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  1. I'd still prefer Sinnoh remakes myself (especially if it's Platinum) but these hypothetical Sinnoh sequels would be very interesting and I'll keep my Sword and Shield opinion out of this (not a fan and didn't get the game) but if they keep improving on that as a base I feel like this concept could pass HeartGold and SoulSilver and also Sword and Shield (while I don't have the game due to personal choice, I still recognize that it's a great game I would have enjoyed if it wasn't for my principles) in being arguably the best pokemon main series game. I'm rarely on Serenes tbh but you have my sincerest sympathy. I hope things get better soon but I think the moderation team is far from being out of the storm. Regardless I wish you and every other moderator and serenes forest staff member good tidings.
  2. So this is an idea I've had to change up the FE formula (it works for a spin-off), and it's to kinda become more like Valkyria Chronicles, or rather I guess Code Name Steam would be a better mix but given Valkyria Chronicles unique take on the strategy RPG I would prefer a spin-off closer to that.
  3. Binding Blade Echo on gaiden chapter requirements Roy getting another promotion wouldn't be bad the weapon repair system from 3H Bonus EXP like the Tellius games needs to be in everything Blazing Blade Lyn's story role being enhanced would be great additionally unlimited supports albeit you choose the endings they get Also the weapon repair system Bonus EXP once again Sacred Stones Personally, I would just want a few more class additions along with the repair system and unlimited supports (no bonus exp since SS allows for unlimited grinding as it is) PoR (haven't played so yeah) Radiant Dawn Either Make the Dawn Brigade actually decent at the start, or give them more chapters to easily gain exp to be decent power up Laguz so they can actually be used outside of the royals Support Conversations would be nice, sorry for those who like the free flow lack of actual meaningful supports, I'd rather have limited, meaningful supports instead of what we got Make Nephenees growth rates and caps even higher and have her be able to land the final blow on the final boss (this is a joke. Nephenee is OP enough as it is, just giving her some love) Shadow Dragon - Not talking about it because most of its issues were fixed with new mystery New Mystery HAVE THIS RELEASE GLOBALLY Despite Kris being a good foreshadow and precursor to Robin, flex out their character some, as they're more of a Mary Sue than Corrin or Byleth can be, though that is partly why I like them (referring to Kris) Gaiden Chapter guides once again Awakening Better lore and story enhancements for the Valm Arc, Chrom's dad, Rosanne (in a fic I read it was a major food supplier for the continent, use that!), Explain Grima some more like his multi-timeline presence abilities More support conversations and options Infantry Lance classline, I want Sentinels in this game Fates fix a lot of the lore and story issues and the game would be a lot better. Its gameplay is fine thought I dislike the pairup interpretation. Also have the game be more like 3 Houses Echoes Doubt this would get a remake since it's a remake itself (I know New Mystery is, the only reason I think that would get remade again is because no one played it) Map Design was arguably one of the games biggest flaws, though I didn't mind it, it'll get people to shut up about it Celica's story fell flat at its end, so fix that otherwise, don't change anything, game was great. Three Houses Considering the game isn't fully done with additional content this is subjective to change but A lot of people have had problems with the story and some characters, mainly everything with Edelgard and most of the male cast. While I myself don't see a problem with this, a lot of people just don't understand Edelgard and end up hating her and the Black Eagles entirely. i don't know what they can do but I guess make Edelgard's motivations more clear and how this will impact Fodlan more more classes, I know we're getting more in the upcoming dlc and they have been rumored/leaked, but balance the mastery classes out from so many mounts and I'd also like an infantry lance line again I would say increase growth rates, since some houses are considerately weaker than others. most of black eagles are outclassed by BL and GD. Axe? Hilda tops Caspar, Bow? Leonie yawns (though Bernadetta has often been good for me, a lot of people say she's unusable), Cavalry unit? Leonie and Sylvain yawn. Healer? Mercedes tops all, Mage? Lysithea is leagues above Dorothea. Hubert is definitely a lot less useful compared to Dedue's tankiness, or Hilda's perfect balance of bulk, offense, and speed. Sword unit? Felix cuts the competition. I feel it's best that while each house has archetypes and a wild card, BE's usually end up underperforming compared to the other houses other than Edelgard and maybe Bernadetta and Dorothea (tbh she does have utility as a high-ish damage siege mage) for ng+, get rid of the tutorials, we know how to play the game. I know all this is a hot take, but it's my choices, because hey, at least I didn't say put Awakening gale-force on every unit in every game.
  4. I haven't commented on this, but regardless of whatever happens to the content, as long as the core content of the game and majority of the side content isn't affected I'm still getting this as it will be the first time I can play it.
