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  1. Ah so once he lost the throne, he could in theory be tried and jailed, is that it? Of course, he's rich, and everyone knows the only times rich people get jailed is if they killed someone or are a pedophile. No they didn't. The great error that is short-haired Marianne has been corrected but these still follow the same issue of literally changing the hairstyle in photoshop. Idk the French had other ideas. Bold of you to make a Tatsu joke set in the dining table.
  2. There's a FFT quote going around that says "if the penalty for a crime is a fine, then that law only exists for the lower class" and like sure, that's true but the thing is that quote is not at all found in the game yet so many people think it is....including myself at one point.
  3. ??? Overclock Buster was the same length as the average XC2 Special?
  4. So some of Xenoblade 3's rest stops have dining halls where Manana can learn new recipes. What we can take away from this information is Monolith Soft has confirmed tank top Eunie is canon and they have unleashed a new power no mere mortal can handle. Hoodie, tank top, sneakers, Eunie really has the drip Then there's Talent Arts in action With bonus damage, that shit did 8000+ in one hit. Also in this clip, Sena briefly switched to a sword and shield to use an Art, seemingly confirming that we'll be able to use the classes or if you want, just the Arts individually, of Hero members. I will say i'm a little bit disappointed that the Talent Arts functionally are like Blade Specials but there's no QTEs for the slight power increase. >King is immune to the law >Previous king was found guilty of bad things and is now considered a criminal (he left the country) Ok wait, something doesn't add up here.
  5. We also got info on Talent Arts. Talent Arts in Xenoblade 3 are filled up when "the character acts in according to their role" and the example for attackers is given that attackers fill their Talent Art by attacking from the sides or from behind. Mio's Talent Art is shown to increase when using Arts that draw in aggro and i assume it's the same for Lanz. Eunie's Talent Art is shown to increase when providing heals and buffs and i assume the same goes for Lanz. But it seems "according to role" might mean "according to weapon or class" because the trailer shows Noah in a defender class with the same Talent Art he has in his attacker class.....but then the next scene shows him in Sena's attacker class with a different Talent Art. And some new info revealed that there are various subclasses, so class progression could function like it does in Xenoblade X, only you unlock other classes that aren't your own by deepening affinity with party members (we knew this bit). Here's Noah using his Talent Art btw "Overclock Buster" ya ain't slick Monolith. She's not even doing it with any intention, it's literally just her sprite (And once again, literally do not look up any 13 Sentinels character unless you've beaten the game) I don't have much faith in Xenoblade crafting systems tbh but Gem Crafting was pretty stupid. I don't have much faith in any RPG crafting systems that aren't Atelier anyways. That'd be my hope yes. And give him attacks that are distinct from the usual pyrokinetics. You mentioned the sun which is fitting because Zed's bio states that he wants to use the sun's power to "burn away the old world and build a new one". So give him some sun based attacks that aren't just "big fireball" and we'll be good. Maybe give him a radiation-based attack. Hey i've seen this one I didn't actually see this one, this is just what came to mind.
  6. Ok so like Zed's Septima is stated to be nuclear power so i really hope it's not just "fire" as it appears to be here. They probably want the color clash but i am hoping for a bit more creativity for someone who has Godzilla powers. Kirin's hot tbh.
  7. Soul. Although it looks like Sena uh.....should probably stay away from the kitchen. Love the sheer size difference between these two. Food can give EXP bonuses and other battle rewards. Those are the examples they gave but there's likely buffs to combat as well. Next update is probably the gem crafting. And i was wondering why she seemed to age up between scenes. Wish the Rebirth version got ported to modern platforms. She does it in front of everyone. Hopefully it goes well for you. It's literally just how her sprite is yeah.
  8. Reasonable folks usually do. At least i hope. Ah RIP. I mean sure but it's not like you actually see anything anyways. Well it is lewd indeed. Surprisingly, it's the guy who won the fanservice lottery this time (why does he lose his underwear when entering the hot springs).
  9. Oh nvm. This is why people who think Kaga design is good should not be allowed to make fan hacks
  10. Oh you've played 13 Sentinels too? Based. That makes four people in this thread, including myself. Also tbh, 13 Sentinels fanservice is very tame, what little of it is there. Wouldn't say it's awkward at all.
  11. It seems i have missed a birthday in the thread. Happy birthday @Elina! _________________________________________________ CAMPFIRES ARE BACK, I REPEAT, CAMPFIRES ARE BACK! Confirmed features: Fireside chats Workouts (bonus EXP perhaps) Gem crafting (oh no) Food crafting (oh yes) And it seems some Heart-to-Hearts are linked to the campfires. It's not even the horniest thing Vanillaware has done tbh. And just like that, FE4 is now a good game.
  12. Man, Myrmidon Eugene has got to be the saddest Unique Monster in the entire series. Dude is found in a very narrow walkway so it's so easy to just cheese and knock him off. And this time was funny because his Blade somehow fell off so he literally could not attack. I bullied this poor man. Adios. Hope it goes well for you man.
  13. I mean......kinda right. Doctor Fate is a member of the Justice League but the thing with Doctor Fate is that he's one of the Lords of Order, beings that have existed since the big bang. Fate, also known as Nabu, cannot exist in the mortal plane without a host so whoever puts on the helmet becomes Doctor Fate and surrenders their body to Nabu. Anyone can put on the helmet, though Nabu will usually let them go if their magical power isn't strong enough. When it is strong enough, he has to be persuaded to let them go. Like within the context of the show for example, Zatanna once put on the helmet to help solve a crisis but Nabu wouldn't let her go. Because she was only 14 at the time, Zatara offered his body instead, arguing that he's a better host because he was at his prime. Nabu agreed and Zatara became Doctor Fate for 10 years, only allowing him to meet his daughter for an hour once a year until a new agreement was made in the current season. So basically, Doctor Fate's hosts have no agency of their own but they are still conscious and can converse with Nabu, because even a Lord of Order sometimes requires a human perspective.
  14. Zatara, Doctor Fate's recent host in the show. Khalid, the current host of Doctor Fate in the show (although the latest development has Fate alternating host bodies between Khalid, Zatara, Zatanna and one other girl i forget the name of). Correct, he's Zatanna's father.
  15. This scene was neat. And hey, this is the same episode that has a Muslim character studying to be both a doctor and a master of the mystic arts (show is Young Justice btw). This is why the Percy Jackson series is based too.
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