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  1. Surprised Serios was included before the Rhea Alt. I was honestly expecting Rhea to be The Immaculate One and Serios to be based off her CF appearence. And then we would later on get Fallen Rhea based off Silver Snow. I’m sorted of tempted to pull Blue because I need another L!Dimitri to fix my Bad IV one.
  2. This is means so much. I feel like everyone here criticizes the new games just because they have gotten more " casual" and things like support conversations and map designs makes the games lot easier. I also enjoy grinding and building my skills for my skills at my own pace ( In fact, on my Revelation Playthrough I have over 200 hrs thanks to all the grinding I have done. ) since I tend to find chapter claim are " easy " difficult. Like BR chapters 10, 25, and 13 to name a few. On a similar note, I like the MyCastle and Monastery as well as the mini games like Tea Parties and Mess Hall and I want them to stay. A lot of people call out Three Houses to be far too easy, but just because we find it easy. Three Houses was my brother's first game, and he found a lot of the chapters difficult. I enjoy a good balance of easy and hard chapters. I know people love Cuphead because its so difficult, but I find it way too difficult to the point that its unplayable for me. I don't want FE going that direction. This goes back to Permadeath. Let's keep it optional to ensure that difficulty does not become a barrier to the entry to the series.
  3. I don’t think Three Houses would be that difficult to adapt into a tv series, you could easily make Byleth be a professor to all the classes, with each class doing each mission separately, and you could easily combine parts of AM, VW, SS together. I guess the only problem would be that it would make the Empire and Black Eagles the antagonist much to the dismay of many fans of the Black Eagles.
  4. It’s kind of odd in general how lopsided the representation of Young Tiki is compared to Adult Tiki. The Young Tiki has 5 variations, while adult Tiki only has two. Looking at the avatar characters, they usually get equal representation at some point or another, though as of right now the female avatars have more costumes than the male avatars, but generally speaking they usually get same amount of costumes, the females one usually get them first. I’ve always liked Adult Tiki more, and I always thought she would get more rep since she’s from Awakening which is more recognizable than New Mystery of the Emblem. And she has a bigger bust size.
  5. Disney did blame some of Princess and the Frog’s failure on the marketing, as the title “ Princess” discouraged men from going to see the film since they thought it was for young girls only, which surveys sent out prove. Don’t see know about “intentional” though. John Lassetter said that he wanted bring back 2D animation but was shocked and disappointed to learn that the film was not a high success and the fact the audience called it “old fashioned”, which goes back to how the general audience prefers 3D over 2D animation. It was also why Tangled was changed to Tangled instead of Rapunzel. Kind of a shame you skipped on Fates cutscenes. It has some of my favorite art direction for any video game, and I personally love Kozaki’s work.
  6. I’m not saying that 2D is a bad art style. I’m simply saying from a marketing and sales perspective for a triple A company that a 2D game is a harder to produce and sell simply because the majority of the audience prefers the visuals of a 3D game compared to a 2D. Looking back at Disney, the box office of their 3D films vs their 2D films. Notice a big disparity between Frozen and Princess and the Frog? There is a huge box office difference. That difference is why 2D animation is basically dead for Disney as of right now. They tried to make Tangled a 2D animated film, but it had to be switched 3D when the Walt Disney company refused to approve the project because unless it was 3D. Going back to Fire Emblem, it’s probably safe to say that it would be done in a sprite style. All there 2D games have been in sprites, and even the 3DS games and Three Houses also features sprites. I see no reason to suspect that they would go for another style of 2D animation other than pixel art as of now. And I disagree saying their 3D has never been good. Yes, it’s far from perfect, but the 3DS had some beautiful gorgeous cutscenes for Awakening and Fates, I kind of wish they had done the same for Echoes and Three Houses. Look at Azura suffering from the Vallite Curse in Birthright. You can really feel the pain she goes through when she starts to disappear, as well as the shame when she is on the ground and tries to stop Corrin’s concern by showing her hand. That being said, despite being visually poor, Three Houses has made strides forward. The developers have said that gambits were visually impossible on the 3DS, and the support conversations were fully animated and had separate backgrounds, in comparison to older titles which were on a static screen with just some portraits. I’d love for them to improve on this rather than going back to pixel art.
