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  1. Feels like forever since I last played, but pulled a +Res -Spd W!Ephraim. I now have my first character alt emblem team, hooray?
  2. Fastest record for IS killing a game mode? A shame honestly, I kinda liked this mode. Forced merging of 5* exclusives that will most likely be limited to specific banners is incredibly scummy.
  3. Just came back after 3 or so days of not playing and was greeted by several hilarious defense replays of galeforce Ephraim ripping through enemy teams. Best one was probably the perfect defense against a 5 unit attacker with him taking out 3 units in a single turn with galeforce+WoM dancer nonsense. Map and aforementioned team:
  4. I caved and made my defense team as cancerous as possible. Ended up getting 2 successful defenses, which apparently protect you from losing lift for the same amount of time.
  5. Cleared with Legendary Ephraim, Myrrh, Veronica and a dancer Nothing really special honestly, though being fire season at the moment probably helped
  6. Don’t give a shit about the new banner so I did some rolls on the tempest banner and somehow got a +Atk -Def Ryoma and a +Spd -Res Bow Hinoka back to back. I don’t really question these things anymore.
  7. An actual 0 effort banner. Well what do you know. Also our first 2 unit banner.
  8. Ranked 5552 and got the silver throne but can’t place it because tier 21 required.
  9. Honestly even without making an unbeatable defense map, you can sabotage the attackers by making them lose a unit and score less and denying them the aether refills. I’ve seen some try to time out the opponents by boxing in a bulky unit.
  10. Nope, but the bonus unit stat boost applies to defense as well unlike arena. Which makes Aversa particularly annoying on defense
  11. You don’t need to worry much about defense until 4K lift since failed defenses don’t drop your lift until then. It’s actually a surprisingly fun mode so far. Only problem is limited number of matches a day with no refills.
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