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  1. Yes, it's quite natural for anybody to OHKO Armored Knights with an anti-Armor weapon
  2. Ah. See, I'd completely forgotten about that. It's been a very long time since I've played Awakening.
  3. My feelings are quite strong that we'll eventually get another Fire Emblem game with Child Units given enough of a time gap from Fates, whether it be the coveted Genealogy of the Holy War remake or another new game. I was considering having them in my own game (as SRPG Studio makes it very possible to pull off), but rejected them early on. However, if I make another game after Sanctaea Chronicles, I wouldn't mind doing some experimenting with them. One idea I have is that children can inherit promotions from their parents. This is meant to combine branching promotion with Thracia 776's unit-based promotion to add an extra layer of gameplay-story integration. Let's say, for example, that one of the Child Units is a Mage whose mother can marry an Armored Knight, a Cavalier, or a Priest. If the mother doesn't marry any of them, she can get with an unnamed villager or something. Now, if she doesn't marry a playable character, her child would have the default choice of promoting into either a Sorcerer or a Sage. But if she did, one or even both of those could change into another, compatible promotion. In this case, the Armored Knight would swap Sage for Baron for better defenses, the Cavalier would swap Sorcerer for Mage Knight for better movement, and the Priest would swap Sage for Bishop for a better Staff rank. Thoughts?
  4. Obviously Thracia 776 is the best choice Just kidding. My personal recommendation is either Blazing Blade (the one just called "Fire Emblem" internationally) or Path of Radiance. I would not play Binding Blade yet because even on Normal Mode it can be fairly difficult and/or cheap in places. I have not played Radiant Dawn yet, so I can't say anything about its difficulty, but if it makes you feel any better US Easy is actually Japanese Normal, and US Normal is actually Japanese Hard.
  5. When giving an enemy battle conversations with playable characters, if you check the Active box in the Select Unit window, the conversation will execute once (unless you free the event at the end) with anybody who the boss doesn't have a special conversation with. Assuming Priests are Staff-locked, I'm wondering now what sets them apart from Bishops, who can do the exact same job while also being able to defend themselves with Light tomes. I've already PM'd you a download link for the triangle indicator script. If you open your map and go into Map Information, you can pick Day, Evening, or Night from the Map Color drop-down menu. Whoa! That's a lot of big maps. And each one has a side chapter attached to it? So far your game has come the closest I've seen to emulating Genealogy of the Holy War's approach to map design with a smaller amount of giant maps filled with various secrets. That game only had like, what, ...12 maps in total? Looks like I finished the Prologue just in the nick of time. Though that one area of the map resembling a pool looked kind of suspicious... I never visited the red House. I tried to visit it with Lone, but there was no option to do so, so I assumed it was just decoration and nobody could visit it. If I remember correctly, visiting a House with the wrong character in a regular Fire Emblem game just leaves the House event freed up until you visit it with the right character. Understandable. Luckily for me I have been attempting to train her so that she won't be dead weight on maps with little for her to do. I just hope the side chapter's Level requirements aren't too high...
  6. I guess that could be done, but I'd like to avoid giving characters Fates-style Personal Skills if I can. Anna could also be put in the game, but what role she'd have is still up in the air. She'd probably just be the Secret Shop lady.
