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  1. I was a part of the other one, but it kinda died. So here I am. Name: Echo Forum name: GreatKnightEcho Class: Preist Recruitment Time: Early Game (late in the early game though, just before the mid game starts). Affiliation: Protagonist Recruitment: Auto at start of chapter. Portrait: (see below) Other: High HP, Mag, Def, and Res; Low Dex/Skl, Luck, and extremely low Spd. Personality would be somewhat snarky, but still overall kind-hearted (think Azama, but an actual decent character and without the nihilism). Backstory: He used to be a knight under the evil nation, until he realized "o shit, they're evil" and left to become a priest.
  2. My predictions for the next 3H banner are Red: Felix: A fan-favorite who could be a nice sword unit. Blue: Ferdinand: I AM FERDINAND VON AEGIR Green: Flayn: Feesh. That is all. Colorless: Marianne: Character bias is character bias. Just please give her a prf. GHB: Flame Emperor
  3. Nice. I kinda want the goose in the game unironically. It'd just be hilarious to see all these powerful game characters get terrorized by a fucking goose.
  4. On the one hand, IS continues to do my boi Henry dirty. On the other hand, L00t and Virgin refines. Two characters I actually like (Frederick's pretty cool too). 7/10. Cant wait to see what Virion gets.
  5. With 3H finally here, and two banners past, I'd really like to see Marianne added. Just please, if she's gotta be a cavalry healer, give her a personal weapon or unique skill. B!Veronica overshadows almost every cav healer just because of her prf and offensive stats.
  6. ...Can't say I expected this, especially since i picked the "swears a lot" option. It kinda fits tbh.
  7. Honestly this banner is really good. Berkut finally gets to be with Rinea, Nephenee and Ishtar get their first alts, so that's cool. But for some reason, Dancer Reinhardt has me absolutely fucking hysterical. Definitely pulling for him. DANCING IS EVERYTHING
  8. Got a Fallen Corrin off of the Solo banner (neutral IVs). Cool.
  9. Pretty easy GHB, used L!Eliwood strats despite DK's weapon and still managed to win. And now I'm ready to BANANAAAAAA SLAMMA
  10. Free pulled a +Res -Def Minerva on the daily banner. Ok
  11. Let's set aside my hype for dong armor for a little bit and look at these units objectively. Camilla's staff has Swift Sparrow 1.5 and Dazzling Staff built in, so that's neat. Also IS finally realized Push skills suck, and gave us a better buffed version. I don't hate Camilla, and she looks decently fun, so might pull for her. Eliweed's got a "fuck the meta" lance as well as Spectrum Blow 2 apparently. Other than that, nothing super interesting, though his offensive stats are very nice. Least interesting unit imo, though he does have the nicest art. Looking quite Eligood, if I do say so myself. Micaiah got a stand, [Bird Is The Word], which lets her fly now, and she stole Saizo's prf. Other than Atk/Res Bond 4 and whatever the hell that B-Skill does, she just does normal Micaiah things, just in the air now. Pretty neat. And now, we come to Mr. Dong Armor himself. His weapon isn't anything special (despite him being the only one with a special), but it's pretty good. That A-skill tho. HOO BOY THAT LOOKS BUSTED AF. And I love it. Oh and Atk/Spd Surtr's Menace apparently. Neat. Definitely choosing him as my free unit, dong armor bias aside. Overall, these units look pretty good. Surprised none of them are armored, and Alm being Infantry Sword Dragonkiller #69 is a bit disappointing, but nothing looks overly busted either. Gr8 banner I r8 8/8.
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