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  1. Today I got my two free Sothis. Since they're both neutral, I haven't decided if merging or saving one for fodder. Time's Pulse is crazy tempting to give to someone.
  2. NEW RECIPES! NEW RECIPES! They added two new ingredients! I completed the cook book months ago, so finally I can go back to show off my cooking skills!
  3. I seriously don't know what this luck is, but today's Daily banner gave me a free Brave Alm, whom I didn't have. Like wth man.
  4. Fairies being equated to girly is a trope that seriously needs to die. Have you seen the movie Ferngully? Features an entire village of fairies almost equally divided on male and female.
  5. Spent around 70 orbs and got Captain Veronica and two 4* Geese. I got my most wanted so I'm done with the banner for now. Also daily banner gave me a free Mist. Huh.
  6. You kidding, man? She looks beautiful! Might finally buy Feh Pass for her!
  7. I didn't see this documented anywhere, but the last update added English voice lines for Say'ri (although the Japanese VA is still credited in the non-Japanese versions).
  8. Oh my god this is perfect. Nothing else matters anymore, Darros is now absolute God Tier.
  9. Hey look a Karla banner. I always get lucky on these by pulling a Karla merge on the free pull. Maybe I’ll pull another one-OH MY GOD
  10. I completely agree with you. They had a perfect opportunity to make Byleth female default, but they willingly chose not to.
  11. The questions with multiple choice were all technical and demographics (Age range, Gender, amount of people in household, etc.). The questions asking what did/didn't you like about the game were all open questions.
  12. So in the end, everyone gets 15 free orbs, and those who pulled Book 1+2 units in the Hero Fest banner get the Focus unit of the color of the off-focus you pulled. Honestly, this is probably the best way IntSys could have handled this.
  13. I knew something was fishy when I got Flying Olivia and Brave Celica out of the banner. While it won't compensate for what everyone pulled, they need to do something beyond an apology. Once the rates are fixed add back the tickets and compensation orbs.
  14. I decided to spend some orbs on the Hero Fest banner since I don't have any of the units. I got lots of the new free orbs and bought a couple of the discounted packs. With only 150 orbs plus the six free pulls, I got: - Surtr - Flying Olivia - Duo Ephraim - Bernadetta - Brave Celica - Fallen Lyon I... really don't know what to make of this. Six 5* pulls with what I spent is amazing, and even the ones I already have are good merges/fodder. But heck, I guess at this point I have to accept I'm never getting Sothis or Nagi.
  15. In fairness, three of the five units in the theme (Brigid, Geese and Darros) are actual pirates, and Tibarn did have a pirate role during a chapter in PoR. Dart isn't any more or less important than any of them, and I'm sure if he would have replaced any of the aforementioned units we'd likely have people complaining Brigid/Geese/Darros and even Tibarn isn't on the banner. Veronica + Xander is the only outlier but they likely wanted a Harmonic unit for the theme, and I'm pretty positive people have been demanding that particular duo since Dual Units have been a thing.
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