  7. You're welcome. The current build of Sanctaea Chronicles (v2.1.1) only has 15 chapters, but the 6 new ones for v3.0 have already been created and evented. At this stage I'm working on Supports, writing new Support chains that should've been in the game earlier (I have 17 left) and making every conversation viewable in a new Support Log feature. I also need to adjust weapon availability and enemy weapon loadouts after having deleted several weapons from the game for balancing purposes, write an instruction manual for the game including a list of Talk conversations for each chapter (you'd be surprised what people get confused about), and possibly address some issues with attack range display. Sanctaea Chronicles is planned to be shown off at this year's FEE3. Hopefully I can get Mangs or Mekkah to play it and give it some more exposure. Back to your game, I have feedback for the Prologue and Chapter 1. Prologue: The portraits don't look bad (weird CharacterCreator skin tones aside) but they also look kind of smooshed sometimes. "Vulnerary" is misspelled. All of the physical classes have two copies of their weapon type icon. Are these for normal and heavy weapon variants? I missed a lot of high-percentage (roughly 80-90%) hits on this chapter. What kind of RNG is this game using? I'm assuming it's not double-RNG. I'd appreciate it if enemies didn't have invisible item drops. It's very annoying to have to dump items because of an unexpected item drop, not knowing which one is going to be more useful later. You should be able to make them visible by giving the enemy a copy of that item in addition to their drop. Don't forget to set their AI not to use items! This way you won't have to make the stat boosters explicitly player-only. I see this game uses the Weapon Triangle, though there are no advantage/disadvantage indicators. If you want I can provide you with a script for them. It's kind of funny that the Venom Axe gives Poison Attack as a Skill. There should be an option in the engine for a weapon to have effects like that innately without tying a Weapon Skill to it. Chest Keys have 1-Range, but Chest spaces can be freely walked on. I would recommend either giving Chest Keys 0-Range (i.e. you have to be right on top of the Chest to use them) or making Chest spaces non-traversable like indoor walls to make things less confusing. Magnus looks to be very interesting to play around with as essentially a magic-wielding Dancer Lord. Though his main draw for me is his 1-2-Range. Hendrik makes for a serviceable enough tank, and killing attacking enemies with Ambush is pretty fun. Vidar is also quite solid as the main offensive character, especially with Dual. This map is absolutely enormous for a Prologue map, though I guess being able to save at the beginning of every turn makes things better. How many chapters is each "book" supposed to have? This one took me 36 Turns to finish. Playing through the map largely amounts to bait-and-switching, though it did give me a good workout checking enemy inventories. The boss's battle conversation repeats every time somebody fights him. Not sure if this was intended or not. Chapter 1: I like this twist beginning to the chapter. Quickly establishes that we're in a serious bind while also adding to the world-building. Also pretty cool that the bandits here are basically the mafia. Lone is not a very good combat unit, true to Thief form. Her HP-draining personal weapon is nice, but Spd +1 is a pretty underwhelming Personal Skill. Junius is alright as a magic user, though I wish he had a healing staff on him. Act Again is pretty handy in case he needs a do-over move. Iemke is pretty average aside from her high Mov. Nevertheless, here's hoping this game doesn't turn into Horse Emblem! Siv is probably the most underwhelming of the bunch so far with her lack of Enemy Phase utility. Despite this, there are some interesting ways to fix her combat to make her quite strong when she can attack. Bishops are a Tier 1 class in this game? I wonder what they promote into. The chapter gives you a hint to go south, but you can recruit Iemke more easily if you go to the north. It's a bit confusing. This chapter was a more engaging effort than the Prologue, which is good. It took me 46 turns to complete, with that time being spent going north for recruiting Iemke and fighting the Dragontamer miniboss, going south from where I came to fight the Chimera, and then fighting my way back up to reach the boss. I would recommend changing the time of day filter for these night scenes to make them look more convincing. You still have the individual files for each song in the Jugdral games' soundtracks stored elsewhere, right? My suggestion for now is to remove all of the Jugdral music you're not already using from your project (including the project folder) and put individual tracks back in when you know you need them.
