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  1. I noticed your +10 L'Arachel visiting. I had a surplus of feathers and 10 spare 4* copies, so I merged mine up recently. A Sacred Stones YouTube "Let's play" was my introduction to the Fire Emblem series.
  2. I regret some skill choices... 😀 This is probably my favorite game mode now. It's a pity that it is so limited. Boosted experience and SP events are not supposed to apply to this event. However, my units level up so fast that I wonder if the permanent double experience from the castle upgrades is in effect.
  3. Took 5 free tenfolds, 30 single tickets, 4 tenfold tickets, and ~27,000 wyrmite to get the Gala Prince... The only other gala unit was a duplicate Sarisse. I guess it was good to get him now, as I didn't manage to get Gala Cleo even with focus rates last time. Still missing Ranzal too.
  4. For FE Heroes players not familiar with Dragalia resources: 50,000 Eldwater = about 40,000 feathers or a couple hundred sacred coins - these can be mixed and matched since Eldwater is a combined resource in Dragalia 100,000 Mana = enough Skill Points to learn the main skills for a few characters - it is not tied to any particular character like in Heroes 1,200 Wyrmite = 10 pulls which is about 40 orbs assuming complete circles Secondary login bonus of two single summon tickets a day - these don't expire and are not tied to any banner like in Heroes This is all just part of the countdown, not the actual anniversary gifts. They also gave an additional 1,200 Wyrmite for a bug they are fixing that trivialized* the newly released endgame boss challenge. (*Basically it required one player to distract the boss by running around in perfect circles for several minutes, and also sacrificing another player at a particular section later. It apparently allowed guaranteed wins with virtually any characters/builds and required no real skill, but it still took a long time to actually perform.) Up to five Imitation Squishums can be earned from current quest endeavors. Four can be traded for a Squishums sticker in the Void Treasure Trade. They might have made five available to allow one to be kept for collection purposes. Four of the five are earned through endeavors that require three clears each of the hardest Void trials. Only requiring four out of five allows a player to skip any one of the harder Void challenges and still get access to the new Squishums sticker. The Imitation Squishums are available under Normal endeavors, so their quests have no time limit. Real Squishums are dropped from the hardest Void challenges and are the rarest item in the entire game. (Some estimate the rarity to be as high as 1/2000. No one knows for sure, but their squishiness is undeniable). They serve no purpose currently so they're more of a collectible. Real Squishums are gold level rarity while the Imitation Squishums are bronze level. Imitation Squishums are not dropped currently, so the five they are offering are the only ones available.
  5. The higher attack has certainly worked well so far. Extra resistance probably wouldn't change that much. It would help a little against dragons, but he's not that great against dragons anyway, so that probably wouldn't help much overall. Yeah, 33 resistance isn't really all that high I guess.
  6. I've been using +atk Dorcas which works well, but I got a +res copy on his recent banner. Not sure which is better overall. The extra attack often helps with survival, since he can one-shot tomes fairly easily with double Fierce Stance or a Brazen skill. However, +res is a superboon. Mine would have nine total merges and ten flowers, so the extra four resistance could be useful. (At +10, it's 29 resistance with +atk, and 33 resistance with +res.)
  7. I mainly played Heroes because I didn't have a console to play the main series games. In fact, I've never actually played a Fire Emblem game. (I've just watched lots of Let's Plays on YouTube over the years.) If they start bringing back older Fire Emblem games on the Nintendo Switch, then I probably wouldn't play Heroes very much at that point. (Of course, I'd have to actually get a Switch first.)
