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  1. First, that is a very native and narrow view on different mechanics affects players. Second, that is the type of bull-crap I except to hear from gatekeeping elites, and if you're carrying this tone, you might as well just claim they should remove features like Divine Pulse & Skirmishes. Balance isn't the only thing, and I bring up many times that this isn't just for permadeath. They have created a few other options to lessen the risk/punishment of the game over it's creation and will probably come up with more in the future. Classic doesn't cover all of them, unless you just want an even large stark divide between the two options. Lastly, I'm not against them going this direction if they choice to go full-on sandbox, but you do need to realize that is a completely different type of game they would be designing. If they want to, they can. If they don't want to, then they don't need to. But that is a base decision they would need to decide at the ground set as that most likely would require massive reprogramming of the code. I guess I was rather vague with the term QoL, since I would consider that affecting the game balance directly. Though on another note, I think the 'Easy' option you wrote would probably be more annoying than making it easy. Even though the AI could be making the worst of many options, it being inconstant also make it harder to gauge how they would act. If you want the player to feel 'tactical', than I would suspect the creators would want the AI to be predictable so players can make plans, so when a player loses something, it doesn't feel cheap. Actually, this might also apply to the 'Realistic/Alive' AI version as well, depending on how reliable you can gauge how the AI will make its choice. I can see something like this being focused on, if they wanted to make some kind of versus mode or trial maps in which you want to conserve on different maps, but make the player experience be more varied, but in a more story driven style of play where I think its reasonable to believe the average player may only play a map once or twice, it seems to me not a likely feature. In other words, I don't think it would be reasonable unless they intent to put a lot of emphasis on including some kind of gameplay that doesn't reside in the main campaign. Though I still wouldn't mind if they used more varied AI logic throughout their game.
  2. @Imuabicus I have a question. What exactly are you arguing for here? Because reading what you write appears that you are in agreement with the concept but you seem to disagree for some reason. You're writing that players should be able to play the game they want, while disagreeing with the concept of giving players the means to adjust it more closer to what works for them. You and everyone who does shouldn't feel any shame for liking that. If you enjoy these features, there is no reason why you should feel obliged to removed them. People have difference preference and goals with what they want from the game. Just how you like like grinding, other people like resource management. And those who likes the concept of resource management have some distaste for free skirmishes because it erases the need of resource manage and creates an easy way to overpowered your units. Permadeath has a lot of issues, so much that they even harms a lot of different features in the game, like unlocking supports & side chapters that require certain units. You can't unlock any of them if the character is already dead. It's a mechanic that is a player must accept it or not, and if the game isn't design around it, it kind of isn't useful to have in the game at the point other than its a relic of the older games.
  3. The fear. It's all too real. I don't want to see a larger raise of Anti-antifa.
  4. There are a lot actually. If you search "Audio to Text" software or website, you'll find a decent amount of options, and they usually have the option to also have Text to audio as well. Here's a list, some free and some not: Techradar: Best speech-to-text Software in 2021 If you're looking to do a few words, you can just use something like google search engine as it has the built in-option to convert audio to text to search something (which I use a lot). EDIT: Oh wait, you said import an audio. Ah... that a more exclusive feature. Yeah... you're just have to look into the details. Some in the list I provided does have it, like Otter, but I don't know about 'free' software or website.
  5. As an add on to the two above post, i think its a large reason why skirmishes exist in many of the newer FE games. It's a method to catch up experience for weaker units without progressing the story forward... but this leads to the divisive issue about skirmishes as it opens the door to no EXP management if not impediment with concern of this balance. Or they just don't spend the time and effort in making all those additional units (because they do consume time & resources which are not limitless) to then better focus on all the other things you just said. Just saying.
  6. Well, i guess all i can say is, if a person doesn't have 10, that's fine. I sort of just picked ten as an arbitrary number. But her temptation is what makes her so special ;3.
  7. I don't know how the game is actually coded, so I don't know if it actually checks if you cleared all the side missions. If it doesn't and only cares if you have the weapons, you can try this suggestion, but repeat, I don't know if it will work. Here's this link to add/change things in the game thru codebreaker: Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi – Codebreaker Codes If you can understand it, find the legendary weapons digits you don't have into your inventory and replace the ##. Character slot 1 (most likely Roy) 3202AB94 00## Item Slot 1 Type 3202AB95 0014 Item Slot 1 Quantity
  8. It's not hard to unjumbo that mess actually, at least in simplistic concept. A basic explanation could be: Those big tech & corporation that does thing they don't like will suffer the ramification of the free market, losing a lot of income as they protest/abandon those companies and new companies that do support their view will raise and take it's place. No government needed, just let capitalisms and the free market take care of the issue. Frick. reading what you wrote about social issues made me realize what I wrote doesn't get across what I actually mean. It was supposed to say something like: What minority groups considers as issues, aren't significant or important to them. Ignoring those who want to outright ban or suppress (due to old, religious, or horrible ideology), you get these people who say they love our neighbor, treat everyone fairly, and claim they would stand up against oppressions, but then don't lift a finger or even an ear when these minority groups like the LTBQ or muslin community say they are facing unjust treatment and laws that unfairly target them and denied their right. And lastly, yeah. A decent majority who support Trump don't really like the established republican party. It's a large reason why a lot of the republican who went against Trump during republican primary lost to those who supported Trump, and why so many of these established politician play along with Trump and his nonsense. It's also a reason why Trump had a record turn out compare to any other republican candidate in history. It turns out, the amount of people who actually support the republican party is 'questionable' at best. How this unfolds? I have no idea. EDIT: Screw these republicans congress asking for healing! For all I care, the entire republican party can jump into a pool and never come back. I may be said for a bit for pointless death, but I feel like the net gain will outweigh it.
