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  1. Couldn't edit a second time but I forgot a few...
  2. Okay now I have to do Vesperia and Abyss. vvvvvvvvvvvv: aaaaaaaaaa:
  3. TBH, I can't even remember why I chose to make it a tome. If Xander can use an inflatable pool toy as an axe, then a surfboard could be one too.
  4. I made some summer versions of the 3H lords. Couldn't be arsed to give 'em stats or skills or anything but here's a sketch: Edelgard: Tropical Empress Weapon: Bonfire Bow (red bow) Dimitri: King of Sandcastles Weapon: Handful of Sand (blue dagger) Claude: Wild Surfer Weapon: Summer Surfboard (green tome)
  5. Yeah, Toon Link is just a regular kid, which is why I picked Normal. I went with Fairy for OoT Link because he's the only one of the three that has a specific connection to fairies, that being Navi. I suppose the pointy-ear elf look of Hylians lends itself well to the Fairy type, but I went with Fighting for BoTW because it's the "heroic" type that's super effective against the "villainous" Dark type.
  6. I agree that this round of DLC is a bit...lame. I was expecting a Pokemon-amie type thing where you could actually pet the animals but all you do is feed them. 😞 Sauna is not nearly sexy enough boring. The summer outfits are just recolors of Petra's and Felix's clothes. I do like that the maid/butler costumes come with alternate color schemes and the option to keep a character's original clothes in battle is nice. Is it just me or do some of the guys' costumes look oddly proportioned? The evening wear makes them look too lanky and the butler's outfit gives them child-bearing hips.
  7. Snake is Fighting/Dark BoTW Link's is Steel/Fighting (fits his role as a knight) Toon Link is Normal/Water (because of the Great Sea) Child Link is Grass/Fairy (Kokiri Forest and Navi) Kirby is Normal, but his type changes depending on who he eats. Do Assist Trophies count? Isaac is Ground/Psychic Gray Fox is Ghost/Steel Shovel Knight is Steel/Ground Tingle is Normal (but think's he's Fairy)
  8. There are some interesting tidbits at the bottom of this wiki article about Persian influences in Claude's design, as well as Almyra. No official sources, however, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt. Another weird thing (which may be entirely coincidence) but the main lord's names are in alphabetical order: Byleth, Claude, Dimitri, Edelgard. But then who is "A," you ask? Why none other than the true hero of the story...
  9. Just picked up Tales of Vespiria: Definitive Edition during a Nintendo E-shop sale. Haven't played a Tales game since...Abyss, maybe? and I heard this was one of the best. If the other games in the series are any indication then it's probably a million hours long so I'm not too far in right now but I'm still waiting for things to get weird. Also I think Yuri might be my favorite Tales protagonist so far. I though he would be an angsty edge boy but he's a snarky little bastard and I like it.
  10. Sometime after the time skip, I can't remember which chapter.
  11. Character's monastery dialogue changes based on what support level you have with them. I talked to Linhardt and he mentioned he's uncomfortable around blood, then immediately after got a B support with him where he went into more detail. Talked to him afterwards and he said the same thing, but added "I've told you about that, haven't I?"
  12. I unironically love Bylass's dumb outfit. (Although I will admit she looks less silly in the DLC uniform) Also she's adorable. Her smile in the VW ending cutscene is so sweet.
  13. I want Edelgard's Empire buddies (Randolph, Ladislava, Metoady and possibly Fleche) to be playable, even if it were just in CF. Also more characters from other countries like Dagda, Morfis, or Sreng because we don't know much about them.
  14. I can imagine small, quiet Bernedetta with a big ol' tuba. Raphael is in charge of the gong, but has to be reminded not to keep hitting it over and over. Sylvain is the guy who plays guitar to try and pick up girls.
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