  8. ...Yeah. For all its flexibility, one of SRPG Studio's biggest issues is the translation, which was apparently done with Google Translate. I wasn't expecting this software to use all the same terminology as Fire Emblem, but some of this is just ridiculous. Here's what all the Skills in the Skills tab of the Database do: Preemptive Attack is basically Vantage Damage Absorption is basically Sol (you'll need custom scripting for it to recover HP other than exactly the damage you inflict; also, it may or may not always hit) Damage Guard is basically Aegis/Pavise (the Guard Rate should be the amount by which damage is reduced) Allow Criticals is basically Critical (from Genealogy of the Holy War, only relevant if the Allow Criticals box is unchecked under the Difficulties menu as Ertrick described above) Restriction can be used for either Dragonskin or attack sealing (though doing something like Jedah's attack sealing in Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia would also require you to make events for adding and removing the Skill when appropriate) Experience Up is basically Paragon Parameter Bonus can be used for any of the flat stat bonus Skills (e.g. HP +5, Str +2, Skl +4, etc.) Unlock is basically Locktouch (though by default its range is 0 and can't seem to be changed without scripting, so be careful if you're like me and you have solid Chests like in the 3D games) Use Leftover Mov is basically Canto (only relevant if you want it to take up a Skill slot, since classes can also be made to have the same effect innately without it taking one up) Continuous Attack is basically Adept (if one attack hits/misses, they all do) Sure Attack is basically Sure Strike (if you have no problems with them always hitting when they trigger, it can also be used for Luna, Bane, Lethality, or another Skill with no exact Fire Emblem equivalent that inflicts effective damage) Immortal is basically Miracle, and NOT Mantle like it sounds (can be either 3DS or Jugdral-style, the latter gives an unspecified Avoid bonus) Invalidate can be used to emulate several different Fire Emblem Skills; it can negate any combination of Critical Hits, effective damage, combat Skills, status effects, attack halving, and attack sealing Counterattack is exactly as Ertrick described above Discount is basically Bargain (the Discount Rate should be the amount by which prices are reduced) Steal can be modified to calculate stealable items with Speed and/or Weight, be able to steal weapons and/or multiple items, or some combination of those Fusion enables any one of the unit fusions you have specified in Database -> Config -> Fusion Settings (e.g. Capture, Rescue) Act Again gives some chance for a unit to act again as if a Dancer or equivalent class had refreshed it Critical Counterattack is basically Wrath State Attack lets the user inflict a single status effect on an enemy if the user's attack hits Pursuit is only relevant if the Allow Pursuit box is unchecked under the Difficulties menu as Ertrick described above (would it be localized as Follow-Up now?) Infinite Weapons allows the user to wield certain weapon types without consuming their durability (things like Staves can't be one of them, though; you'll need a custom script for something like Staff Savant) Automatic Recovery is basically Renewal, though it recovers a flat amount of HP as opposed to an amount equal to some percentage of your max HP Support gives bonuses to any of Attack, Defense, Hit, Avoid, Critical, and Critical Avoid to friendly units when they are in range Again is basically Dance (can refresh a single unit or multiple ones) Transform lets a unit transform into another class with any of the transformations you have specified in Database -> Config -> Transformations Custom is for Skills made with custom scripts
  9. Ooh, another fellow SRPG Studio user! I'll have to give this a try! Though, seeing the file size makes me wonder. Just how much of the Jugdral games' soundtrack is in here? My game has like 21 full chapters now and it's only about 154 MB compared to your game's 509 MB. I would also recommend putting some screenshots in the OP.
  10. I do not believe this is the case. Unlike Hanneman, who reverts to his Mage model as a Warlock after the timeskip, Manuela uses a regular Assassin model both before and after. This leads me to believe she's just stuck with Priest as her canon class.
  11. The issue with shrinking REX is that it's designed to hold a human pilot. If the whole thing was shrunk, it wouldn't be able to do so. It would look awkward.
  12. The best Kirby boss I could think of for that particular arc of The Subspace Emissary would be Heavy Lobster, who is in fact fought within the Halberd in Kirby Super Star. Not so sure how feasible it would be to throw in REX too, though. Mainly because of how huge it is.
  13. Signed. I don't think it'll do anything for this game, but maybe for the next one it'll help. Though, the only male character I can think of off the top of my head who should be S-Supportable by Male!Byleth, but isn't, is Claude.
  14. I didn't know you could repair the Sword of the Creator from the Blacksmith. I always assumed you had to do it by resting.
  15. Welcome! I've also been playing the Black Eagles route (just reached Chapter 11) and also unwittingly exposed myself to some major spoilers. Though one of them merely confirmed some suspicions I already had about certain characters...
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