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  1. If a weapon is made of sturdier material, such as steel over iron, why is it easier to break?
  2. Weapons no longer have durability, but instead have a percentage chance to immediately break per use. Units' stats can decrease when levelling up. All items in a character's inventory adds to their equip load, and if it exceeds their CON, their Movement decreases (among other stats). Every single staff have Hit rates and max range. (Hello Thracia)
  3. Juggling between: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV -The End of Saga- Final Fantasy XIV System Shock 2 Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
  4. Probably Knights in the Nightmare by Sting. It's a real time RPG game with shmup elements, you control a wisp which acts as your cursor, drag items to knights on the battlefield to initiate attacks, while avoiding bullets fired from the monsters.
  5. Units you can't really go wrong with: Alan, Lance, Shanna, Dieck, Clarine, Rutger, Lilina, Gonzales, Milady, Raigh, Zeiss. Whenever I play, I generally avoid: Wolt, Bors (lategame), Gwendolyn/Wendy, Sophia, Dayan, Juno, Niime (though she's a good staffbot), and Yodel.
  6. Tried searching for an answer but couldn't find one. How do you extend the Item Icon List Length on Binding Blade and Blazing Sword? The patch doesn't seem to do anything, it works for Sacred Stones, but not 6 and 7. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  7. I wonder if they will rename "Leicester" considering that's the town where I'm from.
  8. Trails of Cold Steel IV. I'm looking forward to Bloodstained for 2019 if it releases, and Wargroove as well.
  9. From what little I know of the game in my single playthrough, Arena works differently than the GBA games, the only determining factor that changes outcomes are your weapon choices before going into battle, since the RNG for the outcome of the battle has already been decided, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. If you die in Arena, the character doesn't "die", instead they get left with 1 HP and has to be healed with a staff, which takes up the staff-user's turn, starting the battle for that map proper.
  10. I also tend to play FEs on Hard over Normal, but in Radiant Dawn's case, "Normal" feels too easy and "Hard" is such a jump over Normal. Screw Maniac difficulty, taking away the WT and ability to check enemy range is BS.
  11. "Normal" is actually Hard, there was a translation error in the localisation process, so "Easy" is actually Normal. Meg and Fiona are bad, but the rest are decent enough, Leonardo is average, but Edward and Nolan can become absolute monsters. From Part 2 onwards, there will be lots of perspective changes, switching back and forth through different parties, so you might want to not get too used to certain units if that makes sense. Haar is a complete beast, so I highly recommend him, you can safely ignore investing into all of the Laguz that aren't the Royals (except for the Herons, they're vital) Skrimir is fine if you do decide to use him. Tormod is horrid, I never had much luck with Astrid, either.
  12. Trap chests continue to exist throughout the entire series, you can identify them before they look different. I don't mind them too much, what I do mind, however, are when minibosses/bosses in Trails of Cold Steel 2 and 3 start healing and buffing themselves. The final dungeon of FC is pretty much as confusing as dungeons in Trails get, thankfully, and from Cold Steel onwards, you have a minimap.
  13. As mentioned, using S-Crafts to interrupt and cut in is known as S-Breaking, and you can use that to "steal" turn bonuses from enemies. It's mentioned in the battle tutorial. My main complaint regarding FC was how the final dungeon was designed; full of damage-sponge enemies, and the chests containing the end-game equipment were trapped with said enemies, so opening a chest meant being in a battle for 10-15 minutes, thankfully the current Steam version allows you to fast-forward.
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