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  1. Banned for liking Game of Thrones
  2. The Knight from Hollow Knight is looking slightly more likely now. The game sold extremely well (I think it outsold Shovel Knight [2.8 mil to 2+ mil, respectively]), and Silksong is almost a Switch exclusive. Hornet would be cool too.
  3. Banned for giving people radiation poisoning.
  4. Banned for assuming I was digging
  5. Banned for criticizing Siegfried's digging efforts.
  6. So I decided to stockpile orbs for the 3H banner for once in my life. Had 40+ orbs, my free summon, and all of the Bonds tickets. Me: Oh boy, i hope I get something good, considering I saved up for once. Feh: YOU GET, NOTHING! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR! why do I bother
  7. *puts a water bucket on head to avoid the basketball* *uses Magolor Soul's dual dark Ultra Swords to slice and dice the next poster*
  8. I'm trying to make my own sprite, but it's a bit difficult. If someone could make it before I'm finished, that'd be great, and I would give you as many thanks as humanly possible, but nobody has to. The base will be Roy, with shorter hair (optional), blond hair, purple armor, and Dedede's hat.
  9. Did a few summons on the Dual Lyn banner to try and get OG!Lyn. Aaaaand I got her. Neutral IVs. I'll repeat my last question. *ahem* JESUS CHRISTMAS WHAT IS MY LUCK LATELY?!
  10. Legendary banner gave me a +Def -HP L!Eliwood. Jesus Christmas what is my luck lately?
  11. Netted myself a +Spd -Atk Ophelia from the chill banner and a free +Res -Spd Sanaki from the VG Block A banner. Time to make nuke emblem with Lilina and Babyzura.
  12. I came up with this refine idea. Henry : Ruinous Hex Base (12 MT): After combat, if unit attacked, grants "Unit can counterattack regardless of distance" to unit and adjacent allies. Refine: Sudden Panic 3
  13. We could have the ones who don't post often known as some sort of "forgotten deities", whose crests have been long-sealed, and those who carry their bloodline are few and far-between. For my stats, I would imagine myself having high HP, ATK (Mag if there is a split), and DEF, average RES, and bad SKL, SPD, and LCK. I'm also not too fond of the idea of a Gen 2, solely because there wouldnt be enough time.
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