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  1. I'm guessing the usual people who do guides will try to give multiple solutions and suggest all around good units worth blessing. So hopefully it wont be too hard to adapt as needed.
  2. If I had to guess, it's our 6 dudes (4 banner units, Finn, Saias), Arvis anddddd let's say Seliph
  3. Grima tempest and Grima Legendary battle too
  4. Oh hey you're right. Daggers do too. Never really noticed that before Oh god we need 3 more breakers now, that's awful
  5. So the weapon filters now includes Bows with colors Staves & daggers remain pure colorless
  6. I wonder if, since they've finally realized that the 3* pool shouldn't be allowed to stagnate, this banner might see a shift to 2 5*s, 1 4-5* and 1 3-4* Nanna would be a good 3* pull, and I could easily see Leif being 4-5*s. The thunder twins will probably be 5* exclusive.
  7. I don't know what's more surprising: that both are getting alts or that both are also on the same banner. I expected one of them (rein, probably) to be saved for a legendary banner. Is this the first permanent banner with 4 units since...Brave Heroes?
  8. me, for literally days: they wont show off the new reinfery skills 5 minutes into the video: here's the new refinery skills!!!!!
  9. Man poor Tharja, just kind of mediocre. Also I never noticed that Tiki had 6 move as a human. What different does that translate to in game relative to 5 move, anyway
  10. Is there something special to VElezark's story drops? The first time I completed story mode (normal), I got a silver & Gold material. I figured the first drop was just special, so you could actually make progress on Liana & Rowan's attack badges. And sure enough, Hard mode only dropped a single one (gold, frustratingly) But then I beat Lunatic (w/ Convoy Blessing) and got another gold & silver?
  11. I think the thing throwing people off about Tharja is the same thing that threw me off about Niles. Their running animations visually look faster. Niles has a more distinct sprint, with a compliated costume that looks like he's really booking. Tharja's float looks like it would move her faster, probably from her pose and lack of giant trenchcoat. Bit surprised there was no "move+1" skill, actually. Maybe next game
  12. Berkut's extra fluff in particular probably was written from the start. It's nothing too much out of nowhere and probably written to give a better idea of how the character might appear, how they would act in the present, maybe even their voice and then decided what information to go from there. I bet Rinea has a bunch of info in her profiles that goes unsaid in the games and that might have always been there but left out because they didn't want to (for whatever reason) put a bunch of focus on Rinea. I bet you anything that it gets mentioned if she's ever put in Heroes...hopefully. Some stuff in the timeline is probably a mix. Like stuff like Rudolf having a brand and seeing Duma's degeneration in person multiple times was probably in their outlines before, but how it EXACTLY lined up with the Archanean calendar and the real nitty gritty stuff might have been fleshed out later. Forneus' records probably weren't so detailed, but they needed it plotted out so they could slim down to what they wanted to show in the game; then when time comes to give more info in a book or extra material they can flesh it out. Like maybe they wrote "Okay, its a homonculus, used divine dragon blood, probably killed him" but then fleshed out al the particulars like the horse womb and hte gestation period. The book of revelations was probably writtein in full, then chose which bits would show up in the amiibo dungeons. We may never know exactly why x information was left unsaid in a game, and echoes is hardly the only game that does that, sadly. Though with Berkut, I could see that information cut for time. He has all those playable character voice clips (& Fernand) that it's, again, feasible that he (& Fernand) were meant to join you in the end game and this was changed later in development. Thus leaving aside his more detailed backstory. Also possible Berkut-based DLC was in the cards at one point, where this info might be drawn on, but they went with Deliverance DLC instead. It's fun to think about though. This was a lot of words to basically agree with you I realize, but I think the development of games and their lore is fascinating.
  13. I dunno, the being a timid coward thing in his early childhood, and the stern mother, is interesting but doesn't really add anything to the character we see in the game. It's not like his past makes the tantrums more justified but honestly I don't think it needs justification: haughty nobles getting undone the moment something challenges them feels like a common trope in fiction. Especially ones who clearly have something to prove, since he was theoretically in line to be the next emperor. That said, if Berkut was meant to join the party it's feasible we'd have found out some of this in base conversations.
