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  1. No, the Atelier games on Switch have always done this, not to mention some other third party games. Maybe you just didn't notice it but it's always been there for certain games.
  2. OH it's Musou combat. I thought it was just normal action RPG like Ys or Tales (there are three screenshots on the eShop page and none of them gave the impression that it was Musou). Uh, i'll have to think about this. I don't dislike Musou combat but it's usually not my thing and i would usually only play it if an IP i'm familiar with does it, like Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors (and even then, i haven't bought either, though i have played like one hour of the former on Wii U). I have until the 19th of April to decide if i want to jump on this sale or not. I'll think about it. The order doesn't really matter, but it never has. Thing is, Ayesha has probably the worst alchemy system out of any Atelier game i've played on account of it's still the only one where i don't actually understand how it works. The game also just assumes you can see the future, so that's another problem. Probably this. Nights of Azure 2 was one of the Switch's earlier 3rd party games, so the first game was around before then. Of course, they could port the first game to Switch, just like how Ys 8 got ported to Switch like, three years after it's release (Ys was released in 2016, the Switch came out in 2017 and the Ys 8 port was 2018). So why they haven't yet must be for a different reason. As for the first two Mysterious titles, when Mysterious DX happens, i garuantee it'll be on Switch. It's a little bit too early for that though, especially with Lydie & Sulle already being on Switch.
  3. @DragonFlames so Nights of Azure 2 is $30 on the eShop right now. Can i just play this one without the first one or no and that's important because the first Nights of Azure literally isn't on Switch. It's just not there (i'll also need to look into if 2 actually runs well on Switch because iirc, this was one of Gust's first Switch ports and if Lydie & Sulle is anything to go by, well....) Yeah, the Ao hype doesn't stop. At all. I hope you enjoy it more than i do. Atelier Ayesha is cute but i found it to be the weakest Dusk game and just one of the weakest entries in the series overall imo.
  4. I played more Cold Steel 3. Got to Sutherland before stopping. Of course, that means i got to try out Cold Steel 3's mech battles for the first time. An improvement over CS1 and 2's on the simple fact that you actually control more than one guy now. I also appreciate that each one is equipped with the weapons of whoever pilots it, giving that snese of uniqueness, even if the mechs themselves are pretty generic-looking (minus Valimar of course). And while the actual combat is different, CS3's mech combat reminds me of the mech combat in pre-Blade Xeno games. That's good. In other parts of the game, seeing Tita, Agate and Randy again is so good. It's also really nice hearing Randy speak English after hearing him speak Japanese for two games in a row. I will say, it does feel like the early game kinda drags a bit. I know when you break it down, Cold Steel 3 is basically "Cold Steel 1 but again" but Cold Steel 1 got to it's first field study earlier in comparison to Cold Steel 3. I'd say that CS3 does have a relatively slower opening compared to the rest of the series actually. And yeah, i know i watched a playthrough months ago before the game even released on PS4 but that playthrough didn't account the gameplay time on account that i skipped all the gameplay portions, so i couldn't get a proper sense of the pacing. Still though, enjoying it so far.
  5. @DragonFlames @Shrimperor @lightcosmo Assuming the Switch preformance isn't shit, i'll be double dipping on this. Not right away though because of course it's being released during a time i'll be ocean deep in XenoblaDE.
  6. Ah. In that case, "Libero" roughly translates in Spanish to "to free". And given that's exactly what Red Riding Hood did at the start of the game, it makes sense. I had to actually look this one up, as well as the second LCD puzzle because i couldn't get a clear view of what i needed to do. PSP emulation is easy so i'll probably just play the Portable version. The fact that being able to control everyone is a default thing and not something have to install myself is a plus. Is the additional content in FES needed or is it just a bonus?
  7. Context: The Last of Us 2 originally shared the May 29th release date with XenoblaDE but coronavirus concerns caused the former to be delayed again. So as funny haha as the meme above is, i won't deny that there is a possibilty that XenoblaDE might also get delayed for the same reason. But for now, this means that XenoblaDE has no competition. Good.
  8. I'm not sure about SMT. From what i've seen of SMT, it feels a bit too dark in tone for my liking. I'm fine with dark tones but there's a limit and it feels like SMT exceeds that limit. As for Persona though, i'm totally onboard on playing them......if they ever show up on Switch. I know Sony said that Persona exclusiveity was important for them but i'm pretty sure that's just PR talk and there's no actual contract that states that mainline Persona must go on PlayStation and nothing else (Persona 5 Royal could've easily been on Switch but nah, it's PS4 exclusive, which is odd considering Persona 5 was already on PS4). I guess i could emulate Persona 3 though (with the mod that lets me control my party members). Of course, i had an interest in Persona before i played TMS, TMS just increased that interest. Wait hold on, her class is "Liberd"? What is Liberd? I get the other classes. Fighter? You're fightin'. Scientist? Smart. Archer? Shooting things. What is Liberd? I even looked it up and i got nothing except Scrabble results.
