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  1. Thanks for this as always Diovani! 🙂 I'll be doing distant guard i think that will be helpful, and then this means i'll probably upgrade one of my bond skills (finally).
  2. so then you go ahead and complain. but why should people who don't care complain. like. if this was Ike or Fred or whomever else you wanted would you want everyone to complain that this was Christmas armour emblem? honestly. i don't care that it's Christmas armours. they look awesome and If i could spend the orbs i would get them. if they were christmas cavalry, I would like them, if they were fliers i'd be all over it and if they were infantry i'd get it. but then I don't understand why people get upset over like 98 percent of the things they get mad about in this game so what do i know. I figure you don't like it, your orbs are safe. that's a good thing. move on.
  3. hey @mampfoid how are you doing in your playthrough? I have to say this was inspiring me to finish up the game i had started.
  4. why? not everyone hates seasonal armours - so why should they complain?
  5. Summer Laegjarn - she'll be in Jan, pushing Lyn to Feb. (yaaaayyyy). i honestly hope they do that w/the dance seasonals. (then i will go for Berkut!). better that then hoping beyond hope i get him before a tiki/fjorm.
  6. I'm 2 for 2 for duos as well. but i have to assume that this one will be legendary banner bound so i don't mind waiting.
  7. ahhh. yeah to be fair i didn't recognize anything. but as i loved Bravely Default (didn't finsh second, i should) and I loved Octopath this brings me great joy (did they talk about Zelda at all?)
  8. hopefully this lets them make more FE now. we ❤️ it. get a crackin IntSys! i got stupidly excited seeing that bravely default has a ... sequel? whatever. more bravely default hurrah!
  9. thanks! Okay so that's a bit better. but still the fastest armour being Ike.
  10. that doesn't mean people weren't going gaga. does it then? answer. no. which means. what i said: people like whom they like. regardless if they are playable, or non playable or a 3 second piece of art in the game anyway i am pleased for people who like this. good luck for those who are summoning. I passed my first test. nooo need (I do want marth but i can wait until he's on a seasonal (please don't share with Duma that's all I ask).
  11. So is Duo Armour Marth the fastest unit in the game? he passed Mareeta by 2 base speed for 44.
  12. A: no she's not, and B: because she's actually popular. and same how people went gaga over Altina - who was a 3 second piece of art work. People like who they like.
  13. halloween tends to get a chunk of armours too. so like. 50/75 percent Halloween, 100 percent christmas. which - honestly i do think i'm fine with. New years is always fliers - which i am MORE than fine with. but then the rest of the year is a blend of all movements, which i think is good. (and i will say i am not the biggest fan of armours but if game put my favourite unit in an armour class, and i liked their skills enough i'd use them so it's not just Flier bias speaking here eithe - see my HMyrrh for example, and my love for Amelia).
  14. i am fine with armours for christmas. better to save my orbs with m'dear.
  15. again. not necessarily. it took me an entire year to get my 2nd est. and I summoned on blue all the time. everyone has those stories. some units are practically myths for some people. for as much Colourless that i've pulled this year - i barely ever get Lissa or Sakura. so yeah, the more you summon - the more you'll get stuff but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll get what you need.
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