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  1. Started getting to use my Switch controller on PC and Goddamn, Ys 7 being played on a Pro Controller vs keyboard controls is like night and day. It's so much more fluid.
  2. Wait, when you mean the original Mario Bros, do you mean Super Mario Bros, you know, world 1-1 and all that. Or do you mean Mario Bros as in _____________________________________________________________________________ And on the subject of niche games, i wonder who else here has played 7th Dragon III. I know DragonFlames has and i believe @Interdimensional Observer has too but i don't remember who else. I remember liking the game. Had a slow start and the gameplay, while fun, had some odd choices (15 max per item, really?) but it was an overall enjoyable experience......even if the avatar is immersion breaking.
  3. Well that's what my mockup is there for. Granted, Monolith Soft will make it look significantly better.
  4. That would translate to about $94 for me. I'll get them one day. Also i kinda just don't have space for them at the moment. Maybe in a few years when i'm finally able to move out. I liked Odyssey but i heavily disagreed with the notion that it was "the best 3D Mario game". The Galaxy games are far better. Galaxy 2 is a 10/10. I don't even have Odyssey, i borrowed it from a friend and gave it back when i was done. Didn't feel the need to purchase my own copy.
  5. Oh that's right. Oh that's right! The Area 51 raid is tomorrow.
  6. Well that and eShop doesn't have a refund system for some reason. So i have to be absolutely certain it's a game i'll like before i download. Splatoon 2 ate my $60 two years ago. I want it back. That's fair. I tend to avoid higher difficulties on turn-based RPGs (especially early on) because to me, it feels like all it is just overpreparing the fuck out of everything so that's why i usually play those kinds of games on Normal, maybe Hard if it's FE or something. NG+ difficulties are an exception because you're supposed to bring your NG+ bonuses to stand a chance.
  7. I think there's a demo in the eShop. I'll check it out.
  8. I have nothing to contribute to this Stella Glow as i have not played the game. And while i probably would, my 3DS has been in my backpack for over a year. I have not taken it out. Waifus is just another way of saying "best girl" for me, which translates to "this is my favorite female character" of *insert thing here*. I don't use the term waifu in the way people usually do. I need that, the KOS-MOS figure and the Siren figurine. Why does everything cost money? It's exactly because of that. Byleth is literally Rean though, c'mon.
  9. I didn't put too much thought into this list so it's unordered. Might update it later, who knows. You'll notice that a lot of the villains are closer to the bottom. That's because villains are this series' weakest aspect by far. There are only a few good villains, the rest are either eh or bad. Zero's main villain is the worst one in the series, not even a contest. And he's not even on the list lmao. I'd put him in his own tier if he were. Tbh same. Like, i see the problems with CSII on the narrative but it has my favorite gameplay in the series. I liked CS1 but i wasn't a fan of how each location was only temporary. I know Erebonia's a big place and all but c'mon. I'd imagine they'll do the same to the eventual Calvard arc due to the sheer size of that country. How good is the game? I saw a used copy at Gamestop when i went to see Promare but didn't get it because of how good Switch is for digital. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Anyway, if we're sharing waifu lists, i uh....have a lot. I'l try to trim it down. Once again, unordered. Mythra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) Nia (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) Fiora (Xenoblade Chronicles) Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles) Alisa (Trails of Cold Steel) Emma (Trails of Cold Steel) Elie (Trails to Zero) Estelle (Trails in the Sky) Kloe (Trails in the Sky) Elly (Xenogears) Clorica (Rune Factory 4) Azura (Fire Emblem Fates) Dorothea (Fire Emblem: Three Houses) Olivia (Fire Emblem Awakening) Noire (Hyperdimension Neptunia) Neptune (and big Neptune) (Hyperdimension Neptunia) Nepgear (Hyperdimension Neptunia) Uzume (Hyperdimension Neptunia) ....I did say i'd trim it down.
  10. Indeed. Piana getting drunk after saying she would never drink is good. She is cute indeed. She also shows up in Tokyo Xanadu under the same name but different last name (to my very limited knowledge of that game) and i'm totally fine with Towa just showing up in Falcom games from now on. Anyway, i got my own Trails tier list coming up. Stay tuned.
  11. I deadass haven't went with anyone other than Alisa cause i'm kinda not that big on shipping in general. I usually just go for the heavily implied/canon pairing. Helps that Alisa's good. But if you wanted to know, Emma is 2nd best. And on the Crossbell side, i've only ever gone with Elie but tbf, there aren't a whole lot of options there because of how limited Bonding Events are there.
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