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  1. To get Inkay to evolve at lv30 into Malmar hold the Switch upside down undocked (not on a TV) while also not using a pro controller. The switch itself doesn't have the gyroscope inside it, the joycons do so I'm unsure if you can just prop up your switch while holding the joy cons upside down but it definitely won't work with the pro controller. So make sure the pro is turned off. Yamask who now has a Galar form has a special requirement too. (The non-galar form can be obtained from a trade with an NPC just like Kanto Meowth). In order to evolve it, have it take 50 or more damage in a single battle and then walk under the arch way in the Dusty Bowl wild area and the cutscenes for it to evolve will trigger automatically. It is the large archway. Regarding specific details, weather damage doesn't count toward the 50. I'm unsure if you have to battle in the Dusty Bowl or if you could battle somewhere else and then fly there. Time of day is not relevant. Also Yamask has to survive the battle so having it get fainted and then reviving outside of battle then walking over won't work. Just for reference I'll mention how I got mine to evolve. I had just caught him so he was under leveled compared to the wild Pokemon in that grass. I bump into a Growlithe with him as the lead and he took a crunch/bite that dropped his HP from the 70s down to 1 (I let him hold the focus sash). I switched out and beat the wild one with another team member the after the battle walked under the arch way and the cutscenes triggered. Milcery into Alcremie has over 63 variations. If you want all of them it is gonna take some mad grinding. Here is how to get that ball rolling. First you need the 7 different hold item choices. You get to battle a cafe daily in both Motostoke and Hammerlocke cities. There is a chance you'll be rewarded one of those items. The hold item is a heart, a clover, a star, a flower, a ribbon, a blue berry, and strawberry. All of them have the word sweet in the name. Rotating your joystick for a few seconds will trigger a little animation where you character strikes a pose. This is the key to evolving. So now get your Milcery holding one of those 7 items at any level and spin. If you rotate your stick just enough to trigger the animation and stop there you'll get first set of variations. If you rotate the stick and continue to spin for 5 or more seconds you'll get the 2nd set of variations. Keep in mind your character has to actually being in that one ballet position while spinning and that is when the timer starts. 7 items using these combos will get you a different color scheme while spinning in a certain direction Clockwise during the day x7 Clockwise 5+sec during day x7 Clockwise during night x7 Clockwise 5+sec during night x7 Counterclockwise during day x7 Counterclockwise 5+sec during day x7 Counterclockwise during night x7 Counterclockwise 5+sec during night x7 Counterclockwise 10+sec during DUSK x7 (dusk in-game is when the background is orange-ish sun setting color) That is pretty much the more difficult Pokemon. Eevee got easier since you can use a leaf or ice stone to get those eveelutions now.
  2. Lol. I had to respond to this cause it is so precious. I mean, you don't even know me yet you can claim I'm racist? Against which race? First of all, do you even know what my own race is? This is hilarious. What are you? 14 years old? So when you can't formulate an educated argument you throw around random cards and claim your opponent is some sort of bigot? Get lost key board warrior. I'm staying right here and I'm going to continue to have productive conversations with the real mature adults in this thread. I actually want to grow and learn unlike you. You seem to make light of our country and its problems. Now where was I? I won't deny this fact. It is a blight in our country's record. If I was a judge, I'd be making good use of the Death Penalty here in Texas to bring these scum to justice. Child molesters deserve the harshest punishments. Restoring our reputation isn't going to be easy but it can be done and will be. We just have to be patient untill we remove our current leader, and pick someone better. If the world can just be patient with us till we fix the mess we are in. I've heard a few leaders from other countries mention they don't want to do business with us until after President Trump leaves offices. This is bad news but also good news when you read into it. Basically what they are saying is, they'll come back to the table later. I'm sure we'll have to make alot of concessions and make amends to show our good will, but it isn't all hopeless. We still have some of our more important and strongest allies on our side. If we can get more people to support Buttigieg or Gabbard then maybe we'll have a chance of making progress. The DNC needs to see that they aren't going to win with leaning extremely to the left. Moderate people don't want that. Speaking of which, I recently saw ads on Facebook. Yang's ads. It is shocking considering that we just heard President Trump had a dinner with Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg. I'm shocked his ads were the first to start popping up. And so early too. He must have paid a fortune to get that ad on there. I didn't think he was serious but if he paying for ads on Facebook, he must seriously be polling pretty good. I mean I haven't even seen a Biden, Warren, Harris, or Bernie ad on Facebook yet.
