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  1. Because it has no permission to put this picture, and reveal now.
  2. I think this 'fake' artbox is useful. If IS(KT) don't delete this artbox: 'Tiki' means no Manaketes. 'Caeda' means no more Fliers. 'Lyn' means no more Swordusers. 'Celeca' means no more Magicusers. 'Anna' means no more Axeusers. HOWEVER, IS(KT) DELETE IT. ---- Spoiler
  3. I don't want to pierce the bubble. But I wanna say:
  4. I think your image can stop this argument. ----- (About the fake artbox) Imagination isn't bad, but if you abuse the imagination, it will be a JOKE.
  5. Wait... There are someone from none of FE11/13/14. So IS is wrong? I don't think so. Note: These characters' spirit are from FEH.
  6. DLC? Lu Bu smiles... I think KT will put Dynasty Warrior characters in FEW... (I hope it won't happen. )
  7. Shadow Dragon Exclusive Package -Frey(Lance,Cav) -Norne(Bow,Inf) -Horace(Lance,Arm) -Etzel(RedTome,Inf)
  8. I think we will get non-SD characters before TGS, and we will get SD characters In TGS.
  9. I hope so... Or maybe before TGS? After all, there are at least 5 characters which aren't announced.
  10. SORRY, I finished FE11 with Norne (and Marth) .
  11. -Caeda will be our ENEMY and CANNOT RECRUIT HER FOREVER. -Archer/Sniper can KO flier except Evil Caeda. -Norne will be the main character in FE16.
  12. I Predict FE11 FE12(I hope... Though I think it's impossible)
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