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  1. Ah ok, gotcha. The text size surprisingly wasn't an issue for me although it could just be because my TV was better suited for it (and my room is pretty small so it's not like it's far apart from me). Given the nature of this thread, it is possible that FE isn't our primary interest. We all love it of course but we have franchises we like more. I don't mean to speak for everyone on this tho. But I totally understand what you mean. You could alternatively go the cheaper route and get Torna first. I imagine EU will be getting the same deals NA is having right now which means you'll be able to get Torna+the Season Pass for less than the Euro equivalent of $30.
  2. The thing about ARPG combat is that it's better to actually play them for a bit to get a feel for them. Watching someone else play is cool and all but unlike other genres, you can't really tell if it's for you without actually giving it a shot. Of course, there's variations. Hack-and-slash, combo-oriented, Musou, MMO-like. I'm just boiling it down to the basics here, there's definitely more (or less) nuance that goes into the combat philosophy. I'd say Xeno is one of the most talked about topics here. Granted, it's usually related to Xenoblade but I think most people here have at least played one of the game's. Only me and you have played all eight games in the series though. Going of my memory: Observer has played all the Xenoblades and Xenogears but has not played the Xenosaga trilogy but is familiar with only the basics+whatever he learned from Endless Frontier. LightChao has played all the Xenoblades but he hasn't played Xenosaga either but has seen all the cutscenes (not sure if he played Gears though, @Lightchao42 let me know). I think I remember Twilit saying he tried playing Xenoblade Definitive but couldn't get into it. Only game in the series he's played. Shrimpy has played Xenoblade Definitive. Currently the only game in the series he's played. Acacia has played Xenoblade X, also the only game in the series he's played. DragonFlames played Xenoblade 2, got stuck but is looking to resume it. Also the only game in the series he's played. Including me and Lightcosmo, that's eight out of the 12 (13? 14?) people in this thread that have played at least one Xeno game. If I missed anyone, let me know.
  3. Yep. Gonna take care of some assignments and then I'll probably boot it up later tonight.
  4. Yes. Good. Let the best game of all time flow through you. I know you have a backlog but since you'll be a new player, I'll leave this here (and @DragonFlames, since you said you were gonna jump back in, you could use a refresher) This video is very helpful and of course there's plenty of people here that can also help. I bring this up because Xenoblade 2's in-game tutorials are actually pretty bad. I've seen some people say that the tutorials were the reason they weren't having fun with the combat and it wasn't until they actually learned what to do that they were like "oh I get it now". Yep, I saw. Chronicles. I like this joke. I did use 300 gold coins to push the price a bit further down to $15. Because I'm petty like that haha.
  5. LMAOOOOOOO Even Twitter said "nah bro, not everything is a Persona 5 reference".
  6. Oh nice! *Realizes this also applies to the enemy* Oh no! Not really but I do think I came cutting it close in some maps. I just didn't like, see the point.
  7. We are......three days after Godzilla vs Kong was originally supposed to come out. The movie is basically done, they just moved it back to May because of Covid. .....there is still not a single trailer. I just wanna see the big lizard fight the big monkey, is that too much to ask? ______ Anyways, fun fact: today marks Doctor Who's 57th anniversary. The longest running sci-fi series. It's had it's ups and downs but it's one of the two live-action tv shows that has captivated me enough to be invested in it. Looking forward to the Christmas special is always a treat. Edit: I'm gonna post one of the best scenes from Doctor Who and it's something that will always be relevant.
  8. This is pretty much how i feel about Undertale. Sans and Megalovania memes aside, the game is neat but doesn't interest me much. It's already $30 permanently but if it goes down even lower, i'll take it. $30 isn't a bad deal anyway. Ah, i didn't consider that. Tbf, the game is taking place in an alternate version of Earth during an alternate version of World War 2 so i wasn't thinking about pre-Soviet Union Russia. I will say i do find it humorous that the Empire was Germany and Russia rolled into one considering Hitler and Stalin hated each other iirc. I.........can't unsee it now. Literally just take Robin's default male look, color the hair brownish-blonde, and you get Welkin.
  9. I finally, after a whole year, finished Valkyria Chronicles. Pretty fun SRPG. Now, it's been a year so some details are a bit fuzzy but i can say what i liked and didn't like. Liked: Gameplay's pretty fun. Every map is Fog of War but that's the point, that's why your Scouts exist. Interception fire being a thing also helps this. Permadeath exists but there's a three turn grace period that allows you to save a fallen unit, unless an enemy gets to them first. I like this. Although i will say it basically made it impossible to actually lose someone. I don't know if losing your second tank is affected by permadeath but at the very least, the grace period basically ensures you can't actually lose anyone unless you're really, really bad. I didn't know how to feel about it at first but EXP and equipment in this game is basically communism. You don't level up individual units, you level up their class, you don't buy individual weapons, buying weapons applies to every character in that class (though some unique weapons do exist). I like this but it obviously works with this context. Being able to save every turn was nice. Neutral: The story and characters. There is a part about the story i dislike but i'll get to that. For the most part, the story itself was pretty average SRPG plot. The characters were fine but if your name wasn't Welkin or Alicia, you basically did not exist. Again, it's been a year, i could be missing something. I should point out that i did not play the side stories, mainly because i uh......didn't realize they were there. Until like, near the end of the game. A moment in the story references one of these side missions and i was like "wait shit, where did that happen" and the credits montage also references one of them. It wasn't anything major but yeah, i didn't play the side stories because i didn't realize they were there. Disliked: Listen, i know that the Empire is supposed to be like, the Nazis and Stalin era Soviet Union rolled into one (although it's mainly Nazis) but like, the start of the game makes it seem like this is a war for resources when it's in reality a war for domination. And i get that they are Nazis but all of the villains except one were mustache twirlers. Didn't really like that every map had 20 turn limit. Calculations need to be a thing because there are times where my characters have the enemy in point-blank range and they can still somehow miss. Accuracy in general was really bad for snipers in the early game. How snipers had the worst accuracy for a while is beyond me. And then Lancers were useful early game, fell off midgame, and i didn't really need them again until the last two chapters. And one part that happens at the end of the game (spoilers) Anyways, game's fun, 7/10, will play VC4 when i feel like it. Probably get it for the holidays. Btw @Shrimperor is there any incentive to play Valkyria Chronicles NG+ or is it just there for the sake of it?
  10. Honestly I don't even remember if the other maps had ambush spawns, I just know that this one has me going "wait a minute, that's illegal". Does VC4 still have 20 turn limits for literally every map?
  11. Why does the first map of Valkyria Chronicles Ch.18 have ambush spawns? I know enemies reinforcements come in at the start of enemy phase but see, normally they come from enemy camps that, once you take over, the reinforcements stop. In this map, that is not the case so enemies just keep coming and coming and you never know which one might fuck you up next.
  12. I have heard good things about it but i also know that it's waaaaay too dark for me. I can tolerate dark but there is a limit.
  13. Berserk fans are in a constant state of existential suffering. It's hilarious, but only because I'm not a Berserk fan.
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