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  1. Well. okay then game. For the first time ever we got a double whammy of mythics (Triandra who is Dark and Freya who is Light) and with their inclusion that finishes up book 4 for OC characters minus Fairy Goat Boy whose name i forgot, sorry. IntSys has been throwing gas on the fire as of lae bringing amazing banner after amazing banner, and I really doubt it is going to end next month so let's get to the craziness. If you want Triandra or Hel well... I think you best bet will be trying to get them now. (this is what I decided to do). These two will be back in February along side Gunnthra and Yune.. That one gave me pause is that they have all four scheduled in late February. This could mean a few things. One - they made an oopsies. (Possible). Two - one is going to be in some form of anniversary banner (mayhaps). Third - Legendary banners will go from 12 to 16 units. (eeeep). It really can be anything. the fact that it is completely legendary locked though.... makes me believe that we will see shifting in December... or Feb will be the first legendary locked banner ever (so no new one? but maybe refines... something?!) Second of All - if you wanted Sothis/Time Pulse Fodder, this might the best best time to get her too - because she is to be determined.. (what is it with Sothis and her wonky repeat times)? So again it could be Anniversary or Golden week or way later in the 2021 schedule. Let's look at December, shall we? December is a Legendary Month. Red Plumeria (atk/res push 4, sabo spd, atk/res rein 3) ??? ??? Red i personally feel is where the new Legendary Hero slides in. This also might be the colour of the new Book 5 Unit who will probably be a Legendary/Mythic hero (or something) - if not, we could see Catherine (swift sparrow 3, lull spd/def 3) slide in here. All the other red candidates have had a Heroes w/banner already and with Red full up until March, it is the perfect opportunity for them to be caught up in red. Blue Peony (blue flying duel, aerobatics, fortify res 4) ??? ??? Brave Dimitri (atk/def unity, joint hone atk) slides in right here. Last year at Christmas, 3H House Leaders took all 3 slots on the legendary and I don't see why it wouldn't be the case this year. the question would be who would the 3rd Blue Be? Could be Female Kris (fury 4, spurn 3, rouse spd/def 3), but she's on a banner so it could be Gatrie (spirited lance + (cooldown +1 and atk/def +5 if bonus on unit), fortress def/res 3, crafty fighter). With Shinon already up in November, Gatrie isn't a farfetched choice. Green Celica (swift sparrow 3, atk/spd oath 3) ??? ??? Brave Edelgard (distant guard, joint drive res) will take her spot next to Queen Celica, and I would say Jill (atk/spd push 4, chill atk/spd 2, spd/def rein 3) would also join them (making green again very stacked). as it has been for a while. Colourless Duma (def/res solo 3, bold fighter) Bramimond (atk/def push 4, lull atk/res 3) ??? Brave Claude (fury 4, chill spd/def 2 atk/spd rein) rounds out out banner. Like I mentioned. I do believe our hero will be Red this month. No real rhyme or reason. Just more of Colourless was August, October was Blue and we've had some green mythics back to back, so I think Red just makes sense. Though with blue and Green both open it could slide in anywhere to be honest ----------- Double Special Heroes.....should be this month? Maybe they will change the rotation so we always get DSH's on odd months so we will continue to have stacked as heck banners for Black Friday. (that's something to prepare for next year eh?). This is what I am predicting: Red: Joshua (coral bow+ (lull spd/def bow), atk/spd link 3, fortify def 4 ) Brigid (helm bow + (solo spd/def neutralize penalties bow), harsh command +, steady impact, pulse smoke) Blue Lute (flora guide (lull spd res+ 5 tome), spd tactic), Geese (flowing lance+ (solo atk/ def neutalize penalties lance), fire boost, infantry pulse 3) or Quan (courtly bow + (atk/def +5, reduce first atk if counter atk bow), atk/def bond 4, flier formation, joint hone def) Green Harmonized! Veronica (atk/def solo 4, lull atk/def, atk/def gap 3) Dancer! Lachesis (courtly mask + (atk/res+ 5, reduce first atk if counteratk dagger), def cantrip, air orders) Colourless Pirate Tibarn (heavy blade 4, dive bomb 3) Dancer! Ethyln (courtly fan + (if initiates atk/spd +5, blocks followups dagger), ard-atk/spd 3, windsweep 3, joint drive spd) Just a reminder that Dark Burdens (2020's Fallen Banner) won the respark, so if you wanted any of those units. prepare for that Revival Banners for December December 6th: YT! Olivia, Female Morgan, Fallen Male Grima December 13th: Ayra, Blue Olwen, Amelia December 20th: Leif, Shiro, Rahjat December 27th: Brave Roy, Ninian, Brave Lyn and throw in there a Book Five shindig, Seasonals (expecting a Harmonized Hero),.... December is jam packed full of stuff 🙂 also remember. New Years Banners generally get leaked during the update for Legendary, and if you buy character packs, we usually get two new years units. prepare accordingly..
