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  1. I'm not sure how to respond to that. Maybe you should put down the Awakening/Fates cartridge, replay the Tellius series and try to actively pay attention this time through. Ignoring all of the details (unintroduced characters, unexplored regions etc.) off the top of my head, the final cutscene from the Radiant Dawn story's secret ending did a fine job alluding to a potential sequel.
  2. It seems like I'm the only one who was interested in the epilogue from Radiant Dawn?
  3. Agreed. Even I don't feel we need a remake right now unless they add in some interesting new features and mechanics (Though I would probably buy it anyway). I'm more interested in a sequel to Radiant Dawn to finish the trilogy and tie up loose ends.
  4. I've recently discovered a lesser known manga called reincarnation no kaben. Very inconsistent writing, in my opinion the definition of average up until around chapter 20 or so. However, I have to give it a recommendation based on the creative premise and the plot twists in the most recent chapters (it appears to be approaching the climax and it's relatively short so far, so I can't say it's a complete waste of time). Definitely worth a read if you're a fan of something like Akame ga Kill.
  5. I can try to give you some advice based on what I remember of the game. I assume you're not going to restart to save Vanessa? In this chapter you should get another flier to replace Vanessa. Keep her save and spoonfeed her levels until you're ready to promote and she can be one of the best units in the game. You'll want to make sure you promote her to Falcon Knight over Wyvern even though you don't have access to triangle attack without Vanessa, as she needs the defense. You should be fine on normal mode, especially with the characters you have, my advice would be to primarily use Kyle, Tana (Falcoknight), Neimi (Ranger), Gerik (he's so strong it doesn't really matter what you promote him to, but since we're already using Neimi, might as well go Heroe dropping Ross), and Tethys. Those are just my suggestions. If you find yourself struggling right now I think you'll have no problem if you stick to training that small core of characters. If you're still struggling free to use Seth and Cormag as well, though it looks like you don't want to use Seth, and they may make the game too trivial on normal mode. Good luck.
  6. I bought some shoes from my drug dealer, I don't know what he laced them with but I'm trippin'.
  7. I want our love to last a lifeti-ime~ Ooh tell me, tell me you'll always be mi-ine~
  8. Maybe I'm missing the part in my post where I went off and wasn't "taking it easy"?
  9. Yeah...no. If you pay attention a good deal of the people complaining about the newer fire emblem games started with Awakening. Hell, I suspect a good deal of them started with Awakening and then played the older games and changed their favorite game so they could pass as an "old-school" fan, which this community seems to put on a pedestal for some reason. This attitude towards the newer games has less to do with an "old-school" fanbase problem and more to do with an attitude problem. In general more popularity = more people = more people with a negative/condescending attitude. There have always been dissenting opinions within the fire emblem community, the problem is now there are more, which means they're more confident and therefore louder.
  10. People coming to a fire emblem board to argue against more fire emblem content.
  11. How much money have you spent on Heroes?
  12. It's a vocal minority. Similar to the loud complaints you hear about Awakening, Fates, or Heroes you will hear complaints about the "over representation" of fire emblem in smash bros. Popular games will receive complaints no matter what, but keep in mind it's mainly coming from a crowd that's bitter about the franchise's success, or jealous that their franchise is under represented and underappreciated in their mind. Don't bother trying to appease them, don't pay them any mind.
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