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  1. Hey the NES games had a lot of ingame lore and world building, moreso then Awakening, I'd argue.
  2. @Mercakete Another thing I remembered that you might want to know is Henry mentions seeing a symbol in Algol's base in the evil orphanage/academy that his parents sent him to, this could imply it was a Grimleal institution. Whilst Henry mentions seeing Grimleal practices, he also says that he doesn't believe in gods or religion when talking to Libra. This implies Henry tolerates the Grimleal but isn't part of them.
  3. Despite its flawed execution and arguably story breaking aspects, I have to admit I did find recruiting boss and generic units very fun! I do wish the bosses were more developed though. I wanted to say, I've been really enjoying your thread.
  4. Haitaka's only dialogue is about showing his great spear style, maybe Haitaka just wants to prove his style is the best? Anyone else miss Tellius's boss's who each had had at the very least, one unique conversation with a playable unit, allowing you to alot about what kind of people they were? In Awakening and Fates, the vast majority of bosses just had their battle and deathquote.
  5. Kumagera wanted to end the war quickly by killing Garon, so maybe the persuasion manages to convince him that Nohr will eventually take care of Garon? Haitaka, I have no idea, didn't he kidnap Azura?
  6. You send a unit of your choice to persuade them and a bunch of weird noises happen, then they walk out and say whether the persuasion was a success or not.
  7. Basically it says Gangrel used his position to turn Plegia into Theocracy to Grima thus allowing the Grimleal to force people to join the religion. I'm agreeing with you, I'm saying the game and art book at several points say the average Plegian doesn't worship Grima. So Plegians aren't Grimleal by default, even if most, but not all, Grimleal are Plegian There are definitely Grimleal in Valm, Excellus is identified as one.
  8. Art of Awakening claims Gangrel turned Plegia into a Grimleal theocracy and that he was working closely with Validar from the beginning. Several times in Awakening its claimed Plegians are distinct from Grimleal and that most people worship other gods. Thats what the Art of Awakening and several parts of Awakening claim. There's mentions of Grimleal inquisitions forcing people to join the religion or be killed, thus getting more people to be sacrificed.
  9. Most of the time, the weapons don't look silver, at least they don't look like they're mostly made of silver.
  10. Pegasi are mentioned to be timid and Pegasus Knight characters almost always have light builds too.
  11. Silver weapons in most games seem to be a quality term rather then a literal term in most games. The only exception I can think of is in Thracia 776.
  12. I kind of imagine the rare Male Pegasus riders have small builds and soft-spoken demeanors.
  13. Bow General Dolph would be neat. Oddly Macellan seems to be more popular in the Japanese fandom for some reason. Anyhow topic title is a tie between Medeus and Nyna for me.
  14. For reference, there are sprites for playable male pegasus knights and briefly used sprites for enemy female Pegasus Knights in Mystery of the Emblem. There's also internal data labeling the enemy Pegasus Knights male and having them dismount to the male knight, whilst also preventing them from using female exclusive equipment. The current writers seem to have forgot Male Pegasus Knights were never ruled out, just labeled rare. Shouzou Kaga who made the first five games has a similar class to Pegasus Knight in his latest indie game and whilst nearly all of them, there is a single exception within the game. That was the impression I got with Pegasus Knights, male riders would be rare but not impossible. Same for female Fighters and Pirates. Males can't reclass to Arcanists/Cantors and Females cannot reclass to Cavalier/Knight/Archer in SoV, but we know these all exist. Awakening can't even remember what the Fire Emblem does, so why would you except it to remember obscure lore about Pegasi? I'm not denying that, but the Fire Emblem often has some conservative stances, you've read about the reluctance of the writers to have female villains for example, right?
  15. Karin specifically says usually and not always. A Shadow Dragon manga actually has Julian riding on Caeda's Pegasus. The impression I got was female Pegasus Knights are the norm, but exceptions can exist. Shadow Dragon says nothing like and the class roll says DracoKnights, which the male Michalis is, are experienced pegasus Knights. In Mystery of the Emblem, the enemy Pegasus Knights are explicitly men.
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