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  1. I am curious, but, uh, any idea how big this app will be? I have some storage issues.
  2. It was probably the bond skill or the feint. Speaking of, what happened to feints? Link skills have continued to come out, why did those stop?
  3. In that case, Sumia's may be best. I have a Nina to give her that one, but it's not what I want for Lucina.
  4. ...well, thank you for keeping from making that mistake. I also thought it was atk/spd.
  5. I may also have to go for Bridal Tharja for that sweet Link skill for my Bowcina.
  6. I got a bad IV...then a good IV so it worked out. In fact, I have determined to make her my first five star exclusive +10 project. 2 down, 9 more to go.
  7. They may have just not gotten to polishing him as much. I say wait until the final product. At least they care enough to give him some more unique animations though.
  8. If you haven't noticed, they aren't giving Lucina a whole lot of love here. This also means she'll likely still be weirdly sassy. It's still got polishing to do. He's not the only one who looks rough in the promotional material.
  9. Also, apparently Dark Samus is the first American created fighter in Smash along with K. Rool being the second British one.
  10. Luigi gets to come back though. Though, it is Mario so he probably has like 99 extra lives. Well, it looks like they may have some collatoral damage in their fight. Anyone else like the DK 64 final smash?
  11. Yes, but Rosalina, Shulk, Mega Man, Duck Hunt, Bowser Jr., and Greninja all had CG. Not only that, Mario and Luigi nonetheless. Though, Luigi was getting cozy back in his body, and Mario technically may not be dead.
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