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  1. I created a topic to kinda explain how the 7th defensive unit in AR works, if anyone here is interested to read about it:
  2. Greetings everyone! I have something to report! I was able to summon a Seiros in January 2020's Mythic Banner, and now I am one of the many players allowed to use the 7th slot in defensive team in Aether Raids. I went to test it how it works and I have some things to share with anyone interested about it. So lets begin. For that, Saint Seiros was glad to help the Order of Heroes to understand this new feature. She called some of the Garreg Mach's students and members of the church to help me on this. Since she called everyone in a hurry, Dorothea didn't have time to change clothes so she will be here in her swimsuit. To start, the basic: how to unlock the 7th slot and how the 7th unit works? Starting on Book V, new Mythic Heroes have an extra effect, not present in Book III's and Book IV's Mythic Heroes: the ability of granting an extra hero to be used in Aether Raids. Offensive Mythics, like Reginn, allow players to use 6 heroes when attacking AR Keeps, while Defensive Mythics, like Seiros, allow players to have 7 heroes in their AR Keeps. The New Mythic Hero can be placed in any slot, even the 7th slot. But just remember that the extra hero DOES NOT AFFECT THE SCORING OF YOUR TEAM. The bonus hero will not grant you +20 lift in offensive if you place it in the 6th slot, and a bonus mythic will not grant -20 lift loss if you place it in the 7th slot. In our mock battle, the 7th Hero is Claude. You will know who is the 7th hero by noticing a special icon in the lower right corner of that unit. If you used Reginn in Aether Raids before, you should be used to see that icon. Now, about how the 7th hero works in a defensive team. At start of the turn, the 7th unit will automatic WAIT. This means if you place a hero in range of that unit, the 7th unit WILL NOT MOVE AND INITIATE COMBAT. Keep that in mind. Another indication that the 7th unit will not move is a special animation that occours. Magical chains will appear from the void, trapping the hero in place, stopping any type of action that hero could do. This is pretty much the basic of this new feature... However, there are somethings more about it. Even though the 7th unit cannot move and attack while all his 6 allies are in the map, this unit will still have a danger zone. If you place a unit in his danger zone, this will trigger all defensive units, and they will start to act! Below, the first image represents the end of turn 1, while the second image represents the beginning of turn 2. Did you see what happened? The player ended its turn with Sharena in range of Claude. Since Claude is the 7th unit, he will not move and attack Sharena, but this triggered all the rest of Claude's allies, and they started to move for the attack! So be careful when placing your units in range of the 7th unit. This situation could have ended in a different scenario if a dancer was in range of Claude! As you can see, Sharena ended her action in the same place as before. However, this time Dimitri and Dorothea swapped places. What happened was that Claude ended his turn as part of the 7th unit gimmick, and then this triggered Dorothea to dance to him, allowing him to act again. Now the magical chains are not stopping Claude from moving and initiating combat against Sharena! That's right. A dancer can pretty much nullifies the "forced to wait" feature, so keep that in mind. Also, since the 7th unit will have a forced WAIT command, any type of penalty in that hero, being visible debuffs from Chill Skills or a AR Shrine structure, or from status effects like Panic, Gravity, Isolation and Dominance, will disappear as soon the chains animation triggers. Dancers are not the only ones that are effected by a offensive unit in range of the 7th defensive unit. Heroes with Rally skills also are affected by foes in the 7th unit's range. Sharena, once again (come on, Sharena!), ended her turn in Claude's range. In the enemy phase, Seteth used his Rally skill to boost Claude's stats. However, Claude will not move! So when preparing your defensive teams, pay attention to these details, ok? If both a unit with Dance and a unit with Rally are in range of the 7th uni, the priority will be the Dance Skill and then the Rally Skill. The last thing I will mention is that even if you do not place a unit in range of the 7th unit, a Dancer will always dance that ally (unless the dancer has isolation). As you can see, this time Sharena was not in range of Claude. However, Dorothea still decided to move to the right and dance Claude. What happened is that since Claude is forced to WAIT before the end turn, the AI is programmed to use the Dance assist skill in that ally. I think that's all. I want to thanks Seiros, the students from Garreg Mach, and the members of the Church for helping me to describe how the 7th unit works to the Order of Heroes And I want to thanks you as well, for reading this (if you did).
  3. Got Seiros with 50 orb. And that's all I wanted here.
  4. Thanks! Also, for you to know. I promised to a friend that my last vote would be for Eirika... and that's who I will vote tomorrow. My ballot will end as 6 votes for Marth and 1 for Eirika.
  5. How long usually takes for the CYL results to be leaked? i know people gets the results based on the website's data or something like that... It's like 1-2 days before the reveal, right?
  6. I am considering to summon in the church rerun, if that happens. I want to finish Seteth as soon as possible, and I didn't have summoned on blue orbs recently, so having him as a 4* focus may help me getting the remaining 4 copies. I hope I get at least one Seteth while going for Seiros in her mythic banner.
  7. By removing "The Dread Isle" from the next poll, and with the win for "Heroes, Light & Shadow", the next poll should be: Journey Begins (Fates Banner) Mirabilis and More (Awakening Banner, feat. Mirabilis) A New Future (Three Houses / CYL 4 Banner) Despair and Hope (Path of Radiance Banner) The battle for the first place will be between CYL 4 and PoR banners, with the Fates Banner ranking in 4th in my opinion.
  8. I am glad that I didn't figure it in my first playthough of 3H. I only thought Rhea was a descendant of Seiros. I only realized who Rhea really is in the timeskip cutscene, when the dragon transformation occured. Same with Flayn. Only realized what she was after the timeskip, that Cyril got older but she didn't.
