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  1. Same. And that damn blue pegasus has drag back so I can't just bait him and be okay with Camilla.
  2. Wait what, has it been changed now? I'm confused. (East Coast US here)
  3. I blew my saved up 110 on Lucina in the Princess banner and Effie in her banner the other week. Got neither. I've done a few blue orb rolls for Ninian too and still no luck(besides a 5* Catria that reset my %) I'd almost give up and save my orbs but I'd really like a dancer that's not my cheap un-upgraded Olivia.
  4. Yeah, I think it would have been better to give a bigger window, and just raise the number of people required for the special reward. It sucks for people in other time zones and/or have work to do. Then again I don't think they care about the non-Japan time zones since it's 2 hours till the event starts and they never even mentioned it on our in-game message board, nor any non-Japanese social media channels.
  5. Well that's interesting. Don't really care for a super small time frame event like that, but can't complain about free feathers and orbs. I hope my team can beat Lunatic this time. I couldn't beat any of the GHB on Lunatic yet, which sucks. My main units were ill-matched for surviving. I saw a video of a Japanese player beat Ursula with 3* freebie units from the daily rotations, but by the time I saw it I didn't have the time to train mine up even to just copy their strategy. Hopefully this will fare better, since if Iote's Shield isn't locked on him he'll be amazing to have extras of..
  6. That sounds like a good roll on her. Either that or the same but with +speed seem ideal.
  7. Well, I hit 20 orbs today, so I went for another Ninian roll. Only 1 blue orb. Rolled it, and while no Ninian as expected, I randomly got a 5* Catria and backed out. Welp, that's a big help toward doing the flier quest. Now I've been training up my new Catria, my bad IV dupe of 5* Camilla and a 4* Caeda to go along with my main Camilla to make up the team. I'm mainly posting because I just want to say how frustrating Caeda is. She might be the worst 4* unit I've tried leveling so far since Matthew. Does hardly any damage unless it's green armored units and can barely take a hit, if at all from almost anything but green units. When I leveled my 4* Selena, who has the same attack, she did far better since she at least could sit and trade hits till she killed a lot of things. Caeda will just drop from blues, and can't survive more than 1 hit from most other reds. Thanks to the -res IV even mages mess her up pretty easily. My dumb luck new Catria and Camillas will probably carry me through the quest, eventually, but Caeda's lucky she gets Hone Fliers or I'd of tossed her back into the barracks by now.
  8. Nice, I guess I'll keep Wings of Mercy as an idea for my Camilla's B skill when I can actually get somebody to pass it.
  9. Simple question, but does a unit get to both move and attack after they use Escape Route/Wings of Mercy, or just attack? I've never gotten to use it myself, nor seen it used on me yet, so I'm not sure.
  10. This. Negatives aside (like ranged/close counter potentially everywhere), I love that you can make way more characters usable now, meaning that with some love and care you can usually make your favorites at least pretty damn good even if they weren't before this addition. I really like Selena(both as a unit and a character), and I was using a 4* of her on my team for about all of February since I had no other good red units, and she served me well even then. So it's nice to see her get some love. While I can't say she's stealing Lucina or Ryoma's thunder, she'll definitely be more than competent with this kind of build. I still wouldn't want her near any blue units with high attack, but she could probably tank a hit from some of the more middling-attack stat ones better than most. And body blocking for you mage or what-have-you can be really important. Hopefully she doesn't run into other sword users pulling the same Swordbreaker deal as her, as I don't think she'd like trying to wall some of the stronger ones without the advantage. Luckily Lucina, Ryoma and such will probably stick to other more generally offensive skills. I feel like Chrom could try a similar tanky Swordbreaker set to this though, since he's bulkier physically and it makes his speed a non-issue. But he doesn't want to take hits from even green mages, so Selena's got the edge there. Plus her speed's pretty good so she won't get doubled constantly by every non-sword unit.
  11. With how much more stamina story maps cost to run, I think you'll always be better off in the training tower even if you're having bad luck with the random enemies.
  12. Oh I noticed it, but I didn't pay much attention beyond that. Like I said I guess it's just the kind of guy I am. In general remember seeing a lot more discussion over her, uh, apparent size increase for heroes than anything else as well.
  13. I can see why some might be bothered with them supposedly going commando, mainly considering it's a Nintendo game and that implies a wider audience with more people that might find it distasteful. But aside from Catria's buttcheek basically peeking out from her skirt, I barely even noticed or gave much thought about what be or not be wearing. Camilla or Ursula's artwork is far more striking for obvious reasons, but maybe that's just the kind of guy I am. I can only imagine what they'll have for Charlotte when she comes out.
  14. I know she's not great, but I like her, not to mention she's my only 5* blue unit. I was stuck with a 4* of her as my only good blue almost since the game came out, then rolled a 5* of her while trying to get Effie last week. Since I'll probably be sticking with her for a good while yet, I might as well give her some love. Luckily she's still performed pretty damn well for me, even with the 4* I was using. And yeah, I'll think about Pivot/Swap for Tharja. Before inheritance most of my usable units didn't have assist skills period, so it's been hard to make an educated pick without having used most of them very much.
