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  1. I would've taken you for more of a David Coverdale fan myself, but AC/DC is pretty solid too Thunderstruck, Moneytalks, Shoot to Thrill, Girls Got Rhythm, and High Voltage are my personal favorite AC/DC songs, though I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't actually listened to any of their albums proper. If I might relate an amusing story, recently I was at an IDPA pistol shooting tournament assisting with taping up targets and recording my dad on video while he shot. One of the courses was set inside a mockup of a record store, complete with a CD player in there blaring AC/DC songs. Every single time somebody shot their gun in there, the CD player would skip, and there were like 12 or so participants shooting multiple times throughout the course. It was tragic to hear that poor CD get mutilated.
  2. I have not had the chance to look into that. My internship hasn't left me much time to work on SRPG Studio stuff in general. Still, I'll have to keep it in mind if for whatever reason I need to update this kit again in the future.
  3. Nice to see you again, everyone! Demo 2.5 is now available. There are no new chapters, but the game has received extensive changes based on feedback received over the course of the Build in Progress game jam for SRPG Studio hosted on itch.io. There's a lot to go over, so I'll organize it by topic. UI changes: Levelling and WXP changes: Difficulty changes: Weapon, item, and Skill changes: Character changes: Chapter-specific changes: Previous save files might be compatible with this version, but it is not recommended to use them due to the sheer number of changes that have been implemented.
  4. This would be easier to believe were it not for the fact that certain characters have explicit advantages over others in terms of the number of proficiencies they start with, e.g. Anna already having both the Axe and Bow Proficiencies needed for Warrior while Boucheron is stuck in Berserker without an Emblem to train with.
  5. Hey, all! I've released a new version of the starter kit with the following updates: Class base stats and growth rates have been updated to more closely resemble those of SRPG Studio Heroes. Goinza’s Automatic Stats for Enemy Units plugin has been removed from the kit; all enemies now use fixed Level Ups and manually assigned Weapon Ranks. A Jugdral-style Trinity of Magic has been added which functions within the confines of a single Tome weapon type. The Re-Move Skill has been renamed Canter. All Armored classes now have WXP x2 as a class Skill. Soldiers and Barbarians now use new graphics. Troubadours now use new graphics and wield Swords in addition to Staves. Numerous .sani files that were missing from the original version have been added back in. The selection of provided monster classes has been drastically overhauled. Bone Soldiers are now called Bonewalkers and can promote into Wights or Hell Knights. Goblins have been added to the kit. They wield Swords and Axes and can promote into Elite Goblins or War Goblins. Revenants have had their Weapon Ranks changed from E Axes & Knives to D Knives and can promote into Legionaries or Entombed. Bone Archers have been added to the kit. They wield Bows and can promote into Deadeyes or Soul Hunters. Bone Mages can promote into Soul Hunters or Liches. Daemons have been renamed Gargoyles and can promote into Harpies or Deathgoyles. The earlier bow-wielding Gargoyle class has been removed from the kit. Kobolds have had D Swords added to their Weapon Ranks. Minotaurs have been added to the kit. They wield Axes and Bows. Gorgons have been added to the kit. They wield Tomes and Staves. Death Riders have been added to the kit. They wield Axes and Tomes.
  6. You need to use Goinza's Weapon Ranks plugin for Weapon Rank display. I'm working on an updated version of this kit as we speak. Look out for it.
  7. Thanks. Maybe while you're still taking care of your other business, you can find some time to at least brainstorm ideas for what you'd want should you get the chance to turn this into something playable. Since this is story is supposed to be for a game, after all, it would be prudent to think about what you would want out of such a game. What mechanics do you want to implement? How do you want your weapons and magic system to work? What kind of class system are you gunning for? Have you even thought much about what classes your characters are supposed to be? All of these are very important considerations to make. It is true that there is a significant planning component you need to deal with before you even think about implementing anything. Luckily for you, you happen to be in an abnormally advantageous position having largely finished your story. Since you've decided to try out my own game, feel free to join my Discord server if you need someplace more flexible to talk about game stuff.
