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  1. Oh you misunderstood , I have no problem with that at all. What I meant to say something like this would not be possible in Three Houses due to the activity point meter and calendar which limits the amount of auxiliary battles and other activities, meaning that the player can't grind to their heart's content. All my Three Houses runs have been roughly 80 hours not counting NG+. It really isn't though. Tea Parties can increase unit's charm, cooking food for your allies increases your stats, Choir increases Faith skills, all of which are relevant to combat. I really enjoy all the minigames because I love spending time with my allies, and its a constant reminder that these are people who are my friends and have ambitions outside of war, and these minigames make me feel closer to them than ever. Though I suppose that is a subjective taste. I never found the backgrounds and animations distracting. Yes, there is a lot of improvement visually , but I find it much more engaging than no voices and just two portraits with people just changing expressions back forth. I have a hard time going back to previous installment's supports due to the lack of full voice acting.
  2. I feel like Male Corrin as a Hoshido Noble has a good shot of being the legendary Hero of October, since it’s more than a year since Female Corrin got her Legendary Hero Alt and they like to keep avatars even.
  3. I see. I never played any other title than the 3DS and Switch Games. Thanks for the clarification. I suppose this results from different experiences. I always talk to everyone and make it my mission to return as many items as possible to people. And I always did Tea Parties whenever possible because I love interacting with my allies and trying to see how much I know and hand over 50 charm by endgame. As a result, I got to know these units so much better even if they weren’t part of my house. As a result, I really felt like a horrible person when I had to kill the likes of Ferdinand and Lysithea on my first playthrough, I had no idea that unrecruited students turned into enemies so I was devastated when they were killed by my units. In contrast, while I was playing through Birthright, I didn’t feel super bad for the killing the likes of Laslow and Peri, despite liking them as characters, because I never knew them allies. I was heartbroken when I killed Dimitri because I played Blue Lions first, and I felt terrible when Ryoma committed Seppku in Conquest. I felt more remorse for Dimitri because I saw him grow as a person recovering from his trauma. Lastly, the voice acting really helps bring out the emotion of the characters and makes me care about then even more. I remember when Dimitri went beserk at the reveal at the Flame Emperor how terriefied I was. Or how Cherami Leigh makes Rhea feel motherly at times or frightening when she’s angry. I find it harder going back previous titles because the voice acting is so good and makes the characters feel more relatable. You could always do that, nothing is stopping you. I just think it’s a poor idea because you are missing on activities and daily events that give you rewards for taking the time and participating in them. You always praise Fates for not requiring any of this, but really Fates also has a MyCastle, which the Monastery was also based on. There are a lot of similarities. A restaurant where you can gain stat boosts, places where you can forge weapons, interacting with allies by giving gifts to gain support points, finding weapons on the ground, and shops to buy weapons, and Arena to name a few. As a matter fact, unlike Three Houses which has a limit on how many activity you can do this for a day as well as a calendar that progresses once the day is over, there is no limit to how much grinding you can do and the facilities you can take advantage of. In fact, it’s very easy for a Fates playthrough to be longer than a Three Houses playthrough, I know for this fact because I have almost 207 hours in my Revelation save file which is more than two Three Houses runs, and by time I finish, it will be 250-270, which is roughly 3 Three Houses playthrough, and I’m currently on Chapter 19. All that time was dedicated to grinding all the resources to build optimal units.
  4. If you don’t enjoy the Monastery as a mechanic, you can try a no-Monastery run.
  5. And that is why I called it an unpopular opinion ( Though I’m not sure among the entire fan base whether or not people enjoy the monastery ). I firmly believe that Monastery helps express Three Houses and the fact the minigames are also aid in that goal. I believe requiring you to working towards building your units instead of giving battle-ready units on a silver platter is a good thing because it builds towards the game’s theme and play style that prefers gradual progression instead of huge chunks immediately after one another. I used speed running as an example as a poor way to play this game because you’d be missing out on weekly events and rewards that you get for taking the time to perform that event. But if you want to speed run the game, that’s totally fine. I won’t argue about POR and RD because I never played them and have no intention to due lack of a Wii and my anti-emulation stance in general, but I find the idea of racism between Laguz and Beorc iffy since they are clearly separate species and there is indeed a huge amount biological differences to the point that some points of prejudice are valid. The whole premise seems akin Speciesim rather than Racism.
