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  1. I'm in the minority here but I like Fire Emblem 4's 80's Anime style because it reminds me of LOGH. I also like Fire Emblem 5's art-style and the portraits did use a bit of cel-shading. Same with Path of Radiance.
  2. I think S-Rank Swords is better as the res boost stacks with Pure Water and Barrier and will make Demon Light do almost no damage and you can freely wail at Formittis or force him to attack you at melee. Don't quote me on that though since i'm still stuck on that damn chapter.
  3. lmao that chapter completely screwed up My Seth Solo and I had to turtle like a mofo. I'm still stuck on The final boss because Seth can't handle that many enemies without getting completely raped. Sigurd doesn't even need to worry about that because Tyrfing is all he needs to make quick work out of Reptor's Squad.
  4. Honestly it isn't as easy to criticize his support lists as it is with his units list considering everyone has different opinions on certain characters so in a way I actually like this video. But saying things like "Wendy was good in my last FE 6 run and therefore is a really good unit and one of the best in the game and needs to be appreciated more" is simply wrong whether it's an opinion or not. Personal experience doesn't justify a unit's worth but it can be used to back up an argument on favorite supports since different supports connect with different people. Also Generals are better than Paladins and Generals are the best class in all of Fire Emblem in all of Fire Emblem
  5. FE 3 Book 2 is still worth playing even if you played FE 12 simply because of how different both games are from eachother. The amazing Level design is undermined by how weak the enemies are but it is still it isn't too easy. FE 3 book 1 sucks. FE 5 is amazing if you enjoy being raped by a Fire Emblem game(if you are playing blind) many of the mechanics are very well-implemented such as Capture and Fatigue and the level design is top notch.
  6. lmao you were the guy that got banned by Mangs right?

    1. Lord Tullus

      Lord Tullus

      Yes. I just wrote a really long and heartwarming explanation... Dammit. Why is there no extension option?

    2. Valkarian


      yeah I was elitewhale during Ghast's FE 4 stream

  7. Lord Tullus, Have I seen you on ghast's stream? You were the guy who got banned by Mangs right?
  8. As much as I dislike Awakening, it was the game that kicked off my Fire Emblem fandom so I will give it props for doing that much, and i still have fun with it even if such occasions are rare. However, as much as i hate to admit it, the older FE games have their problems as well. Poor Balancing in the case of Fire Emblem 3, 4 and 6 with mounted units dominating 4 and 6 (GBA FE's and FE 4 and FE 9 mounted units are just flat-out better than unmounted units) and the large chunk of pre-promos in FE 3 and 12 being useless (more so in FE 12). FE 7 is overrated to hell and back as the game just feels like a dumbed down version of FE 5 with maps that don't hold a candle to Thracia or New Mystery. Speaking of Thracia, the game also has fairly poor balance due to Warp Abuse. Radiant Dawn has terrible balancing due the availability of most units just being garbage. Sigurd and Seth cheese their games harder than Warp Abuse or Awakening Pair up ever could. And I personally hate lower growth rates as it increases the likelihood of your units getting RNG screwed. (FE 12 and 3ds FE's avoid this problem to an extent). Also a large portion of Armor Knights, Archers and early-game fighters in older FE games flat out suck. While the story, and level design of older FE games and FE 12 for the most part are of higher quality than the new ones (Revelations as an example of how to make the most boring maps in Fire Emblem ever) the older FE games aren't exactly perfect in comparison.
  9. FE 2 Alm bcoz 5 range bows FE 4 Sigurd because Sigurd is god on wheels. If you don't field Sigurd it was either a mistake or a self-imposed Challenge. Also props to Celice for basically becoming Sigurd 2.0 with the right inheritance. FE 8 Eirika because she's hot and Ephraim because he is a bad ass and because wincest FE 10 Ike bcoz he fights 4 his frends FE 12 Marth bcoz lol growths and I guess you could count Chris since it's game over if he dies and he is a god FE 13 Robin bcoz lol Robin
  10. Don't quote me on this but I don't think Cheats matter because the manner in which you get the shards is much more different than the process to get regular items. The obtaining of the shards are scripted an therefore when using cheats the game will recognize them as regular items and not star-shards. Just play until you get to "Mystery Revealed" and if you don't get the starsphere even after using the cheat(which should be on GameFaqs) then you can do what I did and continue playing, or restart If you REALLY want that good ending.
  11. When's FEE3? Because I don't trust IS to make FE Generations. If it was a fan made mod. I would even pay for it since if it's going to be a fan-service game, we need polls on SF and other Forums to determine who would be the Jeigan/Oifey (probably Sigurd) and who would be the lord that represents each Archetype. That would be amazing.
  12. Aideen seems to have like a harem going on for her. Azel, Dew, Jamke, Midayle. She makes all those oblivious anime main char.s jealous. I really like Safy and Lifis though i wish they had an ending together. So i guess it's julian and lena
  13. -FE 12 has the best level design in the series -Fatigue should be brought back in the new games -FOW FE 5-12 was way better than FOW in Revelations -Capturing's iteration in Fates sucks big time -Revelations chapter's are fun (only if you are shit-faced drunk with a bunch of buddies playing elevator music during Sumeragi's chapter) -Gaiden was the most innovative game in the series -Catria is better than Palla in FE 12 (atleast in H1 and H2) -Brighton is the most underappreciated character in the entire series -Manster chapters were the best part of FE 5 -Valm arc was the best Arc in awakening (gameplay wise) -Tharja sucks as a character and as a unit -Canto should burn in hell -Swordmasters are overrated
  14. Birthright has shit maps but a less shit story Conquest has solid maps but a shit story Revelations has the worst maps in FE history and a shit story Pick your poison really if you wanted the same challenge Conquest provides just play FE 5 or 12 seeing as how both have better map design without having to rely on shitty gimmicks like the windtribe or the Kataro maps. Thracia has more nuanced mechanics then Conquest and New Mystery, whereas FE 12 has the best difficulty curve in the series and is more simple than both while still having superb map design and enemy placement. All 3 games suffer from balance issues but all FE games are imbalanced so it shouldn't count against any of them.
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