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  1. as is tradition: new Flier gets a FlySquad test - Caeda, Est, Lazura and Sakura. it took a while (istill don't know how to galeforce very well), but Caeda held her own. can take an iceberg hit to the face from Morgan which is really interesting. good for future reference.
  2. @LordFrigid, @Landmaster, @Nanima, @mcsilas etc etc. I have built. A Caeda. Caeda also has glacies, iceberg, breath of life (because it was coming w/glacies) the plan is (for now), marry her to Naga,to give her more stats in AR. (which she will be ready for tomorrow aka later today). i don't have other ploys crafted. i've been playing for almost a year now, and this was something i really really wanted, and thanks to everyone who put up with the whinging. She may not have been the first - like i wanted, but she's my third and third time is very much the charm.
  3. that's been happening to me. many beast breakers. all of them broken iv wise
  4. @Nanima PRINCESSES AND STARS!! (pls cross your fingers i can get OG hinoka early on her repeat). I'll watch when i am able to. Ahhh Brazen Atk/Spd 4!! (If they made Fury into a seal LOL I might give this to Celica!!) confession i very rarely check for skills. my thing is normally - either Celica can nuke it or Myrrh can tank it. when they can't, is when i start getting creative. it's kinda fun (ie: who knew that Sumia can tank a lot of crap. from Cynthia's GHB. Not meeeeeee, until i did it. 98 percent of the time is coz i am one lazy girl). You would have thought it would have been Lazura - but yah i think the flying lance dancer will be an alt. it wouldn't even matter who it is - it will just make my life and team comps for FlySquad and Celica's Dance Dance Nukealution a lot easier 😉 Mhm. I wasn't afraid with Red Morgan, bu i was the iceberg, colour disadvantage that made me think about atking FMorgan. (but Blazing Wind tends to make everything better).
  5. i have many to sweep up too. I should be done w/TT today/Tomorrow so then all stamina can go towards clearing out much needed SA's and CCs. (i love that Skylivia). in other news, i am so happy GC is back. it makes dealing with this dumb Rokkr stuff easier.. I did hit 200K damage this morning so now anything i do is for ranking and while i am dire need of feathers....not that much.
  6. because it was funny 😉 yeah - the second copy is -spd though. even though bane gets negated now, go figure game gives me -spd and -res for my first +atk copies.
  7. how many orbs do you have right now? you do have a week - and i do remember you saying you would buy some packs.right now, is your absolute best time. With Chain Challenges, all you really need is a good nuke and some dancers. (i know some people are averse to guides, but i would say just find some guides that use the neutral 3/4 stars and just chip away at it).
  8. i'm sorry that you didn't save enough orbs to get Lucy. and honestly - I get it. I don't know specifically how long you've been playing - but i get that "um. hello, where exactly are you?" feeling with some units. - Micaiah and Flying Olivia being one of them. Azura was highon that list and i have yet seen an Azura banner where that girl hasn't made me spend a huge chunk of my orbs. (even going for L!Azura on Hide and Seek, - one of my many pity breakers was actually OG Azura whom i always tried hard to get). Micaiah (since I've played) has had 3-4 banners, and i have a whole row of blue pity breakers to show for that failure and I got so mad when all my friends got many Flying Olivias as pity breakers, and i couldn't even get her as a banner. But i was always prepared for an eventual banner - and will be for Micaiah, Myrrh and some others i need merges on, even if it means bypassing on stuff (ie: the upcoming close def. banner) and skipping other fun things. getting my favourites always trumped that. you have to do what you feel is right i guess. i know there are a lot of people who don't really summon so as long as you have what you can do to get content that's it. hopefully you can get a miracle or two).
