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  1. wait random edit, I haven't played every FE game wtf? Ugh my colors in my banner fucked up. I haven't played: Revelations and SIlver Snow. And that's it.
  2. banned because that's what this game is about
  3. Heya so random thing but I fixed my signature... I was clicking on two different boxes and thus the inconsistency lol. I also beat FE2 just a bit ago when writing this, I enjoyed it. Though low hitrates did bother me, overall I enjoyed the game. Silver Bow Alm is epic, seriously Ruben if you ever please pick up SoV again, give the Killer Bow to Alm, that'll solve your problems : D
  4. It can easily be done afaik. I mean if you don't count the support abuse from the my castle thing, it has been done before. 0% Conquest Lunatic LTC, my god!
  5. Heya! Enjoy your stay in the forums lol. FE7 is weird for me, I first loved it, then a bit ago I despised it and now I love it again lol, it's a weird story. FE6 is pretty cool though, I like it a bunch.
  6. Btw you always post links to music and what not, listen to this. You'll hate it, then you'll love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbB8mcM_xS8 Hated it right? Too much yelling and what not? Yeah well anyways, listen to this one too, it's epish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oOTSWmyP2E You're probably wondering "What's up with the MC? and... well just play the game, it's on PS2 and it's a blast.
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