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  1. Some sources that may not be correct claim I was born in 1933. I may not actually be 89 like those sources claim... but right now I feel old beyond belief.
  2. Yeah... but the cost of warp-skipping it is my knowledge I can beat the map without warpskipping it. Also, there's a good warp and rescue staff from the houses on the map... which is +2 warp and +2 rescue. That's a net gain apart from the sleep staff and the thief staff... the blizzard tome kind of makes up for the sleep use. Kind of. Asbel hit A wind in 21x... so he can use it. As for thief... well... what do I want to steal anymore? The biggest cost was the weapon uses to be honest.... and I kind of focused on the lance users.... seeing as the lances are deadweight as of chapter 24. More so if he inadverdantly puts units in the group they aren't needed in. 21x was kind of like that. I brought two thieves... they both ended up in the right side of the map. Thankfully Leif had a door key in case that happened. But damn I miss controlling unit position sometimes. Still no regrets, because it made stealing the boss's gear and opening doors/chests faster. The chapter also marked me coming up with a use for Shiva. Someone had to be captured to get the chapter after all. Regardless... the big benefit of chapter 24 is I know Leif is going to have zero problem murdering the boss. It sure stands as a blemish on my record that I've got to redo the game at some point to make up for it.
  3. Thief staff had it's one use. I greatly regret not using it on Salem's sleep staff... because that thing could've been great for capturing Misha. But alas, I didn't and she died because of my error. The question is whether pure water stacks with those tiles that increase magic by 10. Because if they do... Safie's got 20 magic. At which point I could just silence or sleep her by staff. Then again... the blizzard method is faster. Regardless, there's a reason she's the deadlord I'm most interested in taking out first. 30 magic plus staves = not fun I was operating under the rule that Olwen doesn't get reset for to determine whether Eyrios joins in her place. Olwen survived. She only ever looked like dying for one battle... and that one was totally my fault anyway because I counted her canto wrong.
  4. Killed two birds with one stone by having her talk to him when I was warping a unit into the area to make Saias retreat. If I'm gonna warp someone into that area, it may as well be the one who benefits most, you know? Not like I'm short on warp staffs... I've used a good four uses so far.... so you know. It's not like I don't have enough. And I've got way more rewarp staves than I know what to do with from 14x... so even if no one with warp ends up in the same area as her... it doesn't matter. Resources in Thracia manage to be kind of crazy. There's more points I've been worried about my hand axe count than my warp staff count. I'm not even sure I need to honestly. Then again I've got two of the things and it's not like I need to preserve them for after the battle. Really I might be pack-ratting a bit harder than I need to. I've used the Hammerne exactly once at this stage. I'm kind of full of resources I've barely broke into because there's been only a couple situations I've been overly concerned about. I think the feeling of being perpetually broke turned me into a horder.... when I didn't need to be.
  5. I'm not actually 100% sure. We'd have to ask someone who has a bit more knowledge on the subject. I kind of assumed it did... because that lot of wyvern riders back in chapter 21 with miracle didn't fair very well when I had Leif hit their leader... and he used the Nihil scroll earlier in the piece. But for all I know I got lucky there.
  6. Well... chapter 23 of Thracia was a bit of a relief valve. Or it would have been... but 21X wasn't exactly rough because the enemy quality was low... and 22 isn't so bad if you abuse warp and rescue to instantly get rid of Saias and his status/staves leadership stars, use thief to steal the boss's beserk and then use a sleep staff on Reinhardt (how often do you get to keep the Camus alive with no trouble?). Just three maps to go... 24 doesn't look so bad if you're not going for a certain gaiden objective... but I am so it might be a pain. Also painful is working out how to make sure Mareeta's in the middle group. I really wish I had more control of starting positions now. Chapter 24X's legend precedes it. So that's the one I'm worried about. If I can make that one work out... I've won. The only deadlord I'm worried about is the one which can be Sara... and that's more the beserk staff than her. Because Nihil exists to nullify her skills.
