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  1. A blindfold. After all, how can one observe... without their vision?
  2. To make up for his speed growth in Shadow Dragon. Frankly, he could have his own game and they'd still owe him for that. Ironic I got away with it (almost) unscathed in my Blue Lions run on Three Houses (albeit one marred by two game over due to "surprise the hill is on fire" and "protect the Green unit who appears from nowhere"), and an Ashe death to a low hit/low crit. To be fair, it is a worrying direction to substitute actual difficulty for "we surprise you and you rewind time to work it out". Incidentally, I recently realized Death Knight's all range counter doesn't apply to ballistae/onagers/magic orbs. Throw in the fact Meteor does splash damage (hitting foes next to a targetted unit for indirect damage thus not triggering counters)... I've came up with some ways to really cheese the guy in some maps. Yeah. I admit I prefer it when games have the reinforcements come out of forts instead of "look they just popped out of this random pixel". It makes more... you know, sense. Maybe you can get away with other places if there's a gate or bridge or door or staircase something leading off the map to telegraph that it's a place someone may enter the map. Point is, as much as I hate ambush spawns, the ones I hate most are the more arbitrary seeming ones. There's a very specific example from a very specific paralogue in a very specific game that comes to mind.
  3. When you realize that Merlinus just has PTSD from visiting 4chan. Is it sad that I almost could believe this was a real dialogue box? He was asleep at the time. I'd actually had him out of the pen that night so I could monitor him. I love that threat because the FBI are operative on American soil. The CIA on the other hand are operative in other countries. The joke is I always tell people I have reported them to the one that doesn't really apply. Like my ex who would constantly find herself reported to the FBI. To be fair, being adept in both the sword and bow... I'm about half-way there. I just need to learn to ride a horse and ransack villages without being in a class that can. Also, I just realized... Ashe in Three Houses is perfectly suited to become a bow-knight with a built in lock-pick. He's basically that one Horseman as a playable unit. Most importantly it gives him a backstory. "They took my eyes" joke incoming.
  4. Well that was... brutal. Ambush spawns are honestly the most irritating difficulty supplement in this series. I can take giving Ninjas insanely broken skills in Conquest. At least I know they have them in advance.
  5. Banned for not simply traveling back in time and banning them first.
  6. Believes a balanced team in Three Houses consists of only Knights.
  7. Banned because AIDS is a thing. (Not that it's your fault)
  8. I've been known to make similar, if less achievable threats of murdering friends if they die in a plane crash. I feel like I've been one-upped here. How about "If you die in a car crash on your way to school, I won't read your Berwick LP"?
  9. My old profile picture from back when I was Mad Manakete. See it's not a height joke.
  10. "I just found a hole in my pocket and I'm feeling a little testy".
  11. How is this cursed? This is blessed. Goddess protec blessed. I honestly have the same problem. Though hate is a strong word. Let's just say I've never quite gotten the motivation to get through one. Remember when Kreiss wasn't expected to amount to anything? How life changes. I figure The Roger earned retirement. Hell, Lionheart and Raphael probably did too. But what are the odds Pengaius spins this into a "why Arkis is the best" argument? With Norton there it's not merely choked. It's strangled. With an iron grip. As much as he deserves it, he must live until Eugen's use for him has ended. I declare this thread canon. It's Eugen being Eugen. Reported to the FBI. I figure if you're going to get a ton of bad luck all the time good luck has to balance it out eventually. Or vice versa in my case. At this point, you could just about leave them in there building up until there's no room and they die from being cramped. You're having Leonie seduce a necrodragon? But that's like necrophilia, bestiality and pedophilia at the same time. Yet you complained about Holmes and Plum. Sticking with my explanation that he used to be Dagon in life. Though technically speaking, it's a sound tactical move. In reality they wouldn't just disappear or surrender because you got the blade after all. I mean, Norton may be able to hold them off indefinitely, but then you'd have to leave him behind. But he's too good to leave. So Eugen does good tactics again, in the name of violence. Filler or not, I'm sure you must enjoy the prospect of Holmes portion of the adventure being done.
  12. Let's see. Ended up with Annette in Blue Lions, Ingrid in Golden Deer (she'd been my MVP in Blue Lions, as I've probably told too many times on this board, so I wanted to see if it was a fluke. She did it again), and then Bernadetta in Black Eagles, Edelgard edition (who by coincidence ended up my MVP in that run). As it goes the Annette and Bernadetta ones were better in my opinion than the Ingrid one. Why? Annette's one relates to the whole "making a wish" idea that started the tower gag. Bernadetta, being a recluse, hasn't heard of it and is there to try and avoid human contact. Yet Ingrid's is just her being there to stuff her face for some reason. I know it's kind of a thing that she likes food but it feels like I walked into a 3DS era game by mistake. (That is mistaking quirkiness for being a developed character). Something this game had usually avoided. Kind of a disillusioning moment for me.
  13. Yeah, that happened to me in my Blue Lions run. Flayn beat him and Bernadetta there. Which was like "Why would you put Bernadetta there? To make her uncomfortable?" Also Claude kind of advises that he thinks Hilda or Lorenz can win it if you talk to him after accepting the mission then don't choose him as the representative on the Golden Deer route.
  14. I had a very close one to that in my Golden Deer playthrough. The difference being I'd scouted and picked Annette (who seemed a logical choice). Though I understand Dedue, as I'd poached the Lions to hell, the only Eagle I'd poached at that point was Bernadetta. So Manuela's choice remains a mystery to me.
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