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  1. I don't *think* there is a guide. Jr is obtained after the chapter he appears, if you didn't kill him. I don't remember this chapter enough to give you the greatest advice, but you should have equipment to do extra damage to merfolk, which should help quite a bit this chapter. I don't think the jellies attack if you don't approach, and the sleep effect shouldn't last long. What's even better is that the jellies will attack enemies too. So you can take advantage of that.
  2. Are you talking about the chapter where the ground disappears? It's been a bit since I played, but I don't think the reinforcements stop. You should have plenty of time to make enough ground before the reinforcements become too overwhelming. Just keep the goal of the chapter your priority, and don't forget you have a flying unit, who is also able to rescue. Also if I remember right, the dog can swim with reduced movement.
  3. hmm I didn't have any problems using VBA, what emulator are you using? There was a pretty nasty bug for the prologue before, but I didn't have any trouble at all this time around so I assume it was mostly resolved. If it comes down to it, the previous page on this thread has a save state you can use to skip the prologue.
  4. Bloodlines may have a long way to go to be completely finished, but it still have plenty of content. Most hacks aren't finished, so the choices will be pretty limited otherwise. Order of the crimson arm is really good, still being worked on. The blade's Legacy is also a good one that is being worked on. Midnight sun is also an excellent hack...but it is incomplete, and not being worked on any further. Still a worthwhile experience.
  5. Well it was fun guys, I've only been around for 3 FEE3s, but I definitely think it was a good run this year. Thanks for streaming, and thanks to the devs! Looking forward to trying these out when I'm more alive and seeing what you guys do with em. Favorite project... hmm. There was a bunch of stuff I really liked, but I would have to say Extinguished Blade or Redux, mostly because they were new to me and have a ton of potential. I've already played Blades legacy, Void's, EN and SoA, so they are not as exciting to see, but as far as content goes it would probably be SoA. I'm loving that the hacks are spreading to other projects tho, especially dem skills!
  6. Just an update, Oresama at PScave is working on an English translation and has been making a lot of progress. Here is a link to the topic over at pscave.com. I noticed my pictures and etc are not working anymore, I will fix them when I have a bit more time. http://www.pscave.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3706&sid=6db5d912e9b84b949699b1b3e159aaab
  7. Same, I am definitely looking forward to seeing this blossom. This had great potential and I already know this is going to end up being an awesome mod.
  8. I enjoyed 3A, but I did not play 3B so I will give ya some better thoughts on it after I try 3B. RL has been pretty real lately, but I am going to try to play through again withn the next few weeks so I can give ya some better feedback on the character balance too.
  9. Well I mean wasn't that supposed to be the point as well? I thought the war with Arynden was built up and executed pretty well. Everything up until the queen getting murdered was about them, then after the queen was murdered, Arynden took advantage of that situtation in order to covertly infiltrate and prepare for the attack in the final chapter in the act. So it was supposed to feel irrelevant, from Fortuita's point of view anyways, because the Arynden's wanted the focus to be away from the war and more on belle. They even covertly manipulated Seneca and Belle in hopes of infiltrating them unnoticed. When the opportunity arose they struck at their neck and took the staff. I mean as the player's we get information the characters don't have, and we got little hints as to what was going on, but towards the end even owen and sawyer grew suspicious that Arynden was being too quite and wondered what their intentions were. Also it is stated that Seneca does not send even close to a majority of Fortuita's forces after belle, most of the forces are sent to secure the borders and etc.
  10. Definitely interesting lol Yeah, I can't seem to figure a way to win this one, but the skill learning and the skills themselves are amazing. Keep up the good work circles!
  11. urug99

    Elibean Nights

    Hard to take this seriously, when it's april fools and the site is pink =p
  12. Nah, I wouldn't mind giving you some specifics. It will definitely take me some time to evaluate, so I'll proly look at a few characters at a time and post my thoughts. Keep in mind these are just my thoughts, and I'm not really sure what your aim is for the character, but I figure second opinions never hurt. Can you post that savestate for the end of the prologue, without it being comprssed/zipped? I had a hard time getting through without it glitching out, I have linux and it wouldn't let me extract the file with the program I use. It happened at all random times from round 7ish for me. Oh I'm suprised I didn't mention this above, but I loved the prologue. That was a fun and epic way to start off, I hope you are able to debug it.
  13. Yeah, I mean that's probably the best way to accomplish things anyways. Keep progressing and go back and scrub/polish up later. As far as the rewards go, you could always just include one of the permanant items with the other top tier rewards too. That way you get the really useful chapter items, plus one of the permanent item that would carry over. There really is no bad options, so not like it really matters. It's a neat concept too, having to weigh the benefits of having an extra team memeber for the chapter vs the items.
  14. New chapters were a fun ride lol. Seems like you did some polishing of the first 2 chapters too, and I think it came together nicely. Did you alter the characters stats/growths? They seemed much more balanced than before too. Story is enjoyable, characters were well balanced, difficulty is nice. I really enjoyed the difficulty. Considering the situation, it really gives off a perfect amount of pressure. Looks like you fixed the chibis too, but Joro's chibi still has the biggest grin I've ever seen ha. Now the only real criticism I have, was the final bit of dialog seemed rushed, especially comparing it to the quality of the previous chapters. Also, I think the rewards from chapter 3 could use some more balance. I like the top tier reward, main issue is it's only reward that won't carry over to the next chapters, where as the other rewards will provide benefits throughout the rest of the game. I think the best option would be to have all rewards be items/equipment with limited uses, but that's just my opinion. Seriously nice job tho, I have almost no criticism and that's impressive for only a second release. Looking forward to next release!
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