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  1. Mmmmmhhhhh... Sheena from Mystery of the Emblem is the embodiment of perfection. Her hair, her voice, her armor, her ...axe.
  2. v3.1.1 is now available! It fixes a few bugs found in v3.1 of varying degrees of severity. Your v3.1 save files should be compatible with it. Enjoy!
  3. Dangit. I’m getting reports of Seraph Robes not working. And the game crashing when you beat Chapter 14. I’m guessing these issues are due to a plugin Lady Rena has been trying to help me with which is supposed to prevent higher than displayed stat gains on promotion after using stat boosters on capped stats. We’ve been struggling with it for a while now and I may just have to simply allow these excess stat gains as a legitimate game mechanic with an explanation of it provided somewhere in-game. So expect a v3.1.1 later, I guess, which’ll also include some minor rewrites to Chapter 3.
  4. Here be the Dragon Riders! And with that, v3.1 is now available! No new chapters have been added, but further refinements have been made to the game to enhance the gameplay experience. Unfortunately, your v3.0 and prior save files will not be compatible with v3.1 due to the new weapon proficiency system.
  5. If we're on the subject of balancing Ballisticians, I had another idea for balancing them. Ballisticians (or rather, Shooters) are among SRPG Studio's default classes, but custom "dismounted" assets exist for them without their ballistae. The idea is to force them to dismount indoors like you would mounted units. Normally, they'd have 3-10-Range with Bows, but when dismounted, it would go down to the normal 2 or 2-3-Range. After all, these indoor areas presumably have roofs that are hard to shoot through.
  6. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but if Three Houses wasn't able to satisfy your appetite for huge sweeping battles, then Genealogy of the Holy War will probably be the only other candidate for that. The scale is certainly unmatched by any other Fire Emblem game. As for the quality of the game itself... ehhhhh... the best word for it would probably be "divisive".
  7. Don't worry about saving the green units, they're pretty much only there to be meat shields, though they do have an annoying habit of stealing kills. Ciceria and Bertus are definitely good choices for going after Boudicca, since both of them have Hit +10 and Bertus should still do a bit of extra damage to Boudicca despite getting his damage output halved against her.
  8. Nice to meet you! I'd love to hear more about your game!
  9. I've already unwittingly addressed the problem of Boudicca being too difficult for the next version of the game. What Level are your units?
  10. Honestly, I think the Normal difficulty in FE is a stimulating challenge enough for me already. Plus it gives me more freedom to use the units I actually like, even if they're considered in most circles to be suboptimal.
  11. Some people just want to have a convenient promotion platform for their work so people can find it more easily. Heck, that's why I joined this place initially.
  12. The new member thing is supposed to be an anti-spambot measure. That said, I have seen guest users post threads here before, so I don't know how effective it is. The only solution is to just keep posting responses in places. Sorry.
  13. Actually, according to my representation checklist, Awakening's cast has the highest percent representation in Heroes of any FE game, with roughly 75% of its CYL4-votable characters present in the game right now. Yeah. I heard about it and I felt like Dr. Eggman casually browsing Twitter and suddenly seeing Shadow's junk.
  14. Basically this. GBAFE Fighters are usually reviled for having poor Spd, so this one will probably want to have better Spd immediately to be a little more competitive with other units.
  15. Oh, crap, this sounds like it has a few more chapters than the one you shared on /r/SRPGStudio's Discord server. I'll definitely need to give this another look. Have any major changes been made besides the addition of new chapters?
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