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  1. I really don't get the hate against fatigue as it really does help people like Rald and there are S-Drinks anyhow. Dismounting, however, is annoying if you like lances and it does make indoor chapters more boring. Berwick Saga handles it way better. People like Finn or Glade shouldn't discard all their training and fight with a weapon they're not even good the minute they get off a horse. Most of the Lances in FE are actually spears/not exclusively mounted weapons. Only the Horseslayer/Ridersbane in FE5 would qualify as a jousting lance. If fodder like the countless enemy soldiers can use lances, why not professional knights specialized in spears like Finn? Again this is something handled better in Berwick Saga, where mounted classes keep spears on dismount. The only weapon they lose access to are jousting lances which use spear rank and wouldn't be effective weapons on foot anyhow as jousting lance damage is based off movement.
  2. The paladin helmets may relate to Glory/Lance, Blade, Axe/Great, and Bow Paladins. The extra Bandit model sounds interesting, as does the generic dark sage!
  3. Move level ups also appear in TearRing Saga for a select few units. Most notably the armored knight, Billford, has a movement growth and is a massive meme because of it. I had some luck with Dalshin getting move on a run where I used him. Once even Dagda got move with whilst holding a stat scroll, making him very mobile. Berwick Saga had a very specific kind of movement growth I liked and think should return. Basically there was an armored knight like character that normally had low movement but after he reached a certain level, his movement automatically increased to the same as the other infantry units. That'd be nice to include in a regular FE game, especially as movement is such a vital stat. If the three houses system is used, they could make it so armored classes get a movement increase upon maxing armored rank.
  4. I was wondering would you be interested in doing some action replay code conversions for Mystery and Shadow Dragon?
  5. I have to admit, I love the thief's design in your avatar.
  6. For those saying you don't walk slowly for many turns at a time as FE2 armors, take a look this map. And note this is Celica's route, so no warp here. Haha, no you underestimate the use of staves and magic.
  7. Using a fork isn't class utility either, at least FE4 Generals have the OP great shield and a whopping four weapons to choose for. You only get TWO forks which isn't even enough for the three Armors you get in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. There isn't enough to transfer someone to Baron and back. Barons merely have 5 more defense then Gold Knights in exchange for a giant EIGHT less speed in addition to low resistance in a game where resistance never goes up unless you are Conrad. Echoes Barons are easily far worse then FE4 Generals. Armors feel much more crippled in Echoes as they have no advantages whatsoever. I'd argue General Arden and Hannibal are fun to play, especially as it means having Pavise on your side and being able to use the full weapon triangle+bows. Its actually super easy to make FE4 generals good as I mentioned previously. Even in the base game, Generals are extremely formidable units when movement is overlooked unlike Echoes. Hannibal does a great job holding the line against the wyvern forces in chapter 9.
  8. Arden and Hannibal get useful items unlike say Valbar. Also FE4 was released in the 90s as opposed to the 2010s unlike Shadows of Valentia. IS took a 20 year old game and managed to make it far more unbalanced.
  9. Looking at a preview of the TearRing Saga official guide, I noticed they seemed to have artwork not on the official site such as the artwork of the monster classes.

    Are any of these artworks scanned? Maybe I should look into that?

  10. You only get warp Alm's side with no equivalent on Celica's side and the movement boost of the speed ring completely removed. And you're going to have to grind if you want warp early too. You use player Dread Fighters, FalcoKnights, or Gold Knights to take out enemy Dread Fighters as they have enough speed to double attack and can actually reach Dread Fighters. Not only is Heavy Armor worthless and do Barons have zero extra weapons, but Dread Fighters, the only other physical infantry, have a whole extra three whole movement over Barons. There is zero reason you'd ever want to be a Baron or not reclass a Baron in Shadows of Valentia. Basically when you get down to it, Echoes: Shadows of Valencia stacks the deck far more against Armors. At least FE4 Armors are only 1 movement behind other infantry, have one of the most powerful skills in the game, and can use all physical weapons.
  11. I'm not an expert, but I imagine it'd be possible to do for Daoud at least.
  12. The game just tosses random encounters at you, of course we're going to mention it. The DS Berserker design was the exception to the rule by having them wear armor. And you not liking them doesn't change that the General design is far worse. Snipers are more defensive then Berserkers in almost every game. And their defense in Awakening is a respectable 40, the same defense as the armored shield wielding Hero class. That applies to almost every Fire Emblem game, with others like Shadows Of Valentia being even worse. What I don't understand is your claims claims that the powerful items Arden and Hannibal get, as well as their automatic participation, is irrelevant. Hannibal nets the extremely powerful Berserk staff with Sharlow. The Berserk staff is so powerful, it is considered a major reason for leaving Sylvia unpaired in generation 1. Recruiting him in addition to giving you another way to get gold from the arena, also allows Corpul/Sharlow to get +3 HP and 100 love points with your their unit. Here we are discussing it because Shadow Mir insisted that the individual contributions by Arden and Hannibal don't matter, only how the class functions itself. I agree that Armored units are in desperate need of a buff as few games give them anything helpful. Especially in this age of reclassing, there needs to be a reason for a player unit to want to be an armored class.
  13. The game throws the random encounters at you and the risen often block locations on the map even when you're trying to go straight towards the next map. Shadow MIr, you just said earlier, you were discounting the key items given to the player by Arden and Hannibal, only wanting to judge the class itself, not the units within them. Now you're changing the rules and resorting to rudeness. Stereotypical barbarian armor is worse then nipple armor built in the shape of a morbidly obese clam that trips over its own feet for attacks? And Snipers are described as defensive in several games. At least they move in their armor unlike Generals.
  14. Jahn is more amoral then sadistic, basically his stance is humans and dragons are biologically unable to live together, so it's survival of the fittest. Jahn isn't saying he doesn't have emotions. Remember he states Dragons were giving in to despair as humans were winning the Scouring and that the creation of War Dragons caused them to slowly regain their hope of survival. It should be noted that Jahn's belief that humans and dragons are incapable of living together in peace is mirrored by Athos's reaction to Arcadia in a flashback in Blazing Blade, who states that he believed that human/dragon co-existence and that the sight of Arcadia shattered his world view. Another thing to keep in mind is the Scouring lasted for generations, enough that many were being born during the war. With this in mind, Jahn's views make sense. He basically represents the typical soldier during the Scouring.
  15. The game throws random encounters at you all the time. Any class barring the laughable villager was better then General in Awakening. I think few would agree with you that typical barbarian gear or sniper mail is worse then nipple armor and tripping to attack. You just said earlier we weren't talking individual units, only how well the class itself functioned within the game. You can't change the rules now. I already mentioned how enemy Generals do their job perfectly and are threatening foes. Unpromoted magic users are high level lategame and still pose a threat to armored units, hence great shield comes in handy, far more then you can ever say for Heavy Armor.
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