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  1. Top favorite easily goes to Lissa from Awakening. She has an incredibly cute design, fun personality, hilarious dialogue, relatable struggles with self-worth and feeling like you don't belong, and her interactions with Owain are so goddamn wholesome. Plus seeing this small girl utterly wreck ass with a battleaxe that's nearly the size of herself never gets old. Honorable mentions would be Claude (haha funni upside down man), Lyon (really needs a hug [and maybe an exorcist]), Henry (also needs hugs and exorcisms, but for totally different reasons), and Walhart (basically beta Edelgard to me, ridiculously overhated and is genuinely super imposing).
  2. OH FU- *the ensuing explosion catches the next poster too*
  3. *leaps into the air before my legs freeze and land on the next poster*
  4. Henry: Best boi easily takes the win here. Guard and Atk/Res reduction that he almost always gets? Sign me up! Cordelia: Kinda weak tbh, but it works. Rebecca: Boring, but effective. Lief: Good god why does IS seemingly hate the Leonster line? I mean, I'll take more special cooldown for easy Bignis, but jeez.
  5. The trailer starts with Bowser fighting a mysterious figure. The figure uses their sword to knock him back. The figure is revealed to be Byleth. Seems normal, right? Hahaha, WRONG!!! A voice calls out. "Great work! But I think I can take it from here!" Suddenly, Sothis emerges from Byleth. Sothis shows her power! As the trailer cuts to black, another voice... "Now hang on just a minute!" Ruby cuts her way into another game! Then? A door opens, and three figures in all red appear; a trumpet blares, and the lead one shouts his iconic line. "NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!" The Spanish Inquisitors make an unexpected appearance!
  6. Hell, USA, otherwise known as in the middle of Arizona.
  7. First set of pulls on the new winter banner, and all I have to show for it is my first Lief. Ok.
  8. It's ya boi, back from being... fucking dead to give my opinions on this banner. Now to crawl back into whatever grave I was in.
  9. I was a part of the other one, but it kinda died. So here I am. Name: Echo Forum name: GreatKnightEcho Class: Preist Recruitment Time: Early Game (late in the early game though, just before the mid game starts). Affiliation: Protagonist Recruitment: Auto at start of chapter. Portrait: (see below) Other: High HP, Mag, Def, and Res; Low Dex/Skl, Luck, and extremely low Spd. Personality would be somewhat snarky, but still overall kind-hearted (think Azama, but an actual decent character and without the nihilism). Backstory: He used to be a knight under the evil nation, until he realized "o shit, they're evil" and left to become a priest.
  10. My predictions for the next 3H banner are Red: Felix: A fan-favorite who could be a nice sword unit. Blue: Ferdinand: I AM FERDINAND VON AEGIR Green: Flayn: Feesh. That is all. Colorless: Marianne: Character bias is character bias. Just please give her a prf. GHB: Flame Emperor
  11. Nice. I kinda want the goose in the game unironically. It'd just be hilarious to see all these powerful game characters get terrorized by a fucking goose.
  12. On the one hand, IS continues to do my boi Henry dirty. On the other hand, L00t and Virgin refines. Two characters I actually like (Frederick's pretty cool too). 7/10. Cant wait to see what Virion gets.
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