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  1. It does have a lot of customization. However the hair options don't have an option that is both long-haired and covers one eye in bangs, though one gets close (this is the hairstyle she uses). The armor can get a bit tricky, too. You can "glamour" your armor however you like as long as the class you're on can equip the item. Getting that particular set of armor cost me quite a bit of cash; I can recoup those losses fairly quickly as a tank, but I'm fast approaching a point where teleporting is going to get very expensive, and I need enough cushion to absorb that. Not to mention the shenanigans I very nearly pulled to try and get the chestpiece and the boots; research told me I needed to do the Alexander raid to get a particular token, which i...didn't really want to do. I was later informed I could buy both pieces with the currency I already had, though it required some running back and forth between vendors. None of the "small" axes in the game look any good as they're all noob level gear, so I went with a big one that has a dragon print on it. This was probably the most expensive thing to buy, and it wiped out 60% of my gil (I got about a third of it back today).
  2. Shadowbringers. I was never particularly interested in Blue Mage, so I don't care about what's going on with that. I am VERY interested in the Gunblade class that appears to be coming. This trailer has made me feel distinctly Nohrian, so I Fantasia'd my big, burly Roegaedyn Warrior into Camilla.
  3. So here's a place where, if you have customization options for your characters in other games besides Fire Emblem, you can show off the Fire Emblem characters you have created if you can get them close! Let me start things off with a trio of poses from Nohr's oldest princess, Camilla! Guest starring here in Final Fantasy XIV, the Malig Knight Camilla has been battling her way across Eorzea in search of Corrin, who has gone missing following the destruction of Anankos. Along the way, she has discovered a talent for slaying gods and defeating Imperial legions. Her hair's a bit short, but I tried to keep gear and appearance as close as possible. That circlet is damn near to perfect, though the armor was a bit annoying to find and buying the axe bankrupted me T_T The black underwear is from a swimsuit. I may have more later. Lucina and Hinoka are also characters I've created, and I'm going to add them in when I find proper mogs, though Paladin Armor Lucina is close.
  4. I'll tell you exactly what happened to the Robin/Sumia pairing popularity: Sumia is shown as Lucina's mother in the opening cutscene of the game, so Chrom/Sumia is considered the canon pairing. Lucina pairing with Robin is famous because she's the main girl and Robin is the main guy unless Robin is female, in which case that goes to Chrom and Robin takes center stage as head female. Let's not forget the story implications of the Robin/Lucina pairing, particularly the scene where Lucina threatens Robin. I'm actually not certain who I want to pair Corrin up with beyond Camilla, Hinoka, Felicia, and Rhajat. Boy do I wish Camilla's supports with Corrin were better.
  5. My headcanon is Grima's rampage that the first Exalt stopped is the cataclysm that changed everything.
  6. Ok. Orange/Red haired girl who is highly aggressive, a famously bad attitude, bratty tendencies and somehow manages both a superiority and inferiority complex at the same time that causes her to become extremely reckless? Yeah, Severa's no Asuka expy at all. Nope, they're nothing alike. Truth be told, Severa is just Asuka if she weren't a main character who the narrative revolved a significant part around.
  7. Which version? The Asuka expies like Severa, or the ones more like Lethe?
  8. A cameo from the older Fates siblings and Elise in some fashion, with a joke being told at Takumi's expense. At least one Tsundere character, either of the Lethe variety or the Severa variety. One of the knights is super serious and the other is SUUUUPER LOOUUUUD! Some throwaway NPC double-crosses the heroes and soon after is a greasy smear on the ground; nonetheless this event has ramifications for a significant part of the game. A true Nabarl/Navarre archetype which has been missing from Fates and Awakening. A gimmicky "hub" where units can be interacted with. Bandits involved in the slave trade; someone will be recruitable in this chapter. Maggie and Rose are even more flamboyant than ever. Did we really have this in Fates? Rhajat is just a Tharja clone, but is much more fun, and she LARPs the "evil witch in the woods" gimmick while Tharja actually is that witch. Nyx had a lot of depth, but was she really that popular?
  9. Nedata from FE9. I'm a big fan of the Berserker class in general, and Largo's not great. I've yet to have a playthrough where Boyd doesn't completely outclass him as an axe user. Lloyd or Linus in FE7; Lloyd more, because he's more sensible. That being said....How did they manage to make him look so hideous in Heroes!?
