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  1. Used up all my saved Orbs to pull 42 units on the new banner so I can spark. The results were pretty insane: - Nyx (+HP -Spd) - Charlotte (+Spd -Atk) - Ronan (+Def -Spd) - Annette (+Spd -HP) - Nephenee (+HP -Atk) - Nyx (Neutral) - Brave Hector (+Def -HP) - Nifl (Neutral) *Spark* Plus one 4* Orochi. No Benny, sadly. But I'm very happy with this haul.
  2. Huh? Men? What are those? But I'm so happy Nyx is finally in. Glad I saved orbs for this one. Also apologies in advance for anyone who thought this was a Radiant Dawn banner.
  3. Is Summer Freyja like, the lewdest art yet? I didn’t pay much attention to it during the trailer, but after pulling her in game and looking at the poses… holy crap.
  4. First summon circle on Legendary banner. Three Greens, no 5*s Second summon circle. Two Greens, no 5*s. Third summon circle. One Green, got Byleth. Decided to open the whole circle and got a Julia and an Erinys. 37 Orbs spent on Legendary banner for three 5*s including the most wanted unit. Best luck I've had in months. Back to saving mode.
  5. Ignatz: (Weeps all the way back in Fodlan) Anyway, this is a pretty good banner and I kinda want all of them. But I'm really low on orbs right now.
  6. Right one really looks like Caspar. Left one... no idea.
  7. Well, the Danganronpa news was the most exciting thing for me. Not because of the ports, but because of the new game that's an expansion of the bonus mode of the last game. I LOVED that extra mode, and seeing there's a whole game based on it now really excites me. The Smash reveal has got to be the most meh Smash reveal by far for me. I've barely played Tekken, and I have no idea who Kazuya is. He looks super generic, and I really was hoping for a more unusual fighter (Arle, Crash, Rayman, Phoenix Wright) considering we're so close to the end. Warioware and Metroid were big highlights, can't wait to play those. Also mega hyped for Mario Party Superstars. N64 entries were my favorite so I'm glad we're getting remixes of those games, with added Online with randos. That's what Super Mario Party should have had. Overall, Direct was good, not among the best, but certainly not a among the bad ones. Additionally it needs to be noted that Paper Mario and Warioware have always been developed by different teams than those of Fire Emblem (with Warioware being co-developed in-house by Nintendo) so it's never been a case of resources from one game being used from another, as IntSys has always been a multi-game developer. (Their Wii entries of Fire Emblem, Warioware and Paper Mario all came out within the span of a year, for example.)
  8. If I had to choose a Male Unit for a Fairy outfit, I’d go with Soren or Lucius.
  9. Since Celica is to date one of the better Book 1 units, I very much appreciate the free merge. Her Fairy outfit is gorgeous, too.
  10. I think it's time to make a list. I'm only including characters that aren't in the game in any way, up to the date this post was made (Had I done this at the start of the year, I would have included Marianne and Tatiana). Outside of Linoan (my most wanted right now), these are in no particular order: 1.- Linoan (FE5) 2.- Mycen (FE2/15) 3.- Marcus (FE6/FE7, either version is fine with me) 4.- Nyx (FE14) 5.- Benny (FE14) 6.- Laura (FE10) 7.- Aran (FE10) 8.- Lucia (FE9/10) 9.- Meg (FE10) 10.- Machyua (FE5) 11.- Samson (FE1/3/11/12) 12.- Neimi (FE8) 13.- Franz (FE8) 14.- Xavier (FE5) 15.- Mozu (FE14) 16.- Orochi (FE14) 17.- Vika (FE10) 18.- Forde (FE8) 19.- Vanessa (FE8) 20.- Selphina (FE5)
  11. I personally can't wait for the Blarhedgehog line.
  12. I meant to say Nomah. Guess I spaced out there for a bit.
  13. If not Overclass, they can always show up as Seasonals. At this point it's safe to say some characters are only getting in that way. It's not like there are that many Valentian dudes missing. There's Mycen, Kamui, Atlas, Jesse, Deen and Nomah. They could release them all in two banners, coupled with Valentian Est and new versions of other girls. And to be fair, SoV is a very male-dominated game. When the playable cast is 21 guys and 13 girls, you're bound to run out of girls first.
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