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  1. I don't see how they could mess it up so bad. If they were to do the same what they did with SoV, the game would only benefit from it. Technically they need even less to do, as Genealogy already has a whole, well-written story. They could keep the maps from the original, throw in new models, arts, sprites, add some voice-acting and animated cut-scenes, make the animations less clunky, make the overall gameplay a little-bit faster, and there it is. I would be perfectly fine with it. Unless they change and screw up the story.
  2. I do believe these things might lead to an FE4 remake in the near future. But I'm afraid it's only an idea yet, and they will probably wait and see what kind of reception TH gets. According to the leaks, it is going to have a darker than usual atmosphere, which can get a backlash from (mainly) fans of the newer titles, but is not alien to the Jugdral games, which makes me believe, while TH is a full, non-experimental game, it actually is a test, if you will, to see how players today would react to it. And this is perfectly fine by me. If they see people don't like death, or endings which are not happy for all, then they probably wouldn't make a Genealogy remake. As for Holy Bloodlines in FE16, we only know of a handful of characters with Major, and it seems most of the characters have Minor Holy Blood. I'm not sure about passing down anything, as we only know from leaks that there might be a time skip, and to make a complete replica of the original Holy Bloodline system they will have to have Gen2 in it, about which we have no information yet. Right now, to me it only seems like a fun addition to the game, so that everyone can be a bit different. But I sure hope we will learn even more about it soon.
  3. Ghost musical and I will be in the future of the five years ago when I get a chance to look at the end. This sentence sounds rather ominous :D
  4. I had real Genealogy vibes from these leaks, so if it's true, than it's one big plus as well. Are you a me? Jokes aside, that's literally how I felt playing Fates. I know, right? Blue Lions unite!
  5. I really-really hope all of these leaks are true. Well, most of them, at least. Okay, okay, I hope the part about Dimitri is true, and that would be more than enough for me, seriously. Since the first ever reveal I thought "if I ever play Three Houses, I'm gonna go with Dimitri", but before this, he seemed a bit... empty. I mean, sure, not like Claude or Edelgard was any better in that sense, but let's face it, out of the three of them Dimitri seemed the least original. Serious guy with a lance. How ground-breaking. But with these leaks, he might just be the best of them. For me at least. Now, I know I got my hopes up, which I don't usually do, and these are definitely not facts what we just came to know, but I choose to believe it, as I have no reason not to. We shall see. Isn't that the truth though? I mean, other than Conquest's gameplay, there is not a single redeeming thing in the whole stuff. Even in gameplay I prefer Echoes, but then again, I wasn't a fan of Awakening's or Fates' gameplay, like, at all. I just hope we won't get none of that pair-up ever again.
  6. As others said it seems like this banner is just going to be a half-arsed way to show us they didn't forget about Echoes, or Thracia, and now we can't say we don't get new units from said games. Still, except for Tiki and Corrin I'm good with these characters. Berkut looks quite fun to use, and - should I pull him - will probably make me use animations for that Rinea (Echoes best gurl, fite me irl), and free units are always nice. So my priority list will be Berkut > Mareeta. That's it. I couldn't care less about another armour dragon or Corrin. Also, with Echoes getting some more attention lately (picnic banner, Alm, refines....), I hope we will either get Valbar in the game, or get a useful refine for Leon. But, be happy with what you have I guess, so I'm not going to get my hopes up yet.
  7. Better this than more powercreep armour shenanigans. Although I'm still not sure if I like them or not, and that's mostly because I don't really have any use for them. I don't really care about arena scoring, so I don't have a built-up Reinhardt to run DB4 on, or an armour team, who could benefit from SS4. I would give Sturdy Impact to my Leon in a heartbeat, but I would still use his CC probably. As for Fury 4, I would run it on my Bleeding Valter, but that is a fun meme build only, and not viable in arena or aether raids, so it doesn't really make me like these "upgrades" any more or less. So, as long as there is no inheritable upgraded CC (with build in close defense, or bracing stance, idk), I won't really be able to form an opinion on them. But it was inevitable I guess. I wish they had a better looking border though, as right now they look like it's not even their final form...
  8. Ephraim and Ayra splashing each other in the hot spring gives me life. Although I fear they take it a bit too seriously, or at least Ephraim, yelling "Alright, let's fight!" and "Give me more, MORE!" all the time. In the meantime Leon is trying on new weapons in the armory, and is just generally fabulous as always, no matter which one he picks. Hard to admit, but this thing is actually much more fun than I though it would be.
