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  1. Have i mentioned how gorgeous Xenoblade is? Bonus: Watch the sunset turn into night while gazing at Makna Falls She does look like a fun character. From what i got from some of the few screenshots you posted, she seems to be among the most likable among the cast. Am i right in that assesment?
  2. 100% agreed. Good characters can salvage an otherwise bad plot but a good plot can't salvage bad characters. It's why I don't completely hate Fates' writing like some people, because there are a decent amount of characters I like. For example, two of my favorite kinds of characters are characters that are just really chill and casual and characters that don't give a shit about what people think of them and Soleil happens to be both of them.
  3. ......wait That seems.......paradoxical. Anyways, i too think Roy isn't that bad. There isn't really anything i'd say is wrong with him. Even gameplay-wise, i never found him to be an issue. Just give him the Boots so he doesn't fall behind. I got all the Colony 6 sectors to Lv.1 and doing so reminded me that Xenoblade 2's collection points are far superior. Don't understand why DE lets you track items but not for quests. And the items needed for Colony 6 can be bought in Time Attack but not right away. Nice nice
  4. New Felicia art on sig Yes. Specifically, it's the Legendary/MonsterVerse incarnation.
  5. Ah, i see you're a man of culture as well. One of the worst Lords in the series imo. Appearently, blonde hair can be traced back to 11,000 years ago. Given China's geographical position, it's not out out of the question.
  6. Looked it up. Namco x Capcom: May 26th, 2005. Dynasty Warrios 7: March 10th, 2011. So yeah. But one of the characters is based off a historical figure so...
  8. I can tell by the face that Xiaomu knows what she's doing.
  9. This is something that hurts FE4 in my opinion. I don't get the point of it. The Pawn Shop is basically just trading but with extra steps and there's no reason for it to exist when trading normally is a thing in every Fire Emblem before and after it. If FE4 gets remade, replacing the Pawn Shop with normal trading would definitly be for the better. I've seen some people argue against it saying "it'd break the game because you can transfer crit rates or whatever" but cheese strats with trading has always been a thing and you can just tie the crit rates to the character rather than the weapon. There's also individual money which is.........ehhhh, but the easy fix would just be to allow exchange of money between everyone and actually get to decide the amount. Or just have universal money.
  10. Posted 24 minutes ago as of this post
  11. Flying units are just fundamentally good just like how armor units are fundamentally bad.
  12. To be fair, when haven't flying units been broken? Also Holy Blood in FE4 was one of the deciding factors on whether or not a unit had a right to exist. Crests in FE16 isn't as decisive. Right but that's only the first half of the game. Some games are better balanced than others though.
  13. What was the actual point of this anyway? I think it's impossible to make a perfectly balanced FE game but the newer take stuff from the older games and refine them significantly. The transition from Skills to Combat Arts is one of the best things the series have ever done, for example.
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