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  1. @Interdimensional Observer @Shadow Mir LONG HAVE I WAITED
  2. LMAOOOOO @DragonFlames @Shrimperor look at this. And be sure to read the first reply because it gets better. Bruh, that is one very blessed Raphael.
  3. Happy Ayesha That's......not right. Although maybe it's in one of the additional music packs that's DLC. Speaking of Change BGM, Atelier Ayesha contains Atelier music all the way up to Lydie & Suelle. No Lulua or Ryza music which is odd. I'd say it's because those games are too new but Lulua had L&S music in the Change BGM (granted, you had to download the free Atelier music pack since base game only has music from Atelier Rorona and Atelier Lulua). I'm not sure if there's any additonal music packs for Atelier Dusk DX. I'd have to check. Well if it's any consolation, know that she canonically succeeds, as shown in Atelier Lulua. You really breezed through the entire trilogy that fast, huh? Jesus Christ (haha get it). Episode III's combat is the best of the pre-Blade games. I really, really liked the mech fights in that one.
  4. Literally, since one of the Change BGM options contains Nights of Azure music. Ooof. I take it you're going for the ending that requires the Mt. Velus boss to be defeated?
  5. Hard agree. The 30,000 population goal was the thing you're working towards on that game. For me, it's: Lulua > Ryza > Rorona > Meruru >>>> Totori. Too early to say for now but i predict Ayesha might rank higher than Rorona. Damn, i didn't expect to see you rank Ryza that low. I'm personally gonna wait until i'm done with the Dusk trilogy before ranking the protagonists, just so i have more to work with. I haven't really thought about that ranking and i kinda feel like i just like them all equally. Idk, i need to think about it.
  6. LET'S FUCKING GO! God, it looks so clean! IT LOOKS SO GOOD AHHHHHHHHH!
  7. Despite the headline, there's three things to note: 1. Initial supply wasn't that big 2. Most of what they had was sold out 3. Digital sales are (probably) not accounted for This is basically Echoes all over again.
  8. Y'all wanna feel old? MKWii also has an active mod scene so that also might be a reason why some prefer it over 8. But yeah, Mario Kart is really one of those franchises that gets better with each game (debatable in the case of Super Circuit and DS) and it gets really hard to go back to the older games if you started with the newer ones. I started with MK Wii and this is my perspective: Super, 64 and Super Circuit are basically unplayable. 64 controls the best out of the three but that's not saying much as it still controls like wack. Double Dash is still fun and has a unique mechanic to make it stand out. DS is.....fine but being forced to use a D-Pad is bleh. Missions were cool though. Wii, 7 and 8 are basically the top three best Mario Karts imo.
  9. Watch the entire thing. Trust me, it's worth it.
  10. Kirby's Dream Course is fun. Well Meruru anyway since the game is about revitalizing the economy of the kingdom. I don't know if any of the other Atelier games do that. Maaaaaybe one of the pre-Rorona games but i really know nothing about those other than two of them are "Atelier goes to school".
  11. Well from what i've read, Escha and Logy take the Rorona approach. Ayesha takes on more of an....Ayesha approach since i can't really compare it to anything else that i've played in the series other than Ryza and that's really just in terms of tone. And then Shallie, again, has no time-limit and the time-limits wouldn't be seen again until Firis and just for it's first half (and then no game after Firis had a time-limit). A thing to note about Ayesha. The world map looks big but only visually. Mechanically, it's really not that big. The distance that took like 10-15 days in Totori/Meruru can be crossed in like six days in Ayesha. Just eyeballing it though, don't know if i'm actually right. I didn't get that stressed over Meruru though i do think the 100,000 population goal is dumb because the game doesn't actually tell you about it. But the overall gameplay is much, much better than Totori's so i'd rank it much higher because of it.
  12. Just played Super Mario Kart for the first time. The game genuianly makes me motion sick. But even without that, the game controls so badly and the visuals are just too much that i feel like if i was around when it came out, i would've hated it. So Escha and Logy is literally just Rorona 2. That's certianly inspiring confidence. Like i said before, it's not really a bad ending. In case you want to know what it is From what i've played of Ayesha, the objective requirements are less about "do these certain tasks" and more of just "follow the story". I guess that's one of the reasons why it's considered the starting point, at least in regards to the games with timelimits. Oh btw, Atelier Shallie doesn't have a time-limit. That's the game that got rid of them.
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