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  1. I used to play Tekken with my cousin on his PS2 quite a few years ago. I think it was either 4 or 5 because it had Christie in it - who might be a bit unpopular, but was still one of the main motivations for me to try out capoeira... shame I had to stop thanks to the lockdown. Well anyways, after my cousin sold his console I hadn't really played any fighting game, save for a round or two of newer Tekken titles at parties. I never really liked Mortal Kombat, but I've played a few rounds just to be able to say "yes, I've tried it, but I don't like it". It's just... it's just needlessly brutal and gorey for me. Last christmas - as I moved back home until I finish my studies since there are only online classes anyways - we bought a ps4 with my siblings, and the first game we bought for it was Tekken 7. It was such a nice wave of nostalgia, even though two of my favourites are not in the game (Raven, Christie). I haven't really played much after the semester started, but I'll probably pick it up for a round or two again when I host a party or something. After the virus ends, of course. The last few days I was thinking about buying Granblue Fantasy Versus, but I can't justify spending $60 on it with my country's currency being at an almost all time low, and not much time to play anyways. Maybe in the summer.... So yeah, while I do have a little experience with fighting games, and I do like playing them from time to time with my siblings or friends, I never really play online or try to get more serious about it, and playing offline solo is not really fun enough to buy more and more of them. Even at my best I'm quite bad at games (in general, that's why I always leaned more towards story-focused, turned based games - or straight out reading a book), and online play doesn't really attract me anyways, so I mostly just play them as a social thing with friends.
  2. I mean, as someone who is not really into new games anymore (Rayman 2 is more than enough when I actually feel like playing something) - and isn't really looking forward to any game, I had 0 expectations. I was like: "Hmm, maybe we get something nice" Well yes, we did. Kena still looks promising, it might be the first game in years I feel like I want to try - even before release. Also, Sifu looked interesting, but I have yet to see if it's interesting enough to actually play. However, even though I had 0 expectations, this presentation still managed to disappoint me. Well, yes, Kena and Sifu looked good, but what's up with that FF7R? Like, are they really pulling a "future episodes only available on PS5, sorry no sorry"? Because if this DLC stuff won't release on PS4, it sure feels that way. I have no reason to think episode 2 will not be a PS5 exclsive now. And that's just stupid and shitty. Not that I've ever finished the first episode, but I can only imagine how cheated people would feel who actually waited for this game - or worse yet, who bought a PS4 just for the reason to play FF7R. I mean, good lesson not to buy a console for a single game, but still, it just feels wrong. We'll see how SE reacts if enough people voice their opinion about this.
  3. Yeah, I didn't know how many characters have been added. The more there is, the worse my chances are. While yes, it's not worth getting them to +10, it's just something that I'd like to do. Sacred Stones means so much to me, and I just wish I could match my +10 Eirika with +10 merged Innes, Tana and of course - my favourite of them, and one of my most favourite characters in gaming: Ephraim just feels sad. The fact that they are not really useful in non-PvE modes and yet they are so rare doesn't help...
  4. I have to admit, it isn't as bad as I originally thought it would be. Still, this doesn't mean I like this system. The thing is, that 3% rate to get one of the, say, 20 characters is so low, it doesn't make merging any easier for F2P players. Say, I wanted to get Ephraim +10 since launch, and yet I've only managed to get 2 copies so far. Even though I pulled on banners for him every time he was a focus. I also wanted to +10 regular Lucina. So far, I haven't managed to get a single copy of her. I even got two copies of her bunny alt, and yet I can't seem to pull her regular self. I even debated getting FEH pass just for her, but the thing is, as I can't possibly +10 her, there is no point buying her. I still think demoting them to 3-4* would've been a better idea. I'm tired of getting Abel or Roderick every time I summon on blue. Maybe make better units like Hector and Brave Lucina 4* special, and demote units like Ephraim and Karel. I don't see how having them demoted would make merging them up hard. I never actively pulled for any of my current +10s, and I never had a problem +10ing my favourites who are available in the 3-4* pool. That being said, I already got Ishtar and Dorcas, so that was nice at least. The only thing I really like about the system is that pity rate isn't broken when you pull one of the 4* specials. Other than that, it didn't really helped me in terms of summoning, so for me it wouldn't have made a real difference if they never implemented this system...
  5. I think it has more to do with Dimitri being the legendary version and Edelgard being the brave version (which is more common than her legendary one, and could be picked up for free). If it was brave Dimitri vs. brave Edelgard than I guess the hate would probably go for both of them. Also, some people still couldn't let go of their love/hate of Edelgard, so there is that as well. On the one hand I can 100% understand people not wanting brave Edelgard to be given out for free, when this is the only chance to get a more rare unit for free - be it a legendary, mythic or seasonal. On the other hand, brave Edelgard is one of the strongest unit in the game currently, probably even more useful than her legendary alt. Well, for PvE anyways. So yeah, I don't think she necessarily deserves the hate. For me, I don't want either of them to win - I have both anyways, and I don't really use either. I would like to get Freyja. I know she won't win, but I'll support her as long as possible.
