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  1. No. I think most of my submissions were here in these forums. I tried checking my laptop where I have all my documents saved back when I was doing research on FE:W but when I clicked login it didn't auot fill them. I may have not created a login but just contributed by posting here. Well I got lots of notes written down regarding FE3H. Such as how many Sundays you get, how many lessons you can teach, and how many certifications you can do per month on Chapters 1 thru 11, notes on all the in-game events such as fishing events or garden stuff and what dates they are. I got written down the chapters or points in game were certain services become available. I nailed down the info on how much exp students get when tutoring on normal/hard as well if the result is good, great, perfect (including the chores you can assign to two students and if the result is a good, great, perfect) plus their exp gains on their weekly goals for Saturday if they have two/one and if it is boon, base, or bane. I tend to do stuff like this for games I get absorbed into. I totally get ya. I too have experienced burn out when it comes to games. I did so much research and compiled almost 300 hours worth of mapping pokemon and locations, spawn rates for Legends of Arceus but then one day, felt it hit me. Since then I've never turned the game on and left it indefinitely on hiatus. I was working hard to create a good guide but just became weary and fatigued. I did FE:W the same but at least for that game, I came back to it after I think maybe 3 or 4 years. It was like 8 months ago I picked it up again and clocked another hundred or so hours on. But for this upcoming title, it looks promising and I intend to not just grab info for others players, but play it in spurts. Maybe like 10 hours every other day if my schedule permits. That way I don't get burnt out. Cause between now and November (for scarlet/violet) I got no other plans to buy any new games and all my time is usually on these two franchise and the occasional rpg that catches my fancy. I don't care for the title of lead or co-lead, but if any questions pop up for the game, and you want a person to go grind out experiments, you can ask me. I'll try to think of what others might be curious about or ask and then get concrete info on it then submit it here on these forums. I think it'd be funny if this site could literally grab all of google's queries instead of gamefaqs or fandom when it comes to people fielding questions for the game.
  2. I made a few contributions to the previous FE Warriors (similar to how Anomalocaris jot down notes) with supports as a mechanic and since I am picking up this game, I'd also don't mind chipping in info where I can. But I don't remember my log in info to the wiki at all. My upcoming days off are when I'm going to try out the demo and from there, I'll figure out what players who like FE games would like to know and how we can really fill up the page for it here on SF. I'm sad to this day we still haven't filled out 3 Houses quests tab, paralogues, and more. I don't like fandom's user interface much but they got good data so I gotta go there when looking for stuff. Hopefully we can make a more comprehensive page than them. This UI looks so much more pleasant. I'll try to submit what I can, when I can. Also I remember you. Glad to see ya back.
  3. I know it has been named already but I'll take this chance to again boast the "Tales of" series and the excellent system it had. I remember in Tales of Xillia streaming a combo with over hundreds of hits and using my abilities to keep regaining action points and also juggling them through the air. You had to pause for a brief half second to let the enemy come down so you can resume hitting and make good use of moves that move your character forward or position them somewhere to continue and the most beautiful part was the easy stream lined system of switching what character you controlled mid battle. I had the item to allow more shortcuts enabled and had to memorize what moves I wanted to use and at what time while carefully pressing the correct combinations. And what made some of these combos come to life was tag teaming. Having a partner move with and switching control. I remember flying so high with Leia and sometimes Milla doing so many air combos. Then when I mash them down to Alvin or Jude I kept just tearing into them. Similarly, I tried to juggle and keep my combo on Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology. However you couldn't switch control that easy and back then when that game came out, they didn't have certain mechanics in place but it was still quite rewarding to get a 50+ or 100+ combo going with the right moves. And I love Tales games simply cause most of them have such great stories so I got good gameplay and plot to boot. As for people mentioning the Paper Mario rpg games, I also quite enjoyed them. It was simple but also filled with room to get creative. Like for example the turtle shell item in Partners in Time where the baby had an input to spin while passing while the adults had to keep kicking the shell. I loved trying to keep my item combos going. Felt great to see high numbers. Half the time the enemy was dead and I was overkilling them by not letting the animation end but I really wanted to see how long I could keep the combo going. Outside those two game series, not very many others stand out that were "addicting" so I have to spend some time thinking about what other ones were as fun. All I can say is that games that allow player creativity and have no correct/incorrect way to play are the best ones. Cause then, it supports more unique styles to play a game. I remember this one set up I saw on YouTube of Bravely Default that I myself would have never came up with but though was cool. It involved have super low HP while being in a certain class and using a move that inflicted damage that scaled. I saw Edea and Agnes doing it. It was one of those late game classes. That is the kinda stuff I like seeing and doing myself in RPGs.
