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  1. This is a very good point! I would definitely add Hyper Beam to the list, owing to its unique sweeping potential in RBY. And for later Gens, Boomburst (140 BP, 100 Hit) is a great special consideration. Also, we should consider the near-ubiquity of Normal-type moves in the earlygame. Even non-Normal Mons, such as the starters, generally start out with a Normal-type attack (Tackle, Scratch, or Pound). By being Normal-type, earlygame Mons essentially get a 50% jump in power over the competition. If Pidgey were to lose its Normal-typing, for instance, its Tackle and Quick Attack would be doing two-thirds the damage they do now. Even the oft-derided Rattata gets not only the same STAB moves, but also a STAB Hyper Fang that outdamages any other attack available in the earlygame. Basically, Normal-types stronk actually.
  2. We did it, gang! No enemy generic is safe from Constance. I believe it's established that Edelgard doesn't remember Dimitri from before the monastery - perhaps a side effect of the abuse she faced shortly thereafter. I don't remember how explicit the game gets about this, though. Nice, best boy finds love. FE6 Karel be like I mean, I guess that's what they were going for with it. The best units it helps against are, ironically enemy Armors. They can help your super slow units not be doubled by them, and your slightly less slow units actually double them. Or else it can be good if you're going for a weird-ass build, like Petra or Felix as an Armor Knight. Someone who's starting speed isn't all that bad. Not that I'd recommend such a build outside of the lulz.
  3. C'mon, you don't think Game Freak would add a new mechanic that monopolizes the metagame, do you? What's that about Stealth Rock, Weather Wars, and Dynamax? And I see what you did there. I'm not Naive to your jokes - if I were, my SpDef would suffer! Pretty wild, now that BDSP are out, that Unova remakes are on people's minds. I, for one, can't wait to see what GameFreak does to convince me not to buy their game.
  4. I don't personally interpret "mainline" shields as intended for armored classes. The Leather and Iron Shields are available to the player before any Intermediate class is even within reach, so the player has to consider the trade-off between Prt and AS. In terms of other "weighted" shields, the Aegis Shield shows up on Felix (as a Swordmaster), while the Ochain Shield is associated with Seteth (a Wyvern Rider) and Ferdinand. Full disclosure, I do think Armored classes are generally the best users of shields, particularly on Maddening, but I don't think that's something the game is consciously pushing. To the bolded part: I'm struggling to think of any enemies who do anti-cavalry damage. Unrecruited Lysithea with Dark Spikes, I guess? Same with anti-armor damage. 99% of the time, the Kadmos and Lampos Shields are just "Steel Shield, but without the weight". The Aurora Shield obviously has the best effect, but that's why I'd argue it ought to have weight. Removing the effective damage from bows is a pretty big boon, and it's not as though fliers can't afford to lose a few points of attack speed. With Darting Blow, your flier will probably still double most targets, even with a weighted shield attached.
  5. I'm not an expert, but I played a fair amount of VGC in the Sun/Moon era. As proposed, I see these moves being strong, but not likely overpowered. For one, each Pose demands a moveslot. As a status-moves, it's generally incompatible with Choice sets (save, perhaps, for a heterodox support Scarfer). And with Protect near-ubiquitous on non-Choice VGC sets, that's basically just 2 moveslots left for attacks. It's very hard to come up with an unresisted pair of attacks. What is likely to happen to two leads going for a Pose combo? One is likely to get hit by a Fake Out, limiting their side to one boost. And the opponent's other Mon is free to do anything - get a big attack in, Taunt the other Poser, Phaze a Mon out to erase the boost, Encore to force the boosting move every turn, Status Move to compromise the attacker, Tailwind to answer their anticipated speed boost, or Trick Room to punish such a boost. Even on a turn where an opposing Fake Out isn't possible, going for a "Double Pose" still means giving up offensive pressure for a turn, and possibly losing a Mon early. On the flip side, misplaying against a Double Pose (predicting attacks, and using Protect and/or Follow Me) can cede a clear advantage to the Poser (heh). As an aside, traditional "boosting moves" aren't especially common in VGC, mainly because sweeping isn't viable to the same degree that it is in Singles. Speed control is more often done through Tailwind, Icy Wind/Electroweb, or Trick Room, rather than Dragon Dance or Agility. Stuff like Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, or Shell Smash isn't unheard of, but even then it demands a certain amount of support (i.e. Follow Me/Fake Out), and Attack boosts in particular are susceptible to opposing Intimidates and burns. So the "Double Pose" would be a potentially strong, but very risky, strategy. I don't see it as dominant or overly centralizing, but it's something players would want to be mindful of as a threat. Don't take this the wrong way, but... is anyone even playing Triple Battles anymore? They haven't existed in the main games since Gen VI. I don't really see the point in balancing this mechanic around an effectively dead format. That said, if I were personally designing this for Triple Battles, I'd make it so that the Left Mon's pose is performed as well by the Center Mon, but not the Right Mon. And vice-versa, of course. This would make the initial order relevant. And while the Center Mon would potentially benefit the most, the Central position is also the most dangerous one in a Triple Battle.
