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  1. ngl, Advance wars remake art kind of looks.. bad. not bad as in ugly. but those thing that happen when going from 2D to 3D with same amount of budget with 2D. i mean, you can still make 3D looks like 2D. but it costs more obviously, like guilty gear series
  2. lul. that one get escalated quickly into a messy argument. better ignore and pretend its closed than trying to reason if that will make it worse people love wearing their horse blinder
  3. i thought it was going to be one on one interview. that would be a slog. but if its group convo with similar background grouped together discussing where do they go after that in short conversation, that would be great. i dont mind it being all good ending in that case if done right while i dislike it, i dont know if i want it removed since its tied closely with support (and support not going anywhere i believe at this point). but if removed then changed like above suggestion that would be okay-ish. doing actual ending scene would be too costly afterall very small chance it will happen or just make it ending slideshow and support not 100% dependent, like in some older games where theres only one or two fixed paired ending. so support will be support, not life relationship goals
  4. i prefer remake to be a complete overhaul. but how much they need to tinker with the original material is up to the original game i guess. more like everyone thinks like that. especially since the game already have some obvious pairing and love interest evident from the content of their support
  5. oh i forgot about that kind of thing too. they retreat, they still appear in story, but then ending slideshow said they died at specific chapter.. what gives?? implementing your idea would be fun, basically they survive the war but got bad/unsatisfactory life ending. same as above more or less. another reason to push on even tho our units die. because the fallen are not forgotten. otherwise its loading save state for me. since you only suffer in gameplay aspect with single line of "X died in chapter XX" of ending for that trouble poor canas, XD. maybe hugh need to have bad ending too since not only he attack us but also demand absurd payment for switching side. even tho its partly his own fault for picking the wrong side.
  6. a small correction, i want straight up bad ending, not just bittersweet ending. since i believe theres already some of it either literally or just implied. but your example perfectly in line with what i said. awfully specific yes. the only game i can remember to pull it off is Suikoden since the first installment. the penultimate/second last boss we defeat before entering the final boss area can be recruited if we want. another little example would be: Guy from FE7, his bad ending could be " after the war, Guy went to challenge a master swordman he met during the war. but he overestimate his capabilities & limit and die a miserable death." the swordman in question will obviously be Karel. and his dumb decision happen because he didnt have A support with certain someone. Or if thats too complicated, just use Hector, and said he meet a bloody end (in FE6) like the armads original user.
  7. its bound to happen sooner or later imo, its a game where theres many artist working on it even in "normal" design FE characters already sporting some unnecessary details here and there, some makes sense, some not. and every character needs to look different and unique also didnt help. unless their normal design are like original Gaiden, kek. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - unpopular opinions (or maybe suggestion? might moved it somewhere else if appropriate) from me again 1. FE needs to go back to larger pool of characters. Only about 30 chars with limited recruitment sucks. because when i said larger pool of characters, its not where the recruitable char split between this & that route, choose this & lose that. none of that stuff. but All You Can Eat Recruit charatacters. maybe some with requirements, sure. but since they added garreg march as "base", i keep thinking why theres no stray Vagabond , crestfallen knight, or maybe farmer boi paying tribute/make a donation to the monastery (who aspire to be soldier/knight) that you can recruit appear in your doorstep despite the location literally in middle of the map, a neutral territory even. it could make perma death (more) relevant again with abundant of char as meatshield. but at what cost? characterization of course. so many people here that care about characterization, nuance, depth, and whatnot already write so many paragraphs of those, (that you can make a journals from it) also sometimes forgot they also said FE not the best place for deep story, gameplay matters more, behaviour not consistent, bla bla bla.. in another threads. So im sure all of it ultimately point to "depend on the game" 2. Character Ending slideshow of FE become increasingly boring lately. theres apparently improvement in FE writing, be it the amount of letter written literally or its depth. but still ultimately leads to: A be happy with B or C or D etc... Remind me if im mistaken. but theres barely, if any, bad ending for character. iirc bittersweet is as close we get. what if a womanizer char ends up with someone but get a bad ending because they cant erase that habit completely and the partner of his choosing cant stand it? (by killing or at least leave that womanizer) if theres already an obsessive character, why not the ending reflect that. Why every one become a pious person in the end of the war? despite them working for enemy before, a sellsword that ask you ridiculous amount of money for joining, or maybe just tagging along for fun IN THE WAR. "but, why/for what?" do you ask? nothing, or just because they can. unless IS decided for next FE they will do more than simple slideshow of text for char ending, i dont see why not having bad end too. we are winning the war, not winning the life of every character in the roster. its mostly the Lord story after all. they get the most of it from winning the war gives you completionist a liiitleee bit more incentive to play again to see which pairing will work better, no?
