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  1. Banned for failure to ban. Also not seeing a doctor for that blood vomitting.
  2. "How do I get so many leaves in these gutters? There's no trees here. Or gutters."
  3. I admit... neither have I. I discovered the channel it's on after my last song parody while looking for more to do. I ended up listening to a few despite having no plans to parody what is essentially a fan-creation. A few turned to a lot... and now I've got a playlist of my favourites for use while editing chapters of my LP or checking the daily covid statistics.
  4. Banned because you really should get that looked into.
  5. There's voices coming from my basement yet again, and it horrifies me. Mostly because I don't have a basement.
  6. I find it works even when the vocal version is created later by fans. Example...
  7. Banned because it's Wraith. He's secretly the father from the Bread Boys videos.
  8. Fire Emblem should adopt the Crystalis system, where a character has to be a certain level before being allowed to attack bosses. This will punish people who try to boss abuse weak characters into usable ones adequately.
  9. Is in fact the only Camilla fan on the internet... but is so vocal people assume there's more.
  10. Could it be because the druid died in the counter attack? Perhaps the game consequently missed a flag to go back to normal enemy A.I. behaviour instead of berserked enemy A.I. behaviour... effectively making the enemy with the berserk staff act up... resulting in another berserked enemy.
  11. Banned for using time travel to undo the reason for your ban, in an effort not to be banned in the first place.
  12. Banned for attaching a length of pipe to a nerf-gun as a bayonet.
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