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  1. Yeah, I saw this thread on reddit too, which gave me deja vu for a second. Lol. Anyway, I'm gonna echo the sentiment that an original story probably wouldn't be the best for an FE anime. I could see them doing something based around Heroes, just because of its huge popularity. Nintendo did something with Kid Icarus: Uprising; a series of animated shorts. I could see them doing a few with the Askr characters and/or the world of Zenith as a whole. For a big, full-scale project, I don't think the FE1 anime was bad at all. It's extremely 90s in look and tone, which is to be expected, but for how brief it was, I think it was done fairly well. It had a balance of more somber moments and action, and did its best to expand on the original bare bones game's story through flashbacks and such. I think as a whole FE lends itself well to an anime format, as each major plot point is split into chapters, which gives you easy benchmarks for episodes. Imo Jugdral and Tellius lend themselves the best to being given an anime adaptation, given the complexity of the world, and the layers of the plot. Thracia miniseries inside the Jugdral series would make the most sense. Those could easily be broken up into multiple seasons if need be.
  2. Normal mode RD isn't even that hard, though. (And I'm talking actual Normal mode (what the English version calls "Easy," and not JP Hard mode, which the English version calls "Normal," because that didn't completely screw over new players or the uninformed or anything.) The most difficult part is the early game with the DB, and even that's nowhere near as punishing as a lot of CQ. There are a few trial and error gameplay moments that pretty much force a reset, but other than that, it's largely smooth sailing barring the few DB chapters mixed into the latter part of the game. And it's really smooth sailing once you get the Greil Mercs and laguz royals on your side.
  3. Immediate survivability is huge for me. People sing the praises of Charlotte a lot of the time, and I just can't see it. I don't have saintly patience to keep resetting every time she dies to the first attack that hits her, no matter how much critting she's supposed to be doing once she gets off the ground. Bases are extremely important too; Hana and Charlotte have godawful bases, and I can't be bothered to try and get them to anything resembling usable. Really, Kliff is the only big exception to that for me, since SoV's early game as a whole isn't nearly as punishing as CQ is. Favoritism does help, though there are times when, even if I like a character, I don't feel like putting up with their floundering/getting screwed over by the game. RIP Tormod, most adorable mage, but I don't wanna have to dump a million BEXP into you just so you can become usable. Don't care about LTC or efficiency runs at all, so that's not a factor for me.
  4. I'm with you on this one. Granted, it would put FE1 at a grand total of three remakes, but I think with more of SoV's design philosophy (stay consistent, but iron over things that are frustrating, add worldbuilding, voice acting, and supports, etc.) it could really take off. Archanea is often called uninteresting, and sure, a lot of the writing isn't the most original (it's from an early 90s fantasy, after all), but the world and story have a lot of potential for expansion. Heroes giving a lot of the Archanea units more characterization than Shadow Dragon did was a good start, and the voice acting does wonders. I've been playing through FE12 recently, and aside from Kris, the development that the Archanea characters get is pretty great. Plus give me that sweet updated art style. I want me an adorable Merric in SoV style
  5. Sure, you see Ike and Mist in the main story, but they're pretty much completely separate from each other after Greil's death. Where's the siblings bonding? Mist teases Ike a bit in the prologue, but that's all we get. Yeah, that logic of "these people have a relationship already, so they don't need to interact" is silly to me. The closest people should have the most to talk about! I mean, I'm fine with two characters meeting each other for the first time supports and whatnot, but give me people that actually have a reason to bond, you know, bonding. Sometimes the closeness of certain pairs comes off more informed than anything. Logically, they'd know the most about each other, so they'd have the richest topics of conversation. I agree with you on this one. It's weird, because normally I'm a fan of few supports, in the sense that I don't really like "everyone has to support with everyone" style supports from Fates and Awakening, because you get a lot of awkward clunkers in there once you have to force people that may not have anything in common or anything to talk about to interact. SoV, on the other hand, took the opposite approach. There are lots of things for people to talk about, but they didn't take it. It's a little baffling. I know they wanted the remake to stay mostly faithful, but...in that case, why add supports at all if they were going to be done so briefly and sparingly? Not saying I wouldn't want them in, I definitely love supports, but what we got was disappointing in a lot of ways because of missed potential.
  6. I think it's important to not remove villagers from their story context -- they're meant to be untested, unrefined new blood to the fight, which is why fitting them in unless the story accommodates them like SoV's story does. You're not exactly going to have many randos straight off the cuff in a war in which professional, trained soldiers are participating. The occasional one-off villager as we've had in Awakening and Fates is fine, but at a point it begins to stretch credibility. A bunch of zealous newbies joining up with a resistance movement makes total sense, as the Deliverance was under a lot of pressure and pretty understaffed, so it's not a surprise that they'd take any hand that they got. Trainees also make sense, as long as they've got their teacher/supervisor with them. I really do like the idea of separating "villager" classes similarly to the trainees. Weaker versions of the classes can represent squires, mages in training, and whatnot, and the promotions should be kept logical and consistent (Squire to Cavalier, Pupil to Mage, etc).
