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  1. I voted Edelgard x F!Byleth because I like them.
  2. Second Vote is up: Most Graceful Dancing Duet
  3. I love it when they add a free unit that's legit good. Iago is up there with Kronya and Aversa as one of the best freebies, so I'm definitely trying him out.
  4. Congrats Team Palla, that was a really good battle. We'll get you next time... next time... *pets evil-looking cat*
  5. Pretty sure that was there from the very beginning. I retweeted it last night when I first voted.
  6. Camilla is totally going to win this, is she? I gave Micaiah the first vote because no joke, I've always wanted to see her as a teacher. I think she'll make a great one.
  7. Not exactly. Close Foil doesn't work against Dragons, and Distant Foil doesn't work against Tomes and Staffs. However, both Close and Distant Foil grant the Atk/Def +5 bonus against all physical attacks (including two-range for CF and one-range for DF).
  8. I have enough orbs saved to do 40 pulls so I'm definitely getting Rinkah out of this. Seriously, if there is one thing this series is short on is muscle ladies, so she's a very welcome addition. I'll pull all colors since I wouldn't mind the other units either. Iago's cool, I guess. Still a more interesting villain than a lot of people from the previous games.
  9. Maybe not, but she definitely needs to focus on doing the regular stuff before diving into the event since the basic stuff is pretty much the game's bread and butter. At the very least, crafting the tools is integral to do anything related to the event.
  10. You need to focus on doing the regular stuff first because you'll need to unlock Nook's Cranny and the Museum, and craft your tools before even be able to interact with the event, as all eggs in the hunt need one tool to get them (except the ones that grow on trees). I didn't talk to the bunny on the first day and the event still ran for me, so not talking to him doesn't lock you out.
  11. All right, Team Veronica. Time to take our stoic Bunny Princess to victory. "Hop."
  12. Yeah, Veronica totally has this one, getting the multiplier just now. How's Xander Vs. Palla doing?
  13. 40 Summons Consolation Prize is by far the best announcement in this video. Honestly I feel is something that should have been there a long time ago, since a lot of other gachas do it (KOF All-Stars comes to mind), but I guess better late than never. It's nice to see that those who save their orbs at least have their most wanted ensured if they're willing to spend them, but I do wonder if the Consolation pull will be Neutral or still have a chance at any nature. I don't think they addressed that. Fates banner, FUCK YEAH RINKAH. I will pull for all colors, but Rinkah is my most wanted so I'll take her for the Consolation pull if I don't get her earlier. Free 5* Lord. This is hilarious. Green is the best choice by far with three Premium units, and one of them having Distant Counter. Blue is the next best pick with some great prizes such as Tsubasa, Micaiah and Ephraim. Ninian and Azura are OK too, but Robin and Corrin are there to screw over your plans. Red is a huge gamble with 10 Premium units and 9 non-Premium, essentially a slightly edged coin toss. Some great stuff there including a Distant Counter unit, but way too many bad pulls to make it worth IMO. Colorless is a joke. Like, seriously, unless you get the extreme bad luck of an all-colorless circle, or Sothe/Nanna are your ultimate Hasubando/Waifu, why would anyone pull this? And come on, IntSys, you add in both Byleths but the Three Houses Trio are out? At least Claude would have made pulling colorless interesting!
  14. Team Veronica still on the run. Please consider joining our team. We have t-shirts. Xander Vs. Veronica in the finals would be quite memorable.
  15. That's the player's fault though. If a guide didn't work for you because you chose to pass on a free unit, you only have yourself to blame.
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