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  1. Pick up the series called Dragon Age. It has 3 so far with great story, pretty complex game play that is fun (for some), and hours of game play time. That has loads of quests. Then try another series called Fable (which also has 3 out). Also really great story telling and game play plus you can customize your avatar however you want and even romance npcs. Its a great adventure game with rpg elements. Also you already said them but I do recommend the Dead or Alive fighting games. I dunno why but I did always prefer them compared to street fighter and mortal kombat
  2. RF5 ❤️ But why is it so far away! Next year March is a long time to wait. I want to farm sooner than that. Oh well, the direct had some nice info. So aside from pokemon snap, no more big reveals on that front. I hope they have more directs and not just partner ones.
  3. I second this idea. They need time to work with the system and a report/remaster using this system to really understand reviews from fans. But where i disagree is the game. I put my money on Blazing Sword. From a business point of view they could easily make money (and in the process upset us like usual) off it. By the dreaded "version" release. Where you make a game but have different versions. They'll probably force us to buy DLC (knowing some of us will front the money). They'll make a Eliwood version, Hector Version, and Lyn's version will be DLC. Im calling it now. They are gonna make us turn our wallets upside with the next one. They see the $ on Blazing Sword. Just to get the whole game they'll fragment it and make us buy all the pieces to see it all. Sealed Sword doesn't have that potential since it's all Roy's story. But then again they could make a dlc version of brand new chapters from Lilians pov before Roy helps her. Maybe flesh out that rebellion. Who knows.
  4. If you got the clubhouse 51 game, we could PM friend codes and play together. I got it and it is loads of fun As for this topic, I have to say I don't think I'll be picking up this title. $60 is too much and the bosses were disappointing. Maybe after it comes out and I can see some game play then I'll change my mind but I'm not too sure I'll be getting it. I wanna see more about the partners and if they have the level system
  5. When you do get around to it, just letting you know, Laguz are so damn broken, it is absurd. Give some laguz units some LTC and they'll absolutely wreck everything and leave no survivors.
  6. So hypothetically, say the president won reelection. What next or what then? What discussions do we have? And regarding the branch including congress' senate and house.
  7. I'm not particularly adding to this thread, I just wanted to thank you all. Reading some of these posts felt pretty eye opening. They way it was formatted (worded might be a more appropriate word to use here maybe? Or articulated) gave me some new insight in to how some things work. I don't think I would have been able to observe this in person so hearing it described felt as if this is as close as I can get to understanding how some people feel or get treated in regards to labels being used. How some people use them constructively and others use them to belittle an individual. Its a lot of food for thought here. Well anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say that. @Shoblongoo can you give another example of how using certain labela or stereotypes is more or less earned as opposed to harmful and crossing into territory of being bigoted? Or maybe link an event happening that shows it? The only example I could think of right now that matches was that one guy who was angry that a salon wouldn't give him some kind of wax service because of his physiology despite him claiming he fit the description of who they cater to and then tried to sue. I heard other news surfaced he tried to host nude party with underage teenagers and that he/she specifically was a bad example to serve as a model for the community because that individual in particular was actually a bad person. Does that match what is being described in this thread? Using a label based off the individual's merit? I want grasp this concept better in my mind. So I need more examples.
  8. I laughed so hard at this. I couldn't breath and had to wait a few seconds and even then my cheeks hurt. Like I could just imagine how that scenario played out. You put a hand on his shoulder and said in the most somber way possible "I'm sorry" xD like what move did you use? Do you remember the level gap between you and the wild one? So here's my story and quite frankly I'm glad I didn't turn out like this for real. I use to play sims as a kid on the ps2 (I think it was for that system) and I use to love playing music and hearing them sing in their sim language as well as watching them dance. I always did fun stuff but found it very hard to manage their life. I budgeted poorly and didn't have food in their fridge but had plenty of fun items I bought. I just didn't understand all the brand new icons and what they meant. It was my first Sim title so I didn't know what all the little symbols meant and basically my sims were always depressed after a week or died. They used the restroom on their self, they passed out sometimes, they starved, and I just literally let all their meters get full on them having to take care of little life related things. They always got stressed and basically I could never make it past like a month in the game. I thought as a kid, "growing up sucks. You have to take care of so much stuff. I dunno if I can make it if this is how hard it really gets"
  9. How very fascinating. This topic. I read a lengthy article on Psychology Today about what exactly is instinct and another one on intuition, and some of you are basically describing those keen senses. There was a paragraph or two about primal abilities we had that never went away. Suffice to say, it seems like whether you know it consciously or not, your self defense mechanisms can still activate to protect you or shield you from things you want to stay away from. Like you said Light Strategist, I can also hear insects, no matter how faint the noise they make. Like i can hear their scurrying across the floor or when they jump. Flying especially catches my attention. My eyes even instinctively know where to look and once I spot them, I go squish them. Despite how silent they can be on their paws, i can also sense and hear cats (and dogs). I just feel their presence and face them. I had a bad run in when I was a kid and never got over it so I dislike animals in general. Im not mean to them or don't bother them, i just dislike them being next to me if they aren't caged or on a leash. After im done killing a bug or figuring out their is an animal next to me, im always amazed i even noticed in the first place. I question (internally) how I caught that when I was previously fixated on a game or if I'm out, when I'm busy. It just always surprises me. Those articles mentioned how you can improve those senses but it takes time. I'd link them cauae they were pretty interesting reads, but im on my phone so ill have to edit later if I can get to it.