  4. I appreciate all the feedback everyone who has posted. I'm gonna spend some time thinking about it all. Where I stand at now is that I still don't think the mechanics are fun. I didn't like some of the concepts they used such as hoshido weapons adding a layer of buffs/debuffs while the nohrian counter parts didn't. The way reclassing didn't reset level (like awakening) meaning I had go plan out at what time to class change to get certain skills, the limited funds on Conquest, the fact that weapons had penalties like the silver ones inflicting -2 to your damage stat and skill, the rate of recovery from debuffs and so forth. The list goes on and on. I just felt the game had too many layers. I could do it. It just wasn't fun doing it. If I had to use a metaphor to describe the feeling or an analogy, it was like back in school when my math teacher told me to solve a problem and I already had the answer in my head but she wanted me to "show my work " and write it all out and take a half a piece of paper. I just always felt that was tedious and unnecessary. I could go into more details but I'm multitasking so I can't type up more. Still, I greatly appreciate the feedback. I'm just trying to see the appeal but it seems to fly over my head. I liked the mechanics and simplicity of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn and heck, even Sacred Stones. I hope more people can keep posting so I can hear more examples.
  5. So I have a question and hope people can help me grasp the angle or perspective fans of Fates are using. Why do I see people praise Fates for gameplay mechanics (not including map designs) saying its better when it sometimes gets posed as a question of when it is better than Awakening or other FEs. I don't understand the population saying Fates had better gameplay and was more balanced. But I want to understand how or why they think that. I actually thought it was the most flawed in mechanics since I saw it as being complex without any meaning behind it being intricate.
  6. If you are already indifferent towards it then I suppose my point probably didn't come across regardless had I worded it better. Which I'll clarify in a sec And this is the the direction I was hoping the conversation would go in. Discussing why the story isn't changing and we keep doing the same routine but I'll add more in a sec I should have added that I'm not advocating for the removal of those features. But to put more of an emphasis on why do we keep giving Nintendo our money when they keep throwing at us the same formula over and over again when we could ask for more than that. So now I'll try to actually clarify where I was going. When I approached the discussion from the pov regarding inclusion and who it leaves out I guess it was interpreted as me saying this should be removed and it should go back to it's default but that isn't what I meant. I meant to say or drive home we should be holding them more accountable to give us more options to play as other than just a child with the same old story board. So I read a book on economics and how in the relationship between the consumers and producers, it is the consumer who actually has control of the prices and can dictate what sells and what gets shelved. If we (collectively as a community) don't buy or pay them for continuing to give us the exact same quality of a product many aren't happy with, they'd have no choice but to either do better or drop this idea and move onto the next. The fact that each pokemon titles sells and makes them loads of money is why they can keep doing the same thing without thinking of changing it up. I'd really like to go further but then the discussion will reach deeper into the realm of business production and how consumers communicate with those who create content. I just feel like we could ask for more, and should be able to get it. But it's cause all of us aren't on the same page or we don't all push at the right time that they are gonna keep doing the same thing over and over. As long as this gen4 remake gives them enough money to break even on sales (or earn profit), they'll never understand that this isn't accepted by all of the community. But at the same time, the people who do buy the game don't understand how powerful their dollar is and how they can use it as a vote or means of communication to the company. We should demand more. And the company needs to listen, but we consumers need to work together and get synchronized. I think I've probably made myself more clear but I'm sure this is also pretty off topic so I'll stop there. To summarize, I wasn't advocating for the removal of customization. I meant that we could demand more and actually get what we want, but not until all consumers withhold their money and send them a message that the same crappy product they keep making is going to make us happy anymore.
