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  1. If I didn't the family having 4 wouldn't be fun. Yeah but... I mean, if I cut something off to stop it hurting that's not solving anything. Because it'll just hurt more and I lose that part of my body. So it's the dumbest urge and yet it happens every time. Only way it'd make sense is if I could regenerate lost body parts and even then it'd probably be more efficient to let it heal. What do sheep count when they want to go to sleep?
  2. Banned because her storyline is kind of similar too.
  3. The one with the blue haired protagonist, red and green cavaliers, and dragons. Why do I have the strange urge to cut off bodyparts to stop them from hurting? Is this what Vincent Van Gogh felt like?
  4. Has the hands of the innocent on his blood.
  5. Way back in 1977, Marvel Comics introduced the world to a Super-Hero named "The Human Fly".... alias Rick Rojatt. The series was about a stuntman, who crashed during the landing after doing a 27 school-bus jump on a motorcycle to more than double the record Evel Kneivel had set of 13 school buses. While he made the jump... the landing was... a bit of a mess. Afterwards, he donned an exo-skeleton costume to engage in daredevil stunts for childrens' charity... meeting the likes of Spider-man (who mistook him for a super-villain known as the Human Fly), Ghost Rider (after all, they're both stunt cyclists) and Daredevil (because, you know, fitting) over a 19 issue career. After that he was never seen again.... in fiction. For Rick Rojatt, his costume, and his feat were all ripped from reality. The comic was largely a dramatization of the exploits of the real life Canadian Stuntman Rick Rojatt. The biggest difference (besides the involvement of fictional characters) perhaps being the aftermath of the crash. Where in the comic he was forced to wear an exo-skeleton by the damage of the crash, in reality he suffered little more than a broken ankle, and promptly retired from public life. This leads to the question.... why? Why license a comic about yourself as a super-hero if you're done with the spotlight? And why pose in the exo-skeleton created for the series? What went through the mind of Rick Rojatt for those 19 months of publication? Will we ever see his heroic counterpart again? Some things man was not meant to know.
  6. I have the answers, to all of your questions, If you have the money to pay me in gold.
  7. Banned for taking me back to the days I started, when I literally tried to have one member of every class on my team resulting in one hell of a juggling act with deployed units.
  8. I can steal that title. For I am Sooks. MWAHAHAHAHA!.
  9. I just invented a prosthetic digestive tract. Only problem is I need a way to keep the metal from corroding. Glass seems like a good counter, as it doesn't dissolve in hydrochloric acid... but it seems to be rather prone to shattering if one is punched in the stomach. Which leads to complications. Small wonder no one's ever attempted this before, right Milo?
  10. Okay. Here's one I've been joking about for a while. Waluigi's Apartment Complex. It's like a parody of Luigi's Mansion conceptually. Except, Waluigi owns this huge apartment complex for monsters, and sneaks into the tenants' apartments to steal their stuff. Every once in a while, he screws up and ends up trapped and has to fight the apartment's tenant. Basically, the main character is, arguably the villain. Naturally, the game ends with a karmic boot to his posterior as one of the battles results in the apartment building being condemned, and Waluigi out of pocket. Naturally, by the time the sequel rolls around he's learned nothing and is ready to engage in petty crime against his tenants all-over again. As for the tenants.... well, this is the fun part. We can draw forth a mix of recurring baddies like Petey Piranha, more one-off characters like Hooktail or Scumflower (Wario Land the Shake Dimension), and of course OC characters (presumably including the final boss). Why? For the sheer fun of designing apartments personalized to each tenant. Whether lava-filled, or waterlogged. Naturally, this means the gameplay is going to be more focused on traversing/looting the rooms than combat.... which will be more about manipulating the environment to do your work for you (i.e, essentially setting traps).
  11. Get too sick to focus on your work or hobbies. Get depressed. Next thing you know you're sleeping in until 3::45pm every day and not even bothering to eat right because you're putting it off until you need to. Why is it I can't even think of a not depressing question after that answer?
  12. Hyrule Warriors was my entry point.... it's just i never got to 100% because midway through working through the DLC on the 3DS version, I had an incident involving a knife and the webbing of my right hand. Long story short, by the time I got done healing... I was wrapped up in other games I could play without my thumb being in working order. Fire Emblem Warriors... well... I left that off to focus on something else a while... and I can be damned if I remember what. They're both presently on the list of games I intend to get back to.... if I can stop being distracted by newer shinier games.... like this one. Or reasons to replay old games. Or my other hobbies. Or life. Damn it I'm giving myself an existential crisis.
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