  10. I'll give a little more advance advice. (Also I'll give my opinion as far what I've observed over the years playing the franchise and also hone in on this title) Know thy enemy! This is common advice in war games. The game has an algorithm for the behavior of the enemies. Study them and you'll soon master the art of manipulation and have them do exactly what you want them to do. I'll give some general tips that are for the most part applicable. Enemies love to go in for the kill. So if they have in front of them a few people they can attack, they'll go for the person they can KO. Also enemies love to go after people who can't counter back. If an enemies has an Archer and a axe user in front of them, unless the axe user needs one more hit till they die, they'll go hit the Archer. Conversely Archers will go shoot someone who can't fight back if there aren't any targets they can wipe out. Also enemies also tend to give priority to healers and your commanders, so they'll go attack them too. When a battle first starts, not all the enemies are going to rush you at once. 99% of all maps will have a select few who will start to move on turn 1, while some move after a few turns pass. Some don't even move no matter how many turns pass and just wait for you to step in their range. Most of the time (like close to 80%) if you attack a boss, all enemies will become mobile and start moving. Bandits and thieves make a bee line straight to villages/chests. Study your enemy is the main point! Grasping how they'll behave is always a good fundamental step to controlling the field. One thing that is always important to note, reinforcements always show up in nasty places to ambush you. Unless you have a powerful unit, don't send them out alone unless you are confident in their tankiness or dodging ability. Another good tip that isn't always reliable but should be taken into consideration with the Tellius games like PoR and RD, is that when enemies get to about 20% or less HP, they'll flee to a healing spot or next to their healer if they have one deployed. They'll also go toward allies who carry healing items if that is an option for them. As for general advice that applies to most of the titles and this one, like people mentioned already, archers are bad. They serve some utility but your not gonna want to take one to end-game or deploy them often. Horse people are great. Heavy armors are not so great and often get left behind. Thieves are great for stealing. In this game you only get two Volke and Sothe. If I were you and could keep them from combat, I'd go with Sothe when he becomes available. Volke charges you money every time you have him unlock something. Make sure if they level, they get speed since it matters when it comes to stealing. In the early GBA days and partially true here in the Tellius games, males are better than females. Back in the day constitution was use to calculate attack speed and even in the Tellius games they tend to be more favorable. For example Zihark is used more than Mia. This isn't always true but the majority of the time, they tend to be better stat wise. Fire Emblem as a franchise didn't fix this till post Awakening. Also try to keep one of each weapon type with you. Have a good sword user or two you've invested into, at least one axe user, a Lance, one or two magic users (plus a healer). It's good to cover the basics. Keep in mind most fire emblem games including the Tellius ones let you take about 10-13 people with you the majority of the time and including the final few chapters so have at least that many people trained up is a good idea. Push for 17+ and you'll start to see more difficult times advancing since you spread your exp thin. On the harder difficulties of this game series, exp starts to get scarce. Someone above mentioned it's okay to use a few extra people but I'm sure they meant that on the easier levels. On higher difficulties if you go past 13 people you'll see why that was a bad idea. That should about cover some good ground to become more ready to tackle the higher difficulties.
  11. I'm gonna grab it. I saw online it's pretty cheap and I already have a DS. Something to do if i get bored at work o guess. I do like vocaloids so any music is good.
