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  1. Ninjas are known for being deceptive. It was obviously a feint so he could retreat... or it's just Conquest being Conquest. Nothing to see here. Ironically... I always have an easier time dealing with Joker mains once Arsene is out. Because that Up B with him is so much more exploitable than Joker's usual Up B.... as long as you can force them to use it. So... on a side note... I've done it. I've officially meme-d Fe1 Medeus to death.
  2. You know... all this is tempting me to try and find a way to get him to the point he can kill Medeus. Which basically means wasting a lot of stat-boosters. Like even more than I just did with Vyland.
  3. For the record, deaths in the pre-route-split chapters don't matter later from memory. That said... they totally do cripple the unit's levels. Also, I had the same problem with Ryoma the first time I played that chapter. Guy doesn't worry about teamwork. 's abs. I don't know enough about her for much else. She has an insane defense growth. Though for an "axe user", her strength is abysmal. Seriously only Benny and Percy have a naturally higher defense base (that is discounting class and parent bonuses for children or Banes and Boons for Corrin), and even so, there's no class with a higher bonus than the Oni Savage/Chieftan set. So Rinkah effectively has 65% growth. Benny and Percy get 75% by nature... though Percy can be higher. Basically, Rinkah's growths means her abs are so rock hard you can bounce arrows off them. Shame you can't use her in Conquest.
  4. I can't honestly see any way to argue this. Bord and Darros have their biggest advantage over Cord in their starting weapon rank. But as you said, in FE1, the maximum weapon rank an axe user needs is literally 4, and even Cord starts with 3. Darros bases don't even make an attempt to compensate for his growth rates... failing to be noticeably different from either Bord or Cord... except possibly in the randomized luck (which let's face it, could end up as 0). That 2 skill with a 0% defense growth, coupled with using axes means Darros is going to be missing shots until doomday. The one thing Darros has going for him is a ridiculous defense growth. 40% looks great... until you realize that it's matched by or exceeded by the other three axe users. Bord versus Cord is basically a matter of speed versus skill... and we all know having speed not only contributes to offense by letting you double, but defense by letting you not be doubled. Hence Cord wins out. So yeah. That list is going to be hard to argue with. I mean, it was pretty much the case for FE11.... but the way weapon levels work here combined with the lack of higher difficulties takes away from Bord's one advantage, making the list even more accurate in FE1 than it's own remake. Not that it matters in the long run when most people are just going to use Barst because he's heads and shoulders above the rest.
  5. Not that good an idea in this game. Promoting as soon as you can gives more benefit. You carry over any experience towards your next level, so you don't need to worry about wasting any. Plus the fact that promotion gains just bring you up to the bases for the new class. If you've already passed them.. then maybe you can wait (but it depends how many cavs you're using. Two of the Paladins honors come quite late, and two quite early. Cain and Abel are naturally going to hit level twenty faster than other cavs). But with a unit like Matthis, Roshea or Vyland, not to mention both Tomas and Gordin, early promotion is entirely beneficial. As for the likes of Merric, Linde and Caeda... well I found my Caeda rammed level 20 before the Fane of Raman. Whereas Linde and Merric hadn't in their individual runs... but the defense boost and staves were better than anything they might have lost from early promoting. So as a rule, early promotion is great in this game.
  6. Granted. Now the characters involved go to jail afterwards. Hence they're gone until their sentence is up... in about 16 chapters. I wish there was a plausible reason for Michalis surviving FE1/FE3 Book 1/FE11. Like seriously. I mean, I already did a video of me beating Medeus with Matthis. Also in my H5 run of FE11 I'm using Matthis. Using Vyland in FE1 where caps are 20 for everything but Res (7) and HP (52) seems like a snap after playing halfway through H5. It's just... literally anyone else is better. Goddamn it Linde's actually got more defense (10, meaning she's levelled it twice since promoting) AND HP than the guy at this point. Mind, it's not like you can kill Medeus with Linde, because he's immune to magic (levin swords included), ballisticians, and bows in FE1. Not to forget there's only a handful of weapons that can even bypass his defense (devil sword, devil axe, Gradivus, Mercurius, Falchion and the firestone). So the fact that Vyland can, under some circumstance kill Medeus still means he can do one thing a good 17 characters flat out can't.
  7. Granted. IS wants to see how much they can screw them over, so their transformation gauge has been altered, so instead of filling up based off time, it now fills up based off the percentage of their HP left... and defaults to 0 at the start of every map. Hence they need to have taken as much damage as they have HP over the course of a map even to transform. Meaning they need to be healed at least once to achieve it, most likely more. The gauge still drops at the same rate once transformed. Trying to actively use a Laguz is suddenly about as tedious as training a curate had been in FE1. I wish Vyland would step up his game. I'm trying to kill Medeus with him, but god damn it he's got 6 speed at level 17 (unpromoted, because promotion will boost it to 11), a whopping 18 HP, (seriously at this point I have characters with more strength or speed than he has HP), and 8 defense. You know, equal to base Wendell in FE1. He's going to need every damn stat booster left in the game at this rate.
  8. I find it funny I'm still using spoiler tabs. I guess it's just less space consuming for anyone who doesn't want to read my walls of text.
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