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  1. I am not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear when this was announced. My most wanted port, yet I never thought that it would happen. Definitely a day one buy for me.
  2. Ahhh, Berkut and Rinea! Finally, a good banner.
  3. You've convinced me! I was worried that I had to buy a charging dock separately, but not anymore. Thank you!
  4. That's very true. What about charging? Does it come with a dock, or do you have to buy it separately?
  5. Can they really file a lawsuit over this? My left joycon has developed the drift issue a few months a go, shortly after I was telling a friend that "hahah, my joycon is perfectly fine, what you on about?" so that's embarrassing, hahah. I'm gonna go pick up a new set on Friday when Three Houses comes out, but now I'm debating whether or not to get the pro controller. Anyone want to convince me?
  6. This makes me extremely happy. I reckon it'll sell about 2 million, simply due to being on the Switch. It's not doing so well on Amazon UK, because we have no taste, but it's still in the charts.
  7. I'm actually so upset? It wouldn't sting so much if it weren't for that one reviewer who was heavily hinting towards Claude being bi. Ffs, I like Alois and Gilbert just fine as characters, but as gay options? They're old enough to be Byleth's dad and I just don't like that. Linhardt is fine, but...Claude. He makes so much sense, why isn't he bi? Can we get a patch? I feel like we need a patch already.
  8. I'm just waiting for the final confirmation on who the LGBT options are, then I'll be satisfied to wait for the game to launch. ...It's not gonna be confirmed until the game is out, is it?
  9. If Claude is bi I will cry tears of happiness. This is all I want, please IS!
  10. His voice! He is literally perfection, I can't! This solidifies it, I'm choosing Blue Lions first!
  11. Looks like my +10 Roy gets to shine! Also, oh boy, Steady Stance!
  12. ...They're bringing back version exclusive Gym Leaders, aren't they? I didn't like it in Black and White, I'm not gonna like it here. Honestly, the lack of a National Dex didn't bother me, the tree didn't bother me, cutting a ton of Pokemon didn't bother me, but this, THIS bothers me.
  13. Brave Marth Darksphere Marth Risen King Chrom Summer Caeda
  14. If it's Caeda, then...goodbye my orbs, goodbye my money.
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