  12. Really?! So only one Luka song? That's sad. Well I got it back when it was first coming out cause the pre order came with vocaloid keychains. I just never got the PS4 to play it lol. I still want to try it. Do you think Mirai is worth grabbing? I have a DS....maybe I should go for it. I didn't also like the initial cover since they were all chibi (but not the cute kind. The bobble head kind)
  13. I don't know about X (if you are talking about the 3DS one) since I didn't play that. I want to and am going to at some point get the PS4 so I can play the 3rd one. So far I've played a few songs and I like it. Easy surprisingly turned out to be more challenging then before. You can also change the buttons designs so instead of A or B flying across the screen you can set it up like the PlayStation and have square and triangle or even set up arrows! I'm using arrows. Sadly the button sound fx have to be manually changed for each song 😞 it takes menu time to do it. I'm digging it so far and feel it plays just like the Sony ones. It had more button push types making it more challenging. Plus it has two models, button presses and joy con motion presses. Kinda like that VR game for the headset However, how they calculate the score is super horrendous. I'm so not liking that part
  14. I just checked. I'm missing Hold and Release but not the other two you mentioned. I found the other two in Mix Mode. Try switching between Arcade Mode and Mix Mode. I'm sure they'll notice and get around to it in a few days. Maybe give or take a week. If people are missing some songs. I noticed a whole bunch of songs aren't on easy mode but are in Normal/Hard. You can see the total song count in the left corner @eclipse that is what I love the most about the fire emblem community. You literally have someone here who is bound to match you in other franchises as well while here. It's like if you have love for fire emblem as a base, you're bound to love other great games. Wanna meet someone who likes the "Tales of ..." , then come to serenes. Wanna meet someone who likes Dragon Age or Pokemon? Welcome to the forest. Need a Smash partner or Persona friend? Come to serenes! I remember seeing you post in quiet a few Tales game threads if I'm not mistaken. You had pretty good insight and knowledge of the games. Maybe another day in another thread we can talk about those games. Fire Emblem fans branch out and love other equally fantastic game series and we just happen to all congregate here at serenes forest. Tis a great place to be! Regardless if we are talking Nintendo, Sony, or even PC gamers. I haven't met a community as great as this one anywhere else. Anyways, enough digressing. Espurr, I'll let you know if I hear anything else on other boards or if I see an announcement. Just know, you aren't alone. I'm also missing a song so I'm sure Nintendo will fix this soon enough. Maybe this applies to people who bought the bundle with dlc together instead of separately. I haven't seen any other people talking about it. But I'll go shake some trees and see what falls. (if you know that reference, we should be friends)
  15. So I know this will be an obscure thread for just a small handful of people and as I looked thru the history of the site searching that the phrase "Dragon's Dogma", only a few topics mention it inside a post but I wanted to make a thread just to get some help plus offer some help. If you need help getting 3 star knowledge on certain enemies, quests, map areas, or want certain items gifted then we can congregate here and share. I played in the past on a different console but right now I'm on my first play thru for the Switch. I'll update this post later to include my Pawn's code to recruit. I gave my pawn Suasion so if you want a bonus to making money you can hire mine. Later I'll ask for help in certain quests. I know sadly that pawn's level determines if you can hire them or not for free or for rift crystals but I'd be happy to hire Pawn's lower level to teach them certain enemies knowledge. I'm currently around level 43. I tend to spam the knowledge stars since I like collecting that stuff. So to start I wanted to share, I loved that I saw someone else try to make a Sorcerer Lysithea. They gave her the right eye color, hair color/length and gave her dark spells like Miasma and Dark Affinity. I also saw someone. Make a Dimitri that looked pretty damn impressive. They had a post time skip version of him with the Dire Wolf cape, a two handed pole arm that kinda looks like his Spear and even gave him black armor but sadly the pawn was missing an eye patch (which is available) so they almost had a perfect one. I didn't think to model mine after anyone but looking at those ideas and has sparked an interest in me. I'm thinking later I'll buy the item Art of Metamorphosis and change my pawn. I currently have a male pawn at 199 cm (6'6 ft) and a little more than 100kg (over 220lbs) who fits in the Large bracket (not LL) and spent a few level ups as a Sorcerer to get Magicka defense but now I have him in a Fighter class. He has low HP and Str right now but I'll fix that with more levels as he goes further into the 70s. I need him to have over 200 base Magicka defense for certain enemies that like spamming spells. I gave him a few good augments but I'll try to get him better ones later. As for his outfit, I sorta give him a Brigand style outfit so he looks kinda like a bandit. For now that should be enough info. I'll stop here and wait for fellow Arisens to respond. Hopefully there are more people on the Wrym hunt. Hopefully my pawn can help serve you in the fight against the post-game dragon Ur. My pawn ID is: 3A0F - 8F56 - 2C5D (i'm unsure if that is the letter "o" or the number zero at the beginning)
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