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  1. Ohhhh the English version actually dubbed the lines, noooooo. I liked it much better when it was just comic book speech bubbles.
  2. I like Feraligatr too, i just think he's the weakest. He'd make a good Kaiju tho. If you increase his size. Is this in general or for the aristocracy? Because i know the wealthy lived longer lives than the peasants (wait, that's still today isn't it). Ah yes, i've seen some of these. Beta Pokemon are fascinating honestly. Yeah, i'll admit i use it in that way too sometimes. As you said, the world has permanently attached fanservice to that first definition.
  3. Speaking of, Gen 5 came out in the US exactly 10 years ago.
  4. Ok this is actually worse because that Bayleef is just a completely different Pokemon. Feels more like a uhhhhh a branching evolution of Vileploom's pre-evolution.
  5. I mentioned Final Wars so it's time to post the obligatory Even though it's dubbed. Anyways i love this movie. I know you ain't slandering Blastoise and Swampert. Ah, we both started with Gen 5 i see. Oshawott was my first ever Pokemon and the Samurott it evolved into was the first ever to reach Lv.100, followed by Zekrom. Gen 2 Starters are just "what if big" each time they evolve. I'd agree they are definitely the weakest of the bunch.
  6. Ratings boards are weird. I agree 100%. But also our definitions of fanservice differ. On a related note, i wish fanservice didn't always mean "characters in revealing clothing". I've always liked the other definition of fanservice more which is, things that celebrate the subject matter. If there's going to be a difference, let's call this "true fanservice". Examples of true fanservice. Lego Star Wars (or any Lego game tbh) Smash Bros Any Doctor Who episode where different incarnations of the Doctor meet. The anniversaries especially. Godzilla: Final Wars Any crossover Musou game The Outrealm stuff in Awakening Guest characters from past games in Xenoblade 2 The list goes on. You get my point. Yeah, Greninja is 1000% based. All of the Water Starters are fantastic. There has never been one with a bad final evolution.
  7. So you like women who can beat you up and don't show skin? Ok here you go.
  8. Yeah, it's the neighbor's cat. They live on the first floor tho yet this cat loves wandering up here.
  9. >Goes outside to take out trash >Comes back >Cat This cat was not there when i went down the stairs a few minutes ago. But when i came up, it was just there, in the middle of the stairs. This cat does not give a shit lmao.
  10. This was Julius' endgame all along. I think I'm more impressed that he managed to live four generations in a time where you'd be lucky if you made it past the age of 30.
  11. LMAO. Ah yeah, I did experience that when mapping the button controls. Thanks. I'll do that and then move the saves over.
  12. Please do. I actually don't know if I have that installed but I'd like to know what to look for. Edit: I mean, I have Medlaunch installed, yes.
  13. I mean, I can try that and just migrate the saves. I just don't know how to rebind the button, I didn't see any options for it. It's the Shrek "somebody once told me" but in reverse haha. Bro if I had $10 for everytime you've said this comment or something similar, I'd have bought my own house by now.
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