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  1. but it is how it is with war tho? losing head/commander = lose war. not technically, but practically. unless someone else become the new head and continue. even more so with FE series who like to recruit many people from god knows where they come from. other countries. the moment the lord out of the picture, the army will break at the seams, and practically falls apart. altho in gameplay doesnt sound satisfying, and thats why im sure people above suggest game without lord, or at least "forced lord" imo its not whether lord is important or not in FE, but FE care about characterization, and the culmination of characterization in FE is the lord. more dialogue lines, more important role, more involved with the conflict at large, etc. when it becomes out of the picture, im sure so many character in FE series will stop having reason to join in the war effort, which in turn making the power potential of the good guy lessen a lot. but of course thats just my understanding in (local) war history. where the fight against colonialism, invaders, etc become not-so-hopeless when someone rise to become "lord" unit. altho they still lose too most of the time... Thats how important "lord" in war setting, that i consider it an identity in FE. because FE setting is war also "satisfying when losing" is beyond me too since i dont do ironman run in any game. but not less important, im confused: did you want lord to stay or not?
  2. how about a protagonist that just "transferred" to that continent? so the whole conflict and war in that continent actually has nothing to do with the protagonist. it doesnt have to be "i come from modern world, so i will bring future tech to make a mess of science progress in this world" trope. it could just be he's from another far continent that people there just doesnt know (yet). they might as well forgotten in the after-war by the masses due to joining already existing force and serve as a kind vice-lord, not the actual supreme leader of the army it might sound like mark and robin, except theres no amnesia. and this one has its own agenda of coming back to their homeland, maybe with some added pursuer of his/her life that makes the war even more complicated
  3. if someone misses the news, theres already report that says bobby will stop being ceo once ActiBliz deal been finalized ------------------------------------- one of the things where sony fails to do. but many people dont want to see/admit that sony make a big mistake. on emulator related stuff, as you may already know emulator is actually grey area. because it could evade the likes of copyright strike as long as they dont make it obvious so people can play pirated game using emu. and its just unnecessary busywork to pursue it imo. (which hopefully they will keep ignoring it) yeah agreed. no one should buy capcom at this point. they've been doing great lately. if sony buy something else i wouldnt care that much. since other company that i dont want anyone to buy is Bamco, and its value already exceed half trillion USD (compared to actiblizz which is just over 50 billion USD)
  4. maybe strong, nimble, and uh... reactive? since im assuming this is like basing on martial arts, maybe the third is like something akin to aikido or judo (maybe?), where you use part of opponent strength to strike back at them. gentle fist is more like the third one after all if i imagine it from existing martial arts that can be called that. so thats why i prefer the second type to become nimble. isnt that advance wars by IS? or anything from total war series games. rather, its almost any SRPG (with total head count more than 10) except fire emblem. so its like identity of FE. which is why im interested if IS make other game alongside FE too. so they can break free from shackles of permadeath, and some other staple of FE in that other game
  5. so many hate toward microsoft has "they've done bad before, so they are sinner that cant be forgiven" mentality. while toward other company "they've given us delicacy before, surely they will keep to delight us in the future" .. cue konami, blizzard, and some other company, which is not true. my point is, in the last decade, major company has change their CEO, and possibly their board of directors too. that includes sony nintendo microsoft etc so no guarantee those company will do exactly what they did with same-y result. if anyone should hate microsoft for potentially locking future games in xbox and pc, nintendo should be hated too. because none of their exclusive got to other platform. heck, not even SONY do that anymore. so many sony exclusive been ported to PC (but funnily not xbox). imagine if Fire Emblem start appearing in PC, maybe we can start seeing mods or tools to add stuff to newest Fire emblem ala GBA FE. not just randomizer. yes i hate nintendo for that. despite owned 3DS before.
  6. i can see koei tecmo pruchased by another Juggernaut of publisher. but Bamco? very slim chance. Bamco just got actual Guinness World Record for holder of most IP in a single product last year. Their value must be over the roof. its like trying to buy Mitsubishi. we thought they dont have good sales in car nowadays, but that only tip of iceberg of their whole business and Square still going strong afaik. unless they flop hard like activ-blizard, they would not want to sell their company i guess. (not about money, but rather pride like nintendo) personally i want someone to buy konami. like seriously, so many beloved IP left for dead there.
