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  1. Still voting: 1.- Linoan 2.- Nyx 3.- Marianne 4.- Marcus 5.- Laura 6.- Midia 7.-
  2. She looks real nice, but I'm doing free pull and that's it since I used all my orbs going for Dorothea+Lene. Rest of the banner... I think I have everyone? Good luck to those who want her.
  3. Back on topic: 1.- Linoan 2.- Nyx 3.- Marianne 4.- Marcus 5.- Laura 6.- 7.-
  4. I mean, while I can understand to a point the "2020 was an awful year" argument (Believe me, 2020 was easily the worst year of my life, to the point I was at the verge of a panic attack), I really don't think it can be used as an excuse for what's going on here. Most of the people badly reacting to this are the same suspects from previous years. I'm sure I could pull up some CYL threads from previous years and the reactions wouldn't be that different. As much as I love FEH as a game, CYL as a concept, and several unpopular characters (Tharja, Camilla, gatekeeper, etc.), I hate how they've brought out the worst in this fandom.
  5. It's amazing how some people are reacting to all that's going on right now. This fandom has gotten quite passionate these past few years, and I don't mean it as a compliment.
  6. Oh for sure. As much as I love Lysethia CYL 4's results were predictable from the very beginning. I love seeing the Dark Horse candidates surprising us out of nowhere (Veronica going from 7th to 2nd in CYL 2 will forever be my favorite comeback).
  7. Continuing my votes: 1.- Linoan 2.- Nyx 3.- Marianne 4.- Marcus 5.- 6.- 7.-
  8. Continuing my votes: 1.- Linoan 2.- Nyx 3.- Marianne 4.- 5.- 6.- 7.-
  9. Also, has anyone tried voting without logging in? This time it forced me to log in every time I tried to vote, so if you can only vote through your Nintendo Account, it should heavily reduce the bot votes.
  10. Wow, I honestly didn't even remember that. I recall I was barely into it during my playthrough of 3H due to being so worn out of the series by then (real life wasn't helping me at the time) so I had to force myself through a lot of parts during the game. I probably missed out on tons of stuff, although I did enjoy the character-building stuff more than the actual main plot. But hey, thanks for clarifying that. I appreciate it.
  11. Wait, where does it happen exactly on CF? I must have missed that.
  12. I think it can be somehow justified in the sense that you can do a whole playthrough of 3H and still not find out Flame Emperor's identity. The connection isn't as obvious as Lucina = Masked Marth (which has been revealed all over FEH and even on games outside the FE series, like Smash Bros.) As for my votes: 1.- Linoan 2.- Nyx 3.- 4.- 5.- 6.- 7.-
  13. I'm going to vote for seven different characters that are among my favorites but aren't in the game in any shape or form. 1.- Linoan 2.- 3.- 4.- 5.- 6.- 7.-
  14. Wow, the fanservice is pretty strong in this one.
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