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  1. A pirate's life is a miserable life (parodying A Pirate's life is a wonderful life from Peter Pan) A pirate's life is a miserable life. A class that's treated neglectfully Why'd I choose this life of turmoil and strife? The life of a pirate ends quickly. Ooh. The life of a pirate ends quickly. A pirate's life is a miserable life. You're never recruited by lords. No more likely instead, You lose your head, Upon their minions swords. As they come to sack your hoard. Ooh. They come to sack your hoard. Oh a pirate's life is a miserable life. You'll find our deal is quite raw. Yes you can bet we're filled regret Because we're not even used anymore. Ooh. We're not even used anymore. (I'll do a couple longer ones when I have time. I've came up with another two ideas)
  2. Ah. You're on. 1. When (I'm going to be optimistic) the Serenes Emblem project is done (presuming it's not hit with a name change by then), what are the odds that you'll play it for your channel 2. Do you believe in the validity of the crackpot theory that The Roger the Paladin from Tear Ring Saga is the same as Roger the Knight from Archanea? 4. Who will not, under any circumstances, be making it into Smash Ultimate's last two DLC slots? 5. What happened to question 3 anyway? 6. Can I have another question to make up for misplacing question 3? Oh I wasted it didn't I?
  3. I don't know how I missed the spoiler tab, but I was going to do the same joke. Also I reckon the "phantom" is actually just Galuf/Eugen using the same godlike powers he uses to resurrect Runan to talk to his old allies. Want me to add to the theory? Fine. Also, playing the game at last I noticed things that weren't brought up in this LP that became relevant later. I mean the sequences with Julianattiscordst leaving Taurus hurt a whole lot more when you think what happened to him. But what just about killed me is the realization that Kaga was so damn sneaky with the source of the sword Julia got from Julianattiscordst's grandfather that it almost flew under the radar. A killing edge or scimitar left behind by a travelling merchant? I know a merchant that's rather edgy. Kaga even did this joke first.
  4. I'm probably too late, but I came up with a short list of idiotic names. If anyone else wants to use something that's just random idiocy referencing Gabon vipers, cutlery, or whatever else popped into mind. exzodiac silverware gabonsnek snikrsnak mealwormjo wartioland laffinman
  5. That was the exact incident I was thinking of. Ironic Sony is setting themselves up for the same take-down they delivered to Sega back in the 90s. Anyway, no skin off my nose (well, there is but that's from a cut). Besides most of the franchises I really like are Nintendo exclusive. So until Microsoft actually start using Rare's IPs well I don't think I'll be shelling out until prices drop on Sony or Microsoft's offerings.
  6. God I hope not. I've got two pro controllers, and neither of them have displayed so far but that's not saying much. They sure as hell have taken up the slack after the left joy-con went drifty a while back.
  7. Damn I just realized the list is longer than I expected. Got to clear some of these out yet. Any 3D Castlevania that lacks the word "darkness" in it's name proves impossible for me to sit through. Metroid Prime 2 Echoes I got stuck on that damn fish boss because my FPS skills are abnormally bad. (Looking it up it might be the "Alpha Blogg". I kept meaning to go back to it, then a new game would come out and then I wouldn't. Now I just about need to start over because I wouldn't remember anything because it's been years. The gameboy version of Battletoads. Unlike the other games in the series, I haven't had the time to invest in learning the levels, and thus it remains the missing gem in my crown. Probably doesn't help I've only had it a short time by comparison. Pokemon Moon- I just ended up burned out on Pokemon like really burned out. It might have been the insanity that lead to me deciding to get one of every species (all evolutions included) by a lot of trading/breeding in my copy of Y, but after that Moon kind of... felt like a chore more than an adventure. I intend to go back eventually, but when that'll be I don't know. Rayman- The whole series. I just end up losing interest a bit before the end and I don't even know why. It's one of those things where I mean to go back and never do.
  8. If we went off my friends, FE7 would be an issue. Lyn mode stopped one friend from ever giving the series another shot because of too much tutorial. Hell, I can relate given how Lyn mode bored me to tears the first time I played FE7. Know your audience and pick accordingly if you're going with suggestions. If you want to stop them from focusing on the waifu aspect, then pick a game that does likewise (let's face it, Awakening and Fates are the ones that really went down that route. Three houses to some degree from what we know) Likewise, tutorial length, animation style, artstyle. Go with a game you think will resonate with them regardless of whether it's the "best" or not. The best game is a matter of opinion after all. Edit: No offense about the Lyn mode thing. My complaint is how hand-holdy it was. I actually do like Lyn as a character.
