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  1. Rallyman. BEST. DAD. EVER!!! Whenever I'm feeling down he'd give me inspiring words of encouragement to lift my spirits. Then afterwards he'd probably take me out for pancakes at IHOP He would also coach my little league softball team where his leadership would rally us to the county championships . . . and perhaps even further?
  2. Welcome aboard good sir. I've seen you around the Fates Skill Request thread. Happy hunting. May Rallyman bless you with skills a-plenty!! Just waiting on my good buddy @Levant Mir Celestia to join me in greeting. I'm trying to get him to greet male members too, since he only seems to bestow his welcome upon the new females. #WheresLevant?
  3. anniec8711


    Hello and welcome to the Forest! May Rallyman bless you with good times and memorable experiences! Dang! You were all over it, and I do appreciate the enthusiasm. But we need to be welcoming to every new member, not just the females. Oh Levant, you creeper you
  4. I like to shop for furniture at IKE-a. I get everything else from Wal-MARTH. Okay, I'll go now . . .
  5. This was bound to happen. Wish everyone well!
  6. I've actually discovered these pretty recently as well. I do admit they are comfortable but the I still can't do without the support of an underwire. Believe me I've tried that. Eclipse threatened to close the thread if I said that anymore (scroll a few pages back). In fairness, guys have taken the guy topics over to the men's thread which is very appreciated. Although judging the last couple pages, there still could be some room for improvement.
  7. She's up! Have Jakob and Arthur up with Shelter only. My address is: 06902-89667-08522-85918
  8. Wow! A lot has happened since I was last here. Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Same here but I make a mean scrambled eggs. For this place it's pretty par for the course. For a women's thread where over half the posts are from dudes, it could've been a whole lot worse.
  9. 3 words: Ninja Rape Cave Those Poison Strike + Grisly Wound Ninjas can suck it (CQ 17 if anyone's wondering)
  10. Which is why I suggested implementing a model similar to what was done in Fates. You can save scum on easier difficulties. But if you're looking for a challenge, that sort of thing won't fly on Lunatic/Hard Mode. And if it is a remake for current consoles, I imagine some sort of online/multiplayer element would be included anyways. With such a huge roster I would also like to see more unit differentiation outside of bases, sprites, and growth rates. Some suggestions would include unique max stat modifiers and a personal skill for each unit: maybe Roy having unlimited uses with his Rapier, Gonzo's hit rate of his equipped weapon doubles when remaining usage is below 50%, Rutger's equipped weapon gets a +20% crit rate on the enemy phase, Alan gets +3 damage when there is another mounted unit within 2 squares (these are just some rough ideas for some personal skills).
  11. That was me reacting to a few knucklehead comments from some guys here. But Eclipse set me straight. You guys are fine. Question is for the room, but feel free to chime. Is it weird for a guy to not propose his girlfriend after 5 years together? Asking for a friend . . .
  12. You'll be fine. Just pull a Darwin by saying you believe in God on your deathbed. Anyone know if Hawking did that too?
  13. We're all human. Women are probably just as pervy as men are. We just hide it better
  14. Never heard that before, but it does make sense Wait! Were the guys talking about the cont using the controllers on themselves?
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