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  1. Battalions fleeing is such a rare occurrence in my experience that I'm not worried about it. And there's always at least 5 skills I would rather have instead.
  2. To be a bit specific, to go Edelgard's route you must, in this order: 1: Get up to C+ support with Edelgard. 2: Go with Edelgard when she asks you to. 3: Protect Edelgard instead of killing her. All of it is required for her route. Skip any one step, and you're locked into Rhea's route. Skip an earlier step, and the later ones won't even appear.
  3. It'll work just fine. I briefly changed the language to Japanese to get the 2 song unlocks, and it went to Japanese and back to English perfectly.
  4. On that note, can I please take a moment to complain about how Dorothea gets entirely thunderstorm-related spells (meaning lightning and wind), but then gets Meteor instead of the more thematically-appropriate Bolting? I can't be the only one who thinks that's weird, right?
  5. So much this. At least for the last room, I quickly realized that one spawn appeared for every unit who crossed the final gate, so I knew roughly when they would show up.
  6. Nope. I suck and I'm OK with that. But I can still enjoy the lower difficulties.
  7. I agree with this. Even Dorothea herself suggested as such in CF, about a hypothetical opera starring Byleth and Edelgard, that they'd "fall madly in love, even if that isn't historically accurate."
  8. It's not that it was difficult, it was just so tedious. And the turn limit kept me so damn stressed out the whole time. Not to mention coming hot on the heels of the equally tedious and frustrating Chapter 3.
  9. Please tell me none of the later chapters are as bad as 3 and 4. Holy shit, they were awful.
  10. Sure. It's bound to be more complex than how I introduced Caspar (it's called the Forgotten Realms, so they FORGOT that Fodlan is part of it. That was my entire justification).
  11. Straight from Ch 2. Couple of minor nitpicks that bother me: 1: There's still an option on the main menu to go to the eShop. Why? You can't buy the individual DLCs separately, so the only thing to buy is the Season Pass. The Side Story option should have replaced eShop on the menu. 2: WHY CAN'T I WEAR MY GLASSES IN ABYSS?! THIS IS BULLSHIT! ZERO OUT OF TEN! IS I WANT MY GODDAMN MONEY BACK! For real, though, I thought it was cool that I could give Byleth glasses, since I wear them. I am disappoint.
  12. Honestly, the only thing SS has that VW is Rhea's info dump before that terrible "twist" at the end. I would honestly recommend that after VW people just watch that one scene on YouTube. EDIT: Rewind a minute because I just noticed who posted this: does "no meter how much I dislike CF's story you need it to get the full story" mean Mister Holy Crusade Against Edelgard I Will Never Play CF As Long As I Live finally played CF? If so I'm impressed. I'm fine with you not liking it as long as you played it.
  13. No, Miklan was disowned for not having a Crest. He was disowned the MINUTE Sylvain was revealed to have a Crest. That's why he turned to banditry in the first place: he had nowhere else to go. It's clear to me now that you just flat-out have no idea what you're talking about. I'm done wasting time on you.
  14. Characters act different because they have different life experiences. That was the Joker's whole thing: He wanted to prove to Batman that anyone, even the best, most noble people, can become a monster like him. Hell, if Hitler had been accepted into art school, he wouldn't have gone on to start World War II and orchestrate the Holocaust. Back to Stephano. Again, this is more about getting you to understand her than like her. You claim she never had a moment of self-reflection like Dimitri and Rhea did. Well, you must have been skipping cutscenes when you played CF, because if you don't think this: "I'm just...anxious. It feels like the weight of this burden is crushing me. At this very moment, on my orders, I'm starting a war. An army far larger than the one that attacked the Holy Tomb last month will soon be locked in battle. Long-devised strategies are unfolding across Fodlan. Leaders are deciding their loyalties and preparing to fight...So many soldiers and generals will die. It's inevitable that civilians will get caught up in the chaos as well. There will be countless casualties. With a single command, the flames of war will rage across all corners of this realm. And I am the one who is giving the order." is a moment of self-reflection, then I have to wonder if you know what those words mean. At that moment, the weight of what she's doing has finally hit her. Taking down the church and the Crest system is no longer some far off pipe dream, it's real. It's happening now, it's going to be bloody, and she knows that. As for the "moment of redemption," I'm assuming you mean like how Dimitri and Rhea have their respective "oh shit I was wrong what have I done" moments (which isn't a moment of redemption, saying sorry isn't a magic ticket to redemption). Edelgard doesn't get one of those because the whole time, right up until the end, she believes what she's doing is right. If you were expecting her to say "Starting the war was wrong," then you missed the entire point of what she was doing. Which segues into why I personally like her: She's dedicated her life to taking down the most blatant feudalism stand-in I've ever seen. Seriously, the Church of Seiros, by instituting the Crest system, has created a system where those few beings with a supposed "divine gift from the goddess" are allowed to stomp all over anyone they want, do whatever they want, and the commonfolk are expected to just put up with it. Hell, the library in Abyss has a book that talks about how Rhea personally suppressed the development of technology, including the printing press. That is literally a thing that happened in our world during the age of feudalism. Those with power fought tooth and nail against the development and widespread adoption of the printing press, because mass availability of print would allow the commonfolk to learn to read, become educated, realize just how hard the system was screwing them, and fight to end it. Edelgard has dedicated her life to taking this system down, and allowing people from all walks of life to do what they want with their lives, regardless of if they have a Crest or not. I also happened upon this today, and while I wouldn't use it to argue canon like the author did, it does make an interesting point: https://www.reddit.com/r/Edelgard/comments/f1367v/true_peace/ As far as her starting the war, news flash: change is hard. Those with power will always fight with everything they have to keep it. If you sit around and wait for change to happen, you're wasting your time. Does it suck that she has to start a war to make that change? Of course. Does it suck that people on both sides will die to make it happen? Absolutely. Do I think that automatically makes it wrong? No. I'll leave you with this thought (these numbers are just an example to get the point across): If the death of a thousand means the freedom of a million, I can live with that.
  15. Yes, if and only if I'm making a build revolving around skills that trigger at low health. And since I'd rather not take damage at all, I'm not likely to do so. So I guess my answer is "Well yes, but actually no."
  16. I'll have to come back to this because I have a lengthy quote to look up first, and since I'm at work, on my phone, with 18% battery, it's kinda difficult. Not ignoring, just give me a few hours. It's because Arvis is a man. I'm kinda kidding but mostly not. You can't pretend that people don't have a tendency to judge women's actions harsher than men's. And since I've legitimately seen people say "you just like her because you want to bang her," I don't feel bad throwing people's prejudices in their faces.
  17. First, in 5e a Paladin's power comes from their oath and the strength of their convictions, rather than belief in a god. Say what you will about her, but she has some of the most unshakable beliefs in 3H. Second, while a really bad idea for a frontline fighter, given her shortened lifespan due to Slither's experiments, I would actually say Constitution as her dump stat.
  18. My 3 most wanted are all assist trophies (Shadow, Knuckles and Bomberman), which probably disqualifies them at least until Smash 6. And Byleth having Aymr means no Edelgard. So beyond that... ...I guess Dr Eggman could be cool, but I can't really think of anyone I particularly want. At least not that has an actual chance (X would be too similar to classic MegaMan, and Pulseman not only was Sega-exclusive, but I bet most of you don't even know who he is). EDIT: I guess I should specify that when I say I want Shadow, that's ONLY if he's a unique character. To me personally, having him as an echo fighter of Sonic would be worse than not having him at all. His Chaos powers are diverse enough that there would be no excuse for not having a unique moveset. And no, he wouldn't need any guns.
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