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  1. Well, yeah, the problem is that she looks way young while supposedly being the same Lucina. If it was another Lucina, then there wouldn't be as much of an issue. Overall, the outfit itself doesn't seem bad, it's pretty much all in the art which has the serious flaw of making her look like a child.
  2. Maybe it's not comparable...maybe she looks younger. Seriously, just look at them side by side.
  3. If she was an adult and it looked nice, sure. Better than Hel at least, but this...this would have been better if it was an alt. A child Lucina could work...just not when it's supposed to be OG Lucina.
  4. Well, she has her new VA I think, but that is Lucina now.
  5. Maybe if it actually looked like how Lucina should or they actually used this for a young Lucina alt. And her looking 10 goes a bit beyond artistic license. This isn't like OG Eliwood where the art is simply bad, it's a bad representation of Lucina.
  6. Like I said, it's the internet. Doesn't take much for people to start shipping.
  7. Yes, we generally get two summer banners every year.
  8. Also chalk it up to the shipping nature of the internet. It doesn't have to be romantic for some people to start shipping. This being a prime example. With few exceptions, Heroes doesn't ship.
  9. Why...does masked Lucina cry so easily in this? Yes, there's being happy at being on the beach and having fun, but her crying used to mean a bit more.
  10. Is this really fanservice for Lucina fans though given they went masked? For that matter, how much fanservice would it ever be for the background character? You're already losing tap lines for the convo.
  11. Well, Lucina's Cipher one would have been somewhat unique...
  12. Honestly, the second banner doesn't help it for me since my most wanted character got such a massive shaft in the first one, and she's unlikely to ever get a proper summer alt, let alone be on the next one.
  13. Unlikely since they are so unimportant that their sprites can literally be turned off in settings. Yet, that doesn't seem to stop some from yelling about Lucina getting another alt. Besides, that would only really fix one issue with this alt. The worst one probably being that she's masked to begin with.
  14. I...really loathe that Mia alt. What a way to screw over people wanting summer Lucina. Myself included.
  15. Gharnef and Validar were shoehorned, but Iago actually seemed to play out the best ironically. And, please, the people would have flamed before the feet comment. Even after they said they were focusing on three games, they still seemed to expect Ike and Roy. Admittedly, they didn't help their situation by adding Lyn and Celica. They did stick their feet in their mouths a lot to add fuel to the fire, but do you honestly think people wouldn't have freaked out if they just said they were focusing on these three games (and actually stuck to it) and that's it?
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