  9. I expect it to be like Dragon's Ire, a dragons only skill, for all movement types. Winter Sothis just got a new toy to play with.
  10. Oh Nice! She is a must have for me. She looks so cool! And buffs others Mythics, which is very interesting. Seiros fits very well in the 7th slot, since its a unit that can't move until someone dies. So she can stay there and be tanky.
  11. I still don't know who to support... maybe team feathers. Ike will probably win this one, unless multipliers stop him. If Ana was here, she would be like "OMG! BRAVE IKE!!! I HOPE HE WINS, SINCE THIS VERSION OF IKE NEVER WON A VOTING GAUNTLET! WE LIKE IKE!" or whatever.
  12. A new Voting Gauntlet is coming, titled "Mercenary Matchups"! Which army will you support? Voting Gauntlet Predictors, by @DarkAlf: PREDICTOR A PREDICTOR B
  13. I believe we are forced to go to the Thieves’ Shrine in Echoes, but in Gaiden that place is optional. So in Gaiden, you can even beat the game and never encounter him. But yeah. I have no idea why Brigand Boss doesn't have a name, while most of the others generic bosses have one.
  14. I did pretty well. Got top 3k, which is nice. Nowi did most of the work, by tanking her foes. Today, at the start of the new season, Saizo already proved that he is still a great unit. And was totally worthy to give him Pulse Smoke from a Ced that I got in the New Years banner. Ophelia had no chance against him. I hope he gets Resplendent... the extra stats would be pretty nice to have.
  15. I can't wait for Brave Veronica to get her Resplendent Alt. I hope she gets the Emblian Attire.
  16. Yes. It's like with CYL 2. We have as winners Celica, Ephraim, Hector and Veronica, announced at the end of January. And then in February of that same year, Celica got a Fallen alt, Hector got a Valentines alt, and Ephraim got a Legendary Alt. But these alts were already planned way before they started the votes for that year's CYL.
  17. I think the only real change I would make to CYL Voting system is allowing us to vote for a Male and a Female per day. I mean, they dont compete with each other, so why not allow us to vote for both, with the same amount of votes. The last vote having more value than the others is kinda a... meh idea.
  18. If the winners this year end to be Marth, Gatekeeper, Eirika and Byleth, I confess this will be a more enjoyable result to me than CYL 4's result.
  19. Right? It's basically the same feeling I had when Veronica was close to the winning places during CYL 2. Like, I changed my votes to all for Veronica, because I was very curious about what IS would give her, and she ended as a pretty cool unit... probably the best pick of CYL 2 in the release in my opinion. Now, with the refinements, she lost that position to me. I expect him to be infantry lance, with a different armor than his normal one. Maybe he will be promoted to one of the Knight of Seiros, and give him a nice white and gold armor? Who knows! But I am very curious, and I hope he keeps his spot in the top places (unless it cost Marth's position). For my remaining votes... I will keep them on Marth. I will stay by his side until the very end.
  20. I wonder what would be Rhea's position if she had combined votes with Seiros. She has a similar situation of Black Knight and Zelgius.
  21. It is easier because: You get 10 more lift in the Vault of Heavens than in Exos (T21 to T28, even though the "Exos" name still apppears in the Vault). A player that have two +0 Mythics in both offense and defense, is able to get 2,880 lift in total outside the Vault (180 aether per single aether match, for a max total of 16 matches) , so 2 defensive losses (3 if you use a bonus Mythic) is enough to not get Tier 38. In the Vault, the amount of lift gain increased to 3,040 (190 aether per single aether match), making that you need 5 defensive losses (or 7 if you have bonus mythics) to lose the tier. It's way easier now. Like mentioned before, 190 Lift is the new base for the Vault of Heaven. If you lose 1 unit, you lose 10 lift (30 lift if you don't use a bonus mythic), which is enough for some players to surrender. Outside the Vault, players that use a bonus mythic can lose a unit without having any penalty... not anymore in the vault. So it's also easier to get successes from players that surrender after losing one unit. In the end, Vault is easier than Exos because of the reasons above. You get more lift to reach the same amount you needed to reach Tier 28, and there are more chances to get successes as well.
  22. Dont get me wrong, I understand your point of view of this situation... But it's their votes, and they do whatever they want with them. I was one of the players that voted for Veronica in CYL 2 (at least with half of my votes, since I started to do it after the Midway results). And honestly, I dont think there was something to learn from that. I wanted to have her playable, and I got that. It's sad that we still dont have OG Veronica as playable? Maybe, but that doesn't affect me. Each player uses its votes the way they want, and they have their own reasons for that. And honestly, there are others in that list with zero relevance as well... Especially all the 3H students, which are basically optional units on the game. But people voted for them, and I respect that.
  23. Oh wow! Gatekeeper! Honestly, if the final results was that, for both sides... I would be ok. My vote was for Marth today, and will be the same for the remaining of the votes. That's a simple answer: some people wants those characters as playable. That's one of the reasons Veronica won CYL 2. If IS will not give us a playable version of those characters, players will force them to do that by making them win CYL. Not that Henriette has a chance of winning... I really want Gustav to become playable, and the Fallen Banner last year was a pretty good chance for him... But then we got some questionable picks instead.
  24. Honestly, in my opinion, It doesnt feel right. These Heroes already went to a Voting to get a specialal version of them in the game... And not that version is getting a alternative attire? I dont like it...
  25. I wouldn't mind Gatekeeper getting 2nd, or even 1st place (as long Marth gets the other position). I like the guy. He even has a cipher card. lol If he ends not winning... I hope we get him as GHB or TT unit in August at least.
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