  9. I was thinking, since he is a GHB unit, and those are 4 star at max when you get them, he might have the slaying edge because of this, and actually have a prf weapon at 5 star. It isn't that impossible imho. Well, at least I hope he will have something great. I also think he will have high speed, and Flashing Blade - we already have Jamke with Heavy Blade, so it's not entirely impossible - to make him activate his special more often. It would almost be like how he crits all the time.
  10. Yaaaay, Rutger is free!! If only I know what weapon and skills he will have... As for the others, I would be happy to get Sue, but honestly, I don't really need her all that much... Lugh, well, I would probably fodder his Gronnserpent, I don't really like him all that much. Though a pleasent surprise, that his voice was pretty good. I have never liked how young bois sound in japanese, and it's not an exception this time, but the english voice is pretty good. Thea... I have a very optimized flier emblem team already, her weapon could be good tho. Also, she will be the demote imho. Now, as for Idunn, for presonal reasons (not because I'm edgy) I really like characters with one eye, or with mismatched eye colours (heterochromia), so I was looking forward to her, as she is one of my favourite villains. After seeing her art, I just wanted to get her even more. Then I saw it. The little red icon next to her name. Armoured. Oh, c'mon IS, why? There is nothing in this game I like less than armoured units, and when they aren't even any special (unlike healer Eirika, who can be fun to use) I know for a fact I won't use them all that much. If I do manage to pull her, I will build her up and everything, but because of the reason she is armoured, it's highly unlikely I will go crazy on this banner...
  11. Continuing - and preferably finishing - Genealogy of the Holy War Playing - and preferably finishing - Thracia 776 Replaying Sacred Stones (but let's be honest here, I almost replay it every second or third month, so it's not my biggest goal) as always, trying to use Forde for the most part Choosing - and fully merging - a third unit for my Arena Core in FEH (preferably blue/green) OR waiting, and saving up orbs and feathers until Forde is added Getting a 3dsxl/switch and playing Warriors if switch -> also playing Three Houses That's all I can really think of right now, and the order of importance is from top to bottom (except for Sacred Stones, as I will probably do that whenever I feel like doing it - even if I'm in the middle of another FE or anything else...)
  12. Ah man, now I really wish I would be living closer to London... I mean, real close, and not like, say, 1800 km away... Anyways, I wish you all good luck with the meetup!
  13. Jahn GHB, Idunn as mythic hero... Although I really want Fomortiis as the next mythic, and I kind of want Idunn, so I would be happier with Idunn being the FE6 GHB...
  14. Personality and Appearance are almost the same level of important to me. I don't really care all that much about performance. I usually include some units for their performance only, but I wouldn't choose someone as my favourite because they are strong or have great bases/growths...
  15. Short: Once I've almost fell down in an elevator shaft. Long: So, once when there was a one-day school break, me and some of my friends decided to go out in the city, do some parkour/free-running stuff. Now, in that city, well, there wasn't anything like you would see in a parkour video. No old factory buildings, no big parks, seriously, our best bet was the castle, where we could climb up to the bridge and the wall. It proved to be alright, but then the security guy came out and chased us away, threatened to call the police. So we just wandered around the city, and came to my mind, that there was this building that was supposed to become a hotel, but the money run short (the ones responsible for the hotel just put the money away, which is not uncommon here...), and it was basically only a 5-floor tall concrete stuff, without windows, doors, etc. Now, we managed to climb inside the fence, and went inside the building, where there were stairs. We climbed up to the top floor, drank some energy-drinks (my first and last time drinking that sugary-sweet-saliva... I get some headaches from too sweet stuff...), and just chilled there. Then I had to pee. And so I thought (reminder, this was in high-school, I was young, and stupid, and careless, and I could go on... but then again, the building is still untouched, and at least 5 years have passed since... whatever...) I will just go around the corner, and do what had to be done next to a wall. And when I was about to turn around at the corner, I realized it's actually a freaking elevator-shaft, and I've almost stepped into it. Like, my foot was only centimetres away from it. Man, that was some serious adrenaline rush. It's still hard to imagine how time slows down in cases like these. Like, I was already thinking about how I will try and grab the floor while falling, or kick myself away from the opposite wall, to land somewhere rather safe. (actually, that seemed real cool after that) But yeah, I managed to grab the wall next to me, and step back just in time. After that we went into the basement instead, as we figured such things couldn't happen down there, with nowhere deeper to fall. So yeah, that's the closest I got to death I guess.
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