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  1. Oh no I'm not doing either lunatic mode on classic. Luckily I have max renown so I'd probably sell the supreme emblem. I have my Robin with + Def - Luck so I probably can make it through the first few chapters. Thanks for the help I'm going to struggle for sure though :/
  2. My Lunatic Mode Credit Footage I Finally FINALLY complete lunatic mode! I'm thinking about trying Lunatic + but I might take a break. (I've been playing for three straight days) I'm mostly posting this just to have it on record. If anyone has tips for lunatic + I'd love to hear it!
  3. Yeah honestly I don't have that many skills to go around, so in the end I'm just going to buff my 5 - stars and good 4 - stars. I'm sure IS will have events but it wouldn't be enough to catch up with people who pay
  4. I'm mostly just curious about this, but as a free to play player I see skill inheritance as a way to enhance your units. It can bring unused units into the spotlight with unique skills and weapons. The problem I see is if you use a technically greater unit to make an average unit better would it actually be worth it? Factoring that you have a limited orb source do free to play players just buff their rare units, or bring up the lesser ones? Now I'm not factoring people who pay because in the end we all have to grind SP regardless.
  5. I finally got Shareena to five stars! But the sacrifice cut my heroes in half.
  6. Ian ID: 2738205725 My current leader is Kagero :) You can PM or just reply to this if you add me
  7. That's a really good point on quick reposte, her speed and defense isn't that great and wings of mercy has more uses. Thanks for the help! I'm most likely going to use Life and Death and Wings of Mercy. Sadly I didn't find any units I have with threaten defense so threaten speed it is!
  8. I will beat Awakening on Lunatic!

  9. So I was thinking on putting these skills on Camilla Skill - Luna A - Life and Death / Defiant Attack / Darting Blow B - Quick Reposite / Vantage C - Threaten Defense I'm most likely going to put Quick Reposite as the B skill since she can't hit from a range, but I would love if someone could help me decide on my A skill thanks!
  10. I honestly don't know how everyone is makeing a list with a character roster as big as this. I know for sure we're getting characters from Fates, Awakening. Then Marth, Ike, Roy as DLC at least.
  11. 2017 / 2018 is already looking good for FE. The only game I got to play before Awakening was Shadow Dragon, so it's nice to get a chance to try the older ones. FE Heroes looks cool and thankfully the didn't pull a Super Mario Run and keep it IOS only!! I only saw that there's new FE game on the switch, but no info other than that. (I guess will just have to find out about that later) Btw does anyone have the link for voting on FE Heroes or is it not up yet?
  12. Oh ok thanks. I looked before but I didn't see one
  13. It's a neutral nature, I just wanted to give it away since it had good IV's + Pokerus
  14. I'm giving away a 4IV Pokerus ditto but in return I want a Snow Warning Vulpix. Whoever replies first gets it!
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