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  1. Ah I see... I can't believe this. Such an atrocity at the hands of an anime fan... is it too unusual? </sarcasm>
  2. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? jaab co;aubcVEUPHwa; consequently I started watching this "I'm a soldier, I'm a marine" lmao. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGhW2tvttxM
  3. Pfft lmao so a CAP SS (I mean Staff Sergeant) makes Sonic fanfics? And Bin Laden is in it what the heck? BWAAHAHA @Rapier ok.
  4. Holy these are all super good! specially well... HILDA HILDA! (man I love Hilda so much) If I were to put that Hilda in my signature how do I credit your friend "from @Rapier's awesome friend" or does she have an account I can link or something?
  5. ok unrelated but damn your signature is cool... just wanted to say that lol
  6. FE17 duh! ... Lel I'm thinking an FE4 remake but I don't know why myself.
  7. Holy cow... wow so then what was the aftermath he was just forgiven or "it was a long time ago", etc? I know this is changing the topic but it's FFtF so it doesn't matter that much, right?
  8. LMAO, atleast from how he mentions his brother they probably get well along (as much as "getting along" is possible for brothers anyways). So maybe his brother doesn't mind or might be an anime fan too? lol. Wait, what? What happened?
  9. Lmao I find this so amusing for some reason... like are his parents unhappy about this or are they fine with it or what lol. Also love how he just plain mentions he owns several shares of Amazon it's hilarious for some reason. When he talks about Russia I don't know why I find it so funny with all the hearts and stuff it just... well considering typical depictions of muslims as traditionalists conservatives I would have thought that to be shunned upon but I guess not. However... isnt Saudi Arabia very good buds, diplomatically speaking, with the USA? Like he talks about how much he loves Russia which is fine but if this tweet gets very popular... I may just be overthinking it a lot. He just loves anime and Dota 2 a lot. For whatever reason just reading Prince captivated me into this topic a lot.
  10. Well in any case it's good that you can translate stuff for the community... oh boy imagine if this got out of hand and then protests... petitions and on and on started poping up from misinformed people complaining about... actually what is this called? Relocalization?
  11. OK I have to agree with this. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat? This came as a total shock, so it was (generally) a good change I guess? Although without having read the before-patch convo I think it would have been harder to understand that her dad was doing it for her to be submissive. IMO they should have kept that in.
  12. I actually started loving Bernadetta way more after seeing this support and while the way she got in the monastery seemed weird to me but this part was good. Like if anything why did they remove submissive? There's a difference between a good and submissive wife and a good wife. A good wife may refer to a caring mother or a wife who doesn't cause trouble but with the word submissive it is clear what it was that her parents were trying to achieve but no, ThreeHouse did it again.
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