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  1. Dark CPU battles are the best part of the game. I hope something similar returns in future mainline games because the concept is too epic to only use once. That dungeon was dangerously close to actually being a Mario level. I have no idea how they got away with that but they did. Bless. Nah, it's actually the first Killachine fight, because it tanks like a bitch and you can't save before you fight it. Now this is truly epic. Glad you enjoyed these games. Oh God, Star Door 15. I knew Trails could get dark but that is genuinely the most disturbing part of the series.
  2. A spin-off could do it. Superdimension Neptune is pretty much exclusively Sega themed, so the only CPUs that show up are Planeptune ones. Basically, spin-offs throw all rules out the window. Neptunia spin-offs can be whatever they want to be. Well since it'd just be optional equipment, i'd imagine they'd pull from all the different Joy-Con variations.
  3. I feel that if Game Freak had opened with that, they could've saved themselves a lot of backlash. If i had to guess, it's because half of Game Freak is working Town apparently. Which then begs the question as to why they don't hire more? Or outsource?
  4. Nope, it's the PSP. Likewise, Rom and Ram represent the Nintendo DS, Nepgear represents both a fictional Sega handheld and the Game Gear and there are no Leanbox CPU Candidates because Microsoft has never made one. Though in general, the CPU Candidates just represent the handhelds. That's why they can have processor parts referencing other handhelds. Same goes for the CPUs, except for them it's consoles obviously. I expect the Lowee girls to get Nintendo Switch processor parts in the next mainline game, since the Switch is both a console and a handheld. It isn't that hard to get them back though i'll admit, i usually use them as final attacks.
  5. Yeah, i definitely do want the next Xeno game to be Xenoblade X2. When the Xenoblade 2 OST released, Monolith Soft did say that they wanted to continue both the numbered series and the X series. This was an obvious thing though since Xenoblade is the face of Monolith Soft right now so there's no logical reason they would stop unless history repeats itself and Nintendo fucks them over, which i don't think will happen. Unlike Square Enix and Namco, Nintendo hasn't really interfered with development of any Xeno game. The closest thing that we got to that was that the Xenoblade 2 dev team was understaffed because a majority of the people were working with Breath of the Wild but even then, it's still impressive what they managed to accomplish in Xenoblade 2 with only 40 people+some outsourcing. And that was before Monolith Soft had this big expansion. They only had two studios back then. Now they have five. But back to the future of the series, i do want the next one to be X2 not only because Xenoblade X has questions that need answering but because it'd be nice if the future of the series was basically back and forth between the numbered series and the X series. We had Xenoblade 2 and now we get Xenoblade X2. Then we get Xenoblade 3 and then Xenoblade X3 and it just keeps going like that. Expansion titles like Torna ~ The Golden Country don't really fit into that but it's debatable on whether or not they should be counted as full titles (i personally think they should because even though it's short and is also part of DLC, it's pretty much a new game). I do think that new IP is still coming along. Hopefully it doesn't get canceled like that one 3DS IP they were working on, unless that 3DS IP became this fantasy one. Both were fantasy themed so it's not unlikely but who knows. Takahashi did say he wanted to make a rated M game but i don't think it's any of their new IPs. And on the subject of Breath of the Wild 2, i do hope Monolith Soft puts more into it. Breath of the Wild's world wasn't bad by any means and exploring it was one of my favorite parts but it did feel a bit empty for Monolith Soft standards. BotW Hyrule didn't really feel as alive as any Xenoblade world. Though of course, it's not exactly fair given that it isn't just Monolith Soft working on Breath of the Wild.
  6. The NEXT Forms are some of my favorite video game designs in general. I was kinda hoping the CPU candidates would get them as well, to represent the 3DS and the Vita but oh well. Can't have them all. NEXT White's EXE Drive is my favorite because they represent the Wii U gamepad with a giagantic gun cannon.
  7. This is a bit late but imma need a citation on these. Whereas i can definitely see it with Claude, i didn't get the sense that Edelgard, Dorothea and Mercedes were queer coded.
  8. Yeah, that's fair. It's just i personally would rather have a good reason than no reason at all.
  9. Ah yes, because i totally don't care for the feature. All i said was that i wasn't gonna use it. If i truly didn't care, i wouldn't be disappointed over the unbalanced ratio and the unfair choices. Yeah, that wasn't my intention. I respect the opinions, I'm simply sharing mine. If, and only if, they write it well, i think i'd be able to let it slide. I'd still be kinda mad because Claude should've absolutely been a gay option but if i'm provided a good enough reason as to why he isn't, i'll be less mad. But i'll still be mad, especially after we got a good gay character in the form of Leon in Echoes.
  10. I hope this ain't implying i'm not allowed to have an opinion on the matter. I only said some and it's rather small number of people. Obviously don't think everyone's overreacting. And i've also mentioned twice that i completely understand the disappointment. You seem to have left that out. This i 100% agree with. There really is no reason why Claude shouldn't be a gay option. It's Soleil all over again. A character that should've been a gay option isn't.
  11. Again, 100% understand the disappointment but i'm seeing some overreaction in this thread. On paper, the unbalanced ratio here isn't really enough to affect the quality of the game in my opinion. It all comes down to the writing. Though i do get appearances are a factor and the gay options for the guys don't appear to be particularly appealing when they're a bunch of old dudes while the ladies get younger options. But still, this isn't something to lose sleep.
  12. As a straight dude, i don't plan on using this but i'm glad it's there for the people that want it. The unbalanced ratio of male/female gay options is disappointing but i definitely do appreciate that the options are way better than Fates' sadistic thief and Tharja but again. I will say that i don't think the unbalanced ratio of gay options is a dealbreaker. I 100% get the disappointment but i don't see how it's enough to lose hype over. It's a Fire Emblem game, of course it needed controversy right before release.
  13. For this one, i'm going to argue no. The thing is, Mythra wasn't even aware of this vision. But if we're talking visions, i'd argue Shulk is more "destined". The thing with Fei is
  14. Damn Claude, what did Hilda ever do to you? I've also come to the conclusion that Bernadetta is in desperate need of hugs.
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