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  1. this i agree. somehow they do zephiel justice by showing us his true nature like Guinevere describe in FE6. for karel whole situation tho, dunno if its intentional or not, but im sure i've seen his archetype in wuxia stories. a kid (Fir) having a mother which died shortly after giving birth despite prominent in martial arts, with her husband being muscle-for-brains type, then said kid seek guidance from relative ( Karel ) who is in fact the strongest in his prime (and still is maybe)
  2. YES. especially Alm side, or more specifically Python outfit. its something that actually practical and follows medieval style armor in one word: Layers medieval armor for non full plate armor always worn by stacking multiple layer, from Python we can see plain cloth (cotton or linen maybe) then a chainmail in middle, and a gambeson on top of it with asymmetrical leather padding / protection usual for archer. it really fits a non-frontliner armor. the deliverance army plate armor also anime looking but very practical at the same time. altho Celica army leaning more towards fantasy other than cost, maybe change in focus / direction? FE13/14 FMV seems.. i dunno how to put it into words, maybe leaning more into abstract while 15/16 more straightforward in terms of portraying scenes ?
  3. Fir could turn out good, but not great in my playthru. so definitely not gonna replace your rutger. her str a bit lacking give thea con stat booster so she's not dragged down badly by the weight of lance, if you plan to use her. other candidate for con doesnt need it as badly as her imo. yes, its everyone. not just you. its just bad design, period thats just branching with saves, no? you still do it independently right? also comparing promoted shanna with unpromoted thea who just joined is never a fair comparison. i choose to bench shanna when comparing her still unpromoted, then lvling thea to same lvl and her total stat really above her. so i dont get why she must take the blow as the inferior choice just because theres melady in several more chapter. (i mean, everyone is worse than melady except everyone favorite, rutger) but ofc it is fair when you play LTC with tier list in mind melady dont need delphi? why not... between another flier who focus on dodging and one that have higher chance getting hit and have HP to compensate it, i choose latter
  4. granted, being ignorant means less headache afterall
  5. why not? at least your math bring more closure than, say, bringing canon and headcanon thing into argument when someone says those cant be included, then the others proceed with one anyways to shows "their" character can win no matter what because they know that character most. even the minute details that i doubt original writers even thought of
  6. wish there was live chat section instead having turning pages by pages of so many different thread that turns out similarly about talking nonsense
  7. the amount of restore staves available is not the problem, you can just buy it in bulk when it appears in shop, but with only 1range and C requirement, thats where problem comes. it leaves you with only primary healer that can readily use it without heavy grind for magician. ideally you only bring 2 healer (priest or troubador + priest) someone got berserk'ed while away from healer? pray hard its not rutger or a paladin. gaiden chapter encourage you to split up and you actually do it? oh boi, you're in for a treat. its all manageable by turtling, but thats it. Turtle-ing.
  8. i think you quote the wrong person?? im showing thea not to dimiss zeiss ... but to show @sinfonic18 that its worth it to train her and not only for the purpose of going to ilia. equally good if i might say, you're choosing defense vs. speed. either you prefers on bulkiness or dodginess. *obviously why i give con booster to thea but you say its harder to get thea of the ground? she appear with the same map that has arena & shops (lalum route, cant remember about Elphin route), so no sortie limit that she sacrifices while supplying the healer if need be. also i believe you can recruit her before the turns for reinforcement, so you can feed her a bit in the same chapter. while arena appear again two chapter after zeiss (counting the gaiden) and no shop to buy healing staves at that chapter to abuse (if you forgot to bring many spare like me, that is) and to get to him usually you already kill all enemy and most of the later spawn (also theres douglas there..., self explanatory)
  9. ah, a fellow cultured person i see. welcome and i hope you enjoy the rest of the franchise
  10. bruh, no one told me this, and i suffer from this. makes me wondering why perceval seems only average in my playthru but its a good / nice exercise of strategy btw to recruit him in ch.13 without anyone dying from misfire. i guess i can be proud of that at least
  11. ah yes those. yet another characters that you can (weirdly) kill them when in other route, but cant have them in your army when you are in the same side. just because they are not student or affiliated with seiros and co. 🤔
  12. iirc theres also character on Edelgard empire army side (or Faerghus? forgot.) that could serve as late joiner with them being already in the army
  13. ILIA, period the split route is: Thea lvl + shanna lvl greater than Sue + shin, for Ilia route. you can use all, but still go to ilia if the sum of thea and shanna is greater. that simple shanna may have slight edge in speed when you recruit thea, but she has big boost to her base stat in HM over shanna as long as you dont give her steel lance, she can even survive being in frontline by dodging, even more so if she has support with klein. just pretend you dont see +2 in her con rather than arguing whether zeiss decent or bad in terms of power, more like we dont have any free slot to insert him for sortie, other than benching already-trained unit. imo it fall down to whether you like his character or not to the point you willing to spend any more time training unit halfway in the game (i do still train unit at that point, but somehow forgot to train zeiss) ------- if only theres 2-3 more chapters to use Roy (guess what items/stat booster i use on Roy) i dont remember in other FE, but Luck actually seems helps you more in FE6, i might be wrong tho.
  14. hmm interesting games you play there, but its basically just click the dot i recommend something thats not only about geographic, but also pleasing to the eye: https://www.geoguessr.com/ EDIT: yikes, 3 years ago, its completely free with no limit to play at all.. 2020 really sucks EDIT2: but really, its more fun imo since you guess what you see based on google streetview, you can play with someone too. until they charge you for free image ofc..
  15. sweet go all out on the guides! all secret items, shops, recruitment, support convo , etc. dont leave any stone unturned delphi shield from Narcian (steal, not drop), boss of the chapter where douglas keep cockbloking you from chest room
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