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  1. Oh, hey. I have one that's not in the OP. Hana was the first unit I summoned and now the first to get to +10. Unfortunately, my next two +10's are a bit more common on the forum.
  2. I finally finished! Okita-san daishouri! Last one is larger so it gets a spoiler box: Reference is to Okita Souji as I know her from Fate/Grand Order. I was going to take another request now that I've finished one, but they're all custom requests and I already have another of those to do elsewhere. Apologies. I hope people are still enjoying FEH and our little spriting community.
  3. Sounded like fun so I took a swing stab at it: About the same image but without the black. I tried with a bunch of different colored backgrounds but no guarantee that it'll be fine for every single one (unless someone can enlighten me with a proof of some sort). I've been chipping away at a project of my own so hopefully I can finish it soon and maybe pickup something from here to work on. Preview for the curious:
  4. Oh, I'm aware. Just busy. If anyone needs a sprite I've done in the past, I'll be happy to repost it if they can't be recovered.
  5. I got Katarina! The list of characters I really want shrinks by one. Hey game, wanna give me a certain spacey green mage next? Apparently I'm still on a +Def streak so it's a shame I haven't summoned anyone who'd appreciate it. -Res hurts since shes a great magic tank otherwise and Atk ploy depends on it. Here's hoping to merge into a better one someday.
  6. I juat cleared Lunatic with a team of Alfonse, Sharena, -Atk Dierdre, and Arvis so it's definitely possible.
  7. My overall luck at the end of October/beginning of November has been scary. I'm expecting a drought anytime now.
  8. I managed to summon a Neko Sakura! Went in with 9 orbs and there were three colorless. She was in the first one I chose. It's such a relief since I was going to try saving for once but ended up committing to the Halloween banner anyway. That makes her my third seasonal unit since the start of the game (second if you don't count duplicates). Also got another merge for Nino on the way so I'm pretty happy. Like Delthea and Ayra before her, she's +Def/-Hp. But if it means getting characters that I really like then it's no big deal. I think she can face down the typical Reinhardts I meet (~58atk w/ QP Moonbow) too if she has a little support. She'll be a great option for AA once I get her up to speed. And she had dagger valor too! In the rare case I want to train a dagger unit.
  9. I've been running Nowi+4, B!Ike, Nino+3, and Y!Tiki+1 which has gotten me a score of 4936 this week. Last week, I tried setting them as my defense team as well after not getting one for a long time and to my surprise, ended up with multiple wins within a day. I didn't expect a Triangle Adept Blue and two greens to work so well. And I wouldn't think they were people looking to give a free win because of the number of them. Hopefully the mid-November banner features a blue and green that are good so that I can hopefully add more merges instead. And I still need to decide on a red unit to merge to +10 in the long term.
  10. I could do without more 3* Jagen. Pulled three in a row in two sessions, looking for Brave Lucina, I think. Aside from having a feather cost to fodder him for his useful skills, Horse Emblem isn't my priority now or anytime soon. At least a 4* can be foddered right away or made into a competent +10.
  11. Having bounced between the highest tiers for a couple months and since the Brave units are worth a lot of scoring points, I tried to play with the intent of staying in Tier 20 for once. Much frustration and many crests later, I've broken my previous records and scored 4890 which is rank 2352 as of now. Score range was between 694 and 700. From what I've seen of past weeks, it might be just enough to stay above the cutoff though if I was able to do it, it's likely that many others could do better. Also going to say that this week's map rotations plus Brave units and horses don't make me very eager to do it again. Highlights of the run included getting lucky with the placement of mages on the lava map and Nowi taking hits from bladetome Leo and Brave Roy on the same turn on the bridge map. My team (for those interested and for future reference):
  12. With the boosts and even just swordbreaker my 4* is doing enough to contribute, though I did need to build my (non-horse) team around him. Granted he's no replacement for Nowi, who I would be using if I didn't want the bonus multiplier... or pulled a Celica. I get to try out my newly built Sophia as well as Minerva so it's been fun so far even though they aren't the most efficient. The maps are fairly cooperative this time which helps. Except for 9-1 and 9-2. Those can go south quickly.
  13. Ohhh... This doesn't bode well. Lots of people, I imagine, struggle to put together two Reinhardt counters, nevermind seven. Hopefully, the items that we get to bring along are strong enough to compensate or that there's some other feature that we'll learn about when it launches. I'm certain that IS should have arena data and that that scenario has crossed their minds. Maybe the difficulty ramps up instead of all being automatically set to advanced. And the teams that are matched against you will vary wildly if not all of your teams are 5*, fully skilled and/or merged. And even just three matches on 690+ difficulty is pretty draining. Seven will be an ordeal.
  14. Among all of the characters in the game, Julia is probably the one I want most. If things go well, she'll be an excellent slot in to my teams when the arena doesn't feature defense tiles and she and the Naga tome were a sight to behold in the original Genealogy in the endgame. I also missed out on Ike, but have Xander so I guess I don't strictly need to have him. Then again, he's Ike. I have a Ninian, though -Spd, and am not in a hurry to roll a better one despite the game seemingly hinting that I should run a dragon team. Wrathful staff might be fun to put on Elise. Really fun. And here I was hoping to be able to stockpile orbs for once.
  15. That's true, but there's a lot more stuff that you can pull instead of those four. But I suppose knowing how these things go, that's all people will be getting anyway. Again, I haven't run any numbers so I don't know how valid my statement is. Like most people, I shrink away at the sight of probability calculations. And if I can finally get an Eirika then nothing else will matter. It's just strange that the star rating is now not-at-all indicative of rarity but only general strength. I really like it, though, as a solution to complaints about the unchanging 3* pool that I don't think I've seen users suggest. Or maybe it has been suggested and was viewed as so radical that we thought it would never happen...
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