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  1. everyone tags me. and i watch them. but i forget to comment. they are all great. I haven't recorded lately mostly because i can zip through them but can't remember how. LOL this one is probably easily replicable but I'll have to twink. the team was Peony+Triandra, Norne (eating up most of the map), Alm+Celica and Alfonse+Sharena. pretty easy all things considering. it only took me 10 minutes and only 3 restarts.
  2. the chart is not me - that is reddit people but thank them 🙂 thank you though for the thanks about breaking it all down. it does mean a lot.
  3. Hello Summoners! Time to.. Somehow guess/predict what March will bring! Claude is our newest Legendary (and while people are confused why he was Earth and not Wind, going off by his summoning quotes. it kinda makes sense why they went for Earth for him). At any rate - Claude will be returning in May along with Triandra (with both green and colourless being unknown if you'd like the certainty of their team mates (and i mean Leif, Mila, Hel and Annette aren't bad). you have a few more days to try for copies. Leif will join his original bow brother Alm in June, and Hel is anchoring Green on her own. Seliph's next appearance will be July, and Altina/Hrid have been smitted into September along with Tiki. Naga is joining Sothis in August. March is a loaded month. so let's just start getting Mythic Prediction Red: Reginn (swift sparrow 3, lull spd/def 3, panic smoke 3) Marth (atk spd/bond 3, infantry flash 3) Eirika (atk spd solo 3, odd def wave 3) Depending on how remixes are gonna work. this could be the last time we see Marth/Eirika on these types of banners. It's not clear for sure. but if you want Reginn and not the other two - i would say maybe wait and see? Blue Lucina (swift sparrow 2, wings of mercy, distant guard) ???? ???? Blue (ironic after it being red for so long) has the most back log right now. They could put in Guinevere (atk res push 4, Lull atk/res, joint drive res) Duessel (def/res solo 4, lull atk/def, rouse def 3) It will be fair to mention that the hero could be blue as in Freyr - He could be a Dark mythic opening up the 7th slot there . Green Edelgard (atk res solo 3, armoured stride) Freya (atk spd solo 4, pulse smoke) ??? If the hero isn't green, we might be seeing Shamir (atk spd solo 4, null followup, rouse atk/spd 3), however this could be the Bernadetta situation being on a recent Hero Fest, and they go straight to Asbel (Fury 4, null follow up, spd/res oath 3).. I still haven't played the current chapter, so I don't know if Dagr is green, but chances are we're not gonna see her or Otr just yet so Asherea could be an option as well Colourless Corrin (distant counter, joint drive atk) Bramimond (atk def push 4, lull atk/res 3) Please Note: Corrin did win her first round in A Hero Rises so she will be on a 4 person banner w/a spark later in March. If you want Corrin I'd strongly suggest you pull here, unless you want Bramimond/new Mythic is in this slot. budget appropriately in case you don't want to wait. If the hero isn't colourless - it will be Sara (return +!!, atk/spd push 4, dazzling staff, joint drive res), rounding out the pool, unless Bernadetta (atk spd push 4, lull spd def/close guard 3) finally makes her legendary appearance after being skipped because of her Hero Fest duties. Now where do I think the hero would be? Well. they could do back to back colourless Athos? I know he is more inclined to be red because of Forblaze For the reasons why i thought the hero would be colourless last month is why I feel it will be green this month. It just naturally fits. Green is extremely solid. I just don't know if Dagr/Otr would be the hero or not (but then I wouldn't have thought Claude would be right after Seiros so 🤷‍♀️) I would plan for green. I think. ---------- Respark Banner The people have voted, and you all must have your spurn lol. Heroes: Light & Shadow (MKris, FKris, Julian, and Lena) will reappear this month. it will be interesting to see if the CYL banner will be up (again I'd imagine not but i mean who knows). Internkun is coming after orbs this month, so again plan appropriately. --------- Revival Banner Schedule We've ran through another cycle of the snapped (and the 4* special heroes just makes life so much more fun and interesting!). I don't see why this is going to stop, so this is where we are at March 7th - Fallen Celica, Hardin, Brave Ephraim March 14th - Young Tiki, Linde, Deidre March 21st - Zelgius, Micaiah, Brave Veronica March 28th - Celica, Delthea, Genny I think that is it. See ya next month!
