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  1. Reinhardt, Olwen, Miranda, Eyvel, Finn and Sara. And of course, they can always add another Leif or Nanna, like they did with Celica.
  2. Aimee She'd be a dagger user. A dagger with skill like giving lull of follow up to an adjacent unit etc Daisy Another dagger unit. This time she would have a perfect dagger and super speed and defense (since she flees in the games) Natalie A good staff unit, in a horse or pegasus, since she cant walk. Marisha Make her a colourless tome. There's enough staff in Archanea. So I think Yuliya and Marisha should be perfect tomes. Bors Make him a far save armor, there's not much armors in Binding Blade. His hair is too beautiful to be ignored. Artemis A mythical Artemis in th same banner with Anri would be quite cool. Pretty much like they did with Formotiis and Gotoh. Granye I can see her being another staff unit, but they can give her a dagger/knife as well, since It fits a civilian. I just want her, in honestly, regardless of weapon. Randall That would be quite cool having the Cipher characters in Valentia banner. The one I want the most is Randall. There's some more that were mentioned like Jake and Almedha. And some that are obscure just because they are in Thracia: Xavier, Robert, Lara and Amalda.
  3. Well there's ascended Tana with a wyvern so they can give Caeda a wyvern mount in an ascended alt, or Brave alt If she ever gets It one day. In canon I can see it happening only If her Pegasus get injured in battle so she needs to find another mount She is a princess, yes, but I dont see her having every Pegasus at her disposition, seeing that her kingdom was small and not very wealthy, so it means that she got a mount that was available for her at the time, with her pegasus not being an option, in the heat of battle
  4. I think Archanea games will eventually aee a remake like Kanto remakes. It honestly needs It. But not to soon. Probably after Tellius get a remake which means in at least a decade from now. the next one is obviously Genealogy follower but Thracia
  5. New Mystery of the Emblem: Marisha, Yuliya and Jake Shadows of Valentia: Emma or Randal. Ascended Mathilda Genealogy of the Holy War: Daisy. Patty. Laylea. Edain. Hannibal (for another armor). Thracia 776: Robert. Ilios. Selfina. Xavier (armor again) Binding Blade: Bors or Elffin. Ascended Sue Blazing Blade: Isadora. Natalie. Sacred Stones: Moulder. Normal Saleh and Dozla Path of Radiance: Aimee. Brom. Radiant Dawn: Meg. Fiona. Awakening: Normal Noire. Validar. Fates: Mozu Ascended Felicia (general) Three Houses: Normal Manuela. Engage: Timerra. Ivy. Diamond. Heroes: Normal Elm and Freyr (impossible now I guess)
  6. I honestly want Clarine and Bartre. The ones that need for art reasons are Arthur (from Fates), Lissa, Athena, Clair
  7. Being fair Lilina also becomes queen in the end regardless of who she is paired with, that's why she got a legendary I guess, even though its just a note in the ending credits. But agree that Hinoka deserves more than her.
  8. * What If Robin was raised in the Grimeal ? * What If Caeda dies? (Its a Canon outcome but I want to know who Marth would settle with. Maybe Marisha or Catria? Or even a princess like Sheena or Yuliya for political reasons? No, not Nyna) * What If Deirdre stayed with Sigurd, was never brainwashed and never married Arvis? * The outcome in which most of Seliph's comrades die and he becomes the ruler of the entire continent * What If Elbert didnt disappear? How things would unfold? * What If Eliwood wasnt sickly and lead the army instead of Roy? * Nyna meets Tatiana moment, please. * If Soren discovers who his parents truly are? * If Pelleas keep being king? * What if Eirika used the sacred Stones to revive Lyon and her comrades that fell in battle? * What If Lucina never time traveled? (Mostly the original timeline in which Chrom dies by injures but it would be nice to see the bad future animated) * what If Ephraim renounces the Throne to Eirika, to follow his dream as a mercenary? * If Lachesis didnt disappear in the desert? How would be Nanna and Leif's life in Thracia with Lachesis alive (would they even be in Thracia)? * If Eyvel didnt lost her memories? * If Garon was never posessed by Anankos? Anankos instead possesses Mikoto or Sumeragi. * If Jeralt didnt die? Lmao I would like to see this. Celica would settle for Saber, Kliff or Atlas? Idk
  9. I would dislike a lot and its unnecesary. If a sequel is needed then give the player options by answering It in quotes like a character answering who is their mother or rather and maybe causing branching routes. One of the best good things of Fire Emblem other than the strategy is the freedom they give to choose the characters Fates, sรณ why take that out of the player? That said I wouldn't get mas If my favourite pairings were canonized (which are often not the most popular or pushed ship of the game even when It has a big following), but in aware that It would upset a lot of people who are invested in other ships, so its not fair to anyone.
