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  1. thats very interesting and very RPG like damage, which is great. but in a game where most duel solved within 2 turns at most, it became unnecessarily complicated and restricting. rather than making it less effective, this would just make it a unit cant attack certain enemy almost like they dont have enough strength, or risk losing a unit by brute forcing it. compared it to action and RPG or maybe something like Monster Hunter game, where an enemy could take 3 to 10 minutes depending on your dmg types. isnt that basically still weapon triangle? but rather than making the loop reversed, or just changing its weak-strong like old game, its now doubled down by changing the weak-strong as well as forgetting its own weapon type. i dont think its that much complicated in terms of code? you just make more weapon loop thats hidden in the game guide but is in the code. its still "lance-reaver", "axe reaver" at the end of the day. But its more work ofc
  2. short answer: NO havent read all those text below what i quote, but im really curious as to why would you think less voice acting will affect choice that much? unless your example are limited to only JRPG, not including western RPG. and like other said, branching in FE so far has plenty of problem for it t work as good as everyone hoped
  3. Blunt weapon like Mace maybe? another thing that i want them to consider since we now have so many class is: a variant or sub-categories weapon such as Greatsword. it will benefit from any sword specific skill, and of course it will be restricted by appropriate class. thinking back on 3H for example , if Hero is the one class that can only wield it, it will give some reason to use it rather than feeling like an "inferior swordmaster that can also wield axe poorly compared to warrior-class". so its like a blend of old system where a class can only wield specific weapon, and new system where you can wield anything: so now you can wield any "base type" weapon, but some class has unique weapon to them
  4. NGL, thats what i expect before 3H releases too. not some shallow conviction to follow someone that gets swayed because byleth have bigger dick higher str/skill in particular areas. the worst offender still Edelgard route split tho. blame the multiple routes that constraint development i guess
  5. not just VA i believe, they add some flair like skill, turnwheel, etc which make it more like a remake than just 3D remaster, but more importantly (imo) it uses newer tech and feels like a remake with proper budget at a glance (ofc you can have shitty story and questionable gameplay design with big budget games tho). But ofc all that are only the technical aspect. the other aspects is more debatable whether its better or not -------------------------------------------------------- since some of above argument about storytelling this, character that, boils down to "water is just water, change my mind" type of silly/petty argument,.. i'll just deliver another unpopular opinion: -Batallion mechanic dont need to return, at least not if they are not changed drastically/meaningfully the reasoning because, the first thing that i notice when playing TH : those bandits that attack the 3 main lords are a failure as a bandit because they have "mobs" but still proceed to "watch" one guy have a fair one versus one fight... i know, i know, batallions are not supposed to take on the actual units, but as someone who play other strategy game cant help but sigh.. having the freedom to assign anyone with a batallion wont make sense either when considering their job. its a given class/job in TH are not fixed so we cant outright say which one is canon, only implied. but a class like "thief" should not have multiple people following them considering their role. or when the plot doesnt involve unit from military school it wont make sense to suddenly throw them some subordinate to lead in battle. it works with TH settings sure, but other not necessarily imo.
  6. also BB can generate Fire/Flame too so yeah, so it is the fire emblem of that game what power Yato has? But since some of it are not weapon i dont think we can compare how powerful they are the term Emblem has very broad meaning. i can already imagine a story where some faction getting bamboozled by the actual fire emblem
  7. I want it to be something insignificant to the masses and dont actually have awesome powers or important utility, but maybe something silly/simple that changes the life of the protagonist into something that will make the "lord" character lifepath into a leader. it could be a sign, or symbol of a secret hideout, or maybe a local drug store logo that owned by JAGEN of that series. then at the end of the story side-chara will ask how the lord become a Lord, and they answer: "... it all started when i find the fire emblem on the back alley" oh wait, now it become significant CMIIW, but that fancy bern rock is actually the one at the hilt of Binding Blade, and the blade wont function as intended or released from its pedestal until you socket it in. (thats why merlinus cant pick the sword despite trying to, while Roy can since Guinevere gives it to him, duh) if thats not canon, make it MY headcanon dont worry, someone like me and many others will point it out for you.
