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  1. honestly again, the same. I was tempted to pull on Caeda/Marth's BHB banner because i was so desperate for Caeda (and at 5* and I figured, okay at least NOW I'll get one). then people were pointing out knowing my luck i'd get like all the Marths instead. same thing happened with Nino, and chances are the same thing is gonna happen w/Mercedes and Norne. 9x10 for us, we can't do the +10 5* exclusive every new banner so hunting what we need (the caeda, the cains, etc etc) is what gets our mojo going and we hope we get the new shiny along the way. when going for My hector i was happier seeing Cains than actually seeing the bearded wonder. (though i mean. he coming when he did was a happy moment too lol)
  2. LOL i felt like that for such a long time. Caeda took forever to show up for me at times and when i did get her she was -atk which made it even worse. She'll show up for you though, I know it.
  3. i got hit with a Hector/Hector/Kronya combo. I still don't get how est managed to survive and kill Kronya. it's gonna not be fun for sure.
  4. this stupid season is blessedly over. man i hate AR so much.
  5. right but you also probably have a tonne of foddder, and you have no qualms spending thousands of dollars. so of course you value grails more than orbs. you can get orbs whenever you want super easily. I'm not adverse to trying for your fodder, - but you have to hope you can get her. it took me forever to get a female grima and look how long she was the anchor in colourless. and there are some skills (in the grail shop) that are only one like one unit, and that unit is snapped out of existence. the grail shop is to give f2p units (or people in general) easier (yet limited) access to some prime skills. I just feel telling people "don't use your grails" for it is not really the best kind of advise. (esp. if it's like "spend hundreds of orbs and HOPE you can get literally a skill you can buy for some grails).
  6. well it would just depend on whom you want to use right? i mean to be fair you tend to +10 everyone, but for me I'm going to give my extra witchy wands to Priscilla and Serra. if you plan to +10 Elise or have Maribelle maybe them because they are stronger and might actually KO them.
  7. right. and considering drive atk is only on Fjorm and Delthea, and one is on legendary every 3-4 months, and one is snapped out of existence, it might make more resource usage efficent to save your orbs for something else (or more useful) and use your grails for the resource that is right there. not everyone wants to +10 a grail unit, and there is a reason (outside of "please play my garbage mode." that a lot of grail units are having 5* locked skills. it'snot just there to sit there and never be used (or just +10 them x 2 like some one else suggested).
  8. you are my people. I am legit looking at Trick and Defeat going "I don't have KittySakura, and this way i can get nornes, and mercies" (Or the distant guard/close guard banner, which will have Vero/Mufasa. same thing). thankfully i always need to shop in colourless so i can just wait until Legendary or something. (though again. me too. so many wants and needs, not enough orbs) imma gonna send you a msg. lol no it's not. it's her dress. nothing is showing.
  9. thanks chloey. and congrats on your lucy! (I forgot to say that before!) what were you going for on the lands bounty?
  10. what's your first Ike's IV? my dream was to give Amelia DC/Special Fighter. (why can't they demote Amelia? boo). and that's an amazing tiki. every tiki i've gotten has been =atk/-spd + res lol. (I only got 3 and it didn't occur to me to save one for brazen atk/spd - or special fighter).while the brazen atk/spd would be great, i think w/tiki she's just a monster so i'd just stuff her full of merges even w/all the dragon killers running around! (my myrrh has her native vengeful and i like that best but mine is +atk) thanks so much too. honestly. i'm glad i got no spooks, and i got what i needed. Her not having wrathful will suck (esp. that she's missing kills and i feel if she had the calculation some of these misses would be KOs, but again utility lol that's her job 😉 (and more importantly i have wand fodder).
  11. thanks for that (I clearly can't read this early in the morning)
  12. thanks for that. i'll do that then (I am finally getting around to buildinghorses. Silas was always a given. and i have his two perfect ivs, +atk/-spd, and +def/-spd.). so yeah i like that. give him atk, and then give him def. stuffs. 🙂
  13. pft. you know me. 😉 (VERY TEMPTED). it also helped that i keep getting boned on the 4% banner. but not even trying for Elincia did hurt. but. it is what it is. I'm going to crosss my fingers really hard you get Jakob!
  14. also remember the banner does last a month. (however. if you are anything like me, you wanna get in, get out and attack the next banner).
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