  6. Welcome, do make yourself at home! I wish I could say I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy, but I have only played a few of the titles. And so far my favourite is the XIII trilogy, so yeah, my opinion is pretty invalid anyways If I may ask, which FF title would you consider to be closest to your heart? They do have some things in common, but for me they were very different types of games. FF Tactics, in a sense, was a bit complicated after FE, so I had a real hard time to get used to it - which is why I never finished the game, despite it being seriously awesome. But yeah, both are technically strategy/tactical-rpgs, so there are similarities. Just a fair warning, don't expect it to be a Final Fantasy themed Fire Emblem game. Depending on the player, this is either a positive or a negative thing.
  7. Makes sense, now that I think about it Joshua was a free character even though him being pretty popular. Yeah, series-wide Lex is definitely not that popular, but for some reason I thought he was more popular than Azelle or Annand, so it was surprising to see him being the 4*.
  8. Woke up, no Fernand GHB or Tatiana (though I'd like her to be TT reward to be honest), day ruined. No, but seriously, I didn't think Lex would be a demote. Isn't he quite popular, or is my mind playing tricks on me? I like Annand the most out of them, but I'll probably not spend orbs on the banner. Not only because I'm real low on them, but also because I don't see a reason why I should. Maybe if Annand was the 4* I'd try to +10 her, but this way it's just meh. The artworks are all pretty good though. I like Díthorba's lance and Annand's clothes.
  9. Fair enough, but imagine everyone doing this. Maybe it's not actually as broken as I thought of it at first. But I'm sure if it were to become reality I would have my fair share of problems working a way around it.
  10. Counter skills (distant, close, foils, wards), although I fing it highly unlikely as they are pretty strong Fury for the memes and Valter (so for the memes in the end) Solo skills I also wish we could get some tier4 skills as seals in the near future - it would freshen up the game a bit I think. What I don‘t want to see are Lull skills - magine someone running Lull Atk/Def on slot B, and Lull Spd/Res as seal. Getting all your buffs cleared and getting debuffs in all stats on top of it just sounds way too bothersome to deal with.
  11. Oh yeah, I didn't mean to come off as rude. I was just referring to how it's not necessarily easy for people to talk about religion, because it's a sensitive topic. I just added that to my thoughts to show that I understand why some people wouldn't want to talk about it. I've asked similar questions of a religious friend of mine before, there is nothing wrong with being curious. Quite the opposite, it's better to ask than to assume.
  12. I've bee playing (and failing at) Nioh 2 for the last month - yet I'm only at the third mission, but baby steps, am I right? Anyways, one thing that keeps me coming back to it even after I die for the 15th time against the same generic enemy is definitely this music. Bit of a story about the game and how I think about it in the spoiler tag.
  13. I believe I've never encountered anything paranormal in my life. My mother, aunt and sister believes in the existence of ghosts, so they often try and persuade me into thinking normal stuff was actually the work of some kind of supernatural being. Do I believe in ghosts? No, I don't. There is planty scary stuff that's real - fear of rejection, fear of being lost, fear of an economic crash that would lead you to have to live a worse life, fear of not being accepted, etc. Of course, I'm not afraid of all of these, just some examples that are real, and people can be afraid of. As for God, well... Religion is a sensitive topic. I used to attend a religious primary school. Even at that young age I wasn't into the idea of becoming religious. I do respect however everyone's belief, as long as it doesn't go against others. I've never encountered any God before. And unless I do, I'll probably stay an atheist.
  14. It's hard to imagine for me how it must feel like to know that there are people who won't accept you no matter what you do just because you simply want to be happy in your own body. It's hard to imagine, and it also makes me immensely sad. Why can't people just focus on themselves and leave alone those who does no harm to anyone? And seeing how my country's government does the exact same thing, or supports those that do (shredding this one book which reimagined old fairy-tales in a more inclusive manner and posting it on social media....), it feels as if here people are stuck in the dark middle ages. I just wish I could finish my studies and move out from here. This last year can't end soon enough. Thank You for sharing this. It really warmed my heart. Shows that there is still good out there in this world (no matter how cliché this sentence is).
  15. I'm not against alts for OCs, but I don't understand the thought process they went with. Gustav and Henriette, good. Líf and Thrasir, good. Alfonse and Veronica? Again? And no Sharena? Why? If anyone, than she should've been on a banner about love and stuff. Well, anyways, I'm not really interested in anything about the banner, I'm curious what skills Veronica will have, maybe she will be a decent fodder at the very least. Also, Alfonse is pantless Marth 2.0 confirmed!
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