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  1. A bit late to reply, but thanks @Landmaster and @Vicious Sal for the Flier Ball Team tips. Currently all of them (except Yune) have Flier Formation and Ward Fliers, and I'll try to give them Fury soon. I'll try a formation line and see if it works for next week's season.
  2. Used all tickets and around 80 saved orbs in the new banner until I got a... Kjelle. She’s new so I’ll take her. +Res -Spd too, so not bad. Also got my first Mercedes. Rest was either trash or fodder.
  3. Okay, I want to make a Flier Ball Defense team. I haven't done the positioning yet, but I think I have the units chosen and (mostly) built. Here's the screenshot gallery. I'd appreciate any opinions and advice.
  4. If only it was this easy to win AR.
  5. There’s also the problem that Ana refuses to use any character she doesn’t like, which heavily limits her resources. You’ll never convince her to use, much less build, any version of Micaiah, Lucina, Tharja or Camilla.
  6. Welp, Kagero lost. Moving to Team Mia for Round 2.
  7. Oh yeah, I'm definitely considering that. I need to know what Athena will get as a refine first before foddering anything to her. She could get FB3 as an effect and then using up Summer Ylgr just to get FB4 from Mareeta would be kind of a waste. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Oooh, Athena. I was hoping she could get one soon since I've been saving a spare Mareeta for her. Depending on what she gets I'll pass either Flashing Blade or Null Follow-Up.
  9. I got Palla - Catria - Est. Rare occasion in which I got all three teams.
  10. In order for neither to go to waste, you could always use a spare Tharja/Florina/Rebecca to fodder DB3, then fodder DB4 and NFU3 to that same unit.
  11. This one took a while to figure out, but here's my Infernal clear starring Micaiah and Lewyn, with the support of Flying Olivia and Legendary Azura. Not gonna bother with Abyssal, this one was challenging enough. @mampfoid @Diovani Bressan @daisy jane @DarkAlf @Landmaster @Hilda @SatsumaFSoysoy @Interdimensional Observer @LordFrigid
  12. Used up around 100 orbs until I got Fallen Tiki. I didn't have her and she's +Atk too, so a very welcome pull.
  13. Man, lots of characters I like in this one. But I’ll stick with Kagero
  14. Then give him a Mythic blessing. Now that Blessed Gardens are no longer updating there's no point on keeping Legendary Blessings on your AR units. And even if you haven't finished Blessed Gardens, you should have plenty of units to tackle them.
  15. As much as I'd love Legendary Micaiah, I'm fully expecting the next Legendary to be Three Houses. Timing feels right.
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