  9. Ok since the "watcha playing thread" is basically dead, i have decided to post my TMS review here instead. It'll be like this from now on. Tokyo Mirage Sessions was one the two Wii U games i wanted a Switch port of, the other obviously being Xenoblade Chronicles X. I didn't expect TMS to be the one getting the port before X but that was a welcome surprise. It definetly felt like an underrated gem that nobody gave credit to because "lol idols" and i'll admit, i'm not really a fan of idols. I purchased TMS Encore a few days after released and spent the next three months playing it. I know it's not the Fire Emblem x SMT crossover that everyone expected but let me start off by saying that the character designs in this game are pretty dope. The "SMT'ified" versions of Fire Emblem characters are pretty cool (especially some of the promotions) but what i really liked the most was the Carnage Forms of each character. They manage to maintain that Fire Emblem look while at the same time managing to have a unique feel not found in any other Fire Emblem game. The characters themselves are good enough (not you Barry). I wouldn't call them amazing but they serve their purpose and i liked the cast overall. The side stories definitely help flesh out the characters more since the story kinda isn't good at doing that. In fact, i'd say that just like Xenoblade X, this is a game where the side stories are better than the main story. On the subject of the characters, Kiria is best girl, Touma is best boy. As for the actual Fire Emblem characters themselves, the Mirages that are allied with the party stay in character to their original counterparts but i have to give extra props to Tharja for actually not being a bad character. Crazy how Tharja is a better character in TMS than in Awakening. The gameplay was actually pretty good. It's simple yet rewarding and those Session attacks can get addicting. I will say that it does feel like TMS gets easier as you progress. Once you start unlocking the Open Session passives for everyone, you'll have an overall easier time dealing with enemies than in the early game, where you could only do two Session attacks. I also appreicate the very generous amounts of EP the characters have, since you're almost never going to use the normal attack. Ad-lib and Duo attacks were pretty cool to see and this does tie back into the idol influence that i mentioned earlier. While i don't like the idol genre, the reason this game worked for me is because it actually did something unique with the idol genre, not to mention there were other elements of the entertainment industry. Most things in the idol genre are just reskins of Love Live. Also, i really like the theming of everything in this game. The party members were refered to as "cast members", locations were "scenes" and the characters were "artists". I also think it's pretty cool that the "magic circle" thing that shows up whenever a character uses magic is actually just their signature. It's pretty cool. My main issues with the game is that there are times when the combat does feel a tad bit too repetitive. Dark and Light skills are also pretty useless since they can't Session into anything and Almighty is almost as useless except it has one use in breaking through Tetra/Makara skills. Some dungeons have puzzle elements but they weren't doing that well. The puzzles themselves weren't hard but a lot of the times, it was just impossible to see what it is you're actually trying to solve, so it results in undeeded trial and error. Also, the inability to swap out Itsuki from the party (i know you can in NG+) is a problem since it kinda limits you at times. In battle, characters can swap out at any time during their turn for no penalty (and it can be done as many times as needed) except Itsuki. He must always be there, even when it isn't beneficial at all. The music is.....pretty forgettable actually, which is strange to say in a Modern FE world and in a game about music, because every Fire Emblem game since Awakening has had solid OSTs (before Awakening, most Fire Emblem games had like five memorable songs at most). The vocal songs themselves are pretty good but other than that, the soundtrack is just there. Good in the moment but nothing to really write home about. Overall, the game isn't amazing but it's a solid addition to the Switch's library. It gets the Armagon seal of approval. I do recommend this game.
  10. I forgot that these fuckers have the eyesight of a hawk.
  11. They're discontinuing FE Cipher. Please say sike.
  12. And then it all comes back full circle once Shulk gets Shaker Edge for Daze infliction. Though of course, by then, you have other characters who can inflict Break/Topple/Daze but it's a nice little arc in my eyes. Oh yeah, there's a little bit too much color going on and i don't really think it fits Zeke like that. Appreciate the reference but that's it. Correction:
  13. To be more accurate, Zeke is basically the fusion of Reyn and Dunban (whenever Zeke gets more serious, he resembles Dunban more than Reyn) and also Bart from Xenogears. Bart's design also probably directly inspired Zeke's, to the point that one of Zeke's DLC costumes resembles Bart Is it one of these?
  14. Yep. It's considered one of the top three Reyn quotes, the other two being "now it's Reyn time" and "you can't spell rainbow without Reyn baby". Yeah, Reyn is basically the Zeke of Xenoblade 1, just not as chuuni. Yep. Along with "we'll beat them with the power of friendship". Xenoblade has a lot of quotable dialouge, so a lot of the mid and post-battle dialouge ends up becoming memes. We've all been there, don't worry.
  15. Oh, i knew it was all in good fun. I was just responding with a popular Xenoblade meme. And yes, there's a 10 minute version (there is no 10 hour version unforutantely).
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