  8. actually a difficult question for me. i know its the GBA FE, but cant remember which one between Sacred Stone or Binding Blade (it was translated as sword of seal/the sealed sword back when i play it). I was still an elementary schoolkid in 2004-2005, and when i see how FE play, i was "getting" all 3 of it before deciding which to play to finish first. maybe Binding blade since the furthest memory i can recall was asking my friend whats the differences between "sword of seals" and "sealed sword" 🤔. Definitely not blazing blade tho, since i hated Lyn mode
  9. so its Pangea after all, eh? if its like that, no further explanation needed actually so most villains actually either know their limit or maybe havent traveled the whole world to know whether their influence can even reach beyond the continent or not, interesting.
  10. still not quite convinced about what you said: both antagonising and re-kindling friendship with his childhood is make sense thru the support and is a good point,... its contradicting. why would support makes it logical for both to take place. unless its something like: he became enemy at the end if you didnt talk (support)or trying to understand (support) him enough. which means both situation could happen but at different level. But, was it really a deciding factor ? ...or maybe im wrong about this part, which actually for the better because i will start my own playthru soon, then pleasantly surprised to have better experience than what i initially expect dunno, cant comment. and no, i dont even like avengers to even know what/who is ultron. oh it was not, but it is now. already said in my first post (before what you quote) about my problem for support is how they become in later games. and you even gives example about it yourself about support giving characters growth... anything you said below that about interactions is something that i agree, altho not 100% ----------------------------------------------------- BUT i really dunno what gives you the idea i want interactions removed. im really curious
  11. oh right. im sorry... or not. it is bad, just because it happen here and now, doesnt mean make it okay tho. if you want to count every conflict in every nook and cranny in earth as one continuity, then our history would 100% full-on war. thats why i specifically said "in short time gap". because only the most die hard fans would know and care FE4 and FE1 share continuity since the gap in timeline and the position of the continent is unclear. other people would not take notice so the character not taking notes is more understandable. so i take more problem if its the case of valentia - archanea continuity. (happen near both place and time) also no dragon in our world...
  12. continuity suck, even more so if it happen in relatively short time gap. since FE 90% of the time deal with continent to world-level threat. almost everyone should know those things happen if its in same world, but then it happen again like they didnt learn any lesson from it. also its like villain already have hidden consensus who take turns after who failed. despite them have also existed in previous event, with similar threat level or sometimes the latter is greater.. unless the villain from the previous and the next game are very much connected, and the previous one kinda weak (story wise, not stat wise) compared to later game villain. something like PR and RD. but not like archanea-valentia where both threaten "the world" (unless world = continent)
  13. the problem is, its trying to hard to make both character who have differing opinion, traits, etc, to become fond of each other by the end of it. it escalates so much just in 3 conversation also not helping. this is less apparent pre-awakening, but after that? so rather than removing, or fixing support, i say why cant we have characters moment where they dont have to like each other, but still flesh their characterization. now if only IS can afford to make different but same-y game with different approaches and mechanic ala Atlus with its SMT and persona, im all for it. but we know it wont happen since its not 2000s anymore where a series can release a sequel and spin off every 1-2 or so years (meaning, its now very exhausting and long just to make one, better focus on one thing right)
  14. yep. since even in every "major" island in indonesia we have multiple language with multiple dialect, lol just stating the fact. thats a bold mechanic (which is very rare) but also a troublesome one programming-wise im sure
  15. i'll just give example to explain what i meant. But i might be wrong since i've yet to start my own playthru of 3H, but based on what i've seen: many character ( especially the blue haired sword guy) have extreme change in attitude based on who make support with him or rather which class he ended up with post timeskip. he could be caring best friend but also ruthless and no-nonsense enemy to that same friend... like really? if he is actually someone who is easy to manipulate and sway, then okay. but be clear or at least give hints he is like that. which im 100% sure thats not the case here. another extreme case would be the entire original member of black eagle. either they hate edelgard to death, or love her to death on a whim of byleth... no principle at all. which make any kind of support we did a moot. i liked that part too. subtle and simple but gives you idea of some characters emotion. which i hoped next time we will get smaller base or even just a camp of sort . that way its easier to make small conversation thats inline with the on going plot. instead of big hub like Garreg mach that littered with useless talks. you wish that panties have more plot relevancy huh. imagine a panties that can give ability who wears it a convincing argument even in life-or-death situation. im joking okay, please forgive me
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