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  1. That was just my started. I never felt it was like I was "grinding" or "farming". I just added mons to my team, beat the ones roaming outside the grass, once the mons evolved and I got their Pokedex entry I chunked them into the PC and pulled out more mons. I did this pretty often. Here was my team Lv. 71 Cinderace Lv. 65 Corviknight Lv. 62 Dusknoir (I just caught him near the bridge at 60) Lv. 65 Kommo-mo (I caught at level 60 and leveled up a bit) And lastly Lv. 68 Gardevoir that was pretty high level that I caught walking at Lake of Rage This team wasn't for the battle tower so i didn't bother to to get them with 31 IVs except my bird since it was a brilliant Pokemon. Maybe you just need to make sure you level up the smart way. I mean do you grind Magikarp kills for exp? That could take forever and would be boring. I fought alot of the mons outside the grass by making sure my lead was someone who had a type advantage. That was what helped me gain levels. Plus those raid battles give out exp helped a bunch too. I thought they made leveling easy this go around since you can't turn off exp share. Another tip would be to take an electric Pokemon to a rainy spot in the wild area and grind exp with one hit KOs since mainly water Pokemon spawn. Knowing which mons spawn as a result of what weather and then bring out what hurts them can help speed up exp gains by one shoting the enemies every battle. If that is too much than just go catch new mons. With all your badges you can catch the level 60s walking around. There are plenty of them. The Dusty Bowl and Lake or Rage has decent choices. You got the Eevee-loutions and either a Gyardos or Lapras in lake of Rage past level 50 roaming around and in Dusty Bowl a good Dragon walking next to the pond or the Hawk/Vulture bird flying around 54. Not too far is a Machamp at lv60 in Giant's Mirror or a few Corviknights at 50/60 at various points.
  2. I had my highest level at 71 with everyone else lagging behind around 62. I'll admit I used some of my team to just just survive one or two attacks and inflict status conditions and I also used moves that harshly lowered their attack. But I only had a team of 5 and I still managed to clear it. Did you have a mon to counter each of his types? Make sure you have somebody that can take 1/2 or 1/4 damage from his Charizard with protect taught to them to be able to withstand his dynamax form. Plus a rapid spin to free from his fire spin effect or at least someone who can rain dance to lower that fire power. Other than that I dunno what other tips to offer. Whose on your team and what hold items/abilities did you have going for you?
  3. At this point, i don't think i should be responding to you of all people since it is clear you like to make no point what so ever and furthermore when you begin to lose the debate you switch to coming up with random accusations. But since this is a serious discussion thread and i want to give you the benefit of doubt (like it was extended to me previously) plus think that maybe you've grown and mature i'll go ahead and respond. Maybe now you are ready to debate for real. Africa being a continent with multiple countries plus being more diverse culturally and politically doesn't change that fact that we are discussing laws in regards to how it would affect prison population. The paragraph below where i made that point draws and show the emphasis is on the fact what can be done or is being done some where else, can't be done in our country or shouldn't be. As a result, because our country has different beliefs and practices in cultures, our laws of course would reflect what we find not acceptable and would merit being seen as criminal activity. Thus that would impact our prison population. Moving on to my next point. Regardless if each country on that continent has little in common, as you've stated, the fact that more than half the map reflects that those countries participate in that cultural practice says otherwise in addition doesn't change the fact the numbers still exist. I didn't "imply" anything at all. I specifically said more than half of Africa perform that surgery. So you are incorrect in accusing me of saying that i imply it happens ALL across of Africa. Next point, is more of a question and not me making a counter-point. What do you mean i misrepresent female genital mutilation? Also if you want to know why i picked to use that as an example, it was cause i just saw a news article talking about how a woman escaped from her country to come to America and that that practice happens over there. So it was pure coincidence. Also how did you infer or deduce that "all Africans are the same"? We are talking about laws, cultures, ethics, and what impacts prison populations. Edit: Okay. I won't continue discussing the prison population. I was mid-typing when your post showed up.
