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  1. tyty Anime: Worst Penalties Spain: Hold my beer Or worse r/all
  2. o7 ty ty. That, or a 25-30 hours job will do. My mood will be much better if i have more than 2 days free, 1 of which is spent recovering because i am dead tired anyway. With less work i won't need a whole day of recovery -> More free time. Games might be too much, but i do get something to read lol. Music also helps
  3. To return to the work rant for a bit: The thing that fucks me the most is that i have to sleep when i am most energetic. I usually finsh work 17-18, and after it i am dead tired, as i am during most of the workday anyway. I start to wake up a bit before midnight...where i need to sleep so i can wake up to morning torture again. It's close to 1 am now and i feel more energetic than the whole of the day, yet i gotta wake up in ~6.5 hours. Bleh You gotta accept the whole package
  4. "Mom, he's a giant!" A kid in the train pointing at me and me bursting out laughing while leaving it xD When you fall get up, oh, oh
  5. Even tho i have been called a giant before irl and never Shrimpy XD Ofc you're the most anime of all of us, Tsunderubina
  6. Youtube is weird man Watching football videos -> Rec's me Waka Wake -> listens because i am kinda in the mood for it -> Whole Feed is filled with Shakira K
  7. I mean, when it comes to behavior, i am the oldest brother, yet people generally see me as pretty chill and easy going ALTHOUGH I was seen as too serious when i was younger lol. Will never forget a certain situation. A friend of mine asked me: "Why are you always so serious? Fun where?" A few years later, same friend: "Man that Shrimpy never takes anything seriously" lmao Somewhere down the line i stopped giving a fuck or something Falcom isn't it. Escape before it destroys your life
  8. The Engage design discussions are worse than Edelgard discourse and the game ain't even out yet. From "Hidaki better" to "Generic" to "Too anime" to "Sexualization" to "pedo bait" you got it all.
  9. Body: *Wants to dance* Mind: You working early tomorrow
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