  4. yeah sure i can do that, once we see what will happen with them 🙂 .
  5. Yeah a Tibarn/Lyn would have been nice but i got a relatively good one in Mia (my second but this one is +atk/-spd). so it's either a merge unless i wanna give swift sparrow 3/and her thingy in C slot to someone)
  6. Went with Colourless, got A +atk/-spd Mia. so it's either a merge (once we get another awakening duo) or one can die. (though i like mia so she'll probably live)
  7. if this is the case. I am so ticked off. I needed 6 Evil Celica merges 😞 and now i don't know if i should just get the rest of the Azura copies i need instead of waiting to see what happens.
  8. So did... reivival banners stop? the "demote" 5*'s confuse me on this score.
  9. lmao like a rock. I'm sort of the same. I mean i don't mind either way. but the thing is - i've always stated consistently that the Lords don't deserve anything outside of being a Legendary hero (which was established with Ike). Brave Heroes is for everyone and honestly. the 4 people who win the top two slots are who deserve it. Eirika and Marth (or chrom or Byleth or whomever lords are left) don't deserve it more than Marianne and Lute and everyone else. People want to see the Lords in a special outfit and a prf skill. cool. Other people want to see Astrid in a special outfit and a prf skill. some people just want to vote in the people that impacted their game play in. It just gets tiring that it's perfectly okay to vote for A but if you vote for B it's like a meme or being spiteful or whatever.
  10. Hello Summoners! Here we are with the Legendary Prediction/Discussion! Sorry that it is a little late. but better late than never, right? While we have the infographic here, it's always good to recap.. Seiros our newest mythic (who @Diovani Bressan wrote about how the 7th Mythic works) will return in April, however if you want Julia or Dimitri (I know that a lot of people are waiting for a FEH Channel to see what anniversary will bring us) - you might want to get on that - Julia has been smitted into June and Dimitri one more later into July. Alm is joining Julia and Yune, and Lif is joining Dimitri. Roy will be joining Eliwood in May. (I will say this again. I think it would just benefit them to just have Mythic months, Legendary Months and fill the 3rd slot with the best fodder main pool has to offer, even though it's repeats because 6 months until (insert your legendary here) is kinda bad. Feb is relatively easy to figure out too. Legendary Prediction Red is Legendary locked with Hrid - distant counter Altina - atk/def oath Seliph - distant counter Blue Naga - ar-o atk/spd 3, chill speed Tiki - fierce breath, bold fighter ???? It's a split between Guinevere and Melady. Last time Between the relatively stronger unit in Nils than. Fiora, Fiora went first. so I would think in this case Melady (atk/def solo 4, wyvern flight, instant lance (has an impact condition) would go before Guinevere (atk/res push 4, lull atk res, joint drive res) and help strengthen March. Green Hel - distant counter, guard bearing 3 Triandra - atk/spd push 4, aerobatics, spd/res rein, ??? Shamir (atk spd solo 4, null followup, rouse atk/spd 3), fits in here if it's not the Legendary Hero. (kinda strange that she wasn't with her other knights of seiros) Colourless Leif - (atk/res push 4, def smoke) Mila - (rally def res+, bracing stance 3) ??? to be honest with you this is where i feel the Hero is going to slot in. The newest hero would be Sara (atk spd push 4, dazzle joint drive res, return+) They have done that with Julian so it wouldn't be that big of a surprise. the next few months we'll probably be seeing strong colourless repeats since we're basically all caught up. I still believe we are due for a Legendary Healer. I i've been thinking what the staff would do. Maybe something like Kia staff but it gives an omni buff to all stats? I'm not