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  1. as someone who has been team dancer, i tend to find - I don't really use dancer a lot. on GD, i made it Lysithea (which ended up being a waste, because then she learned gremory and never danced again) On BL I turned Dorothea (which worked for some maps) - but then i tend to do "Original Students Only" on the last few maps -so she got left behind (and i didn't go "Gee golly, wish i still had a dancer!!") so now with BE-I am like. do i just make Dorothea a dancer again? (she was relatively good at it). I do intend to get Marianne (and she was really great for me as a mortal savant (insanely good) so being a dancer with her spell list also makes sense. (LOL nostoftank Byleth. I always kinda wanted to do a magic-byleth, she probably could be great at it, but I love her as a Falcon Knight WAY too much. Byleth ate the last BL bossmap, armed with Parthia vs all those mages, warriors etc and it was literally a sight to behold... i really wish she got a better magic list)
  2. yeah... but i mean it's like foddering Flora for QR 3 because you don't want to spend 20K feathers to promote a Subaki, rather than taking the more rare SI. but, okay then.
  3. oh. yeah that's true. this is chapter 12, "To War" right? My Ingrid got crit'ed by death knight (so i rolled back) and tried Ashe. that's how she blows I suppose (but i mean this was the map i always beat him in)
  4. as everyone already answered - - i'll just give my two cents 1: I've done 1.5 paths. I strongly, strongly suggest you start cultivating a good "Gambit" team soon. it's not just about making them not move, There are healing, dancing, and wall gambits that can legitimately save your bacon in the middle to end games. (and paralogues). Gambits are also needed to farm the rare minerals (Mythril, Agroathim (I think, i spelled that wrong), Umbral Steel (for the Relic Weapons), Veninstones and Wootz Steel). 2: Cultivate a thief. you don't have to manually train them up if you don't want to, let them pass a thief exam, and then let them piggy back on someone and let that person eat up a map or two. (i've done this for several units in my BL run because i wanted Petra and Hilda to have Wrath for the next playthrough so i can just buy it w/my renown). because I have faced the Dark Knight.. 7 times? I've killed him exactly twice(i always just stole the seal). Once was with Lysithia with Miasma crit, and once with was Ashe with a KIller Bow Crit.
  5. Serra right now has the Lantern (from Erika). I want to get her Witchy Wand. (and the Marshmallows and the Kumade. Serra gets all). I tried to get her Candlelight/flash but no dice. that's my problem with push. I do have Atk/Spd Solo (because I am like you, I like the Offensive healer). I wasn't sure if i should buy a Louise for the Bond. but. again just wasn't sure.
  6. i have another taco sitting here, and i was thinking that for my Countess (what wand? Absorb?)
  7. i was really wanting to get Atk/spd Push for Serra too - but i keep waffling on it like. if it was really the best skill FOR her. (why can't healers have damned better A skills i swear).
  8. LOL why thank you very much! yeah - I don't know if book 2 units are going to be Thano'sed when book 3 is done, and I also didn't know when Myrrh would have another banner. (I was actually thinking for a good chunk of the day having her at +4/+5 would be okay, but my friends were like no, just go for it now and then you don't have to think about it anymore). so yeah it kinda sucks not having any spend-y orbs, but knowing Myrrh is done (minus having ground orders/air orders and Def Smoke (to continually ensure her defense is higher than others vs. atk smoke) - is also a very great relief. my next project is going to be Evil Corrin/Evil Baby Tiki, and Micaiah. (Brave/OG). so i have to save a LOT (but i also want some prime fodder that's priority right now (mostly on seasonals), so we'll have to see. LOL (I also want Amelia, Elincia, Nephenee, Skylivia... lol a lot of units 😉 ), but those three (four) are the big ones, with the slighter edge going to Corrin because she's infantry and not armour and my infantry teams need a LOT of work. @mcsilas, thanks, friend!
  9. ooh congrats. and thanks. yeah i mean i am pleased as punch that i got Myrrh done (now i can save for my OTHER big 5* project - and other fun stuff). but the down side is, no CYL 3 fun for meee.
  10. I finished my Baby. (her C is flexible - but i want to get her ground + air orders, as well as pulse smoke). my first 5* exclusive. First copy was on the Heroes with Fury banner, one came on the 2018 halloween banner, one came hunting for Leanne. then the rest came today. soo happy.
  11. Annnnddd. My darling Myrrhbear is done. I had roughly 835 orbs when I started and she was +2. Ironically - Myrrh was one of my first 5*'s that i actually wanted, and i got her off the original "Heroes with Fury" banner, so it's kind of funny that's the banner i finished her off on. I also got Sonya (new for me, so that was great) - broke a Rate Claude (YAY because i wanted him, and didn't get him) - broke a rate Hector (Camilla took that DC) 3.0 pull and Evil Baby Tiki (who still doesn't know how to be netural in atk or spd). - broke a rate. and now we totally save. this was my CYL 3 for me (I do want Camilla (just because flying healer) and get some Micaiah copies but having someone completely finished whom i use all the time was priority.
  12. 267 Orbs A Sonya, a Claude and 2 Myrrhs Baby Girl is now +4 - but i dunno if i should keep going.
  13. Okay so what I did was in my first game, i bought a whole statue. then i carried over a chunk of Renown, so i had about 8800 (I made sure i had at least 4K for prof a+). i did the first missions to get me toE+ then I bought my professorship back. I truthfully had no problems doing it. having 10 all at once is sort of a waste, so i mean, you can get to C (fast) and then sort of raise it naturally but i basically just do my day now - Tutor byleth on everything (except Alois) , use 1 on choir practice, 1 on House v House Battles, (then tea time). if i have one left over, i feed everyone) The 1 other thing i did was Buy level A support w/Hilda. I had a specific build for her and i needed her ASAP. because she needed a lot of time and work and it is paying off now. so that was 1200 renown well spent. I had to nurse Marianne's reason along but now she is just an insane Mortal Savant for me. once i start playing over and over again, ideally i should have enough renown so i can unlock my ranks on weapons and it's all done. but i never regret buying my A+ right away and I'll most likely do this again. i fished for hours to get it done the first time if i can avoid it that's great.
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