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  1. Not just you. It's been my favorite Book. Not saying it's a huge masterpiece or anything but I've been enjoying it all the way. Helps I really like the Dream/Fairy aesthetic.
  2. Yeah I'm not feeling this one either. They were doing great with the last FBs getting a lot of characters involved. Now we're back to "Everybody pick one of the Askr Quartet and stick to them."
  3. As much as I love FE5, the amount of characters left from that game I actually care for are probably enough to fill two banners (one of them being Ralph just so I can meme).
  4. Used up all my saved orbs and a pack to try for Lene but instead got pity broken by Gray and Ayra. I've essentially accepted Lene is a character I'm never getting.
  5. 120 orbs got me: 5* Xane (+Spd/-Res) 5* Adrift Camilla (+Atk/-Res) 5* Eleanora (+HP/-Res) 5* Lethe (+Def/-HP) 5* Harmonic Tiki (+Spd/-Atk) First three were on the very first circle. What is even this luck, man. EDIT: Scratch that. Spent my last 25 orbs and got 5* Putty Tat Robin (+Atk/-Res). Six 5*s for 145 orbs. Probably the craziest luck I've had in a banner as of recent.
  6. Effie got done dirty. What an unimpressive refine, darn it.
  7. Also, looks like they've officially canonized the "wrong" spelling of Deghinsea, so he's officially Dheginsea now. Not a huge deal, just thought I mentioned that.
  8. Forgot to mention that Ena is dressed as a Chinese Ghost which is all kinds of adorable.
  9. We have reached a whole new meta, with the first unit in the game that can refresh dancers. That said, this banner looks pretty fun. Also, looks like Ena is the freebie.
  10. Yeah, this is a tough one. If Orochi is there (which I'd love) I think she could be the one on the left and the floating cards are actually part of that silhouette, which means both characters actually have cards for weapons. And yeah I see a third character in the middle too. Guessing Harmonized Hero with middle and right.
  11. Steve is... okay, I guess? He wasn't a Most Wanted for me but it looks he would be fun to use. Still hoping for Arle and Phoenix Wright.
  12. Spent 64 orbs in the new banner. Got TWO Plumerias. Both +Atk. I wasn't even sniping.
  13. I don't care about how characters are labeled. If a character is good and I like them, I'll use them. I can't say I'm bothered by the way OCs are being handled, and that's simply how I feel. I say take your own advice and agree to disagree.
  14. Yeah, and? I'm not talking about Mythics exclusively. They've released those characters in the span of, what, a year and a half?
  15. I'm honestly fine with the amount of OCs. I don't keep count, but it certainly doesn't feel to me like we're getting bombarded by them or anything. As for Plumeria, I'll try to go for her. Don't have many orbs, but getting a copy would be nice.
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