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  1. Been playing bunch of gacha/mobile games in the past few days. Exo Heroes looks like it will stick for quite some time; Couldn't get back into FGO anymore after missing out for so long, Pokemon Master is much more action packed than I thought it would be (but rampardos is almost unusable so that's frustrating), Three kingdom tactics is good but I refer the single player experience on my pc, Digimon rearise really disappointed me with limiting mega evolution (lets say you pulled two agumon, maybe only one can evolve to mega, its too much rng). I am open to any suggestions here. Mainly looking for turn based or semi-turn based with enough attractive male characters, it's really surprising how much male units FEH has that are also as powerful/comparable to female units.
  2. First day is Arlen (the thunder mage from FE12), second is Chrom. Probably will vote for Stefan or Priam next day. Depends on midterm result, if Gatekeeper actually has a shot I am gonna throw all my votes for him. If not then Bruno all the way.
  3. I haven't played much this year, so I only have few names here. Sword- Say'ri. Paired her with brave lucina. Really like her and helpful in arena assault for difficult enemies. Lance- I want to say brave dimitri but i jut got Kris so it's a tie between these two. Axe- Mustafa for sure. I dont have much other fav axe user since Arthur got his refine. Beast- NY Lethe. She is really strong for my super-lacking-green barrack.
  4. Witcher 2 and 3. The bad combat control, long ass sidequests with too much unnecessary backstory/dialogue, Geralt, everything just makes me frustrated. Baldur Gate 2. I love neverwinter 2 and pillars of eternity, so I thought this classic is worth trying out, but the dated interface is not user-friendly, followed too closely to dnd guide which means memorising or looking up guide on item/stat/spell/recruitment, and really cingey dialogue even for a dnd rpg game. Elder scroll 4 Oblivion. When they say this game is great open world exploration game, I didn't realized it meant no map and no any sort of quest marking at all, quit within an hour. Dont even wanna go anywhere near skyrim.
  5. And I had just starting to build my orbs stash. I really likes Male Kris weapon design, Female Kris is another lance infantry and I didn't get Anna last time so this might be my second chance.
  6. The exclamation mark used to annoyed me as well, till I found out that you can go into the map then forfeit immediately and the mark will be gone. As for the poll, I mostly used Niles and 3 dancers for Abyssal. I would tried to use theme team for difficulty lower than that, if that fails then Niles it is. I have not tested Say ri with Brave Lucina in Abyssal but it should be doable. Limited Legendary however is depending on the series chosen. From FE4 to FE8 guide is almost necessary since I don't build much units from these series. Julius did forced me to build my Lute and I managed to clear it with no guide. I don't have a prefered playstyle, I use charaters I like or useful, and based on whether they are better as offensive or defensive units that's how I decide to build them.
  7. Quite a few itself in FE, but that's because the cast is so big in every game. Ike, Hector, Ephraim, basically I dislike macho/hot headed protagonists. It's's fine when they are side characters who doesnt get much spotlight, but being reminded that they exist constantly is just causing me to dislike them even more. So I guess that's why it seems like you are disliking many popular charatcers, because we have much more options and access to know these characters nowadays. This is coming from someone who like the new star wars better, not a fan of Tolkien stuff, and don't like the story or gameplay of witcher series at all. Don't let it bother you, I never think that my taste in subjective matters is inferior here just because I like FE12 casts and story more than Judgral series despite getting reminded almost every where that it is weird to have such opinion.
  8. Slow loading time made me did a lot of non battle stuff. 60 FP 10roll and no Inshun. I got my 1st Angra and every 3 stars under the sun but not him. Turn to Napolean banner with 120 quartz, last roll finally gave me 1 Inshun, guess that will have to do for now. Gold border does not fit well with Kotarou final ascension card, and I dont like all his previous cards. On the good side, Anastasia chapter is way easier than I thought, only final Ivan and tree needed some command spell and restart due to my lack of ST assassin.
  9. It's the opposite, I am using an old android phone. But nonetheless I will probably keep it and collect the daily reward and pull for Napolean. And play my switch while FGO loading (probably due to my unstable internet connection even after I disconnect my switch from wifi)
  10. Ike / Priam - because I want to see some fandom war. Athena / Petra - Foreigner girls Owain/Odin and the likes has been mentioned so I would propose Owain/Niles (from FE warriors)
  11. Just reinstalled yesterday after 8 months, any banner coming up? Thinking of deleting it again cuz the loading time is too long on my phone currently (at least 5 minutes every time), but want to see if I can spend any quartz on new servant before that. EDIT: Nvm the ingame notifcation is working now. I can see the Napolean campaign
  12. I do keep grail and free units. I have a built Cecilia and +def Spring Camilla with Raven tome, that's why I am comfortable with sending other cecilia home. I just want to clear up my barrack and actually start building units I wanted to build for a long time (I have 5*+10 Cain with Death Blow 2 at max sp and almost max hm for Pete's sake). A more recent Merric build/gameplay is rare on youtube though. I am probably just scared of screwing up a unit again after giving Warding Stance 4 to Arthur few days ago (he is still good, but I realized there are better A skill afterward and that WS4 could've gone to someone else). Anyway thanks for all the guides and answer up there, expecially Luna and AoE attack damage diffence.
  13. I understand the bladetome set, but wouldn't luna be better with his refine, since it cuts enemy res instead relying on his poor atk? Also I just checked that I have extra G duel infantry. Would that help with his scoring in Arena with double chill skills? And since he couldnt kill he could just do chip damage and let bonus unit kill. Thought about it. But 1)I have a Boey with merge ongoing, and 2) Because of Boey I sent home all my Cecilia almost immediately thinking i wouldnt need another green raven tome. But definitely will keep this in mind next time I summon a Cecilia.
  14. Just impulsively upgrade and merge +spd OG Merric to +5. His Atk gave me some regret. What would be a cheap build for him (mainly AA/PvE) without refining his prf? I do have a spare Raigh's twin (gronnserpent and stance) and no bladetome or close counter. Not gonna pull any green until Sayri banner ends, so i wont get more merge or green tome fodder til then.
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