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  1. There's technically an argument out there that "reinforcement who shows up after player phase on turn X" is more friendly to the player than "reinforcement who shows up before player phase on turn X". In the former version, you can use "turn X" to block the forts, or wherever the spawn is gonna ambush you from. In the latter, you can get next to the fort, but then you have to attack the reinforcement (who has terrain advantage). And even if you kill them, another will show up the next turn. Then again, that's a really dumb argument. The only good ambush spawn is a dead one. Clearly, it's your fault for leaving Elise in the range of no enemies. Danger-free zones are the most susceptible to being ambushed, after all!
  2. And now I can't get the image of Dheginsea with a poofy greenish-black pompadour out of my head. Thanks for that. Maybe one of Altina's ancestors could play a pivotal role in the rebellion, too? And the main villain could be related to a not-yet-born Soan.
  3. So over in General Gaming, @Lord_Brand put some of his ideas for an Awakening remaster out there. While I don't like it as a business or a series move, I'm always one to play ball on theorycrafting. So what would I want to see out of it? All DLC included in the base game. This is what makes a definitive edition, well "definitive", and sweetens the pot both for series newbies and fans of the original release. Full voice acting. The base game could only let Chrom exclaim "Gods!" so many times. Full voicework was one of the biggest presentation improvements Echoes brought us, and Three Houses proved that it can exist in a game with lots of supports. Adjusting Pairup system to be Fates-like. There's no question that Awakening's Pair-Up system is absolutely broken mechanically. Love it or hate it, there's nary a reason not to be paired-up. Fates, though, in differentiating Attack and Guard Stances, not only provided a motive to leave units unpaired at times, but also made their activations deterministic (and, thereby, something to strategize around). Adjusting Reclass system to be Fates-like. The Second Seal was a really cool innovation of Awakening, but Fates took it further with the Partner and Buddy Seals. By letting units reclass to match their support partners, suddenly most characters can make it into nearly any class! A few new supports for Robin-sexuals. Stuff that would make sense, like Say'ri-Virion and Lon'qu-Lucina. Maybe some with the FreeLC units, like "Yenfay"-Say'ri and Walhart-Chrom, too. These could just cap at A-rank, I'm not demanding any new romances. Or am I? Same-sex romantic options for Robin. I'm thinking two bisexual characters each from the "Corrinsexuals", the "big breeding pool", and the "junior generation". I'm not specifying who because, well, I don't want to start a shipping war. Skin tone options for Robin. Light/Medium/Dark. Maybe more if they feel like it. This seems like such a no-brainer for an intended "Avatar" character, particularly one whose "canon" skin color differs significantly from that of their biological father. These are the main changes that came to my mind. Bad ideas, or good? Asking too much of IS/Nintendo, or too little? Lemme know! This would be a rather radical change. By "Genealogy style", do you mean "it's just the kids doing the fighting now", or "big old multi-castle maps"? In a game that never asks you to Sieze anything, a map that wants you to Sieze multiple castles in a row would feel kind of jarring. TBH a "Thabes map", or even sequence of maps, as one of the FreeLC Paralogues would be pretty cool.
  4. Now I don't think an Awakening remake is in the best interests of the series. It sold incredibly well on a highly successful system that's been dead not even three years yet. Most people who would want to play Awakening either already have it, or have a way to play it. It's not a scarce game (like either Tellius title), nor does it belong to a failed system (like the Wii U). So a remaster would be kind of redundant. Not to mention, even if they were to improve the graphics and add full voice acting, the lack of a dual screen interface has the potential to make the resulting presentation worse overall. That said, I am game to theorycraft. But any further discussion should probably go on the "Thoughts on remakes in general" thread in General FE.
  5. Titania: "Am I a joke to you?" Anyway, ledges also appear in 2-3 (the Crimean Knights and yellow units aplenty chapter) and 3-12 (where you technically have Fiona). Save for Renning, I think every horseback unit can potentially be fielded in at least one outdoor map with ledges. Every remake thus far has had some shade of reclassing, so I wouldn't be surprised to see this in a potential Tellius remake. That said, would it make the laguz even less interesting, for them to remain class-locked while their beorc brethren can class-change? Or should laguz get a class change option as well?