  10. Going to agree. Big man, big family, farmer, raised at least one good natured kid. She might be persistent, but she's apple-pie sweet.
  11. I'm giving this a look, because I kind of like Tiki's older self where I wasn't the hugest fan of young Tiki. There are a few things about what she said regarding how she thought of Marth that made me pause; namely, she says in her A support with Nah: Nah: Did you love him? King Marth, I mean? Tiki: He was human. I was manakete. The gulf between us was too great. She doesn't mention Caeda, the woman Marth married. This is denial; she never got over him, and her reasoning here is BS. Nah's very existence invalidates it, and it's actually a wonder that the surprisingly mature Nah doesn't call her out here, though that might be because of respect. Her attaching to Robin is actually quite interesting, and makes for some neat storytelling. It's not quite Aragorn/Arwen, but there is an interesting implication regarding long-lived people falling in love with short-lived peoples. My personal M!Robin favorite pairing, however, is with Lucina. This is largely because of the story implications, and the confrontation scene. As for the rest of the children, Fates has spoiled me of any pairings involving Inigo, Severa, and Owain. I have a hard time pairing Severa/Selena with anyone other than Tsubaki because it's the only way her inferiority complex gets resolved, Inigo/Laslow with anyone other than Peri because he's the only one who manages to make a good person of her. For Owain/Odin I don't have a pairing I particularly like, beyond simply Ophelia existing.
  12. This would depend on a few things. It's possible that she wasn't even on Ylisse or Valm at the time. However, I get the feeling that the battle between the First Exalt and Grima was extremely destructive and extremely desperate; The Creation was created in what is now Regna Ferox, and somehow he ended up in Plegia. It's also notable that the landscape has changed QUITE A LOT in both Valm and Ylisse from its days as Valentia and Archanea. Either the world has had some pretty wicked tectonics and weather to change so much, or Grima was absolutely ruinous when he was unleashed. Given Lucina's overwhelming desperation to see him never resurrect, I have to wonder just how bad it really got before Grima fell.
  13. I'm a bit late to this conversation, but I've never given Nowi much of a look until my most recent playthrough. What I've found, at least to me, is that Nowi's childish antics are, by and large, an act to a certain degree. Some of her most childish actions almost certainly are by her own admission to Nah in their C support. That being said, she is a genuinely optimistic and upbeat person. Have a look at Nowi and Tiki's Harvest Scramble conversation; Nowi manages to completely destroy Tiki's bitter and lonely fatalism by simply offering her opinion. look at the state Tiki is left in after that first conversation. Nowi knows EXACTLY what she is doing, which is why she gets worried when Tiki starts crying. She is MUCH wiser than she lets on. As far as her outfit goes - I think she's aware of the implications but doesn't care, because really, who's going to question the clothing choices of a dragon? Tiki even wonders here, and Nowi dismisses it out of hand. Nowi is interesting. If you go through her supports remembering that she is over a thousand years old - meaning, she may, or may not have been alive for the battle against Grima by the first exalt, then Nowi's rather pointed observations make quite a bit of sense.
  14. One of my favorite supports is a rather mundane one: M!Robin and Lucina's A support. It's a beautiful support, and even more romantic than their S support (Lucina ruins it with her wooden dialogue). It also has a tremendous amount of story relevance. ANY conversation where Severa shows us the dere instead of her otherwise ever-present tsun. I enjoy seeing Inigo outmaneuver her in their S-support.
  15. Peri is an interesting character poorly implimented. There are ways of bettering her, and really the only one who pulls it off well is Laslow. That being said, why does Laslow just seem to make better people of almost EVERYONE he interacts with? Including Peri. Holy crap, he manages to nearly 180 her to the point where Peri worries about Soleil in one of the DLC maps. He does something similar to Nyx. Heck, he ropes even the stoic Azura into being a bit more free-spirited, and helps Felicia to be a bit less awkward. Laslow, man. The guy that everyone just seems to build off of.
  16. Males: I just picked Chrom. I'm largely indifferent. Females: I think the only reason Tharja doesn't hit the top of this list is because people are a bit jaded about the fact that she's so fanservicey. But Tharja hits the top of MY list, fanservice be damned, she's an attractive one. Second is Severa, because dammit I am a sucker for the Tsundere trope. It's the whole reason Lethe is my favorite character in Path of Radiance. I don't like Cordelia. Not really sure why. I think it's because her sprite artwork in Awakening is awful in my opinion. And it doesn't get any better with Caeldori in Fates. Her regular artwork and Warriors design are absolutely fantastic, but I just do not like her sprites. For everyone else? I'm largely indifferent.
