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  1. I came up with this refine idea. Henry : Ruinous Hex Base (12 MT): After combat, if unit attacked, grants "Unit can counterattack regardless of distance" to unit and adjacent allies. Refine: Sudden Panic 3
  2. We could have the ones who don't post often known as some sort of "forgotten deities", whose crests have been long-sealed, and those who carry their bloodline are few and far-between. For my stats, I would imagine myself having high HP, ATK (Mag if there is a split), and DEF, average RES, and bad SKL, SPD, and LCK. I'm also not too fond of the idea of a Gen 2, solely because there wouldnt be enough time.
  3. I'd imagine myself showing up during the latter half of the early game. I'd be kinda snarky but overall still nice, if we're doing a self-contained story, or I'd just be my normal self if the website exists within the canon.
  4. I know I'm probably too late, but this seems cool! If I'm ever included, I wanna be a Troubador. Character picture would be the protagonist of Hollow Knight with a Dedede hat.
  5. Aw yiss I finally got Berkut. Unfortunately, his IVs are bad ( +Spd -Res). Any build ideas?
  6. Used the orbs from today to try again for ANY fallen unit. STILL NOTHING OF ANY REAL VALUE. Up to 4.25%. Now I know this banner hates me, as it isn't even giving me any good 4 and 3* units.
  7. (Read this in a Bill Wurtz voice) WEATHER UPDATE Jared is making himself look worse (End of Bill Wurtz voice) Seriously dude? All this stuff going around and almost totally solid evidence and you still try to claim your innocence. The best thing you can do to have even the tiniest chance of saving your career is to admit you were (w)holly (get it?) in the wrong and apologize to everyone, especially Heidi.
  8. @Dragoncat ok I'll probably have a mod lock it or something
  9. If you don't already know, Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat) died at the age of 7. RIP to one of the first good memes.
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