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  1. Basically me If this Nino had a prf I'd be more hype but I really dont know if I want to go for her... Ranged armors are eh tbh Sothis is completely broken though. Like, no matter how bad her stats are. And I'm betting they won't be bad. At the very least we know she'll be fast. I wanted an OP green dragon for dragon emblem too. MUAHAHAHAAHAHA
  2. When do we get a banner with just one focus unit TBH
  3. I'm pretty sure killing everything as fast as possible will always be the best strat Unless it's armor emblem
  4. I see people with out of combat damage strats and using armors to wall everything and all this other nonsense... Fools. All of you, fools! The REAL cheese is double galeforce on the top! If you have units powerful enough, you can defeat 3 things in one turn (or 4 with a well placed dance). Soy originally told me the strategy. I can do it myself, I just need to summon another Cordelia to run it double, as I only have 1 right now ~ MUAHAHAHAJAHAHAAHAUWJWOZJ9WBZJKWJWOSJSOSNS
  5. It's all fun and games and boring and stupid until it becomes cancerous. I'm expecting things to get really filthy at maybe... Askr level 22 or something? We'll see. I like a nice easy game mode. Double galeforce cheeses the top btw*
  6. I want Oboro So you want a 70th Lyn That joke was pretty half boiled HA HA HA
  7. Like Xander Or CAMUS!?!?!?!? The only two DC horses in the game IIRC. Camus has workable-ish speed with goads and hones too so ~ Only thing is maybe his res but eh who cares.
  8. Why use two broken units when you can make one broken unit move 4 times
  9. So Clive's weapon is pretty um Meh I still say everyone is better off merging up Camus ~ even if you like Clive and you dont like Camus
  10. People seem to not really like the story in FEH. SO I'd say that the fairies would be acceptable or even needed if the story in this book is actually good and the fairies being part of it really seal the deal. But since this is FEH that probably isnt going to happen. At the end of the tunnel, what FEH does need is a good story Amirite 👀 Regardless, I never cared about the OCs or paid attention to the dialogue. The main reason why I say it wasnt needed is because it's random Like Super random 👀
  11. I don't think it really matters where fairies come from FEH does not need fairies It's just the most random thing ever. I feel like all the books are just random. Except book 2. But dont quote me like I know what I'm talking about, because I still dont know what the story is up to this point besides the fact that I defeated Hel in the last chapter to get some orbs.
  12. 😔 But I do have Igrene She's absolutely disgusting. Destroyed the crap out of Latina abysmal. Just needed Nowi to finish her off and that's pretty much it ~ gotta love broken units being broken. I was fortunate enough to get mine +Spd
  13. The craziest thing about this is the fact that we haven't even reached 100k yet 33,816
  14. You use Nino I actually went with a different setup to this pic because Reinhardt cant tank the green cav, but the end result was the same. Astra brazen atk/spd Nino for president
  15. I mean Legendary Leif and Reinhardt are from Thracia. The lack of characters is made up by at least two of them being some of the most busted units in the game. Amirite!?!?
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