  6. Looking through the different complaints, it does seem the majority of complaints are leaned towards the Monastery and Difficulty. A lot of people think the Monastery is a chore, but I disagree. Three Houses is attempting to do something that no other FE Title ( At least the ones I haven’t played ) by having the player really care about the history world and the people who live in it. This is the kind of game that encourages the player to get involved with the all the people they are interacting with and try to create a self-narrative. Instead of giving a set of units in a specific classes, every unit in the starting class is a blank slate. This is Three Houses telling the player, “ You are the one in charge “. Because is the player is the one deciding the classes for each unit, no two maps are played the same way. Who choose to recruit also affects the gameplay drastically as well as the fates of your units. Despite choosing a House to teach, the player can still interact with other characters, each having their own unique histories and personalities. Th game encourages the player to pay attention to character dialogue by paying attentions to things like support conversations, which are now fully voiced to help have people listen more carefully instead of skipping them. There are a tons of items like food, lost items, and list items in the ground that can be given to characters to increase support points. Each character has an affinity for certain items and can be increased greatly correctly by giving items that match their affinity. Tea Parties and Lost Items also are a test of the player’s understanding of allies as well, as the key to success is understanding the participants taste. The player is encouraged to this with their students thanks to motivation gauge, but if the player can also do it with other students as well. If the player chooses to interact with students from other houses and engage them with activities like Meal Cooking and Returning Lost Items to them, the player can increase support points and they can even want to join your class as a result. The player can try to grind the weapon rank required to recruit them, but they will find that there just isn’t enough time with the days passing. This all points to a playstyle that encourages patient, gradual progression instead of trying to speed run it in one go. There’s whole day of playing by just engaging in these minigames and trying to invest in the world of Fódlan. Why are you in a rush to do your mission? Fódlan is a land of peace. There’s no need to rush, let’s take our time and have a tea party. We’re all friends here and we should enjoy every last moment of it because anything can change. Speaking of days passing, there is a focus on the daily events like holidays, Rare Monsters, and quests to name a few. The player only has a limited amount of time to do these activities, and there just isn’t enough time for them. The world is always changing, and not just your students, everyone else in the Monastery is also changing. Yet, we’re all friends- until the dreaded war phase. Now those peaceful days at the academy are gone, and now everyone is fighting for their beliefs. When you face your former friends in battle, you should be heartbroken- these were our former allies, not some random in general we just met. No other FE game has made allies you interacted with your enemies- Fates tried to do something similar, but it doesn’t work because the Royals are the only ones Corrin knew about before the war and all the other enemies are people you meet for the first time even if they are playable in the same campaign. TLDR: Three Houses is a game that favors a play style that has gradual progression and rewards the player more for taking their time and engaging with all the world and the activities it has to offer in order to express its themes ( Specifically how “ Moments we take for granted can change so quickly and we should treasure the moments of peace “ ) and promote a self-driven story and gameplay; and frankly, that’s a good thing. If one wants to just go from Battle to Battle, they are obviously not going to enjoy the game because that a poor method of playing the game.
  7. I think not enjoying Three Houses story is an unpopular one, everywhere else I go people, like Smogon, Reddit, and Youtube to name a few, people always express how amazing Three Houses is of a game is. And I rank it among the best games I have ever played. The story that people can write college essays about, the Monastery and it's minigames, full voice acting, and the sheer amount of customizibility for your units always makes me want to go a back and play more. My brother got into Fire Emblem through Three Houses and played all routes except SS due to its narrative. Yet here, I feel like its become quite popular to dislike Three Houses of late here. That being said, this forum is all a very small portion of this fandom; and this behavior isn't too surprising, I see it all the time on Smogon when we discuss Pokémon games. " Sun and Moon are horrible games because of the unskippable cutscenes ! " All the new Pokemon in Black and White were terrible because they were Gen 1 ripoffs ! " " XY are the worst in the series due to the terrible story and easy difficulty !" Does that not sound familiar?
  8. Is Dimitri really that great of Wyvern Lord? I mean yes, he’s excellent if you get the class, but from bitter experience, his bane and time skip trauma makes it very difficult. I feel like he’s more “ Ok “ than “ Great “.