  3. Why bother posting if you can't even add to this discussion? Or make a point? That's two posts now where all you do is come in, and look down on other's perspective of things and offer no feedback. We've had a run in before and I'm not one to hold grudges, so I'm pretty sure I'm being objective or at least trying to be when I make the following statement: You don't belong in this thread. You aren't mature enough and how you conduct yourself is in violation with the rules. If all you are going to do is belittle others and talk trash, then you can go. I'm not going to humor you anymore going forward.
  4. I didn't phrase it like that at all. Plus I didn't even use the word refugee. I mean I guess if you are the most cynical person as can possibly be and put it under the most negative spotlight you could, I'd imagine that is one way to interpret it. It isn't a matter of "wanting" those countries. But if that country is a failure and in shambles plus the leaders are worthless, then maybe we should just add them to our land. I mean the earlier example I gave was parts of Central America. An absurd amount of people are fleeing and it is super obvious those leaders are never going to take the country in a good direction. They should just abdicate and become one our territories. The alternative is to keep letting people flee for their lives from there and to let those perfectly good resources and land go to waste under the management of incompetent leaders. Like Mexico is a pretty good example. That leader is nothing more than a puppet. It is obvious the government is ruled by the Cartels. Why wouldn't they want to join us? What do they have to lose? Their poor way of life? The endless amount of families that starve and barely get to eat meat once every two weeks or sometimes worse, once a month? The fact that they pimp out their young teenage daughters to have food for a month? I want a pretty good list of reasons why, joining us is a bad thing. Considering the fact that tens of thousands of them keep trying to cross over and live over here or at least come over and do business with is. We mine as well plant our flag over there and then tax them. We could bring good reform that would help those people. Like you said earlier, context matters. Please don't distort my words. I meant other joining us with good will and intent. But there are some people that are fed up of taking refugees from places that should have gotten their shit together long ago and they are most certainly not laying the ground work for improving even as we speak today. Some people are advocating using force. I want to put the option on the table to begin discussing. As for preventing the people from sneaking in over here after they refuse, how is that not reasonable or sensible? What is wrong with blocking them from coming over? Please elaborate. I want to hear your logic and reasoning. If not to be convinced that maybe I'm being unethical or unfair.
  5. No wait, you're misunderstanding. I don't want answers like yes or no, and scales of 1 to 5. I want people to give me their ideas and theories on why they think things are the way they are, what made them that way, how to change them, and so forth. I approach these conversations like from a philosophical point of view. I'm not trying to measure or turn any of this into a statistic. I like open ended responses cause it gives a person a chance to reveal themselves. Someone with my skill sets in the social sciences plus information gathering helps me learn about a person better. How do I put it. Like I need some time to observe a person and to hear them talk so I can figure things out. The part of me relaying the info here was more like giving info to the people asking questions so they can ponder that stuff. I didn't know if they were rhetorical or if they actually wanted someone to give them feedback so they could spend some time mulling it over. I get what you mean. Talking about it is one thing, like right here, but I'd expect leaders to better figure out how to implement what I mean. Refining the process before doing anything is a given. I just mentioned what i did by bring some of the idea to the table. What you said makes sense. I also like music and art so I'd prefer to not do away with those aspects. As for imperialism. I'll stand down. But just for you to better understand the kind people that live in this world and what some have been thinking and talking about lately, I want you to know, I'm not alone when it comes to discussions over our country taking others (by force if they won't come over peacefully). It has increased as a topic lately. Just giving you a heads up is all. Those kind of talks might begin surfacing soon enough in our politics. But i can see you dislike that direction of discourse, so I'll drop it as far as "encouraging" it goes. @XRay I get what you are saying. It would have to be something discussed pretty extensively to find middle ground as far as advocating how people should conduct themselves and what would be discouraged as living practices are better understood and brought to light. I agree about the religion part but I think more of character when the word American comes to mind. Culture is more of a word used in sociology to define how communities or groups act based off what brings those people together so I think in this case, maybe that word conveys the wrong intent? I also don't want superficial things to determine what makes you an American cause people could easily pretend or act to avoid detection. I think it should be something more symbolic and deep to truly set us apart from other countries and something enemy spies can't simply imitate. I guess maybe I'll think more on what that should be. But none the less, I still want people to "become" American. I feel like some people are here just to take advantage of certain opportunities that should only be reserved for us and our citizens. Cause then you have people like that woman who left and joined ISIS and now that her group was wiped out, she is begging to come back since she had a son. I couldn't even begin to tell you how much that...no. I'm going to relax and leave it at that. That is an example of someone who never was American and what I want to keep out of our country. I've seen numerous people defecting recently and something has to be done about people like that. The fighting has moved inland here in our country. And fixing this isn't going to be easy. Our country has been invaded and they are using social engineering to take us down.