  6. Making anti-effective-damage shields weightless was such an odd design choice. Where other shields could be seen as balanced (Protection and bonus effects vs. Weight), the Aurora/Lampos/Kadmos Shields are strictly positives. Maybe they're "balanced" around showing up late, and in relative scarcity? This happens on VW as well. I think it's because these routes have one more chapter than the "template" route, SS. Still, it's very lame. I don't believe any character pairings get unique choir dialogue? Which is unfortunate. If they do, I've not seen it. Hope it went well. I'm always nervous when it comes to the doctor. Yes, but Fire, her lightest offensive spell, has a Weight of 3. So she'll need a Strength stat of 35 in order to not lose Attack Speed with the Silver Shield equipped (assuming no weight mitigation skills). If she's missing out on one-shots, then the Magic Staff is the obvious choice equippable. On the flip side, the Speed Ring may secure her doubles she'd otherwise fall short of. There's a potential counter-argument in the form of New Game+. Namely, that you can buy powerful skills back right at the start of the game, rather than needing to work to earn them in the current playthrough. Of course, it took effort to achieve them in a prior playthrough. Personally, I see the sheer variety of options, and ability to use the same units in totally different ways, as a clear instance of "dumb fun". Yet "fun" is, by its very nature, subjective. So I couldn't fault you for holding a different impression. Thanks for the insight! I was wondering about this too. I generally haven't cared for Avoid-boosting combat arts, but this information makes them slightly more considerable in my eyes.
  7. That could work. My initial intention was to "emphasize their strong area, while reinforcing their weak one". Lowering the weak area on the target could be an interesting solution - I think it'd be the first move to affect stats on both sides of the battle. Another solution could be to raise the boon stat by two stages, while lowering the bane stat by one stage (in the case of neutral natures, just raising the canceled-out stat by one stage). Of course, we'd want the effect to be strong enough that these moves would actually be used in battle (i.e. using "Adamant Pose" when Swords Dance is available). But maybe that's where the Doubles/Triples effects come into play, so these don't necessarily need to be balanced assuming Singles play?
  8. This is all really cool! Changing forme by using a Fairy-type move seems thematically appropriate. And the move list is a solid start. One change I would personally make is, let Crescent-Moon Cutter be a physical attack. There are already so many special Fairy moves that a physical option would stand out more.
  9. Seems like a good list! I could see ones like Mr. Mime, Medicham, and the Hitmons getting the moves, too. That said, I thought of a way to implement the various style effects within a single move. The "Pose" move, in my vision, would boost two stats by one stage - but which stats it boosts would depend on the Nature of the user. The boosted stat, and the diminished stat, would both get a one-stage boost. In the case of a "Neutral" nature, which stats are boosted is random, and varies each time it is used. This could lead to new and different sets, like a Brave (+Attack, -Speed) Nature on a physical sweeper, while also making searching for just the right nature more desirable. And it would make sense with the lore - a "Timid" Pokemon would likely behave differently, when asked to pose, than an "Adamant" one, for instance. I see it as a way to implement Natures beyond their immediate impact on stats. How does this sound?
  10. Well, that was a lot. That said, this seems to have veered away from "Problems with Maddening as a difficulty level, relative to Hard" and "Problems with Three Houses in general, relative to Fates". I'm not here to argue the general merits of these games relative to each other - if you prefer Fates, that's fine by me. My purpose was to defend the stricter EXP curve as an element of Maddening's game design that, relative to Hard, encourages the player to manage skills, combat arts, battalions, adjutants, and rallies in a way that isn't necessary to beat lower difficulty levels. That's all. If you believe that Maddening would've been a better experience with a more generous EXP formula (whether the same as Hard Mode's, or between the two as they exist), you're welcome to make such an argument.
  11. It's an interesting idea, and I'm always one for new status moves. They sound kind of like the Pledge moves, or the Dancer ability, in their synergistic potential. That said, it's a lot of moves to add at once. Which Pokemon species did you envision having these moves? Would some omly be able to learn a few of the poses, or would they be broadly available?
