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  1. That has to be it at this point. I've never seen a company chase after their golden cow this hard.
  2. Oh. Yeah of course Atlus wasn't gonna stop at just the English alphabet.
  3. S already got taken by Strikers. So we get Persona 5 A: Persona 5 Alpha.
  4. Persona 6 will literally never come out. It was like that one guy putting out the video criticizing Majora's Mask 3D. Cause after it came out, it felt like everybody was going "um actually Majora's Mask 3D is inferior to the original". So called free thinkers...
  5. I fucking hate credit payments bro, this shit is so ass. Do you want my money or not?
  6. Going back in time to make the timeline where the ambulance suffers an unforseen engine failure.
  7. I'm trying to do my mom's car payments cause she's out of the country but it's all credit bullshit that I have to sign up for. And I can't contact my mom right now because she can only call when connected to Wi-Fi. I will go back in time and shoot Ronald Reagan in the head before he ever has a chance to become President.
  8. I think a predictable but well executed story is better than an unpredictable but messy one. To cite the Torna example here, Torna is about an event that happens before Xenoblade 2. However, Torna is not just about that event. The actual event in question isn't until like the tail end of the game really, everything else is just exploring how the world was at that point in time, something the main plot doesn't really tell you. Another example, Clone Wars. When you watch Clone Wars, you know how it ends. There is only one way it can end: Revenge of the Sith. And yet Clone Wars not only goes into new territory set within those three years but also tells some really good stories despite it only being able to end one way. There's a story arc where a Clone Trooper discovers the Order 66 plot. The audience knows he won't succeed in warning the Jedi, because that's how the story goes, but it doesn't stop the struggle, the suspense and everything else from being damn well executed. In general, i do think that's the key with prequels. You gotta show that other stuff happened during this time, not just the Big Event.
  9. So that TotK burnout. I'm not feeling it anymore. I am instead once again feeling the distractions. No! I'm going to focus on the main story. I'm 105 hours in, i want to wrap this up. Even i didn't procrastinate this much with like Xenoblade X or 3. I have to physically make myself go after the main story lmaooooooooooooooooooo never thought i'd be saying that about a Zelda game. Saphir is an example of old but cool. It is inevitable.
  10. Come ON dude! Get out of my head! She's old but not cool old.
  11. Yeah the only actually ugly female character in FE6 is Niime. No Ruben, you are not allowed to enter my house with a deadly weapon. Episode III in a nutshell. It succeeded despite literally everything going against it. AI could never create the audiovisual masterpiece of Across the Spider-Verse.
  12. I mean yeah she's not ugly her portrait didn't do her any favors compared to the other female characters in the game.
  13. Dorothy being ugly was definitely an artstyle thing cause she actually looks pretty cute in FEH. Congrats on finally finishing Xenosaga. Now play Xenosaga Freaks /s
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