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  1. I definitely regret some choices afterward, like choosing Warding Stance 4 over QR3 for Boey, or not choosing positioning skills from the beginning, because somehow I just keep getting rally skills or reciprocal aid, there are many crucial battles where he could have ORKO the enemy. At least everyone got their Prf weapon.
  2. I think it's a good Fate anime, mixture of awesome fighting scenes and good dialogue. As for Babylon, maybe because I already know how the story is, 1st episode feels kinda slow pace to me. The animation is nice to see, especially Mash fighting scene.
  3. Got a Halloween Hector on free pull. It's really tempting to use him as Distant Counter fodder for Owain or Ares or one of the armor dragons that doesn't have DC.
  4. -FE4, this is my least favorite FE game mostly because of the maps. -FE12, Recruiting Astram is really frustrating. Also the game likes to give you reinforcement from behind. -Revelation, the snow map and probably all the maps after Valla. I also don't like the rainbow sage's maps in all three routes because it takes too long to transport one by one. -Almost all of Celica's maps. The desert, swamp and the boat. As for Alm's, that Nuibaba's map where you have to go all the way to behind just to enter the castle/fort. Heroes' version of SoV's maps are much better and less annoying. You certainly can play through revelation just for completion sake, I did it too. And honestly I feel like I could have just watch the walkthrough on youtube. Birthright and Conquest are much better.
  5. Dynasty warriors 5 - It was the first game I played on PS2. I know it's the same thing every installment but damn it's addictive. Probably my favorite gaming franchise ever. I am kinda sad the my computer can't support Orochi Warriors 3. One day hopefully. Trails in the sky FC- I think this is the first JRPG where I actually most of the sidequests (I missed one in the early chapter), and then kept playing the next game ever since. Fire Emblem 12 - Got curious about tactical rpg and the description of this game stated it has avatar creation with multiple classes selection. After FEH I started to go on FEH sub for more news, then lead me to the main sub. From there I discovered Smash & Kirby series from all the memes. Pokemon Black/White- I watched the anime once in a while if I caught them on TV but never played any of the game until BW came around. Mass effect- Introduce me to dragon age as well. I still remember needing chinese translation to understand the dialogue, up till when ME3 came out and I can keep up with the subtitles. Also Kaidan and Fenris helped me to accept my own sexuality. This sounds silly but I romanced Morrigan and Ashley to convince myself & another friend who played both series that I wasn't gay.
  6. I treat Asugi and Gaius as two different characters since the very beginning, so I like Asugi more than Gaius, mainly due to his paralogue and support with Saizo. Don't get me wrong I like most of 2nd gen in fates and Mitama is adorable, but in terms of most wanted 2nd gen Asugi ranked 1st, 2nd is Midori.
  7. I am hoping that Bruno won't get excluded from Farfetched just because he has an alt, otherwise out of the four characters you listed the only one I want would be Rinkah. Then again I might missed October banner entirely due to various reasons, so October being FE6 banner would be better since it's definitely a skip for me. Yeah, I just want Rinkah in the game one way or the other, preferably with Fuga and/or Asugi so that all my top fav Fates character can be in the game.
  8. Got a Sirius with -hp +res after 50 orbs or so, left about 90 orbs. Kinda tempting to continue to pull for more merges and Nagi but at the same time I should really save for Mythical/Legendary banner this time.
  9. Astram is GHB, in that case I might actually start using grail for merging instead of foddering. Not sure if I want to pull on this banner. New Mystery is my fav game but I only like Sirius and Phina, and I have enough red swords & lance cav as it is.
  10. I was pulling for Sturdy impact to feed it to my Cain, I told myself that if I got either Caineghis or Tibarn I would +10 my Cain. Long story short I got a -def +res Caineghis, found out that cavalry can't get sturdy impact, got enough copies to fully +10 him, so I went and keep my promise by making him my second +10. Not sure which A-skill should I give him yet. Next one should be Roderick who is currently at +7, or Arthur if he gets a refine.
  11. I picked Caster Gil over Beowulf for gameplay reason. Kinda regret it because someone posted a Beowulf video on Reddit, which reminds me how cool he is. So I am now searching for Beowulf videos on youtube and watch until I have seen enough of that guy.
  12. My AR is only at rank 10 and now it's the last obstacle standing in my way of getting that free B!Ike. Probably should have known ignoring the mode that IS prioritized is gonna have real consequences.
  13. Picking three options is definitely easier than just picking one. Can't really rmb what I voted yesterday but it's probably New Mystery, Awakening and either Birthright or Conquest. I have not played Three houses (yet) and Binding Blade (probably never gonna play it), and I don't really remember Thracia 776 well enough to judge so those three weren't in my consideration. As for Least Favorite, it's going to be Genealogy. I don't hate it but starting from 2nd gen the most of the characters just might as well be nameless generic unit (except important characters like Seliph) As for 1st gen, the characters just aren't my cup of tea. This is my least favorite cast because there is just not even one favorite character for me.
  14. My heart says pick Camilla but Micaiah dual-effectiveness is too good to pass up on (still haven't got her OG version). I wish they would made Camilla a non-flying unit but at least she still looks cool. Both Eliwood & Alm's arts looks amazing, but I have enough lance cav and infantry sword to last until the end of the game. Not sure where should I dump orbs on, CYL or Hero Fest. Don't have much stash to spend on both. Also, kinda expect "Strike" means let us do actual battle. It was a bit of a letdown.
  15. Persona 4 - It's been 2 years. Still stuck in early stage where the group had just rescued the closeted guy. Maze exploration is my least favorite aspect in most games. SD Gundam Generation Overworld- 3 years. Just reached final stage about a month ago. For each chapter I finished I need to take at least one month break because it is too exhausting for me. Cold Steel 2- A year and a half. The gameplay gets boring and having to follow a guide to collect all rewards is a bit exhausting, but if I just play blindly then it gets bored. (I hate open world games that wants the player to "explore") Devil Survivor 2- Save file corrupted right before the final path choosing chapter. I have another save file but that was few chapters ago and I already lost the enthusiasm. Summon night 5- Got busy with college assignments right before the final boss. afterwards just lose interest in it. about a year and a half as well.
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