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  1. In case anyone's wondering.

    I'm taking a permanent leave from the forums. It was a fun time, but after that reply I got that prompted my final two posts on the boards, I don't feel comfortable posting here anymore. I made a post showing something rather personal about myself and I got a reply that really felt like a gut punch, because it implied that I was lying or didn't know any better.

    I don't intend to cause any drama on the community so I'm posting these final words and leaving it at that. To all the good people I met on the boards: Thank you for a good time and for speaking with me. I'm still on Discord and Twitter, if anyone's interested.

    Peace, and love ya all.

  2. Hello Jave! I don't know if you're gonna read this, but I wish you a great new year!

  3. … … You know what? No. If this is the attitude I’m going to get for trusting some information about myself to this community then I’m done. I’ve been discussing this game for six years and if all I get is people here telling me they know better than I do about my own finances then I don’t want to be a part of it anymore. You people don’t have to worry about my posts on this forum anymore. I’m out.
  4. I would appreciate if you didn’t make assumptions on my spending. I’m an adult that checks regularly on his financial state and I know perfectly well how much I spend every month and what my budget is. I made my previous post on this topic in good faith. Please don’t respond to it if you’re not willing to do the same.
  5. I've spent a fair share of money into the game but never too much to regret it later. I don't intend on doing stuff like +10 premium Heroes, so it's not like I need to spend much on the game. Also I'm positive I haven't purchased any of the normal-valued packs since Year 2 or so. I always buy the cheaper orb packs with bonus stuff and that's usually enough for me if I ever want to buy orbs.
  6. Shadow Dragon: MidiaShadows of Valentia: Mycen Mystery: EllereanGenealogy of the Holy War: EdainThracia 776: LinoanBinding Blade: DorothyBlazing Blade: MarcusSacred Stones: SyrenePath of Radiance: LuciaRadiant Dawn: GeoffreyAwakening: Kellam (Just add him to the game with no fanfare. One day the game resets and he's there) Fates: ReinaThree Houses / Three Hopes: HannemanEngage: Will wait until I play it.
  7. Ticket pulls on the Rerun NY banner gave me NY!Reggin and NY!Velouria. 40 pulls on the new NY banner gave me Duo Askr, 4* Special Hinoka, two 4* NY!Pannes, Pent, 4* Special Brave Veronica and finally NY!Ash for the spark. Not a bad way to start the year.
  8. Weekly Arena Tickets: Week 1: Kjelle Week 2: Lute Week 3: Olwen Week 4: Sumia
  9. Weekly Arena Tickets: Week 1: Kjelle Week 2: Lute Week 3: Olwen Tickets on the rerun Winter banners got me nothing worthwhile. Decided to do some full circle pulls on the new Legendary Banner, and after exactly 80 orbs and 25 pulls I got: Medeus (+HP/-Spd) (First!) Legendary Ninian (+HP/-Atk) Brave F!Byleth (+HP/-Def) Legendary F!Shez (+HP/-Spd) (First!) Yes, ALL of them are +HP. Now I wonder if I should go for the spark on the Legendary Banner. I have every focus unit on it, but I'm only 60 orbs away of a free Merge or Fodder (Honestly I haven't even decided whom I would take).
  10. Last day of the poll, here are my votes:
  11. Counterpoint Take: It probably makes sense to release Legendary F!Shez now before the Three Hopes train fully stops. 2023 is going to be Engage year and everyone will be asking for the fancy new characters from the newest title, so this banner is probably the last chance for Shez to do "peak" numbers. Besides, OG F!Shez was released as a Reward/Demote and I recall a lot of people saying she deserved better. Not sure if I'm pulling here. F!Shez looks crazy OP and finally having a Dagger Legendary is tempting, but I can see them releasing someone I want in the NY banner, so I think I'll wait until that one is announced.
  12. Happy Winter Festival from everyone's favorite character Brigand Boss' Heart grew three sizes that night.
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