  4. Okay. Eclipse's and mine main arguing point was not to use inflammatory speech. I myself said that I agree it needs to be revamped and improved. The problems you point out are valid and I'm not refuting them but I do make the point that you shouldn't start calling our system a torture camp. It isn't that bad. If this were an academic debate (which it is I'm hoping) this point gets refuted on the grounds that you don't get to cherry pick which countries to compare us too. There exist countries with more brutal conditions and harsh sentencing than ours. My point that ours shouldn't be labeled either a torture camps and/or is the worst one in the world remains. Let's see how to respond to this part. I hope we are still on the same page that I said I do think our system needs to be improved but it shouldn't be called to a torture camp. That's an accusation going too far. The way I read the post and responded was based off the premises that the phrase "highest incarceration rate" is ambiguous if the purpose and intents it to be comparing which country is doing better or worse. Which is why I asked what other countries were doing. I didn't imply others were putting more in or less. I asked what if the numbers were higher or lower based off a % of the population. Since we established that our country is putting about 1% of it's able population in jail/prison what i was asking for was a comparison to other countries. After all you said that 1% only means or becomes something when it becomes relative to something else. So an answer I was looking for to be better able to grasp if we were doing better or worse would be like for example, China only puts 0.65% away in jail/prison out of their able population that can be sentenced. Then the statement would become better to understand and we could objectively say we are doing worse. But say for example that out of the total able population that can be locked up, more than 1.1% in India is actually sitting in a cell. Then that we mean that our country doesn't have the "highest incarceration rates". I used those countries and numbers as examples to better clear up the point that was being made. Those aren't actual real statistics. The part where I disagree here lies in the fact that comparing our countries prison system starts to bleed into philosophy if you really want to look at it and in addition to philosophy, that'd mean we are establishing universal laws or standards that everyone should be following BUT that isn't the case. Our country is different as is our culture and as well as our standards that we hold ourselves too. For example, in our country we have our legal age limit set to 18. A quick Google search shows that other countries have lower limits (more than half the world) and some countries don't even have a limit at all. So if we have people sitting in jail/prison for sex with a minor you could begin to subtract that number or adjust based off what the standard would in the other targeted country we are comparing ourselves too. Our prison population would start to sink. Another example is that in our country it would be completely illegal to perform a female circumcision surgery but in more than half of Africa culturally, they perform that to discourage women from premarital sex. This info i saw in a news article that happened to be condemning the practice so I don't know if it is updated since it was a few years ago. The point I'm trying to make with the two above paragraphs is that our laws reflect our views, our standards, and so much more. For all we know we could have more laws or less laws than one other country. So if someone breaks a law here and as a result ends up incarcerated, of course our numbers will reflect that. Conversely, in other countries they might not have strict enough laws, or as many laws, or practices that they engage in that we would call illegal over here. All in all, this isn't a competition. Please don't make it one. Furthermore, I previously stated our system needs to be improved and revamped but it shouldn't be called a torture camp. If you want to continue debating this, than know it has become a philosophical conversation. I'm not in disagreement with the fact our system is broken. But it isn't the worse and it isn't a literal actual torture camp.