  8. This sounds intriguing. I'll give it a look. As for your lack of computer skills, what exactly is it that you feel is holding you back? I ask because I too was in your very same position once. I had an idea for an FE story of my own that I originally shared through a Written Works thread because I didn't expect to be able to bring it to life in a playable format. Although the story wasn't finished to the degree yours has been, my thread also included my own class designs, character designs, and even some rudimentary maps. However, while I was working on it, this software called SRPG Studio came out in English that opened up possibilities I had not even dreamt of. After buying the software and putting in ample amounts of dedication and hard work as well as some compromise, the game I had more or less envisioned eventually managed to see the light of day as Sanctaea Chronicles. Should you decide to take the plunge and embark on this same journey, do not hesitate to ask me for advice. I have ample experience with SRPG Studio under my belt as well as multiple projects of varying degrees of length and completion. I wish you luck in your endeavors.
  9. Hey, gang! Demo 2 is now out and brings the game to 50% completion. Your pre-existing Demo 1 save files should be compatible with it, but may have minor issues related to unit changes. CHANGELOG: Class-related bugs such as Troubadour and Heavy Cavalier having their promotions swapped and Adventurers being unable to use Lockpicks have been fixed. The Trinity of Magic has been expanded to include the Anima sub-triangle. The male Lord/Great Lord class’s battle animations have been adjusted so that they look less awkward when wielding Axes. The Talk command no longer consumes a unit’s action when used. A sparkling aftereffect has been added to hits from the Cupid’s Bow. The Antitoxin and Voice Drops now have proper healing animations. Bluh has had 3 points and 5% growth rate moved from HP to Mag. Anarch has received a special event for the first time he is deployed as a Monk or Bishop. Cold has received an extra Axe Rank. In addition, an oversight that caused him to give Support bonuses to Blahbber instead of Bluh has been fixed. Nine has received an extra Axe Rank. In addition, his missing unit description and defeat quote in Viteri Chapter 5 have been fixed. Dankboi now has the correct melee motion graphics as a Vandal and has received a special event for the first time he is deployed as a Cavalry class. Sullivan’s Soldier/Sergeant reclass has been replaced with Villager/Landsknecht. Objective displays have been added to the beginning of every chapter. New weapon/item notifications for the shops are now more detailed. More custom music has been added throughout the game. A “this game is a work of fiction” disclaimer has been added after the campaign select. Some dialogue at the beginning and end of Viteri Chapter 1 has been changed to sound less awkward. More instances of “kill/die” have been replaced with “send/go offline”. Viteri Chapter 2 has been renamed from “Getting By” to “Gimme Shelter”, after the Rolling Stones song. More normal sand spaces have been added to Viteri Chapter 3 to make the map slightly easier for Footsoldier, Armored, and Cavalry units to traverse. In Leafy Chapter 1’s post-battle cutscene, Mak now specifies that the rock she finds was being carried by Xand before he went offline, and the leftover boss indicator has been removed. The Base conversation between PCMath and Mak in Leafy Chapter 3 no longer increases their Support. In Chapter 5’s pre-battle cutscene, every member in each team now enters the map all at once, and the opaque background behind the “Viteri and Leafy” NPC has been removed.
  10. Is the encoding on these plugins UTF-8 with BOM or ANSI? Try changing the encoding by saving over them with plain UTF-8 instead of UTF-8 with BOM. I thought I'd changed them to use UTF-8 before putting them on Dropbox, but it's possible that the downloading process on your end somehow changed them back. Let me know whether or not you're able to fix the issue.
  11. The initial release had a couple of glaring errors that managed to slip through the cracks, so I've put out a quick bugfix that should address these and some other smaller issues. Changes: Command Skills no longer display activation rates of 100%. Weapon types now use default icons including custom ones made by Dankboi in their style. He has also been added to the appropriate part of the in-game credits, where he was originally missing. The “Swap” command for moving a rescued unit between two other units has been renamed “Transfer” to avoid confusion with the Swap movement Skill. The “Info” menu in the Base has been renamed “Conversations” so that the player can more easily remember to check it regularly. Nine’s unit description and the rest of his unit quotes have been inserted where they were originally absent. The Wastelayer’s growth rate bonuses have been increased from 25% to 50% to make its effects more noticeable. The ransack event for the southwest House in Viteri Chapter 2 has been fixed. Warnings about Burglar Thieves have been added to the beginning of Chapter 2. A warning about Looter Thieves has been added to the beginning of Chapter 3. The “Viteri and Dawn” NPC in Chapter 5 has had its name corrected to “Viteri and Leafy” and received a proper portrait. Your existing save files should be compatible with this new release if you want to switch over. Enjoy!
