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  1. Really? Most of their users come from overseas? That's a bit surprising since FE was intially Japan only until Melee came out, and even then, it didn't really become super popular until Awakening. I had expected most players to come from Japan, especially since Heroes features characters from the Japan only games that are strangers to most of the West.
  2. Surprised Amber Hood does Nyx she did not reprise for Soleil. I kind of tempted to pull for Nyx since I’m lacking in Speedy Red Mages, with Bridal Thanja being my only option.
  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if they had Female enlightened Alt in the future. They probably went with Male Byleth because he has 0 Alts while Female has 1. Looking at the remaining candidates for Legendary Heroes, only Male Robin and Corrin, female Byleth and Maciah are protagonist candidates. Curious what they’ll do after that.
  4. Nice to see that the Male Avatar get a Legendary Variation before their female counterpart. I wonder when we are going to get female Enlightened One someday. Also gotta love how they made the tome a sword, even though times don’t exist in Three Houses.
  5. Its not stated in-game, but its coded to nullify the Counterattack Skill.
  6. I posted a similar discussion on Discord, but I brought it here in case some people were not on Discord: So I was continuing my play through of Revelation and I noticed I had 207 hours roughly put into the game. I spent all of my time visiting castles online and doing class changes which also involves grinding supports and marriages as well. Considering that this game as 60 units at base, that's a lot of skill farming and money grinding. And that's not taking in consideration doing all MyCastle activities and investing it. And I'm currently on Chapter 19. I'm wondering how long my playthrough will be at the end. So what are your guys longest hours put into a game file?
  7. 4, Fates, Echoes, Awakening, and Three Houses, played in that order.
  8. Well, Corrin does still have Dragon Fang. So it’s not like there an entire ripoff of Marth. I still like Corrin’s inclusion at the end of the day.
  9. Alright Direct, surprised the hid the fact that Marvel Avengers and The Life is Strange are coming to Switch- would it have been better to announce on the Square Enix side of the things? The latter has got me quite curious on it though. Not interested at all in Tekken, but Kayzuya does look pretty cool. Excited to see Birdo return to Mario Party! Disappointed that only 5 boards exist in the game though. The remake of Advance Wars looks cool. Love the art style. Genuinely shocked that there was no new BDSP and Legends: Arceus news. I need to know whether the former is 1:1 remake and new info before I buy the the latter due to SwSh burning me out. I know Pokemon has its own direct, but still they have done E3 in the past, like ORAS for example.
  10. Little surprised they did with Hegemon Edelgard’s base Art, since she’s always shown as monster in game before and after attacking. Still pretty creepy though.
  11. So excited! I am a Big Ace Attorney fan, so I am definitely picking up a pre-order, especially since I love Ace Attorney artwork. I have been waiting for this game to come out for years, and I have to say, I love the localization choices of having a British/Japanese accents and keeping the names the same.
  12. Powercreep in Gacha Games is the same in Pokemon. You cannot possibly have a game with over 500 characters/variations to be equally viable. There will always be units better than others. Look at this hypothetical: Shigure is statically better than Catria, so she's outclassed. Give Catria a weapon refine? Great! Now Shigure is outclassed.
  13. From of my experience, Hapi and Balthus's paralouge is the worst Maddening. The reinforcements are just so obnoxious and overwhelming that its one of the few paralouges that I didn't bother to do a "keep everyone alive" on Maddening/Casual. Constance/Yuri can be really difficult, but if you know how the reinforcements trigger, and kill the thieves before they transform, you should be fine. Felix is also a nightmare if you want the Aegis Shield. Personally what I did was just use Dance + Stride + Pegasus Knight Ingrid with Burning Quake to KO the boss in one turn and keep the resetting until I managed to kill the boss. Marianne is also really bad since there's Demonic Beasts and Fog.
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