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  1. thanks kinderly! I am hoping i can get one Naturally, though the last few blue pity breakers have been Ylgr. (blegh). I don't mind waiting (I don't know when she'll have another banner to be honest with you). Yeah. LOL i was quite amused that the archer kept going for them and Veronica was like. yah. it's not happening. They are quite a good unit. even withmy megh ivs - they get the job done Yeah. Dreammy got to play a lot. See. unlike unwanted pity breakers, I wouldn't mind more copies of her. and i'm glad she got to do a lot of work (and you know, set up Ophelia). and see. no one was Nekkid. i made sure they were all dressed up. and i know. LOL> that was the easiest Condition to fulllfill ever. yeah. that's why i like the duos. I am going to try (hopefully) to get them because they come in handy for limited battles!
  2. i might try to record the others - I was SO proud of the Aversa one but i can't remember how i did it. this one was a Breeze. @Alexmender, @GuiltyLove, @Some Jerk, @Vicious Sal, @mcsilas, @Landmaster, @LordFrigid
  3. thanks for this 🙂 that makes sense too. Yeah when Atk/Def rein comes that's what i want for my Ashnard and Altena. I just have to decide who exactly gets Spd/Def Rein Baby Caeda or Caeda Prime.
  4. hmm thanks. ssomething to consider. i wan to give them both pegasus flight. so that + a rein skill would be lovely.
  5. would they want spd/def rein over atk/spd or something? i won't be able to go for copies of Jill anyway but it's just something to consider when she's on a Heroes w/banner (or legendary)
  6. honestly i would like TMS to have a FB vs. a Forging Bonds event.(as the first one was Tempest trials so i feel we'll never even get them on a respark vote)
  7. yeah and then you have that stupid healer. so annoying. I used Veronicaaarrrrr, NY Alfonse, Veronica and NY Gunnthra. i had use the harmonized skill
  8. Atk/Spd Push 4 is the new swift sparrow confirmed. Shinon's special might be inheritable. (and I knew that with all the DR stuff they were doing, that we'd get skills that would ignore it). Fortress Def/Res 3 on someone i give zero poops about. Excellent. will wait to pull until i see what the Iceberg Banner/Mythic banner is. I would like a Jill (and spd/def rein for some people). and if i could nab a Fortress Def/Res 3. that would be excellent.
  9. you have been so stressed out lately @mcsilas - that is one hell of a freebie circle.
  10. Did this with Summer Fiora, Blue Bow Lyn, Bride Ninian and Leila. pretty fun.
  11. honestly i just hope whomever it is - i don't want them or their skills. (i hope they are GOOD.-just. swift sparrow 3s and hone atks and stuff ).
  12. i need to go on lock down because October will just suck all my orbs - but if Fiora is on a banner i would really hope to get her quickly (and two - i do need to be greedy), because i really want Pegasus flight for Caeda
  13. geeze. thank you. (The person lied to me lol). He was adament that the artist was new.
  14. i know some of the FEH Faithful are drawing some of the resplendants - but i also know some of them are new - i wonder if they are using this to test drive some new artists. (I also know Dancer Quan is a new artist...an interesting take to be sure)
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