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  1. I'd rather go with one of the games I own, so no, sorry.
  2. Glad you used those quotations, because yes, that's a blatant lie X) Our mayor has been doing his best to work with the Chargers but Spanos was being rather stubborn.
  3. Man, I'm more confused than when I made this thread D;
  4. San Diegan here, we have given up on the Chargers a loooong time ago and really just do not care. The owner is a known jerk so~
  5. Wow, seventy games for sale on the 3DS and absolutely nothing that interests me. Should've expected this, this seems to be a pattern with Nintendo's sales and me.
  6. Did you play the first one or Future? Cuz I'm with you if you're talking about the OG, that game has aged terribly.
  7. An unexpected character? Now that is actually interesting. Maybe a Tactics character? Like I know we just got Ramza, but there are a few other Ivalice games that aren't represented. Or something from Crystal Chronicles, since that spinoff hasn't been represented. Or hell, it could be Sora since KH is big and all. I'd be a little annoyed if it were him, but whatever. Sure, but I'm greedy and want another one lol. Also I hate VIII and want one from a game I actually like lmao.
  8. Animal Crossing. I sound like a broken record at this point, but Fire Emblem really is the most logical and natural choice for the formula. And with how they did DLC for HW, I feel like the cast could be huge! But there's of course the worry that there'd be mostly Awakening and Fates characters, which would be a shame. I have a feeling that it could be Pokemon, though. There's just so much to work with, and it's one of Nintendo's biggest IPs so...
  9. So I officially have all of the FFT games (except for Revenant Wings I guess), buuut I haven't played any of them. Considering it's an SRPG and all that, I'm sure there are at least one or two fans here at SF. Which game should I start with? I was considering going in release order and playing War of the Lions first, but I wasn't completely sure.
  10. Noctis is a natural fit, they could so some really cool weapon switching for him. Although, and I know I'm the only one, I'd much prefer to see Prompto since I love the idea of a gunner in Dissidia :)
  11. Good to see Kuja back~ A little disappointed that it's not a new character, but he was my fave villain to play as :D
  12. Exactly. It wanted to be so much that it just ended up looking like nothing. If it was his dream game I hope someone else can pick it up and give him the funding, if he's willing to give it a little more focus of course.
  13. The Soul Calibur series. I've tried many of them and just can't see why they are so loved. If I wanna play a Bandai Namco fighter, I'd rather pick up a Tekken game. Also on the topic of fighting games, I pretty much hate everything Netherrealm makes. Especially Mortal Kombat. Mario games just don't do it for me, maybe it's because I grew up with Sonic and just gotta go fast haha. I'm also glad to see that a lot of you share my opinion of FFVIII, it has to be my least favorite game in the series.
  14. I love Kamiya and all, but I have to admit that this felt like one of the more uninspired projects he's had. Still, it's a shame it was cancelled. I would've loved for him to have surprised me.
  15. I think the wiki is just going off the translated base convos. From what I've read, some of them are more romantic in nature toward the end? Kinda?
  16. That's probably the way I'd go, then I'd ask for any tips as needed. Okay this sounds like it could be fun :D
  17. I'll think about it, but I really don't know how to make a playthrough interesting D;
  18. I don't know, is that something there would be interest in? Also it's gonna be a while before I start up FE4, there are some easier games I feel like I should attempt first :)
  19. Added them all! I'm gonna assume that this is to avoid the incest, yeah?
  20. I... Hadn't thought about it lol. I guess a couple?
  21. Go nuts I guess hahaha. And yes, that was me~
  22. So in time I plan on playing through Genealogy, but I wanna make my first playthrough interesting. So, pick my pairings! (Does it really change anything for second generation? I have no idea cuz first playthrough and all.) Lachesis X Beowulf Ira X Alec Fury X Levin Tiltyu X Azel Sylvia X Claude Adean X Midir Briggid X Holyn
  23. This is such a fun idea! I may do this when I do my first FE4 playthrough :)
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