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  1. Gotta love the intro. They really are playing on ‘ The Too many Swordsman from Smash lol. ‘ Anyway, this looks exciting. Maybe it’s a sign they’ll localize older titles too.
  2. Odd that the Spear or Assal doesn’t hit cavalry for super effective damage.
  3. Not just Fire Emblem, but games like Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Yo-Kai Watch, Astral Chain etc. I play as the male Protagonist almost entirely, because well, I’m a guy, and I feel more comfortable playing as a guy. Three Houses was the first time I actually played has a female Avatar for the entire playthrough. What are your preferences?
  4. Just started Yooka-Laylee. Gotta say, I really enjoy the open world approach to levels and exploration. Really enjoying the level and character designs. .
  5. Sure, no problem. Give me some time to get my work ready,
  6. Thanks. I have experience in 2D Art, including pixel art and traditional drawing mediums. I’m currently pursuing a BFA in Fine Arts in college, I could show you some of my art if you are interested.
  7. When you mean by artist, what do you mean exactly? Do you want a 2D artist or 3D Artist? Someone who cab handle Illustrator, Photoshop or any other digital platforms? Or perhaps someone with skills in Mediums like Painting and drawing, or traditional media.
  8. I disagree. I think he was just playing along with fact that pretty much no one expected Steve to join Smash.
  9. I think it’s perfectly acceptable. This route features the least student fights, only Ashe, Lorenz, Hubert, and Edelgard are fought, everyone else presumably dies at Gronder. You could save them from that agony. And besides, NG+ is supposed to reward you with the ability to recruit more students and “save” them from being killed is your reward for going through it the first time.
  10. I dunno. The first 7 games were never localized, and it does not seem like they have any plans to do so. Also Fire Emblem’s most critically acclaimed titles were the 3DS and 3 Houses, and I think they are far too young to encourage a remaster.
  11. A sequel to Super Princess Peach. Its only game to feature Peach as the protagonist, and I'm genuinely shocked that Peach has yet to have a series starring herself, I mean she is one of the flagship characters, yet nothing. We need a year of the Peach.
  12. Wonderful overall. Really looking forward to 3D All Stars, since I never played those games on their original console. My only complaint is that they went to Super Mario 64 over 64 DS, since that one featured Yoshi, Wario, and Luigi as playable characters. Looking forward to 3D World + as well. Never finished the original 3D world, so this will be a chance to do so.
  13. Oooh, this will be hard, because every character has something good going for them. Here are mine: 10. Felix 9. Byleth(M) 8. Dedue 7. Ingrid 6.Annette 5. Ashe 4. Seteth 3. Dorothea 2. Mercedes 1. Dimitri
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