  7. oh BOI. fingers crossed what will they do with that hot mess of a studio. im no microsoft fanboi, but im sure many people also realize since Phil Spencer lead Xbox, he's been doing more good than harm. its not perfect, but its in the right direction. something like "supporting what studio does best by providing what they need" is a good motto imo. heck even gamepass thats been laughed at by Sony, now adopted by... none other than Sony confirmed to arrived in coming month. and buying actibliz is not the most outrageous thing microsoft has done. they've tried buying SquareEnix and nintendo in late 90's - early 2000's this. cant start ordering around before they finalized everything. since stock holder and board of director of triple-A game company are not known for pro-consumer(gamer). its whether they can generate stable revenue or not, thats all. maybe microsoft can should start making crossover just like Bandai Namco, which is the holder of most game-related IP afaik
  8. overall, either is good imo. but personally in FE case, the late legendary is slightly preferred. Falchion in awakening sure has its uses. but i dont feel as much hype or importance versus late legendary weapon. maybe because it become obsolete until its due upgrade. people just use it like everyday weapon compared to binding blade, where people either conserve it for strong enemy, or use it brazenly like me due to how OP and useful it is (and pretend like Roy is strongest unit because of it) because i've specifically saved Hammerne 3 charge for it. Its that special Alm is royalty. The sword literally called Royal Sword. the moment peasant can use it, it becomes Everyone Sword XD. Celica not able to use it despite a royalty is more like because of the gameplay that doesnt take into account both of them in one party except last fight, just like theres no support between both of them despite the obvious. iirc not even "talk" is available in duma map between celica party and alm party
  9. dont tell me it end up with the lord forming a 3rd side/faction, since neither side care to correct their way. suddenly its becoming gundam story plot cougar is part of Puma family which only consist of cougar, which already being said. unless you mean other cougar it could only work with a side lord like 3H that take double role as vice lord and actual lord that gives command. making the actual lord just a figurehead. having split personality could result in different strategy for each personality, imagine if they split in middle of war. confusing allies which strategy they're gonna execute there. in case like dimitri, he can do whatever he want and act like edgelord crazy lord since theres byleth that command the whole troop
  10. that could work just right if you could access a menu the moment you get attacked like in Super robot wars series. which let you choose whether to defend, dodging, or specific counter attack . but we're stuck with whatever last used item until next move. having more option doesnt always translate into better implementation automatically in FE i know that reference 😮
  11. block/highlight the sentence you want to quote, and the "quote selection" option will appear beside the sentence. Tales of Arise. Bandai Namco has release newest popularity poll last month. and the winner is character named Dohalim. and they said that majority of voters is actually female. the overseas fans including me more or less agree with that too afaik. it might be recency bias factor, but he win number 1 spot in overall ranking. and also number 2 in other category. so it should hold some credibility no no no. dont just hint at wink-wink at epilogue. if its just that, they've been doing that since forever. but its always either hinted, or skipped entirely. also i didnt mean another awakening-fates magically appear child either. except chrom maybe, where his newborn infant actually appear in middle of story. make it R-rated . make it a fact they do it within the span of the campaign. no need for time skip to handle the job if you put it that way, nothing unique about that versus FE recurring theme. or rather thats what the opening lore of many FE, that FE developer never seem want to explore deeper. got it. from that reaction alone i got my answer
  12. We already have plenty European-themed Lord. So change the male background into noble from either central asia, east asia, middle east, or even part of africa. Thanks to a certain popular JRPG releasing in 2021, now its a fact that Brown-Exotic-Noble guy is quite popular especially for female audience (with interesting personality ofc, thats no brainer) might as well utilize that to pull more female gamer -EX.. yes seriously. The whole tying knot between nation using marriage will fall apart the moment one of the pair suddenly gone for any reason. back to throwing spears and claws, then. So getting an heir is a must have goal ASAP. By then they would have living proof of the alliance between the two. Even if one of the parent later will be gone, the alliance and connection will not break apart that quickly how to translate that into S support for a nintendo subsidiaries game? beats me, i dunno. about that: pretty much sums up what every canon protagonist in Dark souls will end up.
  13. one can dream ... its hard to make war tasteful complicatedly interesting without a sprinkle of politic. and we all love complicated story right... or is it? i want to ask "why tho?" if thats not offensively personal. but somehow i can imagine it become used as recurring in game joke for early chapter where bandit mistake the lord as princess/noble lady, when in fact its a prince/noble guy. poor bandit getting struck down while having confusion which one is true, lol the disconnect between gameplay and story implication always divide people. hopefully game dev realize this as of now (doubt)
  14. disclaimer: i've tried to search what make average guy an average guy before the previous reply, but no reliable source found (yet). so our interpretation of "average guy" might as well be vastly different. so agreeing to disagree like lenticular the best option here. then onto the question 1. its analogy. not saying ike is former noble at all. But to explain that nobility/status as parameter for average guy kinda weak compared to reasons that Ike is not average guy like other has explain. because (you just said it) it all depends. so "not noble = average guy" is not a definite criteria. 2. yes... but before you getting mad and think im racist, hold up. the setting is such that human has prejudice against laguz. so its considered normal if you do so. whether our "modern" mindset dictate it as wrong, is irrelevant. would average people doing something abnormal? they would stand out, and to uphold that non normal require qualities above average guy. again, analogy even more so imo if no one teach him to not be racist. then he has broader mindset than average guy to understand it before anyone teach it. any philosopher or genius inventor are like that and many of them become like that not because being taught. would you call any of them average? 3. because it makes Ike even more of chosen one than he already was in PoR. sure, not as much Micaiah. Also, i might be remembering it wrong, but isnt Ike the only one that can finish the final boss? is it because he happen to wield ragnell, or because Ike is.. Ike. some FE dont even have that restriction iirc, or when it does it has protag like Alm and his obviously chosen one moment. and famous dont play a big part in that. plenty of (supposedly) famous character in FE cant do what their MC's did ------------------------------------------------------------------------ to make it back into topic: a main lord story thats actually not his story. because the "character" that become famous throughout the story is actually already dead. and the one that does all the stuff is just an impostor. basically the actual main character is just one big Con-man. But he did it out of kindness, not malice or want to trick people. (for example because the one MC disguised as was a commander , so mc can took command of their forces without too much retaliation)
  15. actually i did, but sorry i didnt quote you even though i support the same idea. (but for different reason) searching the page again, turn out you said it in previous page, hence forgot to quote it in this page in my previous post so, actually closer to character like Pent & Louise in FE7 ? i want that to happen, but i shudder thinking that people will forcefully push the idea that one of them will have secret lover, or option to end up with someone else, breaking of the established marriage by virtue of support mechanic. FE people and their matchmaker tendency, lol. personally i want a lasting couple not just matching for the sake of matching
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