  9. I would be of remiss if I didn't want to tackle this question in full. We have to understand, a lot of these conversate are acting rational but with a completely different set of information and core beliefs. So first, we need the groundworks on why they became the way they are (ignoring those that are outright racist, bigots, nazi-lovers, and white supremacist *cough* i mean white nationalist as they only make the core of the movement but not the masses who choose to support them.) Also to note: They aren't a monolith, so everything here are common patterns I see and hear, but not all share all these traits or to the same degree. Also some may sound like they contradict each other, but might not actually be due to priorities. They hold a strong principle to the first amendment (to most amendments to be frank). Any slight against speech is basically a deal breaker to them. They will defend any person regardless of what is said, unless it is outright obvious with clear intent to do harm. Meaning, claiming is a joke is very acceptable. Unless the word is 'Nigger' because they "understand" racism. Context of usage and the impact it has people doesn't really matter. Also, the moderation of sites like Parlor, Twitter, and Facebook are like assault to the first amendment. Capitalisms and the free market are the golden gooses. This is how America became the dominate power it is today and no matter the cost or the reason, it must always stay this way. It is America. Any form of diverting from this path is usually viewed as dangerous as its heading towards a very slippery slope. Race and other minority group issues aren't that important topics (except when they believe it's anti-white). This is not outright hate. It's more like, it doesn't make it to their list of concerns and many times leading to ignorance of it. They feel they are disfranchised by both parties. They hate BOTH democrat and republican. This needs to be clear. They are more like, independents who always chooses republican. They really really hate democrats and leftist. This range from, they are puppets for communism/socialism/authoritarian/fascism to democrats breaking all their strong principles to the amendments (like taking guns away. Some do support gun control to a degree, but Dems will take it all away if given an inch on the topic). Also, Racial and identity politics is a negative. The point being, they won't even consider democrat as an option. But Republican are also crap. They see a lot of the republican faults, including its deficient spending, favoritism towards the rich and large corporations, hypocrites how on government should function, and the lies they spew out to enrich & empower themselves. They just vote republican because its the only thing preventing democrats from making it worst. At least Republican are capitalist who want a unregulated free market. Also, any Republican who doesn't side with Trump is a RINO (Republican in name only). The hate tends to be more targeted towards the older & more established politicians. Still, newer & younger politician can still be targeted. They do seem to support senate term limits and some type of government reform (I'm just not really sure what that would actually be) Big tech, mass media, billionaires, leftist, and the establishment are the problem. They will use their massive influence to lie and silence anyone who can threaten their narrative and their pockets. Also, big tech and mass media either works with or controls democrats. Not really much with Republicans. They seem aware that the rich does abuse almost everyone below them, including them. I'm not positive if they on average lean for or against going after the the rich though. Also, the establishment sort of encompass most, if not all of this.(It's unclear and varies based on the degree of the conspiracy theory) Federal government is bad. Period. They should not be the one who control things. It really doesn't matter if it is the actual case, but the fed is the wrong choice because they suck, they are slow, restrict innovation and growth, and/or the freedom of choice & a free market can do it better. If government must step in, it should only be done through the state level. The state level is usually excluded in this hate. This is also plays a large role in why the Dems are terrible. The degree of how bad this is, is really sad and scary. I was reading a long thread on conservative reddit about how bad Net Neutrality if reinstated, but yet everyone who argue against having Net Neutrality didn't seem to actually know how the federal government would control the internet through Net Neutrality. They would only insist it would be the case, and then when asked how, didn't provide an answer but would continue to argue. Propaganda & echo chambers. The echo chambers created by website's algorithms from like Facebook or Twitter, the propaganda from like news outlet like Fox or all those right-wing youtube influencers, the wide array of right-wing talk show hosts, including the likes of Alex Jones, and lastly but not least, extremists like the Proud Boys and conspiracy theorist of Qanon, has created a cycle to both convert and amplify a lot of these mindset. A decent part of the effectiveness is that it reaffirm a belief they already want and/or provides simple answers to way more complicated issues. And with this framework (a hypothesis by me at best who spend a lot of time at this right-wing hemisphere), let's get to Trump. I won't personally go into detail myself, but I did find this post in conservative reddit that talks about Trump and I think this gives a strong insight in why these people rally behind Trump and what they choose to believe in. Link provided if you want to look at the entire thread yourself. Reddit - Tucker Carlson: "The People who Run the Republican Party Don't Really Like their Own