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  1. Is probably not aware that despite the hype the new Death Note one shot manga still managed to greatly surpass my expectations, as well as the great plot twist at the end.
  2. You will have better luck posting this on a site where the majority of the population isn't broke young adults in college.
  3. I don't know how much you've researched the subject, but there have been very few cases of those in a vegetative state waking up. However, there are also articles here and there online about people in a catatonic state awakening (if only for a brief period). There may be hope for your friend, but if there is not, then you should go, pay your respects. https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn9215-sleeping-pill-may-rouse-coma-patients/
  4. I get triggered when people say it's from Fates. Look at my username history. Where did it come from? I wonder...
  5. I will help you out here. However, you need to be honest with me, as well as yourself. How much are you willing to spend? No price range, an exact amount. What minimum specs do you want?
  6. You will be wasting your own money if you spend $1500 on a laptop without future proofing in mind. As a different example to prove my point, an alienware 17 from 2017 goes for ~800 open box right now and comes with an i7-67/7700, GTX 1070 (this thing came out 2 years ago and will still be able to play games 5 years from now, not to mention it is a model that works with the graphics amplifier, which can further extend its life) 1 TB HDD + 128 SSD Hybrid drive. I understand you probably don't want an old alienware (though you may want the newer ones, they are in your price range and the lunar light machines don't even scream gaming computer, so you don't have to be ashamed to be seen in public with it), however at your price range with your specifications and the assumption that you are not worried about future gaming titles etc. I would recommend you buy one of the previous generation dell XPS machines (make sure it comes with a GPU). You should be able to find one with all of the specs you desire for a fair price, though since it is previous generation, you will not be able to purchase from their site without getting charged much more than it is worth at this point in time.
  7. Wait until near the end of the semester and ask her out, simple. There is no need to listen to anyone telling you to do so right away. Neither one of you is going anywhere, and if she rejects you, you'll want as little time for an awkward rapport to develop. Then you will both have the break to either hang out or cool off.
  8. My dell "gaming" laptop from five years ago was purchased at the time for $800 and it had a 960M, i5, 8 GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD. Imagine what you could get today for that price. Hell, those stats check off all of your boxes in the OP, and that computer today (the last time I checked) goes for $600 new.
  9. If all you want to do is play Skyrim on medium, you are way over budget. Frankly, at that spending point you should be looking for an RTX 2070 on sale price. However, since I assume that's overkill for what you asked for my advice would be to stay under $800. Make sure you have at least four cores, at least i5, don't buy off of ebay/amazon etc.
  10. I loved Fates. I will acknowledge the story was broken in the sense that unless you played all three paths it will not make sense (though this was never a problem for me since I did play every path), however, the maps (especially on Lunatic) and mechanics of the game were some of the most satisfying and fun I have ever had playing a fire emblem.
  11. I do watch cartoons, but I tend to watch cartoons aimed at adults (American Dad, Archer, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Young Justice), occasionally I will watch a disney movie or an episode or so of a spinoff of one of my favorite movies (The Emperor's New Groove, Tangled, etc.). I have nothing but fond memories of cartoons aimed at children, but as I've aged my tastes have evolved in a sense.
  12. No one voted for the sequel as best first game. My post was unclear, but I was trying to recommend that you, if possible (which you implied it was in your first post) should play Path of Radiance first, followed by Radiant Dawn, as the Tellius series is a fantastic introduction to the series.
  13. If you are dedicated to finding them and patient they aren't over $120 combined used (assuming they don't use dolphin, homebrew, etc.). I assume the original poster can figure out that since Radiant Dawn is a sequel, they would play that after Path of Radiance. If they enjoy PoR and want to play another game afterwards, Radiant Dawn is a great choice. Radiant Dawn is certainly not one of the much harder FE games assuming, from what the poster said, they are newcomers, and smart enough to know their limits, and not attempt Hard Mode on their first playthrough.
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