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  1. I could have sworn earlier when someone came in this thread and mentioned how they used firearms to fight off critters and protect their livestock, you and another had mentioned that was a good example of proper firearm ownership. Maybe it was just one other? Hmmm....well anyways, you should be both disappointed and amused. I would be. I thank you and commend you for the effort you exert. I was also eye balling those topics about Edelgard and the morally grey story and reasoning behind actions. It did indeed get heated. I was going to weigh in but decided it was more entertaining to keep reading. That one thread of an appreciation to her by some who had fire in their name and another major contributor named omegaxis was pretty intense. I don't blame you as far as in wanting to deal with something else more simple. Edit: it was Darkmoon something not fire
  2. Here lies the problem. Your perception of the expectations in this thread within this section on this site. This is for serious discussion. Discourse of topics like this aren't intended for us to reach a conclusion. They are op-ed. We aren't leaders or politicians so we won't be passing any laws here. On the other hand, we will come here to learn, share ideas, disagree, go back and forth with each other and so on. Ultimately why we come here is to be challenged academically. We come to be put to the test and think critically. Most of us that have been browsing this site know who the regulars are and whose new. With that being said, you probably just are misunderstanding eclipse's intentions in her words. ( @eclipse correct me if I'm wrong here on this part) but she isn't dismissing you. I've seen her posting in various sections of this site and I can vouch that in this section, she isn't abusing her authority. (not that my word is particularly weighted). All she is doing is challenging your train of thought or information. She is trying to help you grow. All of us in this section (serious discussion) are doing that. At least most of us are. So keep in mind that when you think you are arguing "against" others, you are already in the wrong. You're here to help others grow. If your intent is to come claim victory in a discussion, you are here for the wrong reason. And ultimately, you will fail in reaching your goal. This section is for scholars as well as a place to share info and ideas. I myself have had to bow out numerous times in various sub threads because I realized I had a flawed perception or understanding of whatever it was I was talking about. I stepped down to spend time thinking and making sure I grew from each of my interactions. The latest responses (within the last 3 hours) even demonstrate how we are being provoked into looking at it from another angle or that we are missing something. When discussing philosophy or sociology, there really isn't a clear cut right/wrong. So, I've digressed long enough. Just keep the spirit in mind of how you are debating. I'd hate to see you get banned. You present some interesting ideas
  3. Uh Brigand has class modifier of 1 for Brawling and one of Byleth's best classes EO has a modifier of 2 so the female one can also get Brawling levels pretty fast too. From level 5 to level 10 Fighter gives 1 to Axes, Bows, and Brawling. Then from level 10 to 20 Brigand also gives 1 (which most people go for Death Blow) and if you can switch around chapter 8 or 9 (I forgot when you get the EO class) then you get a mod of 2. Female Byleth has plenty of chances to increase the skill. Male only has the advantage of getting a 3 modifier after level 20 and two classes for Brawling Grappler and War Master. Post DLC release now Females can get the 3 modifier too from War Cleric. It just isn't a great class to end with. Males don't get levels faster. But males do get better end game options.
