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  1. Can we have a limerick contest or a flute solo or something to convince me? I need a reason to vote, and I need it to be as inane as possible.
  2. Feels like one of those things where you pre-empt something by joking about it. I seem to do that a lot. Well.. technically it'd be whoever developed the game. Though you'd think there'd be some quality control there. I mean... I recall that Disney got so pissed when the "Fantasia" game on the Mega drive sucked that they ended up doing the artwork for the Aladdin game that came later. Look at that one's visuals... and tell me how it's came to this. I miss you consistent quality control.
  3. Given that Anankos was not mad once, whereas Grima has been portrayed as consistently evil (unless Heroes has done something else), I'd say I'd fix Anankos. WYR accidentally kick the concrete so hard that it breaks (barefooted), or punch a brick wall until it breaks? Assume this will be painful for some time...
  4. Well damn. I see everyone's beat me to bashing the hell out of Steve, Sora, Blizzard and Bethesda. Let's try something more controversial. I do not give the slightest damn if Ghirahim, Waluigi and others remain naught but assist trophies. The only assist trophy I'd like to see break out into the fighter roll is Skull Kid, and that's because I don't like him as an assist trophy in the first place. I don't want to see roster slots wasted on Toon versions of existing characters (Toon Zelda?).
  5. Funny enough, Scamp actually is a lot older than a direct to DVD sequel. See he had his own comic strip in the newspapers from 1955 to 1988, and his own full size comic from Gold Key for 47 issues back in the 1960s. I should know, when I was a child I named my first dog after him.... years before the movie was a thing. My mother only discovered last year that I named him after a comic my father had leftover from the 60s of the pup rather than badly pronouncing "Tramp". As it goes, I'd say that gives the character a far richer history than any mere direct to DVD sequel. Though I just may be biased. Look a wikipedia article distraction, for anyone not believing me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scamp_(comics) Makes the game more fun to try and guess. Only because it really does remind me of it. Though maybe it's the snout reminding me of the nose, combined with the eyes. Judge for yourself. https://youtu.be/q6EoRBvdVPQ
  6. Yeah, but the Grimm versions of things were rather nasty. I mean, the reason Cinderella's "glass" (mistranslation of fur) slipper wouldn't fit someone else is because her toes had been eaten by the rats in the section of the house she lived in. Thankfully the mice in the adaptation were less inclined towards feasting on human flesh and more towards singing. Actually... I think that might be Lady and Tramp's pup, Scamp by the proportions. Well, odds are a racoon would be the fellow from Pocahontas... whatever his name was again. I'd like to say the rabbit is Thumper's girlfriend... but it's not as fluffy. So I looked at some stills of the forest animals from Snow White...and long story short they're colored differently on the cheeks. So I'm out of ideas. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the people who made Superman 64? Hard 8 I think. That face looks like the disgruntled face of the singing dinosaur from the "Yee" youtube videos after it's friend interrupts it's song with "Yee". Why are these animals so depressed?
  7. I'd laugh if the game originated as a trick to get people so used to answering pointless questions that they'd input the number on the back of their credit card without thinking about it... but then the developer forgot that question because they were so busy writing decoy questions.
  8. Isn't that flower from Bambi? Oh.... never mind. Damn. Not as much as Flynn. Not even sure where Russel Grant's Astrology (and it's regional counterpart would fall). It's... bizarre. I only know about it because I had a friend win it in a contest once as a consolation prize. Then he gave it away after doing a (long deleted) youtube video about it. Regardless, it's the type of game that wouldn't take long to review.
  9. Trick question. The true form of a Transformer is in fact found atop utility poles all around the world. This ensures their eyes and ears are everywhere and no decepticon activity goes unnoticed. If you accidentally cloned your brother's dog while messing around with stem cells, and the new clone and the original started fighting over who gets their bed, how would you resolve the issue? Asking for a friend.
  10. Apparently it goes by the less memorable name of "Astrology DS, the Stars in your hands" outside of the PAL region. Go figure.
  11. May I add a suggestion if you can find a copy? After all, how could you not include it in a list of shovelware? This is the epitome.
  12. Pretty sure that the option is to wear monastery costumes in battle. Either that or my Byleth is being a complete dick and wearing those robes into battle while he's supposed to be a thief so the enemies think he's actually just a commoner... but he's not.
  13. I missed this thread when it first started, due to being a bit inactive on the board lately. I'd like to offer my condolences, as little as they may mean, as it's all one can really do in such a situation.
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