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  1. Titania would be a little weird as armor, but she and Lex could fit, as well as Kieran if Koei did a surprise pick. No one in Archanea remotely fits Frederick's moveset, so a mounted lance really should've been chosen instead. It also could've allowed Xander and the other Cavalry class characters to have two movesets. Libra and Balthus aren't popular enough I feel, and several of Lissa's non staff animations use magic from my recollection. The War Cleric moveset really shouldn't have been in the game if there was that little room for movesets. Very few characters in the whole franchise can use it, let alone characters from the Archanea series.
  2. The problem was they spread the clone movesets poorly, especially with the weapon triangle limitations and Shadow Dragon as a supposed focus game. War Cleric and Great Knight don't leave alot of clone potential, especially the former. Fighter, Lance Cavalry and Armor would give so much more clone potential, its not even funny. Lissa and Frederick also aren't notable enough to deserve 100% unique movesets in my personal opinion.
  3. Wouldn't that be Naga worshippers vs Grimleal in Awakening?
  4. Most things in Awakening were left unexplained. Link to the Past had Ganon ruin an entire world and turn dozens of people into monsters also brainwshing the King's army after killing the king. Adventure of Link has a ruined Hyrule and a Zelda being betrayed by her own family. Is it though, Awakening has timetravel which basically allows them to undo any loss?
  5. He obviously did alot of philanthropy and community service during the in the between years. Didn't they say that was due to her spending most of her life in the world beyond the Dragon's gate?
  6. Also Majora's Mask wasn't dark, it had tons of silly stuff like Tingle and talking cyborg Beavers, and Link does stop the moon from falling.
  7. @Nym If anything, Awakening gains nothing by being in the same world as Archanea and Jugdral. We've already talked about how how nothing has advanced either, including society.
  8. Well "not done particularly well" applies to most things in Awakening's story, I'd argue. The taguel are another huge unresolved plot thread? The only real solution I can think of is they actually came from another world in the outrealm gate and only Panne's group in Ylisse were killed by bandits rather than the entire species, Panne simply being too young to understand their history.
  9. Its revealed by a mindcontrolled Aversa in the main story that his goal was to exterminate the Grimleal. Lucina compares him and Chrom's dad in the main story as well. Pheros says Walhart is anti religion as well, hinting this goal. And yes, it was rushed like nearly everything in Awakening, but the comparison is clear.
  10. It should be noted, Fire Emblem Warriors choice of characters were very controversial in Japan, Awakening isn't one of the most popular FE games in Japan. Shadow Dragon fans also felt left off even though it was supposedly a focus game.
  11. The game directly compares the anti Grimleal crusade by Ylisse to Walhart's crusade against the Grimleal. Walhart is depicted as the most sympathetic of the antagonists and the Grimleal are never humanized at any point, being even worse than the Loptous cult.
  12. That doesn't state he died on the battlefield, just that his death ended the crusade. He could've also died from illness and suicide. I'm not particularly big on the First Exalt either, who was a very sloppily written character, but I don't see what a Chrom's father prequel would do? We already know he tried to kill the Grimleal, failed miserably, got many innocents killed due to incompetence, he became hated due to his ineptitude, the Grimleal got away and than he died.
  13. You wouldn't even need to change the map given how inaccurate it is. @TheSilentChloey When was it implied their father died on the battlefield? All in all, I don't see a need for a prequel with Chrom's father because we already got a repeat of him through the Valm Arc. Someone using extremist means to stop the Grimleal, Lucina even compares the two men directly.
  14. Medeus is never coming, huh? Kurthnaga is something, I suppose.
  15. According to the Art of Awakening, it was specifically against the Grimleal. The Japanese version of the script also specifies it was a religious war, likely why the english translated it as crusade. Anyhow the First Exalt is more worthy of focus, I feel.
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