  7. I just wanted to ask you three since you all seem to like character customization and feel it is a must in the series, are you children? I don't mean to make that sound condescending by the way so I hope you don't interpret it like that. Because if you are self inserting into a 10 year old child that is a bit of an issue. Pokemon stopped being inclusive since like 2005. Some of the original fans who started liking it as a kid have long since grown up. Some are even in their 30s or 40s! I doubt it'd be an exaggeration to say that there probably exist more than 10,000,000 fans who are adults yet pokemon is still marketed to children. We all take granted that this game hasn't had an actual improvement to its story board in over 25 years and it relies on us having knowledge of video games worlds to get by (as the player I mean). How is a child supposed to know how to read a map so they can get to locations without getting lost? How is a child supposed to know to care for life forms when they have barely any, if at all, knowledge of biology? We still have to start a journey as a child with no experience in the world and simply ignore that? This game is flawed on many levels. But I don't want to derail this conversation and go into all the details. I just wanted to point out the one important detail loads of people seem to leave out. This game is made for children. We play as a child character. Pokemon has been going over 25 years with some of its fan actually having children of their own who picked up the franchise. This game was never meant to be inclusive. Them adding skin tones and customization was just a business maneuver to prevent them from being criticized. If anything the game should have fire emblem awakening's opening as a story board. We wake up with amnesia and meet a kind professor who helps us get started on traveling the world. Then we could maybe have an immersive story.. We can wake up as a humanoid shape shadow and can then customize ourselves later or early on to get the ball rolling. This whole playing as a kid and leaving home (and in some games leaving right after we just moved in lol) is stupid. They have to get out of that mold. It is holding them back. I'm not a child anymore and so are millions of fans. Awakening had 3 molds (one kinda looked child like, while one was very adult and large like). But I think I've said enough. I'm sure y'all get the point. TL;DR this game is not inclusive and never will be. As a business they know how to use smoke and mirrors to keep taking your money.
  8. Tediz64

    Pokemon Unite

    I just started playing this game and have to say, I'm fairly content. I played LoL and a few other Moba(s) style video games but seeing a pokemon skin was actually quite refreshing. It was like when I saw Fire Emblem copy and paste Dynasty Warriors by Koei Tecmo. Fun game play and even better lore/story I can get behind since it is a game universe I like. So onto my main point for creating this thread. I'm looking to play with others on teams (and if you want to join a discord so we can real time talk to better sync up even better.) I want to add people to my team and aim for the top or best. Anybody in? Also if you don't want to chat or are shy, then I hope you don't mind if we can still discord and I can just talk outloud to help coordinate in real time.
  9. I'm gonna chime in here and say that what really needs to be discussed is price tag. If they are simply porting over a game without too many alterations they (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony) need to chill the f*** out with that price tag of $60. Like seriously, Skyward Sword was just put out ten years ago and plenty of people still can access that. The only convenience of porting it to the Switch did for me (and countless others) was make it so I don't have to get behind my TV and rewire the console I currently am playing. Take for example the bundle pack of Ninja Gaiden on that contains 3 games for the price of $45. That is like 15 a piece. Even the Mario 3D Stars was reasonable. Sometimes it is a hit or miss just only looking at that price tag for me. Also look at this Mario Party collection they advertised. Again, some people do have access while others don't, but to slap that price tag on it even if you never experienced a Mario Party, $60 just for a rumored 5 boards and handful of old minigames. Why? You aren't even creating anything new. The programming and software already exists and all you are doing is porting. I'm not a programmer so I don't know much about game development but I know I can at least say that the basic foundation for the game is already made, simply reconfiguring it shouldn't justify that price. If I were to use an analogy, that's like the difference between installing a new engine in an old car compared to building the car from scratch just to get a new engine. Now onto if they do re-haul the game and add features and so forth. Then I think price tag is okay. But it can't be a Pokemon Black/White then Black2/White2 kinda situation. I'm talking sapphire/ruby to omega/alpha re-do kinda situation. Those weren't just remastered. They were re done from the ground up. Regarding the OP's subject, I have to say I'm scared of seeing what they are going to do in the future. I use to want a diamond pearl remake but not anymore. I dislike what happened. And I also wanted fire emblem 6 thru 10 ported over to the Switch but not done differently. If they got too cocky and tried to change it I can't imagine what horrors they do to Sacred Stones or Path of Radiance. I love those games exactly how they are and don't want too many modifications (Except the weight/strength system they use to factor in attack speed with heavy weapons. I want Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones to copy what PoR & Radiant Dawn did. Use strength instead of constitution. Amelia got way too penalized and Tana as well.)
  10. I didn't know it had other uses (or meanings). Can you give an example? So I can see how else it used I never saw this word until just a few years ago and I have to say, the same meaning RainbowMoon has of it (or at least their understanding of it) is the only one I know. Look at the snip below for a better more articulated definition of how the word is used and what it symbolizes. That snip below is the only interpretation of it I ever knew. All in all, I might not have as strong as feelings as moon, but I do think that word and husbando are nothing more than insults to the characters themselves. When people deflect and say they are just joking, they really aren't, or at least I don't think so.
