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  1. Who is Cecilia referring to here? Did you play chapter 7?
  2. I don't like these ideas, though I'm sure they'll add them in anyway. I just want the remake to have an option that makes it exactly like the original, with just better graphics and faster pacing. But leave all it's quirks like it is or else it doesn't really feel like four anymore.
  3. I kind of disagree with this meme in modern culture, while it would be a great bonus for winning a war against Iran (even then the USA actually almost lost a simulation to Iran until they banned suicide ship-bombing tactics) if it were for oil, the US would have invaded long ago. It's generally more so for control of the world which the US can't get it's ass out of, why can't we just send the troops in the middle of nowhere back to the US and let the Europeans and everyone else to fend for themselves and start paying for their own stuff? They could do it in the 19th century, do it again.
  4. That's actually different in both games, while FE6 does have slightly less chapters than 7. It's maps are usually longer but with less enemies, however enemies are of higher quality and actually have luck. Which will add to their avoidance, you'll see.
  5. I mean that happens with everybody. Not to forgive the terrible trans, gay, lesbian, straight and other social movement people's terrible behaviours, I mean just look at how the feminists cucked Mexico city! But I know it doesn't represent the full picture, which is why I will say it right now. I'm kinda centrist I guess, agree on the right and agree on the left I dunno. On that note, anyone know why the US in general hates centrism?
  6. Lol, it's like their appeal is being triggered, which is half the stuff right-wingers use as an argument against the left. It's so hypocritical. It does actually, and why call them far-right? They're still neo-nazis, just a kinder word tbh. Anyways, ironically, Poland has been dominated by a neo-nazi faction for the last few years and double ironically is that they are called "Pis" and it's pronounced "Pees". Also if anyone here would like a centrist's view on stuff, KnowingBetter is a good option (they are more education-based than politics though) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8XjmAEDVZSCQjI150cb4QA (Finally, are there any right-wingers in here? I fear this to become an echo chamber)
  7. *sigh* never thought I'll post here... But I agree, I can't help but laugh when the right says the left does this and this and that and forgets its own problems. Like I agree bashing on toxicity but doing so shouldn't make you toxicity itself. I used to watch Hunter Avallone and Ben Shapiro once, and PragerU but then realized they were full of crap and left them, the amount of brainlet followers they have is honestly surprising given their repetitive content.
  8. Well FE6 is harder. Not like hard that you can't beat it in your current expertise, but don't expect to 1Round-KO enemies very easily and for hitrates to be more shaky.(Beating two games, whichever they are, is experience enough to beat FE6 anyways though). Some of my favorite hacks are Order of the Crimson Arm, The Heroes we Deserve and one that caught my attention, Souls of the Forest. I think that's what it's called anyways but it's not finished yet. The Last Promise is also an old hack, (probably the first complete FE hack ever?) but gameplay-wise people say it's pretty solid.
  9. Make an account and help update it then. Or one day let's coordinate a massive movement where we just click on the good wiki links instead of the bad ones so that in the end we see the good one being the first search result. In TLP I know there's this cavalier named Eduardo, which is my name. FE8 has this Pablo dude show up in the Carcino "arc" and that's a pretty common name where I live, some of my friends have it.
  10. (Well I see) My favorite FE should show up around my profile pic, it's FE15 though and I simply like the story and pretty quick gameplay. Not only that, but the characters are well fleshed out. It was my first FE (aside from Shadow Dragon) and it left a very good impression of the series so maybe that's it, IDK. Other contenders for top spot of FE are 8 and 9, I also find them to be very fun. If we're talking RPG though it's probably Pokemon Crystal, it always has been my favorite game. A lot of it is because of nostalgia but it's also just well I really don't know why I enjoy what I enjoy tbh. There are objective reasons to point out from them but I have no idea.
  11. I don't remember that happening to me so I don't think so.
  12. Hey this seems cool! I hope the project keeps going and doesn't die!!
  13. Whatever came to mind. Another one! LET'S DO ONE MOOOOOAR!!! BUT more reasonable alright? Well that's enough idiotism for today.
  14. It is actually sort of mentioned where Dagda is, it's further away from Brigid past the ocean. Well iirc that is
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