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  1. There should be a game based on Eastern Europe. Admitely I don't know much of historical conflicts that could be a source of inspiration for a plot, but I'm sure that there's a lot, and a game with such aesthetic and lore would be great. -I'd also mention a game with colonialism kind of theme but a lot of people already discussed it.
  2. Now that you mention that, I can see it working but I think Sigurd's story will be mandatory in first playthrough, after it ends there will be two branches so the player can choose if they want to play Seliph or Leif's story first. In the subsequent replays every story can be played separately by choosing through the menu like in Fates; and Seliph story will be locked with the substitute children if first gen is ignored. My main issue is that Thracia is very different from Genealogy, it would work better as a separate game, but if they want to put all together particularly I won't complain.
  3. About the remake: If it's two games in one, I can see it being Echoes, Shadows of Elibe saga, I don't know how they would work Thracia and Genealogy in one game since the mechanics are too different unless they change Thracia or Genealogy mechanics drastically
  4. About Frodo and LOTR: the ring could function perfectly as a Fire Emblem kind of item. Frodo was the one who wasn't corrupted by the ring. An ordinary protagonist could share a role similar to that. Vaan is a (rather badly written) example of that as well. The Fire Emblem could be anything, even a person that could fulfill the role of a secondary lord. Even though I think that when people claim that they want an ordinary lord, they mean that they don't want another person who was very privileged by birth or handled too many things by having special blood, being secretly a god, etc... That's why I think a thief ir rebel like protagonist could fill this concept.
  5. I want to see a false main lead, and again a villain with more importance to the protagonist. Someone already mentioned the false lead concept and it can work perfectly in Fire Emblem. This can go in two ways different ways: 1-Two lords, the blue haired lord and an avatar, they trust each other deeply, a bromance like Chrom and Robin. The blue haired lord starts alright even if a bit generic, but starts taking very questionable political decisions, and then he/she went spiral downhill getting corrupted with power, with no rendemption and the army splits. 3 playable characters will always join avatar, other 3 will always join the villain but there's around 6-8 units that you can more or less pick who side with whose, depending of level of supports or any similar system, and from there the journey continue following only avatar-lord (doesn't need to be an avatar but we all know that IS will make this lord the avatar). 2- First 10 chapters build a traditional blue haired lord and then he dies in Sigurd's kind of way, then the 'true' lord with a more unique personality, who was apparently a minor character, takes place and the 'proper story' begin in the next 20 chapters, with avatar mourning the first but following this Lord's lead. I know Blazing Blade flirted with this idea (Lyn's first chapters, death of Hector's brother) but it could be the main concept of the story pretty much like they develop FE16 inspired in a detail of FE4 lore. _______________________________________ Other than that: 1 . Yes to star crossed lovers. A marriage between two nations that goes wrong since the peace was broken, so both kingdoms enter in war. In this context the lord would be free to romance aka settle to other characters in the end, but the main driving force the protagonist feud with the nation of their ex love. Build their romance and break it tragically. The saltiness would be so great because, with the match making feature so many people would hate the antagonist that is between their favoured pair, and I will be there for all that. The secondary lord, Avatar could be the younger sibling 2. Still following the arranged marriage trope, a lord that starts naive and enters a political marriage with some apparently perfect heir of a more powerful nation, but this marriage goes extremely wrong and the Lord need to run away to save their life joining a rebel faction, and then the story begins (I think this one would work better with a female lord). Two of those ideas could be mixed like the star crossed lovers + false lead, for example, even though they function better separately imo.
  6. A base to Roam and dungeons to explore but not mandatory or as time consuming as the monastery Limited Classes per character I think Fates and Awakening had the perfect class system: except avatar, there's 3-4 class branches per character. Unique, fun classes: bring back shapeshifters, witches, maids butlers or other dagger classes, pirates, bard, summoner etc...
