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  1. Oh my god, look at Marth and Caeda! They're so cute! I'll be saving all my orbs from now on, and...I might be willing to whale for them. If this is going to be a full SD banner...oh god, this is going to kill me. What if we get a young Minerva hefting a bigass axe over her shoulder? WITH HER PEGASUS? Oh man, I'm so excited, I haven't been this excited for a banner since...I can't even remember. Rinkah and Midori are finally here! Lilith is cute too. I never really liked Forrest. I'm going to have to pass on this banner, which is a shame, but I have to save up for Marth and Caeda. I really like the "summon 40 get one free" they have going on. I have terrible luck on New Heroes banners, so this is really nice.
  2. I honestly thought they were going to give us pantsless Marth at the end, hahah. This was adorable and I loved everything about it. It's really nice to see how they went through all the effort to make pixel sprites for all the lords. Speaking of lords, it's interesting that they included Sothe, but not Elincia or Azura...ah well, I adore Sothe so I'm not complaining. Male Corrin hasn't been doing so well at the lottery recently, bless his heart.
  3. Fire Emblem Three Houses - Dimitri Fire Emblem Warriors - Caeda or Tiki. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore - Touma Animal Crossing New Horizons - K.K Slider Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Sidon Super Mario Odyssey - Pauline, I guess? Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - King Boo Final Fantasy VII - ...Can I say Zack? No? Okay, I'll go either Vincent or Aerith. Final Fantasy X-X 2 - Tidus The World Ends With You Final Remix - Neku Splatoon 2 - Uhhh...Callie and Marie? Pokemon Shield - Boltund! Pokemon Lets Go Eevee - Either Blue or Green as Pokemon Trainers. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX - Honestly? Ninetales. Undertale - Sans Valkyria Chronicles - Welkin and his tank.
  4. Huh, I always thought Athos would've been Elibe's first Mythic. I love Bramimond's art! I'll be pulling for them, but I still need Legendary Roy...choices, choices.
  5. If they leave out Est, I'm going to be really upset. Anyways, I'm seeing Bartre and Fir. I don't really care about them, but if they have really good art, I might be tempted to pull for them.
  6. I'm...honestly not surprised, hahah. Cases of Coronavirus are rising everyday, so it's for the best to cancel public gatherings to prevent the spread. Can the UK follow suit and cancel football matches, please? As for me, I only watch E3 for Nintendo, and they're most likely going to upload their direct online as normal. They'll probably still keep Treehouse, too.
  7. God, I hope one of those banners is Archanea. It baffles me that we haven't gotten Julian and Lena yet. That Dimitri and Edelgard banner is going to kill me, I need them both. I predict that Mercedes will be the third focus unit due to originally being from the Empire, only to join the Kingdom later. If they don't give Est a spring alt like they did Catria and Palla, heads will roll.
  8. Aw, no Felix ;( Anyways. FERDIE AND ANNIE!! Ahhh, I'm so glad they're here. Bernie and Lysithea would be nice to get, but I don't really care, hahah. Also, I haven't seen the English trailer so idk if it happens, but if Ferdie doesn't say "I am Ferdinand von Aegir", then what's the point? As for the Flame Emperor...I'm not interested, so I'll be sending them home.
  9. I voted for Leif, but I'd be fine with anyone winning, except for Winter Sothis as I already have her. I just went with Leif because his art is beautiful.
  10. I think it's pretty likely. If we do get a sequel, they better keep the Archaneans. If they cut them, they'd have to be very specific about the Three Houses roster to get me to buy it, as in including Felix, Sylvain, and Ingrid, as well as Ferdinand and Seteth. Roy would also be a big selling point, but if they include Ike and not him, well...it's a no from me. I can't see them cutting anyone, though. It should be easy to just port them over, right?