  6. Yes, but that requires you to actually *shudder* move your armor knight. The player should be rewarded for the tedium it takes to get an Armor Knight to actually face the enemy. Anyway, I wouldn't go as far as saying "Armors immune to everything but effective weaponry and magic", but I do think something like "Armors take half damage from non-effective weaponry" or "Armors immune to physical crits" could be interesting. Radiant Dawn is the one game without dismounting that feels like it should have it. It's still a trade-off: take a turn to dismount, then climb up the ledge, then another turn to re-mount. Oh yeah, and ledges do occur in outdoor maps, like the Part I map where you meet Tauroneo, Zihark, and Jill, or the Part III map where you climb up the mountain with Kyza and Lyre. As for effective weapons in general, yeah it'd be nice to see more of them. What's the point of working towards a "Horse Effect Null" skill in 3H, when no enemies have anti-cavalry weapons? Two requests, though: rename Horseslayers to the more elegant Ridersbane, and give Fates-style warning markers to denote where the effective weaponry is. Or at least give the player the option to flip the warnings layer on/off.
  7. Dark Holy Elf must be FE7 Luna over here, because He don't miss! ...Ahem. If the notion is "other units (namely those with a Javelin and non-terrible Res) are better at taking out the Shamans than Lucius is", then I'd agree. However, the point here is between Lucius and Erk. The weapon triangle provides a strategic incentive to bring Lucius over Erk (as we've seen the numbers to back it up). Without it, there's no substantial performance difference, it's just a matter of who you like better. And the converse is true too - the triangle disincentivizes Lucius (relative to Erk and Canas) on the Anima-heavy chapter 19x. TBH I'd be game (assuming no reaver tomes) for tomes to just get a flat double triangle effect, relative to weapons. IMO that'd be enough to make the difference stand out more, without rendering disadvantaged units completely hopeless.
  8. That's an interesting concept. The series has waffled between "being able to use magic is a rare skill that only certain people innately possess" and "with the right training, anyone can wield magic - some are just more inclined than others". In some cases (i.e. the DS games with full reclassing), you can have the former in-narrative and the latter in-gameplay. So the notion of a Librarian class seems to lean into the former paradigm. I do like the idea of a physical attack with tomes. Maybe high-weight tomes could do more damage (i.e. Wt as a stand-in for Mt)? Apparently I was still being ambiguous. When I said "Jakob's base class would be Servant", I meant in the same sense that one might say "Xander's base class is Cavalier". His actual joining class would still be Butler, but the Servant class would inform his starting skills and reclass options (Chef, rather than Strategist). And I'm just now realizing that I called Fates' Strategist "Valkyrie" upthread. I can get renaming the class (no gender-locks), but did they have to choose something both super-generic and reminiscent of Robin's base class?
  9. Crack Theory: The eponymous Sacred Stones are the same five gems in the Shield of Seals in Archanea and Ylisse. "But four of them were destroyed in FE8, which must take place before Awakening because DLC, where they exist!" Well, obviously the five heroes of Magvel stole them from a post-Awakening Ylisse and brought them back to a Magvel of their own time, and used them to contain the Demon King. So two sets of the same stones existed for a time, albeit in largely non-intersecting worlds. Hey, it worked for the Infinity stones, right?
  10. So to be clear, I'm not saying "Jakob should be able to reclass to Servant", but rather that "Jakob's base class would be Servant, and he would come with the associated skills". Conceivably, you could do the same with Felicia and Flora, although doing so would leave you with no Troubadour or Valkyrie options in Birthright. And in Conquest, the line would become much scarcer, with only Elise and Forrest representing it. TBH I wasn't even thinking of "Chefs use cookbooks", but the much simpler "Chefs use fire". Your rationale is better, though.
