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    Becoming a better Fire Emblem player and become a good debater.
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  1. Alright so I was grounded for some time and then after that I lost inspiration to check on here because surely it would be so ahead... and yeah it was. So I'll reply to things then watch the next update that comes.
  2. this is perhaps the most fascinating way I've ever seen someone talk about nudity. Legit, I like it. That's all I have to give to this topic lel
  3. Ok so shameless plug here but hey guys! Please watch my youtube video for a special run of Pokemon Red. Watch the video please, and also answer the poll in the deschttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_RU--uVD6M&t=15s
  4. Opened up SF and man 7 notifications... oh well, better get this over with. Alright, I'm excited to see it once possible. Yeah actually something's weird with SF right now, will reply fully later.
  5. well, I do follow you. So I get notifications of whatever debauchery you plan here. On that note, I saw Yubello being epic, that's nice. How's Lunatic going so far for you?
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