  7. Particularly Mark would matchmake Fiora/Eliwood so Ninian can live and Lyn can have her happy ending in Sacae with either Kent, Rath or Florina
  8. A normal protagonist can work in a lot of ways: * An accidental hero, a protagonist similar to Frodo: a random villager that is in the wrong place in the wrong moment (or correct place in the right moment). For example, a villager that is entrusted or finds the Fire Emblem for whatever reason (a dying person gave it to them; their village was invaded and they stole it from the enemies for survival reasons without knowing what it is), and then to protect the object and their own life, they are put in a bigger journey, on a bigger world. * Another idea is that there's a famine or any problem with supplies in the village where they live, therefore they decide to travel or enlist in the army to get another source of money, tarting the story, with the secondary lord probably being the leader of the army. * A pirate or thief part of a rebel group that wants to take down the king. Similar to Leif and Seliph but without the royal background and they are part of a more organised group, see Avalanche from Final Fantasy for example. They don't want to take the throne but to end the corrupted system, the Lord doesn't even need to be the leader of the group, but probably the most talented or dedicated * The witch's hunt idea can work with a considerably normal protagonist since rebelling and fighting back is a survival responder and wanting revenge is a common feeling in this situation. Sure being magical is not something average, but in that case the lord wouldn't need to be royalty chosen by the gods
  9. I feel you, shoving characters randomly is messy, but Fire Emblem has a playable cast of at least 30 units, and around 40 chapters (counting paralogues), so there's room to make Tharja's parents playable, for example, and have one or two chapters focused on Themis since it's apparently in the borders between Ylisse and Plegia. Considering Chrom's father would be inevitably a major character, his wife making at least a cameo is inevitable; and if the main character is an insider of Grima's church, probably they will know the woman who gave birth to the incarnation of their god aka Robin's mother, it doesn't even need to be a major plot point, she could be a background kind of character like Hellene and Zephiel in Blazing Blade. Completely forgot Nowi. Having her dancing in a tavern and no one suspecting that she is actually a prisoner could be a great nod, even though that would be very tragic 😞
  10. Chrom x Sumia is also not canon. As for the most interesting pairings its a matter of opinion and taste. I will try to answer: Chrom x Olivia Robin x Sumia Vaike x Miriel Maribelle x Donnel Lissa X Virion Ricken X Nowi Panne X Henry Frederick x Tharja Stahl X Sully Cordelia X Gregor
  11. Ok, I think a prequel of Chrom's father would be very interesting, I was actually thinking on it. Other details of Awakening original timeline could make a game, I mean, everything if done well can turn it's own story, but imo the children's story are more fitting a DLC in a possible remake one day. I suppose Lissa turned queen regent of Ylisse once Chrom and his wife died, and Lucina didn't have enough of age to rule yet. Would be nice to see how exactly Chrom died I mean the events surrounding it and what was happening with Robin among all those years, but I think a DLC similar to the Ashe Wolves in Three Houses can answer it, specially because of all the variants in the game, like Robin's second child, Lucina's siblings and Lissa and Chrom's spouses: A dlc could adjust to that; while a totally new game would need to play with too many variants like letting vague who was the previous queen of Ylisse; Lucina's sibling; Morgan's gender; or if Robin had more children... hiding such details will hurt the plot and will result in another disjointed story. For example: Lucina being Robin's child would change the story substantially, and ignoring this would make the plot weird. Morgan being sister of any of the other children aka for example, dunno, Cynthia being child of Grima's vessel who brought destruction to the continent gives another layer to the character that shouldn't be ignored. That's why a DLC covering other stories in future will be the answer. As for Awakening direct prequel covering the Crusades: * The protagonist is Plegian. The story is in the point of view of a Plegian, but here's the thing: Grimleal can't be shown as the good guys since it's basically a satanic group, so I can see two things happening: the protagonist is a reluctant member of Grimleal born into the cult but disagrees with it therefore it's a great opportunity to show the insides politics of Grima's church and that there was nice people there too who wanted to reform the institution, despite everything. Or protagonist a mercenary hired to help his/her country Plegia when it's being invaded and is very critical of both sides. It could be a very gray and political oriented story if done well. * Chrom's father is the antagonist but a complex one. He could be a sympathetic protagonist, or a fanatical religious but with good points * The game starts in Plegia and ends on them marching to Ylisse's throne or something like that. * Robin's mother appear but as a major NPC, show how she escaped away and her role in the Grimleal. Robin appears only as a child, but with ambiguous gender, maybe even with their hair covered by any headpiece Young Validar appears too. They would be the "Zephiel", "Hellene" and "Desmond" of Awakening's prequel. * Someone from Tharja's family as playable character. Small Tharja could make a cameo as well. * Other than that, on "enemy's side" Chrom's mother, members of Maribelle and Sully families would be a great nod, probably their parents or uncles/aunts. * Talking about Maribelle, visiting Themis while they are entering Ylisse would be a great opportunity to expand the world building. Maribelle seemed to like diplomacy but what about her family? * Emmeryn was only a child when it happened. She could appear but it's not like she was plotting to kill people at that age unless she was getting ideas from someone older, I honestly liked this idea of her commiting patricide for the greater good, but the main problem is that the timeline makes this impossible to happen. Frederick was also too young at the time to be a playable character, he is not older than Emmeryn.