  8. F! mark with merlinus. to shit on avatar char fans available option. for the giggles and to give the man some happiness for sticking loyal to house of Pherae M! mark with Ninian or Isadora maybe? Ninian for when you dont want to mess up Roy lineage by suddenly having dragon blood being canon, but still want ninian dramatic/tragic end. and Isadora because i like pairing strategic type (mark) with knightly type (isadora) its a genre staple (in japanese-korean-china story at least) for any woman that is a swordwoman will die shortly after giving birth! especially if their child will be someone strong/important. how could you try to avoid it! .....just kidding. lmao it sorely need a better excuse for their disappearance, or just remake the entire story that they actually live/survive somewhere if its a remake. whether we can use them or not in the follow up FE6 is irrelevant to me.
  9. dude, thats actually very hillarious, and i would support it to become canon if i could oh they are, i mean you can still have tea party after time-skip right? they are noble afterall i dont think Byleth appearing later affect their logistics that much for sweets to appear again assuming they stop making it when byleth absent (correct me if im wrong tho) theres truth to that, many diabetes people tend to "look" or become skinny actually. and young people sometime just dont look fat, but they could secretly have flabby tummy under their outfit especially if they are a bit taller. Manuela tho, heavy drinker without heavy exercise at that age will get you fatter fast
  10. 🙄 so which one do you think will be better for FE, pre-planned dlc character, or added as an after-thought and/or by-demand dlc character im sure part of what makes radiant dawn bigger cast relatively okay in terms of overall writing quality was because its a direct sequel. or in other words, so many character are a returning cast that already has established characterization. does someone already count how many non-returning/new char vs returning char in radiant dawn roster?
  11. another side that i often see, pairing for the sake of meta gameplay. thats why i dont think the dev actually put some deep thought about pairing possibility when there was kids mechanic. they just giving you option for the sake of optionss. just like reading a harem story where theres no clear indication whos going to win the race if you based it on compatibility and taste/personality of the Male lead, since it doesnt matter that much. yep, always thought that its going to be awkward depending on the context of the support if they happen at the actual monastery rather than a vacuum pseudo-3D space. like what if they become emotional, and you see nameless npc student sit in the background or even passing.. ruining the mood i would not mind it if they just go for 2D background for support, and actual monastery for story conversation
  12. very young character (below 15 y/o at maximum maybe?) is like a staple of JRPG, you will always find it. no problem there. but there are young only in biography descriptions , and actually young from the way they act and looks. i just focused on the latter. first, im not including 3H in my case, since i know they actually put "limited support" (whatever it was called) that maxed out at B. thats not pairing at all, friendship at best. second, since its about kids mechanic how come the pairings not romantic, did they just get r*ped ? or did someone secretly stole their DNA third, correct me if im wrong elise can be paired and have kids with Ryoma though... in revelation fourth, i dont consider Ryoma as my example of old man. unless ryoma secretly been 40+ year old which we cant know for sure without actual canon biography in other words, my comment seem like a complaints when the last 2 point of your original post get combined. possible pairing with almost everyone + kids
  13. maybe you're used to seeing newer triple A games? since those games used mo-cap actor for movement animation, so almost no same movement for each char except repeated animation for said character only. This become apparent in 3H since every dialogue are 3D now. (i mean, 3H considered a smaller cast for FE, but very big for JRPG) resulting in very noticeable repeat animation hmm.. honestly who doesnt love child-making pairing mechanic. but, but...
  14. personally i like bigger, larger cast with also big deployment limit since i like big war feeling. kind of suck when you like many character only to be restricted by deployment limit. especially when the previous chapter has bigger limit than the next one. im sure many player has met that feeling when you already planned whos to include next chapter after their timely promotion only to bench them because the next one is smaller deployment map with gimmick (requires more thief or ranged or large movement for example) but realistically for a Fire Emblem both spectrum has its issues, whether large or small. everyone knows what happen with too big or too small from plot perspective. but i just want to add specific problem with FE deployment: you will met a deployment limit where you get more slot than you can insert them either because many of your unit already dead or just wont add to the overall gameplay since they are underlevelled due to previous chapter(s) lower limit. And the opposite also happen, got so many good unit that you cant deploy due to limit and ends up having a heated discussion with others which one is better to use in long term so, ideally i want the size & limit to change every so often. since we got 3 house with more limiting units, the next preferably a little bigger than that (with matching plot ofc)
  15. ngl, Advance wars remake art kind of looks.. bad. not bad as in ugly. but those thing that happen when going from 2D to 3D with same amount of budget with 2D. i mean, you can still make 3D looks like 2D. but it costs more obviously, like guilty gear series
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