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  1. Well it's cool to see japan-only games get a release. I wish they would do the same for FE12 already.
  2. I have no skills for sprite work, but I do know that you'll probably have better luck in FEU.
  3. Well I don't know how that would work in FEBuilder lol. Probably needs some extra coding and I can't do that.
  4. Well I am working on a hack of Lyn Mode to make it harder, but of course that's on FE7 and also the Prologue isn't much more interesting. Well then, I guess I'll get to work on some map.
  5. Canada! The US's more modest country. I think I'll like to move to Canada one day. It's an epic chance to learn some french but also it seems more politically stable and economy looks good so I would like to go.
  6. OH SHIT I MISSED AN UPDATE! AAAAAAAAAAGH Ok so two things. One, I may miss the next update and if I have time I'll reply to the part itself but I don't have too much time right now and I wanted to leave this message. So at the very least I'll try to reply to the replies. It's mostly just a today thing and I will read next part. Two, I played Order of Ecclessia because I was told it was hard (I'm not used to my keyboard so even normal mode is) and I saw Barlowe, your old pfp! That's pretty cool. Barlowe looks cool, awesome scholar type.
  7. Hey @Benice quick thing here, watch this video (timestamp included) for an idea on how to do Lloyd's map, hopefully it helps: https://youtu.be/UArQ8KqSf5k?list=PLA69XE9lKaI6tFuGMjeskUla09bjjSZta&t=438
  8. I add Heath from Fire Emblem 7 For each series add a song track
  9. This is a fair assesment, it's kind of what I meant to by how the allocation of current funds is not in the best places so more likely than not, we don't even need to increase funds for better trained personnel. @Tolvir An excellent point too, if I do say so myself.
  10. It could be possible, but another possible answer is that by the end of FE7, a year already passed and so the 19 years are accounted for.
  11. Yikes this got very heated. I'll just say this and then leave: I don't think defunding police is the right choice, I think better training for police under-stress situations (I know George Floyd didn't die because of such a situation, but many times a cop fires unjustly because of it, it's proven that it happens) with the same funding they already have would work. Because let's be honest, a lot of those funds are probably being allocated to corrupt higher-ups, so the funding wouldn't need to be higher for that. In fact, it could even be lowered but that's me being positive. That's just my opinion and I'm not the smartest person ever so I probably missed something.
  12. I sahre this sentiment. Though they appear on every tab and that is sorta annoying because I like to open a new tab for every new notif I guess but that's just me. I only saw them today, instead of past few days.
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