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  1. you are definitely not alright I've recently picked up "do as the Dutch would do" Can't remember where I heard it but I use it to mean do literally anything alternatively to what is currently being done Although the original phrase refers to committing suicide which I didnt know when i first started saying it I also like transposing the first letters of words or swapping letters in names to make them sound different Like Danongorf
  2. How about you really confuse people and say you're welcome 👀
  3. I know this is a bit late but since you do have both of them merged up and both of them are hilariously broken and you have a ton of other hilariously broken units, it should be easier for you to clear than ways demonstrated in F 2 P clears If you cant beat it a certain way, you can alternate your approach and adjust to what will allow your units to be in a more favorable position The most impactful turns are the first and the last!
  4. Huh The more you know... I actually completely forgot she was free until your first response LOL Latina ftw Good on you for not using magic Now do it with Henry and Odin
  5. Is Altina the one we got for free or was it someone else I forgot Getting her to +10 definitely wasnt easy 😁 Everyone knows tomes run the world regardless
  6. Using guides in 2020 What kind of scum are we here at Serenes Forest Back in my days, hard work was done using nothing but one's own blood, sweat, tears, and elbow grease. Grow a pancreas for goodness sake! besides, the new guide is to just through Altina in and see what happens
  7. Since it's a reflection you're supposed to say it backwards 👌 !semit sselroloc deen ew t'ndluow yhW :etinacrA ot esnopser ni ,dnomimarB That's how it works right
  8. I'm still trying to understand why we needed colorless tomes I'm ready to see how Bram will impact Aether Raids The effect on the tome is hilarious 👀
  9. I say screw Link and get Horizon Zero Dawn instead
  10. Is this the same soul or am I confused Cause I'd have just seriously embarrassed myself
  11. Why did you take my strike through comment seriously They say it's bad to assume but sometimes I wish people weren't so unassuming all the time I already know that Nino is the best unit in the game, thank you very much 😌
  12. I'm aware ~ so you'll have to wait for an opportune time If I told you Oboro was a good invEstment option would you invEst
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