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  1. Byleth is... okay, I guess? He was definitely not a top pick from me, but the moveset looks cool and has a nice variation from other FE characters with the multiple weapons. It's just that, after four big 3rd party surprises, going back to Fire Emblem Avatar #3 (and Default Male AGAIN), really feels underwhelming by comparison.
  2. There's a legit chance that Idol Tiki is this month's Mythic. Just saying.
  3. Itsuki is an incredibly bland character. He's your typical RPG protagonist with almost no personality so the supporting cast can shine around him so him being the freebie makes perfect sense. He's probably the least memorable of the main cast. Also, something similar happened when FEH crossed over to Dragalia Lost. Marth, Fjorm and Veronica were summonables, while the freebie was Alfonse.
  4. Of course I can't prove it. It's just a possibility. The reason I'm telling you all of this is so that you don't feel too bad about this banner and instead try to look at it from a better angle. You get to save your orbs, and you get the possibility that the FE spinoff you like might get a banner in the future.
  5. Oh, they did. Atlus' name is at the end of the trailer. My point is now that time has passed and IntSys has more or less settled with FEH, they have more time to plan their banners and deal with with all the extra paperwork. FE Warriors came at a time when IntSys was still trying to figure out what to do with FEH, it's not the same situation.
  6. That was over two years ago. IntSys probably didn't consider focusing on a spinoff back then because FEH was still in its early days and they preferred focusing on the main games. They also probably would have had to deal with Koei Tecmo for Copyright issues and that was probably a bigger hassle back then.
  7. If anything I'll take this as good news because it means spinoff titles are not off the table in FEH. Warriors could be coming in the future, but TMS #FE is getting the spotlight now because this is an obvious promotion of the Switch re-release, which comes out this Friday.
  8. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I NEED ALL OF THESE CHARACTERS Thanks for giving me an excuse to buy the orb pack! And great way to advertise TMS #FE!
  9. I'm backing Arle all the way this time because I feel too much stuff has been stacking on her favor recently. I really want to believe.
  10. Rank 9,438. BARELY got the throne, but I did!
  11. T25 for me at 12,908, factoring in 300 lift loss. Now to wait that I don’t drop off top 10,000 so I can get my second throne.
  12. FE10 Mia has longer hair and a larger chest than FE9 Mia, which is also the case with Witch Mia and Regular Mia in FEH. It’s actually quite noticeable.
  13. Speaking of, my most wanted idea for a seasonal is characters wearing casual modern clothes. Imagine a banner with all your favorites wearing a top and jeans. I'd throw all my money at that.
  14. I don't think there's much of a point on doing FE9-themed banners anymore, outside from specific seasonal characters. Just release all Tellius characters as their FE10 selves (they are better designs anyway).
  15. Actually they do matter, just in specific situations. If you have 90 Aether on the last day and you do a match, getting the pots makes the difference on whether you get a second match or not.
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