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  1. I mean for all intents and purposes, Detroit is a VN. Just not a Japanese one.
  2. Even less of an excuse now. This is not right.
  3. With the examples i'm familiar with, not really. Star Wars does make it clear that temptation to the Dark Side is a real thing and it can physically and mentally corrupt even the strongest of Force users (There are Dark Side users who aren't corrupted by their power but they are a rare kind) but that's because Force users are much more sensitive to their emotions and whatnot. Why a regular person would willingly worship the Dark Side is beyond me. Yeah and you willingly played through Detroit: Become Human so you have the least excuse out of anyone here.
  4. Man, I have not been this impressed with the visuals of a JoJo OP since Bloody Stream. It was so based of them to bring back the CGI. Which normally I would not be saying that, as CGI in anime usually sucks ass. But Kamikaze Douga is based. Song is a banger too.
  5. The chances are higher now but I'm really happy it's becoming more accessible. Balance restored. I got it on sale lol. And Nintendo doesn't determine 3rd party sales. Hey man, Banner Saga is still in the air. It's also on-hold, I haven't really played it much after Egil became best friends with a rock. Ah but then one of the Fireland girls came back to life and is now dueling Fjorm against her will because the gods are petty. I think idk. Case in point: the Sith. And I don't mean Sith Lords, they are cool, I mean just regular people who worship the Dark Side of the Force.
  6. LMAO AND AS SOON AS I MAKE THE POST WORLDWIDE release after all. @Father Shrimpas I know you wanted this one so set your calendars.
  7. Well look at that. 13 Sentinels is coming to the Switch. Japan-only for now but it's only a matter of time before the West gets the same announcement. Soon, y'all will have no excuse to not play this. Memes aside, Wrys always gets the one-way ticket to the bench. Nothing's really wrong with it, I just care for the stuff that came after way more.
  8. I did. I do not remember most of the characters. I've said it before but Archanea is the Gen 1 of Fire Emblem characters in the sense that 98% of all the cool characters came after so I simply do not care for the OGs that much. It's not my fault FE3 Book 1 is better. I can't believe there's another Armagon here.
  9. So TIL that Sophie is the first (and only?) Atelier protag to canonically drink. Granted, this isn't her game and she's too young to drink in her own game (16 in Atelier Sophie vs 26 in Atelier Lydie & Suelle) but still. Oh no, I was more making a jab at how Archanean Cavaliers just blend in together because 95% of Archanea characters do not exist. Sooks, I'm gonna have to put you down, these opinions are cringe and are a threat to human society.
  10. Archanean Cavalier moment. Soliel slander? In my realm?
  11. Luke or whatever his name is: "lay-deez nuts haha gottem"
  12. So I looked it up. It's called The Silver Case: 25th Ward. Turns out the whole delete save thing was just a prank by the devs. There is this from a review I found tho: "But one of the most egregious things that this game does is that you can't actually save the game for most of it. At least, as far as we can tell, and we tried our darnedest to figure it out — it seems like you can only save in the sections where you have the interactive menu available, which is about once every 30 minutes at least"
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