  5. Logic? I have no idea how this conversation started going in this direction. This isn't a competition with other countries. So don't make it one. We aren't trying to be better or worse than other parts of the world. All we were discussing was the flamming rhetoric using by another poster. They are prisons, not torture camps. They aren't that bad as some make them out to be. This wasn't part of the original list of things being exaggerated (regarding repeat offenders). So I don't know how this came up. If you wanted to add it to list stating why the prison system is bad and needs to be revamped then nobody is going to argue against it. But again, we shouldn't use inflammatory speech comparing our prison system to torture camps. If you think what happens here is bad, then I suggest you visit prisons in other countries. Then maybe you'll come back and say getting thru our system is a walk in the park with butterflies and rainbows. Go commit a crime in another country. I'd like to see you still say our stuff is bad. I've heard horror stories or what goes on in other countries. We are pretty mild in how we treat our prisoners. But again this isn't a competition. There just isn't a need to compare our stuff to torture camps. I said I'm in favor of revamping. 3rd time now by the way. I don't condone how it is but it is harmful to go around comparing it to torture camps. It isn't one so it shouldn't be called one. My numbers? They aren't mine. They were sources from Lew and eclipse. 1% is still 1% so nothing changes with my previous statement. That number objectively speaking is small. You didn't provide sources about what the % of incarcerations of total population is in other countries but said we have the highest. So other countries also have less than 1% of their able population in prison/jail? Or is it higher? If it is higher, doesn't that mean looking at the math, our society is still better collectively since our citizens can follow the laws? But then speaking objectively are the laws in other countries up to a standard we'd consider fair or ethical? This isn't a competition. Don't make it one. I'd like to point out again, how we treat our prisoners is in no way comparable to torture camps. Maybe another country could qualify for that title with what they do, but not ours. Besides earlier those numbers had some data mixed in that skewers the perception. How is what one prisoner does to another reflective of our countries prison system's morale compass? Because we couldn't prevent such horrendous acts our system is broken? That happens in other parts of the world so why is our system getting singled out and being called a torture camp? It needs to be revamped (4th time I said I'm in support of improving conditions) yes but it isn't objectively that bad. You think the prison systems in other countries are flawless? You think they perfected reforming and rehabilitating their people who break the law? You think some people don't make money in other countries off their prisons too? Why are you singling us out and in favor of calling ours a torture camp? Understand the points being made and make this conversation productive. We weren't competing with others. It just was stated that it is unacceptable to call our system torture camps since that type of speech is not beneificial and only scares people plus points fingers at group of people. That doesn't help or improve anything if all you wanna do is play the blame game. Let the media and politicians talk like that.
  6. You can't help somebody who doesn't want help or thinks they need help. You sound like you have good intentions so I applaud you for that. I really do. But maybe it isn't a problem? You didn't mention whether this person asked for help, tried to get help, or expressed not wanting things to remain this way. I have a friend who in my opinion has a problem, but yet life carries on for him and he doesn't want to improve the areas I think are critical. It's been over 15 years and he is married and has a pretty low-key comfortable life. Not one I would be living but none the less a comfortable one. He has his hobbies to keep him occupied. The point I'm trying to make with this is, maybe your friend has skin made of steel. Some people who get bullied just let that shit roll off them like it doesn't matter and move on. If they found something in life that they cling to and helps them get thru the day, maybe you don't actually have to help. I mean, worst case scenario, you could make the situation worse or anger some people and the last thing we want is for it to get worse. Have you sat and talked with this person and know they want help? You could bounce ideas off each other. Again, I think you have good intentions so that's great. But there is a possibility of you helping making the situation worse or it being unwanted help. I know from experience that I once overstepped my bounds and lost a friend long ago as a result. Had I not intervened, maybe we'd still be friends today. In my head, the situation was worse than the reality of it and so I felt compelled to "help". You are a good friend and I hope your friend's situation improves if nothing else comes out of this advice.
