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  1. Great Knight is the most underwhelming Master class I'd say.
  2. So I'm planning on doing reclasses for the boss characters of Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, however it'd also include equipment changes. Should I post it in this thread or make a new topic? Arlen has high defense(a common feature of Shamans) and a close friendship with Etzel the Sorcerer, so that would make a lot of sense. Thats exactly what I was thinking of, Matthis mentions he was sent to the front lines because Lena ran out on Michalis. That makes sense given his Aurelian origin as well as a TearRing saga unit based off of him who is a horseman. I'd prefer it if Hardin got a custom class that had traits of Horseman and Cavalier though, personally. Maybe lose the use of swords, but gain the usage of bows, the village elder would give a Lance instead of a sword for Hardin at the end of chapter 4 in that case.
  3. Lets face it many characters in the Archanean games have redundant classes with far too many of classes like cavaliers and far too little of classes like Pirates. This was a result of the original developers of the game expecting everyone to ironman and people like Matthis and Tomas being spares if the player lost Abel and Gordin. With this in mind, would you reclass anyone based on any thing on the character's personality and gameplay variety, or would you prefer it the same? We know Shadow Dragon reclassed a small selection of Bishops and Mercenaries into Sages and Myrmidons respectively, so this idea would basically be the same thing. For everyone's reading pleasure, here are my reclass suggestions. Note classes like soldier and the weapon variants of cavalry/armor are included. What does everyone think, do you have canon reclassing ideas of your own to diverge the characters or do you like everyone in the class they start in?
  4. I find using different classes feels different myself, like using snipers instead of horseman for a run. Using Bantu feels very different to me. Its just stats, no talking or text. The topic of DS remake stats can be reserved for later. There's an interview with Kaga where he says on Arden, as well as Alec and Noish that they were designed to be quickly replaced filler units. Naoise, Alec, and Arden are like ‘transparent’ characters who don’t carry any special bloodlines or outstanding stats, like Cain, Abel, and Draug from the previous games. They weren’t given any backstory either. There have been other joke characters too, like Samuto, the Navarre imposter in Mystery of the Emblem. I do think the lack of enemy action against the player's castle was an oversight/cut for time, even though Arden wasn't intended to be a good unit. For reference, you can never have anyone in your castle and you won't be in any trouble. Its funny how popular Arden became for a character who was designed as such a throwaway filler unit. He also has a unique sprite if you can get him there. As for the range, bad as Arden is as he is in the game, he'd be even worse as a Lance or Axe Armor Knight. I'll do a longer reply later.
  5. Universal stat caps is true for alot of early Fire Emblem games. Luke is the "Jobless man" remember and the one Cecil doesn't get a support bonus from. Many story bits can be gotten from bios and information released in guides around the time, the only exceptions tend to be stuff like Midia's men. Yubello can be really good if you put time into, because unlike the other mages, he has an extremely high strength growth. Ellerean also has a very high defense growth. As for Linde, Resire isn't locked to her, any female magic user can use it. By the way, what did you think of the enemy stats of FE3? Replaying the SNES and DS versions, I've noticed the SNES version builds its enemies around defense, whilst the DS version builds its enemies all around speed. Bosses in the DS version will have lower defense, but higher speed and skill, the lower defense compared to the original applies even on lunatic mode! I think its a little odd in the later maps where the reluctance to give any enemies or bosses(with only two exceptions), any defense higher then 20(when the cap is 30) starts hurting the threat of General enemies. Here's a video for reference, you can notice the General boss is way slower then his generics whilst only being a little more defensive. Your thoughts after watching the video?
  6. Who were the women that keep Lances, I don't remember? Adding onto this, whilst Xavier is good, he is recruited fairly late, you'd only get his lance ranks to be decent by spending 30 turns boss abusing his lance rank, and Dalshin isn't so good after the manster escape chapters. While fatigue was a nice system, that didn't really work alot of the time. In doors, in every playthrough it will just be a dozen swordguys, some sages/High Priests, one or two axe guys, and maybe one Bow Armor. That is very far from diverse and its especially notable when you are constantly fighting lance wielding enemies, whose weapons you have no use for when you capture them. I assume the Fergus part was a mistype and you meant to put Karin. Fergus keeps his weapon type and unlike most other mounted units, only loses movement when dismounts. What makes you so interested in replaying Gaiden out of curiosity? Funfact on Gaiden, many of the enemy classes are actually altered versions of player characters. So the enemy can never deploy Villagers, because Brigands are their villagers, with it being the same for player army. Personally I find FE3 one of most replayable FE games, one reason being everything is usable. So if the player wants to do a Bantu run, its very much possible without being hairpullingly difficult. Anythings in FE3 you specifically don't want to replay?