  6. Welfare is something I don't know much about and isn't the issue I'm overly concerned with. I'm okay with immigration as you described it but I want who ever comes to assimilate to our culture and our traditions. No more practicing your country's stuff while you are over here. I'd say leave all that back in your country. Those who refuse to assimilate, can leave. If you are coming to live in America, then BE an American. Actually become one! Religion anf culture are two different things and for those who think they are slick and gonna mix up the terminology then you can take your @$$ out. Anybody who has taken an introductory level sociology class can tell the difference and when immigrants trying to be sneaky and play word games they can shove off. Abusing the wording of laws and finding loopholes would be something that needs to be addressed too. Like for example that birthright one and how they is currently being being used out of context. That entire law should be abolished since it isn't even clear and is being taken advantage of. Anchor babies shouldn't even be a thing. But maybe I'm honing in on one detail too much. Suffice to say there does need to be changes to fix stuff but overall immigration is a good thing when it is being done right. By right, I mean we have a clear organized and fair system in place that doesn't create loopholes and makes it so that coming is on a need basis first, then merit, and finally an economic one. Now I'm sure the next thing would be that we'd have to define what is "American" but that in itself is a separate topic. But on another note, I'm tired of the topic of immigration. If so many people want to come here, why not we just take over more countries? We should just go and claim more territories as vessels kinda like Puerto Rico. We should be expanding to fit all the people who want to come over. If a country's leader objects, then black list the people from there. Plus put in measures to prevent them from trying to sneak in. I know that might be an unpopular opinion, but I'm in favor of America expanding and taking over more land. Clearly other places don't know how to manage themselves and as a result of their failure, we have to provide resources and manpower to fix other people's problem. We could avoid that if we just take those lands and plant our flag there. Then send some competent skilled people to help that land and the people flourish this making our country bigger, better, and more prosperous. Why in the hell haven't we already conquered Central America is beyond me. The leaders down their are never gonna fix anything, gangs are still running rampant, and all that land and those resources are being wasted by not being managed and allocated properly. It is a waste in my opinion that we haven't cultivated and groomed the land to benefit our people. Plus if those people decided to become part of us, they'd get all the same protections from our laws and so forth. Okay, I'll stop there cause I'm just ranting. As for guns. I don't think any of that "control" stuff works. It all sounds ineffective and considering how often there are daily shootings in two different places that are part of states that are supposed to be the harshest on gun control, it is clear it doesn't work. But since people won't shut up about, fine pass the license and background checks parts. We can draw up legislation that expires in 5 years. During that time we can collect data and then when it comes time to renew we can shove cold hard evidence in the faces of certain groups that it did absolutely nothing to change the numbers on violence. If on the off chance, it did work, we can keep it. But I put my money on it not working. But it is time for that topic to come to an end and for us to do something about it so we can move onto other topics. I'm willing to experiment on solutions but I want expiration dates on these solutions and I want a team collecting data while it is ongoing. Cause if it isn't working, we can throw those papers in the trash when they expire and not bring up the topic again. I'm part of camp that think it is a mental issue problem and that we need to invest into raising kids better and being part of their life to help them turn into good adults. As for the adults that do the crime, we need centers where we can see if they can be rehabilitated and if not, then we can decide what to do with them afterwards. There are plenty of ideas on the table so I think we should start experimenting already by drawing up papers with time limits so we can see what will work and what won't. So do I see any candidates that talk similar to how I think? Not really. I usually just either go for independents or for whoever at least picks one thing I care about and echoes a similar train of though. Often enough they want to do one thing I care about right, but others wrong. Like it is weird how they think the same on one idea, but not others.
