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  1. ...its pretty terrible... Like--the nicest thing I have to say about the Biden campaign right now is ...well they didn't shit-the-bed quite as hard as Mike Bloomberg... Biden's a good guy and would probably make a decent president, but he sucks at campaigning.
  2. The common thread of Sanders and Trump is that base voters for decades have felt like the mainstream body politics of their respective parties have failed to represent them on-the-issues. And party bosses have have met their grievances with pissy lectures on how the kind of talk they want to hear from their leaders is "unelectable." And the base voters are finally telling the party bosses to go fuck themselves + treating their doom-and-gloom over the prospect of THAT candidate winning the party's nomination as a boon, rather than as a demerit. ...the notable difference of course being that the R's were looking for a candidate who would break party convention that its 'unelectable' to treat Latin American immigration as a hostile takeover of white America... ...and the D's are looking for a candidate who breaks party convention that its 'unelectable' to run on European Socialism, universal healthcare, and free college... ...but hey details... [Biden in 2019]: "Bernie isn't electable in a general election. I'm the most electable general election candidate in the field. I'm the most electable because I'm the Democrat who can win those white blue-collar workers that voted for Trump. Bernie can only appeal to the party base." [Biden in 2020]: "Well we're gonna comeback in South Carolina because voters of color are the real base of the democratic party, and thats where we expect to hit our real appeal. Yeah--Bernie did great in Iowa and New Hampshire--but thats only because those states are mono-white and he really does great with those white blue-color voters. That doesn't mean anything." -------- Take heart in knowing there's absolutely zero evidence that the Bidens and the Klobuchars and the like were more electable alternatives to Sanders. And if anything, the reverse seems to be true.
  3. I feel like they cut Jeralt out because they didn't want him to upstage the introduction of the new characters. And if Jeralt was there--he would have upstaged the introduction of the new characters. But I also feel like the story would have been much stronger + I would have enjoyed it alot more if we got that Jeralt screentime insted of Alois. And that all-in-all; that was definitely a huge missed opportunity.
  4. Its an easter egg in the "Stand Strong at Shambhala" map. In the locked room on the bottom-right corner of the map, there's a unique terrain tile that you can't place any units on. If you scroll over it with your cursor using the traditional map overview, the terrain tile is named [Strange Item]. Zoom in all the way to the close-up view that lets you see fine details on the map, and look at the tile. ...its an array of computer screens...
  5. Fire Emblem x Warhammer 40k, and thats actually an idea I've been tossing around for a while now + may try to use at some point in the writing competition thread. _____ Basically--in 40k--the lore holds that humans colonized millions of worlds across the galaxy some ~20,000 years before the established date in the current setting. ...and then there was an Age of Regression where all those worlds lost contact with one another + lost technology and knowledge of their past, to the point that many of the isolated worlds no longer even remember that human civilization originated off-world + exists on other worlds across the greater galaxy... (with some of the isolated worlds even regressing to feudal levels of technology + understanding of the mind-science / psionic abilities that feudal societies regard as "magic") ...and that in the current setting, most of the worlds of humanity have been reconquered and reunited into the galaxy-spanning empire that is the Imperium of Man. ...but there could still be undiscovered human worlds and sectors out there in the depths of space that have never had contact with The Imperium, and are still carrying-on in their regressed states. ...and you can take basically any fictional setting that has humans in it + incorporate it into 40k, on a theory that the setting is one such undiscovered world. (then go nuts head-canoning the setting being discovered by the greater Imperium + the events that follow first-contact) ______ The idea that the human-populated worlds of fire emblem could be an unexplored sector of space being mapped by imperial forces for the first time in a 40k crossover is particularly interesting in light of Three Houses. ...because now you have the Agarthans... And their whole shtick is they have this ancient, hyper-advanced technology they've been hording--ballistic missiles, computers, robotics, stasis crypts, the ability to perform blood transfusions and construct deep underground facilities with sci-fi architercture and lumination. ...despite populating a feudal world that supposedly peaks out at middle age level tech... And this opens up some absolutely fascinating avenues of discussion for who The Agarthans really are + where this tech came from + why the rest of the setting doesn't have it, if we head-canon in that the FE3H setting is an undiscovered human world in the 40k setting. Also--Edelgard approaching a squadron of space marines with claims that she is "The Emperor" + demanding that they address her as such is a comedy that practically rights itself.
  6. Alright guys here it is: “Subvert the reader’s expectations. Write something that makes the reader think they know what’s going to happen next, then does something completely different.”
  7. That was my interpretation of him, from the time before he became "The Emperor" (i.e. the Human Stone Age through the Year 30k) The way he's written in the lore; that entire portion of his backstory is purposefully shrouded in mystery, and almost nothing is known about it. (to create the sense that he's this ancient, unknowable figure from a time long forgotten, and from which no accurate recording of information survives) So we only ever get little bits and pieces of it, from various sources. ...We know that he was born somewhere in the territory of what is today modern-day Turkey, around the year ~8,000 B.C. ...We know that sometime thereafter he traveled to "The First Cities of Man" (i.e. presumably the early Mesopotamian City-States) and played some role in giving the barbarian cultures of the day their first real set of laws and governments; setting mankind down the path to true civilization ...we know that he regularly transitioned from identity-to-identity in his time wandering among mortal men, taking on various personas and alter-egos to subtly influence the growth of development of the species. And that many of his identities and alter-egos were figures of great political, religious, and military importance throughout human history. (its been speculated that he was Jesus of Nazareth, Julius Caeser, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Alexander the Great) ...We know that he was in Europe sometime during the human Middle Ages, that his activities there inspired the legend of St. George the Dragon Slayer, and that sometime during this time period he also somehow traveled to Mars. (despite having no access at this time to the advanced technology of post-industrial humans) ...We know at some point before the 30th millennium he discovered a piece of ancient alien technology pre-dating human civilization in Mongolia's Gobi Desert, excavated it, and transported it to his main base of operations in a facility deep beneath the Himalaya Mountains. Beyond that we know virtually nothing about his life for all the millennia that he wandered on Old Earth, before he revealed himself in 30k. And fans are largely free to fill in the blanks with their own imagination. Which is--exactly as fun to head-canon and theorycraft as it sound.
  8. So The Emperor--kinda sorta sacrificed his immortality and martyred himself to save mankind in the 30th millennium. (i.e. 30k) ...but then this happened... (40K is dark like that)
  9. I do not. It is--interesting seeing people with no 40k background react to this piece, and how they respond to this particular character when portrayed in this light. Because the divide in the fandom around him makes the Edelgard vs. Dimitri heat look like iced pudding. With opinions on him running the gauntlet from "literally Jesus and I would die for him" to "worse then Hitler" https://www.reddit.com/r/Warhammer40k/comments/vesgp/is_the_emperor_good_or_evil/
  10. Imagine charging in on a horse and seeing this shit:
  11. Shame John McCain isn't still in The Senate to shame some fools + throw his weight around. R.I.P. the last great Republican Statesman
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