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  1. I know Halloween isn't until next month but I can't shake this feeling that this holiday tradition is dead now... at least in NYC. How about where you live? I used to go trick or treating as a kid and I still saw kids doing it even when I was in high school. Around 2013 onward I've seen less and less kids ringing doorbells for candy. One time there was a Halloween where no kids stopped by. Now that was spooky. I guess with all the kidnappings and shootings, etc. becoming even more prevalent every day, parents have become more paranoid to let their kids stay outside knocking on stranger's doors.
  2. First time seeing you on this site
  3. *ignores topic* Hey cool avatar! Tenia que ser el chavo del ocho!
  4. I never got the craze either. I found Sims to be boring as hell. I spent 2 hours making my character and then after an hour of playing I sold it. I prefer games with an end. Unless it's a multiplayer game like Street Fighter or Mario Kart.
  5. N Sync is the only boy band I like
  6. I usually look up how many units are allowed for endgame and then build a team to fill that amount. Sometimes it might change if the unit I chose ends up sucking while another unit became more reliable.
  7. and then you have Hinoka and Sully
  8. Ronnie

    Shiny Pokémon

    How many do you guys have? Which was your first? Which are your favorites? I have a couple. My first shiny was Volbeat in Sapphire. I was a kid who was ignorant to shinies and thought it was a cool color glitch and caught it. I lost that cartridge though so it's gone forever. My favorite shiny is good ol' black Charizard. I also really like Aegislash's shiny. Also... why does no one notice that shiny Sceptile looks like Feraligatr? (color wise)
  9. I once found a shiny Bibarel... in the Great Marsh
  10. So does anyone actually listen to the songs posted here? Or do you guys just keep posting videos and move along?
  11. People bought it because it had a gimmick that the general mass thought would be promising. "Oh boy you can talk to Pikachu and friends with a microphone? So cool!" Then those kids try it out and realize it was bad and never want to touch it again. Not to mention Pokémon was in its prime during the 64 days.
  12. Yeah Pokémon Channel was a huge success.
  13. You say that yet millions of people did it anyways. And those same millions did it again in the remakes. Jokes on them??? *shrugs*
  14. The surf speed was PAINFULLY slow. So slow that Platinum had to boost the surf speed. In fact, Sinnoh in general is extremely slow. Slow battles, slow gameplay. Plenty of areas that slow you down too. Besides the slow surf speed, you have the marshy areas that trap you every 5 steps and you have to wiggle out. Then there's the route to Snowpoint City where you walk ever so slowly across the deep snow.
  15. Except now people will be ditching Amazon. They shot themselves in the foot.
  16. https://www.amazon.com/b?node=17911060011&=vg63_primevideogames_tc_lp_em)_&ref_=pe_6260660_294621830 The service I used the most for in my Prime account is now gone starting August 28th 2018. Instead of getting 20% off physical pre-orders, we're getting $10 Amazon credit that expires after 60 days. Yup Amazon Prime is now 100% useless to me. I ditched GameStop for pre-orders because Amazon had the better deal but now they both suck lol. EDIT: You can still pre-order games before August 28th to get the discount. So pre-order your Smash Bros. copies for that sweet $48.
  17. I'm more partial to salty foods. Sweet or creamy foods make me a little nauseous if I have too much of it. I prefer meat, chips, crackers, fried food. All the salt lol. Fortunately I drink plenty of water and I don't overeat those foods. I'm a picky eater whether it's because of the taste or the texture. I love flan but I hate beans. They're both mushy but flans texture is more consistent and the flavor is great. Beans are all grainy and have a weird taste for me.
  18. Thank you I'm still surprised people want to complete Pokedexes especially with how many Pokemon there are. Anyways back to the point, surf speed is fast and you have repels. Make your bee line through the stretches of water which can be done quickly. Actually time yourself and see how quick it takes. It's not as bad as the land route from Lavender Town to Fuschia City lol.
  19. It does matter that it's optional because you are not required to explore them to beat the game. I'm speaking in terms of main story completion. Whether you want to explore the remainder of Hoenn is up to you. At least Sharpedo is fast and you can use repels and skip trainers. Making traveling on water a speedy and painless process. Not to mention the area between Pacifidlog Town and Slateport are nothing but currents that travel for you. Also repels, repels, repels. Then use a rod.
  20. You mean the majority of it is optional. I just laid out a color coded map for ya. You're not FORCED onto a massive section of water. Here is a link. This guy timed himself and it's only around 3 minutes of actual water travel for mandatory areas. AFTER the 7th gym, you have Team Aqua/Magma, legendary, and 8th badge. Then you're back on land with Victory Road and E4 and you beat the game. If you want to do all the optional areas then sure it might suck to surf, but for the main story, you're only on water for 3 minutes? It isn't the latter half of the game. Again you don't get surf until the 5th badge and you don't begin the water areas until after the 6th badge and the LONG route to Lilycove. Rods and seaweed
  21. A player's first time? Well I'd hope the player has the mindset to talk to NPCs because Sootopolis should not be hard to find. There's so many rocks in the way that you're almost forced to go linearly straight down. And once you're nearby the white rocks, NPCs will bring it up or even outright say Sootopolis is nearby. They'll get the idea to dive in the dark water and lo and behold there's an opening at the front. I agree that Seafloor Cavern (Aqua's underwater base) is a little more cryptic for newcomers. Lilycove to Mossdeep really is just a bee line though.
  22. A common complaint I read/hear from people about the Hoenn games is that there's too many surf routes. They think it's a problem and hinders their journey in the game. I wanna say this is bullshit but I'd need proof. So here's the proof! This is the Hoenn region: Now allow me to break down the map in a language that everybody here can easily understand: Color Code! The red is the mandatory areas and the green are optional areas. You don't get surf until your 5th gym badge. So you're already about half way through your journey. There's a big chunk of land you need to travel through after you get Surf. You get a glimpse of "surfing" when you have to travel on Mr. Briney's ship to get to Dewford Town and Slateport City. However, the actual routes between those areas are 100% optional. No one is forcing you to surf through those routes. Once you're in Slateport, you're back to land traveling. As for surfing/diving to get to Mossdeep City, Team Aqua's base and Sootopolis City, it's a pretty easy and linear path to get there. To get to Mossdeep City from Lilycove City, it's basically a straight line until you reach Mossdeep. From Mossdeep you just follow the dark water until you reach the shallow square for Team Aqua's underwater base or the giant white rock for Sootopolis. After your 8th badge, fly back to Mossdeep and then surf straight down and to the right to get to Victory Road/Pokémon League. That whole sea route from Sootopolis to Slateport is 100% optional (unless you play Emerald in which case you need to go to Sky Pillar). So if you're playing Ruby, Sapphire or ORAS, Pacifidlog Town is completely skippable. As you can see, you're not surfing or diving for that long. They're easy and quick paths to get from point A to point B. And I'm pretty sure Surf's speed is the same as the running shoes. Heck, in ORAS you can catch a Carvanha at level 30 with a Super Rod, give it a rare candy and you got a Sharpedo that'll cross the ocean at the speed of light.
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