  8. I'm reasonably content with the content for now at least. Reruns aren't actually reruns for me yet, so that's not an issue. (Not that down time is really bad either.) I'd like to see more interesting content based on exploring the maps rather than just rushing to the boss. The game has only been around a year, so there's still lots of time to try new things. I don't really care for the new banner, but that just means more savings for the anniversary. I know a lot of people do have attachment to characters from Knights of Glory, and I'm happy that the current banner adds more characters that people have been specifically waiting for. I got lucky and got Victor off of the previous banner. He's great and also happens to have one of the better character stories. If the anniversary is as good as the six month anniversary with the Heroes crossover event, that will be good enough for me. I really just want them to implement a dream summon that allows gala and limited units even if it's only once a year. I was surprised too since those are easy. They even let us auto void Agni which is much harder. I can finally auto most void battles. I can't auto Agni yet, but I can solo him without too much trouble. I've only made void weapons that are actually used to beat void battles. I haven't bothered making void weapons meant for Advanced Dragon Trials. You can use coop to beat the harder void battles, just make sure to bring the right void weapon so you can actually help in the battle. You don't need any void weapons for the tier one void bosses, and there are a few other void battles (like the Hermits, Poseidon, etc.) where the void weapon isn't really helpful. Don't miss out on the void endeavours since they are the easiest way to get rare void seeds. They also added water and fruit to the void treasure trade, so there's an extra source of resources if you have lots of extra leaves.
  9. Well, I did have a 5.5% pity rate before doing the ten-fold summon. So it was somewhat lucky, but not really exceptional. (The pity rate applies to the entire session regardless of any 5* characters that appear.) Unicorn probably has some levels or dragon roost bonding. Both of those can raise might significantly. Cupid's heal is really helpful for that fight, especially for the Nightmare difficulty. If you can manage to beat nightmare once (easiest Nightmare so far), you'll not only get one of the daily Grand Bounty rewards, but you'll also get a Twinkling Sand for the first clear. I think they just create bubbles that cause curse, not poison. I've been using Alfonse as my main unit, and he's never gotten poisoned from the bubbles.
  10. @Interdimensional Observer @Midnox I decided to go ahead and see if 10 summons would break the pity rate. The game gives me another Summer Luca. 😐 Hahaha 🤣 I also got Summer Siren, Nefaria, and another Roc, so that's pretty good I guess.
  11. It's a 2.33% chance for a particular focus 4*, I think. I used a few free summons, a couple single summons with wyrmmite, 30+ single tickets, a ten-fold ticket, and 12,000 wyrmmite (10 sets of ten summons) before he appeared. I even got one session with five 4* units, but he wasn't there. I'm not sure what percentile that is, but I was kind of impressed with how much that took. Especially with all the guaranteed 4* units from the ten summons. Doubt I'll ever be that "lucky" again. 😛 The featured dragon has a higher rate (0.8%) than off-focus dragons, but all the 5* dragons I got were off-focus. I'm fine with that since I didn't like the featured one anyway (although it is a free sunstone ore). Just realized I still have a 5.5% rate on that banner. It's really strange to chase a 4* focus unit. 😀 If you really want her, then now is the time to summon (unless you plan on using a dream summon later which is a viable option). If you just kind of want the character, then I'd probably wait. I've spent over 20,000 wyrmmite chasing a unit on more than one occasion. You'll likely get her with that amount, but it could take a lot. In 140+ summons on this banner, the only featured units I saw were a single Cleo and Luca. I did get quite a few of the other focus 4* units (Fleur and Unicorn).
  12. It's funny that Sigrun requests a chalkboard to explain tactics. There just so happens to be one nearby since I'm using the classroom layout.
  13. That's lucky. I got two across ten boxes, which is average I think. It actually took 140+ summons to get 4* Summer Luca... That was painful. 😛 He should be quite useful on my light team though. (I only had three 5* light units and one is the free Alfonse.) The only other focus unit I got was one Summer Cleo. She was pretty much the only focus that I didn't want. (Summer Siren could at least have provided another sunstone ore.) Wasn't all bad as I got some other useful things and a lot of eldwater which I was short on. 🙂
  14. The new mode was so very close to what I wanted from Heroes from the start; they just forgot to add the actual battle portion. 😀 It's free flowers at least. Can always use more of those.
  15. The free summon had four reds and one colorless... got my first Faye. I'd kind of like to keep a copy before giving Bow Lyn firesweep though. I've had fairly good luck getting random 5*s with free summons, but can't seem to get much of anything with actual orbs lately. 😀
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