  7. I get how serious the situation is. I'm ready to play my part and make sure I make a decision to the best of my ability with the well being of as many people as I can. But what more do you expect from citizens? Spreading info is now more easier than ever with social media and various other outlets, I'm pretty sure for those who take it seriously, they do what they can to present info as factual as possible while leaving emotion out of it in an attempt to get people to see their logic and reasoning behind supporting a specific cause. (Which I sure is all you need to do to convince moderates) But I mean what else is there? Aside from making sure as many as people as you can reach are informed and will make an informed decision. Cause protesting is annoying with the inconvenience it causes. I hate being late to work cause of protesters. And my higher ups don't even accept that as an excuse for tardiness. Plus I lose time. I'm sure loads of people dislike protesting for those two reasons alone since it affects their livelihood. Then there is the danger of getting into a fight with counter protesters. I dunno, but from reading your response, it sounds like you are asking for more but what specifically? Or am I interpreting you wrong? Cause at this point anyone who stumbled into this forum should be able to make a pretty good choice based off the info plus sources presented. My response's objective isn't to discourage discussion on this board. Again, I just became concerned about how passionate and vocal some people are being. It sounds a bit unhealthy to get overly worked up. I drove my point by now, so I'll stop mentioning it but that was all I was trying to say. If I had to put it more accurately, I just want some people to take a few days off and get some R&R. Then come back after a week or two. Maybe my imagination was just tricking me a few days ago and it isn't a big deal. I still consider myself moderate. I have this notion in my head that we can recover from whatever he is doing. We can fix it. It'll just take hard work and good will to get others to come back to being our allies. Maybe that is overly optimistic and naive but I've seen it before. I've met people who it wasn't easy to win their trust but since I never gave up, now I have a certain level of rapport with them and I know the impression I've created is "hard-working, earnest, diligent, reliable, honorable, and demonstrates good integrity". I'm sure people are wise enough to know that not everyone likes him, thinks like him, or even agrees and that the real good people are just waiting for him to go away so we can get back to work like real mature adults and fix the mess we are in. But looking at the Dem's current platform and ideas. Hmm I don't know how to phrase it but i just have this gut feeling that allowing others to pass those laws and live that lifestyle would create a huge mess of things that you can't recover from. Laws can be changed and rewritten, order can be restored, trust can be earned back over a period of time, but people lifestyle isn't something that can easily be changed. It is close to impossible. That requires changing people from the inside and that is extremely difficult. Making those changes that they are proposing would enable certain mindsets and send a message that once the people start getting comfortable living like that, we won't be able to come back from it before it is too late. I'm pretty sure I'm being vague as hell but it is just a gut feeling. Im listening to my instincts. I don't know how else to better articulate it.
  8. Okay admins, don't ban me for this but this in fact the Pokemon section for us and the Wifi topic and since a new Pokemon game came out last week we need this thread revived! So please cut us some slack. I saw some people in the discussion thread asking about trading info over there and if it was okay. Should we trade friend codes so people who want to trade can meet here? anybody wanting to do trades to fill the Dex can hit me up I got some Mons that are trade to evolve so I need help with those. Also since items seem to be a thing, we can rotate on those as well. I haven't gotten that far yet so my access to certain Mons is limited. I got Sword for anyone who wants to know. Also, I'll battle but not till later when I can spam eggs and roll 31 IVs. Let's revive this topic peeps!
  9. I'm up for trades. When I get home I can help out. I have Sword and I'll also be up for helping others fill the Dex. I'm gonna start mine soon but keep in mind I haven't beat the game and I'm still pretty early on. Also can anyone answer this, but since exp share is always on, does that mean EVs are constantly being shared too?
