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  1. Wow. This is a tough one, Its first wife vs favorite protagonist.
  2. The DLC makes more sense one you have played through one of the routes, so I'd personally suggest doing it after one route. Though if you want the Ashen Wolves, you have to complete the DLC, so only do it you want the DLC characters. If you found Normal too easy, hard will probably satisfy you. Its higher levels with generally more enemies.
  3. As already mentioned, I loved Gambits from a visual stand point: Being able to be surrounded by soldiers makes it feel like a war game. Yes, some are absurdly strong, but nothing to the point I considered breaks the game, unless you are doing Stride + Dance for one turn clears. I hope they return for future games.
  4. Pity Forrest is not better. Oh well, at least I can save my orbs on this banner.
  5. Forrest! Finally, I finally got a reason to play FEH after a break. I so glad we had a Fates Banner. It’s been too long.
  6. 3 Houses kind of addressed that though. Hero’s Relics and Sacred Weapons can be used by anyone, just that there are benefits for those who possess the marching crest. In NG+, Crest Items can be given to units so anyone can theoretically wield a relic with its full potential if they wanted to.
  7. You could probably get away by combining AM and VW, gameplay wise, they have the same maps with the exception of 2, which are Shambala and Nemesis map being exclusive to VW, while Fhirdiad and Deirdru being exclusive to AM.The narrative is very similar for the most part: Stop Edelgard, with Shamabla expediton as a bonus for the Golden Deer. I would probably have Byleth reunite with Dimitri first. Dimitri's psychosis is influenced partially by Byleth's disappearence, he believes Byleth is dead and is another person he needs to avenge. His return is key for Dimitri to regain his sanity. I would have the Golden Deer script play after defending Deirdru, only difference being Lord Arundel retreats due to his role in Shambala. Fort Merceus works the same way in VW, while the Palace battle takes place in AM style. The rest is Verdant Wind TWSID confrontation.
  8. She does Kingdom Hearts as well, and Waltz of the Damned is one of my favorite tracks ( It plays in the Beauty and the Beast world ) so yes I would love her to compose songs for Fire Emblem. I imagine she’s pretty expensive though.
  9. Honestly, TWSID really needed more time to be fleshed out. They are responsible for making Fódlan the way it is, and yet they barley get any screen time. In AM, they are the absent for the whole saga except for the final battle. In CF, despite working with them, you learn next to nothing and the confrontation takes place off screen. Only in SS and VW are the two they are directly confronted, and only in VW do you get a full explanation. Even with that, it’s a lot of speculation. Rhea and Seteth only conclude based off evidence that they conspired with Nemesis, which is never outright confirmed. DLC in a similar manner to Fates’s Hidden Truth could be useful for fleshing them out.
  10. He’s not mad at Glenn. He’s mad at his father for saying ‘ he died like a true knight’. Thus his dislike of chivalry.
  11. I love all of them! There all so wonderful to choose, being my first/best class in the whole game of course.
  12. It always nice to show graditude, especially towards the mods to ensuring the place does not become like GameFaqs. So thanks mods!
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