  7. But here’s the thing: people will be turned off because of Graphics. To some people, graphics are a lot and for a Switch game to look like GBA game is not acceptable for a triple A console game in 2021 or later. Even if the gameplay is good, there’s probably a very good amount of people who would not give the game a go compared those who’d give it a try because it was a 3D. And where did you get the idea that gamers are interested in ‘curated’ artsyles? If anything, I call 3D games more sophisticated than 2D games generally speaking. Look at Mario Odyssey vs Mario Bros. You can’t tell me that Super Mario is a million times more complex and beautiful than the original Mario Bros. Let me try to put it in simpler terms for you: Appearences are important, and it’s a lot easier to sell a 3D game to a new audience than it is for a 2D game.
  8. I think you misunderstand me. I’m not saying that I do not want difficulty settings, I feel as if people on Serenes want super complex maps and higher difficulty general without really understanding why the games have become more casual as a whole. I read complaints all over the newer games in the series are bad because of simpler map design and other things like MyCastle and mini games in Three Houses also being a waste. Minigames and the customization options are really popular in Japan, as a result, many other RPGs tend to have some kind of mini game as a way to pass time and grind. I’m simply saying that it would be unreasonable to go back to the old days of just battle after battle, with just a preparation screen between each. I’m not saying that the older games sold terribly, they just sold poorly compared to other sellers like Super Mario Galaxy and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Back then, most people wouldn’t know the name of Radiant Dawn compared to Galaxy and Skyward Sword. Anyway, there’s no denying that decking sales almost led to cancellation of the series. They said Awakening was the last one if it did not sell a million copies worldwide thanks to the series declining sales. And I’m talking about all the fans in general, not just the English ones. It would be foolish to say that Serenes has the majority of fans on this site and our voice is the right way to go forward.
  9. Lot of my friends and reviewers have stated that Shadow Dragon was really difficult. I just feel like complain too much on how the series has gotten easier without proper thought on why.
  10. They already had a combination of 2D and 3D in the 3DS games. When on the battle field, it would feature 2D sprites, but when going into battle, it would switch to 3D. Three Houses also had 2D menu sprites of all the classes.
  11. Yes, they have stated they were concerned about the graphics, and Three Houses could definitely improve on it. But going back to an arguably outdated style of 2D pixels is not the way forward to appeal for the majority of their audience. They could technically could go back to 2D, but it’s a more of a question of should they. The reason I bring up Disney is because it is a notorious example of how trying to use the less popular medium did not work out. Generally speaking, Film and video game animation overlap a lot. Lot of software can be used for both mediums. Both areas have Maya for 3D animation, and some films have unity as well. I have a friend who is a freelance animator who has done 3D work for Disney and Blizzard using Maya software. When I meant by Triple A, I mean Nintendo has been promoting Fire Emblem much more on the levels of Mario, Zelda, and Kirby, or at the very least, it’s the same price as them.
  12. I don't usually post here, but there's something I have been meaning to get off my chest for a while now. Its about the difficulty in the more recent titles. I hear a lot of people here complain how the series has become too easy between casual mode, Divine Pulse, and simpler maps. Despite all that, I think its perfectly understandable and fair that the difficulty has generally become easier as a whole. I would like to start by saying that I believe that people on these forums seem to overestimate how big of a voice they have over the entire Fire Emblem fanbase. In truth, we are a very small minority of people compared to the millions of people who played the likes of Awakening, Fates, Echoes, and Three Houses. What we want in complex maps and higher difficulty is a very small request compared to the other millions of players who enjoy things like the Monastery and support conversations in contrast to people here who think those activities are a waste of time and much rather have a continuation of things like support conversations over complex maps. As for why the series has become easier as a whole, a lot goes back to how shaky the series the history was, especially in the west. The first 4 games were not localized in the west, and while they finally started to get localized, the games were either not very popular, or just simply did not sell enough in the west. The decline in sales eventually led to a potential cancellation of the series, until Awakening saved the franchise and was critically acclaimed. Awakening in particular seems to be where the divide between the "new" and "old" fans. Before I go any further, a lot of my friends not part of these forums told me they could not play older titles like the Shadow Dragon simply because the maps were far too difficult and the character and story were so minimal. Derrick from GamExplain, before streaming his Radiant Dawn play through, admitted that he never finished the game prior to mishandling of the difficulty settings which caused him to quit prematurely. In a similar note, the remake of Mystery for the Emblem was never localized, probably due to the lack of sales for the remake of Shadow Dragon. The point that I try to make is that the extremely unforgiving and challenging nature as well as the lack of easier options made Fire Emblem very difficult to pick up for newcomers, hence its decline and more casual design