  7. I recently did a run of New Mystery to compare it to standard FE3. Results included a Merric that hit 18 defense (seeing as I decided to use him after the FE3 Merric), which is pretty mind boggling. Matthis, who I decided to use for the run, ended up with 27 defense... in Cavalier. I literally had to recheck the class ceiling to make sure that something wasn't wrong with my cart. No. It's 30. Go figure. I've never seen a cav with that kind of defense. Though to be fair, he did spend a level or two in knight and a couple more in Dracoknight. Mind the biggest reason for using Matthis was because I put all my energy into levelling Ryan in the early game... meaning when he came in he was decidedly better than Luke or Rody, and more durable than Cecille. See, something FE3 helped me realize is, his bases really aren't that bad if the prologue's not there. Fe3 has it's own issues with dismounting because book 2 is hell for cavs. It's funny how the extra chapters and boosted growths/stat ceilings in New Mystery upset the character balance from the original. Abel being my favourite example. When I played FE3, my Cain was actually outclassed by Abel in a lot of areas and tied in the others when Abel joined. You play FE12, odds are Abel's miles behind everyone that's been trained seriously at join time. I fully intend to use him at some point... somehow. An Ironman would be the most viable way... given that Olwen isn't the most durable unit. Or even playing under the rule I was playing under... where I intended to let her die if she died by mistake. Thing is, the one time that almost happened, she dodged the enemy attack that could have killed her. It was only a 35%, but I've literally missed two 99% hits in a row on enemies that didn't even have Miracle in this game. I've also been hit by 1% attacks more than once in the same enemy phase. So I don't consider any hit percentage fool-proof here. In my case... chapter 17 more or less had it result in them bum-rushing Fergus and Finn and getting decimated as fast as they reached them as they tried to get through due to a combination of forest tiles, Nanna, Leif with the Kingmaker, and favourable RNG. So I kind of didn't. Those armors had a terrible time and.... anyone else was kind of dead by the time he showed up except the pirates.... who were so far behind they never actually caught up. This was partially due to antics with the warp staff to get rid of the ballistae in an effort to hit the end before he showed up... which came so close to working.
  8. *13 movement. Let's face it, there's never going to be an Ike or Sigurd who will replace this one Leif in my memory as the best lord I ever had. Or anyone else. It almost feels like the endgame was designed around countering the guy. The difference is measured in whether the vomiting lasts long enough to give you Barret's Esophagus and melt the enamel from your teeth, or whether it lasts long enough to just remove the teeth from your gums. Ilios does come with one. Though I can't actually imagine getting it. I'd have to either not recruit Olwen and thus miss a magic ring, or let her die. And I don't like letting units die. Plus I looked up Ilios ending to see if I'd feel bad for killing him... and I feel like his death's sort of mercy given how downhill things went for him post war. He achieves his dream only to wish for his glory days as a war hero. That's just tragic. He's stuck in his past. Honestly, I half expected Saias to have A rank fire tomes... you know... because of his father. That said... if he came with the 10 authority stars he had when he was an enemy as a playable character, I think he'd become the objectively better choice. That's a big boost you know?
  9. But does he have the rank for it? I can never get any use out of Thracia siege tomes due to the horribly slow rank growths. The mages never reach any A ranks. I think he's got to be pushing for it. He's been on B rank for ages... and I'm really low on wind tomes at this point. Not that I've had all that many. If not... I can always sell it and help restock something else or recruit Ced... who's got guarantee'd A rank. Olwen's had A rank for ages in thunder (she does start with B after all)... and Ilios starts with it. And I just noticed... it looks like Ced starts with an A rank in Fire magic. Maybe I shouldn't have sold all my meteor tomes. It wouldn't be quite as disturbing if it was Awakening Tiki. Still distubing, but at least Awakening Tiki actually looks like an Adult. Though I shudder to think what Awakening Bantu looks like... and we've got hints he's still around from Nowi's base dialogue. Except the difference is Leif is literally able to move enough squares that he ends up next to the ballista if he started outside their range. Which makes him some sort of superhuman at this point. Even the forest tiles didn't make enough difference. Hell the first turn of my second attempt he destroyed a ballista because I moved him just outside it's range.. and he procced his movement star.... so he moved from his starting position to the one in the forest to the right of the starting position if you look at a map of the chapter. And with 20 defense he can get away with being hit a lot by the things. He may not be capable of soloing the game like some other lords... but Thracia's movement growths and movement stars can result in crazy outcomes regardless.
  10. I mean... I did get a blizzard tome for Asbel to abuse... and a fortify staff, and a sleep staff. I also picked up a couple battle axes and hammers, a vulnerary or two, a great sword, a silver sword, a pure water for more Tina shenanigans, a level for Tina with magic so she could steal more stuff. And... once that blizzard was stolen Leif could literally ignore the ballistas by running through their range and one rounding them. Well.. mostly. Couldn't quite do that to the iron ballistae. But damn did it save time. Even the forest tiles couldn't stop him from getting to the venin ballista without trouble. Not helping with anyone who doesn't have a lot of lucky move growths though. Seeing as we're Morshu posting now.