  9. And that's what happens exactly happens on non-AM routes: Dimitri is unable to get over his desire for revenge on Edelgard, and he and his allies perish as result of that. But on AM, thanks to Byleth, he realizes his mistakes and lets go of his grudges and becomes a great king. He even admits and thanks Byleth after retaking the capital, saying that without him, he would have foolishly challenged a horde of foes until he died. I believe his extreme hatred for Edelgard comes from the fact that he believes that Edelgard, his beloved step-sister and his only remaining family, is working with the Agarthans, the very people who massacred in his family and friends right in front of his very eyes when he 13. And that's before considering all the attacks on the church she aids TWSID with, especially Remire, which Dimitri expresses complete disgust because he's a victim of the same trauma and understands. Dimitri had no evidence to suggest his mother was a conspiritor until Gilbert reveals the results of the spies he sent- its simply not his fault that he didn't know his step-mother wanted to see Edelgard again. Also, are you suggesting that its morally okay for someone to conspire a massacre just because they couldn't see someone? Chivalry is very reason why the army sticks to the king. Chivalry is defined by knights and anyone lower serving the king faithfully. Faerghus is renowned for its Chivalry engraved in its culture, so per tradition, they would obviously serve Dimitri even if he isn't mentally stable for the role.
  10. How do you know they were doing nothing ? There's no evidence to support that point. I think its very plausible to say that Rhea was trying to respond to the Empire's remarks via speeches, or that the church was preparing the best of its abillity to prepare for the assault Of course, there is no evidence for that either. Point is, there's very little reason to argue over this because its just diving into pure speculation. Its mentioned that on non-CF routes that the Knights of Serios spent most of their time looking for Rhea after she disappeared. They most likely situation is that after the Empire took over Garreg Mach they were forced to flee, and since they had not enough forces to reclaim the monastery, and spent most of that time looking for Rhea and Byleth, who they probably deemed more important than the Monastery. Never is it stated that the church has been disbanded. Its also mentioned that Garreg Mach in General is difficult to transport supplies to, which is probably a big factor to why Edelgard decides to abandon it on non-CF routes.
  11. It is stated in-game that a huge reason why Edelgard was able to successfully conquer the monastery was because of two factors: 1. The surprise declaration of war completely caught off guard by the church, and by the time Edelgard was able to declare war, she already had massive army vastly outnumbering the church. 2. The reason she couldn’t successfully reclaim the monastery during the time skip is due to her focusing on the frontlines in other regions. She does actual try to take it back in Chapter 14, but the army she sends is smaller, and she fails. Do you not pay attention to the story of the game as well as the dialogue of others while you explore the monastery?
  12. Like in Crimson Flower, its probably safe to say the fight against TWSID happens off screen. His ending with Hapi confirms it actually : Dimitri, Savior King & Hapi, Freed Spirit After his coronation, Dimitri assumed the throne of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. He focused first and foremost on the restoration of the Kingdom but at the same time worked to expose the schemes of Cornelia and of those who conspired to bring about the Tragedy of Duscur. Always by his side was Hapi, who relentlessly pursued those who slither in the dark and, with Dimitri's help, discovered a magic spell to rid herself of her condition. Once all had settled down, the pair was known to have tea together often in the capital. It is said that Dimitri's tendency to discuss politics during tea time frequently moved Hapi to smirk, shake her head, and sigh. And BTW, you mentioned that you were annoyed that how the game doesn't say anything about how Edelgard declares war on the entire continent, that is untrue. Granted, Edelgard herself never actually directly says that, but its heavily implied Faerghus and Lecister as inferior. At the beginning, should you choose to say Adrestia, she will mention despite the loss of power, Adrestia is still superior to other regions, which obviously includes the Kingdom and Alliance. Also, in her speech at Enbarr, she calls out the church for aiding in the Alliance and Kingdom's separation from the empire, which is a grossly simplified ideal. Even if she doesn't state it, she is truthfully a nationalist at the very least. And besides, declaring war on the church is more or less declaring war on the continent due to the political power the church posseses over Fódlan. Especially for the Kingdom: If you read the text in the library, it states that the Church helped mediate a peace treaty that led to the Faerghus's independence from the Empire. Because of this, its very safe to say that many of the Kingdom's nobility are pious supporters of the church, hence its a big factor in why Dimitri grants Rhea and the church asylum in the Crimson Flower route. The game implies that Crest Stones are required to create Demonic Beasts used in the Empire's army, as supported by Miklan's transformation and Hanneman pondering the very same possibility.
  13. Pheonix Wright, Rynosuke Naruhodo, and Zagreus are the three I thought would have pretty good chance of being in Smash. Regardless, I can't complain. I got Byleth, Sora, Hero, and Pyra/Mythra, this DLC has been a blast. Especially for Sora. Never thought Sakurai would ever get Sora into Smash, but he did it. He got through the scummy company that is Disney. Really Sakurai, thank you. You truly are the man of ,miracles, the Christ of Gaming.
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