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  1. 1. is a totally objective echoes tier list and 2. is awakening characters favorite subject enjoy
  2. blood fetish man meets literal sharp-teethed dragon and pink hair waifu with a nice ass axe.
  3. I like bees because they are like the misunderstood "mean girl" of real life. Everyone thinks they are bad and will sting you but in actuality the only time they fight back are when you are being a jerk. Cephalopod's are also cool because they are intelligent, fast, strong, and can camouflage. They are like the Mary Sue's of the ocean.
  4. Okay, thank you for linking me to the rules, I didn't know that this site had rules that were different to other forums. I am sorry for appearing to be a troll even though by definition, my post is not a troll, just comical. Thank you for informing me on the sites rules though and I will try to make more "sophisticated" posts.
  5. ok sorry if you dont like my post but it was genuinely an intriguing thought (for me) that has been plaguing my mind for a while. i have learned my lesson to not have humor on this forum.
  6. not quite sure if chrom needs it because kellam can probably take care of it by himself
  7. you should be making these posts instead you are better than me lol
  8. tbh i wasn't even trolling this was just a thought that came to my mind and i added a splash of my humor to it, you don't have to find it funny but this ultra-serious tone isn't making you sound like a great person to have a discussion with. also ik that kellam is recognizable but he is obviously the most defensively powerful/hidden character in the games lore so it doesn't really matter what Chrom thinks. Chrom = better unit offensively and Kellam = better user defensively in order to protect the emblem the #1 thing you don't want to happen is die.
  9. So, in Awakening there are all these people like "cHrOm GiVe Us ThE fIrE eMbLeM" like Gucci Gangrel and Validar iirc so why doesn't Kellam just hold the Fire Emblem? It sounds like a joke but seriously no one would even know where it is because it wouldn't basically exist. I think that this is a pretty big plothole. Chrom could literally save the entire kingdom of Ylisse from havoc if he just gave Kellam the Fire Emblem. But... what if Chrom didn't even remember Kellam? Well..., in order to get Kellam you need Chrom to talk to him in Chapter 3, which is at least 1 interaction with Chrom in the game, and knowing how much Kellam is forgotten, Chrom should give him the Fire Emblem if he has any sort of brain. So, we have 3 conclusions, A plothole Chrom is dumb It is a game calm down -The End-
  10. I'm not the most smart FE fan but since you don't like Olivia's frailness maybe pair them with Kjelle/Kellam.
  11. Thanks for everyone's output! The reason I think so highly of Donnel in Awakening is the broken Reeking Box feature. I really like the points people have bring up.
  12. I can't believe I forgot Gaius x Maribelle!
  13. What supports are you're favorite? Gregor x Cherche is awesome because Gregor actually saved Minerva in Wyvern Valley, the place where you also obtain Gerome. Chrom x Sumia is cool because it seems like they were supposed to automatically be together for the larger part of development but people realized that Chrom was hot and people wanted to marry them probably. Nah x Yarne is unique because it would be fun theorizing what their babies would look like. Panne x Kellam is also neat because they both have been outsiders their entire lives and want to constantly improve themselves. Share what you're favorites are in the replies!
  14. How is Donnel bad? He can learn skills such as Armsthrift, Sol, Counter, and Aptitude and the main excuse is "he is too hard to train" but his growth rates are superior to any other character and it isn't even an Est situation because you get him very early. Proof that Donnel has better growths than Chrom. Here is the photo. Some might be mad that I made him a merc instead of a villager but that is what he will be for most of the game.
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