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  1. As I left to go to work, I've noticed another wasp hive close to the entrance of my apartment. I've got two cans of wasp killer spray, guess what i'm going to do to these fuckers come nightfall One day these wasps will learn that my apartment is not a safe space for them. As a Floridian, heat and humidity are the same thing for me at this point.
  2. I'm really gonna have to go digital for Samus Returns huh.
  3. Ah yes, the 20 year age gap. Crusader Kings moment. Meanwhile it's 82 F in Florida, which is also part of the tropical zone but that's because hurricane season lol. Normally the temperature is like 98 F or some shit. Hell.
  4. How is it hot in Germany and cold in Spain, what the fuck Earth? (That's probably our fault tho). Take care of yourself y'all.
  5. And so, another girl joins Ichiro's harem. Yeah, it's clear that with the crossover games, Monolith Soft is just goofin' so they're able to do stuff like this and get away with it. Although i do hear PxZ2 does tone down the horniness. And judging from what you said about EF, that seems to be something these two duologies share in common.
  6. Surprise Mario Kart reference (they're talking about the rainbow road bridge in the background).
  7. I don't even think the horny bat would be effective at this point. This game is just too strong. Yes actually. Both for the Special and the Multi-Attack, he Devil Triggers as part of it. The multi-attack even has him play an electric guitar
  8. Roses are red Violets are blue Devil May Cry
  9. Actually now that i look at it again, those are just the funny enemy blocks from FE4.
  10. Cyberpunk 2077 moment. Project X Zone moment. Except PxZ has AoE attacks, I don't think this one does.
  11. So true Benice! *Laughs in Little Timmy Mario Maker levels*.
  12. Even if you didn't grab it now, it would've gone on sale again in like two weeks.
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