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  1. How are you guys faring against L!Sigurd in Aether Raid Offense? So far I lose to team with him on it far more often than winning, one guy paired him up with far save Henriette and therefore couldn't snipe him, one team has DC on him so either initiating or tanking results in losing.
  2. Sandbox. I am cool with open world but the label sandbox just means there is nothing much to do unless you really try to find it in game. 1st person view, No matter what genre, shooting or action, 1st person view makes me dizzy, literally, with all the spinning and turning of scenery. classic/nostalgic, I only started gaming around 2010s, my first pokemon was gen 5, there is nothing nostalgic for me in FF7 or Zelda, I never even heard of Smash bros and kirby series til I go to fire emblem reddit and found the memes. There are way too many indie games try to made their look so old and vintage, even octopath traveler gave me the boring feels with its music and visual style. Dungeon crawling/ Loot based games. It's just not my cup of tea. Bonus negative points if the description has "next diablo" in its name because I really don't like Diablo 3.
  3. I would say RE2 and 3 are my favorite kind of remake. That being said most of these remakes are totally new game to me because I never played or even heard of the original games. I would say that these developers sometimes get that casual gamers are on the rise and not all of us wants to spend hours cracking down brain juice just to figure out puzzles and mazes. RE3 has dlc that unlocks all the rewards and it made my gaming experience much better. So I think a remake should follow modern gaming standard if their intention is to get ppl to know the series with a fresh perspective. FF7 is also best example of "how the game would be if it was a new game made with today's technology", I never liked or played Final Fantasy games much but I like what they have done with it, and FF7 is the only one that doesn't bored me out too fast(other than the online game). My first and favorite FE is still New Mystey. In terms of remake though, I only played OG Gaiden and SoV, never played FE1 & 3. Personally I would say my experience with Gaiden and SoV aren't much different. Gameplay wise, map is still annoying, teleporting witches are annoying, desert maps and all that. Sure there are "few" QoL changes but not nearly enough. Even the enemies spawn is still there and softlocked me in between the cemetery and village in both games. A lot of praise went into visual design and voice acting, but I played the game without music and skipped most of the dialogue because they don't affect gameplay or major plotline at all, and I remembered what must I do to recruit certain missable characters. So gameplay wise it is definitely too faithful, there are differences sure, but the annoying similarities are also there.
  4. I see. So the fallen state isafter the incident. Other than Risen King Chrom or Fallen Wrys I really can't think of anything that would be more hyped up. I think Orson being free unit means they are running out of fallen candidates, on top of my mind I can only think of Rampage Kana like Fallen Corrin in the Fates DLC and all the phantom royal parents in it. Next year probably gonna get Witch Sonya from SoV as the female star of fallen banner.
  5. Very happy with both Morgan here. Dimitri's weapon design looks ugly for me, not scary ugly, just straight up ugly. I think he definitely belongs to Fallen or Dark category of his OG self, but I can see why people are upset with his inclusion. Fallen Edelgard is mighty broken as usual. I don't even bother to read the description in the video. Can't wait for the one unit that I don't want ended up being my pitybreaker. Potential Spoiler about Orson from Sacred Stone
  6. Ah right I forgot about time pulse since that skill never shows up, same with flashing blade or heavy blade. If I do get him though this would be my 2nd sword galeforce unit and 4th galeforcer in general, so I am not too worry about Sacred Seal since most of the time Flashing Blade is not utilized in my barrack. Thanks for the suggestion
  7. I plan to get Shannan from HoF if the next batch don't have what I desire more. What is better A skill for him, Sturdy Impact or Atk/Spd Solo 4, I got Swift Sparrow 3 fodder so no need to get that. My plan is switching between his OG kit and Galeforce with Ninja Sword. My DIlemma here is that if I give him Atk/Spd Solo 4 then I can fodder Larcei's B and C skill to him, but Sturdy Impact allows him ignore auto follow up like Edelgards in Arena Assault, and I don't have any Sturdy Impact fodder. Right now he has Weapon: Ninja Sword A: Sturdy Impact B: Lull Spd/Def. (I got some spare Avoid B Skills, meanwhile Lull skills are rare for me) C Joint Drive Speed. I wanna try getting pulse smoke but no luck.
