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  1. I'm sure that was on purpose and it makes sense for a Pyrathian pirate to appear in Port Warren, a nod to the chapter that was. Other chapters merged material such as Astram appearing in Jiol's chapter as the Ballistician chapter in Gra was cut. What makes you so sure he's raiding villages, he could just be scouting the world for Mannu and from what I remember, he mainly stays in the sea. However he is hostile to Marth, so maybe this is more to Pyrathi being sympathetic to Dolhr? I think the same and a nod to show they still remember Pyrathi. On another topic, there is a name in the files labeled "Brave Soldier", I wonder what that was for?
  2. Not an expert, but there should be an Action replay code to jump to the map where Nailah is recruited and then jump back to where you were previously.
  3. That wouldn't be the case, a Baron with Reptor's stats would easily outclass Claud due to superior stats, skills and weapon ranks. For a reminder, High Priests(well as Shamans and the unplayable Bishops and Dark magic classes) have the same movement as armored units. You can't reclass in FE4 without breaking the game and if you're using AR to change classes, then you may as well do whatever you want, so that is irrelevant. Bows are light and get an automatic critical against flying weapons in a game where the ability to critical is rare and when there is a lot of interests in passing down bows to offspring. Lances are nice to have as well. Generals can use the arena and as mentioned before are automatically deployed along with all your other units. You move them and use them to pick off enemy stragglers. I wouldn't say that. In the DS remakes, not only are Knights/Generals one of the best leveling classes, but the game has small maps that favor strength/defense or making pre promotes Generals when the movement difference is less notable. Knight is even the best starting class for the Avatar, albeit you reclass out of it once the eight prologue chapters are done.
  4. Actually they have some use in Genealogy of the Holy War, mainly netting the player rare items and the class itself has incredible weapon ranks and an OP skill ,its just the enemy gets to use them more them more then the player. They're worse in Awakening and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, the latter made the class even worse then Gaiden for NES by taking out all their advantages and refusing to remove their disadvantages like being three move behind regular infantry units. Grand Guard is also called Armored Knight in the Japanese text.
  5. There are not any unused sprites for dragons sadly. The unused sprites that exist are to my recollection: Emperor (Fully unique sprites) One of the Ballistician class variants(probably just a palette swap). Wyvern Lord(wears armor that the Wyvern Rider lacks) Master Knight (Extremely garbled) Lord Knight (Extremely garbled palette sprite) A dismounted and off model knight holding something, presumably a staff(though I've seen fan hacks use it for lances). Some, but not all, of them, can be found here. I'll try to upload more later.
  6. Jamke the Bow Fighter(Archer) is very effective in Genealogy of the Holy war due to his critical bow combined with his pursuit, charge and continue skills enabling him to make sure a target is dead when he attacks it during the player phase. Perhaps bad class is overkill, but Boyd the fighter/warrior is probably one of the best units in Path of Radiance due to excellent availability, skills and stats in a game otherwise dominated by mounted units. @Shadow Mir Can we not make this another thread for arguing over axe infantry and FE4/FE11?
  7. I really don't get the hate against fatigue as it really does help people like Rald and there are S-Drinks anyhow. Dismounting, however, is annoying if you like lances and it does make indoor chapters more boring. Berwick Saga handles it way better. People like Finn or Glade shouldn't discard all their training and fight with a weapon they're not even good the minute they get off a horse. Most of the Lances in FE are actually spears/not exclusively mounted weapons. Only the Horseslayer/Ridersbane in FE5 would qualify as a jousting lance. If fodder like the countless enemy soldiers can use lances, why not professional knights specialized in spears like Finn? Again this is something handled better in Berwick Saga, where mounted classes keep spears on dismount. The only weapon they lose access to are jousting lances which use spear rank and wouldn't be effective weapons on foot anyhow as jousting lance damage is based off movement.
  8. The paladin helmets may relate to Glory/Lance, Blade, Axe/Great, and Bow Paladins. The extra Bandit model sounds interesting, as does the generic dark sage!
  9. Move level ups also appear in TearRing Saga for a select few units. Most notably the armored knight, Billford, has a movement growth and is a massive meme because of it. I had some luck with Dalshin getting move on a run where I used him. Once even Dagda got move with whilst holding a stat scroll, making him very mobile. Berwick Saga had a very specific kind of movement growth I liked and think should return. Basically there was an armored knight like character that normally had low movement but after he reached a certain level, his movement automatically increased to the same as the other infantry units. That'd be nice to include in a regular FE game, especially as movement is such a vital stat. If the three houses system is used, they could make it so armored classes get a movement increase upon maxing armored rank.
  10. I was wondering would you be interested in doing some action replay code conversions for Mystery and Shadow Dragon?
  11. I have to admit, I love the thief's design in your avatar.
  12. For those saying you don't walk slowly for many turns at a time as FE2 armors, take a look this map. And note this is Celica's route, so no warp here. Haha, no you underestimate the use of staves and magic.
  13. Using a fork isn't class utility either, at least FE4 Generals have the OP great shield and a whopping four weapons to choose for. You only get TWO forks which isn't even enough for the three Armors you get in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. There isn't enough to transfer someone to Baron and back. Barons merely have 5 more defense then Gold Knights in exchange for a giant EIGHT less speed in addition to low resistance in a game where resistance never goes up unless you are Conrad. Echoes Barons are easily far worse then FE4 Generals. Armors feel much more crippled in Echoes as they have no advantages whatsoever. I'd argue General Arden and Hannibal are fun to play, especially as it means having Pavise on your side and being able to use the full weapon triangle+bows. Its actually super easy to make FE4 generals good as I mentioned previously. Even in the base game, Generals are extremely formidable units when movement is overlooked unlike Echoes. Hannibal does a great job holding the line against the wyvern forces in chapter 9.
  14. Arden and Hannibal get useful items unlike say Valbar. Also FE4 was released in the 90s as opposed to the 2010s unlike Shadows of Valentia. IS took a 20 year old game and managed to make it far more unbalanced.
  15. Looking at a preview of the TearRing Saga official guide, I noticed they seemed to have artwork not on the official site such as the artwork of the monster classes.

    Are any of these artworks scanned? Maybe I should look into that?

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