  11. I hate the word God. I mean this academically. Not as in I hate religion. Like I wish we had a separate word or at least a name we could use for divine or celestial beings. When we say God/goddess we could imply any divine being or immortal from Greek or Norse mythology or refer to any of the beings worshipped in Shintoism (since kami translated is God in English) or even incompass ones from other religions. Further more, God is the name of one specific divine being in one religion. So it could be used as a vague umbrella word or as a name for one specifically. That has always vexed me. I'm in favor of giving God a name (the one from Christianity, catholicism, and all the other branches within that religion since I can't begin to name them all). Others have names so why not him? Zeus is a God with a name. Morrigan is a goddess. We have loads of them with names but not the one from the religion that makes up a huge population of world. I think Buddha is a God but I'm like pretty sure that isn't accurate. I also dislike profanity to a great extent but I don't mind if others around me use it. A few other people in this thread have dropped a few words I dislike. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.
  12. As far as gaming goes, let's see 1) Finish Tales of Zesteria. I couldn't get past the scene in the forest where you get the wind seraphim. I just got tired of the game and all it's stupid mechanics. Our titles need to be leveled up, our monster book has a star system, our equipment has a leveling system, our arte usage has a leveling system, our equipment has a synthesis feature with attributes added, and so much more. I got tired of the game with its many gimmicks. I got 40+ hours in and I can't remember the story cause I'm over here juggling tasks like finding points of interest for skits. And I thought tales of xillia was bad 2) start Tales of Beseria (I think that is how it is spelled. The one with a vampire supposedly) 3) Finish Tales of Vesperia and finally meet the ninja girl who is popular for I dunno what reason 4) get the new game in March being dropped from the Story of Seasons franchise 5) also get the new game in March from the Rune Factory franchise 6) maybe play Bravely Default 2 (since I already did one with Tiz and Edea) And that's about it....I can't think of any other games I'm especially looking out for. Maybe do another run of Dragon Crown if I'm bored. I couldn't tell if it was official or not but word is Dragon Age 4 is confirmed. And a new Tales of Arise is anticipated. I know this is a bit off topic, but does anyone think the ps5 or new X worth the money drop?
  13. I want to take this opportunity to promote MAL (my anime list) website. It is aggregate site with info compiled from hundreds of animes and manga with info on producers, studios, voice actors, and hosts a section for reviews, forums, and more. They also partnered with two business (crunchyroll being one of them) so they even have videos provided for a limited amount of anime making them official and not just another pirated site. The biggest feature I love is that fact that after you create an account, you can manage multiple lists. You can have a "plan to watch", "on-hold", "completed", and more. This lets you keep track of what you've seen, what episode you left off on, rate the anime and review if you want. It is one of the best official sites that supports the industry and helps you create a catalog of all the animes you want. Plus the sites search feature can be used to narrow down searches however you want. Based off year, studio, genre, voice actors, and more so that you can find something to watch. I think that should about cover it. Now I'm done with the shameless advertisement lol. Now as far as recommendations go....well if you had an account there I could share with you my list and show you hundreds of anime. I saw you listed one or Key's anime that also was a favorite of mine, Clannad. Great visual novel. Have you tried Kanon or Angel Beats!--? Those were great tear-jerkers im sure you'd love. A good idol anime I'd recommend would be Idol Masters or Love Live. Just in case you didn't hear (since I saw you mentioned it) Slime got the green light and has season two in production. Also Death March should definitely be added to your read list. The anime is great but I dunno about you, I am not patient and can't wait for season 2 and when I started reading it man was the story awesome. Satou really helps his side cast grow so much more in the manga and light novel. Lulu and Arisa are portrayed much more differently as the manga progresses. I saw Fairy Tail's named dropped but didn't read if you seen it in this forum. If not, it's also a pretty good fuzzy feeling anime with the occasional hint that Natsu x Lucy might have feelings for each other. If however, you can overcome that super annoying mascot character ironically named Happy. The fans go all out creating fan fics of Levy x Gajeel and also Gray x Juvia. There are loads of people active in the community on MAL. You can really have good discussions and gain new insight or perspectives into animes there. I highly recommend going there.
  14. I can't believe they are gonna release two heavy games so close. Xseed what are you thinking? You are gonna sabotage the sales of one of your games. Releasing a Rune Factory and a Story of Seasons so close to each other next year. Both of those life simulators take time to enjoy and you are making them release too close. How am I supposed to decide where to farm....T~T
  15. I sent a request. It should be from Leo King on Discord
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