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  1. im sorry i should have definitely put something cursed there like the vaporeon copypasta or pictures of crap, maybe something ban-worthy haha... LOL
  2. i mean i looked it up i just didnt understand. is it like just a chatroom?
  3. Illyana: "-Austerlitz Raglam. I am in fact royalty. I was sent by my Queen mother to retrieve the holy weapons due to the recent dramatic rise of attacks from the DBEF [Pronounce D, B, F]. The next one is close to the border between Raglam and Liella. That's where I'll go, where will you be going?" Tristan: "I'm going to the capital to become a Knight like my late adopted father and continue his legacy! ... buuuut I don't fancy leaving you by yourself, and besides you need me to use the sword." Illyana: "Then I think it'll be best if we..."
  4. Goodness me did I seriously forget to post the first patch of my hack here in SF? Now that I have the 2nd one out on FEU? (Copy-pasted from the FEU page) [Download Link at the bottom] Hi everyone! My name is Hanes and I wish to introduce you all to this project I’ve been working on for a few months by now. I initially began this project to get better at romhacks, and decided that Lyn Mode would be a good start for its small scale of 12 chapters, plus changing numbers seemed easy enough. The hack is currently in its early stages and only has been rebalanced and tested up to chapter 3 (4 as of the latest release), yet I felt like releasing it now for feedback and the like. I would like to note that while difficulty is increased, it wasn’t arbitrary. I made sure to see that it was fair, balanced and fun. The goal of this hack was to redesign Lyn Mode to make it more challenging but also more fun, and to this end I’ve tweaked character stats, enemy stats, the map design (stuff like adding a bit of terrain at the bottom of Chapter 2, or changing the wall in Chapter 3), weapon stats, terrain and a few other things. ReadMe Screenshots Credits Here’s the download link for the most recent version: https://tinyurl.com/2u4d7jer Here’s an invite link to the hack’s discord server: https://discord.gg/kSxJKSTYwg
  5. Hey the River Forest one is pretty cool ngl! I like it a lot, I'm not making a custom hack right now but if I do, well I might ask for it.
  6. Dream thread time? Lessgo I wanna share my most recent one! So we have possesed evil Elmo plushie. Rules: Speak to the plush, it gets stronger; elmo uses its jukebox: it dies. Recordings of human voices work but other signals like steps or clapping don't count. So at this scene the plush got too strong and started terrorizing the neighborhood. But we have this weird neighbor who dressed up as a Mongol and had some Scottish VI century facepaint on lol. And he was on the roof with the plush in front of him, then he rushed it down and made it fall between two houses. As it fell he used a hookshot to cut through it's left arm and to get on the other house then he jumped off from that house and used another hookshot to cut its right arm and have it tether between the two ropes that clung to both houses. He balances on both ropes and uses a lasso to tighten around its chest where its jukebox is. He presses it hard until the Elmo plush releases a sound and then promptly explodes. The only explanation I have for this dream is I've been watching too much Attack on Titan lol. EDIT: Yes. This really is my first post in months lmao
  7. SAY WHAT! oh my god what I said before feels like a cruel joke now... so uh, well... I'm still tuning in for the conclusion but well you already beat the game...
  8. Merry Christmas and Merry Let's Playing WOOOOO! I'm gonna have a blast going through all Megaman X and Megaman Zero games kekw. EDIT: Also new LP in my signature. Yeah check it out if you want to see me harcore nuzlocke a game. And for my shameless shill I'll watch the next part so let's-a go!
  9. So uh yes, I left for ten thousand parts again. And I guess it's time I say it, I'm not as interested in these LPs as I used to be, they're a great time commitment and for a good time I couldn't get on my PC so I just lost all motivation for it, I may tune in one day or another but not for long probably. Good luck!
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