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  1. and all i want is one. Congrats @silverserpent
  2. well - i personally believe that the Legendary/Mythic banner should be the banner with the best fodder. the argument could be yes. that's the only place you can summon them - but there are some 5*s that rarely ever see the light of day (not to mention it is a good chance to get multiple copies of rare 5* fodder whilst getting mythics and legendary). i think we have to remember that not everyone cares about Arena/AR (or whatever modes) and just wants best value for their money/orbs If you don't care about Arena - but LOVE Leif and want .. i dunno... really super aweosme colourless 5* unit right now) - that unit should be available on the banner, because they have great fodder. (not "well. I hope i get Leif and let me avoid Duma") - or whatever.
  3. yeah, i mean myrrh always was for me but the refine is making life soo much easier. i love me my fliers.
  4. Enlightened Byleth firmly falls on the Mythic side of the coin, not the Legendary.
  5. lol only thanks to dominance. that took forever. (when Micaiah had Life and Death Sothis still murdered her). and she still needed to have the special charged. she could take a chunk out of Sothis without it. but it basically gave her 1 HP). I'm trying to do a 3H clear and it's simply... poop. is what it is. Sothis is sooo. mean. thanks so much 🙂
  6. thanks 🙂 i am still jealous of your Anna collection 🙂 I have a lot of Kleins so i think i am gonna build him up (over Tanya) just to have some more options for Limited Battles and the Like. Norne took forever (almost as long as it is for Echinda to show up). I do hope you get a few more Nornes your way. My hope is they put close foil on other units because honestly, it's something i'd love to put on some healers - but i also want the bow for Spring Loki + Python
  7. Speculation Time!! The news and notes had a lot to unpack - basically seeing poor Peony shunted off into December, Seliph's arrival (won't return until September so a three month turn around for the Scion of Light) - Eliwood is in November - Chrom and Azura divorced and.... Sothis is returning in early august? Things I am noticing. before it used to be the older(esque) heroes that got shunted off for months at a time. (Eirika, Ryoma, Marth to a certain extent) - but Peony isn't really a year old (will be this November). and she is basically holding the fort in December by herself - Alm got shunted to November last month. New Heroes are back to the 90 day return vs. the 120 they had before. it will be harder than usual to try to get certain heroes if the spread continues to be so far apart (so per usual, if you like the hero/like the colour share perhaps think about getting them now). It does make me wonder if starting January we will start to see Legendary Banners have Legendary Heroes/5* units with great units, and Mythic Banners with Mythic Heroes with 5* Units. Both have their pros and cons.. but I think it's better than waiting every 6 months. Sothis being in Early August (and Lysithea not having a Heroes w/Banner is leading me to believe that there's gonna be some sort of Three Houses celebration. Unless July has a Heroes with Slaying weapons/Moonbow/Death Blow banner I simply don't see where they fit her in, where August doesn't make more sense. Or We have the Legendary Banner early in August. which doesn't really jive, but something to consider. (yes she could be the third on a BHB/Tempest but again i think all of that is going to be pushed to August. However July does mark the 1 year 3H anniversary so who knows what IntSys will do). but let's focus on July. July (my Birthday Month!) gives us our newest Mythic). With Mila being Light, I am gonna say this hero is going to be Astra in nature. Red Is easy It's Legend Locked with Ike, Altina Roy (Ike for def tactic/warding breath, Altina for Atk/Def Oath, Roy for renewal 3 Bonus Doubler). truthfully - unless you need merges, really like the units - Red is kinda ehh fodderwise Blue has Tiki, Fjorm, ??? (Tiki for Fierce Breath/Bold Fighter, Fjorm for Drive Atk/Shield Pulse and Atk/Def Bond). I will say the appearance of Stance 3 skills really breathed new life for Fjorm, not to mention if light/water week align she can become quite the rock. - I will say that Nils will have his debut here, rounding out the blue pool Green has Edelgard, Thrasir, ??? (Edelgard has armour stride, atk/res solo 3, Thrasir has Flashing Blade 4, and Panic Smoke). if the Hero is not green, Rinkah is next but per usual, I wouldn't be surprised if we have a return good(great) Green unit with great fodder - it could go either way. (the Repeat hero would be Female Corrin. Who doesn't like Rally Atk/Spd+ and Bonds? - other options could be Kaden, or even Nagi ) Colourless is Eir all by her lonesome self. (mystic boost is her best skill for foddering off), Leila is gonna keep her company, and i truly don't see them giving Bernadetta here too but they did do Larum and Silque together so who knows. I am thinking we will see a return of one Older book 2-3 hero along with Leila (Velouria). the Mythic this month will be Green. Candidates: Hel why not have another flying Astra? Triandra: pretty unlikely (but wishful thinking) Anankos: i don't see him being green, but it could work - could work for Fates representation Insert any other lore-y unit in here that could work. the reason why i don't think it's colourless is that it is shaping up to be Wind Season + Colourless has a slot for August - which leaves it prime territory for Claude to sweep in and Anchor that last spot. (securing Dimitri for December, and giving the 3H leaders 4 months apart each debut and relatively in the same Metraverse as we know it) - it also allows them to have a complete 3H Legendary banner in December if they wanna make Edelgard wait five months for a return. just how i see things. but who knows. the game is weird as we know. What do you guys think?
