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  1. Igrene + her dance posse cleaned up shop. (the last round was tricky, because of that blue armour), but guidance saved the day! Seriously wanting more copies of that one.
  2. Another Refinement. Another month to wait for Fae 😞 Eirika getting one is cool, but she's still atk/spd rally fodder though
  3. *deep breath* YAAAAAAYYYY Azura 👏 she's one of my very favourite characters, and this gives me another merge on mine (+2). The art is a bit wonky but whatever. (i'm not cancelling the pass regardless but so far, minus Ike (for me) it's all been pleasant surprises. (and ike lives on in Edelgard so there's that)
  4. It's kind of funny because i don't even remember hitting 5* Bartre- so when I got the Death Blow Seal, i was like what
  5. it was simply a question. goodness. sorry to deign asking you one
  6. and why don't you want catria? she's a good unit.
  7. got two blues, in No Summon March can only pull 1 orb - pulled bottom left and I FINALLY GOT Altena. (Which honestly is better for me than Petra (right now) anyway. FINALLY i can build a defensive lance flier who is suppose to be defensive!) Hopefully i can Petra (and another Catria) down the road.
  8. you must be. because even Greg Chun said he's upset that his early FEH work all his characters sound the same. Allegra Clark, Ophelia's Voice Actor, Eirika Lindbeck and a lot of others have the capability of having their characters sound different. so does DC.... Itsuki's voice actor, Joe (Claude's VA),Sinterklass, and a few others have a caedence where it makes you wanna stop and go. "hmm is it them?" and it makes you wanna go take a look (I've been stumped with a few of them because i swear it was and then a quick look on Behind the Voice Actor goes nope." Wendee Lee and Greg Chun's characters sound like Wendee Lee and Greg Chun (actually to a smaller extent Matt Mercer LOL) it's not a slight or anything. just. you always know when it's Wendee Lee, Greg Chun and Matt Mercer.
  9. holy crap. YAY. but i am so sorry it took so much. (I'm also jealous of your pity breakers - bot that i would want you to have them but those are all units i needed haha i am especially jealous of your ELINCIA). 🙂 he looks very handsome and ready to smash everything. (You should add me on FEH if you have space, my number is in my signature). I got a Merric. Echinda. Python, where art thou?
  10. I got a Henry. I hope you do. I'm really much on free pulls right now, and I';m not even getting units i wanna build (Altena, Echinda, Norne, Tethys or Sophia), so. pretty much my life is boring. I don't want to use up my free pull wishes unless it's super important.
  11. Only because I'm pretty certain Soleil will get a Prf down the road - I've now got my choice of Fun Swords for other units. (Mostly Fiora).
  12. exactly. every banner it's whinge whinge whinge "this unit is in grails/doesn't have a good kit." where to me it's like. Great. now i just need to get the Skill, and they can do extremely well. i've seen some monster grail unit builds. it just takes a little bit of tender love and care and skill inheritance. at any rate. this banner is a skip, i hope i can get bun bun Fir/Est down the road but i've got bigger plans for mah orbs.
  13. Just hoping for a really really good trial unit.
  14. So i am supposing this is permanent. which means eventually - I'll be able to be +10 Elincia - if she'd ever come at a time where it makes sense to get the merges.both she and Neph come at horrid times for me. Honestly, i am also hoping in April they snap and revival banner book 2, so that's two permanent "we know what's up" and continues to clean out the pools.
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