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  1. More I was gonna see it even with the cursed human Sonic desgin. I'll be pleasently surprised if the movie is good but i'm expecting it to be "so bad it's good".
  2. The concept of the Wild Area is good and it could truly shine if improved upon. I just think that in SwSh, it's execution isn't very good. I'm not expecting Xenoblade-tier area design but it doesn't look like the Wild Area has anything of substance. It's really just a bigger area where you can catch Pokemon (and do Max Raids, i guess).
  3. Man, i really like this song. It just captures that feel of a space western. I have high hopes for The Mandalorian after that first episode. I really like the Star Wars stories that are rather disconnected from the movies. Gives them more freedom to work with. Well that but i also felt that with the sprites, moves had a certain more "oomph" to them. Not all of them, some moves got that "oomph" when used in 3D but in general, moves just looked and felt better when they were sprites.
  4. The only true improvements SwSh is making is making competitive Pokemon a lot easier. No longer do you have to spend hours upon hours breeding for that perfect 6 IV Pokemon. No longer to do you have to spend hours upon hours breeding for that perfect nature. However, that's just getting into competitive Pokemon. The actual competitive scene now is up for debate, as the removal of moves hurts some Pokemon, Pokemon that would've benefitted from this Gen don't exist, etc. And yeah, i know Showdown exists but official Pokemon tournaments don't run that. Competitive Pokemon has always been flawed from the start though. No amount of improvements will make it actually engaging but that's just me.
  5. Oh i know. I was just trying to be funny. I will say though that 2D Pokemon was more charming. Back when X/Y were announced, 13-year old me thought it was really cool that mainline Pokemon was finally going 3D. But recently (and i mean before SwSh were even announced, this isn't a new sentiment i have), i've been missing the 2D sprites of Pokemon. Gen 5 had some of the best sprite work period. Yeah but the Pokewalker only came with sealed copies. But i remember buying a used copy of HeartGold at GameStop for $15 so having those games be Tellius prices can't be right.
  6. I came up with the meme template at 1 in the morning. Same. There's so many cool ones and i appreciate the Galarian forms being more spread out as opposed to just being Kanto pandering. I even like how some have Galarian-exclusive evolutions. It's been a long time since we got evolutions to already existing Pokemon that wasn't Eevee. My knowledge only extends to the Mystery Dungeon games but the Explorer games especially also had better soundtracks. Dialga's Fight to the Finish Temporal Tower Monster House What? How? It's not like those games were rare. Well when it comes to move animations, Stadium definitly has SwSh beat. You know, sometimes i feel like mainline Pokemon should've never gone 3D. Oh God. Am i.......a Sonic fan? All this talk about Monolith Soft developing Pokemon has me thinking: if Pokemon is gonna have a Wild Area in the next game (assuming it's not a one-off gimmick but it probably is), Game Freak should at least contract Monolith Soft to do that part of the game. Because in concept, the Wild Area is a good idea. But it's so barren, falling victim to the "big but empty" syndrome, something Monolith Soft has been able to avoid (some people call BotW empty, personally i disagree since i had a lot of fun exploring the world there).
  7. God, a Monolith Soft-developed Pokemon game would be something i buy in a heartbeat. And the camera doesn't even work that properly, in the Wild Area. Only one set speed and barely any vertical movement. Sword and Shield honestly has the most barren post-game out of any post-Gen 3 game aside from Let's GO. Disapointing. Honestly, Galar itself feels pretty barren. A measly 10 routes and a semi-open world area with nothing of interest in it. Fuck, i never thought i'd put a region below Kanto (though Galar still has better Pokemon). You're right, it wasn't. It was just a rumor.
  8. Games typically go gold about a month before the release date so there's no difference between review copies and copies that manage to leak. If there is a day 1 patch, both review and leaked copies would get it.
  9. So basically SwSh is definitly disapointing but some people just take it too far. #ThankYouGameFreak had me split because one one hand, yeah it's nice to remincese about Pokemon memories. I even saw one from the guy with all those cool realistic Pokemon artwork, where he said that it's because of Pokemon that he was able to get on so many art projects, including the Detective Pikachu movie. On the other hand, what a coincidence that #ThankYouGameFreak started trending shortly after reports of "low morale at Game Freak" instead of something that would actually warrant a trend like that, such as say, the alternate timeline where Game Freak goes out of buisness. Where was #ThankYouAlphaDream (Mario & Luigi devs) when they went out of buisness?
  10. Do you mean user reviews or critic reviews? Because the latter has been nothing but positive.
  11. The irony is that no one would mind the reused models (models themselves are fine tbh) and animations if Game Freak had just kept their mouths shut. For the record, reusing animations isn't inherintly a bad thing either. But they said they were "working on improving the models and animations" to justify cutting the Dex and that's clearly a lie. I wasn't expecting anything less tbh. I won't attack those who do want the game or who enjoy it. But i think we should've gotten a lot better. For what SwSh is offering, it is not worth $60. Link's Awakening HD is worth more.
  12. I feel like you're looking at it a bit too seriously when the series isn't. I agree that "will they or won't they" is annoying in other contexts but said contexts are the ones where the writing is trying to get me invested in a potential romance. Konosuba isn't trying to get me invested in a potential romance in the first place, so it's not really an issue for me. You describe it as a delicious cake where one slice has really gross worms in it. I'd just describe it as a delicious cake. Not gonna lie, Ashoka showing up in a mainline movie actually would be pretty cool. Even if they just CGI a cameo of her somewhere, i'd be fine with it.
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