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  1. Me too! ME TOO! I like Itsuki a lot and he's like one of the only dragon killers with good res! i just need another DC unit for him.
  2. both can do it. honestly, I really don't want another Cav (because of the BST penalties) I don't want an armour (because i don't really want to lug an armour around), the Infantry lance pool is soo small - just tweak it via legendary and brave).
  3. it's gonna be one of those weeks. Match One: I forgot to equip Myrrh's iotes shield. Map. ALL BOWS and it double hurts because she could have easily tanked that alm hit. Match Two: ran out of time. Match 3. i dunno. but. i completely dismantled a cav line. so that made me happy.
  4. @Anacybele because it's not. before start of combat. before you actually move. so any skill that works on visble buffs (like pegasus flight) needs to see what the stats are before you actually atk. in combat buffs calculates everything you do when you fight there are some weapons and skills that take into before combat buffs (igrene) and then adds more penalties in combat (also igrene). but "because it sounds the same" isn't the same - and that's what will get you in trouble expecting it to be the same.
  5. i'm replying this in the general thread. Congrats on your pullls everyone else.
  6. As long as Dimitri is wielding a lance and is not an armour or a calvary i'm good with it.
  7. wait. WHOA WHOA. stop. HOLD. (i mean it's too late and i am hoping someone stopped you) - You can give Swift Sparrow to Fiora, but it won't work with Pegasus Flight. Pegasus flight calculates the speed/res check before start of combat. Swift Sparrow gives you in combat buffs. so unless you are giving Fiora a lot of field buffs. (to trigger the conditions). so i just want you to know that while swift sparrow could be a good skill for Fiora. (for how you want to play with her,) - just remember that Pegasus flight won't work in tandem with it. anyway moving on. @Zeo you lucky! 🙂 I didn't get anything from this banner, but i'm not allowed to complain about it for months. 🙂 Leila does seem like she'll be a boat load of fun and i am glad you got everything you really hoped for. 🙂 @Landmaster#celicar!!!! It would be very great now if both Alm and She retired from Alts. thanks. (also though could Brave Alm please come home and match the natures of everyone else LOL). @DLNarshen oohh congrats on +10ing Ishtar! 🙂 that is WILD that you got it done in under 1000 🙂
  8. we need to get you a Daddy Quan, and a Christmas Tree now.
  9. I don't have lots of Masked Marths (only 1). and I as of yet have only spent 100 grails - (for the hero path thing). so. playing from day 1 - i've got about 6000+ grails. so that's enough for 2? 3? units?
  10. and that. i do understand and agree with LOL however - even as a demote. it could take a year+ to get enough for +10. (which is basically the same amount of getting grails. just saying).
  11. but Haar isn't butchered. I've seen some nasty Haar's. Honestly i get people like summonable units because IVS and all the rest and people like the GHB Meme going on but there are a lot of powerhouse grail unit - without prfs i might add, and you can customize them however it suits your playstyle.
  12. Well considering the only problem is Trevant is that he doesn't have a Prf - thus he could have any kind of weapon - i don't see how he's butchered. Also. considering we don't even know what Heath's stats are we don't know that he's "butchered". I would be over the moon if Jill was a grail unit because it would be "poof." right there, ready to get going.
  13. OH! thanks. well i totally stand corrected. 🙂
  14. maybe we'll be lucky and get Dimitri (Ideally i get a Leila AND Dimitri 😄 )
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