  10. Okay so I got to like 7:30 and couldn't continue. Within the first few seconds I knew this video was gonna be bad cause he said "white people shit" when referring to content around games, anime, and so forth. Like since when did white people own that content and those hobbies? Plus this video seems very much like the intended audience is just for one group. A group I'm not part of. Needless to say, I understand that to a certain extent this video covers some legit info that is real but the way the info is presented is very off putting and narrow in scope. I get your good intentions about sharing the video. But now I'm stuck on that fact that some dude out there think white people own those hobbies and interests. Which bothers me greatly. So I kinda wanna end this part of the discussion while still have more composure. Suffice to say, I know my type and that I'm easily susceptible to being indoctrinated into a cult. I took a test once. It was kinda funny. But I got a few people who keep me in check so I'm safe. Regarding your comments on the military stuff, I get it. I won't remark on it since that would take way too much time to talk about though. Nothing wrong with having a healthy amount of skepticism and cynicism in your life. Also I totally agree! Who doesn't love Pokemon! Off to the Pokemon forms I go!
  11. Someone quoted a philosopher saying something along the lines of "to be apathetic towards public policy will result in being ruled by corrupted officials". I'm not trying to discourage being informed. Being educated is indeed an important thing, but i guess I'm just concerned about people's well being. My perception is that some of you are super active, and I hope you aren't letting it drive you into the ground. I don't mean to be condescending. If people know how much they can tolerate when it comes to their stress levels, then by all means, consume the info hourly if you want. I suppose my words conveyed a tone that implied that doing this regularly is a waste of time and you could spend it better. I should have put more of an emphasis on stress levels and how passionate some of you are talking about this stuff plus how visible your anger is showing. Then maybe it would have been interpreted as me pointing out that it sounds like your letting this info and discussion bring out the ugly in you and how I imagine this must also being affecting your health negatively. Bolded = that is pretty eye opening. My mind is kinda blown now. I should have pondered my words more but what I was trying to convey was that maybe you shouldn't let it control you so much and bring out ugly side of you. You sound passionate sometimes when you talk and I wonder how negatively you're letting it affect your health. And here I thought I took it down fast enough. I lost my composure and ranted then thought about it and decided I didn't want to begin discussing that stuff. Not so much cause of the fact that it I shouldn't be bring how I feel about a certain group of people which of course would open up alot of debate, but cause I thought, you don't get what it's like and to put a spot light on a civilian isn't professional much less it is unreasonable to expect you to understand something you've never even encountered or experienced Not the first time I've been accused of that so I'm pretty sure you are right. But I'm also like that cause I think one should speak a certain way when out in public. Similar to the grandma rule (ya know the one where if you wouldn't wear it and her see, then you shouldn't be wearing it all) I use the same kinda rule when talking to others. If you wouldn't talk to your mom like that, then don't do it to others. But hey, everyone is raised differently so if she wants to talk like that, then by all means, have at it. Also since the internet is tone deaf, I probably also just interpreted yesterday as being agressive and hostile based off my mood and what I was already in based off my position so now if I go read it again, maybe it wasn't that bad.
  12. So regarding the first tidbit, I get your point, but that is only one perspective to look at it from. If you were to give me the benefit of doubt and assume I mean well, then you should have been able to reach the same conclusion that he has to go within or at the least, by the end of his first year. With that being said, as citizens your only duty and time to act is when elections roll around. You can't do anything else until then because like with this process currently being the newest media coverage, you as a citizen don't start an inquiry or an investigation. That is the responsibility and job of other elected officials and law enforcement. If all they wanted was to see if public opinion supports going forward, it could have been a one and done kinda thing. Didn't the vote to start Brexit start off similarly? It got public support and then after that, it has been constantly getting spinned around in the Chambers. So now that I said that, why stress yourself out constantly with unending updates on his character and actions? I'm trying to make the point that it isn't good for an individual's health. Stress has been studied very heavily in the medical field and has averse affects on one's health. It shortens your life span, makes you grow gray hairs and lose them, it wrecks and messes with your diet, messes with your sleep, and the list goes on. The dude has to go. We got it. It's one thing to keep yourself updated every other month to make sure you don't get overwhelmed with info, but it is another to daily antagonize your own well being and livelihood. I guess I'm only saying that though, cause I'm not willing to be involved anymore than just a few minutes or an hour once