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  1. It makes little sense, but despite the Grimleal being implied to found the country, the Art of Awakening says it took Gangrel coming to power, implied to be due to the Grimleal's help, for Plegia to become a Grimleal theocracy. Just one of Awakening's inconsistencies I suppose.
  2. The game does make a distinction between the two and the Art of Awakening says it only became a Grimleal theocracy recently under Gangrel.
  3. They should've just removed the mentions of Ylisse's crusade if everyone in the Grimleal were going to irredeemable badguys anyhow.
  4. Henry's not a Grima worshipper, though it is implied he was abused by them. That was all in Gaiden except for the nationality of some characters. Though the Lima IV starving Rigel was only on Kaga's timeline which was out of game, probably due to space. Notice they stop mentioning him after a brief comparison to Walhart, who is not only the most sympathetic villain in Awakening, but the one Chrom sympathizes with in his motivation and ultimately teams up with. He even regrets not teaming up with Walhart.
  5. Note how they didn't have a problem depicting Excellus as the scum of the Earth and even contrasted Pheros with her. Henry is not a Grimleal as revealed in a conversation with Libra in a DLC Map and proclaims himself to be an atheist who doesn't believe in gods. It is implied that the evil orphanage/school that abused him horribly was Grimleal in a DLC map, fitting with Awakening's stance that all Grimleal are horrible, horrible people that deserve nothing but death.
  6. That line is also dub only. Get this, the Japanese version doesn't even explain why Fauder(Validar) did all this effort to brainwash this random ordinary villager. Her having dark powers is a localization edit and doesn't explain why she's mainly for her persuasion skills anyhow. In DLC maps, the game does further play up that Aversa isn't responsible for her actions unlike Gangrel. Pheros is shown as honorable and pleasant, with the characters blaming her infatuation with Walhart leading her astray. But at least she has some power rather then explicitly being a slave to men and having zero agency at all for her entire screentime. I like how Aversa hates Validar now and bringing him up causes her trauma, but she still calls Robin big brother in the supports even though the spotpass retcon just said Validar was never even "almost like an adoptive father" anymore, but now just asshole that kidnapped and enslaved her that she always hated. But we gotta appeal to the "little sister" fetish according to Awakening. I've seen someone who try to defend Awakening or say Ylisse is more gender progressive then Archanea, say Aversa was acting of her free will, but if you erase someone's mind, then magically rewrite their entire personality, sense of self and history to make them fanatically loyal to you with magic, I'm calling that mind control. Its also idiotic that Aversa was kept alive this long, consider the Wellspring of Truth is known to Aversa, if not common knowledge in Ylisse, it'd be common sense to kill Aversa before she inevitably turns on the organization that killed her family and magically enslaved her. Oh and Aversa's testimony proves Chrom's father right when he tried to kill all the Grimleal, no one could possibly care about a religion Ylisse hates, there's no way anyone on this wartorn continent would ever be adopted by this organization, Chrom hates it so no one in it can have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. And you thought the Loptyrians were bad
  7. I wanna see Roger as my wildcard choice, but its unlikely to happen, then again Veld got in.
  8. It makes it a little more tolerable, but I'm not giving the Awakening writers any credit for it as they didn't write it. Another spotpass localization change,
  9. Four Swords Adventures has a new introduction story for Ganondorf and no Master Sword, how can it be the same continuity? I love how the game where its made a law that all Princesses of Hyrule shall be named Zelda is placed at the end of the timeline! Might be worth spoilering that, if Alastor plans to do the Walhart paralogue. The implications that Walhart
  10. Offtopic, but why don't Nintendo/Zelda fans accept the idea of alternate continuity for some Zelda games such as the Four Swords titles?
  11. Several of them are referenced in stuff like Cipher and Heroes. You haven't even seen the really dumb ones, yet!
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