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  1. You may want to consult FEUniverse about something like this if you insist on sticking with hacking. It sounds like something that might require ASM if it's not something FEBuilder is capable of doing natively. Alternatively, if you're willing to spend $60 and/or wait for it to go on sale on Steam, RNG-based chapter progression is something SRPG Studio can do easily. I also know of maybe one or two roguelike SRPG Studio projects in the works by members of the English SRPG Studio community. Heck, even the project I'm working on for Ghast's Make a Fun Chapter contest works on similar principles of RNG-determined environment types.
  2. I'm personally a Rhys x Mia person. There's just something I find incredibly amusing about the idea of Mia looking for her white-clad archrival and finding her lover instead.
  3. Have you tried FEBuilder? People like to use that for hacking nowadays instead of Nightmare.
  4. Weren't you doing another thing called Song of Oblivion? Has that already been abandoned?
  5. Nice to meet you! Can't wait to see your ideas.
  6. I think with this pairing Kjelle's Support chain with Owain also implies that she inherited his ability to turn invisible
  7. Yeah... I'm having difficulty finding any resources that might help you with hacking the NES games. FEBuilder is the most popular tool right now for making the kind of basic edits you've described, but again, it's for use with the GBA Fire Emblem games and that's it. EDIT: If you still insist on trying to hack one of the NES Fire Emblem games, I suggest asking for help on FEUniverse. They're much more hacking-specialized than this place in any case.
  8. Hardly anybody bothers with NESFE romhacking. Any FE hacking resources you're going to find are probably going to be for the GBA games, particularly FE7 and 8. What do you want to do with a hack?
  9. How much do you intend to train the Gen 1 characters before heading off to the Paralogues? If I recall correctly, the Child Unit will be given the last Skill each of its parents has the first time you start the map.
  10. I'd recommend Sanctaea Chronicles, but that would be rather crass of me, being the creator. If you're looking for a hack, I'd recommend The Lonely Mirror. It was updated fairly recently and is currently about 25 chapters long. https://feuniverse.us/t/fire-emblem-the-lonely-mirror-new-fe8-rom-hack/5712?u=vonithipathachai
  11. Let's see here... Her base stats except Mov all seem to have been increased by 3 from vanilla, and her growth rates all seem to have been increased by 14%. Why not 15%, I have no idea. Something has always bothered me about growth rates that aren't divisible by 5, but that's beside the point. She's definitely better than poor Eliwood now, at the very least (assuming he's unchanged). While her increased base stats will certainly help her, she's still held back by her class. She's still Sword-locked until promotion and still gains a bad weapon type when she does promote. If stats are all you care about, then you should be fine, but she's still not going to be nearly as useful as she would if she were, say, a Mercenary or really any mounted class.
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IADPDpDs0IguKyANi0vOwQC-NBKf-qJOPTuVkcKW63Q/edit?usp=sharing As CYL4 voting continues, I thought now would be a great opportunity to whip up this checklist of how much each Fire Emblem game is represented in Heroes based on who can be voted on. Some notes: Characters who only appear as alts or as part of a Duo Hero are only considered half-present in the game No duplicate characters, i.e. versions of a character that appear in different games, particularly characters who are the same person going by different names such as Eyvel, Selena, Laslow, Odin, etc. I'm considering reorganizing this list by continent and not by individual game, mainly as a possible solution to the issue of whether a character should be considered from one game or another, e.g. Eliwood being a Binding Blade character for debuting there or a Blazing Blade character for becoming properly playable there Feel free to reply with your thoughts below.
  13. Eh. I think the addition of Barons makes it less necessary. Also, you might want to avoid double-posting so much. The mods don't like it when people do that on others' threads.
  14. If Darting Blow on Pegasus Knights is that bad, then I'll just replace it with something else when I get to their Abilities. And their rebalanced stats may even include a negative Str bonus. Now that's less easy to solve, being heavily tied to lore and all. Since War Masters (or rather, Masters of Arms) don't necessarily specialize in Axes anymore, they probably won't have Axefaire. I wonder how viable "generic" Combat Arts (i.e. ones that can be used with any weapon type) could be? I don't think generic War Master's Strike would be that objectionable. Anything to give an infantry class something their pesky mounted competition can't do.
  15. I had some mild concerns of gender-lock removal increasing unbalance (e.g. Dark Bishop Lysithea), but I'm not entirely sure how what you describe works. Could you explain some more? Ditching varying weapon requirements for some classes may be a good idea, as some admittedly don't make a whole lot of sense. But also keep in mind I haven't revised class stats and growth rates yet. Wyvern Lord (among other classes) will probably get some nerfs in those areas. I may also have to include changes to what Abilities and Arts are learned from increasing Skill Levels. Close Counter should not be that easy to obtain. I have no plans to work with the DLC classes. And I have no clue yet if Yuri is a house leader.
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