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  1. I tend to over-grind when it comes to SS just for the meme of being so ridiculously overpowered I do want to say this- if you didn't wait until level 15/20 to promote, that could be an issue, however, I've found that you can cheese the last chapter using the sacred weapons really easily
  2. For Sacred Stones- - Make both sides of the route split playable at the same time. Have Seth, Joshua, and a few others go with Eirika, and everybody else go to Ephraim's. - Fix Lyon's inconsistent character across the two routes. -Nerf Seth to give motivation to use the other 3 Cavs in the game
  3. Originally the intent was to do an ironman, without divine pulses. But after 31+ fails, and me wanting to just play the game, I sorta dropped the ironman altogether, which I probably should have updated.
  4. I'm going to go a bit further on the ambush spawns real quick PASS Ambush Spawns It's Garbage. It's BS. It's not fair, it's not fun. I shouldn't get punished for units being able to MOVE THROUGH my tankier units and attack my healers/mages, when I didn't expect those units in the first place.
  5. 85. Drift a forklift 86. Loudly narrate every part of another coworker's job, as if you are a caster for an esports match 87. Putting laxatives in the pizza for the company pizza party
  6. I played through the Black Eagle's path on hard. Now it's time to do what any sane person would do and go in blind on the hardest difficulty, without losing any units (hopefully) That makes enough sense, right? https://twitch.tv/frznheir
  7. Part of me hopes it does, but after what Fates was, I'm hella skeptical. Granted, 3H seems like it's going to be a much better game, but Fates looked like a good game before release as well, so it isn't much to go off by. Would I like for everyone to be happy? Yes. Do I think that Fire Emblem should let that happen? Honestly no, since war doesn't allow everyone to be happy.
  8. Back in the day when Kubrows were first introduced into Warframe, the drop rate for Kubrow eggs was abysmal. Now, getting a Kubrow was mandatory for progressing through the game, and I had been playing for quite some time before the BIG update that changed the game (u7), but fell off the bandwagon for a bit. U14 comes along, introduces Kubrows with a questline for them that, as mentioned previously, was MANDATORY TO PROGRESS PAST EARTH. I grinding one mission nonstop for two weeks grinding for this egg. Two weeks. Now, I ended up quitting the game in 2015 for a bit due to this, (second hiatus from warframe, first one was 2014-late 2015) and didn't re-install until sometime in mid-late 2016, and you know what? I immediately got a kubrow egg. Right off the bat. Another RNG screwed thing in Warframe is farming for Ivara. It took me a month until I caved and just bought her outright. You have to farm specific tiers of spy missions for each part, and they have a small chance of dropping after you complete each obj on a spy mission. each frame has 4 parts, and the missions got increasingly harder as time went on. Screw that farming bros
  9. Zelda x Stardew would be amazing. Alternatively, Hacknet X VA-11 Hall-A
  10. 2111 is one of my favorite albums of all time. I have 2 copies of it on vinyl
  11. Honestly, I could see nearly any Sacred Stones characters supporting with each other. I would have loved to see Amelia supporting with the Renais twins though, as her prior misconceptions about them would have made for excellent conversation fodder. I'm not sure how unpopular or not this opinion is, but I'd like to see some multi-person supports/optional conversations, like the ones for Boyd/Rolf/Oscar in the Tellius games. They don't have to be romantic or romance related (altho some poly representation would be cool I suppose), just three people talking (The trainee trio of Sacred Stones would be great for it, as would the various pegasis trios).
  12. Alternatively you could do something where a character with a special PRF weapon (Ragnell, Raijinto, Seigfried, ect) ALWAYS has the weapon on them, but with that issue you lose an inventory slot. I think it would be cool to have unrestricted access to weapons, however, I think your points are extremely valid, and it would be a cool idea to explore in some manner.
  13. I think there would be ways around this, by having certain characters "prefer" certain weapons. IE; a character who's backstory says they are a trained swordsman CAN wield lances/axe/ect but they would gain lower exp or something when not using the weapon they prefer. Alternatively, have characters who are story important locked into a certain weapon/weaponset during certain events, and make up BS reasons as to why they don't have the other weapons. Clever lying and mechanics can hide weapon locking if they are careful with it.
  14. Keep in mind that sometimes bad cosplays can be more fun than the over-the-top ones! It can be quite funny doing purposely horrible looking cosplays (The Homestuck community is pretty big on those)
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