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  1. I...am pretty disappointed, actually. Never thought I'd say that on an Awakening banner. I'm not happy that Mirabillis hijacked the banner. Why Anna and Mustafa over the missing Shepherds, like Vaike, Miriel, Kellam, Ricken and Gregor? Don't get me wrong, I really liked Mustafa, but I wouldn't prioritise him over other characters. I honestly thought we'd get Trickster Anna over...Apotheosis Anna? I never got round to playing Apotheosis so idk. It's nice to see Say'ri, though, plus Gangrel is the GHB.
  2. Awakening was my first, and is my second favourite. The two things I'd change would be: 1) Involve the future children more. I want to see them have group meetings together discussing their circumstances. Future Past was so good, it's a shame the kids were cast aside. 2) Flesh out the Valm arc. It felt really rushed, but it had a lot of potential. Walhart has fantastic boss conversations with Chrom and Say'ri, give us more! And a bonus...same-sex relationships. Let male Robin S-support Chrom, IS you cowards!
  3. Honestly, I think a better scenario would be, what if Marth never made it to Talys in the first place? What if he was killed back in Altea? That eliminates any possibility of him being persuaded to join the war later, possibly by Gotoh contacting him. In a Marth-less Shadow Dragon, I could honestly see Michalis and Camus meeting on the battlefield after Michalis goes through with his plan on betraying Medeus. While Camus wouldn't join him, I can see him giving Michalis some vital information, possibly enemy movement, idk. Either way, I don't think Michalis would have succeeded against Medeus unless he somehow bought Tiki into the conflict, and considering how far out of the way Tiki is (if memory serves, it's been a while) I doubt he'd even learn of her existence. Basically, Archanea would be in shit street without Marth. There's no indication that Elice can wield Falchion, and I doubt many others would end up finding Tiki.
  4. Where are these leaks even coming from? Anyways. I loved the monastery, but exploring it repeatedly became quite dull, unless you recruited a bunch of people, it becomes so empty after the timeskip. I wouldn't mind returning to the menu format, just give us more base conversations and CGs.
  5. As someone who has voted exclusively for Marth in all CYL...I feel your pain. If Marth wins, know that Chrom has my full support in the next one. Awakening was my first FE, so I have the softest spot for Chrom. Anyways. Another Tellius dominated Bride banner? Really? Nailah, Rafiel and Oboro, despite having gorgeous artwork, are easy skips. Micaiah and Sothe duo...God they're beautiful. I'm still trying to pull for fallen male Corrin, but I really want these two. I'd have preferred Micaiah to be paired with Pelleas, but Sothe looks stunning with those soft colours. Honestly, I kinda wish Sothe was the lead because he's grown on me so much due to him becoming a permanent mainstay on my FEH team.
  6. I can't make heads or tails of this, but if it's Japanese style brides, then surely it has to be Hoshidan characters, right? That's...pretty disappointing as I do prefer Nohr, but oh well. I wonder if Orochi will show up.
  7. I'm expecting an Awakening banner, which would be great, but I'd prefer an Archanean banner. Give me Julian and Lena already, IS! If it absolutely has to be a Tellius banner, it better be the Dawn Brigade + Pelleas.
  8. Easy skip. I love the concept of fallen heroes, but the line up this year pales in comparison to previous years. Male Corrin's artwork is great though, and i'm glad they're balancing both genders. Lyon is one that I know a lot of people wanted, but I've never really been interested in him. Julia and Ike...eh. It's a shame Risen King Chrom isn't here. Maybe next year?
  9. Ahhh, she looks gorgeous. I like Edie, not as much as I like Dimitri and Claude, but close enough. I'll try my best to pull for her, but the Archanean banner has drained my orbs, and I still need duo Palla and more fetus Marth merges. Legendary Marth is back! And I don't have Legendary Ryoma or Hrid yet, so I'll be going for red. Don't have any units in blue yet, so they'd be nice to have. Green is good, but I already have Nagi, but I wouldn't mind getting merges for her. Don't care too much for colourless, but I wouldn't mind Larum. I don't have her, and isn't this her first banner since her debut?
