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  1. Now that you say this They could add a Soul Calibur character... Nightmare for smash
  2. I cannot be the only one who is bothered by the fact that it says 21th and not 21st I'm literally cringing Chill res seal and weed All you need
  3. I'm tier 20 anyway... my fortress is only level 3 😢 I'm not new, I just never played AR since a couple weeks after it came out... but if I did play I guess I wouldn't be in this mess. I also wouldn't even need to play since I probably would have had enough grails for +10 Delthea already
  4. it's getting nigh impossible to win without upgrading my fortress... At least I know that once I do upgrade it, life becomes easy pickings
  5. Not really much of a concern nowadays... I still remember being kinda miffed when Celica came out with 33 base speed 😢 The "good ol days".
  6. Not to mention her psychopathic weapon... it's got an interesting condition but if you can get it right I feel like galeforce spam is possible 👀 She even comes with hone fliers! In light of the correction made to Mirage Longbow, I'm probably going to go for Eleonara
  7. I dont think Dragoncat understands how this game works
  8. 24 I didnt even realize Sex Glacier still posts here
  9. Today I finally made it to tier 20... I feel quite accomplished ~ hopefully I'll get the three Deltheas I need quickly so I can never play this mode ever again
  10. Shannan is pretty flipping good too 👀 Even with the less favorable asset... nice job LOL
  11. Nothing ~ Can someone help me come up with a stupid question?
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