  11. Honestly, I can't bring myself to go back to Fates. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of the characters (the Nohrian siblings, Azura, Kaze, Saizo, and Rinkah, as well as the Awakening trio and Niles off of the top of my head), and Conquest had some really fun maps, but that's just one game out of three. Birthright felt like a slog to play through, and Revelation was too gimmicky for me (that map where you had to break the ice...ugh). Fates story was terrible all around, and the less said about Corrin, the better. It's a shame, because I respect the idea behind Fates, and I can definitely see what it was going for, but unfortunately, it missed the mark by a wide margin. I also didn't like how they split it into three separate games, but it is a business, I guess. Music wise, like all FE games, it had a great soundtrack. I really liked the changes to the pair up mechanic, although Awakening's will always be my favourite due to the sheer broken-ness. The animated cutscenes were really nice, I liked that they kept the same studio that did Awakening's, and they helped make certain events even more impactful. The inventory is definitely better than Three Houses' though. On the other hand, Three Houses... Byleth is better than Corrin. Being a silent protagonist means Byleth doesn't grate on my nerves like Corrin did, although I wish they'd drop the avatars already. I prefer the music in Three Houses more than Fates. Edge of Dawn, Apex of the World, God Shattering Star, Between Heaven and Earth, Fodlan Winds...I could go on, but there's just so many fantastic tracks. The voice acting is really good, too. Jeralt's voice is really soothing, I love hearing him narrate inbetween chapters. Chris Hackney knocked it out of the park as Dimitri, and Joe Zieja as Claude...<3 Story wise, it's miles better than Fates. Does it have its flaws? Absolutely. CF doesn't deal with the remnants TWSITD until, like, the character endings. AM doesn't bother with any of that. How did the Agarthans come to be? There's a lot of unanswered questions, but they don't bother me that much. I admit, replaying White Clouds four times to get all the routes is a slog, but i try my best to shake it up. Gameplay wise...the maps can be boring, but I play with animations off anyways, so it goes relatively fast. Cindered Shadows is a completely different story. I never want to play Chapter 4 or Chapter 7 ever again. I enjoyed the teaching aspect more than I thought I would, to be honest, and exploring the monastery is one of the parts I look forward to most. The Three Houses cast is definitely my favourite, shout out to the Blue Lions for being the house where I absolutely adore all of the characters. Seteth was also a massive surprise, and Cyril is a sweetheart. My major problems with Three Houses are...relatively few. I don't like how Silver Snow is basically a rehash of Verdant Wind, just without Claude. Seteth is great, but when Byleth, a silent protagonist takes the centre stage...it kinda falls flat. The final boss is good, though. The inventory annoys me. Why do I have to put my stat boosters into my character's inventory to use them? Why can't Felix use an intermediate seal while Sylvain is holding it? Honestly though, Three Houses just appeals to me more than Fates, not to say it's all bad, it has some great characters and supports.It's all about preferences and opinions. And while I have a different opinion from the OP, I greatly respect theirs.
  12. If March's Resplendent Hero is Marth, you can bet your hat I'll be buying the FEH pass. ...God, I'm easily pleased. Anyways. I really want Nils. I've always liked him, so it's great to see that he's finally here.
  13. Hahah, this is great. I don't have any of these units except for Christmas Sothis, so I'd be happy with any of them, even Edie. I didn't even bother voting because I hate the way they're doing this, but it seemed to work out. Plot twist, those who didn't vote aren't allowed the winning unit It's a shame Christmas Marth-Elice and Legendary Marth didn't make it, I want more merges.
  14. 1) Xane 2) Nyna 3) Felix 4) Sylvain 5) Ingrid 6) Julian 7) Lena 8) Dorothea 9) Seteth 10) Ferdinand 11) Inigo and Severa 12) Basilio 13) Rhys 14) Artur 15) Pelleas 16) Erk 17) Rinkah 18) Midori 19) Tatiana 20) Jeralt
  15. Honestly, fanservice doesn't faze me at all anymore, I've spent years watching anime/reading manga, I'm confident in saying that I've seen it all. In terms of "sexual" fanservice in FEH, I don't mind. Honestly, you see worse in real life than what is actually seen in-game. I do think there comes a point where you have to draw a line, like, if it is very OOC for a character to be showing a lot of skin, or acts very uncomfortable about it, then yeah, lets not do that. Do I play FEH for the fanservice? No. I play it because it's FE. If I get to see Marth dressed as a groom and Caeda in a bridal dress, that's a bonus.
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