  10. I've spoken so much about Marth, that if I say anything else, I'll sound like a broken record. Absolutely fantastic character. Other FE characters would be Chrom and Robin (mostly male Robin, but hey ho), as well as Dimitri, Felix, Caeda, Tiki, and Roy. Outside of Fire Emblem... Akira Kurusu/Ren Amamiya/Joker/whatever you want to call him, from Persona 5. I prefer to call him Akira. It's so weird to care for a silent protagonist so much, but Akira...he's great. From what he went through before the game started, what he goes through throughout the game, the bonds he makes...you forget this guy is sixteen. After the events of November, you realise he is just a kid. You have to read into the details, stuff like his parents never contacting him during his probation, his fake glasses, the fact the velvet room takes the form of a prison, the stark contrast between how he acts as Akira and how he acts as Joker...honestly, if he didn't have a Persona, he would absolutely have a Palace. He's just so fascinating, and he is a big part of why I love P5 so much. I'm playing through Royal right now, and that hasn't changed. Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN? Oh god. This guy is my favourite anime character of all time, and has been for the past eight years. Code Geass is joint first with Katekyo Hitman REBORN! for my favourite anime, but I have to admit, if Lelouch wasn't in it, I wouldn't have enjoyed nearly as much. Lelouch proves that you don't need a copious amount of physical strength to be a badass. His strategies shouldn't work but they do. He is an absolute thrill to watch with his theatrics, and his dub voice is amazing (bless Johnny Yong Bosch). He takes time to test the limits of his Geass, he doesn't always win (for someone so smart, trying to infiltrate Cornelia's ranks was duuuumb), he lets his emotions take control over him (hello viceroy Nunnally), he's not perfect. But he isn't supposed to be, and it all comes together, and makes him an absolutely amazing character.
  11. I know he has a few alts already, but if IS could start giving Leo the respect he deserves by giving him a good alt, that would be great. Honestly, I'd like to see him with his iceblade. More Marth alts are appreciated. I kinda want to see what Darksphere!Marth would look like. I'd like to see turban Hardin sometime soon. Young Michalis was a massive missed opportunity, he would've been interesting to see. Risen King Chrom needs to happen, like...asap. I'd like to see Tibarn and Reyson get alts. Maybe as a duo unit?
  12. Oh my god, this is the best banner! I want them all! Marth is the 4* demote? Perfect. He's the one I want the most, and he's so damn cute. Bless Wada Sachiko. Caeda is too good but I couldn't care less because it's CAEDA. Was not expecting Merric, but here he is! Look at his dorky hat, he's adorable! I'm so glad he finally has an alt. The Whitewings all in one? Sign me up! Makes sense that Palla is leading as she is the oldest. They're so cute, I love them so much. Is that a free Minerva I see? Yesss. Like others have said, she should be riding a pegasus, but what can you do, eh? Can't wait to see what she looks like.
  13. I must be crazy for actually liking Berkut, hahah. Bit late, but I did vote for Berkut. I love his design, and his voice acting (bless Ian Sinclair<3), and that memory sequence where he and Rinea first met was adorable. He is a complete ass, but considering he was driven mad for power, to the extent where he used Nuibaba's mirror...eh, it ain't the worse twist I've seen.
  14. Oh god, I forgot Marth was coming back this month. Between both legendary and fetus versions, it really is Marth month, hahah. I certainly wouldn't mind Micaiah being our legendary for April, but I'd love to see male Corrin too.
  15. Oh my god, look at Marth and Caeda! They're so cute! I'll be saving all my orbs from now on, and...I might be willing to whale for them. If this is going to be a full SD banner...oh god, this is going to kill me. What if we get a young Minerva hefting a bigass axe over her shoulder? WITH HER PEGASUS? Oh man, I'm so excited, I haven't been this excited for a banner since...I can't even remember. Rinkah and Midori are finally here! Lilith is cute too. I never really liked Forrest. I'm going to have to pass on this banner, which is a shame, but I have to save up for Marth and Caeda. I really like the "summon 40 get one free" they have going on. I have terrible luck on New Heroes banners, so this is really nice.
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