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  1. I've been playing Command & Conquer as an alternative strategy fix. I need to get through Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, and Tiberian Sun (including Firestorm) so I can play Red Alert 2.
  2. Basically in FE1 and 3 weapon proficiency is measured in a WLv stat that can grow like HP, Str, Skl, etc. Essentially whether or not you can wield high-level weapons can turn into a matter of luck of the RNG. But if you wield multiple weapon types, all of those weapon types share the same WLv, meaning for example if you gain Staves on promotion, instead of having to train up a separate Staff rank, you could in theory use any Staff as soon as you promote if your WLv is capped. I think WLv has its perks (like that it can be increased with Bonus EXP Level Ups whereas WLv can't, and you don't have to grind proficiency for weapon types gained on promotion), but a lot of players seem to hate WLv for being less organic or reliable than traditional Weapon Ranks.
  3. ...You know what? I think I'm gonna just go ahead and switch over to Weapon Ranks for v3.1. Nobody on Serenes Forest or FEUniverse ever gave feedback on two different revisions of the same major release, so I don't think people are going to care that badly if they're playing v3.0 already and are probably going to wait until v4.0 (the full, but not final release) to play the game again.
  4. This question is already on the feedback survey, but I’d like to go ahead and get an idea of the extent to which people are willing to desire such a major change: As you may know, this game uses FE1 and 3’s WLv system for weapon proficiency, which I know quite a few people dislike. Indeed, from the outset I wanted to use Weapon Ranks like in most games, but WLv is what SRPG Studio uses by default, and by the time I found the plugins that allow for Weapon Ranks I was almost halfway done and weary of dedicating so much time to redesigning the game back around Weapon Ranks. I’m more willing now to make the changes for v3.1, but doing so at this point will significantly delay its release as I need to fix/rebalance every single class, weapon, and unit for its inclusion. I’d like to know whether people would rather the game stick to WLv for a faster release or change to Weapon Ranks for a progression system that more people will like.
  5. v3.0 is now available! It's got 21 of 28 Chapters playable and adds a few new characters! Your save files for previous versions should technically work with it, but you will likely encounter errors such as now-cut weapons turning into Bronze Swords. So I would just start a new playthrough if I were you. A feedback survey has also been added to the OP. Please consider filling it out when you've finished this version of the game. Thank you.
  6. One idea I've had for an "Intermediate Mode" between Casual and Classic entails units being rendered unusable for the next map if they are defeated on the current one, becoming available again after the next map is completed. This may be a little complex for Sire, though.
  7. If there's no Lord position, then will the game still have permadeath?
  8. The main thing that irks me here is the plagiarism aspect. It's a little annoying to know that one of my favorite Fire Emblem songs was actually taken from another group without any credit given. It makes me feel like I've been lied to. I prefer to avoid listening to plagiarized songs if I can help it. But now I'm concerned because any of the songs I like could've been ripped off from somewhere else without me knowing it.
  9. So I've been starting to listen to Camel and gave their song Lunar Sea a spin. I could not believe what I heard. In the Name of Bern from Binding Blade is almost completely ripped off from the second half of this song! Thoughts?
  10. Hello, everyone! The /r/SRPGStudio Discord server is having a contest in which each participant makes a one-chapter game that is rated by judges according to quality of story, map design, and ease of play. Here you can find all 7 short games that will be participating in the contest: https://itch.io/jam/srpgstudio-anniversary-contest/entries The games in question: Nocturne of the Seraphim by AmBrosiac Spooking All Night by Ephraim225 Esperia ~ Lament of the Dragon ~ by Prismalice Austoria SS by Scratchy99 Beyond the schism: Orcs by sovietdominion The Mechanic Thieves by TheRepeat Laercia Record by the_fencer0 If you have the time, please help the judges by playing, rating, and commenting on these games! Thank you. If you have any questions or want to check out what we're doing in our little secret underground laboratory of a server, feel free to pay us a visit! https://discord.gg/yRbuKUd
  11. We already have Kale K. as our token Thief. As we speak Sire is trying to figure out how to include you as a Myrmidon. I think you'd make a perfect early-game character. Maybe you're a Severa fanboy who's also a fresh recruit into the Introductions border guard?
  12. Did you ever say what class you wanted to be? (Preferably not a magical one, we have more than enough of those already)
  13. Arlen should've been a Dark Mage in New Mystery of the Emblem. It would fit his character a lot more as somebody on the verge of treading Gharnef's path and looking to redeem himself once some sense gets talked into him.
  14. The Jagen slot still appears to be open on the Characters and Classes spreadsheet, so absolutely feel free to participate with your forum persona. Just make sure you fill out the character template provided in the OP and post it for @Sire to see
  15. Another progress update. I've just recorded Sanctaea Chronicles's FEE3 2019 video with Ukulele from FEUniverse. It was quite entertaining; I got to talk about the game and give him hints as he played through Chapter 16. I've also been doing the full game playtest for a while now and am on Chapter 16 myself. There may be a couple more kinks in the boss's AI that I need to work out. But as videos aren't actually due until the 31st, that should hopefully give me enough time to finish this playtest run and consider the game ready for release. Chances are I'll just release v3.0 as soon after watching the uploaded FEE3 video as I can, similarly to what I did for v1.0. I'll just work on the instruction manual as I wait for feedback on v3.0 to roll in.
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