  7. 69,800 + 36,100 + 65,700 = 171,600. Let's stop and ponder that possibly not all of these allegations included penetration. Being forced to give another person a hand job would allow a lawyer to claim sexual assault since we are using legal jargon. So for all these claims of sexual assault it could have been a hand/blow job and they'd throw that in the statistic of rape since it counts as a form under that ambiguous claim. 171,600 out of Houston's estimated population sitting at 3,000,000 means that would be roughly 17.4%. Objectively speaking that is a small percentage and to think if we were to extrapolate that to the country's population of over 300,000,000 (300 million) that turn into .0006% rounded. Also based off eclipse's source stating 1,610,446 were prisoners during the year 2008, that's only 1/3 of the 4th largest city in our country as a number of people incarcerated. If we were to compare that to the country's population that'd be 0.005%. in other words, less than 1% of the entire country's population. Objectively speaking, having less than 1% of your country's population go to jail/prison should be seen as a good thing. This is all addressing the claims of the rampant danger of being sexually assaulted. To move on to your other claims such as of the guards beating people. Shob only told us one story and I clicked on some of those links so we don't have viable data or %s to back up how often this is. For all we know it could happen once a month in one state. Maybe it happens to one prisoner out of every 100,000. It's plain to see you dislike the prison system but that doesn't mean it is so broken we need to take drastic measures asap. One of those links you put mentioned Alabama's understaffed problems but that in itself plagues every state. Guards are worked 16 hour shifts according to that source so imagine the stress they accumulate. They are people too and after having to deal with someone for 16 hours day after day, it isn't unthinkable they'd vent or do something stupid that is on the unethical side. One phenomenon that afflicts people in the prison/police/medical field quite heavily is compassion fatigue. Over time people lose their ability to be empathetic or sympathetic especially when being exposed to harsh conditions for prolonged periods. Ive seen some nurses treat patients pretty shitty just so they could get back on their phones and ignore their care. I know we aren't talking about nurses but I want to emphasize compassion fatigue. It's real and it has super adverse effects on individuals who are put positions were they need to look after others. I won't say bad behavior is excusable but we have many issues we have to tackle effectively after researching it instead of pointing fingers at a group of people. The prison system needs revamping. It has a purpose. But it isn't some torture camp.
  8. I just beat Leon and poofed into my house. I got Eternatus but not that sword one. Is he back in the woods? If you give me a little time to go catch him, I can do the trade. Also I'd appreciate an egg of Mimikyu and a Cleffa. I can't believe they made that weather condition so rare. They must not want people to catch fairy and psychic types cause that is who mainly spawns in that weather.
  9. I'll send you my friend code in a PM once I get off work. I appreciate it Same to you. I'll send friend code in a PM later. I'll be free to trade pretty much all Saturday and Sunday. Have any of you two gotten a Clefairy of Mimikyu? I know those two aren't version exclusive but for the life of me I haven't seen the Heavy Fog weather condition in the Wild area and I check DAILY. For like the last last two weeks. The only area that got that weather was Lake of Rage. If y'all two need any Sword exclusives just let me know. I got almost all of mine but still waiting for sunny day to get Turtornator. He is my last version exclusive that I missing. I'm at 359/400 Dex. The rest of my Dex is evovles
  10. I can help you with that monkey (that has the soccer ball). I have a spare. Could you help me with a shield exclusive? Here are some shield exclusives I need: Drampa, Goomy, Solosis, or Sprtizee (holding Satchet). Even if you can do just one of these, I'll give you my spare monkey
  11. I get that speed determines who goes first and affects moves like Gyro Ball and Volt Tackle but do battles end that quickly usually that all you need is to go first and land one hit?
  12. What are you talking about? It saw more use than Mega Rayquaza? How or why is he broken? What set up do they have that Zacian doesn't? How broken is it? Can you give examples? What happens after the rain is set up? I want to apologize to everyone that I'm asking so many questions. I'm new-ish to competitive battling. I learned about IVs and stuff about a Pokemon's best assets but I haven't sat down and learned any strategies or tactics or how people set the pace for battles. I'd like to take this chance to learn