  4. I thought the level ups when going to post timeskip were somewhere between 1 and 4 (each character varying) but at the very least if a person wasn't at least 20 it would auto put them at 20. (The 1 to 4 were for people already pass level 20)
  5. I keep alternating between the two. Neither feels canon from my perspective and I'm pretty apathetic toward the design and outfit. As far as self insert avatars go and games that let you pick, I don't really think about it but I do know instinctively I didn't like male Corrin. Being that indecisive as a dude was a total turn off. I felt like he had no spine lol. Robin felt more female than male but only cause Chrom kept saying things that made me cringe if we were both dudes. I get he talked about ideals and what not but some lines were pretty embarrassing. What redeemed male Robin was the female marriage options. Tharja, Say'ri, and Severa were difficult to pass up. Post the waifu saga beginning in this franchise at Awakening, this title actually had a few females I love but simultaneously refuse to lewd. I didn't think Nintendo could pull it off but they did. After so many of their characters (Peach, Bowsette, Samus, Zelda, and etc) becoming victims of rule 34, this game put out a few people it sucks to see get the 34 treatment on the internet. ~shrugs~
  6. So then by this logic when you combine these two statements, it's obvious we need more guns. And in addition to that, even more powerful guns that can decimate hundreds of people or at least 50 cals as well as DU Tips and armor piercing. Why I say that? Because thus far what I've gathered from the discussion was that if the context of the 2nd amendment was made to help the people maintain their freedoms (by force if peace isn't an option) and to keep "milita" ready in the event that the government is oppressing it's people, then the people need weapons up to date and on par with fighting back against the military (should the government give them the command to start using force against the citizens). Because your right. A conventional firearm won't do jack squat against the military so as it stands now, in the context of the 2nd amendment we already are having our constitutional right being denied. In other words, we need less gun control. So any restrictions such as higher grade weapons being unavailable, silencers being banned or hard to get, and so forth all need to be removed. The current citizen (if it were to form a milita) wouldn't stand a chance against the military. So that means our government has slowly been suppressing us passing more and more restrictions while their army is getting more powerful and completely outclassing the people ability to fight back. Btw, as I make this statement, I'm only pointing out a perspective to look at this from. Where I stand at on the issue is different but as I am reading this discussion and hearing some say context matters, it's clear we aren't even aligned with the 2nd amendment. In fact we don't even have a trained milita in case all of sudden the government wanted to oppress us. You saying that the founding fathers didn't know technology or weapons would advance this far and that they didn't suspect they'd be used this way on innocent citizens, is a pretty good point. The more I think about it, these hand guns seem insufficient as far as in when you look at it from the perspective of us having to be ready to protect our freedom. I think these tools were more or less the result of an industry finding a way to pitch a certain narrative saying you need them (so they can make sales).
  7. Oh okay. I grasp why the police thing came up. It's another angle to look at this from.
  8. This is happening here in Houston too in the Texas Medical Center (TMC) area. Visitation is completely shut down with only 3 kinds of exceptions. The elective surgeries are halted till May. The ICU hit full capacity about 2 weeks ago and more hospitals are reporting they are full in the TMC area. NBC news did an article with Methodist and an interview with staff which shows how some information isn't making headlines yet. Houston is going to start looking like New York possibly. Funeral Homes are having hard time with transportation of the deceased. More and more are getting turned away. This information is from a primary source btw. They recently start passing out masks to us and instructed us to wear them at all times plus our hospital (possibly others as well) entered lockdown. Meaning anyone coming in has to get screened every time you enter. Hey Rezzy, how is your hospital doing with the workers who were stationed in the ORs? Are they forcing them to use PTO to make up their 40 a week or just suspending them? I'm asking cause I wanna know how differently we are reacting. I feel bad for the staff getting stretched thin 😞
  9. I have a question. So when one makes the case for or against gun control, what exactly is being debated? I sorta see multiple angles to approach the discussion but I'm not sure which exactly is the main point. Or what takes priority. If it is a legal right or not? If it is a necessary right to be granted to the citizens? How much it impacts crimes where guns are used and if making a change will move the results in a more favorable direction? If it is something that needs to be looked at from the point of view of it being an unalienable right? I mean I could go on, but I'm sure you can see how confused I am. Are we determining whether they are a "need" or "want"? Cause as I read this forum, I feel like people's objectives are all over the place. I mean for more than a page of responses, we were talking about police. I see how it came up but don't know how it is relevant to gun ownership on an individual level.