  12. A rabbit could definitely work! A generic girl-like Mon could too, although even families like Ralts' are in a weird territory, appearance-wise. This sounds like the Furisode Girl classes of X and Y. Those were some of my favorite new classes design-wise. Maybe just call the class "Magical Girl", to avoid treading too close to Sailor Moon's proprietary representation? Maybe it could start in "street clothes", or otherwise not wearing the suit, and have a "Transformation Sequence" move that boosts its stats (say, an omniboost) and changes its appearance? The trick is, it can't be used again while in serafuku form. This would revert upon switching out, or when the battle ends.
  13. I guess my question to you is - why is a system where units can get by on stats alone more desirable? It'd be easier, I suppose, but it'd also negate the purpose of various tools. If I can get a kill without Death Blow, why master Brigand? If I don't need Rally Strength, then why bring a unit with Rally support? I can get by doing the same stuff as on Hard Mode - sending my overleveled unit in against weaker enemies. Where's the challenge or strategy in that? Losing 5 durability sounds rough, but Gold is in easy supply from the midgame onward, so that repairing mainline and crit-heavy weapons is trivial. And while Umbral Steel isn't buyable, so many monsters drop it from shield breaks. Wootz Steel can be scarce, but it's not like I'm doing Hunter's Volley with my Brave Bow (nor with the Inexhaustible re: Mythril), since the Brave Effect is redundant. That leaves Arcane Crystals and the Magic Bow as the only "scarce" one (until the Dark Merchant arrives), and that one only applies to niche builds. Venomstone is scarce (but worthless), as is Agarthium (but no Bows use it up). Unironically, I probably didn't. While my opinion of Awakening Lunatic Mode isn't exactly high, I can at least concede that I don't have enough experience with it to make a definitive statement (i.e. beyond my "impressions") on it.
  14. That is fair. Still, current Stealth Rock mechanics incentivize Charizard (and other SR-weak Mons) to either use the Heavy-Duty Boots, or for another Mon to have a mechanism (i.e. Defog, Rapid Spin) to get rid of hazards. If you're using such a Mon, you're almost certain to have one or the other - in which case, stacking another hazard on top wouldn't make much difference. And personally, I don't think adding a new hazard that only impacts Floating Mons is an excessive burden, given that all hazards but Stealth Rock exclusively impact Grounded Mons.
  15. For the record, I don't think it's wrong to consider, I just wouldn't see a fan of it being implemented. And I do think we already have some of the "type mixing", in the form of Dual-type Pokemon. You mentioned Fire/Rock as a "Lava" type, and the most notable Pokemon with that typing, Magcargo, is in fact made of lava! I don't think it's wrong to consider how two types would mix with each other, and what sort of Pokemon would come out. I just disagree with the convention of granting new type names to certain combinations, since I think it obscures the (relative) simplicity of the existing system.
  16. I mean, sort of? It'd certainly be a serious change to the meta for, say, Centiskorch to go from taking 1/2 upon entry to only 1/8. And ironically, some "floating Mons", like Volcarona and Charizard, would benefit from such a change, whereas others (Magnezone, Gliscor) would clearly suffer. Easy, just put a Teddy Bear in a serafuku. Cute and anthropomorphic without being Jynx levels of weird.
  17. The Beast could be a neat choice! Perhaps some of his household servants could play into his moveset? Say, a fire attack using Lumiere, or slowing down time with the help of Cogsworth. As for Kingdom Hearts, I could see them getting a rep like Sora. I refrained from including him in my own list, because A) he's not a cartoon character, and B) I'm not sure if Square Enix would put up any hurdles to his inclusion. That said, he'd be the "missing link" between Super Smash Bros. and Untitled Didney Fighter.
  18. It's always weird seeing flying classes in the arena. Like, bringing your steed into battle with you doesn't exactly seem like a fair fight. Then again, I guess cutting down on class diversity would make the 3H arena even more of a snoozefest. Disappointed she doesn't use the chance to train her battle cry, a la Caspar. The custom meal dialogues are one of my favorite little touches. Sometimes I'll go out of my way for them, even though it does hardly anything gameplay-wise. Cool, I may have to check that out when I return to Awakening.
  19. Thanks for the tip! I played a lot of Awakening, but never really got into the optimal strategies (i.e. lowmanning, Nosfertanking, Galeforce). So I didn't make it far inrmto Lunatic. Maybe I'd enjoy it if I played it smarter.
