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  1. I don't have a problem with games that are really similar to ones I like (even to the point of them being straight-out copies), as long as they offer something fresh. Not necessarily in terms of gameplay or mechanics, if it has a great story, I won't mind the gameplay being the same. This holds true for rom-hacks or fan-games as well, they don't have to add anything new to the game they are based on, as long as the writing and the story is good. And by good I mean, at least as good as the original game, but preferably better.
  2. Yes to both, I once tried those dry little dog "crisps", the ones they usually give to dogs in movies and stuff, but it didn't have any kind of impression. It smells nice, but it didn't have any taste to it. Although, I like my food really spicy, so maybe that's why I felt it to be bland. I sometimes have a feeling that I want to try those canned dog food, the one with the meat-sticks and jelly-like stuff, simply because it smells nice and doesn't look that bad, but I never had the courage to actually do so. My dog eats a lot of "human food". He is not fond of vegetables or fruit, but he like soups and meat.
  3. This little video was fun to watch, I wouldn't mind getting something similar for the future forging bonds. Also curious about the new accesories, hope there will be some awesome looking eyepatch for Dimitri.
  4. Spiders give me the BIG FEAR. Like, any kind of spider where I can tell it's different parts - like head, legs, these things. The super tiny ones are chill, except if it's a close-up photo, then I'm done for. Edit: That's not saying they aren't fascinating, I'm really interested in them, but it's hard to look up stuff on them because I'll get uncomfortable by just pictures of them, and I can't really avoid pictures of spiders when I'm trying to look up things about spiders...
  5. One of my favourite is this conversation between Kain and Raziel, from Soul Reaver (what a masterpiece of a game!): "[...] Kain: "The abyss has been unkind." Raziel: "I'm your creation, Kain, now, as before. [...]" Kain: "What I have made, I can also destroy, child." Raziel: "Damn you, Kain! You are not God! [...]" [...]" I also like quite a few of the operator's quotes from Rainbow Six Siege, including, but not limited to: "Acceptance of mediocrity is the first step toward failure." - Kali (possibly one my favourite quotes, ever, as I find it especially true) "A person is never more honest than when they think they're alone." - Goyo "The only thing I feel when I pull the trigger is recoil." - Nøkk "It isn't about where you end up, it's about how you make it home." - Zofia "Make no excuse for who you are. Only the weak-minded will demand you make yourself smaller." - Lesion I'm really a fan of quotes, especially when they are short (one sentence, or two), gets the point across, and leaves an impression on the character saying it instantly.
  6. Echoes would be easily the best choice, as it's not that much older, has the turnwheel, and a real good story, with great characters, awesome voice-acting and beautiful art. Awakening might work as well, I mean, it saved the franchise after all. As for something even older, I would say Sacred Stones might worth a shot, however, after 3H it might seem a bit... weak. Anyways, while it doesn't have the best story and is pretty easy, it's still my favourite, and I can all but recommend it honestly. I wouldn't really recommend anything else, either because I haven't finished them, or I just don't think they would be a good idea to play after 3H.
  7. I loved it actually... Well, maybe not everything, but like 80% of it. The other 20% was things that didn't particularly caught my interest, but damn that anime gave me dem feelz :D I haven't watched the special episode, but I might watch it once the movie drops. I liked the music, the tone, the animation, the characters, most of the story, so yeah, it's easily an 8-9/10 for me. I will probably buy the ligh novels once I clear my book backlog. Do I recommend it to everyone? Hell no, it's definitely not something everyone would enjoy. Do I recommend it to people who like slower-paced, heartbreaking, sad but at the same time happy stories, and can handle some bloody scenes? Hell yes, in fact, go and watch it, like, right now. You will not regret it.
  8. When I was young, my mother wouldn't let me and my siblings watch pokémon or yu-gi-oh or anything, so actually it wasn't until I think when I was 14 that I started watching anime. My first one was actually Bleach, but I've only watched it on-and-off. The first, which actually got me into these things was Sword Art Online, and say what you want, but as someone who wasn't aware of anime clichés and stuff, I've enjoyed it so very much, that I've also started reading the light novel instantly after finishing the anime. After that I've literally watched almost anything, including Gintama, D-Gray man, Chuunibyou (which was a HUGE favourite of mine), Bleach, Naruto, and like a million other things. Like, I'm not even kidding, I think I've watched around 2-3x12 eposides each week or something. That went on for a some time, but I've started to lose interest real fast after a few months, going down to like 12 episodes a month or even less. When I went to university, I've stopped watching anime alltogether, and in the last 5 years I've only watched Violet Evergarden, Kimi no Na wa (but like 10 times at least :D), The Girl who leapt through time, I want to eat your pancreas and Patema Inverted. I think before the end of summer I will try to watch Tenki No Ko, but I'd preferably do it on a rainy day/evening, since it both fits the theme (I guess), and I also love when it's raining. I've tried watching the SAO movie and Chuunibyou movie to see if I can get back into it, but I literally couldn't watch them for more than like 15 minutes... I've think they've lost the charm they had back then, or my taste just changed so much. While I don't watch anime anymore, I'm still reading ligh novels though. I'm currently at the 12th book in the Grimgar series, but I don't think I will ever stop reading it. It's so damn good. I still have one book left of SukaSuka, but the end of book 4 was just so depressing, that I couldn't get myself the read the 5th, and now there is SukaMoka as well... I mean, I like it, so I will finish it, I just need to be in a better mood than I usually am nowadays to do so 😄
  9. Nice, I can cap B!Veronica hopefully, might even renew my pass, depending on the next resplendent, that should make things easier. H-Hone Dragons?! Catch my Ninian single-handedly buff all stats of my Nagi! Now I just wish Hone Cavalry would come as well.... Phantom Res could work on units with built-in ploy weapons I guess...
  10. Leon. On a more serious note, Leon. It's actually a hard choice, but I really like Silque, Faye and Celica from Gaiden/SoV. Other choices include: Ingrid, Mercedes, Lucina, Elincia, Julia (though not waifu, rather a character I just like), Fir (same as Julia), Serra and Lena. But yeah, if I had to choose just one as "waifu" (although as some others, I prefer not to use this term), I would choose Silque, she is by far my favourite female character.
  11. Pretty easy, but then again, every map is pretty easy with Legendary Leif (even at +0 with base kit...) I really like Eremiya's art though, I really wish she had something good in her skills as well... Too bad
  12. I had a slice of bread with liver pâté (I don't know if this is actually the word for it in english, it's basically a paste made from liver, pretty common here) for breakfast around an hour ago, and now I won't eat anything until lunch, which I will have in around 7 hours...
  13. Damnit I was hyped for a split second because it's 7am in less then an hour, then realized it's 7am PT, which is 4pm here..... Ah well, as long as we get some TR or Rayman news it's fine
  14. I haven't been to the gym in a while, but for running I usually just put on some Hello Sleepwalkers on spotify. I don't really use a dedicated workout playlist, but sometimes I choose one of spotify's premade ones.
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