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  1. Loves Severa far more than he thinks he reasonably should. Hey man, Severa's a great character. I don't blame you.
  2. X has more exploration-involved things much more than any other Xenoblade game because that was one of the focuses. Not that exploration isn't a focus in other games but it's much more emphasized in Xenoblade X. It's why Xenoblade X is a true open world game whereas other Xenoblade games are open world-lite. Disagree, i think Vert got the short of the stick. The whole "wanting a sister" thing seems like it's becoming the bigger core of her character while the gamer side of her seems to get smaller. I don't dislike Vert at all but i think i'd say she's my least favorite of the CPUs. On that note, the version of her in Super Neptunia RPG is great because, with there being no CPU Candidates, the gamer side of Vert as a bigger focus on her character.
  3. Is doing a New Game+ playthrough of Megadimension Neptunia.
  4. Ah, the best character. I say that as a joke because she's an actual joke character. She also didn't originate from any of the games. From the wiki, here's her origin Wait, you can lock yourself out of recruiting them?
  5. $800, just buy a gaming PC at that point.
  6. This is the FF7 battle theme I give this a 7/10. Xenosaga Episode III - Godsibb
  7. Didn't start watching Spectacular Spider-Man today. This shit's good.
  8. Ok i joked about it before but i'm actually gonna reinstall now.
  9. It's not a stupid question, don't worry about it. And what i'm about to explain applies to the Switch specifically, PS4/Xbox One/ PC don't have to deal with this. Unreal Engine is good, it's just you kinda have to optimize right when it comes to the Switch. PS4 and Xbox One don't have to deal with it and if your PC is good enough, you can run some of the higher end Unreal Engine games. Because it's also a handheld, the Switch isn't as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One and as a result, sometimes ports of 3rd party games get the short end of the stick. For example, the Switch version of Ritual of the Night runs at 30 FPS, 720p and on handheld mode, it runs even worse. The other versions of the game run at 60 FPS, 1080p. That's an example of a game using Unreal Engine though, sometimes games that don't have that still don't run as good on Switch as they do on other platforms, though by how much varies. Atelier Lulua on Switch runs worse than it's PS4 counterpart but it's such a minimal difference that it's unnoticeable. The worst case scenario is that sometimes a game just can't run on the Switch. There's a reason why the Switch only gets Final Fantasy 15 Pocket while everyone else gets the real version of the game. It's worth noting that this only applies to 3rd party games that have different versions. 1st party games and 3rd party games exclusively developed for the Switch (that may or may not have gotten ports to other platforms such as Octopath Traveler) don't really have this problem. There hasn't been a case of a Switch port just being so inferior that it's unplayable but i would prefer a game to run better. Like i'm still having fun with Ritual of the Night but i'm definitely playing the worst version. At the end of the day, the graphics don't matter to me as much but i would prefer a better performance. So when Atelier Ryza drops on Switch in October, i'll still get it even if it ends up as the noticeably worst version. I'd just prefer it if it wasn't that. Now, i'm going to admit, i'm actually not 100% sure if Atelier Ryza is running on Unreal Engine. I think it is because of how it looks but i could be wrong and they're simply just using a new visual style. And i'm actually not sure if my post here is 100% accurate but at the very least, this is the gist of the Switch's occasional issues with 3rd party games.
  10. Yeah but i don't think any of those have used Unreal Engine, that's where my bit of concern comes from. The saving grace is that they know how to develop on the Switch.
  11. 8/10. Fun fact, a remix of that song is used as the Bareahard them in the Trails of Cold Steel games. Xenoblade Chronicles X - Oblivia
  12. I was talking with a friend on Discord when i saw the news and it was a very sad thing to see before going to sleep. Some of my favorite anime came from KyoAni so this is depressing to see. KyoAni had one of the best working conditions so i don't understand the motive for arson, assuming there was a motive to begin with. I hope those who were affected by this tragedy can get the help they need.
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