sure.. Who would it be - well I guess we go back to the well to Elincia or Micaiah. Those the two last lords (that could fit in colourless and that sort of make sense though they could have MRobin as a colourless tome? i'm not certain). Arguably, the unit can be green, which would mean Xander could be a candidate. But really I am leaning towards Colourless myself. Double Special Heroes Prediction maybe this month they'll show up. again in case you were wondering. this is what I am thinking the banner will be Red: Joshua (coral bow+ (lull spd/def bow), atk/spd link 3, fortify def 4 ) Brigid (helm bow + (solo spd/def neutralize penalties bow), harsh command +, steady impact, pulse smoke) Blue Lute (flora guide (lull spd res+ 5 tome), spd tactic), Geese (flowing lance+ (solo atk/ def neutalize penalties lance), fire boost, infantry pulse 3) or Quan (courtly bow + (atk/def +5, reduce first atk if counter atk bow), atk/def bond 4, flier formation, joint hone def) Green Harmonized! Veronica (atk/def solo 4, lull atk/def, atk/def gap 3) Dancer! Lachesis (courtly mask + (atk/res+ 5, reduce first atk if counteratk dagger), def cantrip, air orders) Colourless Pirate Tibarn (heavy blade 4, dive bomb 3) Dancer! Ethyln (courtly fan + (if initiates atk/spd +5, blocks followups dagger), ard-atk/spd 3, windsweep 3, joint drive spd) Now they could swap things around because it's February and they wanna have a stacked banner for Anniversary, so you could kick out Joshua and add Sigurd (atk/res bond 4, lull atk res, joint drive res, duo skill double reposition every odd turn), and kick out Lachesis for Grima (dragon's ire 3, goad dragons) Revival Banner Schedule I had a small hope they'd just cycle through Book 2 again, but no dice. So just for planning purposes this is what to expect for the final Book 1 units Feb 2nd: Elincia, Tana, Innes Feb 14th: Sanaki, Nephenee, Amelia Feb 21st: Gray, Brave Lucina, Brave Ike Feb 28th: Leo, Azura, Elise. with the entire cycle starting back against March 7th with Celica, Brave Ephraim and Hardin. and maybe during Feh Channel we'll hear the rest of book 2 has been snapped. Respark Banner The next Re-Spark banner will be Heroes: Light & Shadow (MKris, FKris, Julian and Lena) in March. The Dread Isles has officially been eliminated. I don't think CYL would be the next banner up (though after heroes of light and shadow, it was the next new heroes banner) - so maybe we will see Soul of Zofia or Changing Winds again. Well, that's about it scheduling wise, hopefully this helps you out planning wise with Calendar info intermingled. 🙂 See ya next month!
  11. I'm sorry 😞 the same thing has happened to me in regards to L!Azura. Eventully the dam will break. But if you feel if you have had enough i understand that too.
  12. I personally don't know if i had a heavily invested Dragon (armour) if i would give up a fighter skill for dragon wall. most infantry dragons (outside of Fae) have more defense than res. Fae + Lilith have more base res than defense so if you commit to that you're kay i suppose. but then honestly. I'd rather just Dragon's Ire at that point. (but then again for me. i am determined not to run DR on everyone and their mother so that's just me)
  13. i actually like Fates Anna (mostly because whilei've done awakening... i don't remember anna there at all) LOL however. since my votes are totally open - I don't mind voting Awakening Anna for you. i am mostly voting for alts this year.
  14. well honestly i just want a really nice demote dagger to build up. I mean i know there's Kagero etc etc etc in the pool but it would be nice to have a go to Dagger unit. and I love Norne (she's done so much work for me). it would kinda be cool if she got an Alt - and it was a Dagger (i honestly had no idea who to vote for) - my votes are actually completely open this year. Kinda freeing.
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