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  1. I mean you said it once so... this really only seems like a cherrypicked singled-out case. And that's good.
  2. Interesting, so no big bad dragon is killing the world!! Dragon: Bueegghhhhhr i spit fire xd now I'm dead kek
  3. Napoleonic wars with a German type unification and an Italian one too for 2 different countries. Also the big bad is a 6'6'' giant general seeking to return his country to it's glory as it was before a war 47 years before. This war happens around the industrial revolution so the game's conflict is a dawn of it. Change names, geography, time and myths and voila new game. What I will not include: Avatar, avatars dont fit in my history A black and white story Mary SUESSSSSSSS Being able to pair the sweetest girl in existance with a psychopath. Incompatible man sorry weeaboos.
  4. Holy 68 years old? I... uh... (1,2,3,4....) over 5.5 as many lifetimes I have had! Anyway wow that's so cool. Seeing people this hapy about the saga games, I'll definitely try them out some day. Thank you, same to you sir.
  5. Undress him and take his gun and have him run at you wich wuld be super awkward because his dick would be flailing around 1.- Grab his gun and shoot him with it You grab his gun which felt a bit of resistance from the strength he applied when he was holding it square at you but because time progressed for you and not him you managed to apply more stength in the end than he had. In other words you kept applying force to take the gun he did at the start but time stopped him and so did the force. You... hesitate but seeing him ready to kill you you aim and... stop you think "Wait what if there is something else in this place? What if others are here? They will hear my gunshot!" so you think about it and you decide to shoot at him anyways for you seem to be able to stop time. *CLICK* *CLICK* You quickly conclude the gun has no ammo but don't verify, you see the soldier's pupils move, then you hear a faint breathing and as your migraine gets stronger he starts moving again and looks at you holding the gun now. He is visible confused. He tries to make an excuse which ends up being... 1.- "I'm trying to get out too, these clothes I woke up with them also" 2.- "Well uh..." 3.- "This was all an experiment! I wasn't going to kill you at all!"
  6. [YAY someone else! Anyway please don;t be freaked out by my idiotic parts XD]
  7. 5.- Try another password You think hard for something genius or you fool yourself into thinking that. You type a bunch of ass... "Mia Khalifa" "I'm cumming" "Heil dir im Siegerkranz" "Kosovo doesn't exist" etc. obviously none of them work as you had thought but you relieve yourself a bit of stress, you think of something last dumb to write before leaving and you got it "Heil Hitler!", you try variations of it, one ends up working due to a typo "Heil Hitlre" You acces the computer and see the wallpaper is a Nazi flag waving arrogantly in a GIF with idiotic rainbow-pattern-color-changing text that says "Heil Hitler!" you are scared, since you remember your religion is jewish and pray to Jahweh (whatever his jewish name is) for safety. As a "f*** you" to the owner of this computer you open word and write in size 48 letters in bold "Yo, whoever you are, this computer is old and big, like your mom XD more respect next time to me who slept with her lmao" then you see there's internet so you send this word file to your gmail with a difference that it reveals where you are so anyone who picks it up knows, also sends it to friends and family You have a hearty chuckle but you are again reminded that any noise is bad in this silent place. Then you hear a rustling something moving at a speed faster than light but as quiet as a feather, you felt the door was slightly opened and then shut behind you... without even seeing it but you are sure of it, reality and fiction seem to have no distinction now. 1.- You panic and thinking it's better than meeting whatever there is, you decide to grab the bed blanket and hang yourself from a hook there is in the roof. 2.- You're scared and you think you will die so you leave the room and look in both directions. If you're going to die you'll rather know what is going to kill you 3.- You compose yourself, reality and fiction are distinct and you try finding something that could pass as a weapon, then step out the place and...
  8. 4 read it all and then keep smacking the computer until it works and look up Pornhub to fuck up the owner's watch history also install viruses because fug you for pranking me and finally if I find myself in the backrooms then I just cover myself in the piss to not be smelled by the beast that lives in there (The backrooms are actually an interesting thing look 'em up) Leave the room but take the notes with me You leave the room and find yourself that 5 feet ahead of you there is a yellow wall it stretches from both directions so far you can't see where they end. The smell is putrid and you immediately gag with a somewhat loud, at least to the silent contrast of the place, sound which scares you a bit as you remember... the door was locked {Rose's fault not mine, she made the option] so you wonder if someone opened it for you and quickly walk in both directions a bit to see if you can see this thing hiding o anything... You notice that the place isn't just a long hall but that if you turn left you can turn left again and if you turn right then you can turn right again in effect making it somewhat of a square. Where to go? 1.- Turn left, and ignore the turn I saw 2.- Turn right, and ignore the turn I saw 3.- Turn left and turn left when you see the aforementioned turn 4.- (Yes more than 3 I know) Turn right and turn right when you see the aforementioned turn 5.- Go back in the room and type someting funny in the computer password and then leave and turn either way (specify which)
  9. Alright, but send that through DMs, since this is another topic
  10. Oh well good luck!
  11. Uh yeah, it's cool
  12. I mean this is something that must be brought up, given how easy it is to lie abut your age whilst proJared was soliciting nudes which is pretty bad this could mean that He thought Chai was over 18 due to well what you mentioned.
  13. Neat maybe Generals won't be so useless... well slightly so maybe, also Corsair Dorcas? Strange
  14. I remember someone did this before but I'mnot sure, still Assasins in FE6 are a neat idea since they suck so much.
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