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  1. woah easy there! Are you going to reutilize assets like Three Houses does maps? Yo man, nuuuuu :(>>:( I've gotten her killed in the Prologue but that's because I can't stand wasting turns in such a shitty chapter and I just rush and hope for a dodge (she almost never does, fuhccing bithc)
  2. FE7: don't have one, map design in FE7 sucks (hot take!!) FE8: don't have one, but they are generally good FE13: don't have one, the map design is pretty hit or miss FE14: Chapter 10 of Conquest, obviously! FE15: The one where you fight Duma FE16: don't have one, they all suck (HOT TAKE!!!1!)
  3. Ok. LOL I imagine those "diplomats" being like "I'm staying here for you guys to chill" "Leave us alone please" "No" "please" "no" "please" (etc.) I wish I could help... wait a minute... I mean I've never beaten FE6 before so I'm scared of trying it... maybe, I'll look into it if possible, because right now I have schoolwork online and I don't want to put too much to do, though it's almost over so I'll be able to respond with certainty.
  4. I know I know, which IMO may make it worth it to play Normal mo- HAHAHHAHAHA, hell no! WELL I DON'T WANT TO SO FOHCK YUO!!!1!!!1!!11 You forget generics have crappy stats right? If the starting rolling screen is anything to go by, their bases are atrocious and I'm sure two hits from that mercenary kills him. LOLOLOLOL this actually made me laugh loOOL YAAAAAY REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE F for My Dude (or Lyn's previous boyfriend lol) Kek, pretty much.
  5. statwise sure but function wise? Seems the same as like Lissa
  6. I don't know much about Fates, but it would seem just like whenever you think they would be very needed, like if for example you need a good tank or a flier or something for a chapter then pick 'em up there. Still if Nichol is as good as you say then you should get him ASAP no? Maybe one or two chapters later. Also, that idea of a playthrough is so interesting! Wow
  7. Furries begone! *PIUSH PIUSH FWOOOOOOOOH BOOM* (I casted Ultima or something) Though Why is Dimitri not a Blue Lion? I know he "is" not blue but it's his color scheme.
  8. Hey Corrobin, long time no see! "I have a girlfriend" HAHA I'm funny? right? right??
  9. I disagree on Dimitri because of his PostTS(D) but this isn't the place for it.
  10. Because you think Erk sucks? I don't get this part LMAO WTF?? Lol it literally felt like you played 10 million chapters and no one else has in a long time... who's next btw?
  11. Like a free unit that isn't much relevant, just customize and make him into something you want and that's it. I really don't like avatars in games.
  12. You could try to patch the LUA script onto your emulator, it allows you to see the RNs and with some manipulation and save states you should be able to determine which RN it uses. EDIT: I would also imagine it's either calculated after crit or hit, and assasinate isn't present because assasins can't use the Devil Axe
  13. Omg lol like seriously, why did they make her so bad if you skipped Lyn Mode? She should've been at like Level 8 and with generally a +2-4 stat increase in all areas.
  14. This like literally pisses me off, I usually give Lyn's Iron Sword to Sain and trade it back and forth until Lyn gets the Mani Katti and it has around enough uses for the entirety of Lyn Mode
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