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  1. I can hold back my tears while I'm watching kids movies with my sister. Like, I've seen both Tangled and Frozen like a million times with her, but I can't help but feel the tears well up in my eyes every time I watch either of the two. I mean, if it was the first time I see one of them, it would be okay for me to get emotional, because they are emotional movies, but I can recite both of them like almost word for word, so I don't really know. I found the sweet spot in the shower, when it's neither too cold, nor too hot to shower. I'm way more proud of this one than I have any right to be.
  2. I do have Netflix and Spotify (I mean, my family has, since it's cheaper that way). We also have MyTV, which I'm not sure if it even exists anywhere else in the world (at least not with the same channels as here), which is an online television subscription. It's cheaper than the alternatives, and since we use a chromecast, we can easily use smartphones or tablets to switch channels and stuff. I'm thinking of getting HBO Go just for His Dark Materials, but since I've used up my free month, I will probably just ask one of my friends to lend me their account. I had WoW Classic for about a month, but I didn't have enough time to play, and wasn't entirely satisfied with the game and Blizzard - not to mention the Hearthstone thingy. Almost the same with FFXIV, I paid for I guess about 2 months, after the trial expired, but once again, not enough time to actually play. While I was working in the States this summer, we've gotten university e-mail addresses (since we worked in a university's summer camp), so I was able to use that to get 6 months Amazon Prime for free, and honestly, I probably would use it even now, was it as good here in hungary, as it is over there. Sadly, we don't have 2 days shipping, or anything alike, so I got rid of it. I'm thinking of getting the book subscription thing on my Kindle, since it's around the same price as one book, and I read more than one book a month, so it would worth it I guess, but I have quite some I have to read before, to clear my backlog. As for FEH Pass, I probably won't buy it. I still think the turn startover thing should exist by default for everyone (even if only in GHBs), and the same goes for automatic start. The only thing that's really worth is the new character/skin thingy, and honestly, I was considering buying it, because I like Lyn, but since the other one is Cordelia this time, who I'm not so fond of, I will skip. Maybe when they will give us someone from Sacred Stones and/or SoV I will reconsider.
  3. I got two that I like to think back on - one is playing Rayman 2 for the very first time. It is still to this day my most favourite game, and I'm pretty sure nothing will ever top it. I remember all the suffering, when I didn't know what to do, and we didn't have internet at home, so I couldn't look things up, but even if we had, I didn't knew any english at all (I learned german at that time), so I had to call my dad or mom to help me figure out what I'm supposed to do. The other good memory must be the times we played Cossack - European Wars in multiplayer with my father and siblings. Playing til late at night (until my mom came and told us it's time to stop), it was something we used to do every once in a while.
  4. Hard question, there are quite a few I dislike or straight out hate - and the lead of the list HAS to be Nowi. Everything about her is just... wrong. Now, I'm not necessarily against lolis, as long as they are nothing more than a, you know, young girl. I don't actually hate Elise or Sakura that much, I technically also don't dislike Myrrh, but Nowi....... I just can't... Other than her, I never really was a fan of Camilla, but at some point I realized that she is actually kind of acceptable? Unlike Tharja or Manuela. I also don't like Edelgard. But there is one character in 3H that I just can't stand - Bernadetta... She is the most boring character in the entire game, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I'm also not a fan of Ignatz. Some other hated characters of mine are: Loki, Helbindi, Surtr, the enemy nightmare-fairies from book IV, Veronica, Bruno, Anna (almost every single Anna), Corrins, Hel, Rowan, Darios...
  5. None of the teachers did afaik, so I guess there is that for Jeritza? And these guys are students if I understood everything correctly, so I'm still 85% sure they gonna get one or maybe I'm just too hopeful because I love the timeskip design of almost everyone, and want the new guys to have one as well
  6. Given how they have S-supports, I'm like 85% sure they will have a timeskip design, I mean, it would make sense for them to have. I'm really looking forward to them as well.