  12. I'm a huge fan of Chrom x Olivia even though I think Chrom x Sully is as good, they have a great conversation. But there's no canon even though I think Olivia is more fitting with Chrom and is the one who would make a better narrative storywise, plus she is the most optimal mechanically so it's a win win in everything. The most optimal father for Lucina, Inigo and Cynthia is Robin, period. Even though this is valid for every child since avatar is the most overpowered character. Robin aside, Olivia x Chrom is clearly more optimal, the best father for Cynthia is Henry, since Sumia has -stenght modifier and Henry gives her +2 magic fitting for her, plus Chrom's best skill is rightful king that only Inigo, Morgan and Brady can have. Story wise Sumia is really happier with either Robin or Frederick, she has character development and depht in her conversation with both men and their romance is believable. Olivia is quite good with Chrom, Henry and Lonqi, Robin and Olivia is quite nice as well.
  13. I think Lilina and Fae being legendaries, open room to more units. That said even without stretching there's a lot of possiblities Archanea - Caeda, Kris , Nyna, Hardin. Maybe Camus and Elice. Genealogy - Deirdre, Quan, Ethlyn, Ares, Lewyn. maybe Arvis and Julius if they decide to give it to villains Thracia - Nanna, Eyvel Binding Blade - Guinivere, Sophia, Sue. Maybe Elfinn and Cecilia. Honestly I don't think that Sophia, Sue and Cecilia are less important than Lilina so if being love interest of the protagonist is enough so they should get it too. Specially Sophia that is half-dragon, and Sue who can also recruit two people and is also potentially daughter of the previous heroine Lyn, pretty much like Roy and Lilina. Blazing Blade - Ninian and Nils Sacred Stones - Myrrh, L'arachel, Innes, Lyon and Tana. Maybe Joshua. Tellius - Elincia, Mist, Sanaki and Sothe. Maybe some the leaders of the beasts like: Naesala, Tibarn, Rafiel, Caineghis, Deghinsea Awakening - Lissa, male Robin Fates - Xander, Camilla, Hinoka, Takumi, Leo, Sakura, Elise and male Corrin, basically the royals Three Houses - female Byleth. maybe Yuri. Maybe Rhea if they decide to give the same character a mythical and legendary
  14. Shadow dragon: Elice (staff), Xane ( Dragon), Jake (green bow), Etzel (Red tome) GHB: Beck New Mystery: Marisha (green tome), Nyna (staff), Hardin (cavalry), Arlen (blue tome) GHB: Ymir (axe infantry) Genealogy: Tine (green tome infantry), Arthur (staff infantry), Linda (red tome), Patty (sword infantry), GHB: Amid Thracia 776: Linoan (infantry staff), Den (Lance, wyvern), Salem (blue infantry tome), Amalda (sword cavalry), Eda (GHB). Binding Blade: Elffin (dancer, archer), Noah (Sword cavalry), Elen (Blue tome, infantry), Gonzales (axe infantry), Trec (Lance cavalry GHB) Blazing Blade: Isadora (cavalry), Kent (cavalry), Limstella (Tome), Guy (axe infantry) GHB: Natalie (staff cavalry) Sacred Stones: Neimi (bow cavalry), Forde (Lance cavalry), Colm (Sword infantry), Vanessa (sword pegasus), Kyle (sword cavalry GHB). Echoes: Est (sword flying), Emma (cavalry flying), Jesse (dagger infantry), Mycen (GHB). Path Radiance: Aimee (dagger), Lucia (sword), Ulki, Geoffrey (Lance cavalry), GHB: Brom Radiant Dawn: Nolan (axe infantry), Fiona (lance cavalry), Laura (staff infantry), Ena (colourless dragon), Devdan ( GHB). Awakening: Noire (green bow cavalry), Laurent (mage infantry), Gregor (axe infantry), Kellam (armor GHB), Fates: Mozu (Lance, infantry), Mitama ( staff flying), Kiragi (Bow, flying ), Scarlet (axe wyvern) Asugi (infantry GHB). Three Houses: Dorothea (Tome, infantry), Ignatz (bow, cavalry), Manuela (Staff, flying), Felix (Sword infantry) Hanneman (tome, GHB). CYL 6: Chrom (1st place), Seliph (2nd place), Female Byleth (1st place), Bernadetta (2nd place) Fallen : Fallen Chrom (sword infantry) , Fallen Maribelle (blue Flying tome), Fallen Sumia (Flying Lance), Fallen Sully (Cavalry axe) GHB: Fallen Cherche
  15. Lilina & Cecilia Lilina & Gwendolyn If they decide to add another duo for Lilina with her as the leader this time, she could be paired with her teacher or knight. Cordelia & Chrom could work as well. Pretty sure it would sell.
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