every two weeks. I just grab a few facts and drop the topics and focus on games/anime. Those make me happy and ease my stress. But I see some people posting here weekly, citing resources, and showing off their array of knowledge on the topics meaning they must be clocking hours upon hours possibly daily. I couldn't stress myself like that so frequently and not suffer in my workplace or in my personal life. I'd shoot myself. I get what you mean though, if people want to be invested, then that's their choice. But sometimes when I read this forum, I just imagine people on this thread super stressed out and probably suffering. And over someone they hate. That just shows how much control he has over other's lives. He doesn't control mine. Ever since he got into office, I haven't really noticed any difference in my lifestyle or haven't had to adjust my plans for the future. So what gives? Also evaluate others arguments? That he needs to go? That he is bad? To stay afloat on his daily shenanigans? I don't think I need help with that. All I hear is how some have personalized his actions and how it offends them directly leading to them wanting to do something about it asap. I don't want to change anyone's thinking or opinions. I came to answer a question and give feedback so some could have insight into the perspective of others. It seemed like as if they weren't going to be able to obtain the info otherwise, so I walked around and talk to people on my spare time at school then relayed some of that info. If you think about it, I kinda just strolled in here and handed out food for thought and got attacked for it. When I read the fuck word dropped in eclipse's post, I just went e__e "this is why I don't comment here often". People want to know what the grass is like on the other side so I came to share. Again, this place isn't very welcoming. Regarding your last paragraph, above all else, I refuse to make enemies out of otaku and gamers. Pundits aren't something I'm worried about. I just don't want to lose to chance to talk about fun stuff with others who have my same interests. Here on this site, it is very critical i not make enemies since like 90% of the population likes not only my favorite game franchise but anime too. Hence, why I don't seek confrontation with the people here. For the most part. Am I making sense?
  13. I don't know? I just walk up to people and ask/state "hey, I'm a student conducting a survey. I don't want your name but if you could please answer a few questions it'd help me with my project. Try to answer these questions while role-playing as a scholar and keep it academic as possible". Then I get the feedback and relay it here. I think the idea that "those are so bad then this must mean the inverse, which is equal to these must be better ideas" logic isn't right here. Maybe they think both suck really bad but instead of weighing which one sucks more it is a matter of, which one is unacceptable and then they roll with it. I mean depending on who you are and what your priorities are, some stuff might be a deal breaker right off the bat. I recall we discussed once before, that some people only really care about one single issue and make compromises on others as long as that one is dealt with how they want. Like I can try to better articulate my words so that you comprehend what I'm saying, but it's kinda hard to do when people read it and then respond emotionally. I'm trying to approach this topic like as if I'm discussing it like a scientist and doing what I can to explain this phenomenon. I don't think my response was intended to "defend" why not to go forward with impeachment. I was simply answering "what would it take to turn moderates against him. How bad does it have to be". So I have no idea how you are responding to me. I'm sorry I don't get it. I ask this earnestly. Do you trust polls? I don't. My freshmen year in psychology, my teacher told us at the beginning of class that if any of us conducted a "survey" style experiment for our project that we'd get an automatic F. She said surveys are the most subjective and offer the least accurate results possible when posing questions and trying to answer them using the scientific method. She said you could easily fish for the results you want by asking a question a certain way and furthermore, some people don't answer honestly when they feel they are being watched. I don't know how polls are conducted but I sincerely doubt their integrity and don't give much credibility to them. Then don't listen to all his crap? Is that an option? Why are you so invested in politics that you follow his daily actions or follow him weekly? Don't you have better things to do? Keep in mind that for this paragraph here I'm asking these questions to better understand where this passion comes from and why can't it redirected into something more positive. Like I dislike him too. But I don't allow him to run my life. I still move forward thinking that the time will come when it is my chance to make a change. Allow me to use a metaphor here or something akin to an analogy. Do you follow certain football players outside the regular game season? Do you constantly pay attention to their personal life? Cause as far as I'm concerned, I only care when it's game time and I do what I can to keep up with the matches and see what their results are. I had a teacher once tell me that he remembers a time when politics changed for ever. He said that before, you never use to hear anything or see anything untill one day in our history they started treating it like a sport. They even had collectibles and trading cards! I don't know what time period this was but that changed it forever. I mean, I got that the current