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  1. Spent my entire stash of 220 orbs to snipe for Legendary Fae, ended with two Nifls and two Ullrs instead. Super Chicken just wasn't meant to be.
  2. I'm honestly cool with this. I like this out-of-left-field-but-still-make-sense choices more than the obvious picks.
  3. My only Ascended Fjorm was sparked so she’s neutral. Is Atk or Spd a better choice for the Floret? And thanks for the great guide!
  4. Summoned exactly 40 Heroes on this banner, in addition to the usual fodder, I got the following 5*s: - Selena (FE8) +HP -Spd - Pent +Spd -Res - Roshea +Spd -Res (Plus two 4* Rosheas) - Brave Ike +Atk -Res - Lysethia +HP -Res - Catherine +Atk -Res - Ascended Fjorm (Spark) I have very mixed feelings about this, but I'll take it!
  5. So glad I saved plenty of orbs because I must have that gorgeous new Fjorm. 40 pulls ensures I'll get her, but I don't mind getting the other characters in the process, so I'll be pulling all colors. Also it looks like the freebie is Vyland.
  6. One of the girls with the largest chest is given an outfit that resembles a watermelon. Like, they're not being subtle with this anymore.
  7. Not spending orbs on the Abyss+Muspell banner, so the game was kind enough to give me Constance on a ticket pull. Very appreciated.
  8. (Insert witty comment here) Yeah, I got nothing.
  9. When I saw Muspell, the first character I was reminded of was Mondo Owada from Danganronpa. If they would have gotten Komatsusaki to do the artwork it would have been perfect.
  10. I got Legendary Micaiah in only 65 orbs. Thank you so much for not making me buy orbs. Also got a 4* Special OG Celica in the final circle, which is great for a merge. Bless.
  11. Btw, kudos to HACCAN for giving Micaiah unique artwork for all of her four poses.
  12. Pretty sure it only exists in Cipher, in a card that shows Micaiah as the Queen of Daein. I'm sniping Colorless until I get her, and I'll buy packs if necessary (I haven't bought any of the anniversary packs yet). Ashera and Fallen Edelgard are good consolation prizes, but PLEASE show up early, my Queen.
  13. Quick! Everyone act surprised! IntSys, just tell me your address so I can send you my paycheck directly.
  14. I would be surprised if we don't eventually get Legendary Camilla. Because you know damn well they won't pass at the chance of making money out of yet another Camilla alt.
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