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  1. I am half way through Golden Deer, didn't realized there is actually paralogue chapters. I didn't recruit every character that I can (I really dont need another archer here, I barely use Shamir as it is). But now I feel like I might be missing out on paralogue since one of the paralogue was unlocked by having Hard difficulty is a lot more fun in main chapter battle, because you have more units at your disposal and the fights were tough. Once I unlocked advanced classes it became easier even if I am underleveled, upgrading the facilities that can level up the personal skills also helped a lot. And the cg cutscenes were awesome as always, it's one of the few things Koei always delivered.
  2. I guess I am a little disappointed by the Master class progression. So few infantry master class, and Paladin have to become hybrid classes instead of gaining access to Great Knight.
  3. @GuiltyLove Camus is surprisingly tanky against res-targeting foe, surviving both green mage and Hel. Good clear on L!Corrin too. @Landmaster Jealous of both of your Kris. Still no Male Kris for me and at this point I am done throwing orbs at him. Awakening map isn't really a problem for other than lack of good dancer but Priam and Chrom pulled through.
  4. Petra's Windstorm is my fav so far. It's useful to hurl ppl up in the air to start combo, and look so cool. Still trying to turn her into pegasi to see if it works. Hilda and Caspar being able to charge their strong attack are quite good.
  5. I forgot some of the enemies in this map only spawn after you killed certain foes. Once I figured that out (again) the positioning became quite simple.
  6. The only thing that show that this being the next FE game is that in the 1st picture, the first option is called "Ring of Emblem (bearer)". Anna also doesn't really looks like our usual Anna. But of course there is still a chance this could be it, and I kind like the armor design here.
  7. I chose Golden Deer first because I am interested in Almyra storyline and Claude is my fav 3H characters, but I forgot that I dislike/feel indifferent towards most of the GD students and these feelings only increased as their combats aren't that great too. I was struggling in most maps unless I use Shez or Claude. Meanwhile over at Blue Lions and Black Eagle I feel like there are actual dynamic between students themselves, and with access to heavy hitter like Sylvain and Ferdinand. Also, I totally forgot Lysithea is GD students. I thought she's Black Eagle.
  8. This really hyped me up. Looks like a day 1 purchase and avoiding-spoiler worthy kind of game to me.
  9. I get Mirabilis since she is a fairy (and the best one so far), but what about Otr that met the criteria? As I remember he did not receive any power from divine being
  10. I think this is another disappointment for Ascended heroes theme. From character selection (Raven or Ninian would be a better candidate) to her outfit. She is only slightly better than Ascended Mjolnir in my opinion. This is the third Ascended heroes skip for me. Not even floret is an incentive anymore. The Jolly lance looks interesting but not enough to dump orbs into the banner. I guess I will just have to wait for Ascended Veronica or any Fates/Awakening ascended heroes.
  11. I got an extra blue flying duel skill 4. Who would be the ideal candidate? Naesala, Seteth, or Altena? I don't have trace skill fodder but I do have Dive bomb so Naesala could be a good candidate for arena team. EDIT: I was saving it for when Cynthia got her refine but then I got another copy of that blue flier with this skill. Feels like I am never gonna use that much so might as well spend one now.
  12. @Xenomata Wow a Cain user. I used to put him in almost all my pve maps too and now I am struggling to find a place to use him. @Sasori Nice Siegbert and Forrest there. Didn't know Bride Roy looks so dapper, his weapon design is really on point too. Too bad I spent all my orbs on CYL and fallen banner. @GuiltyLoveNice flier clear as always. I got Fallen Lilith but still not sure who to pair her up with and whether I need her in AR or PvE. @Some Jerk I know lethality is busted but this is really impressive damage output by Larum. @Yggi Myrrh being Flier sealed her fate when IS refuse to give her built-in iote's shield. I have been half-assing Arena, and building new arena core member, so Chrom is retiring (I hope so). Hapi is again the powerhouse here deleting dragons left and right, and Thorr being a godly assist. LegAzura is LegAzura. Priam can actually replace Chrom here, problem is Thorr dying over and over again due to enemy AI movement. Once she just die to Lethality at full health. So I gave up and use Chrom instead.
  13. I like to take out every reinforcement but that would be too inhumane in this map. Without Bridal Larum I probably would just give up on clearing this map. Not only is she a dancer but also comes with Guidance 3 which saves a lot of time from grinding SP. Nice to see Dieck getting some action here. @Landmaster Nice Sophia team. I kind of wish she is colorless instead. @GuiltyLove Igrene puts in a lot of work here. I bring in A!Idunn just deal with L!Sigurd too. @Some Jerk That was really fast of you to build a Bridal Larum like that, with max SP too.
  14. I hope Picnic Flora's weapon refine wouldn't be the same as Felicia because this is a little bit underwhelming. Duma dmg reduction only means I can hit him twice and activates my Thorr's galeforce reliably, especially during Thorr's season. Kind of wish Kaden gives +5 atk/spd to ally instead of himself to enhance his support role. I feel like recent new units have so much good effects (young mia and Ike) that these refines can't even catch up or be the 2nd best option, because the second best option is these new powerful units, after getting powercrept by the next banner.
  15. Overall quite a good lineup. I am aiming for Gustav and Lilith, with Ninian as duel skill fodder. Not sure how I feel about Smoke 4. They are powerful and hopefully will be on more units like Atk/Spd push 4, but I don't want to see them on AR or Arena.
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