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  1. That’s not exactly true- both Annette and Gilbert call him out, with the latter questioning him on having any remorse for killing his former friends, while Annette calls him out for wiping all of the empire, which is too extreme.
  2. On Discord, I found a link to the aforementioned topic:https://www.quotev.com/quiz/12152510/Which-Fire-Emblem-Three-Houses-Character-are-you So what did you guys get? Here are my Results:
  3. But card games aren't Esports, which means electronic sports, aka video games.
  4. On the sweet soirée Banner, pulled Fallen Corrin. Should I merge her or should save my other copy for Atk/Spd solo?
  5. I can see that. When playing the battle facilities in Pokemon, the key to successful run into minimze the RNG, which involves sticking to moves that have 100% accuracy.
  6. With the Hero being banned in an Australian Tournament for his moveset involving item effects like Superstar; which has caused a debate whether over he should be banned for RNG exclusively. This sparks an interesting field in competitive gaming as a whole, specifically luck. Communities like Smash and Pokemon will try to limit RNG to a minimum, such as banning stages for the former and creating clauses such as evasion and OHKO clauses for the latter. What are your thoughts on this? As someone who plays The Pokemon Company's Official BattleSpotSingles and VGC, I've grown used to gimmicky strategies and figuring out ways to handle them. I myself use certain strategies that are considered "skill-less", such as Moody setup, but I often use strategy before attempting to sweep with Moody, so its not entirely luck-based. Here's a replay on the strategy: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7battlespotsingles-976100168
  7. Disagree with Ingrid. While her lack of strength is disappointing at first, access to Luin makes up for it, and when she becomes a Pegasus Knight, her speed and class mastery grants Darting Blow, which is amazing on this mode since AS is critical. Her high resistance makes her a good mage killer too.
  8. Seems so, since Rhea doesn't provide a name when Claude/Seteth introduce organization to her after rescuing her.
  9. I've also heard people struggling with Golden Deer for similar reasons as Black Eagles- Lack of a Physical wall, as well as lot of units like Lysithea, Marianne, and Ignatz really not being able to take any physical hits at all, which is really bad when early game is crawling with Pass Thieves who have 19 Speed. Lot of people complain about struggling with the mock battle with the Golden Deer, but on Blue Lions I beat it in one try without any casualites. I also agree that Blue Lions have better Battalions, with Blue Lion Dancers being amazing for refreshing multiple units. Dedue and Mercedes are amazing for walling physical and magical hits ( The former being the probably the only unit in the game who could survive an onslaught of thieves; MVP for several of my battles. ) I gave Felix a Speed Boosting item, and he's been so far the only unit to consistently be able to double thieves holding Steel Weaponry, conversely, not getting doubled. Annette's rallies have been great for providing that extra "oomph" I've just beaten Chapter 6 on Blue Lions, and right now, I think its manageable. Between turnwheels and the well balanced party members mentioned above. Of course, I'm playing new game +, so that does make it a lot easier. One thing I like to note is how the game mode makes you think a lot more about stats and Batallions: I used to plop Byleth and watch him mop up with Hard Mode without understanding stats, not the case on Maddening . Speaking of which understanding AS is crucial on Maddening if you want to survive. Here's a video:
  10. Disappointing, because it explains the whole reason behind Bernadetta’s anxiety problem. I don’t see how it’s anymore inappropriate than Serios stabbing Nemesis repeatedly with blood on the scene; not to mention that there Characters like Mercedes, Dimitri, Lysithea and Dorothea with just as tragic backgrounds.
  11. I'm doing a New Game + of the Blue Lions run, and just completed Chapter 3. Not too bad, but I had to use Divine Pulse once. Its definitely requires more thinking than Hard Mode. The thieves have very high speed stat forget about doubling them, and the archers have Poison Strike, which are probably the worst. Luckily, Dedue is an amazing physical wall and is fantastic because he took like 0 damage from most units. Even Kostas only did 5 damage.
  12. As someone from with ancestry from India, associating The Middle East with India would probably seen very offensive since many of those countries don't have good relationships from India. This is from someone whose parents hold a strong rivalry of Muslim and Muslim-associated places. Don't know about camels. Camels are more like Draft Horses in that they were bred for Manual Labor, not for war. Ostriches might be a cool alternative, since in Africa, Ostriches are ridden as an attraction, albeit controversially. Fun Fact, Claude has a lot of Persian references; from Fire Emblem Wiki: Claude's design is heavily based off the Persian Achaemenid archers who were depicted as wearing yellow, having a singular earring, and wielding a composite bow. In Claude's C support with Annette, Claude states he celebrates an Almyran ritual in reference to the real-life "Chaharshanbe Suri", a Zoroastrian fire festival originating in ancient Persia. In Claude's C support with Ingrid, he also states that he practices meditation, which is another practice of Zoroastrianism. Claude's timeskip design possesses what is based off a Kontush Sash: an ornate band worn around the waist which originated in Persia. At the end of this sash, Claude possesses a garland of Turkish püskül which wards off bad luck. Claude’s last battalion is titled the "Immortal Corps" in reference to the Persian Immortals—the name given by Herodotus to an elite heavily-armed infantry queued unit of 10,000 soldiers within the grand army of the Achaemenid Empire.
  13. I'm personally hoping for a focus on 1st party titles, but regardless of which party they choose, I'm hoping for characters from new and upcoming games. As much as I'm happy for Banjo and Kazooie, I would much rather want a focus on new an upcoming games.
  14. I never really thought much about Avatar characters and canon, with the exception of Corrin, who's male is associated with Hoshido, while the female with Nohr. In Byleth's Case, Male, because I'm a guy.
  15. Blue Lions. I'm rather shy, so I would primarily want a bunch of "good" kids. Most of the students are like their country's ideals: Chivalrous and Honorable; thus are good students, namely Annette, Felix, Dimitri, Ashe, Mercedes, Ingrid and Dedue. As a result, the only student I see being really obnoxious is Sylvain, all the others know what's acceptable and what is not. Dimitri's PTSD only clicks in at the End of the School year, and Felix isn't known to pick of fights randomly like Caspar. This is my pick. Black Eagles: My least favorite class. Hubert threatens to kill you if he's thinks your a nuisance to Edelgard, which already is a contender for expulsion. Then what he and Edelgard does during the school year. There's Caspar picking fights, Linhardt sleeping and cutting class for research crests, and Bernadetta who cuts class due to her trauma. The only students I don't see a problem are Ferdinand, Dorothea, and Petra. Golden Deer: Claude is already a troublemaker, wanting to poison people to cheat during battle assignments, Lorenz is a womanizer just like Sylvain, Hilda is lazy and will hand plagarized homework, and Raphael is too obvious with training and eating to worry about studying. The only students I don't have a problem with is Lysithea, who is a good student despite her childish tendencies, Marianne and Ignatz just need some prompting for dreams, and Leonie is the only one that has 0 problems.
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