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  1. No one voted for the sequel as best first game. My post was unclear, but I was trying to recommend that you, if possible (which you implied it was in your first post) should play Path of Radiance first, followed by Radiant Dawn, as the Tellius series is a fantastic introduction to the series.
  2. If you are dedicated to finding them and patient they aren't over $120 combined used (assuming they don't use dolphin, homebrew, etc.). I assume the original poster can figure out that since Radiant Dawn is a sequel, they would play that after Path of Radiance. If they enjoy PoR and want to play another game afterwards, Radiant Dawn is a great choice. Radiant Dawn is certainly not one of the much harder FE games assuming, from what the poster said, they are newcomers, and smart enough to know their limits, and not attempt Hard Mode on their first playthrough.
  3. The maps in Revelation (and Fates in general) were fun, the story is fairly straightforward, it does nothing to stand apart from the other two paths as its own game save an alternate ending. It is essentially like paying $20 to play Hector Hard Mode. You can decide if that sounds like it's worth it.
  4. Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn are the obvious choice here in my mind. Since you want a family experience, the games can be played on the television screen instead of a small handheld screen, so the entire family can enjoy and give their input while you're playing, and the cutscenes are some of the most detailed and beautiful in the series. The gameplay in Path of Radiance is extremely straightforward and intuitive as far as Fire Emblem games go, and they are both easy enough to be enjoyable for newcomers.
  5. First, if you are a brand new player, you should be fine using Seth, since you probably won't be able to abuse him anyway. Erika's route is easier, however Ephraim's route has the better story (this is not really debatable, the main villain's character in this route is incredible, not to mention the story actually makes sense. However, I suppose in order for the story to make sense you have to have completed Erika's mode already...), maps, and characters (subjective, but it is a fairly common opinion). Not to mention the game is so easy you will probably still be able to do fine on Normal mode (or hard if you like to challenge yourself) in Ephraim's route on your first dry run. I may be biased and valuing gameplay too much, since again, you are a newer player, but I suppose if you want continuity play Erika's route (though you could just look up the storyline for Erika's route and get the same experience, since the gameplay and difficulty is almost insultingly easy, though maybe that's veteran bias).
  6. It's hard to tell if Begnion would be smart enough to consider possessing the sword (how much info do they have, do they know if it's blessed, prf, etc.). After all, these are the same people who left the strongest axe in the world buried in the ground for years (that thing might have helped in the war, would't you think?).
  7. I think you forgot this little guy in your post. (On a serious note if it was a family heirloom would Pelleas not have tried to wield it in his father's wake, then been exposed as a fraud pre Radiant Dawn? Do you believe he would not even try to carry on the family legacy using his father's sword, even if he was a mage?)
  8. Full disclosure: I have not played Three Houses, as I do not own a Switch, I may post an update again after Black Friday when I plan to buy a Switch as well as the game. 1. Lucina (Awakening) 2. Ike (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) 3. Ephraim (Sacred Stones) 4. Caeda (Shadow Dragon) 5. The Black Knight (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) 6. Xander (Fates) 7. Titania (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) 8. Elincia (Radiant Dawn) 9. Neimi (Sacred Stones) 10. Petrine (Path of Radiance) 11. Aversa* (Awakening) 12. Tibarn (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) 13. Nailah (Radiant Dawn) 14. Haar (Radiant Dawn) 15. Serena/Selena (she's a national treasure) I tried to take into account a combination of the characters abilities in game as well as their personalities, supports, memorability, design, etc.15 characters is not nearly enough to do the series justice, but it's always fun to look back at previous threads when posting in one like this and see how my list has changed over time, as well as which characters have withstood the test of time. * = strictly ranking post game, playable version of the character
  9. Best: Laura Bailey as Lucina, very rarely have I seen the english voice actor surpass the original japanese voice. Worst: "Oh Soren, always lost in your books."
  10. Sorry you've had to live like that for your entire life.
  11. In Radiant Dawn when the Black Knight appears, his armor has lost its divine protection after he was defeated by Ike, it's probably safe to assume the same happened to Ashnard's armor. The better question (as stated earlier) is what happened to his sword, as well as the backstory (how in the world did this lunatic receive a divine blessed weapon, why only he can use it, etc).
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