  5. *my response* Nagi oh coo- WAIT IS THAT NORNE AHHHHHHH *later finds out Astram is here too* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  6. I'm echoing on the Trueblade, and Sentinel line for classes. Stuff like General/Marshal and other missing classes would be great too. A flying healer would be interesting to see too
  7. So I do think based off the mii costume theory combined with a bit of company theory, that the final two characters will be Capcom and Bandai Namco. (Basically the theory presumes that since Joker brought sonic costumes for Sega and Atlus is owned by Sega, and that we may get Geno and Chocobo costumes back with Dragonquest, the missing costumes from Smash 4 will be added back in this way, though a counter to this is we didn't get Jackie or Akira's costumes back) For Capcom I think either Dante, Phoenix, or Monster Hunter may get in. For Bandai Namco I think one of five possible reps, a Tales of Rep, either Lloyd Irving (legacy for the series and Nintendo plus worldwide popularity), or Yuri Lowell (Has Japan popularity, is iconic on his own, relevancy with definitive edition). Now the other two are either a Super Robot Wars rep, I'd prefer Haken as he has a bit more of an appearance in the west and has a unique moveset, but also Sanger would be cool, the next one is Heihachi but he's the among the least likely in my eyes. Next is Solaire from Dark Souls, but I think this would be random now and was something I thought more for when he got an amiibo. Finally we have KOS-MOS, representing Xenosaga and the non-Xenoblade part of the Xeno series as a whole, she is unlikely due to her low relevancy and appearance but is a dream wish for me. As for who I want Yuri Lowell or KOS-MOS and Master Chief (Master Chief would be a big announcement for the Game Awards as the final character) I do also think they'd be stupid to not do a second season of dlc characters, focusing on 1st party this time. So Rex and Pyra hopes are not dead.
  8. Top 5: Edelgard, Bernadetta, Petra, Lysithea, Dimitri most of the middle weren't even ranked because I find them meh Bottom 3: Rhea, Sothis, and Annette. IDK just don't like them designwise
  9. I can maybe see them doing dlc classes, and while it good be higher tier for base game classes or returning classes (please bring back my Sentinel class), I do think in general it'd probably be something that doesn't fit with the base game, kinda like echoes dlc classes. I'm sorry but where are elephants on Valentia? Why are they roman soldiers? The whitewings would never dress so immodest! Etc.
  10. Maybe it could be character recruitment, I'd kinda like that, but materials would be likely, since Splatoon even with it's little amiibo area in the hub only gave gear. Perhaps if they are recruitable they can only be used in free battles and not main story battles, though IDK.
  11. 1. Elincia, honorable mentions to Lucina, Caeda, Minerva, L'arachel, and Tana. 2. Estelle (Tales of Vesperia) 3. Leia if she counts otherwise uhhhh none of them? 4. If Marvel doesn't counts as Disney then I'll go with Silver Sable (blame Spider-Man ps4), otherwise I guess Nia from Gurren Lagann. She was born a princess so I guess that counts. 5. Princess Diana
  12. Artstyle: Definitely Echoes. Hidari's style looks great and was very refreshing after Kozaki's style (not saying its bad, but it got kinda stale) For Gameplay/Menu/Other stuff: I have to give it to radiant dawn. I played it recently and while the models aren't hd they still hold up very well. Menus look and function well. Maps are pretty good design (as in art design) wise, and by gods those combat animations.
  13. So very true, Katarina became one of my favorite FE characters, up there alongside the likes of Nephenee, Cordelia, Mia, Jill, Ophelia, Elincia, Minerva, and others. It is quite sad to see how underappreciated she is and I do wish FE12 got localized because it would have been a better seller than shadow dragon and Katarina wouldn't get shafted in every voting gauntlet she's in in heroes.
  14. I do think good units is all up to the taste of the player. For example I use Amelia a lot, which by most is seemingly hated as a Knight, or RD Astrid who I did use until endgame and had to go with Shinon. I do think Wyverns are good, Minerva, Cormag, Jill, Cherche, and Beruka do come to mind (especially Jill, gods 86 damage on a dragon enemy before skills or crit is insane in RD endgame) but it is my personal preference to usually use Peg Knights more.
  15. I do like knights as a concept, but in terms of gameplay, I do rarely use them. The notable ones I've used are Amelia, Gilliam, Gatrie, Draug, Kellam, Kjelle, and Effie. And using Gilliam, Kellam, Kjelle, and Effie are one time things like first playthrough or until I got a better unit or maxing out stats for Apotheosis. This may just be me but I love Pegasus Knights and I do use them more than Knights. I always have at least One I use (sometimes 3-4 depending on the game). But that's just me.
