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  1. Its more about how they execute it rather then what the actual villian is. I'm down with either of those and we already have had them in multiple fire emblem games so clearly its not a bad thing.
  2. Sick thanks for the tips! i do not have the Lull skill sadly but i got quick riposte for sure. and i can afford the DC atm because my nailiah is -Atk and it hinders her hard.Joshua will not be used in aether raids so i may also debate on the A slot skill. Atk smoke or spd smoke will be used for his C then. For B ill go quick riposte or special spiral. For seal ill either go atk res bond or distant def 3. He will pair well with my rutger. Joshua takes care of the ranged units while rutger deals with the close ranged units (ideally)
  3. Forsyth and Python are cool but not worth spending my orbs on. not a fan of silque really. Catria looks strong so may go for her cause of that reason alone with the free summons. Also Valbar is cool. New armor unit in the 3 and 4 star pool was extremely needed but not the one i really want.
  4. What is the best option of these skills do you think? Now that I got Rutger to +10 I think Joshua might be the next year long project. These were the best ideas I could come up with. Thoughts? Joshua Builds: Audhulma Swap/Reposition Iceberg A: Distant Counter or ATK Res bond 3 B: chill ATK 3/shield pulse 3/wrath 3/ ATK res link 3/def res link 3/ special spiral 3 😄ploys/smokes/waves Seal: ATK res bond 3/distant def 3/close def 3
  5. i wonder what the sample size of this is. Clearly its only from the Japanese player base but im still curious.
  6. i feel this way about heroic grails. My rutger is +9 but i need 500 grails for the last one. its gonna take months.
  7. Silver Wolves. It would be a Axe and sword specialty class. Whether the students wanna master them or hone their skills id be the class. Mercenary and myrmidons would be my main students with some other students looking to branch off from there main study. If i could make my dream team from the entire series it would be Zihark, Gerik, Ike, Rutger, Dieck, Nephenee, Dimitri, and Felix. If i could have more then 8 student i would really like Joshua, Soren, and Greil
  8. Thank you both for the info! i assumed it was something along these lines as that was what the problem was originally so its good to hear they are still working on it.
  9. ah to bad. im getting a good PC soon and want to be able to play it on there.
  10. Annette. She is the only one i thought was gonna be annoying as hell and have no personality and just be a generic dork. BOY was i wrong. she got a great personality and theres for sure lots of depth. Her friendship with mercedes, her dad gilbert, her house and its history, and her personal relationships with all the other characters. Very well rounded and her time skip design and quotes are so amazing. She's your girl!
  11. Hey i was just curious if anybody had heard any news about this game? Ive seen the demo on the steam store but not the full game. Does this have a release date yet?
  12. Hmm this a very cool question. If they actually had my boy i would choose Zihark but since hes not in the game the choice isnt that obvious. Maybe Ranulf, Lethe, Caineghis or Tibarn? Sonya would also be a nice one. Sanaki as well. Damn its hard to choose one.
  13. yes three houses is very easy compared to others in the series.
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