president was a bad dude right from like the first 2 or 3 months but I guess maybe I'm just more patient and just waiting for when the time comes that I'm supposed to do something about it. I mean politicians like staying relevant and in circulation since it is what helps them get elected and there are plenty running for offices that require attention on a 2 year interval. What better way to spice things up and keep people entertained than to put on a show and flame the media with epic titles to keep you in the loop. But I think for some of you here, it is stressing you out and eating at you. Like some of you are making it personal and that isn't good for your health. All of us already have daily little stressors from work, social relationship, home responsibilities, and so forth so why add more to your plate? I guess that is my two cents on this. So onto your next paragraph. I'm a moderate that votes conservatively most of the time and didn't defend him or his actions or the "values" they claim to represent. But even I still feel wary stepping foot into this thread. I dislike all politicians. I mention this a few pages ago but I'm happy I have a brother and a sister in arms who are currently running for office. Tulsi Gabbard and Peter Buttigieg got my vote if they make it any further. I don't know why, but I feel more comfortable trusting someone who has served like myself than some random person who makes a career out of rubbing elbows with people. It takes a certain character and a certain level of personality to make it past boot camp and AIT. I'm not naive enough to believe everyone who joins the military is a good person, I know there are some bad people there too. But by a long shot, they'd beat anybody who doesn't know a thing about hard work, blood, sweat and more that get shedded living the soldier life. Like I could try to explain it better but that would require I type a whole bunch more and I'm pretty sure my text wall is already getting pretty long. But back to the point, I said this place isn't very welcoming and it mainly is cause, if I'm not on your side, then by default most assume I must be on the other side. And most others only assume there is one other side only. I think it was mentioned before, but this country sucks for having a two party system. There isn't a big enough and strong enough platform for others to go to that takes middle ground. So by default most want to make me their enemy. They don't want to talk and try and meet me plus the others somewhere in the middle. I dislike the republican platform and some of what it stands for, but I also have things I dislike about Dems too, but I notice when people like me or others come to try to provide constructive criticism to help balance you out and make your platform more stable so it could fit us on it too, we get pushed into your enemy camp and are told that is where we belong. Long story short, it's like I'm not allowed to be your ally unless I cave in to all your demands. So I guess I'll join the other team since they are nicer to me. I mean, I'm not hurt by it, but like how else am I supposed to respond when eclipse was like "what the fuck". I already knew going forward I had to back track and make her unangry and stop cussing before I could even begin to get her to see I'm not the enemy, and I come in peace. Like I just feel Dems are way more hostile. Repubs will take any ally they can get. But I like some Dems. They tend to like anime, fire emblem, Pokemon, and so forth. I want those peeps as my friends. But I gotta be lying and hiding my stuff since if they find out, they'll hate me. Sorry everyone my response became less articulate as I typed it. I had to break to do something and when I came back i was tired. This took forever to type up.
  14. Do you think maybe it is possible that people who are moderate are still willing to vote for him because that is how much they disagree with the policies and ideas being espoused by the current Dem party. So regardless of how bad his crimes are, that isn't enough to get them on board with and give the green light to the current Dems who want to take the country in a direction they don't like. Is it that hard to imagine that it isn't a vote for him, but against dem's ideas. I'd also like to point out literally it is day in and day out hate him for this, hate him for that, hate him cause of reason 1, hate him for reason 2, hate him for reason 3, hate him for reason 4, hate him today, hate him tomorrow, hate him next week, hate him next month, hate him next year, let's talk about him forever, let's not stop mentioning how bad he is, let's remind people how bad he is, and so forth. I swear. All of you that have been commenting for the last past few pages have me imaging you guys foaming out the mouth when you talk about this dude. It is very unhealthy. Y'all have some weird relationship with him. It wouldn't change a thing. Like I said above, a vote for him doesn't necessarily equate to agreeing with or liking the guy. You don't vote for Mr. Trump. Just cause he face is plastered all over the news doesn't mean that he is forever the representative of the party forever. Once he leaves, a new face will be what represents the party. Neither party is "for" the people. But one is the lesser of two evils. What logic and reasoning is used to reach that conclusion is dependent on the person you are addressing. So have fun combing thru answers and trying to put people in a box/category for simplifying purposes. This forum isn't very inviting to moderates let alone republicans. It is more of an echoing chamber. You can't really understand what others think unless you go find them
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