  11. Thanks! I'm not strictly opposed to "Troubadour -> Maid/Butler", since Valkyrie is the only promoted mounted class with staves. But it's a clear case where one promotion makes more stylistic sense than the other. I wouldn't necessarily change the pseudo-prepromote thing Jakob and Felicia have going, but maybe Jakob (and Dwyer) could switch their "base class" to Servant. Anyway, the one thing Nohr seemed to be missing was a first-tier Knife class. And Knives/Tomes is one of the combinations that doesn't yet exist in any class. Functionally, I see this class as being more support-oriented, with little offensive output of their own, but the ability to debuff and otherwise provide support. I could see them as particularly troubling in enemy hands - say there's one next to a higher-level boss. If they have "Hidden Help", you can't target them, while their other skills heal the boss and prevent you from debuffing them. As for Chef, yeah it's a strange class, but Fates was the game to introduce Maids and Butlers and said "this is okay. This is a good stylistic direction for the series." I like the notion of these support classes! A Librarian who can buff other tome-oriented units is pretty cool. I do think it'd make sense for at least the promoted version to wield tomes - who's heard of a librarian without books of their own?
  12. These classes would fit into the Fates system: Servant Description: A domestic servant who serves up hot tea and sharp daggers with equal aplomb. Wields: Knives (B) Promotes to: Maid/Butler, Chef Lv. 1 Skill: That's the Tea: Restores up to 20% HP to all adjacent allies upon ending this unit's movement. Lv. 10 Skill: Hidden Help: Cannot be targeted by the enemy while adjacent to a higher-level ally. Chef Description: An experienced servant who uses knives and magic to deliver dishes most delicious. Wields: Knives (A), Tomes (B) Promotes from: Servant Lv. 5 Skill: Battlefield Banquet: Doubles the mess hall modifications of all on-field allies. Lv. 15 Skill: Secret Ingredient: Grants immunity from enemy-inflicted debuffs to all adjacent allies.
  13. I don't see how "enemy quality" is really part of the discussion. Like, sure the boat map Shamans may be weak (save for Novala), but I'd usually rather have Lucius face them than Erk, mainly due to the magic triangle. It's not as though enemy Shamans have such bad stats that Erk is securing 100% hit rates against them. As for Sacred Stones, it's far from guaranteed that every unit will be using a Sacred Twin, and their limited uses dissuade using them exclusively. If I've trained up two Anima users, only one of them can wield Excalibur at a time. So, the other one will likely find more success using Light tomes, at least against Dark-magic monsters. And yeah, FE7 Luna is very good, but it still has worse hit rates against Light-magic users (and better against Anima users), which is at least one marginal way to distinguish the magic types.
  14. I've been playing Genealogy on the Switch this way. I've played it twice before in English, but this is the first time in Japanese. Combining my knowledge of the English-language names with my ability to read kana scripts, it's not too hard to navigate. This is also the one game that I've really gotten into playing in "tabletop" mode, with one Joycon functioning like a miniature SNES controller. I set it down near the end of Act I, but I'd really like to get back into it.
  15. Building off of this, Dew really likes getting a magical sword. He'll do more damage with it, but more to the point, he'll be able to attack at 2-range. Not only increasing the number of targets he cam go far, but also letting him rob most enemies without fearing a counter-attack. Thus widening his pool of viable, safe targets, to include many Commanders with 3K gold. Also, remember that the "Give" command provides EXP regardless of how much Gold you're giving. The more often Dew is giving Gold, the more experience he's getting. That said, there can be a motive for him to finish a chapter with at least 20K gold, so that he can buy the Paragon band (and try it out in the Arena) next chapter. Speaking of Arena - Dew can equip the Miracle Sword. It's tricky to pull off (female unit breaks the sword, Dew buys and equips the broken sword, then pays to repair it while equipped), but it can provide him an extra avenue to cheese the Arena. Just know that equipping another Sword will render it un-equippable until it's broken again, so he should probably sell it once he's cracked the Arena. All this applies to Patty/Daisy as well, excepting the Miracle Sword genderlock.