  9. You'd surely love Miss Hatchetface. You know I thought I had a deviant shitpost in mind, but now I feel like anything I could come up with is mild. Ever dated a werewolf? Whole new meaning to the term getting some tail. Though you have to be careful they do bite, and your chances of making a silver anniversary are slim because they're a bit wild.
  10. It's perfectly timed for my dog's birthday though. So instead of a waifu simulator you're going "Elliot Roger" simulator? But seriously, I always preferred the gameplay to the waifu sim aspect ( I mean it wasn't around initially), so I don't mind a de-emphasis. I'm aware a lot of people disagree, though. I'd have thought keeping it but removing the future kids would have been a good compromise because then I don't have to worry about it at all. Yeah. I unironically preferred the guy since the Super Mario Bros. 3 title screen, so I could be biased. I mean watch the sequence where he kicks the shell into Mario. Even back then he had more personality. Wouldn't that be Supergirl? Wonder Woman doesn't exactly have the heat vision. She couldn't fly until after 1986. No super breath. She spent a long time not bulletproof so that blocking bullets with bracelets thing meant something. Then there's the lie-detector lasso. Funny enough, Wonder Woman's creator, William Moulton Marston, invented the lie detector. Mind he did envision Wonder Woman as an inspiration to young girls in the same way Superman was to young boys. Just going to assume the hat got damaged and he's had to settle on a replacement. Who needs to promote when you're already a badass? The Jeigan philosophy. Shigen dodging death? That seems to be his job. Well, that wasn't half the fight I expected. Good job I guess. I'd post more but seeing as my (new) laptop is misclicking, I'm going to work out what I can do about the sensitivity issues there first. Before I end up accidentally visiting Pengaius' user page again.
  11. Gotta agree with @Von Ithipathachai on this one. I use axes all the time... but they tend to be the most screwed over infantry and take a lot of resources to turn that around. Sure they can turn out great with said resources... but that's the thing. Units considered top tier don't need special treatment to be good. Then for all I know you're getting RNG blessed to hell.
  12. I'm so silver-tongued I talked my doctor out of a flu-shot when I was a kid. It didn't work in the end because my mother was immune to convince people of things. So I'm going with the golden voice so I can round out the pack and win all arguments. Would you rather play a game with no content, or light yourself on fire and run into a brick wall?
  13. That one verse speaks to me. I mean, even more than the rest. Here I am taking poetic license and you accurately describe the games flaws. This fits pretty damn well, I must say. Seems funny you were worried about experience. It's bugging me way more than it should that I'm not sure what song you're parodying, but now I feel like you've been holding out. Oh well. See if you can get the (secondary) inspiration for this next song. Zephiel's folly (to the tune of Oogie Boogie's song from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the extended version of the song as opposed to the one in the movie) Well, well, well. What have we here? The demon dragon? Ooh. I'm really scared. So you're the ones Elibe is talking about. It's over. It's over. This boss is super lame. You're joking me, you got to be. This can't be how you end the game. Those statistics. That rangelock. I don't know know which is worse. I can kill her before she moves if I don't die laughing first. When the tactician says the end is close at hand, Then you better pay attention now, because this run was an ironman And if you aren't worried, then you must not be able to feel, Because you go down one round, to the Sword of Seals. Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh, I've just won this Ironman. Now when I'm feeling antsy, and I think it's worth a shot, I may go to Bern and kill Zephiel with Lot. And don't you know the one thing, that'd make my game so nice? Taking Marcus to the endgame, to add a little spice. Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh, I've just won this Ironman. Surrender now or you will face dire consequences. You can't defeat the demon dragon, have you taken leave of your senses? Ha It's over. It's over. It's time to give this fight away. The legends of her power, don't match with the gameplay. It's easy. You're dying. You're just not strong enough. And now with your permission, we're gonna do our stuff. What are you going to do? We're going to do the best we can. Oh, The clang of mythic weapons, Is music to my ears. We don't have to preserve uses anymore, So face your greatest fears. It's much more fun, I must confess, With low tiers on the team. Not yours of course, but mine my foes. Now isn't that a scream? Now is not the time to be brave, leave or you will fill a grave. You dragons. You're something. Your situations grim. You fail to comprehend, The position, that you're in. It's over. It's hopeless. When all is said and done, When I beat Brunja, I already won.
  14. I like the idea of a Mangs interview too. So I'm putting in my vote.
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