  7. Eh, it's kind of a toss up. For the most part, the children in Awakening completely outshine their parents in terms of stats (especially if you knew who to pair up to get the best possible stats), to the point that using the first gens often becomes redundant when their children are running circles around them in terms of performance. I remember once Lucina popped on the scene, I sat there, stunned, like, "Lucina is better than Chrom in pretty much every way. What's even the point of keeping Chrom around?" I kept him, and from then on he was made redundant as hell. Fates took the opposite route; a lot of the kids are distinctly way worse than their parents, which I think is the wrong approach too. Then, it's a matter of why even bother recruiting them in the first place? I know they were probably oversensitive to the idea of falling into the pitfalls in Awakening, but their solution didn't help matters. Genealogy did it right, I think, in making you lose access to the first gen after the second gen. That way, you didn't run into that same problem.
  8. Really nice to be getting more Magvel! I'm really surprised that neither Lute nor Joshua made it into this first banner, though. If it's anything like Valentia's banners, I imagine we'll be seeing them pretty soon. She's more than likely going to count as a "trainee" unit as a nod to the game (alongside the young dragons and Donnel), so while she'll probably start off a little weak like they do, she'll have amazing stats by the time she's fully leveled. But anybody wanting to run Armor Emblem is going to be pulling for Amelia, definitely. Innes with Cancel Affinity sounds like he's meant to be a counter to the M!Robin Blarraven thing. Otherwise it's kinda weird on a colorless unit.
  9. Ever since Mist and Ike inexplicably ignoring each other post Greil's death, this was one of my bet peeves. This one's my top pick, especially because Clive could bring up Clair and Mathilda's relationship; he indirectly scolds Clair for putting it into Mathilda's head that she should be subservient to Clive, and it would be nice to Clair's side of the story and see them work it out. Agreeing with this and everyone else who said more supports with the villagers. Really, all of the Ram Villagers should have been able to support with each other. Let them explore how far they've come, what war is like compared to what they thought it was like. Maybe they're getting nostalgic for the lazy, comfortable days back in the village as compared to the hectic pace of war? Faye/Celica would be good. It would be so refreshing to see two young women who are competing for a guy's affections being pleasant and friendly to each other, because I can't stand the whole jealous, catty feuding woman stereotype with a passion.
  10. it's not just Tumblr where that opinion is. In pretty much every segment of the FE community, the Nohrian royals and CQ are preferred for the reasons you listed; also, the Hoshidan characters are called "boring" because they lack a lot of the Nohrian characters' instability, which is ridiculous. Sure, the trauma that the Nohrian royals went through that reflects in their personalities is interesting, but we never see more of it past sparse mentions. For the Hoshidans, being well-adjusted is a good thing, not a negative... I prefer the Hoshidan characters in general over the Nohrian ones; Laslow is really the only CQ character that I adore, and they have the lion's share of the poorly written ones. But I'm in this opinion camp too.. I've always preferred Hoshido to Nohr, and I like Birthright more than Conquest. Sure, CQ's gameplay is more interesting/stimulating, but the story is an absolute trainwreck, and it derails every single Nohrian royal and Corrin his/herself. Sure, I don't like or believe Hoshido being unrealistically perfect (I know it's not, and we get some indication of dissent in a few supports, like the one with Saizo and Hinoka about those disgruntled nobles, but it's not enough). Birthright is standard good vs. evil fare, and it's serviceable. And you actually have Corrin being heroic as opposed to being the attack dog of a madman, and whining about it the whole time. Alright, I'm done with this rant. It's kind of beating a dead horse at this point.
  11. Yeah, I never bother with Berserkers in the first place. I just don't have the patience to try and baby Charlotte up to being usable, so I ditch her as soon as I get her. Fragile units (melee fragile units, more specifically, but even ranged units fall into this trip) in Fates are more of a headache to keep alive than anything, unless they're named Ryoma, that is. The weird RNG and heavy nerfs to dodgetanking do them no favors at all.
  12. I had absolutely no knowledge of Gaiden or its characters at all and never touched Thracia, so I assumed it would be Gareth, since a lot of the time I even forgot about that guy's existence. Not to mention, I knew that Tellius as a whole wasn't too popular in Japan, and didn't sell too well here, so there's a large base of FE fans that never even touched the game. Doubly forgettable, in that case.
  13. So out of my Ryoma (+Def, -Res) and my Ike (+Res, -HP), which one would Vantage be better on?
  14. Decided to pull for Ninian, since who knows when I'll get her again after Hero Fest? 3* M!Robin (He's my most-seen fodder. I swear I must've gotten at least 8 or 9 total of him, not counting the 4* I trained to max level. Ah, well, there's Bonfire for my Minerva.) 5* Ninian (+Atk, -Def) Sweet! But +Atk? 28 attack doesn't exactly make people tremble. Ah, well, glad it's not -Spd or something. 5* Ryoma (+Def, -Res) That's a pleasant surprise! 4* Hawkeye (+Atk, -Spd) Huh, I didn't expect that one. If anything, he's Death Blow fodder. 4* Sophia (Gave Dragon Fang to my Soren. I find it thematically appropriate.)
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