Votes" But Trump Did It is sure nice to think that this is true but you would be wrong. No one with any of those traits wants the job. Trump was an anomaly because his agenda, while selfish, was not possible without giving a shit for everyday americans. He certainly did not care about the power of the position as proven by how many times he went against the tide that would have given him that power. He did not care about using the position to make money, contrary to what the media would have you believe as proven by how loudly he and his family trampled through the MSM headlines and how little time those headlines spent on that topic. At the end of the day it did not really matter if Trump was on the side of the people by design or by fluke because he earned his loyalty by never wavering from his convictions. A politician who cannot be bought or who will not be transformed by power is a rare thing. Trump was both of these, for better or worse. Trump did not have a social agenda, he had a "how do I make it easier to make money in this country again?" agenda and he wanted to make sure that as many people as possible could benefit from that because he knew that more money for you meant more money for him. Trump has been the same person for as many years has he has been making headlines and it is that consistency that makes the people trust him. Take it as you may, but I think this is a view overlaps a lot of many conservative views towards Trump. Though there may be faults, a lot of it can be overlooked, or outright ignored, or they are just unaware due to the right-wing media. This is how you get people viewing him like a real-life version of Captain America or Rambo. A true hero fighting for them and taking on the world. This is why they are so willing to believe the election was stolen and why they are so willing to act in such a manner. Because for them. This isn't just a lost for Trump or for the Republican party or for the Confederacy. This may be their final chance to stand up against the establishment because once the dem takes over, they are fully aware that there will be reckoning aimed straight at Trump and all his allies.
  10. My following comment may be in very poor taste, but: Before the days of votes being stolen, what about the days of votes still being suppressed and voter purges. I can't wait to get back to that reckoning in which Republic attempts to craft new legislation to prevent all these people who came out to vote in record numbers in the 2020 electron. People don't trust the election because we keep claiming there is fraud even though we still can't prove it. Remember the good old days in 2018 and 2019 which mass shooting were a thing. Parents were terrorized that their kids could be the next victims of reckless gun usage in the hand of a equally disturbed person. What did ever happen to the dangerous caravan that forced Trump to go on live television and declare a national emergy? Oh wait, I'm sorry. It was so urgent that Trump didn't have time to add three letters to make it "emergency". True story bro. The thousands of kids separated from their parents on the southern border, many of whom will probably never see them again. I guess adaptation a route or we can just deport them back without their parents. Also, ICE! Remember ICE!! It's ashamed news about Uighur Muslims being repressed by China & being sent to concentration camps never broke into USA mainstream. But, HONG KONG!!! EDIT: Frick, I forgot to include NET Neutrality.
  11. They were very convincing with their opinions.
  12. I recall reading something about that. I believe they won largely because they were able to argue that any 'sane' person could clearly tell that their shows weren't actually news.
  13. So many people needs to be punished... So many people in power needs to be punished... Trump needs to be put in house arrest. He is seriously a national risk. He cannot be allowed to leave America or be given the chance to leave. Also, how the frick does government punish news outlet like Fox News? This trump media needs to be wrecked and destroyed.
  14. Dragoncat, you know I've been generous towards you about this topic, and I don't say this out of spite or malice, but the people in red have shown they are more than willing to tolerant this corruption, racism, and fascist rhetoric. Even if you say, the red don't support Trump directly, the majority of those voters are more than willing to elect senates and representatives that will fall in lock-step with him if they see it will benefit their own self-interest. Unless the terrible person comes out and outright state they are this horrible person, these red voters will always find ways to justify, ignore, denied or downplay these issues, the 'both sides' argument being one of the methods. You can try to justify that they aren't that bad because they're not the one who activity want these bad stuff that are happening. They may not be as bad, but they are a large problem. These people are often the exact same people who don't want to do anything until we're at a crisis point, and even then, they may still object on doing anything. Either through willful ignorance or the ability to live in a bubble in which they don't have to worry about the many faults in our society, that a lot of our current issues were allowed to persist for decades and grow to this terrible stat. I mean for godsake, even after multiple reports from the government saying White Terrorist poses the greatest risk for US democracy within the past decade, we still have the police department treating them like they are perfectly fine people after ignoring all the red flags that they were planning to swarm the US capitol. I'm amazed how little the two bombs planted in the capitol is not getting bigger attraction in the news feed.
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