  11. Well that'd explain it. I never tried to get anyone with a status on either prior. Yep. Definitely the case. Tina could take a holy water and steal blizzard with a staff...Which changes the rules significantly.
  12. Give him my regards as well. It's been forever. Basically what my estimate of the case was. Mind the other thing that ruined my strategy was the realization I couldn't sleep or silence the bishop on the gate. I assume there has to be some hidden bonus to his magic from the gate, because not only couldn't Safie silence him with 20 magic, even ensorcel didn't help... in spite of his 17 magic already being lower. I didn't even have that option because my Safie wasn't yet capable of warp. She'd get it at the point in 12X where it was too late to be useful in making the chapter easier. First time player things. Sad thing is, that was literally a 13% hit with the lightbrand. Could have got it down to 1 with Nanna and Dermott if I had have been a bit slower and not tried to rush things. Lesson learned. Chapter 21 wants to be taken slow.. even when Leif has 13 move.
  13. Whoever wrote Leif's page on Fire Emblem wiki.org is a dick. "Additionally, Leif is the only unit not affected by fatigue, so he will always be available to provide these bonuses or (if given solid investment in his stats) serve as a filler combat unit who can help relieve some pressure off of his allies in the frontlines. In addition, his immunity to fatigue also makes him immune to the effects of the Sleep staff and the Berserk staff. In a sense, this can sometimes allow him to safely approach and neutralize enemy staff users in certain situations where your own staff users might not be able to. " Either untrue or blizzard works differently. Should have assumed it would... but doing chapter 21 again because I thought I'd cheese the sleep effect isn't going to be fun. If all those ballistas and frigging miracle abusing wyvern knights wasn't enough... blizzard boss.
  14. What I don't get is why the focus so much on the original Mickey Mouse cartoon for the purposes of this article. Steamboat Willy was literally 1928. Correct me if I'm wrong, but 95 years from 1928 should be next year. I'd be more concerned about the stuff on the 57 year end if I were Disney, because that's got a long time to go. Then again, it's sort of poetic this bill would literally take anything created in Walt Disney's life time into the public domain pretty much instantly. Kind of hope they do it. Not in the least because I know a publisher that reprints public domain comics and this would make getting the stuff from the forties and fifties Marvel & DC never reprint so much easier.
  15. Well, they've kind of been an on and off thing... and so have pole-axes. Chapter 16 had 3 Ridersbane cavs in Ilios formation. Despite using mostly mounted units, they weren't a problem because none of them actually got to attack. Likewise, I had only a handful of units that didn't have a horse when dealing with chapter 17.. and Misha and her crew all brought ridersbanes. Which could have been nasty to deal with if I let them near the mounted units. Chapter 19 didn't have ridersbanes per se, but it did have pole-axe great knights. Which is inadverdantly what lead to Leif getting his move levels. Almost as if he was working out a counter strategy to them. That said... I can't imagine the things show up much more. Let's look. 7 Wyvern riders and up to 10 pole-axe axe knights in chapter 21, three Paladins and a general as well as 3 pole-axe generals in chapter 22 . Coulter's got one in chapter 23, his 8 wyvern riders do, and a General carries a pole-axe. So that's up to 35 more. Not a lot by all rights. Enough to make having a hard counter at no deployment or movement cost nice all the same. Deployment slots are a fickle thing. You know you have more characters you want to use coming up... but you have one or two grow particularly well that you intended to be short term members and you don't want to give that up. Really, deployment slots add a lot to replayability. After one run of FE4, I don't feel much motivation to go back and revisit it... because even Johalvier got to kill a deadlord at the end by virtue of being in the right place at the right time. For the record, it was Bovis, who wandered onto the road to try and sneak behind the team I had entrenched in the forest.... only to get killed by Hannibal and Johalvier because swords can't counter bows, roads cost avoid, and if they missed Faval could one round him with the Yewfelle at zero cost to my strategy. The rest of the deadlords get to know they at least got taken out by the likes of Seliph's Tyrfing, Ced's Forsetti, Leif's overpowered promotion, Larcei's 50 kill brave sword, Shannan's Balmung or Julia's book of Naga. Bovis got taken out by a couple of guys I considered not walking to the final battle. And I will never forget that.
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