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  1. I didn't know it had other uses (or meanings). Can you give an example? So I can see how else it used I never saw this word until just a few years ago and I have to say, the same meaning RainbowMoon has of it (or at least their understanding of it) is the only one I know. Look at the snip below for a better more articulated definition of how the word is used and what it symbolizes. That snip below is the only interpretation of it I ever knew. All in all, I might not have as strong as feelings as moon, but I do think that word and husbando are nothing more than insults to the characters themselves. When people deflect and say they are just joking, they really aren't, or at least I don't think so.
  2. I hate the word God. I mean this academically. Not as in I hate religion. Like I wish we had a separate word or at least a name we could use for divine or celestial beings. When we say God/goddess we could imply any divine being or immortal from Greek or Norse mythology or refer to any of the beings worshipped in Shintoism (since kami translated is God in English) or even incompass ones from other religions. Further more, God is the name of one specific divine being in one religion. So it could be used as a vague umbrella word or as a name for one specifically. That has always vexed me. I'm in favor of giving God a name (the one from Christianity, catholicism, and all the other branches within that religion since I can't begin to name them all). Others have names so why not him? Zeus is a God with a name. Morrigan is a goddess. We have loads of them with names but not the one from the religion that makes up a huge population of world. I think Buddha is a God but I'm like pretty sure that isn't accurate. I also dislike profanity to a great extent but I don't mind if others around me use it. A few other people in this thread have dropped a few words I dislike. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.
  3. As far as gaming goes, let's see 1) Finish Tales of Zesteria. I couldn't get past the scene in the forest where you get the wind seraphim. I just got tired of the game and all it's stupid mechanics. Our titles need to be leveled up, our monster book has a star system, our equipment has a leveling system, our arte usage has a leveling system, our equipment has a synthesis feature with attributes added, and so much more. I got tired of the game with its many gimmicks. I got 40+ hours in and I can't remember the story cause I'm over here juggling tasks like finding points of interest for skits. And I thought tales of xillia was bad 2) start Tales of Beseria (I think that is how it is spelled. The one with a vampire supposedly) 3) Finish Tales of Vesperia and finally meet the ninja girl who is popular for I dunno what reason 4) get the new game in March being dropped from the Story of Seasons franchise 5) also get the new game in March from the Rune Factory franchise 6) maybe play Bravely Default 2 (since I already did one with Tiz and Edea) And that's about it....I can't think of any other games I'm especially looking out for. Maybe do another run of Dragon Crown if I'm bored. I couldn't tell if it was official or not but word is Dragon Age 4 is confirmed. And a new Tales of Arise is anticipated. I know this is a bit off topic, but does anyone think the ps5 or new X worth the money drop?
  4. I want to take this opportunity to promote MAL (my anime list) website. It is aggregate site with info compiled from hundreds of animes and manga with info on producers, studios, voice actors, and hosts a section for reviews, forums, and more. They also partnered with two business (crunchyroll being one of them) so they even have videos provided for a limited amount of anime making them official and not just another pirated site. The biggest feature I love is that fact that after you create an account, you can manage multiple lists. You can have a "plan to watch", "on-hold", "completed", and more. This lets you keep track of what you've seen, what episode you left off on, rate the anime and review if you want. It is one of the best official sites that supports the industry and helps you create a catalog of all the animes you want. Plus the sites search feature can be used to narrow down searches however you want. Based off year, studio, genre, voice actors, and more so that you can find something to watch. I think that should about cover it. Now I'm done with the shameless advertisement lol. Now as far as recommendations go....well if you had an account there I could share with you my list and show you hundreds of anime. I saw you listed one or Key's anime that also was a favorite of mine, Clannad. Great visual novel. Have you tried Kanon or Angel Beats!--? Those were great tear-jerkers im sure you'd love. A good idol anime I'd recommend would be Idol Masters or Love Live. Just in case you didn't hear (since I saw you mentioned it) Slime got the green light and has season two in production. Also Death March should definitely be added to your read list. The anime is great but I dunno about you, I am not patient and can't wait for season 2 and when I started reading it man was the story awesome. Satou really helps his side cast grow so much more in the manga and light novel. Lulu and Arisa are portrayed much more differently as the manga progresses. I saw Fairy Tail's named dropped but didn't read if you seen it in this forum. If not, it's also a pretty good fuzzy feeling anime with the occasional hint that Natsu x Lucy might have feelings for each other. If however, you can overcome that super annoying mascot character ironically named Happy. The fans go all out creating fan fics of Levy x Gajeel and also Gray x Juvia. There are loads of people active in the community on MAL. You can really have good discussions and gain new insight or perspectives into animes there. I highly recommend going there.
