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  1. I have no idea how this is possible when i played up to the first Bowser level in Mario 64 with no issues except for maybe camera but Mario 64's camera has always been kinda stinky. But after reading your other posts, it does seem like it's Joy-Con drift. Yeah, this happens sometimes. Doom 2016 is like $20 on every platform except Switch, where it's still $60. The controls are fine. I'm most surprised with Galaxy, where playing with the Pro Controller is very smooth and using it to aim the pointer isn't awkward at all.
  2. Ah. Cause based on how the buildings on it were built, i just assumed it was an island in the shape of a whale. Although i suppose it still is and it's just a sentient island. *Spanish intensifies* That's funny, for me, it's the opposite. Granted, it's not like Wii games are unplayable for me emulated but i've had more luck with PS1 games than Wii games. 3DS version is the one that you should be playing anyways.
  3. Same. I usually try to keep this place free of politics but sometimes i can't help it. Oh right, there was a reference to this in RF4. Although i think in this case, the island is just that. An island. It's not alive like the town in RF5.
  4. Honest to God, when i was in school, i just assumed that the Pledge of Allegiance was just a thing everyone does. It wasn't until after i had graduated High School that i found out that most countries actually don't do the Pledge of Allegiance. I also heard stories about how students in America can get punished for not doing the Pledge of Allegiance and i was like "yeah, what the fuck is this propagandist bullshit". I think it may have to do with America being an individualist country. Part of the reason why it's like the only first world country to not have basic things like universal healthcare is because of America's insistence on "you have to work for everything". I actually found out that water utility companies in UK can't actually shut down someone's access to water. If someone can't pay the monthly bill, they work out alternatives but it is illegal for a water utility company in the UK to shut down your water supply. Guess what American water utility companies are allowed to do. For me it was uh...........geometry, i guess.
  5. I would imagine it's because the DLC as well, not just Torna. That's the plan. My professor even said that we shouldn't come to class on Election Day (my college is likely resuming physical classes in October) which i'm grateful for although i was planning on skipping class that day anyway. I'd vote by mail but with Trump blatantly trying to sabotage the USPS, well.... Why Election Day still isn't a Federal Holiday makes no sense to me but then i remember how America isn't truly a democracy. If only...
  6. It's a very dangerous path. People are already comparing it with the Hitler Youth that was in Germany during the 30s and early 40s i think. If there's a glimmer of hope here, it's that if Trump loses the elections (which i hope to God that he does), Biden can just undo it since Trump is only implementing this like two months before elections. Of course, that is assuming Biden does undo it. I honestly don't expect Biden to do much (he'll probably die in office tbh) but i would hope he does that at least.
  7. Given that this will be his longest LP ever (for now at least), it might actually be a good while before Chugga's LP hits the real spoilery parts. So you might be good for that time. You might even have Xenoblade 2 before then. Yes i do hear that Europe does generally have a better education system than the so called Land of Opportunity. And America's education system is about to get worse.
  8. Really glad Chugga's doing a Xenoblade 2 and Torna LP. The most influential member of the community playing these two games will only mean good things.
  9. Honestly, you could've left it at that and we would all understand lmao. Because schools focus on memorizing rather than actually learning. There's only like 1% of jobs in the real world where you actually do have to memorize and do things on the fly but most of the time, you aren't gonna be yelled at for bringing up reference notes or simply Googling something. And i'm still on the second to last chapter. Hell, even it's been after two hours, you can still return the game if you provide a good enough reason. The two hours just guarantees it. If only the eShop let you do this. The only Atelier game i've heard runs rather not good on Switch is Atelier Lydie & Suelle. That was apparently Gust's first Switch game and they hadn't optimized for the hardware at the time. But that is an issue of the past. Also yes, Escha & Logy is one of the best games in the series. In fact, it's the second best game in the series.
  10. Anyways, with 3D All-Stars unlocking at midnight, i just want to bring attention to this The Galaxy games popped the fuck off in regards to the Bowser fight themes.
  11. Maybe. I'd also like to see other characters get married and have their own kids, not just you. Like in RF2 but without the rival events.
  12. This is just first impressions but Her Anyways, my two main hopes for RF5 Top down option for when in the farm That the new combat actually incentives you to bring villagers over monsters.
  13. So the town in Rune Factory 5 is located on the back of a giant creature that flies above the clouds? Now where have i seen that before... Anyways, @twilitfalchion @DragonFlames @Interdimensional Observer @Benice @Acacia Sgt here's the JP trailer with a bit more footage
  14. Rune Factory 5 is very pog. Seems like it might have actually engaging combat too. Looking forward to this and hopefully there won't be a big gap between us and the Japanese release *cough* RF4S *cough*
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