  12. This project is recommended for ages 17 and up for coarse language and crude humor, particularly in Viteri's campaign. You have been warned. One night I was taking a shower when I suddenly realized "Hey, wait a minute. The English-speaking SRPG Studio community on Discord is the most peaceful it's been in ages." I also realized that the 5th anniversary of the software's English release would be coming up soon. Which is how we ended up here. Today I introduce to you my latest project, SRPG Studio Heroes! Partly a vanity project, partly a celebration, partly an excuse for me to mess around with a reclassing system in the context of a full-length project, this game is a community project for both the r/SRPGStudio and SRPG Studio University Discord servers. Primary features: Two separate campaigns! Each campaign is planned to be 18 chapters long and has its own (mostly) unique maps and its own set of playable characters. Follow the story from the eyes of either Leafy, the noble owner of the University server, or Viteri, the wicked (awesome!) owner of the Subreddit server, as they attempt to put a stop to my antics causing chaos and unrest within the greater Community. Each server's campaign is written with a tone that reflects its overall atmosphere, with Leafy's being more serious and Viteri's being more crude and farcical. A reclassing system, functionally a hybrid of Shadow Dragon and Awakening's. Each character has 3 classes (4 after promotion) that they can freely swap between at any time before deploying for a map. These classes are meant to be organic components of a unit's toolkit, and you will need to make the best use of the system you can in order to claim all the rewards from each map. Other notable features: No permadeath! Toggle between single RNG or double RNG before starting a new game The Weapon Triangle (Swords, Lances, Axes), which grants Accuracy ±15 The Trinity of Magic (Light, Anima, Dark) and (Fire, Thunder, Wind), which grants Attack ±3 and Accuracy ±15 Radiant Dawn-style Bows Knives, which are functionally a mix of their Radiant Dawn and Fates incarnations Bonus EXP (like in Path of Radiance) AS = Spd - Wt (you need 5 more AS than your opponent for follow-up attacks) Spreadsheets: Characters Classes Skills Weapons/Items Dropbox link (Demo 2.5, 9 of 18 chapters per campaign) Discord server Feedback survey Instruction manual Known Issues: Reclassing messages are sometimes not cleared properly when reclassing a unit right before a cutscene or similar event. Units’ Staff ranges are visible if they’re hovered over, but aren’t taken into account for enemies when highlighting enemy ranges. Enemies may behave erratically after being refreshed by Dancers/Bards. Weapon Rank increase messages may display at the wrong time if battles are skipped. Weapon/item merging may not work properly when using a keyboard or gamepad. When reloading save files in battle, highlighted enemy ranges do not reset immediately; clicking on an enemy again will reset the highlights. Screenshots: FEUniverse thread EDITS: (1/14/2023) Bugfix release for Demo 1 (3/3/2023) Demo 2 release (5/12/2023) Demo 2.5 release
  13. Update. It's come to my attention that quite a few users are using this starter kit more as a repository of labeled assets rather than building games off of it directly. In light of this, I've taken the liberty of adding each of the individual .sani files for all of the reworked battle animations to the project files on Dropbox. Hopefully they will save you some time on animating if nothing else. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or issues.
  14. So if I understand correctly, you're trying to implement recruitable enemy/ally units? I can explain how to do that. Chapter 4 of Golden Fools includes an example of this in action. In order to create a recruitable enemy/ally unit who carries over between maps, you first need to create that unit in the Players tab of the Database. Next, on the map in which you want the recruitable unit to appear, open the map and enter Unit Mode. What you need to do next depends on whether you want this unit to be present on the map from the beginning or be spawned later via an event. If you want the recruitable unit to be present on the map from the beginning, you need to right-click on the space where you want to put them and click "Create Player as Enemy". If you want the recruitable unit to spawn later via event, right-click on the space where you want to put them and click "Create Enemy as Event". Next, right-click on the big white rectangle on the left of the window and click "Create Player as Enemy". You can toggle between placing enemy units and ally units by clicking the appropriate option in the little Placement Mode window. Placing recruitable allies works in the exact same manner as placing recruitable enemies. I hope that this has helped you. Feel free to hop onto the SRPG Studio University Discord server if you have any other questions to ask. We'll be more than happy to help you and will probably give you answers on Discord more quickly than you can get them on a forum.
  15. I'm not sure if I understand? What exactly is it you're trying to do?
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