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  1. Hoho, here goes: Shadow Dragon: Caeda and Navarre Gaiden/SOV: Faye and LEON (mah man, favourite FE character of all time!!!) New Mystery: haven't played, but I really like Clarisse, so I guess her? As for males, I would probably have a better idea once I actually play it. Blazing Sword: quite some time since I played it, but I think my favourite was Fiora and maybe Pent, or Karel Sacred Stones: Tana and Ephraim Three Houses: Ingrid and Dimitri (have yet to finish the other routes, but I don't really think it will change my favourites) The others I've either never played (or watched a playthrough of), or haven't finished, thus not knowing enough about the characters to pick favourites.
  2. Not gonna lie, I never expected book IV to be this far away from the style of book III.... Then again, I don't mind. In fact, I already like the theme much more than the previous books', even if I'm not a big fan of fairies and stuff. What really caught my attention was how Alfonse woke up again, after getting sucked into that black thingy. I wonder if Peony knows about the whole "turn back time" thing, but doesn't talk about it to the others. Judging only by trailer, I expect Alfonse being the most plot-relevant again, which would bother me, but it seems like Sharena is gonna be the "main character" this time around, or at least have a larger role than previously. That's for the positive part. As for the negative, I would have loved if they moved from the norse-mythology to some other. I know they love to use stuff like Loki, Hel, Mjölnir and the like in Fire Emblem (in Heroes at the very least...), but seriously guys, how about doing something a bit more exciting? Go with mayan mythology, go with celtic, go with chinese even. I don't have any problem with the norse, in fact, it's probably in my top 3, but it's just getting boring at this point...
  3. Oh yes, it sucks pretty much. Although that dead man thing does sound interesting, I'm definitely going to look it up. Attila the Hun, number 1 husbando, fite me irl. I mean, do I even have to say anything about it? Conquered whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and nothing was strong enough to defeat him (except nosebleeding...). Thinking about it, we learned about him I think at around class 3 in school, at the age of around 10 I think. It's definitely not something I would consider teaching to children when they are only 10 years old... Thanks I hate it
  4. Ah, history... If there was one subject I hated with all my heart in middle school, it must've been history. No matter how hard I tried, I could never remember anything I've learned, what meant I had to memorize the books sentence by sentence for exams, so I can get average grades. (expect for the tiny little part when we learned about mythology, man, I couldn't learn anything as effortlessly as mythology... strange). To the topic, what if, say, games meet history? First thing came to my mind was Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and the Dynasty Warriors games. Now, we could argue if the games are historically accurate or not, but one thing is for certain, the characters (or at least as far as I know), are real. Or rather, were real. Say, Wang Yi (the heroic warrior, who fought by her husband's side) might very well be a historic waifu, based on, of course, her deeds. And surely there are a lot others, who could be a historic waifu or husbando, but because of the aforementioned reasons, as long as we are not talking about mythologic figures, I'm afraid I can't really name any, that I also know more about than only their names. The idea of fighting about who is stronger is something that - in this context only - I find fun. At least it wouldn't be about: "oh yeah? but my waifu is better because she can awaken the demon sleeping in her toes and summon a holy bow that never misses it's target, so she can defeat anyone without a scratch since the bow also has infinite range, and it's enough to think about the target, you actually don't even have to know the name or the face of them, because the bow automatically defeats the enemy..........", because there are historical proof of what they did, what they had, what were they capable of. Actually, I became rather interested in a fight like this.
  5. Hey, thanks for all the answers (and sorry for such a late response, been busy with school and whatnot)! Sounds awesome, alas I think we don't have Velveeta here, but I should be able to find something to use instead. Mushroom sounds really nice, might as well try this one in the coming week. Oh yes, it does make everything better! I can't even imagine my morning scrambled eggs, or my over-medium sandwiches in the afternoon without some crispy bacon! I have to try out the bacon-salt method though, it sounds awesome! I mean, you are not wrong. I should've expected this answer though, but I admit, it still made me laugh harder than it was supposed to.
  6. While I don't necessary think it is the best, I still like Bridal Caeda's art a lot. She is just so pure and happy. On the other hand, one of the best in my opinion is definitely Leon. Perfectly grasps his personality (, and his voice actor done a terrific job! I just can't get enough of it). I also like the theme of the adrift heroes, especially male Corrin's and Mikoto's artwork looks pretty nice, even if I'm not a fan of either. The new Duo Ephraim is one of my favourites as well. Then there are others like Legendary Eirika, Summer Fiora, Dimitri, etc. It's so hard to choose. So yeah, my choice shall be: Favourite - Bridal Caeda Best - Leon
  7. But because cheddar is not that popular here I used trappist and emmental cheese instead, and it tastes so bad I literally can't eat it no matter how hungry I am. I tried seasoning it with a little bit of pepper, salt and even with some italian seasoning mix and mustard, but it's just bad. Seems like I'm not cut out to make macaronis. Gonna have to cook some eggs, in which I'm good at least. Any pro-tips for making mac and cheese? I'll probably gonna buy some cheddar in the coming days, and will probably try again, for I cannot accept this failure.