  9. @Nanima, @mcsilas, @Zeo, @Jave and everyone else - i finally had a moment to watch all of your clears. they were, amazing.(Like everyone else, Jave, idon'tknow why i thought that it would be Spanish voice acting!!, Nanima, what was Evil Taco's new toy? I couldn't figure it out?!), Zeo - i hope you can get back to making more clear videos. I love Matthew/Morgan clears, so even if it's only a bit at a time, that's good enough for me!! (I know you like to pour your heart and soul into it, and that gets draining etc - but even simple "ta-daaas!" work too, because i think you really inspired a lot of people - including moi!) @LordFrigid that was an amazing clear too LOL DOUBLE CAEDA (Well, i have another +atk one so maybe far far down the road 😉 ) @Landmaster - haha Morgan & Morgan vs. Kana & Kana. LOVE. IT. Okay - so. Two clears. (i tried recording, so we'll see if it works. (check). Nope. there's a 3 minute delay, per usual) Clear One: FlySquad The Crew: Flying Olivia: +1 (+spd), Steady Posture, Wings of Mercy, Fortify Fliers, Warding Stance 1 Elincia (aka Pumpkin Princess): +3, (+spd), Swift Sparrow, Swift Sparrow Refine, Desperation, Hone Fliers Bath Sakura: +atk/-def, Gravity (dazzle refine), Atk +3, Wrathful, Hone Fliers , Physic (??? SS I forgot) Myrrh (aka Myrrhbear) +3: DC, QR 3, Atk Smoke, and Iotes (per usual) The Scene: Double Morgan, a flying bow with Air Orders (I SEE YOU (i didn't see him), Fury Green Mage, and that nasty annoying brave sword mook. The Squad is generally always Captained by my beloved Pumpkin Princess (wearing the Restoration Helm), and darling Myrrhbear. I'm still struggling (very much) with Noontime. I am also very lazy to see if Sol would be better. (Aether - while Myrrh would get instantly, I'm wondering if it would sort of be the issue i had with Ignis. the cooldown. She'll heal - but would she heal enough).Noontime is basically she'll almost always double on enemy phase. but i miss that Massive Ignis OHKO too. Anyhoo the big issue here for this squad is that pesky bow, FMorgan's iceberg, and that Brave sword. Sakura gravity'ed everyone, allowing myrrh a chance to be Danced by Livvy, and start soaking up damage by Morgan (dead). threat number one gone. Second phase. Eliminating the Brave Sword (this was something that was giving me issues). Elincia was up to the task. Sakura made quick work thanks by a dance by Livvy, of that flying Axe wyvern and flying bow. Myrrh is out of danger from Morgan. Meaning. Livvy has to take the full of a magic hit. (This is where I got Lazy and forgot to put brazing stance). Morgan unleashes Grima's Truth into her - and Livvy does something that Lene can not. 😉 Survive one magical hit. Green Mage lands right on top of Livvy. Clean up: Elincia kills Morgan, Livvy kills the Green Mage: SUCCESS! (always fun when putting my fliers in dangerous situations like this). Clear Two: Celica Dance Party The Star: Celica: +2, (+atk), Ragnorak (Brazen atk/spd refine), Fury 3, Desperation 3, Savage Blow 3, Speed 3 SS (and my favourite special of choice: Blazing Wind - never regret that promotion of Navaare to die for that/desperation 3 lemme tell ya). The Dance Party: Flying Olivia (insert guidance in C, Chill Spd 3 in SS), Airzura +atk/-def (general set up, really need to give her Hone atk), and LAzura (+spd/-def, torrent dance 3 in SS) Something I noted: We do not have a Flying Dancing Lance. (I want a flying dancing lance now). the only danger here was getting Celica set up. (ha ha), and making sure she had Blazing Wind locked and loaded. Speed 3 is generally now her SS seal until i get more coins and unlock brazen atk/spd 3. having her basically +atk +spd makes life a lot easier. Let us Begin. Celica Moves to the left, Lazura Dances her, and everyone shifts to follow her. now the fun really begins. Celica obliterates the Brave Sword, Lazura Dances, bai bai Green Mage, never stood a chance. LIvvy dances, and pop! goes the bow night, and oh look. Blazing wind - all ready to go. Airzura dances, and eat this pal! (best Mae voice). TA Activated with both Lazura/Airzura, so now morgan and wyvern rider is following them (probably also celica, but hey. what do i know about AI movements?) and the Finale. Princess trumps Tactician, Livvy Dances, and the Wyvern never stood a chance Had celica been later in the weekly cycle stuff - and not the first week (and so close to hector), I would have spent orbs to get more merges into her. Hands down one of my most favourite units to play with and usually never has much trouble for most content. Still not sure what is causing all the lagging and stuff, recorded both clears, and it was just. horrible to watch. so i verbalize!! 🙂
  10. This is really the point i feel, Game needs to change the Focus rates (on any/all banners) to like 3.5 2.5 I don't get why Focus is the same as everything else.
  11. I'm just sitting here waiting to see if @TheSilentChloey finally got her Girls.
  12. I got an Oboro. (sigh). i wish i liked her art enough to invest in her. why is everyone i love 5* exclusive? I already had a LanceLucy - but like almost EVERY SINGLE LANCE i have she's minus spd, but i can't go after her. i needs Hinoka.
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