  17. That's part of the issue. Camilla has really severe separation issues, which is one of the reasons I like the potential she had. I don't hate her, though. In fact, she's one of my favorite characters. Hinoka, Rhajat, Camilla, Nyx, and Selena being my top 5 among the ladies in that order. This is an interchangeable list, as both Peri and Rinkah have been on it. I just wish that, instead of the supports they gave Camilla with Corrin, they could've focused on her backstory, which would have given Corrin a legit reason to hook up with her. Corrin's a bit like Robin before him in that he has a lot of empathy, and there are ways to play that up.
  18. Yeah but Camilla in particular needs a bit more emphasis on her past than she got with Niles.
  19. This is probably a strange thread to jump into as my very first post on this forum, but I think the stories themselves are overall decently done, though Conquest has some issues. Conquest broke my heart to play through, so much that, after having played through Birthright, I can't bring myself to play through it again. But Conquest had some issues and it's largely down to the fact that Corrin does too much justifying not acting against Garon sooner. In an alternate way of writing, Corrin would've had a lot more support than once thought. Camilla and Elise would've been onboard immediately, Leo wouldn't have taken much convincing and the story could then have revolved around trying to convince Xander while he casts them all off as traitors; Anankos begins working through Xander. At the same time, Corrin finds NO support from Hoshido with one exception: Hinoka. But Hinoka alone, without her retainers. Xander wages war and conquers most of Hoshido, Takumi still goes stark raving mad, and the battle concludes with Xander killing Ryoma instead of Corrin. Garon then tries to kill Xander for failing to stop Corrin's rebellion, and goes to claim Hoshido's throne. Iago is fought, Xander joins, and the finale of Conquest plays out, Takumi crazy and everything. Birthright plays out much the same way as normal, with direct defection from Camilla (Again alone) early on. One thing that Fire Emblem has done since at least FE6 is provide characters that only have depth when you explore their supports. This has been hit or miss in Fates, largely because fanservice. But even then, they could've done a better job, and they do have a few well written characters in the bunch. Nyx is an example of this. But then they have characters that have TREMENDOUS potential but are squandered by the fanservicey bits. the one who is hit worst? Camilla. Her backstory creates a *lot* of potential for great character development. For example, look at her supports with Corrin. They're pure fetish fuel. But knowing Camilla and her separation anxiety issues and mother complex? There's a very easy way to give her tremendous character development. Here's how I would restructure their supports: C-Support: Mostly Unchanged, but a bit more heavy handed on Camilla's doting. B: Camilla dials up the devotion to super-creep levels. An angry Corrin rebuffs Camilla, finally disturbed and angry at her aberrant mothering. A saddened Camilla leaves, wondering what she did wrong. A: Corrin goes to apologize to Camilla, finding her a depressed wreck. Leo explained about the decadent court she grew up in, and Corrin wants to apologize. Camilla then explains in detail the life she lived while she was young, and what she wants: In effect, to be someone who loves and is loved. She's wracked with guilt over Corrin's kidnapping, and compares herself to Corrin, saying that because of her past, she doesn't deserve to love them. Corrin responds by hugging her tight and saying that she is worthy. Just dial back the doting and let me breathe. S: Camilla thanks Corrin for helping her out of her funk and giving her a lot to think about. Corrin smiles and gives her another small hug. Camilla then says says "I dream of having children. Real children of my own." Corrin is nervous, but Camilla continues, disowning her parents. "I never had a mother. All I had was a monster who birthed me. And...these days, I wonder if I really had a father. I dream of being different." Corrin says "Then let's make your dream a reality." He then busts out a ring to Camilla's delight, saying "You won't be my mother, but you will be my partner." Camilla accepts, and you get the unchanged confession scene. To me, a focus on Camilla's past would develop her well. The only support where you see this is with Niles, whom...I don't like. Camilla's other supports are fine - I wouldn't change her supports with Takumi at all, for instance - but she needs a good character development support. Hell, even PERI gets some fantastic character development with Laslow. There are other characters that get this treatment, where they're stagnant. But none moreso than Camilla. And her supports with Corrin are nonsensical.
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