  13. To get Inkay to evolve at lv30 into Malmar hold the Switch upside down undocked (not on a TV) while also not using a pro controller. The switch itself doesn't have the gyroscope inside it, the joycons do so I'm unsure if you can just prop up your switch while holding the joy cons upside down but it definitely won't work with the pro controller. So make sure the pro is turned off. Yamask who now has a Galar form has a special requirement too. (The non-galar form can be obtained from a trade with an NPC just like Kanto Meowth). In order to evolve it, have it take 50 or more damage in a single battle and then walk under the arch way in the Dusty Bowl wild area and the cutscenes for it to evolve will trigger automatically. It is the large archway. Regarding specific details, weather damage doesn't count toward the 50. I'm unsure if you have to battle in the Dusty Bowl or if you could battle somewhere else and then fly there. Time of day is not relevant. Also Yamask has to survive the battle so having it get fainted and then reviving outside of battle then walking over won't work. Just for reference I'll mention how I got mine to evolve. I had just caught him so he was under leveled compared to the wild Pokemon in that grass. I bump into a Growlithe with him as the lead and he took a crunch/bite that dropped his HP from the 70s down to 1 (I let him hold the focus sash). I switched out and beat the wild one with another team member the after the battle walked under the arch way and the cutscenes triggered. Milcery into Alcremie has over 63 variations. If you want all of them it is gonna take some mad grinding. Here is how to get that ball rolling. First you need the 7 different hold item choices. You get to battle a cafe daily in both Motostoke and Hammerlocke cities. There is a chance you'll be rewarded one of those items. The hold item is a heart, a clover, a star, a flower, a ribbon, a blue berry, and strawberry. All of them have the word sweet in the name. Rotating your joystick for a few seconds will trigger a little animation where you character strikes a pose. This is the key to evolving. So now get your Milcery holding one of those 7 items at any level and spin. If you rotate your stick just enough to trigger the animation and stop there you'll get first set of variations. If you rotate the stick and continue to spin for 5 or more seconds you'll get the 2nd set of variations. Keep in mind your character has to actually being in that one ballet position while spinning and that is when the timer starts. 7 items using these combos will get you a different color scheme while spinning in a certain direction Clockwise during the day x7 Clockwise 5+sec during day x7 Clockwise during night x7 Clockwise 5+sec during night x7 Counterclockwise during day x7 Counterclockwise 5+sec during day x7 Counterclockwise during night x7 Counterclockwise 5+sec during night x7 Counterclockwise 10+sec during DUSK x7 (dusk in-game is when the background is orange-ish sun setting color) That is pretty much the more difficult Pokemon. Eevee got easier since you can use a leaf or ice stone to get those eveelutions now.
  14. Lol. I had to respond to this cause it is so precious. I mean, you don't even know me yet you can claim I'm racist? Against which race? First of all, do you even know what my own race is? This is hilarious. What are you? 14 years old? So when you can't formulate an educated argument you throw around random cards and claim your opponent is some sort of bigot? Get lost key board warrior. I'm staying right here and I'm going to continue to have productive conversations with the real mature adults in this thread. I actually want to grow and learn unlike you. You seem to make light of our country and its problems. Now where was I? I won't deny this fact. It is a blight in our country's record. If I was a judge, I'd be making good use of the Death Penalty here in Texas to bring these scum to justice. Child molesters deserve the harshest punishments. Restoring our reputation isn't going to be easy but it can be done and will be. We just have to be patient untill we remove our current leader, and pick someone better. If the world can just be patient with us till we fix the mess we are in. I've heard a few leaders from other countries mention they don't want to do business with us until after President Trump leaves offices. This is bad news but also good news when you read into it. Basically what they are saying is, they'll come back to the table later. I'm sure we'll have to make alot of concessions and make amends to show our good will, but it isn't all hopeless. We still have some of our more important and strongest allies on our side. If we can get more people to support Buttigieg or Gabbard then maybe we'll have a chance of making progress. The DNC needs to see that they aren't going to win with leaning extremely to the left. Moderate people don't want that. Speaking of which, I recently saw ads on Facebook. Yang's ads. It is shocking considering that we just heard President Trump had a dinner with Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg. I'm shocked his ads were the first to start popping up. And so early too. He must have paid a fortune to get that ad on there. I didn't think he was serious but if he paying for ads on Facebook, he must seriously be polling pretty good. I mean I haven't even seen a Biden, Warren, Harris, or Bernie ad on Facebook yet.
  15. Why bother posting if you can't even add to this discussion? Or make a point? That's two posts now where all you do is come in, and look down on other's perspective of things and offer no feedback. We've had a run in before and I'm not one to hold grudges, so I'm pretty sure I'm being objective or at least trying to be when I make the following statement: You don't belong in this thread. You aren't mature enough and how you conduct yourself is in violation with the rules. If all you are going to do is belittle others and talk trash, then you can go. I'm not going to humor you anymore going forward.
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