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  1. Wait... Don't you mean Lugh? The name thing is confusing, I know.
  2. While he has better Spd than your other unpromoted Axe infantry, he still suffers from low Skl and a bad weapon type, which adversely affect his hit rates and damage output. I like him a lot, but I would probably place him mid to low-tier among Binding Blade's units.
  3. Oof, I had forgotten about Laguzslayers. Wind magic is also effective against Bird Laguz on top of being able to counterattack at 1-Range, though it's less good against Ravens due to their high Res. Not sure if I'd go so far as to consider Longbows "pathetic", though. Statistically they don't seem that much more distant from Javelins and Hand Axes. The real issue with them is their higher price and Weapon Rank than those. But all this having been said, I think this conversation is starting to veer a little far away from being about bad characters we like using despite their flaws. So I guess I'll just throw in some more Axe infantry along with Marty (i.e. Gonzalez, Rinkah, Charlotte).
  4. I think by that he means their especially subpar stats and poor availability. Rolf has awful bases and Level for his join time and needs a lot of Bonus EXP investment simply to make him perform adequately in a niche role, investment that would be better spent on other units who are altogether more flexible. Shinon is strong before he leaves, but similarly to Rolf will likely be far behind everyone else by the time he permanently rejoins. Sure, his growth rates are great, but as we all know growth rates can't always be relied on to salvage a unit in time for them to start becoming genuine assets for meaningfully long.
  5. I would have benched Shinon too were it not for the fact that I opted not to train Rolf and the Double Bow is Sniper-locked, meaning Astrid can't use it. In this particular run I wanted a user for every Rank S weapon available. I know they're not that great, but I just don't feel right playing without them. (Ironically, despite the Double Bow being crap, I got more use of it than I did any of the other Rank S weapons.) Come to think of it, if we're considering the use of Bonus EXP no better than Arena Abuse, I'm questioning if Astrid is any good either, mount be damned.
  6. My Mia when I played Path of Radiance ended up a bit RNG-blessed (she was at least as good as Ike, who had himself gotten RNG-screwed). Zihark probably is better than Mia normally, but I still ended up benching them both in favor of Stefan. I never bothered with Rolf and am currently at the conclusion that both him and Shinon are garbage. However, he might make a good Master Seal candidate on Normal at the very least if you're not giving any to your mounted units. Endgame regular enemies on Normal should be promoted Level 10 at most, so you can definitely get away with early promotion there. The problem with Myrmidons in Path of Radiance is that they're in one of the more notorious Horse Emblem games (though I prefer to classify it as a general Mount Emblem game); they're infantry that wield an underpowered weapon type with more difficult access to 1-2-Range than others. On the whole, mounted units are able to perform just as well in combat as non-mounted ones while also having extra Mov and Canto. I haven't played Radiant Dawn, so I can't say much about Edward, but from what I hear he's very dependent on his early Level Ups to remain a major contributor; if he lags behind early on it's hard to get him back up to par.
  7. Sniper seems to be pretty a popular way to go for her since she'll end up with an A Rank in Bows at base.
  8. Marty by far. He's not very practical for efficiency playthroughs of Thracia, but he's super fun to use if you're willing to put the effort into fixing up his Skl and Spd stats with Crusader Scrolls.
  9. Welcome! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
  10. Does it? I was not aware. I assumed both Gaiden and Shadows of Valentia used single-RNG.
  11. I'm aware of Fates RNG but thought it would fit better under Other since it really only appears in one game compared to single and double-RNG.
  12. Knowing how the random number generator (RNG) for determining an attack hit/miss works often has a significant effect on the player's tactics. Accuracy and dodging are more reliable in games with double-RNG, but at the expense of user-friendliness of the UI; the game itself deceiving you about what your hit rates actually are means you'll likely have to refer to or memorize a table of actual double-RNG hit rates to know the truth about them, which can be inconvenient. Personally as a developer I'm strongly opposed to any sort of misinformation about mechanics, so I prefer single-RNG as somebody who values being honest to my player base. But I suppose this is more a matter of personal values than anything else. What do you guys think?
  13. Here are the playable Cavaliers. I've finally resumed playtesting of individual chapters, having just wrapped up testing for Chapter 17. Once all chapters are playtested individually I can do one last playtest run of the full game and then v3.0 should be ready for release. I'm hoping I can release v3.0 on the same day the game gets shown off at this year's FEE3. If I have some spare time beforehand, maybe I can do some more work on that instruction manual.
  14. Absence of Monks aside, Binding Blade's balancing of classes specifically doesn't seem that much different from, say, Blazing Blade, which is supposedly one of the better-balanced games in the series. I'd pick out weapon and character balance as the more glaring balance issues, but aside from Axes being too inaccurate there aren't many "loser" weapon types except maybe Dark magic for its high Weight? Bows are sort of redeemed by the presence of lots of dangerous flying enemies, but that may not be innate to them.
  15. I guess if you're short on money or want to train up an underleveled unit. The side chapters are as follows: Chapter 8x: The Blazing Blade (Lilina must be alive) Chapter 12x: The Thunder Axe (Chapter 12 must be cleared within 20 Turns) Chapter 14x: Scorching Reason (Chapter 14 must be cleared within 25 Turns and Sophia must be alive) Chapter 16x: Glorious Ascension (Douglas must be alive; note that he will have to survive Chapter 16 as an enemy unit) Chapter 20Ax: The Blizzard Spear (Chapter 20A must be cleared within 25 Turns and Zelot and Juno must be alive and recruited) Chapter 20Bx: Bow of Swift Wind (Chapter 20B must be cleared within 25 Turns) Chapter 21x: Elder Revelation (Chapter 21 must be cleared within 30 Turns and Melady and Zeiss must be alive and recruited) 20Ax is on the Ilia route, while 20Bx is on the Sacae route.
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