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  1. this line with this line kinda contradict, if not by implementation, then conceptually. is this dragon MC cursed to become human or what? i mean, imagine this: im born a human, but then im going around as a frog, but once every new moon i can turn back as handsome human. but thats it, only for crucial time. back to frog for majority of time. am i not basically Shrek now? someone/something should not need to spend any effort to become what they originally are. unless we go back to standard FE cliche which is overdone: something-something happen, so every dragon need limited availability stone to assume original form. not to transform into something, but to return to their original form. yes yes, i know the consequences of what i said gameplay wise; balance thrown out of window im thinking the dragon MC to have some kind of progression ala RPG instead of instant boost to stat-cap from lvl one and/or early game via stone like older FE. as much as i dislike corrin dragon we can start from there, small dragon, weak, limited to simple attack. those AoE breath of fire, bigger form, and other big attack should come after learning via story progression. theres many ways you can go from there but no need to make it like its nuclear bullet for special occasion. (i mean, dragon in many story medium like to spew breath of fire even for random common people, not just toward important people)
  2. i said YES im still pissed because fate dragon mc not as cool i thought it was gonna be. make the story has more relevancy about you being a dragon . like i dunno, make it a story about continuing the existence of dragon instead of humankind. saving humankind can be a byproduct of that (and theres no shortage of human hero anyway), which also make human realize there are good dragon you can rely on. and dont give lame-ass dragon transformation. make the final upgrade to class or abilities of the MC make you a big, cool, and majestic GOLDEN dragon. if transformation not half permanent, then at least everytime you unleash their personal ultimate art. so far i only found dragon MC that fits that criteria in western tabletop game sadly
  3. oh, its safe then. i understand, some things are not meant to be. just like how i hate FE3hopes (and warrior) for its gameplay and wont touch it at all, despite loving FE series. in that case, the answer is
  4. if we're talking unplayable char/ past heroes, Elibe Divine generals mostly also basically that iirc. they are the founding father of their own respective nobility which suggest they were not nobility when they become leader of humanity against dragon. i think athos also describe eliwood ancestor as some shorty dude who somehow became hero due to his strength 😁 i think many obscure SRPG manage to do that. makes you wonder why FE fails to do that. maybe one possible reason being FE plot consist of big invisible army that the MC command which would only possible in medieval setting if the commander has some sort of nobility rank. if its a group of less than 15 people party like in standard JRPG i think it would be easier to have MC thats not nobility at all a bit oot i dont mind if people strongly want FE making commoner lord as MC like i've seen some clearly want in this forum, especially with today's bias against nobility of past era (or maybe monarchy vs democarcy as general). but commoner lord who became nobility or influential people, then betray the very cause they fight for before is also todays product, its no less hypocrite or bad than noble who try to reclaim their throne. so if we stay with noble lord for MC i dont see big problem other than "hey, maybe try something new"
  5. "no this isnt happening, there's no reason for me to go on, what, WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOORRRRR??!!!!!" - Zero in Megaman X4 maybe the only sad scenes where instead of crying you actually laugh due to voice acting
  6. Early/Mid Impression so far: 3 chapters in Dub vs Sub. I almost always play using JAP dub for JRPG (if available). Its not about language superiority, but about Voice actor superiority. anyone that watch anime long enough will know it. VA in Japan are competitive to the point of a bit cruel. not good/unique enough? off to chopping block. so their voice tend to fit more dramatic JRPG setting. But one intro in, i already notice its not direct translation between japanese voice and english text. so English voice it is. for better or worse its British dub! No offense to british accent user, but the insult doesnt like an insult, lol. so its kinda funny and refreshing to me, with main cast VA mostly nailed it. while other is so-so Graphic. its xenoblade by monolith soft. they always make NIntendo hardware cry. update your hardware FFS nintendo... vegetation only start to pop out closer than 100m is very noticeable to me. Char design is the best imo out of all xenoblade entries. many xenoblade char in previous entries makes me cringe looking at their outfit, especially 2. but now they looking like bunch of teenagers on a road trip on spring/summer which thematically correct and nice imo. (i would choose to wear their outfit over FF15) favorite char so far: Ethel. Definetely not because i'm horny or because i like big tities onee-san. She's like Dunban from XBC1, someone the MC look up to, indebted to, and with