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  1. Of that, I'm uncertain. Your mileage will definitely vary there. This will probably be a major obstacle to determining the fastest Master class, as Skill EXP can come from a number of different sources which do not follow the same rules. For attacking and instruction, it's a clean 50% increase/decrease (depending on proficiency) in Skill EXP gained with no Skill EXP bonuses from class. But for group tasks the increase/decrease levels are not known, and for weekday lessons it may be only a roughly 14% increase/decrease. I'm also unsure about how much being in a certain class increases Skill EXP gain for the weapon types it specializes in.
  2. You may be interested in this: I'm trying to make optimal class lines for everyone, optimal in the sense that they'll allow them to reach Master tier ASAP. Especially since we know now that Master tier is just straight up better than Advanced tier on top of being oversaturated with Cavalry. Hopefully I can find the recommendations for the infantry classes soon so I can calculate the precise amount of WEXP needed for each character's fastest Master class.
  3. This depends on what kind of stats they have alongside their Brave effect. I don't think they'll be as accurate as Swords. Their attack power may be worse, too. Not sure about their weight, though. Eh, something about fist-fighting in a Fire Emblem game just rubs me the wrong way. And I think the Brawling specialist classes look a bit ugly. ...I miss Fates-style Daggers.
  4. I predict Falcon Knights will need a C Rank in Swords and A Ranks in Lances and Flying, while Holy Knights will need a C Rank in Lances, a B+ Rank in Faith, and an A Rank in Riding. Not sure what kind of recommendations the Infantry classes will have, though. Maybe an A+ in their primary rank and an A in their secondary one?
  5. I tend to think of Binding Blade as a more general "Mount Emblem" game, but I guess Horse Emblem isn't too far off the mark, either. If anything, I think Three Houses is looking to take that "biggest Horse Emblem" title. In fact, it may be an EVEN BIGGER Horse Emblem game than FE4 if only because of how much it goes out of its way to encourage you to invest in Cavalry classes. Cavalry are insanely prevalent in Master tier and mounted classes almost have a monopoly on Lance WEXP bonuses. As if this weren't enough, Dismounting is also a thing, which means the few Infantry classes in that tier are at a very real disadvantage.
  6. Okay, let's see... I've already complained about Cavaliers. I guess I'm not a big fan of Swordmasters, mainly due to their reliance on rare magical Swords with poor durability for any 1-2-Range combat at all. Also, playing FE4 and seeing how badly Axes get screwed over kind of made me hate Swords. Actually, this is quite the opposite. The general consensus is that Axe infantry (especially in the GBA games) are too slow and/or too inaccurate to make meaningful contributions to the team. Barst is very good in FE1/11, yes. His high bases and growth rates compared to the other Axe infantry work wonders for him. However, he might need a Speedwing to really work since Axes are so heavy. Haven't played FE3/12, so I'm not sure how he does there. Alm??? ALM IS NOT AN AXE INFANTRY. No playable character in FE2/15 can wield Axes at all. I never got far enough in FE4 to recruit Iucharba, and I want to use him, but I can't see him being THAT great. Not necessarily because of the commonly cited Fighter problems, but because he's an Infantry unit in the OG Horse Emblem game. I can't believe you're listing a bunch of allegedly excellent Axe infantry without mentioning Orsin/Osian/whatever he's called and his mighty Pugi (Bhuj?). Uggghh. Wade is garbage. He can't hit the broad side of a barn and he's also slow to boot. Lot is better about that, but still mediocre. I'd like to say if Binding Blade has any good Axe infantry unit at all, it's Echidna. (Yes, she's a Hero, but she has a higher base Axe rank than Sword rank and appears to have the Skl to make Axes work. I benched her in favor of Gonzalez, because playable Brigand, but I'll probably give her a chance if I replay Binding Blade.) Bartre can be passable, but not really outstanding. He too suffers from mediocre Spd. Ross and Garcia are good, but then again everyone in FE8 can be considered good with few exceptions. This also applies to Vaike in FE13. Boyd was fine, but not outstanding. I eventually benched him in favor of Largo. Also worth noting that FE9 is another notorious Horse Emblem game. Haven't played FE10, so not sure what I can say about Nolan. Not sure how the rest of the community feels about Arthur, but he did not turn out well for me at all. His main issues to me were less his awful Lck and more his stat spread being too balanced, preventing him from standing out in any role. Of the numerous Axe infantry you've cited as serious powerhouses, I've only found Barst to fit that description. The others are either sorely lacking somewhere in a vital stat or victims of their games' design issues. I would also like to know how much training you think they need compared to other units to become so strong. About equal? More than that?
  7. Considering he gave Lords as one of his least favorite classes earlier, that thing with Roy may or may not have been a joke. I hope it was.
  8. I had forgotten lowmanning was a thing. Roy does have a low-ish priority number of 35 in my example, but I hadn't thought of removing his stuff if his priority number is too low compared to other units who have to be deployed. That could be a good rule to implement. I do think I acknowledged that certain games are better for random priority runs than others, but certain games could have special rules as needed, e.g. minimal Skirmishes for Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia, Sacred Stones, Awakening, Fates, and possibly Three Houses. Dungeons in Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia still have deployment limits if I'm not mistaken. At the moment the Jugdral games are the only ones that stand out to me as potential lost causes for random priority runs.
  9. I have this idea for a new (as far as I'm aware) type of challenge run in which characters are randomly assigned priority numbers that determine whether or not you have to deploy them when possible, assuming the game isn't already forcing you to use them. You can assign priorities with a random number generator, like this one. It would also help to keep a separate list of priority numbers, crossing out remaining ones as they are assigned. In theory, the challenge would lie in having to make the best use you can out of bad units that end up with high priorities. Random Priority runs would be most entertaining for games like Binding Blade that have smaller percentages of good units among their playable characters. Some characters might end up becoming unrecruitable due to others' priorities being too low to be deployed and recruit them. I came up with this idea as a way to encourage myself to branch out from my usual units when playtesting Sanctaea Chronicles. Oftentimes I end up sticking to unpromoted Infantry and largely ignoring units like Cavalry and pre-promotes. One rule that could be put in place for a run like this is that you MUST reset when a unit dies so that you can't cheese the priorities by simply killing off your bad units when possible until you only have good ones. Also, the priorities refer strictly to deployment and have no bearing on how much you must train specific units. Here is an example random priority list for Binding Blade. Just imagine having to always deploy Barthe the moment you get him. Yikes! Any questions or comments?
  10. I also should've added that literally any unit can become a one-man army given sufficient training.
  11. Uhh... What? How much favoritism are you giving these characters? I also love Axe infantry and even I question this.
  12. Ha ha... SMT... Right... *cries in no SMT5 news for nearly 2 years*
  13. The caps for all her stats except HP and Mov appear to be about 50.
  14. I was not aware of this. It may help with getting those tough-to-reach classes.
  15. Wyvern Rider doesn't require a Lance rank, but Wyvern Lord might. I predict its recommendations will be a C Rank in Lances, an A Rank in Axes, and an A Rank in Flying. Hopefully that C Rank will not be too hard to get.
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