  15. Looking for a few assist skill second opinions. What are some thoughts for Peri's? I was considering Draw Back since the reach with her cavalry movement to perform clutch saves seemed like a good mix. I also am considering it for Tharja, since I heard that people liked Nino's Draw Back for a while now. I have an Erika who will likely get Rally Defense, so she'll mainly be be Tharja's buffbot. I put Vantage on my Takumi already, so is Reciprocal aid to get in vantage range at will just a meme or would that be a worthwhile choice? Nothing else stands out to me too much for him, though, but I don't know if I see Reciprocal aid getting much use either.
  16. It's kind of funny that the exp bonus from the barracks upgrades is almost a negative if you want to get lots of SP this way. It'd be easiest to farm SP as low level as you can manage since the stamina costs for the maps are less to keep running. But you usually level up pretty fast until you hit the 30's with full exp bonuses active, not to mention the 1.5x exp bonus event right now. This whole thing just makes me wish I had a lot more stamina potions..
  17. I wish the cavalry quest was that simple for me. I have Gunter and Eliwood but.. they're both 3* and have bad IVs, meaning they don't have access to either of their cavalry buff skills. I'd have to rank both or at least one to go alongside my 5* Peri, 4* Ursula and 4* Celica(last 2 still need to be leveled). I don't know if I think 4k feathers used on bad IV units is worth 3 orbs. If their IVs were better I'd consider it more, mainly for potential use later if we get more quests like this.
  18. Perhaps with the next event, or when they do the April update, they'll do an SP boost, similar to the exp one right now. It would just seem kind of fitting to follow up skill inheritance. Either way, it truly is suffering right now. I'm working on making my Peri better and I need a hell of a lot of SP for Moonbow + pre-rq, a support skill and her new B slot skill, all 3 ranks. Running one of the top stratums and usually getting 2-3 kills on her on a good run, meaning about 6-9 SP every 9 stamina... Figures I blew a bunch of stamina potions just before the exp event while trying to level up the few 5* units I got while failing to roll Effie last banner.
  19. Glad to see the dump of orbs on us this week and next. The new tower quests, the log in event bringing back 2 orbs a day (+1 from the quest), and now this quiz. Thank God since I really need the refill. I'm tempted to roll a few for Ninian, but on the off chance somebody I really want comes up on a banner soon I don't want to be too short on orbs. I blew basically all I'd saved for a month(about 120) on Effie and Lucina's banners last week and failed getting both. And I was just thinking how I hoped we'd get another big feather gift soon like the 10k we got before. Even so, 5 starring an Odin or Nowi to steal their weapon is still probably too rich for my blood, though..
  20. I found Fates as a whole to be really fun but heavily flawed. I think the gameplay is fantastic and I really enjoy most of the characters in both Conquest and Birthright. (especially Conquest) The maps in Conquest are pretty great and interesting, while Birthright's are pretty boring and more or less like an Awakening 2.0. Revelations' maps were a mess with so many gimmicks that I really just didn't enjoy, which is a shame. Conquest's story was just plain awful, in my opinion. I won't really rant, but Corrin was such a wimpy idiot, and Azura was just as frustrating. The royals' actions could be infuriating sometimes too. I really haven't disliked a player-made main character in a game so much in a long time. Birthright's story was done with a more generic spin to it, but I'll take generic over Conquest's mess. Revelations was better than Conquest but worse than Birthright to me. It had the benefit of giving you the actual, complete (and more satisfying) ending to the story which was nice. And despite the horrible character balance with base stats and join levels, I did enjoy getting to use my favorites from both of the other paths together. Also kind of story-related; the children units were poorly shoved into the game, I think. I like them as characters/units themselves, but the explanation around them really weak and they were clearly trying to write something to justify bringing the children unit feature back from Awakening. At least Awakening integrated them pretty seamlessly into the main story. They're just really tacked on here and I wish they'd of done a better job with it. I think the My Castle feature is really cool, even if it's heavily (and poorly) shoehorned into the story just like the children. All the little interactions you can do and buildings you can use are really nice, and I like the online features of My Castle too. I just wish skill buying didn't sit there and tempt you to buy skills and cheese your first playthrough.(but it's a great and fun feature aside from that) I hope future games have something similar. It was a big step up from Awakening's barracks and attempt at online features through the world map. And just to not forget it, I didn't do much with the pvp but it pretty much became a mess of cheesy/meme builds right away. That's no doubt fun for some, but I personally wanted to play with more "normal" units instead. Unfortunately my only friend playing the game is in a different region, so we got region locked from each other. So basically like the opening statement, I really enjoyed the games and put a lot of time into them, despite the flaws, but the flaws are really glaring. It's mainly the story that drags it down a few notches. Conquest is still my favorite FE so far if I just try to tune out the stupidity of the story. There's so many characters in Fates I really enjoy playing with, and the mechanics and maps are just a blast to play with besides a couple of frustrating chapters/moments. If the next new FE game manages to have gameplay and characters as good as Conquest, while making an actually well-written story on top of it, I'll be very, very happy.
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