  5. I can't believe they are gonna release two heavy games so close. Xseed what are you thinking? You are gonna sabotage the sales of one of your games. Releasing a Rune Factory and a Story of Seasons so close to each other next year. Both of those life simulators take time to enjoy and you are making them release too close. How am I supposed to decide where to farm....T~T
  6. I sent a request. It should be from Leo King on Discord
  7. I can totally empathize with this sentiment. Like what was the point of them telling me how I should feel. I never understood that. I notice this is in various games where we get a silent protagonist (that is supposed to simulate self inserting). Some games pull it off well and could refine it just a little but others need to reevaluate if they should even do it in the first place. Like Dragon Age 2 with it's evolving system did a good job on paper. I mean the more you select certain responses, the more that character's personality solidifies so you could get a Hawke who actually had the tone and sounded aggressive and violent plus get the options in dialogue to make threats or somehow end up with a witty, clever, and sarcastic Hawke who makes jokes all the time. Take that system and tweak it a little and I'd have to say it could guide us down a path in gaming where we get actual good self insert avatars. Of course it'd need some balancing since we wouldn't want a game where you can be rewarded/punished for having a certain personality. Like Fable...as much as I liked doing the occasional play thru being a douche and bad guy, I didnt like my guy growing horns and having flies move near my head. Plus the screaming villagers is funny but it quickly turns into a disadvantage. (I also didn't like the random applause and praise when I was a good guy since they stand in my way. I could be at a shop and all of sudden I got a crowd clapping) Games i was overall displeased with. Super Mario Sunshine: all im gonna say is --damn you blue coins. Damn you to hell Tales of Zesteria: i hate all the mechanics they experimented with. Like we have a proficiency bar or star rating for our monster encyclopedia, for all our equipment, our titles, our attacks, and we have to synthesize, plus fill up other journals such as miss-able scenes from points of interest, item collections. It just goes on and on. I wasn't even worried about gameplay or story because I was being weighed down by all the stuff they throw at you. I dunno why but it felt like a really bloated game with sloppy design. And the character's weren't that super appealing. Just so-and-so Pokken: it was a waste of my money. I regret buying it. It wasn't even that good of a fighting game and the constant switching from field phase to duel phase was nauseating. Like they couldn't decide if they wanted a side scrolling fighter game or a more open battle field with different gimmicks. I could name more but I don't wanna make my post any longer
  8. I would like to ask if abbody would be willing to trade me a few mons carrying some items I want. The items im requesting are Destiny Knot and the 6 power bands (HP, atk, def, s-atk, s-def, and spd) I know it's alot to ask for since they cost 70 BP (in all, 10 each), but I'd greatly appreciate it. (The below paragraphs is me ranting and going into what happened so you can skip it if you want) So when the game first dropped i had fun and carried my team all the way post-game. But it only lasted till like half of December. I benched the game after I had done everything I wanted too. I told myself I'd probably pick it up again after all the DLC dropped but I knew I had a long wait ahead of me. Fast forward to now and I decided to pick it up again but kinda wanted to start fresh (since all the wild area mons were auto leveled to 60 for post-game including in the DLC) But I didn't want to lost my dex progress or the items I had. So I got Pokemon home and even paid the 3 dollars for a month. I transferred all my pc pokemon over to it AND made sure I had some holding the important items. Only to find out that they automatically put my hold items in my bag and didn't tell me since Home doesn't allow them. I checked the switch shop's info page on the Home description and even looked again at the info for the premium service and no where does it state that. So now im stuck in a position where I can't breed my 31 iv mons despite have a max rolled ditto because I lost my items which are locked to post game. Suffice to say I feel sad and frustrated. I could use my old mons but I prefer when they belong to me (as the original trainer) cause some don't listen to me since I don't have enough badges. So in short, i'd greatly appreciate anybody who could help me. I'd owe you a favor (and will endeavor to return the kindness in some way) A part me wonders if it was worth starting over. Yeah the wild area pokemon aren't at 60 in the DLC which makes exploring it a little easier and it is fun to add those to my team and raise them as I go along. But im sad I lost all my money (forgot what it was like to be poor again), all my outfits (it slipped my mind I'd go back to being dressed blandly), and lost access to my almost maxed out curry dex (that hurt me alot. All the experimenting I did and what it took to get all those ingredients plus make 3 rounds of each one for the small spoon size and the big stuff plate size) I don't think it was worth it sometimes
  9. Hey, wondering if you still need help? I wouldn't mind doing some trades. Which version do you have?
  10. Pick up the series called Dragon Age. It has 3 so far with great story, pretty complex game play that is fun (for some), and hours of game play time. That has loads of quests. Then try another series called Fable (which also has 3 out). Also really great story telling and game play plus you can customize your avatar however you want and even romance npcs. Its a great adventure game with rpg elements. Also you already said them but I do recommend the Dead or Alive fighting games. I dunno why but I did always prefer them compared to street fighter and mortal kombat
  11. RF5 ❤️ But why is it so far away! Next year March is a long time to wait. I want to farm sooner than that. Oh well, the direct had some nice info. So aside from pokemon snap, no more big reveals on that front. I hope they have more directs and not just partner ones.
  12. I second this idea. They need time to work with the system and a report/remaster using this system to really understand reviews from fans. But where i disagree is the game. I put my money on Blazing Sword. From a business point of view they could easily make money (and in the process upset us like usual) off it. By the dreaded "version" release. Where you make a game but have different versions. They'll probably force us to buy DLC (knowing some of us will front the money). They'll make a Eliwood version, Hector Version, and Lyn's version will be DLC. Im calling it now. They are gonna make us turn our wallets upside with the next one. They see the $ on Blazing Sword. Just to get the whole game they'll fragment it and make us buy all the pieces to see it all. Sealed Sword doesn't have that potential since it's all Roy's story. But then again they could make a dlc version of brand new chapters from Lilians pov before Roy helps her. Maybe flesh out that rebellion. Who knows.
  13. If you got the clubhouse 51 game, we could PM friend codes and play together. I got it and it is loads of fun As for this topic, I have to say I don't think I'll be picking up this title. $60 is too much and the bosses were disappointing. Maybe after it comes out and I can see some game play then I'll change my mind but I'm not too sure I'll be getting it. I wanna see more about the partners and if they have the level system
  14. When you do get around to it, just letting you know, Laguz are so damn broken, it is absurd. Give some laguz units some LTC and they'll absolutely wreck everything and leave no survivors.
  15. So hypothetically, say the president won reelection. What next or what then? What discussions do we have? And regarding the branch including congress' senate and house.
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