  16. It's usually a marginal effect, but I honestly like how, say, the Boat map in FE7 gives an incentive to bring Lucius over Erk. And in Sacred Stones, it provides a motive for Sages to train in Light (for WTA over certain lategame monsters). Without the triangle, magic types become even more samey. And to the common refrain "well magic types should be differentiated further at a fundamental level", I firmly agree, but having a WTA system isn't preventing that sort of change from happening. I think this is sorta what Heroes does, since tomes can be Red, Blue, or Green (functioning akin to the Fates triangle). I generally liked Fates' triangle system, but I'm conflicted - Shurikens were already useful, and WTA plus oft-high Res just made Ninjas perfect anti-mages, perhaps to a fault. Then again, that just made Calamity Gate all the more valuable as an anti-Ninja tool. Either way, I'd be game for more experimenting that further differentiates magic type, without establishing a clear dis/advantage hierarchy.
  17. I'd actually call the class "Master of all trades, jack of none". It has a a coveted A rank in all weapon and magic types, save for Light and Dark. Plus, built-in Pursuit in a game where that's a matter of limited acess. Their two "weaknesses" are coming from a mediocre class in Prince(ss), and that neither of its users get a legendary weapon. That said, literally any other character in the game (save for the Dancers) would be improved by trading in their existing class (or promotion) for Master Knight. Classic armors would still be better against high-res, low-def units, like Pegasus Knights or most staff-users. Or in cases where the enemy has anti-magic tools, like Silence or a Magic Seal. As a math major in my own right, I can confirm that studying math has nothing to do with math. At a certain point, you stop using numbers and have to navigate a minefield of Greek letters. This would be cool. "Barrier/Ward" and "Pure Water" are series standards at this point, but staves or consumables that provide a temporary stat boost in any area outside Resistance are a rarity at best.
  18. I think when I originally responded, my mind must've filled in "see" in the title. I didn't notice anything amiss until Jotari pointed as much out. FE4 Barons are such lazy fucks. Instead of giving bosses variable classes based on their preferred weapon type, they make nearly every gate-sitter a Baron and call it a day. That said, Iron Mages would be a welcome addition, either as an independent classline or a potential promotion for Mages or Armor Knights. Three Houses could've done this (the main game gave us mage cavalry, while the DLC introduced flying mages), but they seemingly decided that Armor classes and Axes had to be joined at the hip. But yeah, "physically bulky mage who is slow and vulnerable to other Mages" definitely piques my interest.
  19. That's how I would do it, personally, for consistency with what's established. Additionally, male units who, when reclassed to Mage, get the generic Mage spell list (i.e. all Soldiers, Archers, and almost all Cavaliers) should also get the generic Cleric list when reclassed to Cleric. So the only ones getting original lists would be the Villagers (Gray, Tobin, Kliff, Atlas) and the Mercenaries (Saber, Kamui, Deen, Jesse). Conrad, I could see going either way, since he has a non-generic Mage list, but could only become a Mage or Cleric via Pitchfork. So, that's 8 or 9 dudes to figure out. As far as Invokes go, it'd be neat to see new classes show up. To my knowledge, we currently have Soldiers, Pegasus Knights, and Dread Fighters that can be invoked. Archers could be a neat introduction, as could Mages (since generic Mages are virtually nonexistent). I'd give Invoke Mages to one of Alm's villagers (since he doesn't get any guaranteed Mages until Act III) and Invoke Archers (Snipers?) to one of Celica's Mercenaries (since Leon is usually the only Bow-user on that side).
  20. This could be neat! How about an Ice Mage that freezes water tiles, making them traversable to infantry classes? This appears to be what they were going for with the Mercy skill in Radiant Dawn, but it came at the least convenient time possible. I wonder, would Mercy have been better if it came earlier, on someone like Sothe or Titania? That said, I think the most notable use for this kind of art comes in Shadows of Valentia - by subduing Delthea, you can keep her alive while halting her attacks. How about another "FE6 Merlinus" type? For one, I think the notion of linking the Convoy to a particular (non-Lord) unit is a cool one. Second, the ability to "die, but come back" is a really great one. It allows him to function as a "lure" unit that can draw in foes on enemy phase. Either of these powers would be great to see return. The one change I'd like to see is for a neo-Merlinus to gain meaningful experience and stats - maybe in an FE7 style (by surviving the map), or perhaps interacting with the Convoy could itself grant EXP (up to a certain per-map limit).
