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  1. They definitely should've had the Manaketes varieties would've made far more sense over unneeded classes like Taguel.
  2. Looks great! I've actually thinking and probably never going to a boss hack myself for the DS games.
  3. True, though Zephiel is operating under the genuine, albeit deluded belief that War Dragons will build a utopian society. Overall, good point. I think Macedonia and Grust would've eventually had their rulers assassinated and replaced by more Manakete subservient humans; Michalis is too dangerous to Dolhr to be allowed to live and even Ludwik is too disloyal, despite his cowardice. They'd probably either get a Dolhrian human to take their place, or butter up minor authority figures to replace their King. I can see Dolhrian loyalists like Larissa to bump off their King, in exchange for being the new King(even if ultimately a puppet ruler for Dolhr).
  4. The narrator describes Medeus as "always claiming his cause is just", as well as his direct guardian/subordinate Xemcel ranting about how humans usurped the land from Dragons. He just lacks screentime due to having resurrection sickness in Shadow Dragon and just being resurrected in Mystery of the Emblem. On Topic, I'm thinking Zephiel would be the most moral.
  5. I'm not surprised at this point they didn't try to balance the armored classes. You should add Great Knight as another class that plain outclasses its non master equivalent.
  6. Pavise and Armored Blow transfer, correct?
  7. Can't you get that by unlocking other classes though?
  8. Whilst the part about Lorenz being the only rebel left and all the other guys on the map being bandits is definitely an excuse, Lorenz is fully killable and indeed many players do so, especially in the DS Remakes. Remember Arran can reach him and Lorenz only has a broken lance in the SNES version. I always felt the "elemental" clans were unexplored. The Shadow Clan, in particular, is implied to be connected to Dolhr in the DS remake as the Earth Dragon and Sorcerer in Archanea's palace are labeled as from that faction. That is true, but the united bandits are still a definite threat to the regular threat. Thracia 776 also has you fight bandits in the mid game, such as Zyle in chapter 14. Except for Gomes, they aren't too powerful even within the actual gameplay.
  9. ''Thracia 776'' would like a word. Whilst rare, this occasionally happens such as the Grieth pirates or the side quests in Awakening. O'Neill. He's the leader of a small squad in Grado's military. Though he is thuggish and lowborn, he's not a criminal. I almost put him on the Gazzak archetype on the wiki, but ultimately decided not to.
  10. Heavy Armor doesn't to have any use so far based on my glances at the classes. It seems like they needed more skills.
  11. Is the Berwick Saga Gigas Knight cap test still on your radar? 

    Anyhow, take your time, I can wait a long time.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Darkyan97


      Oh, okay then I think I can finish it in a few days from now.

    3. Darkyan97


      Ok, I had time and did it with weapon stat manipulation. It seems Gigas Knight Axe Cap  is 60.

    4. Emperor Hardin

      Emperor Hardin

      Wow if true Gigas Knights have a 10% critical bonus.

      Can you take a screenshot and post it in the thread?

  12. Despite doing my best to avoid spoilers, one of the recent changes on the wiki added a category revealing a big spoiler.
  13. Matthis and Marth support, so weird! Great play through.
  14. Somehow entirely bare legs helps communicate with Pegasi, that makes even less sense then I imagined.
  15. The guy is wearing a helmet. I missed that, did it say they have invisible armor or something?
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