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  1. hmm... for reason(s) i dont want to disclose i think i might stop visiting this thread or even SF forum as a whole, for unknown amount of time. so that being said, i want to apologize for any mistake or maybe some bad words, disagreement, insult, or its equivalent, be it intentional or not from my part. likewise, if theres any bad blood mistake from others i either already forgot it, or forgive them. its been fun, talking with fellow fans of same genre and franchise. i also got some game recommendation that i dont regret playing here. Oh, speaking of recommendations, i still recommend people to try Astlibra:Revision, more than a quarter of total player managed to reach the True End boss, so thats saying something. (people get bored fast nowadays afterall) But even good things must come to an end sometime. so see you guys, if, ever again. maybe if i do come back again, then thats a sign the website will undergo long maintenance and major changes, like last time
  2. I dont really play fightung game, but looking at this, it Seems like fighting game fans is also eating good this year. The game looks polished and also feels like having a proper interaction than just fight random character before continuing with cutscenes But of course, cant have a single modern FE character without gimmick for personality.
  3. Its astonishing to see One human attempt to gawk at a 3D girl crotch in every possible scenario. But if those thing already in the original game,.. then i guess its dev fault. Ok K.
  4. FE might not even have pauses most of the time it always just hop into one map into another map. Only occasionally featuring another scenes that feature another future map That means a lot of stuff or details or chance to shine for side character become potentially skipped Migjt as well play rogue-like, so its non stop action with ever changing setting
  5. Oh, more of tag-along char then. Like suikoden perhaps? I think i get it Then please kindly explain engage chapter 10>11 transition
  6. hmm alright let see some pointer i can spot + the good grounded take on war drama. (taking it too high will just make it stumble harder, war drama is unlike adventure drama usually) varied and well designed. (yes) environmental manipulation (good) challenging (nice) - the bad branch path dont have massive impact. (if saving private ryan not worth saving, theres no way they would save him. decision in war must have impact) less story character, more random mook. (i dropped Tactics Ogre with this reason being one of them) ? the divider lots of text. (dont mind long text, doubt it will be as long as some CRPGs out there anyway. quality and quantity not mutually exclusive nor contradict each other) mock battles (mock battle either for grinding or other reasons can be tedious instead of cathcing your breath, we'll see) long pause between actions (highly situational, this could break or make it. but it tends to be good since FE short pause always bad)
  7. reiner not just complimenting but sniffing his friend handwriting, thats next level ----------------------------- i dont know which to compliment, RE engine being very moddable, or modder having found way to mod RE engine very seamlessly maybe a little bit of both in the end. (since many games had extensive list of modders but spent way longer to do what they did in Resident evil remake)
  8. well, im used to play game using JP dub, prefered it even. so thats one problem solved but back to my initial question which of the two had more weight, story (assuming its JP dub) vs gameplay
  9. Anyone plays triangle strategy? Wgats the pros and cons of that game after playing it. And which had more "oomph", the gameplay or story? --------- What if, you cant oet sommie in dlc 4, or maybe sommie not even exist there
  10. first of all, because theres no impact at all to the story, and very minimal impact to the gameplay mechanic. Locking S support to late game is what they've been doing with 3H and Engage S support. which i dont know what effect it has outside more bonuses when adjacent for 3 house, while engage has a little bit bonus beyond that, but thats it. awakening did it best so far. since its tied closely with the story, and gameplay mechanic. its also have funny implication that maybe the world will be doomed if the protagonists never had any offspring lol if they want FE to go full Visual Novel, then S-Support should have more effect than just ending slides. even so many Visual Novels story details changes depending on who you get close with. personally i dont mind they dont have S support, but surely lots of newer thirsty fans wouldnt agree to that. my gripe with S support and (the eventual result in form of) paired ending is how the paired ending feels more formulaic in the end, rather than personal. this happen in 3house where if they paired with someone, they automatically become loving husband/wife same with their spouse. or in some cases A become best bud with B , and thats it. repeat ad infinitum. compared it with Engage there its more personal ending. but not the best too ofc, since it almost disregard any support you have. i would love it if they go with Support and then ending that involves more than a pair. so many support, but then in the end its only you and me. 3 decades of series lifetime but this never evolve beyond that. they already show they could, evidently with Engage roll credit artwork, but why the writing team never entertain the idea is beyond me. yes, this could work. but make sure it should goes both ways: lock the C support that you havent done when the story progress certain point. because i dont want to see another ugly case of someone having a complex, then overcome it, only to regress back to square one just because they start talking to someone new. seeing everything all over again become more of a chore. might as well several people come at certain character to engage with that person complex as one joint support than repeating the same gimmick several times. relying on fighting adjacently for support unlock also need to be changed for this.
  11. engage cant pet cat. bad game ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ if you know, you know
  12. because the bad rich guy been whipped by belmont dudes work become sparse, and dracula minion recruitment just happen to comes at the right time
  13. lmao what, Ryza 3 price is only half (around 52-55% to be exact) of Ryza 1, while around 45-48% of Ryza 2 price. without discount regionalprice wonkyness at work. this is even weird considering its Koei Tecmo games of all things. where price usually higher than its peers like Bamco when setting their regional price for poor country. either someone finally did their job at calculating price, or someone fail to follow KT guidelines in setting their desired Price. another fun bit is somehow Ryza3 trade blows with RE4 remake. being released at the same date. so we know whos the true gentleman based on what they buy at that date
  14. Oh yeah, i miss that line about blocning and parrying not viable. @vanguard333 Theres a big saying in souls community that only become irrelevant since ER: Shield is your best friend, sleep with ut, dont let it go, your character should marry it. Something along those line If you dont get it, blocking is big very very viable option of playing. Dodgetanking only becone the cool thing since so many youtuber high-human playing game naked and dodging everythinf , clearing the game with no hit. Regular human should just ignore that playstyle Before that? Facetabking hit is what majority of people who play DS does. Even more if they are average player. If you cant properly block then your shield not big enough. Dont shy away from big shield if you hate dodging. Encumbered be damned. Because you lose little stamina from blocking with big shield ----------- Also you should see Monhun world. Dunno about rise since i somehow dont like it AT Velkhana, Safi jiva, Alatreon, Fatalis, those monster are what you can call bosses to compare with DS bosses. Not those monster like rathalos None of that prepping will do shit. Traps and other tools only work for a fraction of time, some immune even. There are even Unblockable attack. Dodge tanking are the best method to survive even. Didnt memorize its attack lattern? One shotted. Yes one shotted. Just like playing souls game. So monhun series also guilty of that. Edit: I would recommend playing from the first Dark souls. You'll feel more at home if you dont like dodge.
  15. Classic FE move: trying hard to make a gimmick actually work, but then backpedal equally hard to downplay it so it becomes trivial stuff that can be ignored I get that feeling too, except worse than 3H imo, unless they surprise us with something else (doubt) -------- Mirror world with opposite persobality and everyone at each other throats But then we dont see any serious inplication. For example: Alcryst dissing diamant? Sure, but did he overtake the throne inheritance by doing that? Or will we see a loyal retainer that like their lord due to them being kind in the basse world, but now cursing their own lord for being imcompetent when they eventually lose against alear force? (Because they are not loyal at all, just forced to serve) I fear its going to be like acacia said. Just 3 house war phase, where i dont feel like the character become actual villain. Just them being stubborn not wanting to side with protag
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