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  1. Seems almost apt that I formed a suicide pact with the resident expert on the KagaSaga games, Derrick, and Kaga himself. I did get a kick out of the Hilda bit. But most notable to me was the crocodile being incredibly friendly through-out. A true gentleman. I'm also kind of surprised how close Ruben came to winning the thing.
  2. I don't know. The fact I found the point where the spoiler text is vertical felt like a win. Also rampant stupidity on my part. The sad thing is, I remember the character now you mention it. Just couldn't help but think of Pyrrhon from Kid Icarus, because he's a literal self-proclaimed Sun God. Which seemed awfully coincidental with the title. Guess variations of the name just are popular amongst Solar Energy based entities.
  3. Joke in the thread earlier when I explained about the time years back that a guy argued with me on whether or not crocodiles had genitalia, and then claimed I lost the argument when I linked him to an article about it because I used the internet to prove my point. Apparently to win the argument I needed to physically prove that a crocodile had said genitals by knocking one out and showing him. Or so I assume.
  4. Throw in that crocodile that one guy wanted me to fight. May as well get it in some form or other.
  5. No. I've never had motivation to look into it. Doesn't hurt that I've been away most of the year thus far for one reason or another. I shouldn't complain about people leaving when I'm almost inactive myself at this stage.
  6. I just hope he'd doing all right wherever he is, and it's nothing serious that's caused his leave. It's all I can do. Really, I know the web's like that. No site holds someone's interest forever. Still, one can't help but regret it when it happens.
  7. I've been gone too long. I just realized DragonFlames and who knows who else is gone in my absence. I feel a deep sense of remorse realizing I may never talk to some of my old friends again.
  8. Hell, it's 5 bucks less than I paid for my copy of Mother 3. Unless you count shipping. But you know.
  9. I'd of went with "Tear Ring up a the Divorce". To match your LPs better.
  10. Back when my LP of Shadow Dragon wasn't on hiatus, I posited a crackpot theory about why Miloah was able to wield a tome that's locked to women in later games. Which lead to further crackpot theories on Linde's real father if Miloah was a woman secretly. I mean... I can honestly say it wouldn't have ended well.
  11. Reminds me of an argument I had with a guy who claimed crocodiles didn't possess the male genitalia. When I resorted to linking him to an article on the reproductive habits of the crocodile, he tried to argue the point that I lost because I resorted to google to prove my point. Which lead to a question, what am I supposed to do? Literally pick a fight with a 6 metre reptile and take a photo of it's retractable genitals afterwards?
  12. I only did a direct quote. Minus half the sentence.
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