enough power and fame to boot. Alas, they ultimately fails to become the main character and not get that juicy MC power-plot. With level headed-ness fit for a commander, she's a nice supporting cast. Oh, also she use dual-wield sword, another cool factor. That jiggle physic tho, coupled with biggest bazzongas that not even Eunie can match, surely catch my attention. In short, best fan-service for me gameplay: its xenoblade mechanic. MMO like battle but singleplayer, with biggest active party to date. bonus exp for Level up is underrated mechanic. in a massive JRPG where its easy to under-level or over-level depending on what type of freak you are (story freak, or completionist freak) this bonus EXP for lvl up can somewhat balance both side. use it for skipping content, dont use it if planning to complete all content. same with nopon coin, basically premium currency thats limited in avalability that can be used to skip fetch quest, class progression. really nice QoL. sound: didnt expect to like all the battle soundtrack. even soundtrack with flute grew on me, even though i dislike it when first announcement trailer drop. turns out the addition of flute can help differentiate it from past xenoblade ost. the only gripe (spoiler ch 3) about villain so far, the "consul": agree with this this. villain like Metalface fit nicely into "chaotic" character, they are also overbearing but amusing in its own way. while Fire emblem villain more often than not imo falls into textbook "Evil", too serious for their own good. so the consul and also metalface is the kind of villain you are more than happy to just bash your skull and have fun fighting it, all that pep talk in between is just excuse to hit them harder. havent reach half of the game, but feels like answering that will be spoiler, and that possibly leads you to not playing it, based on your impression of numbered xenoblade (this in itself is already an answer if you guess hard enough or complete xeno1 & 2)
  7. -10 point , didnt provide image of pant-less marth. -100 points not elaborate further what kind of badassery beneath that pant-less ancient rome knight also didnt wear pants. and they always become go-to model of masculine men from classical era. heck, they even BAN pants there. poor Medeus never stand a chance against a man who honor that.
  8. no 108 char? then its not suikoden for me. 😏 oh, i know that one, never played it tho. sure, FF10 is the best. but i dislike ATB system. so thats not what i want. i cant imagine doing ATB for shooting while moving frantically..... WAIT, there is one i've played that fit that actually.. Resonance of Fate by Tri-ace game. ATB shooter that make the character dash, jump, dodge but still uses turn-based combat somehow. on that note, i want another Resonance of Fate; as action JRPG, with gameplay something close like Xenoblade X maybe. either way just ditch the original combat system. alright, thats cool. cant shake the feeling theres a game doing that already, cant remember what tho. or maybe im mistaking grappling hook with whip
  9. closer to DMC if we want to make comparison. but translating corridor-like metroidvania as is into 3D design will not make any sense, i think. thats why it become like that (more combat focused). whereas metroidvania is more heavy on platformer than action. but its still 3D metroidvania with whips nonetheless
  10. agree. to make it work? im 100% sure its easy. to make it balanced like square grid? theres a lot of work/thinking to be done the most obvious problem will be pathing. thankfully FE didnt use "wait" direction into factor of gameplay (unless im remembering it wrong), which could be massive headache. imagine geting backstabbed by 3 enemy unit at once. as for Civ situation, imo its the necessary phases. it gets better and more refined after all. so im sure FE can do it too if they are going to experiment
  11. yes it could, why not? the only thing holding it back im sure is the amount of thinking they had to pour in rebalancing the mechanic such as ranges of attack, movement, stuff like that. other than that everything should work fine dont just stop at Berwick saga to look for Hexagon battle strategy. Literally every 4X4 strategy game in PC in the last decade use Hexagonal grid + Player-enemy phase system in their action or battle. the most famous example is Civilization series and Endless series. rather than hexagon i would actually ask: what if Fire emblem forego grid altogether and just straight up use actual range measurement (for attack, movement, etc). something like SEGA-made SRPG.
  12. Z. cuz my name start with that letter, and my friend who can say my name with correct pronounciation is less than half. half joking aside, Z should have versatile use with both angle pointing in opposite direction, but also hard to use i guess
  13. this one afaik is the general consensus even within xeno fans, just like camilla is to FE fans, haha.. coupled with this.. yeah, now i got my reasoning why i avoid it all these years. and those final point, the 2nd game might not have any decision but somehow the sequel gives you blatant answer. so maybe its part of bad execution, while the writer or director actually knows what he want out of the MC alright thanks, now im less troubled skipping the 2nd game and just go straight to 3rd game
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