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  1. For the record, the Flayn map can be done at any time if you do a certain event while exploring. Once you’re done, the remaining teachings are done automatically, so you don’t miss out on them.
  2. Cute! I wish there was more of this stuff in the game itself. It's obvious we're getting at least one more due to the "To be continued" at the end, but I hope they make this a regular series of videos.
  3. Used up 120 orbs in hope of getting one of the Brave Heroes but all I got was an Ylgr I used to remove the Speed bane on the previous one I had. So I took Micaiah as my free brave pick.
  4. Micaiah looks gorgeous. I'm going to use all my saved orbs to see if I get any of them, and if I don't get Miccy she'll be my free summon, or if I pull a bad nature Miccy I'll still get her as a freebie to remove the bane. Camilla and Eliwood would be fine second picks. Alm though... he's really nothing special.
  5. For the two new areas I’m sending Athena and Linde again along with Minerva and Summer Tiki
  6. Athena and Linde since they’re the only Archanea characters that are currently supporting each other.
  7. Oh, I wasn’t implying that it was your intention to spoil it. The second part of my post was a general statement made for anyone reading this thread.
  8. I’m guessing it’s so you don’t get clued in his real identity, whom I imagine share the same VA. For the record I don’t know the DK’s identity myself, so this is a guess, so let’s please not discuss this in this thread.
  9. I'll say here what I said on the same topic on another board. What this game needs is not necessarily everybody to be Bi, but a good mix of Straight, Gay and Bisexual characters. Let some characters only be romanced by Byleth of the same gender, others by Byleth of the opposite gender, and others by both. Regardless of whether you play as Male or Female Byleth and choose to make them Gay or Straight, you should have plenty of choices to pick from. I also feel it's better to give every character a clearly defined sexuality because it can lead to more interesting conversations that can help build up the characters rather than just repeating the conversations for both genders. I'm signing the petition. I'm not expecting IntSys to do much about it but I hope they address it, or at the very least take the advice for future entries. We're long past the era were "Baby steps" are a valid excuse.
  10. If two corporeal characters released as a single unit is something that ever happens, we need Xander and Veronica riding a horse together, first and foremost.
  11. One of my ticket pulls in the 3H banner was Selkie, whom I didn’t have. She’s +Atk -HP too, so she’s definitely welcome.
  12. For Legendary Micaiah there’s still plenty of things they could do. I mean there’s no limits or rules to what they could try out. They could make her a Staff user while her wearing an outfit that resembles her Sage clothes. They could improvise an outfit that resembles Yune or Sanaki. They could even use her Awakening DLC clothes. There’s plenty of possibilities. Personally I hope she wears an outfit that resembles Altina and wields both Alondite and Ragnell.
  13. You know what's the one thing I would accept as a replacement of a TT Unit reward? A unique item that let's you +1 any 5* unit of your choice.
  14. Spent 30 orbs on the new 3H banner and ended with Hilda. Neutral, too. That definitely makes up for my terrible luck in the Sothis banner, and I can stop pulling on the new banner aside from the tickets.
  15. I was torn between Edelgard and Dorothea at first but after seeing Lysethea's supports I think I might pick her. I'm still a few chapters before decision time but this will be a tough choice.
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