  16. I'd be down for FE9 getting remade or at least a rerelease. I'm a bit more hesitant on 10 because I bought it this past summer and have played through it. A prequel game would be great though I don't know if the few odd events we want explored would be enough to warrant a new game in the future.
  17. Well if there is a FEW 2, I'll echo on roster expansion. I'll just put my thoughts on who below. But basically I imagine this would be the same roster we had in FEW1 but added onto, so a few more Awakening and Archanaea, but the main new additions are Tellius and the Two versions of Elibe. Echoes also gets a small addition to the representatives. Archanaea (more FE12 based): Katarina, Camus, Hardin (dark emperor version), Legion, Clarisse, and IDK maybe Nagi. Tellius: Ike, Soren, Titania, Mist, Nephenee, Mia, Tibarn, Ranulf, Elincia, Micaiah, Sothe, Black Knight Elibe: Hector, Eliwood, Rath, Canas, Nino, Jaffar, Nergal, and Ninian for FE7. For FE6 Roy, Lilina, Fae, Melady, Rutger, Marcus, Zephiel, Narcian. Ylisse: Severa, Noire, Inigo, Gangrel, Walhart Valentia: Alm, Clive, Clair, Delthea, Sonya, Conrad, Jesse (or Atlus) Is this unreasonable and unlikely? Absolutely but just putting it out there.
  18. Like most probably are, I'm cautious but also hopeful on this. I just want them to somehow manage the school setting and story and characters right. Gameplaywise I'm not worried as it'll be fun no matter what, but everything else I'm worried on. I just don't want this game to pull a Valkyria Chronicles 2 and halt all the momentum the series has. Granted I know FE is more popular and this probably won't happen but I'm still concerned.
  19. So I don't know too much on this, but at least since Series 7. The Lyn sleeves I order with my box of series 7 are holographic.
  20. I probably have the same opinions as most who've inputted their votes. 1. So far I like the style and like 3 minutes we've seen, being honest though it's mostly just the trailer theme that does that. (Unrelated but the switch has great trailers, BOTW's trailer at the switch reveal, Torna's E3 trailer, all of smash ultimate, and this are good examples) 2. I am unsure with a delay, on one hand we've gotten one for the game already but provided it was only pushed back later in the year I'd be fine with it, otherwise we got KH3 starting to happen. 3. I like most don't know them. Byleth just isn't a good name I feel, and Edelgard is the only one I'm actually interested in since she is voiced by one of my preferred voice actors. 4. Likewise I really need to see how they develop and work before making up my mind. An example I give is I loved Awakenings gameplay, but I despised Fates, but then heavily enjoyed Echoes and more recently Radiant Dawn 5. I have an idea what the story may be, however I've talked about it in the past and most would say they see it as unlikely to happen, though perhaps a good story. Overall it just depends on how it is handled.
  21. Favorites: KOS-MOS, T-ELOS, Crossette, Perun, Adenine, Zenobia, all the story blades, Patroka, Elma, Shulk, Fiora and due to Torna, Jin. (Most of these I like due to their grat combat capabilities but some like Crosette, Adenine, and Perun I like for their characters or memories as the latter two were my main blades on Rex until I got into post game optimization.) Least favorites: Nim, Azami, Dahlia, Floren (characterwise).
  22. Yeah I agree with what Ertrick said. Honestly Scarlet I feel was the least deserving of the two since she did have a character that was in general a bit interesting due to her relationship with Ryoma and her death was by far the most unexpected twist in fates for me
  23. I will agree that it was handled poorly. Shadow Dragon mostly to be fair. But the bits of expanded lore we got in both games and the fact we finally got a game with Marth as the main character are its only highlights, at least for Shadow Dragon. New Mystery on the other hand, well I feel that game was amazing. Well as amazing as a remake of an Archenea game can be. The assassin subplot I greatly enjoyed and while playing through the game this honestly had one of the bigger personal story and character impacts for me. Especially concerning Nyna, Hardin, Minerva, and Michalis. I won't say its perfect and I know I'm in the minority here but New Mystery is in my top 5 Fire Emblem games without question. The other slotholders are Awakening (for introducing me to the series and just being so nostalgic to me), Radiant Dawn (It's just a massive game and story with great characters minus the dawn brigade), Echoes (this is how a remake should be, no a FE game should be, not worried on the blatent fanservice like fates and even awakening to an extent, but fanservice as properly handling the legacy and characters of the source, which I'll briefly compare to Awakening being a culmination of every FE prior), and at the moment Sacred Stones (it's a decent story and plays well, just I haven't finished 6 or 7 so not putting them here and definitely not shadow dragon or fates, so until I get and play through PoR Sacred Stones is here)
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