  8. ...instead of chocolate chip cookies it's the raisin ones. Are you alright with your all time favourite game from your childhood getting a remake, but...
  9. I heard good things about Nights of Azure (or at least I think I did, but it might've been another game now that I think about it), so I'm curious what you will have to say about it after you start playing. Looked up some gameplay though, and although it doesn't look anything too special, I guess if the story is good enough, it might be a decent game? Will see. As for the screenshot, it's perfectly fine on PC, I don't think you need to go any smaller or bigger than this. And have fun!
  10. 1. Remake, port, or an entirely new game 2. Jugdral or Archanea - I do consider the Elibe games perfectly playable even by today's standards, so I'm fine if they won't remake it in the near future. On the other hand, Jugdral games did gave me some hardships to play. They are playable, I'm not saying they aren't, they just don't hold up as well, imho. Also, the story is awesome, and given how there was no official english release, for the some it would be an entirely new Fire Emblem, and probably a pretty good at it. As for Archanea, well, I just didn't like the art-style of the ds ones, so I guess it'd be nice to see them in a better way. 3. Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn - I've never finished either, so I guess if they would release it for the switch, it might be time to play them. 4. None, to be honest. I'm far from finishing Three Houses, but so far it's already pretty awesome. I don't think they could make it any better with a prequel or sequel or anything, so there is no point in making any.
  11. Imagine him and Beeg Yoshi - being the bros they are - chillin' in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz' they're not [REDACTED].
  12. As a lot of people already mentioned, loli dragons are just ridiculous... sure, Myrrh might have been cute (although she already was a bit too much for me), Nowi was just way beyond what I was expecting. Like, seriously? At that point they didn't even try to hide the fact that she is only there for those who find pleasure in looking at little children. As Ephraim would say: "Disgusting". It's not like they couldn't make them older. There is Ninian, there is Bantu... Bland and boring MCs with literally no personality. I don't care about Mark in FE7, because you don't have to control him, and he plays no part in the story whatsoever, but Corrin? I know it's pretty unoriginal to hate Corrin, but he just ruins Fates for me as a whole. It is hard to give the MC a personality, because not everyone is the same, and people would like to relate to their game-self, but if you can't get it right, then don't do it. There is no such a thing in FE8 or SoV, and those easily became my favourites of all the games. Only popular heroes getting alts in FEH. This one though is definitely understandable, people much rather make money than not make money. Still, it bugs me. Overly fanservice content. It was never alien from the games, but there are some clear examples where there went overboard. Once again, hating on these characters is very unoriginal, so I won't mention them. Also, wear damn shoes people... Now, for the more gameplay thingies part: I honestly prefer the weapon system and magic system in SoV over the other games. The only thing I really disliked in FE7 the very first time I've played it (basically when I started playing FE), is always having to worry about breaking weapons, and buying new ones instead. I remember not even using some weapons at all, because I was saving them for stronger enemies in late game, and had to struggle with worse weapons to get through some maps. I even like FE4's system more, because there you can just repair weapons. Also, magic and skills reducing your hp is kind of a clever way, and I rather think about how to best use my hp, than how to best use the "ammo" of my swords... Archers being weak. It was also mentioned already, but I honestly think bows are such cool weapons. Shame that they are almost always unviable in the games. SoV made bows better by adding them huge range, and the ability to counter-attack even in 1 range. It's so stupid that they can't in other games. Like, why? This post might seem much more of a rant, with almost no originality in it, and some of the mentioned stuff might not be considered "little things", but these are what really bothers me.
  13. I love soups as well, but mostly the not so thick ones. Fun fact, in Hungary we have soup-like food, the only difference is they are super-thick. Kind of like the clam-chowder, if we had this here, it would be considered that. We tried to figure out how it would be called in other countries, but with the other hungarians, polish and americans we came to the conclusion that there really isn't a word for it. We call it "főzelék", and it can be made from literally any vegetable. Peas, beans, potatoes just to name a few. I might actually give clam-chowder another shot this coming week, see if I'll like it more if I make it.
  14. How was it? I worked in the States this whole summer, and I had the chance to taste it, but didn't really like it. It was too a bit too thick for me, and it really isn't something you would come across often here at home.
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