  8. At least one of Dream Corrins should be wielding either Blazing or Alpha Yato because they look amazing in fates. New Year Hrid from Sword Flier to Axe Flier because New Year Gunthra exist. Laegjarn from sword flier to Red/Green Dagger Flier, so that she no longer overlaps with her sister. Finally Bunny Bruno, I tried very hard to use him but as f2p it's just hard to justify building him up when Brave Veronica exist. At least he comes with Dazzling so he still see some play during forging bond and Tempest trial. With all that muscle and stats he could be a solid defensive mage or physical attacker.
  9. Other than Legendary Sigurd I am pretty happy with the updates on skills and reserves. Mjonir strike is one of my fav mode so getting to make summoner a DC Lancer is really nice, hopeful wishing they give us movement options next time as well. My Legendary Ryoma will have the chance to see some play in AA perhaps. As for Gunthra I am not sure is it worth putting her in AR just for the chill effects, she is not good for Arena Scoring either. Speaking of AR, what the heck is Sigurd permanent movement increase AND straight up Damage Reduction, this is some step up powercreep from that last Spring Dragon Duos. I feel like I need OG Micaiah with Close Foil just to deal with him, or I just strictly auto dispatch from now on. FE4 is my least fav mainline FE game so this saltiness is probably just my personal bias taking its toll. Brave Banner is nice. I have been wanting to get Brave Eliwood for collection sake. Then next target is probably Wind Parthia (I forgot his name but too lazy to look it up) to replace my Halloween Grima in AR O.
  10. I get why Fallen banner get their Prf, but younger version of characters should all get inheritable weapons to match the theme, but instead they all get more powerful weapon than their adult self. Myrh is not as bad as Valentine banner because she was the only busted one and comes with dragon & flier weaknesses. The whole Valentine banner introduces save skills that makes Armor Edelgards & Bector more annoying, and Prf weapons like Duo Lif and Gustav. L'arachel being cavalry healer is probably gonna make more impact in AR. Erica probably still dies to a bunch of blue units, most notably Bector.
  11. This feels like IS is playing super safe again when it comes to Alt banner, all the popular girls, Eph with Lyon again, and Innes the royal. Slap them with new/OP skills for those looking for gameplay fodder. This is gonna be a skip since I am low on orbs, and really not an exciting banner compared to Archanea Child Banner for me.
  12. I have a lot of book 1 units stuck at 4 star +10 simply due to feather hoarding habits even though I am still using them in various modes here and there. All the OG whitewings, Caeda, Adult Tiki and the glorious Reinhardt, all with their prf too. How many of you were in the same situation and decided to upgrade them into 5 stars? other than the obvious Reinhardt who is still holding up as f2p godsend, I don't know what to do with them, it seems like such a waste to leave them dry in the barrack but couldn't justified spending more feather on them. This recent barrack check also made me realise how little the SI pool has changed since book 2, not even swift sparrow 2 or bond skills are available much in the summoning pool. The more I try to build a unit the more frustrated I get with this game I swear.
  13. I just tested my budget +10 Morgan to AR and Arena. It's a harder to set up in Arena than in AR due to team composition, lull skill and likes of Dagr and Fallen Ike also cancels out his penalty doubler, but when it does get full force -19 though my boy can tank so many hit with Mystic Boost. I am happy with his refine but he is gonna need some really premium skills (which I don't have) to shine. Flower Lance is really surprising, if only she is more common. I pulled so many blues recently and she never pity breaks me. Sharing same colour with Quan on the new power banner though decreases my incentive to pull for blue. To be fair that was during super early stage of weapon refine batch, many of the refines are outdated by now and we are only in 2nd gen refine.
  14. Louise looks much younger than her bride alt, which is a shame because I like her Bridal Alt art better. Her A skill though, combine with firesweep-effect weapons like Eleonora or Shamir can hit pretty devastating +9 almost all the time. Farina looks pretty fun. Erk is unfortunate enough to be a male red mage. I really want Pent for G Duel Infantry 4 for my Arena Arthur but my orbs stash is completely dried up after all the banners last month. Probably a skip for me since I need to save for the next awakening/fates/new mystery banner (hopefully)
  15. What are some of the skills commonly used for Braimimond in ARD? I got a -res + spd and not sure should i give mirror impact or close counter, i think i have solo res fodder somewhere too. Or is there any other skills recommended ?
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