recently. The easier game design is not just a Fire Emblem thing though. Lot of other games I've played recently like Xenoblade Chronicles, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, Smash Ultimate, Kingdom Hearts: Memory of Melody, have options that allow you to "choose your own difficulty ". In the case of Xenoblade Chronicles, the switch version introduces a new mode called casual mode that reduces damage taken and increases damage dealt, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair has tonics that allow you to create challenges or make the game easier for yourself, Smash Ultimate has four different difficulty settings that can be swapped at any points at the cost of rewards, and KH: Melody of Memory you can choose between three difficulties and doesn't matter what difficulty the challenge is when you complete it unless it explicitly says so. Even Persona 5 is credited for being easier than other installments, and is widely criticized for that from its Forums ( Doesn't that sound familiar? ) The primary reason why these games have difficulty settings so loose is because they want the games to be accessible to everyone. They don't want players quitting just because they found the level too difficult, hence why the more forgiving more design choices in recent titles. In an era where everyone has a busy life and a lot of other games, they don't want players just quitting and abandoning the series just because it was too difficult. I can relate to this a lot. I'm a college student with a pet mouse and is applying to internships. I don't have time to spend an excessive amount trying to beat a super difficult level. The dedicated, hardcore gamer has significantly dropped over the years. I had an unpleasant experience with Cuphead. The first level took me a more than a dozen times to beat, and I still haven't beat the second level. I have little interest after finding it far too and requiring too much time to beat a single level. There are much more fair and difficult games that I could play instead. On the topic of Three Houses's difficulty, the people on the forums always state that Three Houses is too easy because you can break with flying units, stride, gambits etc. According to them, anyone, regardless of whether they are a newcomer or not, should be able to steamroll this game easily. Well, I gave this game to my brother since I had an extra copy and he still found it difficult. He had troubles with Chapter 17 of AM and VW as well as 12, 13 and 14 and finally Chapter 22 of AM. For AM in particular, he finds the assault of all the long range attacks incredibly difficult. He's currently stuck on that chapter. The point that I am trying to make is that despite " Three Houses " being the most easiest Fire Emblem ever. This post was really long. I think what I'm trying to say is that people on here on Serenes constantly wish for changes to resemble older titles without actually understanding why those changes have happened- and the fact that we are a small minority here. We should not pretend that we represent the majority of the fanbase's opinions and should call for IS to make changes based on what we believe is right without understanding why those changes are made in the first place.
  13. I disagree. If you were to have a 2D version and 3D version of Three Houses available and had the whole world vote on which version they would prefer, it would probably be 3D. Most games that feature sprite work are usually the work of indie studios. Its just not acceptable for a AAA company to go back to 2D after doing 3D and seeing how visually more sharp the game looks on average. What are you talking about "modest" success for most franchises using 3D? The majority of Nintendo franchises: Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Xenoblade Chronicles, have had their biggest and best launches like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Star Allies, and XC 2 and of all of these were 3D. Even for franchises that aren't Nintendo, like Persona and Persona 5, Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy 7 Remake were all either 3D completely or 3D with some 2D cutscenes in the case of Persona 5. In the case of Nintendo, only Mario Maker 2 has actually 2D sprites, and there is a 3D mode in addition to the 2D modes. Going back to Fire Emblem, the game has featured 3D models since 2005's Path of Radiance. You really think after more than a decade of using 3D models in some capacity, a full return to GBA style spritework is going to appeal to the majority of fans and newcomers now? A GBA style in the vein of Sacred Stones does not look as good on a home console for a game that would be released in 2021 or later. It simply would feel outdated for the majority of fans and the majority of newcomers probably wouldn't want to play with an outdated style since they no the Switch is capable of much more.
  14. You know its a lot harder to sell a 2D game to a general audience right? 3D is what the majority of the audience likes and prefers. Its a lot easier to portray character animation and expression through 3D animation than it is for sprite work, Not to mention the majority of people prefer 3D to 2D, hence why AAA studios and movie companies have completely abandoned traditionally animated films altogether. Look at Walt Disney Animation Studios, they tried to bring back 2D animation with Princess and the Frog and Winnie the Pooh, only for those films to not to make enough money, hence why the Walt Disney Company forbid the the Animation Studios from ever doing a 2D film since. Speaking of Animation, why don't we try to get improve the visual quality next time? Maybe get help from Next Level Games, look at Luigi's Mansion 3. If were going to have multiple routes, let's try to make the majority of the maps different. That's my only real problem with 3 Houses. Too many maps are reused, SS and VW are criticized, but even AM and VW two maps are different between part 1 and part 2.
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