  2. i'll probably wait to see what the new book is bringing first. since this banner is so long, but i would like to complete my fairy collection with Triandra who was my favourite out of the fairies. (if i can get her along w/Leif (or even Shinion) that would be lovely, but i'll stop once i get Triandra)
  3. I'm going for Olivia on the same banner. may we both find good fortune 🙂
  4. Well there is really no "best" way to do an abyssal. I'm not dismissing it, i'm not saying desperation is bad. It just gets very stale when everything is just 3 dancers and a nuke. or a Tank and support. the challenge is there in either way, but so having skills that have you not - to use your word. "trivialize" modes. for example. I use Ophelia for my MS runs (activated by Sophia and Micaiah) which makes the whole thing go by very quickly. I then also try to do it with other techniques. just to help me get better at the game in other facets - AI movements. seeing what units can take what kind of punishment, I don't like galeforcing (like at all) but i build galeforce units because it's a different way to play the way i am used to. for me- i love duel phase skills so i am all about the flight skills because i don't have to trigger a trap or wait for a bolt tower to go off- it will work. (will it work in abyssal with bloated stats? no. but then you try other things). I just feel that having options outside ofthe basics. is really good and can just give you other ways to play and stretch how you play. Which is why (I personally feel) it's important to have some of these skills into the 3-4* pool (I mean the flights won't like ever, but in general). we haven't really had that opportunity. But i think dismissing certain skills because it's not "desperation" (or QR) isn't really a good thing either.
  5. i suppose so. if that's the only way you want to play. and it can really go either way (to be fair). Not being snarky or anything like that. i think any skill that doesn't lock a unit into one role is a great one.
  6. well for me.. i guess i don't see them as "subpar". yeah they could be posh and 5* locked and bonkers. but truthfully i don't (and never have) thought about things like that. the way is see it is"They are my favourite. they can do the job i need them to do. they might need some upgrading from time to time - which is what you'd have to do regardless if they were 5* locked or not) Yeah there are probably some demotes that are nearly unsuable without high investment. but then it's like. you can get them to +10 relatively quickly and spend the orbs to get the investment. OR you have to spend GOBS of orbs to get them to +10 (and for some units STILL need to get other skills to make them pop). 6 of one, 1/2 a dozen of the other they say. I don't want to make it sound like i don't understand/get your point. I do. (and Iknow you also hate the original characters. which that's fair.) - but i truthfully don't think anyone got hosed, and it's just assumptions that they'd be better than they are. maybe they would have. or they could have been like Fiora, Ewan, and many others that are 5* Locked for literally zero reason other than Intsys deciding that we can only have one demote per new banner. i'd 100 percent take the demotion/not being the star, being slightly "subpar" (relative) to being exactly what she'd be w/a skill intsys overvalues to justify being 5* locked (See Mikoto who comes STRAIGHT to mind) no prf, no wrath/dazzle. and only brazen atk/res. (okay and Flash but still).
  7. Isn't that assuming that Emmeryn would have been a main star? Like if you took out Mirabilis. you still have a crap tonne of other units they could have added instead of Emmeryn. Heck. they could have just flipped flopped the Def Tactic guy and made Emmeryn Summonable. (with the exact same kit). And quite honestly. if someone liked Emmeryn - I would rather her be a demote so she's easily buildable (and you JUST need healer food) vs being 5* locked and hoping for banners that she'd be on. I'm just wishing a lot more of my favourite units were actually demoted and not treated like the star.
  8. thank you i was like.... what blue mage got added this month? I think Guenievere will be for the Nukes (Ophelia, Maybe Nino, Celica). But for the ladies who have monster res: Julias, Deidres, Kirias and Micaiahs... she's going to have to punch through the res. first. She might be slow (I mean. it can go either way) but i mean. just bait her with a physical unit. she'll crumple. and yeah. I mean. Kitty Paddle would be good (if refinable, same as poison dagger) but.. i dunno. we got brave weapons with an upgrade maybe we'll get other effective weapons @XRay - well yes, desperation/quick riposte are really good skills, but if you can have the chance to lull/debuff whatever in the b-slot, imo that's better than desperation (that you have to wait to be under a certain hp to use) or QR (which you have to be over a certain HP to use). the only condition that the fliers need is spd/def (or spd/res). and it gives fliers better options.
  9. hmmm i put my two brigades together (melee and range). which was really kinda fun. Using the video as a template. i have a lot of my effective against units. (so i am thinking about putting in Harm!TikiNinian in for the dragon effectiveness on both blue + Colourless, swapping Nagi in (Instead of Brave Edelgard). so i have more green effectiveness. I also put in my Yarne. and then Caeda (who is effective against you know. the world). For range.- my love of coloured weapons is going to come in soo handy. Flora, Igrene, it's Go time! I would have Dance Micaiah in (and i might swap her in to take over from Brave Lysithea) so i have a Thani per colour. I might swap in Hinoka for one of my colourless so i have a bow armour effectiveness on blue + colourless. Palla takes care of red. and then healers but i can swap in somemore damage dealers instead. now i just have to actually playit and hope i do well.
  10. i was going to record this... but it was really. Lyn goes. TIki Harm skill Lyn goes Lyn duo skill Lyn goes. and map was over. lol
  11. 🤔 I wonder if they'll pop both Krisses (and Larcei or Ike) on the Spurn/Repel Banner. Mareeta's had a few so i guess they just didn't want to go "Heroes w/DR Skills" and Double Special heroes on n odd month. well. ...that's ... kinda poop. lol
  12. I would very much take a Mist (I mean ultimately she'd be a wom/tactic bot like most of my healers but she's very much one i'd like to have) we do need a colourless rep.
  13. This was actually quite fun 🙂 i'll probably tag peopleat the end of limited battle week. then y'all can see the other videos lol
  14. We're getting a staff refine, y'all!! Elise is the first winner of the Staff Lottery! Fae is also getting a Refine YAY! (Micaiah and Valter are the other two)
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