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  1. Matthis and Marth support, so weird! Great play through.
  2. Somehow entirely bare legs helps communicate with Pegasi, that makes even less sense then I imagined.
  3. The guy is wearing a helmet. I missed that, did it say they have invisible armor or something?
  4. While both are good units, Wyvern Riders tend to be better overall in most games. Thats not exactly true. Unambiguously male Pegasus Knights showed up as enemies in FE3 and without a bullshit explanation on how they weren't actually Pegasus Knights unlike in Fates. Even the game that introduced the concept of Pegasus Knights typically being female never ruled out male pegasus Knights. IS either forgot this or wants to forget this.
  5. I think besides the 3DS titles, the only games to have slashing/whacking lance animations are: * Berwick Saga: One of the dismounted Spear/Lance Knight animations. * Radiant Dawn: One of the Halberdier attack animations is a Jumping slash. To be fair, using even ordinary spears to occasionally whack and slash is indeed something Spear/Sojutsu experts do, though its of course not as effective as stabbing except in special scenarios.
  6. That's mainly done in the 3DS games, most other games don't have them do that. Though there are several cutting polearms in the Tellius games, including the Wishblade which would count as a halberd.
  7. Having Marshall be the physical class and Baron be the magical class makes the most sense.
  8. Enemies almost never use magic weapons, so I highly doubt halving damage from magic bows will ever come in handy for the player. Ranger was a infantry knife/bow/sword class in Berwick Saga that promoted from Hunter(a class in older FE games).
  9. I'm talking about halving damage from bows in particular, rather then gauntlets. I don't see player Knights ever being targeted by bows in any scenario. Really they should get something like Guardian from Vestaria saga.
  10. Not at all, Enemy Bow Knight will be going for soft targets and Warriors aren't even confirmed. Heavy Armor is a worthless skill for the player and should never return.
  11. The archer line is already confirmed to get increased range as a class skill, so it'll still be useless. Heavy Armor should stay dead and buried.
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