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  1. Cleared infernal after many, many tries. Using Xander, Robin, Reinhardt and Lissa. Turn 1: Move Xander to the position where the green mage can reach him but Clarisse can't, so that he can kill the green mage in enemy's turn (He has QR2 but I'm not sure if it's useful, maybe it's useful in his special cooldown). Move Robin to the position where Clarisse can reach him. He can't ORKO Clarisse even with Triangle Adept 2 (TA3 will probably work) and Quick Reposte 2, so he must wear Quickened Pulse to initiate his special. After Turn 1, it looks like this. Turn 2: Let Xander hit the wall, and move Robin away from the dangerous blue mage. After Turn 2, it looks like this. Turn 3: Rein kills the red cavalier, and Xander's Blazing Light is ready so he can kill the blue mage. Robin can hit to the red guy. Turn 4: Robin kills red guy and Xander kills the thief. Edit: I forgot to mention Lissa. She heals.
  2. I'll be visiting Japan in September. I'm planning to buy some FE stuff in Tokyo, such as toys, keychains, art books, etc. I'm wondering if anyone who has been there knows where to find them?
  3. @Arthur97 Is my Bunny Lucina helpful? If you're running Robin yourself and don't need another blue mage, I can change my leader. Edit: I saw your post just now... :D
  4. I have a friend with a 5* lv40 full-skill Lissa. She's the only one that is able to attack, among the three Lissas. BTW I always see a Lissa on the enemy's side.
  5. Lissa is a free unit, so most people interested in her may have already searched for her before the gauntlet announcement. On the other hand, Priscilla is from a less popular game, so it's more likely that those just pulled her in the new banner wanted to look her up, know who she is and how good her stats will be. However, I have to admit Lissa's artwork looks dull compared to other clerics, especially her battle expression. One more disadvantage is that as a free unit, most people got 1 or 2 star Lissas, but Priscilla's first appearance was a 5 star focus unit. So I guess those who knew neither Lissa or Priscilla may have some biased image that Lissa is a less cool unit. So I guess the scores between Lissa and competitors like Mist and Priscilla will be closer than what we first thought.
  6. In the book "The Making of Fire Emblem", the designers mentioned the clothing of many classes in Awakening are inspired by ocean creatures. The cleric skirt is inspired by hoop skirts, which use whale bones to expand the size. The skeleton is not completely covered and this makes it looks like a cage/basket and looks lightweight. I understand only a little Japanese and this is what I could make out. But it seems they only explained what the skirt looks like, instead of why it was designed this way.
  7. Carrot Lance+ for both Sharena and Effie. I got four Spring!Xanders when I tried to pull Spring!Lucina. I didn't care about Xander, but the Carrot Lance is cool: when an infantry unit gets it, the lance pokes up outside its tile, and it stand out from the friend list. Sadly, I didn't have much chance to show off my Sharena, because I have pulled too many blue units so I use Sharena very seldomly, despite she played an important role before the SI. When she's useful, her own lance is much more powerful than the carrot. As for Effie, I didn't bother putting her in the battlefield at all. I just don't like running Armored units because they walk too slow. I thought Effie might be useful only because of the wiki tier list ranked her S+ at that time. Actually Effie will never gain enough SP to inherit Carrot Lance and Carrot Lance+.
  8. Not really since i'm running a low level Lissa so I'll be matched with low level opponents. I have Lucina and Bunny Lucina (blade tome, not raven) and Robin (no TA). Other 5 stars are badly built.
  9. Can I add you friend? My name is "Rosetta屯球屯羽毛" and current leader is Camus. Just sent you a request.
  10. They'll finally stick together to support either Elise or Sakura in the final (probably second) round.
  11. I only have Sakura and Lissa. I have a lv. 1 Lissa but my only Sakura is lv. 40, so I'll run my lv.1 Lissa. I guess Lissa will end up in the second place, and I'll see "you lose" in the end, because Sakura and Elise are too popular in Japan.
  12. Eeeek. I replied the wrong thread. Please delete my posts...
  13. The new rules of adding more bonus to the inferor team by time makes it harder to decide whether to spend flags on each win. I'm gonna support Lissa!
  14. Beat lunatic pretty easily with Narcian, two mages and either 4* Alfonse or 4* Michalis. 4* Narcian has been super useful in many PvE maps ever since after the first GHB. I don't have strong Axe users and I don't bother inheriting skills for the mediocre ones. So Narcian is the only one that can ORKO almost all lance enemies without skill inheritance. However, Sanaki overkills Michalis. I tried several times by equipping weaker tomes and weaker triangle adept to spare some Michalis' HP for Alfonse or my Michalis.
  15. My final result: 73924 points. (1) All four heroes of my main team reached full Merit. My second team, including Xander and Camus whom I promoted halfway of the event, has passed 1500 Merit. (2) Reinhardt has learned Death Blow 3 and Moonbow from the SP he gained. (3) I love Masked Marth's Japanese voice. Even if I don't understand what she says, I love to touch her. Bye, tempest torture.
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