  14. I've not found any super fast maps which means, sadly, you've got one of two options: 1. Chapter 20. You can get 2 Olivia materials per run if you deploy her, it's just pretty repetitive and LOOK AT THAT WALL OF DARKNESS 2. Level reset. Obviously the issue here is money, depending on how many olivia materials you need and how much you want to spend getting her back up to par
  15. Man the latest water garden map is killing me. Think I'll need to bless a few more units to get through this
  16. Well I didn't say "most" I said several. And 5* exclusives are generally going to have something great about them to make them worth pulling for over other units in their type...like Mia or Ayra are going to perform better than similar more common (or not so common) swords And to the point of Est, my bad, I was thinking of her base kit (& also, confusing her with Florina)...I actually didn't know post-SI Est ranked as...S Rank??? Even reading the criteria I'm not sure why, I think I've never seen one in arena but i guess i dont venture too deep into it so whatever. Anyway, the developers would have to purposely short change them in some capacity to make them not worth using at all. Like...just assign random numbers, or purposely not give anyone good attack &/or speed or just the worst base skills. I think the worst thing they'd do is make them have "standard" BST but that's obviously workable. Swords would probably have issues since there's just so many, to the point I'm not sure what they'd construct to make all of them stand out, but I'd be surprised if the worst sword was antyhing less than "meh". They'd probably still have something to them that makes them worth while. If you want a lance armor you are probably going to go with someone other than Gwendolyn but she still has those great meaty defenses, a nice budget way to boost your armors, a solidish weapon that can turn more solid and then all the benefits of SI. A bunch of new axes would probably wind up in the Barst & Bartre quagmire until new fun axes are handed around (Barst seems like someone who'd move up in the world with a firesweep?), but that's not really the fault of the actual unit.
  17. hmmmm I'll admit I'm still married to the idea, so how about this: if this was at the dragon's peak (or near it), then Naga might have been stronger herself. She could just bestow power (or general power, not even specifically the sealing power needed for awakening), whereas later on it specifically needs the full shebang: falchion, shield of seals with all 5 gemstones, exalt blood, atop mount prism. I really do think the azure flames are meant to evoke the awakening ritual in some fashion, but I just don't have enough context. I was joking about it earlier but I do wonder if this will ever come back up again in FE Switch somehow. It's a very specific detail that seems unattached to what we know, even within the book.
  18. Here's an idea to follow on this (also man i totally forgot about the seal on the door! i should have refreshed myself): Naga, even if she didnt come in person, decides to bestow power on a hero (that guy in the azura flames) to assist in sealing it away alongside some other manaketes. Basically, the origin of the rite of awakening was here and she reused its purpose hundreds of years later for the first exalt.
  19. If you leave it as the direct change, it will probably cause confusion for people who were reading it on their own. And if the book ever comes West, then they'll probably not catch it either. Might be better to leave it as is but have a translation note
  20. iirc, there are 2 Fire dragons. One guarding the second half of the dungeon and another guarding some springs on the 8th floor I'm not sure Fafnirs appear anywhere in the dungeon, where as those 2 are I think the onl fire dragons in the entire game. Maybe someone goofed? Warriors calls the "promoted" fire dragons Fafnirs, so some wires might have gotten crossed
  21. Specifically stating it was sealed in its room and guarded by fafnirs (the fire dragons, i assume?) is odd Like I said before, the entire dungeon is in dissaray & falling apart..but I'll put that aside, maybe the seals were just stronger. But, presumably Forneus died as he was writing his notes judging from it ending "abruptly". And none of his notes mention controlling dragons, for that matter. And he specifically wanted to kill it, not seal it away..in fact sealing it away would probably take more effort? I figured Grima just killed him basically instantly. Maybe those 2 mysterious people, the one in flames and the winged one, weren't the first exalt & naga, then. Well, one of them could be Naga I suppose...if anyone could reign in feral dragons it'd probably be her. But maybe the notes were from before Celica & Alm came and these 2 journeyd into the dungeon to seal everything away? e: Or the people writing all this just flubbed on what they wanted. fire emblem can be a bit inconsistent in the best of times.
  22. Oh I know what could take up some time. I was thinking we'd get some Series anniversary orb rundowns (with some themed maps), but I could also see them running through some banners. Lumping remakes together where appropriate, and side stepping Thracia since its just getting a normal banner this month, they could do things like... FE1/11 Banner: Marth, Caeda, Barst, Wrys FE2/15: Alm, Celica, Mathilda, Leon FE3/12: Hardin, Sheena, Katarina, Luke FE4: Sigurd, Julia, Talitiu, Lachesis and so on. FE1/3/11/12 have more leeway than others. e: If they show off the upcoming banners that also checks off "lots of heroes" showing up
  23. Considering he specifically made the godless abominations using his wife's face something he can fully control, I uh,I think he was probably not the best husband...
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