  10. I'm surprised the people who go reading code haven't put out an official or comprehensive list of supports based off their timing. As a completionist, I'm down to my last 10 characters and then I'll have all the supports unlocked in the extras menu. I'm so happy 🙂 i have another question. Does anyone have a list of rewards from all the paralogues. In terms of what you get after the battle is complete (battalions, stat boosters, and weapons) as well as any chests or enemy drop valuables in the battle as well (stat boosters). What I mean by the second part, I'm referring to how in Marianne's paralogues one wolf has a Giant Shell, and in Leonie's & Linhardt's paralogue one enemy has a Spirit Dust. I know those chests have some goodies but I'm having a hard time picking which people to grab so I can run the most valuable paralogues
  11. Assuming she wasn't defeated, this would count as a glitch and a problem you need to report. While reporting, you will need to provide proof she wasn't KO'd and if you aren't 100% sure, they won't be able to help you. On the flip side, if you playing classic mode (where if they get KO'd, they stay gone) and she was KO'd then there is nothing more you can do with her. No more returning lost items, no more meals, no more daily mission help, you can't recruit her, and so forth. Including those supports are locked out now. Now that you've progressed in the game and didn't reset back to before she was KO'd, it will remain like that. That's what happens when any body gets defeated. All interactions with them get locked out. For students, you get no options after initiating a conversation with them. For knights and staff of the church, you can still get their Training option to increase your weapon skill levels. That's the punishment for letting them get beaten. You'll have to either reboot to a point before that chapter, or just leave her behind
  12. Keeping in mind I'm in the serious discussion section I say this not in a joking manner, but for us to pause and contemplate something. Here it goes. Leaders in the porn industry across multiple sites like Pornhub, Fakku, and so forth are actually trying to encourage people to stay home. It's on various ads as well as crowbarred into the side panels of the websites. Furthermore they are offering free subscriptions during this situation that is unfolding. Think about that. People whose sole job is to sell sex and porn are rising up to make a contribution in the name of keeping people safe by telling them to stay home and masturbate. I mean, I get it isn't like these business officials are doing it completely 100% in good faith and that their is some kind of benefit, but wow. This has such long reaching effects that even industries you wouldn't think would even be touched by Covid19, are actually reflecting the change in behaviors and patterns of the consumers. After seeing a few ads with the offers talking about sign up now, and pornhub even having a box where you have to check off TWICE that you understand you need to play your part in social distancing and wash your hands, I can honestly say I'm amused. Like wow ya know. A porn site is telling me to be safe and not go get infected and die on them. Sites like Fakku must really value their customers. It's either that, or I'm missing the real motive and intent behind these decisions. I am thoroughly impressed.
  13. Yes. But the last two (the fortune teller mainly) aren't accessible until after chapter 13. You can still access the pagan alter and search the junk pile.
  14. I ran a bolting mage on dark flier with Darting Blow, Fiendish Blow, Reason lv5, weight -5, and Tomefaire. Proceeded to one round a few bosses in the later chapters after 17 on Azure Moon. They were able to hit over 70 (I'm rounding down since I can't remember the number) prior to factoring in Resilience. With a warper, dance of the goddess, and stride I only had to cover half the field and shot from a distance. I'd say Dark Flier is pretty OP. But there are a few other things to my set up I'm leaving out. Over all, I'd say not able to over throw but definitely you want to add one to your team to help delete enemies. Hit and run and if you give that flier Thrysus then all the better. Constance ran to the end with 51 mag (including me giving her like two spirit dusts and one premium magic herbs). My albino Loli ran over 54 mag with just one spirit dust consumed. Sadly she doesn't have anything long range so i had to get her close to delete bosses. It was fun playing with DF. I've yet to run a dedicated Valkyrie. But from how I saw Hapi perform, I'd say for a horseback mage it beats or feels better than Gremory. One extra move and more range is better than x2 magic uses. At least now the mage can fight back against archers and snipers making Warlocks mastered ability Bowbreaker more useful if you don't give that said mage a range staff. I didn't compare the base stats given by the class but I think it was better than dark Knight. I always used Grappler for males leveling up between 20 to 30 since it give core stats for melee fighters (Hp, Str, Dex, and spd) which was the best out of adv classes but had a tough time for female melee people other than using Paladin. Now I'm using War Cleric since it's basically a slightly re-speced Grappler available to them. Hilda had way more HP and Str than usual by the end of one of my runs and her Dex wasn't RNG butt f**ked. I dunno about endgame staying in the class but Trickster and War Monk/Cleric give good growth rates as an option for mage people to level up as. I used Assassin to level up some peeps who sorely needed Spd and Dex but now Trickster also gives some luck and Res making it useful for mages (since luck is part of their aim formula). I'm happy these classes give me more ideas and ways to optimize my people. But I can only see using DF for fighting past lv 30 for some mages. Hope my feedback helps or gives others idea of how to use them.
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