  7. I just realized my typo there, but yes thats how it was going to end. He was a gladiator being whipped.
  8. I might've mentioned this before, but given all the playable data for soldiers in this game, I think it was intended for some mounted units to dismount into Soldiers. With the game engine, its very much possible to have three paladin units that each dismount to different classes. I'd like to do a hack of that idea some day, but I can't use nightmare and the FE3 Nightmare here is said to not work very well(you can't change the weight of Javelins), though hacking FE3 is very much possible and a Japanese one has been made. Actually would a hack of FE3 interest you? That dismounting system is easily my least favorite thing in Thracia 776, especially as I like to have a diverse army and to use lances. Not only are there no soldiers, but all Armored units are axes or bows. Speaking of which in TearRing Saga, the weapon level system returns and many units dismount to different classes, with a few retaining the use of lances. There are also no cases where a class switches to a completely unrelated weapon like Lance only Knights going swords only when dismounting. There are no lance armors, but soldiers are playable and arguably the best they've ever been in a FE related game.
  9. Roughly how much more would you like dismounting if certain cavalry units dismounted to soldiers and Dracoknights and Cavaliers had separate dismounted sprites? What did you think of the rules of dismount I told you about in Thracia 776 and Berwick Saga? Oh yeah. Off the top of my head Certain characters are super duper powerful, even more powerful then Excalibur Merric and Aura/Nosferatu Linde. Speaking of which, you should read a guide to get some of the super weapons. The game allows you to save at the start of every turn. You recruit less units then other FE games. Its harder to lose units for good.
  10. Are you referring to them losing lances and gaining swords? Would you like it better if some mounted units become soldiers when they dismounted or is it the movement loss specifically that is bothering you in these maps? Thracia 776 is weird because you have classes like Axe only Knight and Lance only Knight, yet they still dismount to regular old sword only guy and the game uses the modern weapon rank system. So like you'lll have a lance only paladin with A rank Lances, but you get to an indoor chapter and he's reduced to E rank Swords. Weapon EXP also increases at a snail's pace in the game; you get one exp for every swing of a weapon and you need 50 exp to increase a weapon rank. So basically you can't use lances at all in the final chapters. Honestly Berwick Saga seems like it handles dismounting the best. In that game, stats are only "gained" when mounting if you are equipping rare horses, as they are actual equipment in that game. And in Berwick Saga, no weapon ranks are lost when dismounting, there is a subset of lances you can't use on foot, but their damage is based around high movement anyhow. Finally the last chapter, while indoors, has outdoor sections where you can use your mounts. Whilst you never get to see it, Shadow Dragon Medeus has flying type movement. Great observation. Looking at your record, wow Linde's nosferatu sure was helpful. Also 48 turns on chapter 3, was it spent getting Marth around the bridge to recruit Julian? From my understanding, Abel, Est and the other disappeared characters were going to appear in a third Archanea installment, Kaga had planned. FE4 is much less ironmanable, but you can try. It helps Sigurd is one of the strongest lords in the series.
  11. Before I do my full reply, a mini post. That is Caeda and Ogma in the backstory described in Samuto's recruitment where Caeda as a young girl saved slave Ogma's life when he ewas Thats possesed Hardin and Nyna. minutes ago, Alastor15243 said: The longhaired man is Navarre. Funfact, Marth's book 1 portrait is the toga/pantless form, whilst his book 2 portrait is the pants design.
  12. While I consider that too, the Manaketes that know Naga refer to them with terms that are generally used for masculine individuals.
  13. There was a discussion about this recently and in Japanese, Gotoh, Xane, and Lewyn/Forseti use MALE pronouns to refer to Naga. This was why FE12 fan translation having Naga explicitly referred to as female was controversial.
  14. I personally have a different impression. Dolhr has quite a few Dracoknights, which makes sense given that Wyvern's dale is right by them as well, as did the military forces of the nation of Grust and Khadein in the War of Shadows. Khadein's DracoKnights in the War of Heroes also appear to be under the command of Ellerean, rather then Archanea. All in all, I get the impression whilst Macedon has the lion's share of Wyvern riders and the most famous wyvern riders on the continent, other nations could get them too, it was just more of a hassle for them to import Wyverns to their country and thus wyverns weren't as common as a resource.
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