  20. Every attack available to the player is "supposed to kill". Believe it or not, enemies requiring two player-phase units to kill (rather than one) actually forces the player to make use of more of their units. If I have two units, and neither can get the kill on an enemy, then chipping said enemy down with Hunter's Volley for the other one to finish is certainly a good contribution. And, as I demonstrated, even some of the sturdiest enemies in Maddening can be one-rounded, if you come at them with the right setup. I haven't played it much. I don't find it gives the player the same amount of tools to deal with enemies as 3H does, and encourages the player to simply grind up to meet enemy benchmarks. That said, I may have to give it a proper try some day. Exactly my point. You're able to build the unit in question to one-round, but you choose not to, because the supporting resource is needed elsewhere. For my part, I also have a Shamir who isn't one-rounding with Hunter's Volley. Perhaps if I'd picked up Death Blow, she would. But that would mean building an Axe rank I had no use for otherwise, and either forgoing Hit +20 from Archer mastery, or delaying Sniper mastery. I chose to forgo Brigand, in order to get a weaker HV, but sooner. In this way, the game presents an opportunity cost trade-off, and forces the player to balance what they want immediately versus in the long-term. I personally like this kind of design, but you may disagree, and that's fine.
  21. Full disclosure: according to this other source, Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens suggested that, should Virginia secede, then Richmond could become the Confederate capital. It's not clear whether that actually swayed their decision to secede, though. A Virginia-based capital may have been just as desirable to the existing Confederate polity, as it was to the Virginian delegates themselves.
  22. Montgomery, actually. Right state, wrong city. Thanks for the numbers. Admittedly, enemy Swordmasters with Quick Riposte may still present an issue. Huh. I had forgotten that we didn't see the (presumable) tip of the Sreng Peninsula. The move occured after Virginia's secession (which I don't believe was ever conditioned upon such a relocation). This source suggests the move was made for historical and industrial reasons.
  23. I'd rather we move away from the "if it lives in the water, it needs to be Water-type" mould. That line of thinking is part of why Water is the single most abundant typing in the series. Plus, Fishing and Surfing are less interesting when everything you can encounter that way is of the same type. I'm really glad that recent generations gave us Mons like Stunfisk and Dhelmise - creatures that live in the water, but escape having the Water typing. Also "Water/Poison platypus" is just the Platypet line from Temtem. Alternatively, Floating Mons could take extra damage from Hail and Sandstorm. 1/8 per turn, instead of 1/16. Maybe also introduce "upside-down Spikes" - some kind of entry hazard that only affects floating Pokemon. This could actually build off your weather idea: have a "Stormcloud" hazard that deals 1/8 damage to Floating Mons upon entry. With a second layer Paralyzing them as well.
  24. So to be sure, then, clicking Hunter's Volley isn't an instant kill, but rather is a tool whose effectiveness depends on working with other tools (i.e. the right skills, weapon, battalion)? That seems like good design to me. Also, are you sure you're as optimized as you think you are? Could you have attached a stronger battalion? Given your Sniper an attack-boosting adjutant? Or maybe used Rally Strength, to really push them over the edge? The point is, Maddening's sky-high enemy stats force the player to look through all the tools at their disposal. For my part, I was able to one-round both Dimitri and Edelgard on Groder II (with Sylvain and Constance, respectively), without any crits or Crest activations. I'm not gonna say "enemies that none of your units can one-round with a brave combat art" aren't out there, but they're few and far between. Re: Poison Strike on Archers, I don't see it as a bad thing. It's more an incentive for avoid-stacking than anything else. My interpretation is, Dierdrieu is the capital of Riegan Territory. And since House Riegan is the "head" of the Alliance, it's the de facto capital of the Alliance. Were Count Gloucester the Head instead, then the capital would likely be in Gloucester territory. That said, it does seem in a weirdly vulnerable position. Then again, the Confederates put their capital within spitting distance of Washington D.C., so... Well yes, but actually no. This part never sat right with me. The Alliance's whole foundation was upon a rejection of the Kingdom's King's... king-ness. Now, the other noble houses are willing to accept the rule of a crown prince who's been emotionally stable for barely two months at this point? Alas, the writers wanted all routes to end with a united Fodlan, I suppose. Green units scale on Maddening, just like generic enemies. She'll be fine. ...Maybe. Maybe Albinea? I don't think we meet anyone from there, but we do get some of their seeds, at least. I imagine chilly Albinea would want for crops that only grow in Fodlan's warmer clime. Perhaps they could supply their own plants, or ore, in return?
  25. Very true. And possibly some other Flying-types who are consistently depicted with grounded sprites and/or models (i.e. Delibird, Chatot, Hawlucha). That said, balancing may be a consideration - outside of certain terrain-abusing sets, "Float = True" is a broadly preferable state of being.
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