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  1. Banned for not curing the new Coronavirus in China instead of posting in forumgames.
  2. I'm here to remind you all that I am the last living person to have full understanding of the rules of the ancient Roman game of Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum, and have had to play against a specialized computer program for the last five years so as to both have competition and not double the games player base by explaining the rules (and to guarantee my position of "greatest Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum player alive" is cemented). You cannot hope to win a game when the only one who understands the rules is your opponent.
  3. Either bring back some much missed friends.. or film the unauthorized sequel to "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead". WWYDI you realized you bought bug bombs but couldn't use them because your house was grossly unsuited?
  4. Nemesis: Feeble Creature... Prepare to die.
  5. Anyone know what sort of level I can expect to get characters to in Maddening *VW* given the EXP gain reduction?
  6. I guess I've just been very lucky with my archer's strength growths and crit rates (which I admit tend to be bolstered by a killer bow and crit ring for the crit rate, and an energy drop/rocky burdocks for the strength). Because I've been able to one shot him every time with a crit. The only time I had even the slightest trouble was the one time he targetted one of Edelgard's units with Fallen Star, leaving me having to come up with a way to survive a turn with him in range where he couldn't be hit back. As soon as it wore off though, he was screwed.
  7. That incident where I blew up the dinosaurs with a rocket launcher had a domino effect, and I've been trying to fix people having memories of the timeline I screwed up ever since. Except every time I try and get back I find that the world's gotten weirder. So if you killed the ancestor of someone who was meant to do something important in a time travel accident, how would you go about fixing that? Asking for a friend.
  8. I more meant for green units on "rescue missions". The ones who stand around or even charge into enemy range infuriate me to no end. For an enemy unit, the suicidal attempts could at least be justified by "they're more afraid of facing their masters than you". For a green unit... they really don't have anything except stupidity/overconfidence to justify charging into dangerous territory. This tendency seems to exist solely to make the protect missions more difficult than they need to be. Look at how the green units on Felix' paralogue in Three Houses, or how Catherine's subordinates in the chapter with Lonato simply charge blindly into range of everything and anything with no regard for safety or strategy. While not difficult to deal with here, it is still insanely stupid from their point of view. Why are the fleeing townsfolk running at the bandits instead of away? Why are Catherine's (presumably trained) subordinates running into the fog with zero regard for formation, cover etcetera? If the green units must act like they're idiots, perhaps they should at least have a canonical reason for it. Ironically, one good example of this is the injured Nils in a certain chapter of FE 7 (not giving chapter number because it changes depending on whether it's Eliwood or Hector mode, and the name eludes me). He's passed out, so him not moving away from enemies makes sense. Funny enough the first time I played through, she one shotted Randolph. So definitely of value. Last time I played the map she got done in by Ladislava though.
  9. To be honest... I have no idea what would constitute an intelligent A.I., barring the fact they'd need to adapt to the circumstances they face and be aware that they are in fact, incredibly vulnerable due to being less durable than your own units will likely be. So you know, charging headlong into the enemy might be a bad idea...
  10. I gave it my best shot in high-school, when I'd arbitrarily attempt to set up a Ghostmas thing every year on a completely random day (as per the spirit of the cartoon). Even the ones who got the reference dismissed it as my usual silliness.
  11. Depends if we go low effort or high. If we went high, we could go the direction of taking the "Robin Hood style bandit" approach she had before joining the army. She's traveled to an unfamiliar land, and her gang, in stealing from a caravan discovers a map to an ancient tomb. She and her crew travel to the tomb and in seeking the treasure to redistribute fails to realize that treasure depends on the beholder. In defeating the tomb's guardians and opening the chest she unleashes an ancient evil. Go figure, those nobles had a more sinister plan than merely seeking ancient gold. The evil's shadow spreads across the land and Nina must work towards sealing it away once more. I'm sure her more well-known gimmick can also fit into dialogue... but I admit it makes it harder to start a conflict.
  12. To be honest, I think you could make a game about anyone work... with certain constraints (You want the plot to work with who the character is, but not necessarily the gameplay). For instance, going on the lines of Sylvain, you have his womanizing antics land him in (metaphorical) hot water as part of the game's plot. Say he's in another region for diplomatic purposes, and ends up offending their ruler by attempting to woo their daughter. This lands him in the dungeon, he has to bust out, and from there he has to work to escape the hostile territory. But the plot takes a turn when the reason that ruler frames Sylvain of crimes in other territories... leading to his having to clear his name. Then in latter part of the game it turns out said ruler is an imposter who has taken the throne... and the real reason he didn't want his "daughter" getting too close to Sylvain was because it would allow her to summon external help to reclaim her father's throne. That said... it'd be really easy to do a bad or lazy game. You just take a character, make a gimmick based off one aspect of their personality, and base the whole game/gameplay off that with no plot or conflict. Ideas include Manuela's drinking game (where she takes a shot every time you do something... for a twist on regular drinking games), a Harvest Moon wannabe with Brom and a lack of marriage options (as he's already married), a poker simulator with Makalov (spoiler it's rigged), a Doctor Mario knock-off with any given healer but most likely Wrys, or numerous other shovel-ware, low effort options. Or you could just make a huge compilation of all of them seeing as none of them is much of a game in itself.
  13. I reacted the same way when DC rebooted their entire continuity throwing out heaps of stories, character origins, costumes and more back in 2011. If I was reading for the characters, I'm hardly doing so when everything I remember about them is discarded. Hence I kind of said "far as I'm concerned the new continuity, and therefore comics published since September 2011 don't matter". But I didn't even vote. Come to think of it, the fact I never paid attention to the fact there was a vote until after the fact.
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