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  1. Fire Emblem gameplay at it's best and story at it's worst for all it's worth Fates NO xD Kaga is the original creator of Fire Emblem (until FE5) and even after leaving FE behind he did some FE like games
  2. Tis time for big sis. Honestly i fear i might have way too many fliers for this map. Especially with all the Kinshi Knight and their Anti-Air defence system skill. Man I really hope Engage is Fates gameplay 2.0 Honestly, i waited until now because i thought he would start with C hidden weapons this chapter, until to discover it's D... Well, it's not all bad, because this map is filled with fliers so Hunter's knife will do a good job and hopefully hit C Hidden Weapons.
  3. Especially since that Archer double Xander, and iirc the Dual one deals like 14x2. Other 7x2 with >60% hit rate. That's 2/3 of Xander's HP gone in one round, and with the rest he might die if he doesn't have a good pair up. But even with one i'd reconsider due to Archer crits
  4. Me, trying to cheese Fates: Fates, striking back: I love games that can strike back like this
  5. Ermm I shouldn't have killed Ballista dude Now the whole thing is coming after my ass rip meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee This map has quite a few anti cheese elements XD Really That fucker for sure is only there in case you have a bow breaker Unit XD
  6. > Be me > Be Cheeky > "haha i will break Takumi's map in half with all the 20 chapter of planning!" > Give Elise Bow Breaker and Weapon Advantage and send her against Archers > Dual Yumi
  7. Yeah but it will trigger on the first lightning attack before the 2nd kills, no? I remember that because i once reseted because i Lightning's an Armor with Counter Magic and the first attack was enough to kill my unit XD That was an interesting read. Thanks! Also the bait and switch with Armors and Zerker is something i've seen before, but usually i try to clear half the room, freeze the zerkers that can reach me while closing off the torch part with units that can (dodge-)tank the other 2 Zerkers. Also EP'ing the Wyrmslayer room is too scary for me, i usually try to clear it all in 1 PP, but with only 10 units i imagine that to be impossible XD I wonder how i will clear it in my current dancerless run hmm...
  8. Replace him with that Fat Adventurer from Midori's paralogue yea I am reading through Zoran's stuff and am like Ok... How did you manage that? Especially with counter magic on the damn thingies?
  9. So i was reading through Zoran video disc on ch26 and... Yup, that's pretty known and i use that to lighten the room before i go in However... I never thought of this lmao And i played through CQ how many times again xD
  10. But do you make use of all your units or do some just collect dust while moving? When i play super efficient and good, stopping the reinforcements isn't that hard. With the right unit placement you can almost face 0 reinforcements, as the units are placed in such a way that you can block all enemy forts on the way to Gate. In one of my runs in the old thread i only saw reinforcements when i was near the seize, and then just hightailed it outta there. yeah yeah. He has full understanding of that game and always discovers stuff i never thought about. His double vantage strat in Takumi's map was such a joy to watch. He also has a "Use every unit" run going, i wonder how he will fare there. Spy Yumi/Shuriken would've been good before Ryouma's map xD
  11. And that's that. Ya know... Conuqest is one of the few games where Seize isn't rout then Seize, especially on the later maps XD And it does that without being annoying.
  12. Yeah. Especially Wary Fighters on the stoners makes it super rough I've seen a clear of that side however Based Zoran the Fates chad does it, like usual
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