  10. Coloured hair its an anime thing but I dont think It's part of Fire Emblem flair much more than any other anime. The trailer shows that the characters are recognizable even though It looked a bit goofy because of low cash. With a supposed good production they would look realistic and good. Saying that you would look unrecognizable and the same means that all real life people look boring and equal, which is obviously not true. Though I understand that at the beginning It could be weird seeing the anime characters we are used to, looking like real people since everybody imagine them in realistic version differently, but its a matter of getting used.
  11. I think a live action won't have the characters have colourful hairs. It will be realistic. The Nintendo trailer made Lyn blonde and Lucina brunette. Weaboos will dislike but hair coloured cosplays will turn off most of the public The trailer to have an idea on how some characters could look with realistic hair coloured (its quite cheap and a bit trashy, in a live action hopefully the costumes, effects and hairs will hopefully be better though lol)
  12. Being honest a lot of stories are adapted from older games and books, Witcher, LOTR, Castlevania are from older media but with established fanbases. It just needs someone to take interest, more likely a fan (LOTR and Caatlevania producers were fans of the series), coupled with good writers to do It. I think Genealogy and Three Houses could easily appeal the audiences nowadays since political dramas are in. Every Fire Emblem has it though Genealogy specially, has similarities of other shows already in popular culture. I think Elibe games, if fleshed out well, could turn a beautiful gerational story, a bit lighter in tone but with a bittersweet tone. Sacred Stones could be turned into a great dark fantasy, but they would need good budget for effects in the monsters and magic. Archanea (Shadows of Valentia and Shadow Dragon) saga as a greek-roman fantasy epic. The last produtions I can think that was big, was Xena, Hercules and Troy, but Xena and Troy was trashy, i'd rather something more serious lol I think Fates could be something more akin Alchemy of Souls with a bit of a darker theme. And It has some good ideas that weren't well implemented on game but without the disjointed format, It can turn great in a TV show with some rewritings and fixings. The cast and setting is interesting actually.
  13. Its well known, but I wouldn't say mainstream. Honestly, i'm the only gamer of my circle. If I talk with my friends about Fire Emblem, they won't know it or its characters. But If I talk with them about Pokemon and Mario or even something like Mortal Kombat, they will all recognise the IP and its most iconic characters. Even the most known characters due to smash: Ike, Lucina, Marth... They arent known by the average people, but they are known in the gaming circles. So its not a small franchise but its still niche
  14. I find Noire with her father frustrating. Not bad per se but he is an enabler and its all glossed over.
  15. Other Idea of Fire Emblem animation or tv show is covering other time periods to expand the world and promote a game, (more likely) a remake. For example, - a story that covers the crusaders of Jugdral. - A story that covers Chroms father crusades and tell a bit of Robin's mother and Validar. - The time period of Anselma, Lambert, Tiana; -or covering the story of Rhea against Nemesis when Flayn and Seterh were alive as well. - Mikoto and Arete times in Valla and First periods in Nohr and Hoshido courts -The time of Morva, Nada Kuya and the founder heroes in Magvel, etc... Etc...
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