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  1. I voted for Ignatz, I think he would be a good art teacher, considering how passionate he is about it. I wish he could teach me art, since my art teachers were terrible...
  2. I discovered the Atelier series this summer and, after I watched a video about the various games, I really wanted to try one. I decided to wait until October to get Atelier Ryza and I'm so glad I got it. Atelier Ryza is one of the games I've enjoyed the most and it really made me fall in love with the series. So far, I played Ryza, Rorona DX, Totori DX and I'm currently playing Meruru DX. I'd also like to try the Dusk trilogy when it goes on sale, since I've heard a lot of praise about it and Hidari's character design and style are wonderful. And also Lulua, to complete the Arland tetralogy.
  3. When Peony was released one of her quotes was: "Why do I want to cry when someone says the word sister?". After reading this chapter and seeing that King Freyr and Lady Freyja are sibilings with opposite goals and purposes, could Peony and Triandra be sisters too? One brings good dreams and the other one nightmares. And this chapter remarked that they're opposites. Maybe some light elves have a sibiling dark elf who is his/her opposite. Maybe when Lady Freyja decided to bring bad dreams, she transformed some light elves into dark elves and erased their memories so that they would serve her. And King Freyr could have erased Peony's memories so that she wouldn't suffer for the loss of her sister...
  4. Sorry if this has already been asked, but can you change the language of the game once you've already started it? If in the middle of my run I wanted to change the language to English, would changing the language of the console change the language of Three Houses to English as well? Or am I stuck with the language I've started the game with?
  5. I know about Rorona Plus and how it was improved a lot compared to the original release. But since they improved so much Rorona and since they also added another ending to Meruru Plus despite being just a port to the Ps Vita, I wonder why they didn't implement those QoL improvements in Totori... At least it's great to hear that Meruru is better!
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome! Yeah, the lack of QoL features is very disappointing, especially considering that this is a deluxe version and that Rorona had them. I forgot several times to put my items in the basket after the synthesis and I had to replay the first 20 minutes of the game twice because I accidentally pressed Y and skipped two cutscenes and there's no dialogue log. That wasn't very fun. I hope Atelier Meruru is better in this regard. The game is definitely less relaxing compared to Rorona because of the time limit pressure, but so far I'm enjoying the challenge that comes from that.
  7. I'm currently playing Atelier Totori DX, after finishing Atelier Rorona DX last week and Atelier Ryza last month. I'm really enjoying the Atelier series so far, I wish it was more popular. And despite the critics Atelier Totori received for its strict time limit, so far I'm enjoying it more than Atelier Rorona, thanks to the more interesting characters.
  8. These are my votes. (Sorry, I don't know how to put the image under spoiler)
  9. I joined Naesala, but if he loses (which, sadly, seems very likely) I'm going to join Tibarn.
  10. I'll give him one of my votes, just like I did last year. He's so nice and he's the best among the elder characters. He definitely deserves to join Heroes!
  11. I see Odin on the left and Xander on the right. If it's going to be a Fates banner, I hope they'll introduce some characters that aren't in Heroes yet.
  12. I think that with the 3H lords they could do interesting characters even if they didn't spoil things. For example, no matter which route you choose, you know what Edelgard does and why... In Crimson Flower things are explained even further, but even the other three routes give a good representation of Edelgard...
  13. I could see Edelgard being next month's Legendary Hero, in her post time skip outfit. Three Houses is still the game with the biggest focus in the community, being the latest entry and a very long game. They could really take advantage of it.
  14. At first I thought this too, but when Hel is killed in chapter 13, she says something like "Can death itself... actually perish?", so I thought that meant she was more than a personification... It's something they left very ambiguous...
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