  21. One observation I've heard - that manifested in my own playthrough - is that one of her attacks always goes for Dimitri (if he's in range). Was this accurate to your experience, or not? I wonder if it would've worked better if she were a two-phase boss, such as Ashnard in HM PoR? Defeat her in human form, and then she transforms into the Hegemon, potentially spawning reinforcements as well. Then again, that "surprise" factor is widely condemned in other chapters (like the Petradetta paralogue), so maybe this wouldn't be appreciated. There's an interesting question here: was Edelgard legitimately attempting a sneak attack to kill Dimitri, and salvage her own chance at ruling? Or was it a "suicide by cop" maneuver, to save herself from having to surrender? The game doesn't provide an explicit answer, and I honestly like that. How about something that has no gameplay function, but is instead an unlockable that you can set upon the mantel, so to speak? Like a "Memory Prism" that can be viewed from the main menu, or an item that can change its bearer's epilogue script? Personally, I think the chapter/battle names are generally quite strong in this game. "Rumors of a Reaper" is some fire alliteration, and so is "Mutiny in the Mist". It's at least better than Fates, where the devs figured "what do we call this chapter? Eh, let's just name it after the boss." To the effect that looking up "Takumi" on the wiki can refer to either the character or the Conquest chapter. That said, giving the chapter one name, and the month-ending battle another, is... clumsy, to say the least. A dark thought - maybe Flayn went into "suspended animation", like she was before the game? She could be gone without Seteth fearing for her safety. Alternatively, Seteth's accepting her adulthood and independence could be a form of character development. One of the biggest holes in AM's story, honestly. That and the Slitherers. Both are addressed in SS/VW, but those routes lack the strong character story of AM. So it's all trades-off. It doesn't say what they were penning to each other, though. How do you think people did phone sex before phones were a thing? That said, quite a few endings leave a relationship (particularly a same-sex one) up to interpretation. Some are explicit, but not this one. Beautiful pun. Alas, Point-Blank Volley is one hell of a drug. Dimitri could've had more points with Professr, Felix, or Sylvain than he did with Dedue. But Professr's relationship comes down to player choice, while Felix-Sylvain could've had more points than either Felix-Dimitri or Sylvain-Dimitri. Still odd that Dedue beat out Ingrid, though. Perhaps they chose not to get married until they'd "cleaned up" the world a bit in the aftermath of the war? Not sure if anything in the "confession" scene contradicts this. Congratulations. I know the ratings are still to come, but I've really been enjoying this ride.
  22. Building off of this, I actually got like three "Game Overs" on the Chapter 1 Mock Battle in Maddening Mode, due to either Teach or Claude dying. I'm really not sure why Divine Pulse isn't an option there (since the game established the ability in the post-Prologue cutscene). Alternatively, losing either of those units could just result in an alternative scenario, wherein one of the other houses wins the mock battle.
  23. Maybe? I don't necessarily see the need to introduce a "ram" when the ability to destroy barriers by attacking them is already well-established. But the "escort/protect a green unit with a unique power" maps can be interesting amd memorable, so long as the AI is competent. I'm imagining something like RD 2-3, where the gate is flanked by a couple hard-to-reach ballistae, and reinforcements keep coming for you. So you can split people off to deal with the reinforcements and/or ballistae, but then you have fewer whittling down the gate.
  24. I'm guessing chapter 2 LOL. Maybe they thought a "beating down the gates" map would be boring design? I think it could be pretty interesting for a future title - say, there's one Gate spanning over 3 tiles, with an absurdly high durability (i.e. 999 HP), and you have to keep attacking it to its breaking point. Seems like a "pick your poison" between "why do they return to static poses immediately?" and "why do they keep making that dumb gesture the whole time they're talking?" These models are frustratingly limited. Cutscene machine broke.
  25. All reinforcements are bastards. That's why Echoes is the least unfair FE game. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Not my cabbages!
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