  7. But then a whole lot of subgenres of fantasy loses it's meaning - low fantasy, urban fantasy... all of a sudden Murakami's books take place in a high fantasy setting, since it's no longer our world with a little added extra, but a whole new world. Same goes for Harry Potter (sorry I always use this as an example, but I'm more of an actual high-fantasy type of guy, and only know mostly the mainstream of this subgenre - that, and hungarian books, which I don't think ever recieved a translation so I don't really want to use them as an example here). I think it all comes down to how each and every one of us interprets the world of the given title. You can't say hi to Harry, even though he is supposed to live in the UK, same goes for Lucy from Narnia. In my interpretations the story takes place in the real world, but neither the characters, nor the events are necessarily real. For me the same goes for alternate history stories as well. I don't interpret them as a different world from ours. Then again, we might define "world" in itself differently, which leads us to different beliefs of whether low-fantasy stories happen in our world, or a different world entirely. I do get where you are coming from though, and it is also a perfectly plausible perception of this. It's just not what I grew up thinking, and 'dI rather believe that there is that tiny little bit of magic in our world as in these stories, that I have yet to find. 🙂
  8. According to wikipedia (I guess these count as spoilers, so please don't open it unless you are ok with it!) I'll take it with a pinch of salt for now, but february can't come soon enough. Yuri in cipher when?
  9. Leon in 3H OMGOMGOMG!!!!! He is Yuri actually, but it seems like my Black Eagles playthrough will have to be delayed yet again, because of Leon Yuri! This is like the best day of January for me so far? I mean, TMS#FE is launching in hours, Leon is in 3H Is there anything that could make things better? Yes, I am that big of a fan of Leon, he is my favourite Fire Emblem character period, no questions asked
  10. "Based strongly" as in literally taking place in Tokyo (and also Shibuya and Harajuku). Eleonora is also which implies that the whole world is the same (at least in my opinion). I would say the game represents the real world, but in either a contemporary, or low fantasy setting. Harry Potter and Narnia are both set in the real world, and include magic, so I do believe TMS#FE is set in the real world as well.
  11. I mean, the FE# world is technically the real world, isn't it? As for the actual banner, now that I'm sure it's not just a dream of mine, I do think it is a welcome change to add units from this game as well. Sure, it's as far away from Fire Emblem, as anything with FE in the title can be, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be represented in a fire emblem game, where every other game is represented already (except for warriors, but the only unit I would want from there is the evil guy, whose name I already forgot, because all the original characters were literally just walking swords with no character whatsoever... and yeah, it makes me sad and mad, but that won't make it any less true...). I don't know if I'm happy or not about Itsuki being free. I would've imagined him being a promo gift such as Byleth was, but I guess they don't have big plans with TMS. I wanted to see Yashiro Tsurugi, I hope he will be added as a Grand Hero Battle unit in the near future, although there is no upcoming new GHB according to the event calendar. I will pull for Eleonora with all my heart (and orbs, but I don't have too much of that), and hope that I didn't spend all my luck with getting Shannan on my free pull. Also, I hope we will see TMS characters in the next CYL, I remember seeing a few people on reddit last year, who would've liked to vote for them (including myself).
  12. Wasn't really playing FEH lately, because of the lack of creativity both in terms of character builds, and the events in the game itself, but since Ellie is finally here I'll have to jump back into it! Can't wait for the 17th to actually play the game as well!
  13. Gonna attend a party at my friends', and I'm 100% sure there is gonna be alcohol involved, but since I'm kinda weak to it (which means sometimes even just one beer makes me sick for the next day) I guess I'll just play Smash with the others who don't like drinking? I don't know, it's gonna be a geek party and a regular house-party at the same time, with a lot of people invited, so I don't expect I will get bored, whatever will happen. As for a resolution, going back to sports. I had such a shit term this fall, I literally couldn't go to any of my trainings, which kinda hurts since I've been doing Aikido for almost 16 years now... Also, hitting the gym (on a regular basis, not just every once in a while) is another thing I will try to do. Other than that, studying harder, reading more etc.... The stuff I always plan on doing, and actually succeed at, even if only I only get better at them just a little bit every term.
  14. As far as I know, the only option is to buy the Season Pass, which will grant you access to all of the DLCs. If anyone knows otherwise, please correct me.
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