  8. And with this map - there only leaves one more LHB I need to clear that i used a guide for (which would be Tiki's). I will say, i was really disappointed that i never got +atk Micaiah when i was summoning - but my +res Micaiah comes in sooo handy. all them 0s when Dragons go into her for the most part. it's so fun. Team Assault. (Team Siege?) I dunno. took this one one, and again. Norne.... i'm telling you. Close Foil is awesome. I need Many Midoris. (or they need to make more units with Close Foil). and - you knew this was gonna happen - Theme Clear Time! Almica had to take on this map. (Team chosen: Duo Alm, Alm Original Recipe, Celica Original Recipe and L!Celica). I will say i was kinda thinking i didn't want to merge up Legendary Celica. Who the heck was I kidding. Before there was Dimitri and Byleth, there was Celica and Alm for me, I love them, thus. they will get merge). They took on the infernal map. by the time i gto this time my brain was too tired. I basically did clears (and recording all day). But i have to say.... Holy. Crap. is Close Call the most busted skill out there. I want one for Fliers. I want one based on Defense. AxeAlm had no business doing what he was doing on this map. @Landmaster (pleaae note no nekkidness!), @Some Jerk, @SatsumaFSoysoy, @NSSKG151, @LordFrigid, @mcsilas, @Maaka, @Diovani Bressan, @Alexmender
  9. Holy hannah is Sothis a thicc girl to take down. This is actually the first map that I tested out with Norne, and i was just soo, soo surprised on how little damage she was taking. (and the amount of 0's she was putting up). I was debating if she needed a link skill or a lull, and then i decided on lull and I actually had spd/def for her but thanks to @Maaka for saying that Lull Atk/Def would be the better one for her. She is incredibly fun to use - when i get some extra Fury 4 fodder that's not from Female Byleth, i might play around with some builds with Candlewax Bow/Fury 4. @Landmaster will appreciate this - I tried to do different things with Micaiah, including giving her LND3 (so for the first time ever I saw a Micaiah double haha). i got it to work the first time but of course when it came to record i couldn't remember, so i went back to the standard push. (contemplating if I ever get atk/ res solo if that would be good. Team Assault (I have to think of a better name) - Norne, Myrrh, Azura and Duo Micaiah. @Some Jerk, @NSSKG151, @SatsumaFSoysoy, @LordFrigid, @mcsilas(sorry i didn't tag you for Seliph and Azura, check those out Silas), @Diovani Bressan
  10. Man. the amount of times i tried to figure this map out in the past - only to have to use a guide, it felt sooooooo good to come back here and kick the butt of this map. Again, no Dancing Cheese, i wasn't about to try. I created a tactics team of sorts with Norne, Myrrh, Duo Micaiah and Azura. Holy. Moses. is close foil one amazing little toy. so is spendthrift bow. I have zero regrets foddering off Midori. @Alexmender(this is the future you dream off with Norne. I did pick +spd but went with Lull Atk/Def. (it hurt to fodder off a Dimitri, but it synergizes so well with the bow + close foil). @Landmaster, @Some Jerk, @LordFrigid, @NSSKG151, @Maaka, @Diovani Bressan
  11. So i decided that i was gonna challenge myself. No Dancing Nuke. (this is slightly because i've noticed for myself that this is getting harder and harder, which is forcing me to try different compensations for teams - to be fair after I did this with the team I chose - i tried with Igrene. she cleaned the map up until it came to Sigurd. just couldn't punch through him). I ran through the first levels using my chosen team. but Mininerva couldn't handle infernal, and so it was time to bring out my baby girl - Myrrh. (her refine honestly is so amazing. again, I think the only thing that would have put it over the top was giving her iotes, or dc built in, so i could give her bracing stance 3 or something bonkers). It's been a hot minute since i had a legitimate reason to deploy Flysquad, and so no better time than the present, and vs. the Scion of Light. The Squadron Squad Leader: Myrrh - +10 +Def, Summoner Support, Refine (EFF Spectrum Form), 5 Dragon Flowers Lieutenant: Duo Palla +1, +Atk No Dragon Flowers Corporal: Summer Fiora +1(Forma'ed), No Dragoflowers Ensign: Peony (Neutral version) no Dragon Flowers. this was relatively... challenging. not too difficult, but not too easy. My favourite game play is mixed combat and this allowed me to do just that (actually all the clears I did today allowed me to do just that). here we go! (sorry for the quality. i wanted to add somemusic, so it made it not so clear as it could be but the music i think is worth it. also finally figured out how to upload on youtube). @Some Jerk, @Landmaster, @SatsumaFSoysoy, @NSSKG151, @LordFrigid, @Alexmender
  12. all I wanted was an Altena, Ferdie or Echinda merge. Game gave me a Nowi. congrats on everyone's free pullls and the like 🙂
  13. Congrats 🙂 here's hoping you can get more copies with ease 🙂
  14. I agree with Diovani. (and honestly, I do like the idea of Mythic Heroes. again I'll maintain that i sorta kinda sucks that you have Lif and thrasir there. - honestly they coulda been legendary if they wanted whatever -only because I liked the idea of Mythic heroes being exactly that. The actual "Legends/Mythics" of the stories in most of the games. so. yeah you have the Gods, Naga, Mila, Duma (Ashera, and Ashunera etc etc) - but you also have Altena, and Marth's ancestor, and the guy in the Scourging who stopped it and stuff). the actual Legends. (before these guys became legends) Also i mean. say if someone does like Seliph, and wants legendary sword cav. they still have Hrid or Eirika to contemplate. yah the pool is saturated - but it's still good to have options. i still land on the "if they have good fodder, it's good enough for me" Hrid might be a sword cav, but he's a sword cav with DC thus it always makes red cool to pull from on his month.
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