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  1. Armored Mage who wields Dark magic, they promote to a Baron like class and get the ability to summon monsters like the FE8 summoner?
  2. Have you considered regular Hardin, Nyna, Wolf, Dagdar, Xavier, and Lorenz?
  3. She did hold onto till chapter 6, so its not impossible she had it in her position. I imagine Parthia would've been held in a secret compartment or similar, thus explaining why it wasn't found by Dolhr. Keep in mind, Horseman Heimler would still have two cavaliers with him and it'd be hard to fence him in. Plus I imagine he'd have a sword of some kind in addition to Parthia. Another thing to keep in mind is Heimler's role is to wipe out vulnerable units with fast and powerful attacks, something Partia would be great for. On a sidenote, I wish more games had mobile-bosses like Heimler accompanying immobile bosses, it makes things more exciting. I was even considering adding a mini boss with the soldier portrait to various DS chapters. Keep in mind its possible to miss Mercurius and even Gradivus in the DS version of Shadow Dragon if you don't kill Camus. I imagine very few players would skip Heimler, particularly as he opens the door and starts seeking out the player.
  4. The reinforcements in Chapter 17 are uniquely much tougher then any other version. In that chapter, Dolhr sends out a cavalier, Knight and a Horseman from chapter 9 to chapter 50, basically infinite reinforcements. In the other versions, its just a cavalier and a knight for 10 turns, with no horseman.
  5. Looking at the script, I'm not sure they had Parthia. Either Nyna held onto it the whole time and only gave it as a reward for capturing the palace like the Fire Emblem, or it was hidden somewhere in the Millennium palace that Dolhr didn't find it. If they did have it, what do you think of Heimler using it? Would you prefer him as a Horseman or Sniper? Speaking of Volzhin, I'm thinking he's a dragon worshipper from Dolhr. I've also said the theory that he's a former Manakete like Gotoh.
  6. From my experience there are much better then Mage killers, but they are perfectly usable. Most people seem to prefer the General and Bow Knight leader over the Bow Fighters. There's also a staff that lets the user warp.
  7. Many of the antagonistic archetypes stay villainous, so bad folks gone good didn't really work and would be better as "good folks gone bad." Outside from that, it was funny. Calf, Leif's grandpa, felt more like the Cornelius type to me, we get a little bit on him but he doesn't live long. No Kris was never a tactician. It was always Malledeus or Jagen. "Good folks gone bad" fits far better, as almost none of those characters side with the protagonists. Error I'd assume. Its a slight stretch, but remember he is technically the leader of the Dawn Brigade. The perfect filler unit in Thracia 776, read about him here.
  8. Elite mode is good for a first time, but it really depends on how confident you are about your skill to play the game. Anyhow advice: Don't be afraid to use the Bandit Warrior Jagen character, just don't let him get too many boss kills, but even late in the game, he can always easily take out the small fry. Do not save up Lances, basically no one can use them indoors and after a certain point, its all indoors. This is especially true of personal lances. Thieves are really good, but you need to build up their build. There are scrolls in the game that significantly raise your stat growths, remember to use them, especially for build and people like Dagdar. There are some events that are easy to miss without a guide. A Bandit, Bow Fighters in general, a sham sword master, a magic princess, female Wyvern Rider as well as a squad of Lance Knights are hard to use/not recommended as long term units, but they can be useful for specific tasks, especially when they are auto deployed. One character has to be put to sleep and then captured when they are dismounted to be recruited. A powerful unit encountered 3/4 of the way through the game is a very difficult recruit, make sure to use the most modern guide. The best way to recruit this unit involves the use of a sleep sword to put his soldiers to sleep.
  9. That'd be cool to see as well. I'd also like to see enemy falcoknights in that case. Hardin's reclasses would be General, Horseman and Paladin, the latter being assuming he gets a unique class. Enemy Nagi would be great, though given the cutscene, perhaps they wanted to keep her appearance a surprise? I think Volzhin is hard to imagine as anything but a spell caster, given his clothing and characterization. However Sniper/Horseman Heimler with Parthia would be interesting and terrifying to see!
  10. Sorry for the lateness, things were busy, but hopefully the length of this post makes up for it. So here’s my boss reclass list for Shadow Dragon, which also covers making them more threatening bosses by altering their inventory and in the case of manaketes, their weapons themselves are altered. I’ll cover New Mystery of the Emblem in a separate post. Things to note: Dragonstones are 1-2 range, so Manakete bosses can’t be abused with ranged weapons. Spears and Tomahawks are introduced into Shadow Dragon as boss exclusive weapons. A 1-2 Range Bow, called a Hand Ballista is introduced as the bow version of the spear/tomahawk. Later bosses on the harder difficulties use it to add a counter to units like Caeda/Catria. On H5 Javelins/Hand axes are forged or become Spears/Tomahawks for the late game bosses. Spears and Tomahawks are introduced into Shadow Dragon. However a 1-2 Range So what does everyone think, any criticism, suggestions or other comments? I’d like to eventually make this as a patch if I figure out how to use nightmare on Mac. I'd could also see Matthis promoting to wyvern rider. Wow a unique promotion for Elice, I'd love to see that.
  11. Great Knight is the most underwhelming Master class I'd say.
  12. So I'm planning on doing reclasses for the boss characters of Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, however it'd also include equipment changes. Should I post it in this thread or make a new topic? Arlen has high defense(a common feature of Shamans) and a close friendship with Etzel the Sorcerer, so that would make a lot of sense. Thats exactly what I was thinking of, Matthis mentions he was sent to the front lines because Lena ran out on Michalis. That makes sense given his Aurelian origin as well as a TearRing saga unit based off of him who is a horseman. I'd prefer it if Hardin got a custom class that had traits of Horseman and Cavalier though, personally. Maybe lose the use of swords, but gain the usage of bows, the village elder would give a Lance instead of a sword for Hardin at the end of chapter 4 in that case.
  13. Lets face it many characters in the Archanean games have redundant classes with far too many of classes like cavaliers and far too little of classes like Pirates. This was a result of the original developers of the game expecting everyone to ironman and people like Matthis and Tomas being spares if the player lost Abel and Gordin. With this in mind, would you reclass anyone based on any thing on the character's personality and gameplay variety, or would you prefer it the same? We know Shadow Dragon reclassed a small selection of Bishops and Mercenaries into Sages and Myrmidons respectively, so this idea would basically be the same thing. For everyone's reading pleasure, here are my reclass suggestions. Note classes like soldier and the weapon variants of cavalry/armor are included. What does everyone think, do you have canon reclassing ideas of your own to diverge the characters or do you like everyone in the class they start in?
  14. By the way, are you going to use Arden or any of the other filler characters?
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