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  1. The thing is that your units in average suck more than in FE7 and 8 so they take hits more and less well so when you get hit you actually care about every hit you take. Enemies are also a bit stronger and do have luck and more skill in general. Finally weapons are less accurate and so you miss more and the enemies also don't hit a lot but then again for the enemy their units are disposable so missing isn't such a big deal but for you it's typically a big problem.
  2. No it doesn't, it's 2RN but several difficulty differences to FE7 and 8 make you miss more.
  3. It can be based of of many things. I'm pretty sure those are golden? If you're talking about her hair it's because of the two crests, same thing with Lysithea.
  4. This is cool, I used to think having more than the required rank would increase your grade (like having C swords+ instead of C for a mercenary) but I suppose that isn't true is it?
  5. FE6 is too hard to be the first, FE7 has some serious design flaws so just go with FE8 which is admittedly very easy but I'll get you into the mechanics of the FE GBA games better.
  6. We don't as far as I know, only the contents of Wave 3 were leaked.
  7. You are probably better off waiting to get refreshed later, like people say this game has a lot of replayability but I've done only 2 routes and I'm already beggining to feel tired out since 5 chapters before I finished Azure Moon so... yeah wait it out if you feel it's getting redundant, because it kind of is.
  8. I can't buy the DLC, I don't want to feel like I am cheating by "inconsistencies" from Online and New Game+ so I'm not using them. What tips do you have? Should I be overly concerned for how good or bad my level ups have been? EDIT: I am playing Golden Deer, progressing from BE -> BL -> GD -> BE(SS) in ascending difficulty, so I guess BE tips is also cool.
  9. I can't clean a car at all so I would spend money to go to a car wash. WYR Play FE2 or FE15?
  10. Replay an old game from my childhood since I've lost so many GBA cartridges since like 4th or 5th grade. I'm not particularly interested in any game from the future as of right now that I can think of. WYR attend a 3-hour long chemistry TED talk or a 3-hour long biology TED talk? I know they don't take that long but just to get the idea in.
  11. I see, I don't think I would go through the trouble of using such a low bases unit so much to get them married but I will note what you said.
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