply a person with horrible social etiquette. His position doesn't offer him immunity to the law. If he subsequently denied access to any artist/entertainer after refusing his sexual advances, he can easily be taken to court especially if prior to the refusal he had already shown interest but then suddenly change his mind. He can easily be replaced if i'm not mistaken especially since he doesn't take part in the production of anything that is sold or any of the services offered like the maid cafe. Why doesn't this organization try to install a better organizer? Let us now discuss how this effects the average person (we'll do others in a second). It doesn't at all. End of story. Does a simple con goer attending this event mean they condone his actions (if they even know about it in the first place)? NO IT DOESN'T. Does boycotting really mean you are sending a message to John to stand down? NO, IT DOES NOT. You have to understand that his position is fixed in regards to money. He doesn't earn anything from commission like others normally would. His earnings are fixed the moment he gets people to sign contracts with him as far as a vendor wanting to set up a booth to sell their products, an artist wanting to set up a room in advance to do autograph signing, and so forth. He doesn't get commission is the point so you boycotting doesn't HURT HIM AT ALL. It does you (the con-goer) literally no good what so ever. It strips you of an opportunity to buy anime related goods, to meet new people, make new friends, participate in things you normally couldn't, learn something new or pick up another hobby, and a chance to meet people who are part of the production of anime/manga. Now we discuss how this effects others which by the way is a whole lot worse. As vendor, people boycotting is bad for business. As an entertainer, people boycotting is bad in the sense that you don't get to meet your beloved fans and spread your name even further. As a artist in the fan-made section, again it is bad for business. Now lets talk about back home (our motherland to any otaku reading this). This negatively impacts them tremendously. Do you understand that these vendors had to secure their goods by signing a contract with others and then attempt to come over here to sell them? Do you understand that by purchasing these goods the vendor has to give a portion of the profits back to the original producers? Do you understand how not being about to sell (since people are boycotting) in the long run hurts the companies back home? Had they made those sales off american otaku, that'd be money and revenue they could use to further produce more anime or manga. Another 2nd season to some of our favorite animes. The list goes on. By you boycotting you hurt more than just yourself. You don't even scratch people like John. So you and this stupid organization don't even realize your tactics are not only misguided and ineffective, but hurt others that are innocent. You hurt japanese companies. You hurt otaku trying make new friends. You hurt vendors who make a living off these sales. You hurt entertainers and artists, and so many more. If you really wanted to oust John, REPLACE HIM by finding someone more competent to do the job and that won't do anything that is similar to sexual harassment. I saw in one of those articles how both a staff member and a regular con-goer mentioned how unorganized the event is yet i don't see anybody stepping up to the challenge of doing a better job than him? Why not? Because that specific stupid organization is part of a movement that wants attention and their 15 minutes of fame on tv. They don't actually care about REAL RESULTS. Otherwise they would have administered street justice by finding this guy or replaced him. I mean does it really take 4+ years to replace a clerk? The accusations start back as early as 2015 if i'm not mistaken As a side note in reference what i underlined, i only feel this way about groups that i've researched and can assess they don't seriously want results or mean anything positive. This whole #me too movement stuff really gets under my skin when it is fake posers hurting real victims by adding onto the growing list of attention seeking/grabbing groups. I want justice for victims, but i can also say i seriously want to bring the hammer down on any liars/frauds. They are no worse than the perpetrators who commit crimes as well. They damage the credibility of victims, exploit our system for a pay-day, and some don't even hesitate or show any remorse for their actions. They are definition of corruption and greed and i want the same fate for them as i want for those who commit crimes. So i need for you to apologize for smearing the principal of anime conventions (in this case Matsuri). I need you to encourage people to attend this event because it benefits individuals way more than it "supposedly" punishes the bad apples mixed in with innocent people. Either retract your statement or acknowledge your ignorant behavior. Did you want real results? Are you thinking of boycotting now? This level of thinking and planning (that i demonstrated) is what you should strive toward. UNDERSTAND how bad people operate and then find a way to hurt them but not cause or inflict any collateral damage against any innocent by-standers.
  13. So I did this with Oni-con last year but now it's time for Matsuri. We are about 7 weeks out and it's here in Houston. Is anybody interested in discussing it and/or maybe wanting to hang out to make new friends and pass teams for FE? I was contemplating bringing my switch to see if anyone wants to play Fire Emblem Warriors. I know on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the George R. Brown Convention center they have a game room and usually have one TV free for set up. I wouldn't even mind bringing my own if I can get permission from staff. If only it was after the July release of 3 Houses then we could play that but eh, oh well. Also I forgot but I have pictures from On that I can share. I bumped into a group of cosplay goes who did FE outfits
  14. See with what you two have posted, anyone can go in a good direction and learn. Finding that motivation and setting aside the time is all that is gonna be left up to the individuals. Me personally, I learn best when I'm getting hands on experience. When I was a teenager my mom choose two days a week to only talk to me in Spanish. At first she allowed me to respond in English but after a month she made me also speak it back. Now my vocabulary is decent, my grammar isn't too bad, but I should probably practice my pronunciation of words. What was the hardest part for you @Flying Shogi and @snowyglacier? I think that for most people learning a new language, that hardest part is pronunciation of stuff. Expanding vocabulary just takes time as well as as getting the grammar right. Also have you gotten to the point where you studied or learned specific phrases or pronunciations based off dialect? I often see in anime characters will comment if they know someone is from the Kansai region or various other ones. Like I forgot which one is the country bumpkin dialect (I'm thinking the friend of Umaru for that Imouto anime) that some people are shy of revealing. I know for sure as a English speaker I can tell if someone is from the south or if they come from somewhere like New York.
  15. Here goes the mirror for any future lookers. @WindPower sorry I wasn't able to reply in a timely manner to help you. I'm quoting this now so it's on the recent page for any newcomers.
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