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  1. Here from the Death korp of Krieg! I’ve played the entire dawn of war series and both total war warhammer games (and still playing the TW warhammer 2 from time to time).
  2. In the tempest trial banner i got Micaiah in the free pull. Yes, another merge for Miccy (+4 for now). Now in the bridal banner: She almost cost me 180 orbs but bride Micaiah finally decided to come home, after being pity broken by Nina. She is +Hp/-atk, that hurts. Still i am really excited for her and her duo skill (And 185 bst) will come very handy for arena and AR.
  3. FUCK, this was unexpected since we just got fallen ike in the last banner,. I though they would.....Wait a sec, we are getting both tellius lords in consecutive banners LOL! Well RIP my savings for her legendary alt. Nice to see Nailah, Oboro and Hinata getting alts and finally we got the heron trio with rafiel (and he being the demote is cool).
  4. I see. I guess they didn’t use it in that way for those reasons (i mean they created them, and they used it before, it would be weird that they weren’t aware of their inconvenients). But, looks like they still seem eager to use it, even if it was just a show of their power. Returning to the topic. As other people already said here, there is no way she is the most hated but its true that her haters are quite vocal. The FE fandom’s resumee with the female lords doesn’t help though.
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but, could the javelins of light work in a similar way as the blood pact? Thales: “If you dare to oppose me i will blow up your entire army with my ICBMs” like precisely what happened to arianrhod (and her troops established on there after its capture).
  6. By the way guys, do you know who has drawn her? Im not sure if this was drawn by Senri kita or Yamada Kotaro. The website says nothing about it and I didn’t find anything at least for now.
  7. Indeed, she break the pattern but she need the stat boost. Compared to other gen 1 red mages like Lilina o tharja, she was far behind them. Doesn’t help the inevitable powercreep, now we have outrageous nukers like Lysithea, kiria and now F! Julia. And even with this i don't think is enough to make her stand-out.
  8. https://fehpass.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/00009001000103/ The next resplendent hero is Sanaki wearing an Emblan style attire with the black and red palette. She looks really cool and her special art is amazing!
  9. You know, i have always wondered what would happen if members of 2 different branded bloodlines (Priam and Elena in this case) had a child. Do you think their abilities (or anything obtained by.their blood) will merge?. BTW interesting project OP. I had fun reading it so nice work XD.
  10. I mention travant not because he is a bad unit (quite the opposite) but being a case of IS refusing to give the character the prf weapon he wielded in the original game because reasons and im quite afraid that they will do it again with him. I should have especified that, my apologies.
  11. Ok. Yeah, i forgot that the bonus is in combat. It wont be affected by panic and not counted by the weapon. Thank you for that.
  12. i think it will work in the way you described ( +12 to patch the penalties and the other +12 as in combat bonus). The last one, you mean the buffs granted by bonus doubler being hit by panic? If that’s the case, i think they will act as panicked buffs and it will work in the same way (let’s say the +5 Atk buff becomes +10 due to BD. If he is panicked, his base atk will be reduced by 17 points. I’m sure you can guess what comes next).
  13. I can’t tell if I'm excited that characters like Lyon finally get a needed alt or scared of having to face them in pve and pvp content with all that powercreep BS (i really, really despise repel 3, facing mareeta and larcei in pve is a literal pain and that won’t be different with F.Ike). At least their arts are cool but Ike looks.....more THICC than he normally is, at least to me (What happened to his waist?). Anyway i will do the free summon and move on. I don’t think i can invest more after spending half of my savings in the legendary banner to get L.edelgard (400 orbs to only get one and she is -atk/+def,sigh, but hey, 2 tsubasas, 2 nagas and one of each green unit). Also finally we get the mad king, though I’m worried about IS doing their thing with the male flier ghb units, don’t you dare making him a travant.
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